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July 10, 2009

The Writing on the Wall Series #62: Hitting the Wall

Hello everysoul!

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As for the poll results, even if the benchmark of 200 votes in favor of a shorter version has not been reached - so far 85 said they would prefer this while 160 wish to continue receiving the whole enchilada in their emails - I will definitely look into setting up a new distribution service later on this summer to dispatch this abridged version. I also greatly appreciate the fact that one third of the subscribers who took part feel inspired by the Meditation Focuses I feel guided to prepare and network. And incidentally, a new Meditation Focus will be issued tomorrow and will be archived HERE - Its theme will simply be Resurrection...

Now on to this new compilation with lots of troubling stuff and many glimmer of hopes.

Happy reading and sharing ;-)

Jean Hudon
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“I believe the main message that the skull is trying to share with the world is for all of us to drop our egos and to work and support each other as if we are all one. That all living beings contribute to the whole and all are sacred. We are not separate from each other; we are all connected through love. Rather than live in our own single-minded consciousness we need to embrace unity consciousness. I also feel that the Crystal Skulls are here to help man connect to a higher consciousness. That they work by connecting with the heart of man by breaking down the barriers that keep people from feeling oneness with each other. This is where the great healing takes place and this is why we are now calling this “The Skull of Love”. There are many stories and beliefs about what the skull is, where it came from and how it was made. I can not honestly say I know for sure any of those answers. No one does. From a scientific point of view, no-one can explain how it was made: In 1970 Hewlett Packard carried out extensive tests on the skull, establishing that it was made of two parts, the skull and jaw, which, incredibly, had been carved out of a single piece of crystal. Other things render this object ‘impossible’: the fact that it contains three prisms and two lenses, which in theory could only be obtained by working in zero gravity… but even more incredibly, the surface of the skull, which is made of piezoelectric crystal (the same material used in computer circuitry), shows no traces of the use of tools, ancient or modern. As the Hewlett Packard experts said at the time, ‘this object should not exist… we cannot explain how it was produced’. Some of you may even wonder why I am now the keeper of this skull. I believe because of my past ties the skull is where it wants to be. It chose me, and I chose it. It is multidimensional and would be gone if it didn’t want to be here in this reality. I also plan on letting as many people that are interested in the skull have the opportunity to experience it. The public interest in crystal skulls is increasing and so I will do my best to communicate the message of the skulls.” With these words, Bill Homann draws a clear line between all that has been wrongfully said of the December 21st, 2012 prophecy to date, and of its true meaning. Nothing disastrous or devastating will happen on this date: quite simply, according to the Mayan calendar, it will be the end of a very long cycle which began on August 13th, 3114 BC. As was the case for the year 1000, when there was talk of an inevitable “thousand and a thousand no more”, once again now there are catastrophic prophecies. It is human nature to fear the “end”, whatever cycle it may be. Undoubtedly the astronomic cycles calculated by the Maya were extremely precise. However, the fact remains that their interpretation needs to be more contained, and above all it should be read in the same spirit as the Maya who formulated the prophesy. Bill is firmly convinced that “something” will happen on that date, but nothing devastating. We will experience a change of era, and man will be able to gain a greater connection with nature and with the whole world. We will have the possibility to grasp the deeper meaning of things, and everything will become clearer.It will not be the end of the world, but the beginning of a new way of thinking, and thus of living. This is the code with which to decipher the end of this cycle: an opportunity given to humankind for love to be the key word in this new phase. For this reason the Crystal Skull must become a tangible symbol of this deep global renewal.

- Taken from The Skull of Love - Much more through and - What is at the bottom of this webpage is particularly fascinating! If you are interested in this topic, check The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals to Man's Past (1/5)

"We don’t need to fear. The world is not coming to an end. We are simply morphing into a new way of being, and are being given a chance to become the most unique beings in the cosmos… beings who will have an integrated earthly and divine body. The dark do exist, however there exists enough light in the world today that we will overcome the dark. We do not need to fear them. We need to embrace them as part of the paradox of Source. On this journey, we are experiencing the interplay of the light and the dark. The only thing most of us need to do is to FOCUS ON THE LIGHT, and the higher vibrations - and CHOOSE our relationship with Ultimate Creator, that you are their progeny. Remember, what we are vibrating is what we attract! The darkness cannot have power over us unless we are vibrating in a negative state. Be diligent to become aware of and surrender your fears, your anger, your frustrations, your superiority, racism, judgements and negative thoughts to Source in the form of honest requests for help. Source ALWAYS answers honest requests for help. This help may come in the form of an energy worker (Reiki, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and many others). You do not have to do it alone. And as we release and surrender our negative (karmic) energies, we can take in more light, which brings us more happiness, joy and abundance. We’re ushering in THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA!"



1. Michael Jackson and EMF
2. Scientists around the world have been speaking out... The Bio-Initiative Report
3. Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve
4. US leaves Honduras to its fate
5. Costa Rica is world's greenest, happiest country
6. Oxfam dubs climate change greatest threat to humanity
7. Climate change causes 315,000 deaths a year: Report
8. Water Stress, Ocean Levels to Unleash 'Climate Exodus'


Creating a Brilliant World
The mission of is to establish a global brainstorming forum.As our material world crumbles, we now have the opportunity to create an entirely new social paradigm based on original thinking in all facets of life. An unlimited resource with the potential to create paradise on Earth lies untapped, within the hearts and minds of millions of thinking, caring individuals, around the globe - that resource must now find expression. Our opportunity will only be fulfilled when we establish infrastructures that rely on our capacity to think and act for the greater good. is a not-for profit organization, motivated purely by the desire to do something wonderful. We invite you to become a member and submit your visions. They will ultimately be evaluated according to 5 core values by a panel of experts. As a member, you are also eligible to offer your own evaluations, which will be taken into account in the final judging. A prize of AUD$5000 will be awarded to the winning entry. - NOTE from Jean: Vheck at what the founder Raithe Handiman ( wrote about this project which is along the lines of a similar ideas I put forward several months ago (the Pathways to a New Earth Project) but which I couldn't yet manifest because I've been busy with just too many things since then - same old story!


Double Rainbow Rainbow Gathering New Mexico July 4th 2009
Recommended by Richard Keber ( who wrote "Heard from my good long-time friend and brother, Henry the Fiddler, who just emerged from this year's Rainbow Gathering in the high-country wilds of Northwestern New Mexico - after the traditional 4th of July silent gathering for Peace circle of thousands of hardy (and obviously very committed) Rainbows, held this year in the rain, people returned to the Main Meadow to celebrate - this year, as usual, God herself auspiciously joined in - Here's Henry: "Wonderful Gathering! When we left, Vision Council was still trying to decide whether to go next year to Wash. State or back East, like Tennessee, etc. It was the wettest 4th of July anyone could recall. Lots of mud bathing in main meadow. We all expected a Rainbow and finally got our reward in the early evening. It was huge and the colors were extremely bright, rich and deep. One person said he saw 5 shades of purple. It was the most spectacular rainbow I have ever seen in my entire life. The whole place went ballistic! Several clips have been uploaded. Here's one in high quality. Be sure to click the HQ icon. Many more related videos through this LINK

2012 Pole Shift - Mayan and I Ching prediction - puzzling correlation
Watch the whole Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 documentary starting HERE - Part 2 HERE - Part 3 HERE - Part 4 HERE and Part 5 HERE.

Crop circles forecast sunspot activity at the eclipse on July 7th, changing the working of our brains
This is the latest of the patterns pointing to what awaits us on July 7th, indicating the weaving of the energies that will come to us via the CMEs on that day. So, is this supported by any forecasts from the scientific community? As I write this, it is July 4th, 3 days from the forecast event. (...) STOP PRESS: As I am finalising this on July 4th, has posted this today: NEW SUNSPOT: Sunspot 1024 is growing rapidly and crackling with B-class solar flares. I had been watching the emergence of these patterns even before Carolyn Evers received the message on the phoenix patterns that I have shared with those registered for updates at In Earth History - Past, Present and Future, an eBook given to Carolyn by Archangel Michael in 2006 - mlorww - on p21 he says the following: “The energies did not come all at once, but rather in segments, because humans in their physical frame could not have endured such potent sources of change. These energies have come to the planet in surges that you recognise as solar flares. So there is one type of energy that comes through solar flares and there are other types of energy that come through eclipses and planets which configure themselves in patterns that those who study astrology would recognise.” These words provide a great context for the unfolding we see at So here we have an event which looks to be bringing both scenarios together – and in the light of this phoenix image. Yatesbury2, which shows flames around the tail of the phoenix, is the flame that consumes the phoenix a solar flare? So with this background, I was interested to see what messages, if any, our spiritual friends had for us in relation to this date. Were they saying there would be solar flares and if so, what impact would they have? CLIP NOTE from Jean: Check the design of this July 4 crop formation and this stunning July 5 masterpiece which to me evokes Quetzalcoalt - Perhaps it heralds the Return of Quetzalcoatl... More on this through - and I also highly recommend watching this Postmodern Times first clip "Toward 2012", introducing the project and explaining the concepts from the book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" by Daniel Pinchbeck, in the author's own voice. It's about the coming of the Self into conscious self-realization... Then check these other related videos from this fascinating series... starting with Toward 2012 - Fusion of Spirit and Science - (with Spanish subtitles) Neal Goldsmith introduces us to psychological concepts of the self. As we evolved we compartmentalized our lives, science and spirit have been separated for millennia, isn't it time we try to reconcile them and begin to fuse them together again?

Sunspot 1024 is experiencing some decay and solar flare activity is subsiding. Nevertheless, by recent standards it is still a behemoth. The dark cores in this July 6th photo from Mike Borman of Evansville, Indiana, are each about the size of Earth. There is another picture HERE - For a better understanding of solar flares, check The Classification of X-ray Solar Flares - Much more through where they state - on July 8 - "Coronal Holes: A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth on or about July 12th."

A very significant event has occurred within the Alert date period and also the defined location: i.e.: 7th July 2009, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England. Crop Circle located south west of the hill off the A4 highway. This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing time. Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later. A full account is held in CPR Archive.This is also the site of a secret military stake out which took place during the 1990 Operation Blackbird, where over these fields a large unidentified white orb was filmed by the army present. The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (7th) at approximately 5.0 AM, when a Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving in his private car towards Marlborough on the A4 highway andabout to pass Silbury Hill on his left. He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd. Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suites, with hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads. After a few minutes watching them, he said they were appeared to be examining the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him. As soon as he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away from Silbury Hill. He said I recognised that I could never catch up with them they ran so exceptionally fast. He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene. The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him. He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on and he could not shake it off all day. -- Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High) has been issued for the first time since it was devised in 1989 following the Cheesefoot Head incident. CLIP - Much more from Colin Andrews through

British Crop Circles 2009 (July 1st 2009)

Check the Celestial glyphs (crop formations) in Italy!
Especially this ONE! and what they say and show about solar flares...

UFO in mountain

UFO near Boeing 747

Massive mile-wide UFO


Knowingness - Crop Forms and Orbs (6 July 2009)
Recommended by Louise Sullivan (

Energy Orbs
Recently at the ashram the phenomenon of Energy Orbs has become more and more visible. These beautiful representations of planetary energy are becoming manifest in response to the ever-growing level of consciousness present at this time. The pictures shown here taken at the ashram and around Ratu were taken by many people, on many cameras at different times. They capture the essence of these energies at play. Feeling their presence and working with them during training and meditating allows one to connect with our highest potential, free from the limits of the mind. When one is connected through feeling to these energy orbs spinning throughout the body occurs, while held in the safety of ones own orbit, it can feel like dancing through the universe.

Moving Energy Orbs
Now is the golden time for the spiritual. Every year there is a growing level of spirituality. Our level has now already reached the 9th level. That is why we now unite with the planets. When the soul reaches the planets, a high level of consciousness emerges. This level of consciousness works together with nature and the planets. So the orbs that we see here are balls of energy. They are planets. In philosophy they symbolize the power of the deities. - This originally comes from - where there are 2 other videos clips (Ratu Bagus discusses energy orbs in the DVD Playing with the planets). Recommended by Odile Bingisser (

3-D Artist Uncovers "Cave" in London (14 images in this story)
He's transformed an Irish pier into a icy crevasse, a Canadian street into a raging waterfall and a German neighbourhood into the pits of hell.Now 3D street artist Edgar Mueller has created a cave at London's West India Quay. The massive image "Mysterious Cave" took Mueller a week of 15-hour days to create, with the artist starting as early as 3am each morning."I think it's one of the best I've ever done," he said. CLIP

New paintings by John Pitre
Click on each one and then check the pictures captions! The one for Collateral Damage is pretty revealing!
-- The term “collateral damage” was coined by modern politicians to psychologically down play the horrific mental image of the loss of lives that modern war takes on the innocent. In this painting called Collateral Damage, the beautiful warm glow of the setting sun is used to symbolize the onset of the end of a period. Off in the distance Pitre shows the Industrial War Machine as it periodically rumbles across the earth, brutally destroying whatever opposes it’s dark will, in its relentless pursuit of power and selfish gain. In the foreground, the beauty of a young child symbolizes the life of humanity itself. Upon a closer look, what is thought to be a child is nothing more than a wooden doll (an inanimate object of no real value). In the doll’s hand is a replica of our earth, symbolizing the reality that man now has the fate of all humanity in his grasp. During World War II, the civilian casualty rate was 50% - In more recent wars it has raised to 90% due to the perfection of the weapon systems. These casualties are called collateral damage. Much more through

Dr. Andrew Moulden Interview - Head of the Canadian Action Party (27 June 2009) Part 1 with French subtitles - A MUST WATCH AND NETWORK! Andrew is an outspoken and articulate awakener!
VERY revealing interview about how Canada gave up its control over its central bank (Bank of Canada) and the power to print and lend money with interest going back to us all as a condition to join the G-7 (now G-20) elite group, and how corporate power gradually took control of so many aspects of Canadian economic and social policies and trampled our sovereignty for the sole benefit of a small group of corporate and private entities to the detriment of everyone one - This is what has happened worldwide! We urgently need to wake up to this silent war and fight back through concerted citizen's mobilization and individual empowerment to take back the control over our lives. Orwellian corporate dictatorship is just as bad as any dictatorship like those in Iran or North Korea only it is much more subtle, stealthy and lethally efficient. Watch Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE

Russian spacecraft landed on moon hours before Americans
A previously unheard recording of a Russian spacecraft attempting to beat NASA's Apollo 11 in 1969's race to the moon has been released.

Producing hydrogen from urine
You do two things at motorway services: fill up one tank and empty another. US chemists have combined refuelling your car and relieving yourself by creating a new catalyst that can extract hydrogen from urine.

Time lapse: walking from China to Germany

National Geographic BEST pictures for the year

Chimp Mom for Tiger Cubs

Cindy Sage - Editor of the BioInitiative Report Speaks Out (11:49 - June 5, 2008) MUST WATCH!
Much more below in Scientists around the world have been speaking out... The Bio-Initiative Report

Swiss Francs Threaten Indonesian Rainforest (July 9, 2009)
Major Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS are to further fund Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), the world's largest listed palm oil company, which currently produces 10 percent of Indonesia's palm oil. A further 1.3 million hectares of land are to be developed for palm oil plantations with Swiss finance on the island of Indonesia Kalimantan (Borneo) and in Papua on the Western half of the island of New Guinea. Let these banks and the Swiss government know that their financing of rainforest destruction and climate change is completely unacceptable and will be protested until it ends. TAKE ACTION NOW

Environmentalists unfurl banner on Mount Rushmore
In this picture provided by the environmental group Greenpeace, Greenpeace climbers rappel down the face of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, S.D. on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 to unfurl a banner that challenges President Obama to show leadership on global warming. Obama is at the G8 meeting in Italy to discuss the global warming crisis with other world leaders. A federal prosecutor says a dozen people were taken into custody on Wednesday after the incident.


G8 summit to tackle food supplies (10 July 2009)
Leaders of developed G8 nations are to unveil new efforts to boost food supplies to the hungry, during the final day of their summit in Italy. They are expected to commit as much as $15bn (£9.2bn) to efforts to help poor nations develop their own agriculture. On Thursday, the second day of talks, the summit focused on climate change. Leaders from both developed and developing nations agreed that global temperatures should not rise more than 2C above 1900 levels. That is the level above which, the UN says, the Earth's climate system would become dangerously unstable. On Friday, the summit in the Italian city of L'Aquila is turning to the issue of food security.BBC economics correspondent Andrew Walker says the idea is to put more emphasis on helping people feed themselves. That is to be achieved with more investment in the agriculture of developing countries, and the G8 are expected to pledge significant resources, our correspondent adds.However, World Bank President Robert Zoellick, who is at the summit, emphasised that food aid would still be necessary.Political breakdowns and weather problems will disrupt supplies he said, but he is keen to see more effort made to develop the farming sector. US President Barack Obama will be meeting representatives of Angola, Algeria, Nigeria and Senegal, before embarking on an African tour later on Friday. On Thursday, Mr Obama said the G8 and developing nations had made important strides in dealing with climate change. But the G8 failed to persuade the developing countries to accept targets of cutting emissions by 50% by 2050.On Wednesday, the G8 agreed its own members would work towards 80% cuts by the same date. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the G8 had not done enough and should also set 2020 targets. He said that while the G8's Wednesday agreement was welcome, its leaders also needed to establish a strong and ambitious mid-term target for emissions cuts. RK Pachauri, who chairs the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, praised the declaration's mention of the 2C limit but said more details were needed."It certainly doesn't give you a roadmap on how you should get there but at least they've defined the destination," he told the BBC World Service Newshour programme. BBC environment analyst Roger Harrabin says the declaration is a significant step, with all big countries - rich and poor - agreeing there is a scientific limit on the amount we can warm the climate. But there is still a huge way to go, he says, as developing nations like India will not sign up to any 2050 targets unless rich nations show more determination and offer more cash.

Obama, Medvedev agree to pursue nuclear reduction (July 6, 2009)
MOSCOW – President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a preliminary agreement Monday to reduce the world's two largest nuclear stockpiles by as much as a third, down to the lowest levels of any U.S.-Russia accord, and counter what Obama called "a sense of drift" in the countries' relations."We must lead by example, and that's what we are doing here today," Obama declared in a Kremlin hall glittering in gold. "We resolve to reset U.S.-Russian relations so that we can cooperate more effectively in areas of common interest."The document signed by the two leaders at a Moscow summit, Obama's first in Russia, is meant as a guide for negotiators as the nations work toward a replacement pact for the START arms control agreement that expires in December. The joint understanding also commits the countries to lower longer-range missiles for delivering nuclear bombs to between 500 and 1,100.The limit for warheads would be in a range of 1,500 to 1,675 each. However, there are disagreements on what to count.Medvedev called Monday's agreement a "reasonable compromise."A White House statement said the new treaty "will include effective verification measures" and Obama said it would be completed by the end of the year. He also held out hope to "move even beyond that in subsequent agreements and treaties" and said he wanted to host a summit on global nuclear security next year in the United States. More broadly, Obama needs Russia's help in pressuring Iran and North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons ambitions, and also in tackling terrorism, global warming and worldwide economic woes. But ties are frayed over Moscow's war in Georgia last year and the U.S. plan for a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe, so Obama's desire to move forward is a huge test of his diplomatic skills."The president and I agreed that the relationship between Russia and the United States has suffered from a sense of drift," he said at Medvedev's side. "President Medvedev and I are committed to leaving behind the suspicion and rivalry of the past."His host expressed similar good will. CLIP

US, Russia deal would cut nukes to post-cold-war lows (July 6, 2009)
WASHINGTON - President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev committed Monday to reaching a new nuclear-arms reduction agreement that would set both strategic warheads and warhead delivery vehicles, such as missiles, at post-cold-war lows.Yet despite the upbeat tone at the first of two days of summit talks in Moscow, the two leaders offered few specifics on how the looming stumbling blocks to a new era of cooperation will be overcome. Those issues include American plans for a missile-defense system in Eastern Europe and US-supported expansion of NATO to Ukraine and Georgia. The two presidents issued a "joint understanding" that commits the two countries to reducing strategic warheads to a range of 1,500 to 1,675 – down from the current ceiling of 2,200 – and to a maximum of 1,600 launch vehicles. The goal is to reach an agreement in time to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expires on Dec. 5.Although the Obama-Medvedev statement speaks only of reaching an agreement "at the earliest possible date," Mr. Obama affirmed at a joint appearance of the two leaders Monday that the treaty "will be completed this year." CLIP

China's ethnic tinderbox (9 July 2009)
The recent Urumqi and Lhasa riots have shattered the myth of a monolithic China, writes China and Uighur expert Professor Dru Gladney. Foreigners and the Chinese themselves typically picture China's population as a vast homogeneous Han majority with a sprinkling of exotic minorities living along the country's borders. This understates China's tremendous cultural, geographic, and linguistic diversity - in particular the important cultural differences within the Han population. More importantly, recent events suggest that China may well be increasingly insecure regarding not only these nationalities, but also its own national integration. The unprecedented early departure of President Hu Jintao from the G8 meetings in Italy to attend to the ethnic problems in Xinjiang is an indication of the seriousness with which China regards this issue. Across the country, China is seeing a resurgence of local ethnicity and culture, most notably among southerners such as the Cantonese and Hakka, who are now classified as Han.For centuries, China has held together a vast multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation despite alternating periods of political centralization and fragmentation. But cultural and linguistic cleavages could worsen in a China weakened by internal strife, an economic downturn, uneven growth, or a struggle over future political succession. The initial brawl between workers in a Guangdong toy factory, that left at least two Uighur dead on 25 June, prompted the mass unrest in Xinjiang on 5 July, that ended with 156 dead, thousands injured, and 1500 arrested, with on-going violence spreading throughout the region.The National Day celebrations scheduled for October 2009, seeks to highlight 60 years of the "harmonious" leadership of the Communist Party in China, and like the 2008 Olympics, its enormous success. The rioting threatens to de-rail these celebrations.Officially, China is made up of 56 nationalities: one majority nationality, the Han, and 55 minority groups. The 2000 census revealed a total official minority population of nearly 104m, or approximately 9% of the total population. CLIP

Q&A: China and the Uighurs (8 July 2009)
The latest unrest in China's western Xinjiang region follows a long history of discord between China's authorities and the Uighur minority.Who are the Uighurs?The Uighurs are Muslims. Their language is related to Turkish and they regard themselves as culturally and ethnically close to Central Asian nations. The region's economy has for centuries revolved around agriculture and trade, with towns such as Kashgar thriving as hubs along the famous Silk Road.In the early part of the 20th Century, the Uighurs briefly declared independence. The region was brought under the complete control of communist China in 1949.Officially Xinjiang is now described by China as an autonomous region, like Tibet to its south.What are China's concerns about the Uighurs?Beijing says Uighur militants have been waging a violent campaign for an independent state by plotting bombings, sabotage and civic unrest.Since the 9/11 attacks in the US, China has increasingly portrayed its Uighur separatists as auxiliaries of al-Qaeda.It has accused them of receiving training and indoctrination from Islamist militants in neighbouring Afghanistan, although little public evidence has been produced in support of these claims.More than 20 Uighurs were captured by the US military after its invasion of Afghanistan. Although they were imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for six years, they were not charged with any offence and many have now been accepted for resettlement elsewhere.What complaints have been made against the Chinese in Xinjiang? Activists say the Uighurs' religious, commercial and cultural activities have been gradually curtailed by the Chinese state. China is accused of intensifying its crackdown on the Uighurs after street protests in the 1990s - and again in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. Over the past decade, many prominent Uighurs have been imprisoned or have sought asylum abroad after being accused of terrorism. China is said to have exaggerated the threat from Uighur separatists in order to justify repression in the region. Beijing has also been accused of seeking to dilute Uighur influence by arranging the mass immigration of Han Chinese, the country's majority ethnic group, to Xinjiang.The percentage of Han Chinese in the region has gradually been rising. Han currently account for roughly 40% of Xinjiang's population, while about 45% are Uighurs. CLIP

Assessing the role of Uighur exiles (7 July 2009)
The Chinese authorities are blaming Uighur exiles for masterminding the violence in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province. They single out the Washington-based Rebiya Kadeer as the mastermind behind the troubles. This is not surprising. The 62-year-old exiled Uighur businesswoman has come to personify the Uighur cause in recent years. Once an example of a successful entrepreneur and millionaire in Xinjiang, Mrs Kadeer was imprisoned for six years for separatist activities before she was sent into exile in the US. Mrs Kadeer compares her treatment by the Chinese to that of the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The World Uighur Congress that she heads is the biggest and the most influential of the Uighur exile groups. How influential she is inside Xinjiang is more difficult to assess. Chinese government denunciations of her seem to add to her already strong charisma among her supporters outside China. The World Uighur Congress has representatives in various European capitals, and it is mainly supporters of this movement who have been taking to the streets in cities around the world.(...) But Uighur activists reject the label of separatism. They say they are fighting for their basic human rights. Many Uighurs inside and outside China express a desire to have political and religious freedoms and a bigger share of economic prosperity. But there are a few armed groups known to be active in China and beyond. The East Turkistan Islamic Movement is the best known of these, and is on the US terrorist blacklist. The Chinese government frequently points to the threat caused by the radical extremists, but human rights observers say China is exaggerating the threat as an excuse to cover up its abuse of power in Xinjiang. MANY more related news through

Pope Urges Forming New World Economic Order to Work for the ‘Common Goo (July 7, 2009)
VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday called for a radical rethinking of the global economy, criticizing a growing divide between rich and poor and urging the establishment of a “true world political authority” to oversee the economy and work for the “common good.” He criticized the current economic system, “where the pernicious effects of sin are evident,” and urged financiers in particular to “rediscover the genuinely ethical foundation of their activity.”He also called for “greater social responsibility” on the part of business. “Once profit becomes the exclusive goal, if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end, it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty,” Benedict wrote in his new encyclical, which the Vatican released on Tuesday. CLIP

Would love to see him put his money where his encyclical is (8 July 2009)
What would really impress me personally is if Benedict decides to DEMONSTRATE his commitment to altering the balance of power surrounding wealth by divesting the Holy Roman Sea of its TRILLIONS of dollars of assets. He could start with some of the portable artwork. Better yet, he could open the Vatican Archives and have an auction to benefit the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the sick.He could assist humanity IMMEDIATELY by repudiating outworn, outdated policies that outlaw BIRTH CONTROL and encourage untold millions of births each year by Catholics who cannot afford to feed themselves far less 10 children. (...) Getting back to Benedict, were he serious he could turn over the reins of Vatican City -- a city identical to the City of London and Washington, DC. -- to Italy, disband his private army, acknowledge that Black masses complete with child sacrifice occur in the Catacombs, acknowledge the equality of male and female, and disburse about 50% of his liquid assets IMMEDIATELY in a show of good faith. Doing that would leave him with a few trillion in gold and other hard assets but I'm sure, with God's help, he'll figure out a way to survive such unthinkable hardship.

Gaza aid boat passengers still in Israeli custody (July 4, 2009)
JERUSALEM (AP) — Most members of a group of foreign peace activists seized at sea by the Israeli navy remained in custody Friday, three days after their failed attempt to run Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, relatives and supporters said. In the latest attempt by activists to break a crippling two-year blockade of Gaza, a group called the Free Gaza Movement sent the ship loaded with humanitarian supplies and 21 activists and crew from Cyprus. The Israeli navy intercepted the ship Tuesday after it ignored repeated messages saying it would not be allowed to enter Gaza waters and ordering it to turn back. Among those still being held Friday were former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire, said Sandra Law, mother of detained British activist Alex Harrison. (...) The Free Gaza Movement has organized five boat trips to Gaza since August 2008, defying a blockade imposed by Israel when the militant group Hamas seized control of the territory from its Palestinian rivals in June 2007.Two other attempts were stopped by Israeli warships during Israel's three-week war in the territory in December and January. Nobody on board was harmed. An Israeli news site reported Friday that the Defense Ministry had recommended a slight easing of the Gaza blockade as a goodwill gesture toward the Palestinians to spur talks to free a captive soldier.Israel has linked the opening of its border with Gaza to the release of Sgt. Gilad Schalit, held by Hamas militants for three years. Hamas has been pushing for a deal to trade him for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. An unsourced report on YNet, the Web site of the Yediot Ahronot daily, said that under the draft proposal Israel would increase supplies of meat, fish, coffee, tea, soups and canned goods into Gaza ahead of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which begins in August, to promote a deal for Schalit. Israel would also renew shipments of fuel, clothing, kitchenware and hens as part of the package.YNet said the proposal, drafted by defense officials, awaits the approval of Defense Minister Ehud Barak.The Defense Ministry would not comment on the report.Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Palestinians demanded a complete end to the blockade. "The siege must be lifted and all the crossings have to be open and life to get back to normal in the Gaza Strip," he told reporters outside a Gaza mosque after Friday prayers.

Check also A message from Cynthia from a cell block in Israel - Transcript HERE - "The world saw Israel's despicable violence thanks to al-Jazeera Arabic and Press TV that broadcast in English. I saw those broadcasts live and around the clock, not from the USA but from Lebanon, where my first attempt to get into Gaza had ended because the Israeli military rammed the boat I was on in international water ... It's a miracle that I'm even here to write about my second encounter with the Israeli military, again a humanitarian mission aborted by the Israeli military.The Israeli authorities have tried to get us to confess that we committed a crime ... I am now known as Israeli prisoner number 88794. How can I be in prison for collecting crayons to kids? Zionism has surely run out of its last legitimacy if this is what it does to people who believe so deeply in human rights for all that they put their own lives on the line for someone else's children. Israel is the fullest expression of Zionism, but if Israel fears for its security because Gaza's children have crayons then not only has Israel lost its last shred of legitimacy, but Israel must be declared a failed state.I am facing deportation from the state that brought me here at gunpoint after commandeering our boat. I was brought to Israel against my will. I am being held in this prison because I had a dream that Gaza's children could color & paint, that Gaza's wounded could be healed, and that Gaza's bombed-out houses could be rebuilt."

McKinney released, returning to United States (July 05, 2009)

Conspiracy fever: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims' relatives call for a proper inquiry (July 3, 2009)
(...) The report insisted that the bombers acted on their own, constructing explosives from chapatti flour and hair bleach mixed in the bath at a flat in Leeds, Yorkshire, where all four had family and friends. It concluded that the Muslim bombers were not controlled by a terrorist mastermind, but inspired by Al Qaeda ideology picked up on extremist websites.But families of the dead victims and an increasing number of 7/7 survivors claim there are inconsistencies and basic mistakes in the official accounts that need explanation. And they are demanding a full public inquiry to answer key questions about what the Intelligence Services and the police did and did not know before the bombings. Meanwhile, the Government's determined refusal to meet their demands is having a very dangerous side-effect - fuelling myriad conspiracy theories about 7/7. Books, blogs and several video documentaries point to oddities in the official accounts. Alarmingly, some of the conspiracy videos are being hawked around mosques throughout the country to whip up anti-British sentiment. For the most outlandish and offensive of them suggest that the attacks were not the work of Muslim terrorists at all, but were carried out by the Government to boost support for the Iraq war.The survivors are so intent on an independent inquiry that they are now taking legal action in the High Court to try to force the Home Secretary Alan Johnson to authorise it. Campaigner Diana Gorodi, whose sister Michelle Otto, 46, was one of those killed, explains: 'It's just very hard for us to believe four people got up in the morning, put bombs together on the basis of information from the internet and managed to throw London into chaos and to create a tragedy. It's impossible for me to believe those four individuals acted on their own.'Rachel North, a 39-year-old strategy director who survived the King's Cross Tube bombing, adds: 'We need a public inquiry. It was the public, after all, not the politicians, who were attacked. Let the public know what risks they run and tell them why there are those living among them who seek to kill for an ideal.' CLIP

Peter Power and the London Bombings;read=118940
The terrorist attacks that befell New York and Washington on 9-11 and the London bombings of July 7, 2005, were the actualization, or the making real of computer-generated scenarios being staged in the same place at the same time. Think about that for a minute. Although this is well known among those who have independently investigated these false-flag terror atrocities, these coincidences have never been discussed in the mainstream media. Never. What kind of conspiracy is this? How could such uncanny coincidences not be seen as newsworthy? CLIP

Should linking be illegal? -- US Judge Seeks To Ban Internet News Linking
In a misguided attempt to aid newspapers, one of America's most influential judges is suggesting a new copyright law - Those who wish to keep the internet free and open had best dust off their legal arguments. One of America's most influential conservative judges, Richard Posner, has proposed a ban on linking to online content without permission. The idea, he said in a blog post last week, is to prevent aggregators and bloggers from linking to newspaper websites without paying: Expanding copyright law to bar online access to copyrighted materials without the copyright holder's consent, or to bar linking to or paraphrasing copyrighted materials without the copyright holder's consent, might be necessary to keep free riding on content financed by online newspapers from so impairing the incentive to create costly news-gathering operations that news services like Reuters and the Associated Press would become the only professional, nongovernmental sources of news and opinion. Posner's notion set off an eruption from the likes of Jeff Jarvis, Matt Welch and Erick Schonfeld, among others. And they are right to be furious. Not only would Posner stop online media dead in their tracks, but he would also overturn long-established rules of fair use, which, among others things, allow for the reproduction of short excerpts of copyrighted material for the purposes of commentary, parody and the like - precisely what bloggers and aggregators do all the time. CLIP

Cancer: Melanoma FAQs (July 3, 2009)
Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It often starts out as a coloured mole or spot, but can spread fast to surrounding skin and other organs. Melanomas make up only one or two per cent of all skin cancers, but they are the type most likely to be fatal.The skin's melanocytes (cells that determine skin colour) produce a pigment called melanin that gives skin its colour and protects it from sun damage. When skin is exposed to the sun, it produces more pigment and darkens. Melanocytes often cluster together and form moles. Most moles are benign, but some become malignant melanomas.Are there different forms of the disease? There are four types of melanomas, depending on their location, shape, and whether they grow outward or downward into the skin. Superficial, spreading or flat: Grows outwards at first and forms an irregular pattern on the skin, with an uneven colour. Nodular: Is lumpy and often a blue-black colour. It may grow faster and spread downwards, into the skin. Acral melanomas: Develop on the palms of the hand, soles of the feet or the nailbeds. Lentigo maligna: Usually develops on the faces of elderly people. (...) Melanoma incidence rates are increasing for both men and women. But the death rates are increasing for men and dropping for women. Li says it is unknown what's behind this pattern.There will be an estimated 5,000 new melanoma cases and 940 melanoma-related deaths in Canada this year, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. CLIP

Wired Child LOTS of critically important information!!
Many of us enjoy the convenience mobile technology gives us but there may be serious health risks, especially for children.WiredChild will help you reduce the risks from using mobile phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and other wireless products.

Omega-News Collection 7. July 2009

EMF-Omega-News 4. July 2009




Michael Jackson and EMF

Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, a Health Physicist, Offers L.A. County, Coroner Division, and the Jackson Family Radiation Forensic Services for Michael Jackson Postmortem. . .

( June 28, 2009 -- Pop Star, Michael Jackson’s death sent shockwaves across America and around the world as people grieved at the heralding news of his death by cardiac arrest. It was alleged that within minutes of receiving his 11:30 AM injection of a prescribed painkiller called, Demerol, he went into respiratory failure.

The staff at the MiChi (pronounced MeChee) Health EpiCenter at University Central | Cincinnati, OH, led by Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, aka Dr. “A,” a Board Certified Health Physicist, were grief stricken also. They ask the question? Did the doctor do a baseline evaluation for electromagnetic radiation poisoning or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS, (one of the new medical diagnoses) before prescribing the Demerol? In emails and phone calls to the Los Angeles County, Coroner Division, and the Attorney for Michael Jackson’s family, she volunteered her services to evaluate forensics for EMF radiation poisoning in his body as part of the autopsy.

With Michael returning to the studio after being in retirement for so long, his risks for EMF radiation exposure were increased due to the new digital electronics, plasma screens, wireless technologies, and lighting sources with mercy that are high all in EMF radiation. Studios that do not have MITIGATION SYSTEMS installed to block or harmonize this radiation are like giant microwave ovens. Michael along with many, in the entertainment industry, may have been suffering from EHS. Increased exposure to EMF, can alter the polarity of the cell membrane and allow rapid absorption of the drugs, like Demerol, into the tissue, especially the heart and cause a fatal heart attack. This is also why?... he may have had a delayed response to Narcan to reverse the effects of the Demerol, if it was administered. Other relevant questions of concern were: How was the Demerol injected? . . . in the muscle? Or . . . in the vein? If it was injected in the vein, then over how many minutes did the doctor administer the drug? Demerol can not be rapidly administer by IV. It is assumed that the drug was administered IV because of his immediate respiratory distress which is symptomatic for too much of the drug or the drug being given too fast. Respiratory distress and heart attacks can happen in laboring mothers and newborns too, if IV Demerol is given too fast or too much. Narcan can reverse this also. If Michael’s doctor administered Narcan, WHY? didn’t he call 911 immediately?... instead of 40 minutes later?

Medical research has documented so much disease process from EMF exposure that California’s Department of Public Health and Community Advocates have been proactive in getting the word out. Warning signs are posted in hotels and at gas stations warning the public about potential absorption and injuries from EMF and chemicals.

The World Health Organization has now issued two new medical diagnoses, “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS] and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity [MCS]” because of consumers massive exposure to environmental toxins. Michael Jackson may have had both. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration have all been advising “PRUDENT CAUTION” in the use of cell phones and other electronics because of the potential injury to the cells of body tissues. FREE training has been offered to doctors, nurses and allied health personnel by these agencies to help them enhance their screening skills for early detection. Few doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics, however, have engaged the training. Congress passed legislation also to form the National Environmental Education Foundation to help foster curriculum change in colleges and universities to enhance the skills of health care practitioners in testing for chemical and radiation toxicity. The symptoms of EMF radiation sensitivity are head clinching headaches, swelling of blood vessels to the heart and lungs; blocked blood vessels to the heart and lung from the swelling, asthma, autism to the unborn child of pregnant mothers, fibromyalgia , sustained back pain, psychosis, neurosis, paranoia, bipolar, schizophrenia, sustained aggression, memory loss, insomnia, dementia, liver - kidney diseases, alteration of the brain Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves and cancers of every kind. These dynamics lead many into drug and alcohol abuse. Michael had many of the symptoms. In recent months, his bizarre behavior and paranoia are classic Brain Theta wave alterations and his recent inability to sing on key could be altered Alpha waves from prolonged exposure to EMF or chemicals. Additionally, how much radiation did he have in his home from wireless surveillance cameras and other electronics as well? Many entertainers are poisoned from these high levels of EMF, both in studio and at home.

Former Vice President Al Gore is joined by Dr. George Carlo, PhD, JD, Dr. Ronald Herberman, MD (University of Pittsburgh), and Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale PhD, DHP, RN. Their message is simple “SAVE YOURSELVES. . . BLOCK EMF! REDUCE CARBON FOOT PRINTS! . . . USE PRUDENT CAUTION WITH CELL PHONES and ELECTRONICS” .

Additionally, Dr. Alale, the 2008 Recipient of the Congressional Order of Merit Award, is a Presidential Commissioner. She directs the effort of the EpiCenter to support the EPA initiative C.A.R.E. (Community Action for Renewed Environments) to reduce air and radiation toxins. They evaluate environments for gas, chemical, and radiation toxins and test people for toxicity from them. She is the inventor of the eStatic™, “ELF”™, and “ELF 3”™ Tests to screen for “risks” of electromagnetic radiation poisoning.

After she and her family almost died from EMF radiation poisoning and seeing so many patients suffering from it in the hospital, she took to the streets to find answers in the soil, water, and utilities. An article in The New York Times called, “Ohio, The Mini-Hiroshima,” gave her answers that nuclear waste, in the form of radioactive chemicals and uranium, had been buried all over Ohio post WWII and was now surfacing making so many people ill. Without funding, she recruited a TEAM of volunteer medical doctors, nurses, licensed massage therapists, biomedical engineers, civil engineers and paraprofessionals, that helped her screen over 2,100 persons to evaluate this emerging epidemic of persons with EMF radiation poisoning in Ohio. They developed protocols and technologies for treating and preventing radiation poisoning which is surmounting in the STATE. They are now canvassing to get signatures to get HOUSE BILL 159 for Universal Health Care passed to make treatments available to everyone in the state as well as the National Petition 101 - Mitigate America to get every house mitigated in the state. Her family moved from Washington, DC to Ohio and purchased a home that had high levels of converging radiation in it from the environment. It almost killed them. Sign her petition at or

For more information:


The National Petition 101 | Mitigate America supports legislation to make sure that homes, schools, public buildings are adequately vented from environmental toxins as well as radiation from electromagentic (EMF) sources such as wireless technologies, in particular, are filtered. Research documents that such toxins are contributing to autism, cancers, heart, lung and neuromuscular diseases in America. In fact, 25 hours of exposure to some frequenices of wireless transmissions is the same as taking 1600 x-rays in one week.
(...) To regulate and monitor the utility and cell phone industry (including 4G Technologies) and reevaluate and reduce limits for mega non-ionizing radiation converging in building interiors and communities to substantially below 10 MHz or 10,000,000 Hz which is recommended by NIOSH. Bio-medical Research argues that this level is critically high and threatening the very existence of the human race, especially when the brain gets bio-rhythm disturbances at frequencies over 25 Hz. We are out of time. We have lost 98.5% of our ability to protect the unborn in the womb from radiation poisoning. One out of every 150 children born is now autistic with states, like Arkansas, having one in 60 children. CLIP

The Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson suffered from persistent insomnia.

49% of the United States population suffer from sleep difficulties.

Electro Magnetic Radiation causes severe sleep disruption.

Electro magnetic radiation is being used in huge amounts throughout the United States.

Was Electro Magnetic Radiation a significant factor in Jackson's death?

An inquest could examine Michael Jackson's EMR exposure from DECT phones, WiFi, cell phones, wireless video games, security systems, security personnel using wireless devices, his exposure to electro magnetic radiation from antennas etc. and whether that exposure may have been a contributing factor to his illness and untimely death.

Michael Jackson pleaded for a powerful sedative for his persistent insomnia in recent months, according to a nutritionist working with the singer as he prepared for his comeback shows in London.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse specialising in nutrition, said she received a phone call from Jackson four days before his death that made her fear he had obtained Diprivan or another drug to induce sleep.

Lee said Jackson, who died of a heart attack on Thursday, complained that one side of his body felt hot and the other cold, leading her to believe that "somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system".


Full coverage on Michael Jackson


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Dr. Deepak Chopra: Michael Jackson Suffered from Lupus and Vitiligo
A well respected physician and author, Deepak Chopra, has come out to speak on his longtime friend and patient, Michael Jackson. Dr. Chopra reports that the deceased musician has been suffering from Lupus, as a result of a traumatizing childhood. “He had been diagnosed with lupus and he had vitiligo,” Chopra says. “There’s some recent research that suggests that if children have experienced either physical or verbal, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, then 20, 30 years later they can develop these autoimmune diseases including lupus.” “Michael, he was never sexually abused but according to him, he was traumatized verbally and physically in his childhood, and it was a big issue with him.” Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes damage to any part of the body, whether it’s skin, joints or organs and destroys healthy body tissue. In the case of Michael Jackson, lupus affected his skin discoloration, also known as vitiligo. “He had a lot of blotches on his skin, huge white patches all over his body. So he would cover up his body and that of course gave food for fodder to the press,” Chopra says. CLIP

The Voices of Lupus (July 9, 2009)
The death of superstar Michael Jackson has cast the spotlight on a little known autoimmune disease called lupus. In an interview on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the wellness guru Dr. Deepak Chopra, a longtime friend of Michael Jackson, disclosed that the singer suffered from lupus. Lupus affects more women than men, and is more common among blacks and Asians. The inflammation associated with lupus affects everyone differently, attacking skin, joints, kidneys, the heart and lungs. Symptoms, which often flare and subside, can be vague, mysterious and frightening and show up in a variety of forms in different patients. They include, fever, fatigue, joint pain, anxiety and mental confusion. Others symptoms include a butterfly-shaped rash on the face, skin lesions, mouth sores and hair loss. CLIP

Electromagnetic pollution: a new public health issue.
The question of what constitutes safe levels of electromagnetic emissions continues to generate debate within the scientific community. It is clear, however, that an increased amount of research bears evidence of EM pollution contributing to a heightened level of stress-related conditions and environmentally triggered diseases such as cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.Our health and economies are at risk from these forms of pollution:Wireless emissions (WLAN, cell/wireless phones, cell and radio towers); Electromagnetic fields (computers, engines, inferior wiring, power lines);Ground current and 'dirty electricity'. Find out more about electromagnetic pollution...

OHIO PETITION - TEST RADON AND EMF Radiation! Save Our Families! Breathe Clear Ohio!
The EPA Radon Gas Map of Ohio reveals that 100% of all of Ohio’s counties have toxic levels of Radon Gas from decaying uranium in the soil. In Fact, 53 of the 88 counties are among the highest lethal levels of RADON in the nation. The U.S. Surgeon General has called for every house, school, building, hotel, prison, or other public dwelling space in Ohio and other states across the nation to be tested. In fact, The Office of the Surgeon General has declared January as the NATIONAL RADON ACTION MONTH for testing in every state. Former Senator and Astronaut John Glenn told the New York Times, in 1989, that Ohio would become a towering inferno of gases, like a “Mini-Hiroshima” because of the blatant irresponsibility and mismanagement of millions of tons of uranium and radioactive chemicals that have been dumped and buried in the soil all over the state. He also advocated for the 50 years “secrecy” of this diabolic mess to end and call for a multi-billion dollar clean-up to save families, businesses, and institutions in Ohio. The “Clean-up” started, but bureaucracies of government at the state, interstate, intrastate and federal levels fumbled the operations; delayed it and stopped it all together at times. Now, the uranium has decayed and formed toxic RADON which has contaminated water, soil, and air all over the state of Ohio. People CAN NOT breathe with toxic levels of RADON and EMF in the air. Columbia University School of Public Health (NYC) reports that 95% of all cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxins. Ohio has an epidemic of cancers. In fact, RADON (a radioactive gas) is classified as a CLASS B carcinogen. It causes lung cancer and can create respiratory irritation, difficulty in breathing, blood clots and alleged injury to the unborn. EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation increases the absorption of RADON deep into tissue thereby injuring organs at the cell level. Both RADON and EMF are silent killers. EMF comes from wall currents, electronics, cell phones, computers, appliances, etc. in our homes and workspaces. EMF can increase to high unsafe levels due to some types of radioactive gases in the home. It has been associated with causing swelling of blood vessels or angitis, autism, leukemia, lymph edema, neuromuscular disorders, fibromyalgia, and non-fatal electrocution. Both can cause bloating and swelling of the body from retained gases and static disturbances at the cell level which can impede the next generations ability to fight cancer.  CLIP

The Mini-Hiroshima Near Cincinnati - By John H. Glenn; John H. Glenn, a Democrat, is Senator from Ohio.
On March 30, 1951, Frank J. Lausche, Governor of Ohio, received a momentous telegram from the Atomic Energy Commission announcing the construction of a uranium foundry in Fernald, a rural community near Cincinnati. The facility would process fuel for nuclear weapons production reactors, providing thousands of jobs in the new and exciting field of atomic energy. The telegram promised that ''operations would create no environmental, toxic or radiological hazards.'' Nearly 38 years later, we have discovered that Fernald, now run by the Department of Energy, has released hundreds of tons of potentially dangerous uranium and unknown quanitities of hazardous chemicals into the environment. For the patriotic people who live near and work at the Fernald facility, the Atomic Energy Commision's telegram was the first in a long line of deceptions and betrayals of the public trust. For decades, the Government has violated its own worker health and safety standards and has frequently ordered the private contractor running the facility to ignore state and Federal environmental laws. As a result, vast quantities of radioactive and toxic wastes are contaminating offsite drinking water supplies. Residents live with the fear that the plant may have harmed their health and that of their children. Now, adding insult to possible injury, the Government proposes to close the operation, with statements that the severe environmental contamination will be cleaned up - sometime - but just when it does not say. How could this happen? Secrecy. Back in the 1950's, the production of nuclear weapons material was paramount, and secret. ''The Russians are coming'' - produce! Worry about the wastes later. We needed that deterrent. I fully supported, and continue to support, our need for a nuclear weapons complex. But little did any of us suspect the also-secret environmental degradation and debt to the future that was accumulating. In the nine years since I began my efforts to assist the people affected by Ohio nuclear plants, we have learned that the problems at Fernald are replicated throughout the nation's nuclear weapons production complex. Through more than 30 studies done by the Government Accounting Office over the years, hearing after hearing by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and recently released Department of Energy studies, the picture has become clear. CLIP

May 2009: Charlie Crist, governor of the State of Florida. ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) awareness month
... WHEREAS, the symptoms of EMS include, dermal changes, acute numbness and tingling, dermatitis, flushing, headaches, arrhythmia, muscular wearkness, tinnitus, malaise, gastric problems, nausea,visual disturbances, severe neurological, respiratory, speech problems,and numerous other physiological symptoms. CLIP

Much more through

Il y a un intéressant article en français à ce sujet au
(...) L’irradiation EM artificielle a-t-elle été un facteur contributif important dans la mort prématurée de Michael Jackson ? (...) S’exposer aux irradiations des CEM artificiels Hautes Fréquences micro-ondes de télecoms mobiles provoque une kyrielle de symptômes (biologiques) ou de pathologies (sanitaires) définis dans le Syndrome des Micro-Ondes. La dynamique de cet état provoque le besoin d’un suivi médical et la prescription de médicaments pour beaucoup qui souvent ignorent leur EHS, malheureusement les connaissances et la compétence de la majorité des médecins par rapport aux effets des CEM sur le métabolisme sont quasiment inexistantes à ce jour faute de formation.Autres facteurs aggravants, Michael Jackson avait dans sa propriété de Neverland un nombre important d’appareils sans fil et autres appareils électroniques, sans compter tous les systèmes de surveillance en RF dont le personnel de sécurité était largement pourvu, ce qui ne peut évidemment que générer un environnement de haut niveau en CEM artificiels M-O. L’enquête va-t-elle réaliser des investigations et mesures sur cet aspect de la problématique? Conséquence contributive de cette pollution insidieuse: Michael Jackson souffrait d'insomnies persistantes.



Scientists around the world have been speaking out... The Bio-Initiative Report

The Bio-Initiative Report was published by 14 experts in science and public health in 2007. It reviewed about 2000 studies and concluded:

People who have used a cell phone for ten years or more have higher rates of malignant brain tumor and acoustic neuromas...

People who have used a digital cordless phone for ten years or more have higher rates of malignant brain tumor and acoustic neuroma...

The current standard for exposure to the emissions of cell phones and cordless phones is not safe considering studies reporting long-term brain tumor and acoustic neuroma risks.

The consequence of prolonged exposures to children, whose nervous systems continue to develop until late adolescence, is unknown at this time. This could ... result in diminished capacity for thinking, judgment, memory, learning, and control over behavior.

The effects of long-term exposure to wireless technologies ... is simply not known yet with certainty. However, the body of evidence at hand suggests that bio-effects and health impacts can and do occur at exquisitely low exposure levels: levels that can be thousands of times below public safety limits.

Other scientists have commented on the evidence...

"Enough is known now to take action to limit exposure in schools, hospitals and public places... The public deserve to be informed of the risks and governments should be taking steps to protect the public from involuntary exposure. "

- Dr Starkey, Neuroscientist, PhD London University, 2009

"This danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation, including very young children. "

- Dr V G Khurana, an Australian Neurosurgeon in 2008 report "Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors - a Public Health Concern"

"I fear, but hope that I am wrong, that we are at an historical moment, watching the tide recede prior to a health emergency tsunami that is poised to drown us in in future health tragedies of unknown dimension."

- Lloyd Morgan of CBTRUS, the US cancer registry, 2009

"I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment."

- Dr Robert O. Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize

"These waves deform and damage the cell nucleus. That is proven and has resulted in experiments ‘in vitro’ (in laboratory studies). And the injuries that result from radioactive radiation are identical with the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate."

- Professor Dr Heyo Eckel is a radiation expert, lecturer at Göttingen University, vice chairman of the Health and Environment Committee of the German Medical Association, Chairman of the Niedersachsen province charity Children of Chernobyl

"The ICNIRP guideline exposure level is set many orders of magnitude too high to accomplish this (protection of public health). …This (view) has been intransigently maintained in the face of compelling laboratory and epidemiological evidence of adverse health effects that would have had a chemical declared carcinogenic, neuropathogenic, cardiogenic and teratogenic for humans many years ago.
Dr Neil Cherry, Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Lincoln University until his death in 2003


The UK Chief Medical Officers strongly advise that children and teenagers under 16 should not use mobile phones except for short essential calls. Scroll down to see what other governments are saying. Read about what scientists are saying through

Health effects indicated in scientific studies

- Brain cancers, acoustic neuromas
- Other tumours
- Leukaemia
- Lymphoma
- Impaired fertility
- Pre-natal damage, miscarriages, birth defects

"Brain tumours now account for more deaths among children and those under 40 than any other cancer."
- Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, February 2008 

- Immune disfunction, chronic allergic responses and inflammatory responses
- Neurological and behavioural effects
- Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
- Melanoma
- Epilepsy
- Depressive mood disturbances, lethargy, appetite disturbances
- The effect of mobile phones on DNA
- Lung cancer and cancer of the respiratory organs
- Breast cancer
- Testicular cancer
- Uterine Cancer
- Cardio-vascular diseases

Read more about the health effects HERE

The following further effects are also sometimes reported:

- Hot ear, sharp pain in head or ear, headache are commonly reported while using a mobile phone to the head
- Headache, tinnitus, nausea, dizziness, pain in skin and muscles, flu-like symptoms, sleeplessness, fatigue, nosebleeds and disturbance to concentration are reported in the vicinity of a mobile phone mast, wi-fi router, cordless phone or mobile phone being used nearby
- Electro-hypersensitivity: what is electro-hypersensitivity?

Mechanisms contributing to the above effects have been established in science, including the following:

- Breaches of the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain
- Reduction in melatonin, linked with sleep disturbance, depression and cancer, especially breast cancer
- Single and double-strand DNA breaks, linked with many illnesses including cancer
- Synthesis of stress proteins, associated with cancers and other illnesses
- Disruption of circadian rhythms

Scientists have explanations for some of these biological effects. Read more HERE

Wireless products - protecting your children:

The BioInitiative Report - Biological Standards for Wireless (38:11 -- 12 janvier 2008)
Cindy Sage, environmental consultant, talks about The BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF), which she editied with a team of international scientists. They document serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure in daily life. The report concludes the existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health. Find out more at: - to review the whole report go HERE

Could radiation exposure from other wireless technology already be contributing to increasing cancer rates?
In general, cancer rates are rising, especially amongst the young. Studies show that secondary exposure to mobile phones, their masts, and wireless technology are linked to a range of cancers, not just those in the head and neck area. This could be contributing to the rise in cancers, especially amongst the young. The proportion of childhood cancer deaths from brain and spinal tumours has nearly doubled in the last 25 years.

NOTE from Jean: According to this Paris Match article - 'Wi-Fi, antennes-relais... La guerre des ondes est déclarée' (June 2009) the proportion of the population that suffers from various health problems because of people's continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiations could go from around 5% to 50% within the next 10 years if nothing is done to considerably reduce their exposure... There is much good work being done in Quebec against this growing problem. Find out about it through

Protect your health from Electromagnetic Radiation (Petition)
Available in several languages.

Coalition for Local Oversight of Utility technologies
The proliferation of cell towers, cellular antenna base stations, and other wireless facilities over the past 15 years has had a dramatic effect on the American landscape. The concerns that arise when these types of facilities are proposed for communities include reduction in property values, destruction of views, and adverse impacts on human health and the environment. The crux of the matter: Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 704. Since its adoption by the U.S. Congress and signing into law by President Clinton, Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has dramatically reduced state and local governmental control, authority, and decision-making over the placement, construction, and modification of cell towers and other commercial wireless facilities. As a result, the rights of citizens throughout the United States are severely compromised with respect to the ability to protect property values, enjoyment of homes, health, and the environment whenever telecommunications towers and related wireless facilities are proposed. States and localities should be able to exercise control over the siting and modification of wireless facilities through the use of zoning, planned growth, and other controls relating to their traditional role of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens. Take action! Together we can establish a nationwide coalition to restore local control over these crucial decisions affecting our lives. Please read and sign our petition. We encourage you to include your email address so that we may notify you of upcoming efforts to contact our elected Congressional representatives and President Obama to address this important issue.


NOTE from Jean: Anyone who chooses to keep his/her head in the sand about the global threat posed by the mass vaccination campaign that is likely to be forced down our throats in a couple months would be making a foolhardy decision. Just take a couple minutes to read this article and understand the consequences of being injected in your bloodstream with the toxic cocktail of chemicals that their swine flu vaccine will contain... It is not even necessary to raise the specter of an alleged plot to deliberately kill people with whatever stuff they would have put in this decoction from hell. With what we already know for sure (as explained below) about the health consequences of the ingredients in this vaccine, we can be sure the number of resulting deaths and debilitating health conditions will skyrocket in the stratosphere... Time to go ballistic and collectively draw a red line in the sand. WE WILL NOT COMPLY! Please help raise awareness beforehand - and I mean right now! - for once the media get in the frenzy over this, it will be much harder to try to change brainwashed people's minds (friends and family) from blindly taking the shots and joining the ranks of the deceased and permanently impaired ones... And remember... The last pig flu vaccine (in 1976) killed more people than the pig flu itself! Make SURE to check the various items in the Related articles and videos section below along with my additional comments there... and read also the most informative Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice? by Fred Burks at -- "The pandemic of fear continues as plans are well underway for a massive vaccination of the public with a vaccine that has only recently been developed and has undergone very limited testing for possible severe side effects. (...) Plans have been made and laws have already been passed to restrict constitutional rights during a pandemic. And in spite of the low severity of the swine flu, a pandemic of the highest level has already been declared by the WHO. At worse, these new laws can be used declare martial law and suspend constitutional rights. At best, many will likely be injured or die from side effects of the vaccine, like during the swine flu pandemic in 1976, in which a national emergency was declared even though only one person died of the flu." --


Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve

July 01, 2009 -- by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

A study by the Harvard Medical School of Public Health confirmed that public health officials could convince most people in the U.S. to alter their daily lives, follow government mandates and do as they are told after only a small amount of hyping that a deadly global pandemic was eminent. It documented that people tend to look to the government as a sort of Big Daddy who has their best interests at heart. People think Big Daddy will take care of them and they don't have to bother taking care of themselves. This mentality has led to an open season of government and government backed corporate abuse resulting in a decline in the standard of life and health in America. It suggests that people will willingly take vaccines they believe have been sponsored by the government without investigating these vaccines on their own. However, a new paper from leading vaccine authority Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shows this may be unwise. She reveals that flu shots merit close examination by those wanting to retain their health.

On June 11th, the decision was made by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. This is a pandemic alert of the highest order possible. Under Level 6 conditions, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HSS) is able to declare mandatory vaccination under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP). There is no criteria listed stating what constitutes a threat.

The HHS web site says the Secretary may "issue a declaration...that provides immunity from tort liability (except for willful misconduct) for claims of loss caused, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from administration or use of (vaccine or other pharmaceutical) countermeasures to diseases, threats and conditions determined by the Secretary to constitute a present, or credible risk of a future public health emergency..." This means that if you or your child is harmed by a vaccine during these conditions, there is nothing you can do about it.

With this declaration, Big Daddy has made it clear that it would rather protect corporate interests than your interests. This means it is time to stop giving the government your blind faith. It is time to become educated about flu vaccines.

Here are Dr. Tenpenny's well documented findings in the form of questions everyone should be asking.

What is in the regular flu shot?

What we have come to know as the seasonal flu shot is made from:

Egg proteins: including avian contaminated viruses

Gelatin: known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin (anaphylaxis is a rapidly progressing, life-threatening allergic reaction)

Polysorbate 80, (trademarked at Tween 80): a preservative that can cause severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen.

The shot also contains Triton X100 (a strong detergent), table sugar, resin that is known to cause allergic reactions, and an antibiotic (Gentamycin). Multi-dose vials also contain thimerosal, a preservative made with mercury, a known neurotoxin. Infants and children are most at risk for neurological damage from mercury because their nervous systems are still developing. Neurological dysfunctions are also common in adults who have ingested mercury.

Do flu shots work?

The flu shot does not work for babies. In a review of 51 studies involving more than 294,000 children, it was found there was "no evidence that injecting children 6 to 24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than a placebo. In children over the age of 2 years, it was effective only 33% of the time in preventing the flu. ("Vaccines for preventing influenza in health children", The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2008)

The flu shot does not work in children with asthma. In a study of 800 children with asthma in which one half were vaccinated and the other half were not, the two groups were compared with respect to clinic visits, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations for asthma. The researchers concluded that no evidence was provided that the influenza vaccine prevented pediatric asthma exacerbations (Christly, C. et al, "Effectiveness of influenza vaccine for the prevention of asthma exacerbations." Arch Dis Child, August, 2004, 734-5)

"The inactivated flu vaccine, Flumist, does not prevent influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma... In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than children who do not get the vaccine." (The American Thoracic Society's International Conference, May 15-20, 2009, San Diego)

Adults are also not protected by flu vaccine. In a review of 48 reports including more than 66,000 adults, "Vaccination of healthy adults only reduced risk of influenza by 6%, and reduced the number of missed work days by less than one day (0.16). It did not change the number of people needing to go to a hospital or take time off work." ("Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults," The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2006)

Although the hype is that the elderly must be protected, in a review of 64 studies in 98 flu seasons, for elderly living in nursing homes, flu shots were non-significant for preventing the flu. For elderly living in the community, vaccines were not significantly effective against influenza, ILI or pneumonia. ("Vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly," The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2006)

What about the new "Swine Flu" shot?

A new report from a World Health Organization advisory group predicts that global production of vaccine for the novel H1N1 influenza virus could be as much as 4.9 billion doses a year, far higher than previous estimates. The new H1N1 ("swine flu") vaccine is being made by the pharmaceutical company Novartis. It will contain MF59, a potentially debilitating adjuvant.

MF-59 is oil-based and composed of squalene, Tween 80 and Span85. All oil adjuvants injected into rats were found to be toxic. All rats injected developed a disease similar to multiple sclerosis which left them crippled and dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their cages. (Kenney, RT. Edleman, R. "Survey of human-use adjuvants," Expert Review of Vaccines, 2003 p171)

Squalene causes severe arthritis (3 on a scale of 4). Squalene in humans at 10-20 parts per billion leads to severe immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus. (Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI's Are Only the First Victims of this Vaccine, New York: Basic Books. P54)

Federal health officials will probably recommend that most Americans get three flu shots this fall: one regular flu shot and two doses of any vaccine made against the new swine flu strain. (Washington Post, Wednesday, May 6)

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is talking to school superintendents around the country, urging them to spend the summer planning what to do if the government decides it needs their buildings for mass vaccinations and the vaccinations of children first. (CBS News, June 12)

Is mandatory vaccination possible?

In 1946, the U.S. Public Health Service was established and Executive Order 9708 was signed, listing the communicable diseases where quarantines could be used. Between 1946 and 2003, cholera, diphtheria, TB, typhoid, small pox, yellow fever, and viral hemorrhagic fevers were added to the list. In April, 2003, SARS was also added through Executive Order 13295.

In January, 2003, Project BioShield was introduced during Bush's State of the Union Address. This created permanent and indefinite funding authority to develop "medical countermeasures". The National Institute of Health was authorized to speed approval of drugs and vaccines. Emergency approval of a "fast tracked" drug and vaccine can be given without the regular course of safety testing.

In April, 2005, Executive Order 13295 added "Influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic." Under this order, the president gave the secretary of HHS the power to quarantine, at his or her discretion.

The secretary of HHS has the power to arrange for the "apprehension and examination of persons reasonably thought to be infected." A cough or a fever could put a person at risk for being quarantined for an extended period of time without recourse.

December 17, 2006, Division E: The Public readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act was added as an addendum to Defense Appropriations Bill HR 2863 at 11:20 on Saturday night, long after House Committee members had signed off on the bill and gone home for the holidays. Section (b)(1) states that the secretary of HHS can make a determination that a "disease, health condition or threat" constitutes a public health emergency. He or she may then recommend "the manufacture, testing, development, administration, or use of one or more covered counter measures..." A covered countermeasure is defined as a "pandemic product, vaccine or drug."

Division E also provides complete liability protection for all drugs, vaccines or biological products deemed a "covered counter measure" and used for an outbreak of any kind. Complete liability protection has been given to drug companies for any product used for any public health emergency declared by the secretary of HHS. This means that pharmaceutical companies are now protected from all accountability, unless "criminal intent to do harm" can be proven by the injured party. They are protected from liability even if they know the drug will be harmful.

What can I do about all this?

Here are a few of Dr. Tenpenny's suggestions. You can add your own ideas to this list once you let your mind wrap itself around this issue.

Give this information to everyone you know and love. Contact local first responders (EMTs, paramedics, fireman, etc). Tell them what will be in the flu shots and that they will be the first ones to get them. Tell local police and discuss your concerns about mandatory vaccination. Contact local city council members about your desire to preserve your liberties. You will need their support to maintain your right to refuse vaccination.

Write an article for your local community newspapers. Samples will be posted soon on Go to A PDF of their oath for easy printing will be posted on Dr. Tenpenny's site. Connect with other activist organizations, such as those supporting 2nd amendment issues, the environment and animal rights. Help spread the word about their passion and get them involved with yours.

Sign the Universal Declaration of Resistance to Mandatory Vaccination at

To learn more about Dr. Tenpenny and her stance on vaccines see

Review the "Pandemic Influenza Survey" at


Related articles and videos:

US ready to spend billions on flu vaccine (July 10, 2009)
WASHINGTON - The Obama administration said yesterday that it has billions of dollars available to help pay for a national H1N1 flu vaccine program that could be ready starting in mid-October. DiscussCOMMENTS (1)Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made the announcement at an all-day summit on the outbreak of what is more commonly known as swine flu. One purpose of the gathering, officials have said, is to help restore a sense of urgency to the worldwide response to the epidemic. Sebelius said the government has “already appropriated about a billion dollars to buy the bulk ingredients’’ and has $7.5 billion more available in emergency preparedness funds. Sebelius said no final decision has been made on vaccination. The summit of federal and state health officials opened with a satellite appearance by President Obama, who was beamed into the meeting room at the National Institutes of Health from L’Aquila, Italy, where he is attending the Group of Eight summit. “Although we were fortunate not to see a more serious situation in the spring when we first got news of this outbreak . . . the potential for a significant outbreak in the fall is looming,’’ Obama said. “We want to make sure that we are not promoting panic, but we are promoting vigilance, and preparation.’’Public and governmental awareness of the flu pandemic spiked this spring with fears the new strain could resist treatment and ravage the population. That attention has faded as it became clear that most cases were mild.But the summit is occurring amid reports that infection rates have not subsided this summer as some specialists had anticipated, forcing countries such as Britain to shift their response. The World Health Organization has said 2 billion people could eventually be infected worldwide. Some health officials have expressed concern the country may not be ready to do battle if a more virulent form of the virus emerges this fall. Last spring, federal officials said some local communities were far more prepared than others to deal with a severe outbreak.State and local officials say they expect the Obama administration to share in far more detail a national US strategy to combat the pandemic.

Laboratory-Confirmed Cases of H1N1 Flu Virus (July 8, 2009)
CANADA - Epidemiological Update As of 8 July, 2009, a total of 9,429 laboratory-confirmed cases of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, including 878 hospitalizations and 37 deaths, have been reported in Canada from all provinces and territories. CLIP NOTE: The chart there shows that the number of cases is fast decreasing since the end of June...

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - update 58 (6 July 2009)
Laboratory-confirmed cases of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 as officially reported to WHO by States Parties to the International Health Regulations - The breakdown of the number of laboratory-confirmed cases is given in the following table and map. (...)
NOTE from Jean: Canada ranks #3 after the USA (33,902 cases and 170 deaths reported) and Mexico (10262 cases and 262 deaths reported), with 7983 confirmed H1N1 cases and 25 deaths reported - please note the minor discrepancy between their stats and those from the Canadian report's statistics above. The GRAND TOTAL worldwide is 94,512 cases and 429 deaths reported. Considering that the normal flu kills yearly up to 500,000 people worldwide, this VERY low mortality rate cannot possibly justify a worldwide mass vaccination campaign and yet billions are paid out right now by governments to big pharma conglomerates to mass produce an untested vaccine, which is VERY suspicious to say the least or is a case of governmental hysteria and WHO-induced mass-psychosis...

International meeting advances global response to H1N1 - Canada continues to play a leadership role (July 2, 2009)
CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq today met with counterparts from more than 20 countries and with officials from the World Health Organization and European Commission to further enhance the global response to H1N1. The focus of the two day meeting, hosted by the Government of Mexico, is on lessons learned to date in addressing the H1N1 flu virus and on improving preparedness for the Fall flu season and beyond. (...) Participants discussed several H1N1 virus issues of global concern including vaccines, antivirals, public health measures, International Health Regulations and risk communications. Minister Aglukkaq addressed her counterparts in a ministerial meeting on lessons learned, speaking to the Canadian experience and chaired the ministerial meeting on risk communications. Information shared at this meeting will be used to inform guidelines and recommendations being prepared by the World Health Organization. It will also inform a number of Canadian initiatives including the development of guidelines for vaccinations. CLIP

Timelines for Vaccine Production, Testing and Authorization in Canada
(...) Total production and testing time from the initiation of the vaccine production (Steps 3 – 5 above) is approximately 19 weeks. Based on these timelines and a best case scenario, an H1N1 vaccine may be available in November. Check also the Pandemic Plans across Canada. NOTE: if they ever try to start vaccinating people BEFORE November, then you can be sure their is something completely wrong in that picture...

Viruses resistant to oseltamivir (Tamiflu) identified
8 JULY 2009 | GENEVA -- WHO has been informed by health authorities in Denmark, Japan and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, China of the appearance of H1N1 viruses which are resistant to the antiviral drug oseltamivir (known as Tamiflu) based on laboratory testing.These viruses were found in three patients who did not have severe disease and all have recovered. Investigations have not found the resistant virus in the close contacts of these three people. The viruses, while resistant to oseltamivir, remain sensitive to zanamivir. Close to 1000 pandemic H1N1 viruses have been evaluated by the laboratories in the Global Influenza Surveillance Network for antiviral drug resistance. All other viruses have been shown sensitive to both oseltamivir and zanamivir. WHO and its partners will continue to conduct ongoing monitoring of influenza viruses for antiviral drug resistance. Therefore, based on current information, these instances of drug resistance appear to represent sporadic cases of resistance. At this time, there is no evidence to indicate the development of widespread antiviral resistance among pandemic H1N1 viruses. Based on this risk assessment, there are no changes in WHO's clinical treatment guidance. Antiviral drugs remain a key component of the public health response when used as recommended.

Swine flu sweeps the southern hemisphere (9 July 2009)
THE swine flu pandemic is intensifying. The White House will meet with state representatives on 9 July to discuss preparations for the autumn flu season in the US, while the UK has shifted its response to dealing with widespread infection.Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, in the midst of its winter flu season, swine H1N1 virus seems to be replacing the seasonal flu viruses that circulated till now - classic pandemic behaviour. This raises concerns that seasonal flu vaccine, which some companies are still making, may be useless when the northern hemisphere's flu season arrives later this year. (...) In Australia, the state of Victoria, the hardest hit so far, reported this week that swine H1N1 now accounts for 99 per cent of all flu cases. It is a similar story in South America. In Chile, swine H1N1 is also outrunning the seasonal virus. "Ninety-eight per cent of the flu cases we have now are caused by H1N1," Chile's under-secretary of public health, Jeanette Vega, told a pandemic summit in Cancún, Mexico, last week. "The seasonal vaccine is useless."In Argentina, where authorities in the capital Buenos Aires declared a health emergency last week, health minister Juan Manzur says 90 per cent of the flu virus in circulation is swine H1N1.For the coming winter in the northern hemisphere, this is a concern. "If the pandemic virus massively outcompetes the seasonal viruses in a regular flu season, the seasonal viruses are likely to be replaced by the new virus, like in the 1968 pandemic," says Ab Osterhaus of the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In previous pandemics, the virus has then mutated, making its effects worse. So far H1N1 has acquired no obvious new mutations, but a few ominous signs have emerged. A mutation to the virus's polymerase enzyme, which makes it replicate more efficiently, has cropped up in a sample from Shanghai, China. This could spread if it makes the virus more contagious. But it may also increase pathogenicity, says Ron Fouchier of the University of Rotterdam. CLIP

Aboriginal populations vulnerable to H1N1: Report (JULY 3, 2009)
The author of a study to be published in the next issue of the medical journal Lancet said swine flu could devastate indigenous populations around the world due to their sensitivity to infectious disease.Dr. Michael Gracey, a medical adviser to Unity of First People of Australia, an aboriginal non-profit organization, suggests that the world's almost 400 million indigenous peoples — including about 1.2 million in Canada — are particularly at risk for contracting swine flu because they often live in remote, impoverished communities with limited access to medical infrastructure. (...) "The underlying factor is that indigenous people are susceptible to infections because they have low immunity, they're often undernourished, and they often have pre-existing illnesses." Gracey's article, to be released Friday, focused on disease patterns in indigenous groups around the world.Gracey said his concern is that if natives in developed countries such as Canada are being hit harder than the general population, the impact on indigenous peoples in the developing world, from China to Chile, could be catastrophic. "These countries have very large indigenous populations and they do not have the underlying public health infrastructure and preventive programs and the capability for dealing with pandemics that Canada, Australia, and the U.S. do."He cited the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 as an example of how native communities were decimated by a virus that originated in Europe before spreading to the furthest reaches of the globe. "It's a word of caution, a word of warning, that this may happen again."

Vaccines for the new influenza A (H1N1) (Up-to-date as of 27 May 2009)
Is an effective vaccine against the new influenza A (H1N1) virus already available? No, but work is already under way to develop such a vaccine. Making a completely new influenza vaccine can take five to six months (...) Why is WHO not asking vaccine manufacturers to switch production from a seasonal vaccine to an influenza A (H1N1) vaccine?WHO has not recommended stopping production of seasonal influenza vaccine because seasonal influenza causes 3 million to 5 million cases of severe illness each year, and kills from 250 000 to 500 000 people. Continued immunization against seasonal influenza is therefore important. Given the time that it takes to develop a fast growing candidate vaccine virus, stopping seasonal vaccine production immediately would not allow a pandemic vaccine to be made quicker. At this time, WHO is liaising closely with vaccine manufacturers so that large-scale vaccine production can start as soon as it is required. (...) In phase 5 of the pandemic alert, will it be necessary to verify the safety of candidate influenza A (H1N1) vaccine viruses in animals (using the so-called "ferret test") prior to the distribution to manufacturers?There can be no compromise on safety. It will therefore be necessary to test candidate influenza A (H1N1) vaccine viruses in ferrets because it appears that some features of the infection (weight loss and lung pathology) may be more extensive than those seen with seasonal influenza viruses. (...) What is the global manufacturing capacity for a potential influenza A (H1N1) pandemic vaccine? Is this the same as the global manufacturing capacity for H5N1 vaccine? (...) A more conservative estimate of global capacity is at least 1 to 2 billion doses per year. This does not translate automatically into numbers of persons vaccinated, as we do not yet know how many doses of the vaccine will be needed to achieve protection. (...) How can a repeat of the 1976 swine flu vaccine complications (Guillain-Barré syndrome) experienced in the United States of America be avoided?Guillain-Barré syndrome is an acute disorder of the nervous system. It is observed following a variety of infections, including influenza. Studies suggest that regular seasonal influenza vaccines could be associated with an increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome on the order of one to two cases per million vaccinated persons. During the 1976 influenza vaccination campaign, this risk increased to around 10 cases per million vaccinated persons which led to the withdrawal of the vaccine.Influenza A (H1N1) vaccines will be manufactured according to established standards. However, they are new products so there is an inherent risk that they will cause slightly differently reactions in humans. Close monitoring and investigation of all serious adverse events following administration of vaccine is essential. The safety monitoring systems are an integral part of the strategies for the implementation of the new pandemic influenza vaccines. Quality control for the production of influenza vaccines has improved substantially since the 1970s. (...) Will it be possible to deliver influenza A (H1N1) vaccine simultaneously with other vaccines?Inactivated influenza vaccine can be given at the same time as other injectable vaccines, but the vaccines should be administered at different injection sites.Will there be enough influenza A (H1N1) vaccine for everyone?The estimated time to make enough vaccine to vaccinate the world's population against pandemic influenza will not be known until vaccine manufacturers will have been able to determine how much active ingredient (antigen) is needed to make one dose of effective influenza A (H1N1) vaccine and whether 1 or 2 doses are needed to protect one person. (...) Will WHO be conducting mass influenza A (H1N1) vaccination campaigns? No. National authorities will implement vaccination campaigns according to their national pandemic preparedness plans. WHO is exploring whether the vaccine can be packaged, for example, in multi-dose vials, to facilitate the rapid and efficient vaccination of large numbers of people.(...) What is the estimated global number of doses of seasonal vaccine used annually?The current annual demand is less than 500 million doses per year.Will seasonal influenza vaccine continue to be available?At this time there is no recommendation to stop production of seasonal influenza vaccine, and manufacturers are actively working to finish the ongoing production for Northern hemisphere 2009-2010 seasonal influenza vaccine.

World Health Organization Full coverage - Pandemic (H1N1) 2009

Much more through

Get ready for H1N1 vaccinations (July 10, 2009)
Get ready for H1N1 vaccinations: The flu shots likely will be available this fall. Whether you get yours at the local school, pharmacy or doctor's office will hinge on what community you live in.State health officials provided some details of their plans after the Obama administration on Thursday put states on notice that vaccinations are likely to be ready this fall. Now it's up to states to figure out how to deliver them.“We want to make sure we are not promoting panic but we are promoting vigilance and preparation,” President Barack Obama said in a phone call from Italy to the National Institutes of Health, where his Cabinet officials were leading a flu summit with 500 state and local officials. Even if the virus doesn't mutate to become more dangerous, greater spread is considered inevitable as students return to crowded classrooms and temperatures drop. Probably first in line for the voluntary shots would be school-age children, young adults with risky conditions like asthma, pregnant women and health workers, said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The virus has tended to affect children and young adults. The median age among Nebraska's confirmed cases is 16. Limited amounts of vaccine will be available at first, but Sebelius warned that even a modest vaccination campaign “will involve extraordinary efforts throughout this country.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it's too early to know if the vaccine will be made available to others. CLIP

Protect Us From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging
Demand Protection from Mandatory Vaccination, Drugging or Sanctions, Including Internment and Support for the Right to Self-Shield In the Event of a Pandemic -- CDC and WHO are predicting that the H1N1 "Swine Flu" will be back this fall in a new and deadly form. WHO*, after changing the definition to fit current conditions, declared a "Level 6" pandemic in mid-June, 2009. Since the organism appears to have been man made, this prediction may be one they can make "accurately."They also say that a new vaccine will be ready for deployment at the very time when the H1N1 Pandemic virus circulates around the globe and are proposing universal (mandatory) vaccination, starting with our most vulnerable: the very young and the very old. The White House is proposing vaccination for both seasonal flu and H1N1 flu, although the total number of US fatalities to date from H1N1 has reached a total of about 2. State Emergency Medical Powers Acts and Federal legislation, including the Patriot Acts I, II and III, BARDA and others provide for mandatory vaccination or drugging. No exemptions (religious or otherwise) are provided. Those who refuse will be classified as felons at the State level, subject to immedate incarceration and quarantine of indefinite length in jails or other facilities reserved for such "vaccine refusers." In a frightening "Big Lie" propaganda move, those who doubt the effectiveness of unproven, uninsurable vaccines are being called " Vaccine Resisters" and being equated to a new form of "terrorism." Those who refuse at the Federal level will be subject to immediate incarceration and quarantine of indefinite length, probably in FEMA camps set up across the US. That means that untested, potentially lethal vaccines and dangerous drugs like Tamiflu could be forced upon people who do not wish them and who would face incarceration or worse if they choose not to accept them. The CDC has said that there would be no exemptions and that there would be "a certain amount of human wastage". We reject such vile, anti-human, and anti-human rights views that we thought had been discredited with the fall of the Third Reich. Vaccine manufacturers are exempt, thanks to Congress and the FDA, from any legal liability for damage or death from these dangerous, uninsurable drugs. The vaccines produced for the bioengineered H1N1 Pandemic will not have been tested in any meaningful way by the time they are delivered into our bodies and those of our children in the fall of 2009, if the World Health Organization and CDC are to be believed. The US Constitution prohibits both slavery and indentured servitude, two conditions in which the body of one person is controlled totally by another person, the "master". Please send the Action Item email below to help educate decision makers, modified as you prefer. Then send this action item link, to every person on your list, all organizations which care about health, freedom and liberty and urge them to do the same! We must make this demand that the government respect our rights become "viral" through your efforts and result in many hundreds of thousands of messages to decision makers, on the State and Federal levels! CLIP

Media Release: Health Freedom Advocates Condemn WHO ‘Swine Flu Pandemic Level 6? Vaccine Panic
(...) “We are deeply concerned that WHO has set the so-called ‘Swine Flu Pandemic Level’ at ‘Level 6’ — the highest pandemic level in over 40 years. We are very suspicious of WHO’s recent actions in ‘changing the rules’ of what constitutes a pandemic to force the low pathogenicity, genetically manipulated ‘Swine Flu’ into the ‘pandemic’ category. Our concern is this rushes world governments into ill-conceived and potentially dangerous forced vaccination programs with what we consider a ‘weaponized’ pandemic vaccine for a non-life-threatening disease. “In order to make this disease fit the definition of a global pandemic, WHO changed the definition from ‘a life-threatening disease which spreads between humans, and to which they have little or no immunity” to ‘a minor disease which spreads between humans, and to which they have little or no immunity’. Since the consequences of a declared Level 6 pandemic are primarily economic and political, we see this as a decision mediated by those considerations, not public health ones. “Who benefits from this WHO action? The Drug industry and those who want to alter the nature of society profoundly so that they can continue to control it.” The Foundation’s Medical Director, Rima E Laibow, MD, has overseen the issuing of a new White Paper on Self-Quarantine (also called ‘Self-Shielding’) as a reasonable alternative to the dangerous and unwise policy of a choice between mandated vaccinations or involuntary quarantine, as currently provided for in both Federal and State legislation. The White Paper, entitled “Stay Home - Stay Alive: Your Right to Self-Quarantine” has been published on the Foundation’s Health Freedom Blog, the highest blog ranking on Google devoted to Health Freedom as our first freedom. It includes links to professional advice on preparing for pandemic conditions. The #hashtag for the White Paper is: #selfquarantine
The White Paper can be accessed as a public service at:
The right to self-shield is enshrined in the Common Law and in numerous International documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home … Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference…” CLIP

WHO Memorandums from 1972 prove three shots mandated by US government for “swine flu” vaccine designed to be killer (July 8, 2009)
Please make sure to listen to world vaccine experts Dr Rebecca Carley and Patrick Jordan, discuss two key memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, which prove WHO has intentionally created the three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to take on “What’s Ailing America?” this Saturday at 3 PM EST - Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM internationally recognized expert on Vaccine Induced Diseases in Animals and Humans will also be joining in the discussion on what is in the three shots “flu” mandated by President Obama. 1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memordanda #1 and #2 technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that: 1) First totally disable the Immune System. 2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection. 3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm. One, Two, Three, Dead. These WHO Memorandas describe the three-stage impact of the three “shots” many people will be forced to take this fall to allegedly treat a virus that they also helped create and release. CLIP

Vaccine-created illnesses - Can vaccines cause chronic illnesses? (two 10 min videos)
Dr. Garth Nicholson, microbiologist and director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, says yes. The government doesn't require vaccine makers to test for certain biological contaminants and pharmaceutical companies certainly don't volunteer. Because the vast majority of physicians are unaware of this common source of chronic illness they don't test for it or have protocols to treat it. I imagine most doctors, after taking their fees, tell patients suffering from these illnesses that it's "all in their heads."

Vaccines Cause Micro-Vascular Strokes: Dr. Andrew Moulden, Canadian Doctor (September 27, 2008)
How long does it take a medical breakthrough to be acted upon? A Canadian doctor, Dr. Andrew Moulden says he conclusively proved seven years ago that vaccines cause micro-vascular strokes. Dr Moulden has a 21 year record of award-winning medical study and practice starting at Nipissing University, but he has been unable to get the attention of the College of Physicians or politicians to investigate his findings, which have been corroborated by other doctors. How vaccines cause micro-vascular strokes - Dr. Moulden says the shots cause our body's own immune systems to hyper-react as large white blood cells naturally rush to attack the foreign particles injected into our bloodstream. The white blood cells are too big to enter, so they surround tiny capillaries where the foreign particles land, clog and collapse the capillaries. This cuts off pathways for the smaller red blood cells to carry oxygen to the organs near those capillaries that contain the foreign particles. When the particles float near the brain, this lack of blood supply can lead to autism, SIDS and many other diagnosed illnesses in both children and adults. Our immune systems will continue fighting the particles leading to long-term or chronic illness. Different organs are affected depending on where the particles are, which leads to different symptoms and 'disease' names, but the basic causes are the same and before this discovery were unknown. The main cause of the problem is the additives in the vaccines. The purpose of the additives is to generate a faster response from white blood cells. This works perfectly - white blood cells rush to the site of the introduced foreign matter - and that is the source of the problem. The white blood cells block the capillaries and also collapse them, trying to destroy the foreign matter. CLIP Much more on this through

Vaccines Cause All Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Non-Traumatic Seizures
I read your excellent article about Dr Moulden's work. He is right that vaccines cause microvascular strokes, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. They cause all allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer, non-traumatic seizures, genetic defects, etc. On my website you will find the package insert from the Rabies vaccine, where it is admitted that the tissue cultures used to make the vaccines cause autoimmune disease. This is true of all vaccines. Check out ANY vaccine's package insert (including the Gardasil vaccine which allegedly prevents cervical cancer), and you will see that NO vaccine has ever been tested to see if it causes cancer. This is because they know they do.Vaccine Induced Diseases (VIDS) is the biggest epidemic the world has ever known. CLIP

Terrible consequences of the MMR vaccine on a child - followed with court case victory
This July 30, 2008 landmark MMR case adjudicated by the United States Vaccine Injury Courts confirms that the vaccine injury courts accept that the MMR vaccination causes ischemia/impaired blood flow and oxygenation to the brain - this is part of the M.A.S.S. and Zeta response as detailed in the Tolerance Lost video series. In the case of Benjamin Zeller, who developed seizures, lost his language, motor, and social skills, young Benjamin ALSO exhibits the same ischemic neurological damages, from vaccination, that we also record following vaccine induced autism, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, and much more... (...) If vaccinations have caused autism and other clinically "silent" ischemic brain injuries - proof causation is now proveable in court.

The question "Do vaccines cause brain damage?" finally answered (May 27, 2009)
(...) Dr. Moulden has just released a DVD series titled: Tolerance Lost, proving "in medical physiology and clinical sciences, by using new and old diagnostic technologies, that all vaccinations cause immediate and delayed, acute and chronic, permanent and transient, disease and disorders that cut across all organ systems." According to Moulden, damaged tissues are the result of impaired blood flow and blood "sludging" in the microscopic vessels of the circulatory system. Autism, ADHD, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Anthrax (Gulf War Syndrome) Gardasil adverse reactions, specific learning disabilities, seizures and more are caused by the impaired blood flow — specifically to the brain.Dr. Moulden stresses that "all vaccinations are causing the same neurological damages as wild polio and other 'vaccine preventable pathogens did in the past — albeit in an attenuated form. It is not the germs/toxins that are causing damage; it is the body's non-specific response to foreign substances entering it. All vaccinations are 'foreign substances.' Repeat vaccinations serially aggravate the underlying mechanisms of injury." CLIP

TOLERANCE LOST VOLUME 1 (March 19, 2009 )
First 26 minutes Volume one of Tolerance Lost - a 3 DVD disk (6 hours run time) series that provides the conclusive proof causation evidence that all vaccines, as currently constituted and deployed, cause impaired blood flow, blood sludging, and tissue damages to all organs including hypoxic (low oxygen delivery) brain damages. Use this video series to establish proof of causation for vaccine injury, to monitor the health and neurological recovery of your loved ones, to begin the road to recovery, and as a medical-legal shield to exempt yourself and your family from mandatory vaccinations. “Tolerance Lost” details the method by which all vaccines and other environmental influences are causing autism-spectrum, attention-deficit disorders, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, seizure disorders, Gardasil death and adversity, "gulf war syndrome," dementia, and a host of chronic illnesses and disorders spanning the bowel, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and immune and respiratory systems. One does not need to be directly vaccinated in order to be vaccine injured. Direct vaccination is not the only trigger towards the common mechanism of adversity - including autism-spectrum. Hypoxia (impaired oxygen) and ischemia (impaired blood flow) are core aspects to all. Adversity can be immediate (within several hours) and or delayed (several months to years) as a function of the M.A.S.S. immune hyperstimulation and Zeta potential responses. Blood flow is impaired in all cases. Solutions are now available. CLIP

The reality of the vaccine wars (April 18, 2009) STUNNING STATISTICS
(...) Here are the numbers of possible male autism cases if every country in the world were all on the vaccine schedule of the US and UK: Over 65 millions kids as the rate of vaccine-induced autism in boys is 2.6%

Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine
Military Source Believes Experimental Shots May Have Been Given - CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio -- Target 5 has discovered that an alarming number of U.S. troops are having severe reactions to some of the vaccines they receive in preparation for going overseas."This is the worst cover-up in the history of the military," said an unidentified military health officer who fears for his job.A shot from a syringe is leaving some U.S. servicemen and women on the brink of death."When the issue, I believe, of the use of the vaccine comes out, I believe it will make the Walter Reed scandal pale in comparison," said the health officer. Lance Corporal David Fey, 20, has dialysis three days a week. His kidneys are failing, his military career is over, and he feels like his country abandoned him."I can't look at my old pictures. I really can't," said Fey. "I start looking at my old pictures, and I start crying." CLIP


From :

US leaves Honduras to its fate

Washington is unwilling to take the side of democracy in Honduras by opposing the coup leaders it helped to train

Mark Weisbrot -- 8 July 2009

The military coup that overthrew President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras took a new turn when he attempted to return home on Sunday. The military closed the airport and blocked runways to prevent his plane from landing. They also shot several protesters, killing at least one and injuring others. The violence and the enormous crowd – estimated in the tens of thousands and reported as the largest since the coup on 28 June – put additional pressure on the Obama administration to seek a resolution to the crisis. On Tuesday, secretary of state Hillary Clinton met Zelaya for the first time.

In many ways this is similar to the 2002 coup in Venezuela, which was supported by the US. After it became clear that no government other than the US would recognise the coup government there, and hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans poured into the streets to demand the return of their elected president, the military switched sides and brought Hugo Chávez back to the presidential palace.

In Honduras, we have the entire world refusing to recognise the coup government, and equally large demonstrations (in a country of only seven million people, with the military preventing movement for many of them) demanding Zelaya's return. The problem in Honduras is that the military – unlike Venezuela's – is experienced in organised repression, including selective assassinations carried out during the 1980s, when the country was known as a military base for US operations in El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Honduran military is also much closer to the US military and state department, more closely allied with the country's oligarchy and more ideologically committed to the cause of keeping the elected president out of power. Colonel Herberth Bayardo Inestroza, a Honduran army lawyer who admitted that the military broke the law when it kidnapped Zelaya, told the Miami Herald: "It would be difficult for us, with our training, to have a relationship with a leftist government. That's impossible." Inestroza, like the coup leader and army chief General Romeo Vasquez, was trained at Washington's infamous School of the Americas (now renamed Whinsec).

This puts a heavy burden on the people of Honduras, who have been risking their lives, confronting the army's bullets, beatings and arbitrary arrests and detentions. The US media has reported on this repressiononly minimally, with the major print media sometimes failing even to mention the censorship there. But the Honduran pro-democracy movement has in the last few days managed to change the course of events. It is likely that Clinton's decision to finally meet with Zelaya was the result of the large and growing protests, and Washington's fear that such resistance could reach the point at which it would topple the coup government.

The Obama administration's behaviour over the last eight days suggests that if not for this threat from below, the administration would have been content to let the coup government remain for the rest of Zelaya's term. This was made clear again on Monday, at a press briefing held by the state department spokesman Ian Kelly. Under prodding from a reporter, Kelly became the first on-the-record state department official to say that the US government supported the return of Zelaya. This was eight days after the coup, and after the United Nations general assembly, the Organisation of American States, the Rio Group and many individual governments had all called for the "immediate and unconditional" return of Zelaya – something that Washington still does not talk about.

Meanwhile, on the far right, there has been a pushback against worldwide support for Zelaya and an attempt to paint him as the aggressor in Honduras, or at least equally as bad as the people who carried out the coup. Unfortunately much of the major media's reporting has aided this effort by reporting such statements as "Critics feared he intended to extend his rule past January, when he would have been required to step down."

In fact, there was no way for Zelaya to "extend his rule" even if the referendum had been held and passed, and even if he had then gone on to win a binding referendum on the November ballot. The 28 June referendum was nothing more than a non-binding poll of the electorate, asking whether the voters wanted to place a binding referendum on the November ballot to approve a redrafting of the country's constitution. If it had passed, and if the November referendum had been held (which was not very likely) and also passed, the same ballot would have elected a new president and Zelaya would have stepped down in January. So, the belief that Zelaya was fighting to extend his term in office has no factual basis. The most that could be said is that if a new constitution were eventually approved, Zelaya might have been able to run for a second term at some future date.

Another major rightwing theme in the media and public perception of the Honduran situation is that this is a battle against Chávez (and some collection of "anti-US" leftist allies: Nicaragua, Cuba, take your pick). This is a common subterfuge that has surfaced in most of the Latin American elections of the last few years. In Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua and El Salvador, for example, the conservative candidates all acted as if they were running against Chávez – the first two with success, and the second pair losing. It is true that under Zelaya Honduras joined Alba, a grouping of countries that was started by Venezuela as an alternative to "free trade" agreements with the US. But Zelaya is nowhere near as close to Chávez as any number of other Latin American presidents, including those of Brazil and Argentina. So it is not clear why this is relevant, unless the argument is that only bigger countries or those located further south have the right to have a co-operative relationship with Venezuela.

Clinton has just announced that she has arranged for the Costa Rican president Oscar Arias to serve as a mediator between the coup government and Zelaya. According to Clinton, both parties have accepted this arrangement. This is a good move for the state department, as it will make it easier for it to maintain a more "neutral" position – as opposed to the rest of the hemisphere, which has taken the side of the deposed president and the Honduran pro-democracy movement. "I don't want to prejudge what the parties themselves will agree to," said Clinton in response to a question as to whether Zelaya should be restored to his position.

It is difficult to see how this mediation will succeed, so long as the coup government knows that it can sit out the rest of Zelaya's term. The only thing that can remove it from office, in conjunction with massive protests, is real economic sanctions of the kind that Honduras's neighbours (Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala) imposed for 48 hours after the coup. These countries account for about a third of Honduras's trade, but they would need economic aid from other countries to carry the burden of a trade cut-off for a longer time. It would be a great thing if other countries would step forward to support such sanctions and to cut off their own trade and capital flows with Honduras as well.

So it is up to the rest of the world to help Honduras; it is clear that Hondurans won't be getting any help from the US. The rest of the world will have to scream bloody murder about the violence and repression there, too, because Washington will not make much of an issue about it.


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Costa Rican President Agrees to Mediate Honduran Crisis
The dueling Honduran governments agreed Tuesday to allow Costa Rican President Oscar Arias to mediate the political dispute, paving the way for a possible resolution to the crisis that's polarized the country. Word of the proposed talks, which were announced Tuesday by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and could start as soon as Thursday, came as Clinton met with ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and as supporters of de facto president Roberto Micheletti arrived to press their case in Washington. CLIP



Costa Rica is world's greenest, happiest country

Latin American nation tops index ranking countries by ecological footprint and happiness of their citizens

Ashley Seager - 4 July 2009

Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the world, according to a new list that ranks nations by combining measures of their ecological footprint with the happiness of their citizens.

Britain is only halfway up the Happy Planet Index (HPI), calculated by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), in 74th place of 143 nations surveyed. The United States features in the 114th slot in the table. The top 10 is dominated by countries from Latin America, while African countries bulk out the bottom of the table.

The HPI measures how much of the Earth's resources nations use and how long and happy a life their citizens enjoy as a result. First calculated in 2006, the second edition adds data on almost all the world's countries and now covers 99% of the world's population.

NEF says the HPI is a much better way of looking the success of countries than through standard measures of economic growth. The HPI shows, for example, that fast-growing economies such as the US, China and India were all greener and happier 20 years ago than they are today.

"The HPI suggests that the path we have been following is, without exception, unable to deliver all three goals: high life satisfaction, high life expectancy and 'one-planet living'," says Saamah Abdallah, NEF researcher and the report's lead author. "Instead we need a new development model that delivers good lives that don't cost the Earth for all."

Costa Ricans top the list because they report the highest life satisfaction in the world, they live slightly longer than Americans, yet have an ecological footprint that is less than a quarter the size. The country only narrowly fails to achieve the goal of what NEF calls "one-planet living": consuming its fair share of the Earth's natural resources.

The report says the differences between nations show that it is possible to live long, happy lives with much smaller ecological footprints than the highest-consuming nations.

The new HPI also provides the first ever analysis of trends over time for what are supposedly the world's most developed nations, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

OECD nations' HPI scores plummeted between 1960 and the late 1970s. Although there have been some gains since then, HPI scores were still higher in 1961 than in 2005.

Life satisfaction and life expectancy combined have increased 15% over the 45-year period for those living in the rich nations, but it has come at the cost of a 72% rise in their ecological footprint. And the three largest countries in the world – China, India and the US, which are aggressively pursuing growth-based development models – have all seen their HPI scores drop in that time.

The highest placed western nation is the Netherlands. People there live on average over a year longer than people in the US, and have similar levels of life satisfaction – yet their per capita ecological footprint is less than half the size. The Netherlands is therefore over twice as environmentally efficient at achieving good lives as the US, Nef says.

The report sets out a "Happy Planet Charter" calling for an unprecedented collective global effort to develop a "new narrative" of human progress, encourage good lives that don't cost the earth, and to reduce consumption in the highest-consuming nations – which it says is the biggest barrier to sustainable wellbeing.


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Sign up to the happy planet charter

"The future is not the result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created – created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."

- John Scharr

In order to create a happy planet, it is important to have some clear goals to work towards. The Happy Planet Charter provides clear targets for all nations, to help achieve sustainable well-being.
The logos of organisations which have already signed up to support the charter are shown on the home page.

People who sign the charter believe that:

- A new narrative of progress is required for the twenty-first century.
- It is possible to have a good life without costing the Earth.
- Over-consumption in rich countries represents one of the key barriers to sustainable well-being worldwide and that governments should strive to identify economic models that do not rely on constantly growing consumption to achieve stability and prosperity.

They call for:

- Governments to measure people’s well-being and environmental impact in a consistent and regular way, and to develop a framework of national accounts that considers the interaction between the two so as to guide us towards sustainable well-being.
- Developed nations to set an HPI target of 89 by 2050 – this means reducing per capita footprint to 1.7 gha, increasing mean life satisfaction to eight (on a scale of 0 to 10) and continuing to increase mean life expectancy to reach 87 years.
- Developed nations and the international community to support developing nations in achieving the same target by 2070.

Sign up to support the charter at

Much more through the Happy Planet Index website at - check the ecological footprint for each country!!!

The Happy Planet Index 2.0: Why good lives don't have to cost the Earth
In an age of uncertainty, society globally needs a new compass to set it on a path of real progress. The Happy Planet Index (HPI) provides that compass by measuring what truly matters to us - our well-being in terms of long, happy and meaningful lives - and what matters to the planet - our rate of resource consumption. The HPI brings them together in a unique form which captures the ecological efficiency with which we are achieving good lives. This report presents results from the second global HPI. It shows that we are still far from achieving sustainable well-being, and puts forward a vision of what we need to do to get there.The current economic and ecological crises have discredited the dogmas of the last 30 years. The unwavering pursuit of economic growth - embodied in the overwhelming focus on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - has left over a billion people in poverty, and has not notably improved the well-being of those who were already rich, nor even provided us with economic stability. Instead it has brought us straight to the cliff edge of rapidly diminishing natural resources and unpredictable climate change. We need to see this current crisis as an opportunity. Now is the time for societies around the world to speak out for a happier planet, to identify a new vision of progress, and to demand new tools to help us work towards it. The HPI is one of these tools. We also hope that it will inspire people to act.

"Economists like the concept of efficiency, and the Happy Planet Index is the ultimate efficiency ratio - the final valuable output divided by the original scarce input."

- Professor Herman Daly, University of Maryland.

Download the report

From the ashes of the crash: 20 first steps from new economics to rebuild a better economy (05.11.08)
Having predicted the current crisis in the global economic system back in 2003 with the ground-breaking book Real World Economic Outlook , nef now offers twenty proposals both to stabilise the economy and lay the foundations for a new economic order. Our financial system has long since failed to do the basic job required of it – to underpin the productive economy and the fundamental operating systems upon which we all depend. These have been variously neglected, taken for granted or cannibalised by finance. They include the core economy of family, neighbourhood, community, and society, and the natural economy of the biosphere, our oceans, forests, and fields.In the ashes of the current crash lie important signs that a new economics is emerging. Just beneath the economy’s surface is the sleeping architecture of a new, diverse and resilient local financial system. The same is true of Britain’s neglected and undermined network of small shops and local enterprises that contribute disproportionately to job creation and help create the social glue that holds communities together during hard times. What is new is that these proposals are no longer distant dreams on a hopeful wish list. Because the state owns a large slice of the financial system, these are things we can do now. The argument that they are impossible because the state cannot intervene directly to shape the financial system has fallen. Massive intervention has already occurred but more innovative and decisive action is needed if government is to get to grips with the problem. Back to business as usual is no longer an option. In this pamphlet, nef suggests several short-to-long-term steps that, in the midst of the crisis we believe will breathe life into a phoenix-like new economy.


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Shades of green (26 May 2007)
Costa Rica is held up as a shining example of eco best practice, but how much does tourism actually benefit the environment and local communities, asks Leo Hickman (...) Costa Rica has gained a worldwide reputation among tourists for its stunning biodiversity - 5% of the world's total within 0.1% of its landmass - varied terrain and at least six distinct types of ecosystem. Around 1.5 million international tourists arrive each year - the government wants to double this by 2012 - and many of them pass through the town of La Fortuna, due to its convenience as a hopping-off point to many of northern Costa Rica's attractions. A couple of hours west along a notoriously difficult road lies Monteverde, a nature reserve established by American Quakers evading conscription for the Korean War. This is now the most popular place in the country to experience a cloud-forest habitat, one of only 12 true primary rainforests in the world, with areas of forest that have never been cut down. It is also the location of the Children's Eternal Forest, a 22,000-hectare reserve saved from loggers in the late 1980s when thousands of schoolchildren across the world were moved to save their pocket money and raise funds to buy it collectively. Today it bars tourists, except along a solitary trail. Just half an hour to the north of La Fortuna, the active Arenal volcano draws the eye wherever you are in the town or surrounding countryside. Behind the perfect cone-shaped volcano spitting molten ash down its sides is a huge man-made lake - the largest in the country - which is said to offer some of the best windsurfing in Central America, and good fishing, too. Just by the hydroelectric dam that formed the lake is a network of hanging bridges that allow tourists to walk through the rainforest canopy. And dotted around this geothermal land are a number of hot springs.Combined, these attractions are enough to draw nearly half of all the tourists visiting Costa Rica.(...) s there a term more used and abused in the tourism industry than "ecotourism"? What does it even really mean?There have been various attempts to define and refine it since the early 1980s, when a Mexican architect and conservationist called Héctor Ceballos-Lascuráin claims he coined the expression (although others have since disputed he was the first). "Ecotourism is tourism that involves travelling to relatively undisturbed natural areas with the specific object of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as any existing cultural aspects (both past and present) found in these areas," he said in 1983. "The person who practises ecotourism has the opportunity of immersing him or herself in nature in a way that most people cannot enjoy in their routine, urban existences. This person will eventually acquire an awareness and knowledge of the natural environment, together with its cultural aspects, that will convert him into somebody keenly involved in conservation issues."Throughout the 1990s, the term "ecotourism" gained much currency and rapidly entered mainstream consciousness among tourists. It was hailed as recognition of the fact that, yes, tourism can be environmentally damaging, but that something can be done to mitigate their impact and allow tourism to continue in a sustainable manner. This realisation was timely. In 1998, United Nations World Tourism Organisation published a report forecasting what tourists might be demanding in the years up to 2020. It said the "trendiest" destinations would be the "tops of the highest mountains, the depths of the oceans and the ends of the earth". It was a canny prediction: tourists now make footfall in Antarctica in their tens of thousands each year via cruise ships, and the first tentative steps are even being taken by space tourists. Broadly, "ecotourism" has come to include not only the preservation of wildlife habitats visited by tourists, but also their human cohabitants. But should tourists be allowed to access some of the most extreme and sensitive wildlife habitats on the planet? Wouldn't it be better if such places were restricted to all but a few scientists and indigenous communities in order to better protect them? "The massive growth of the ecotourist industry has biologists worried," said a report in New Scientist in 2004. "Evidence is growing that many animals do not react well to tourists in their back yard. The immediate effects can be subtle ... but in the long term the impact tourists are having could endanger the survival of the very wildlife they want to see." CLIP

"In a nation of which the primary concern of the government is transferring more wealth to the wealthiest, there is a lot of misery in the USA. We have the most homeless and hungry people among major industrialized nations, the highest percentage without health care among all industrialized nations and the most people imprisoned among all nations as a percentage of our population. Now there is an index measuring happiness rather than just the wealth that American capitalism measures. It is put out by the New Economics Foundation, and ranks nations by the happiness of their people and environmental cleanliness.The USA, the wealthiest nation on earth, ranks 114th out of 143 nationson the happiness index. Unlikely you will hear about this in the corporate media. P.S. Costa Rica is number 1"

- Phyllis Montague (




Oxfam dubs climate change greatest threat to humanity


OTTAWA — The damaging effects of climate change on hundreds of millions of the world's poor — hunger, lack of water, forced migration — is the single greatest threat to humanity this century, says a major new report by Oxfam.

And a Prairie drought at home that could drive up food prices is one tangible effect of that crisis on Canada, Oxfam Canada added Monday.

Oxfam called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his fellow G8 leaders to take immediate emergency action in addition to coming up with a long-range plan to reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

Oxfam is calling on the G8 leaders, holding their annual summit in Italy this week, to provide $2 billion in emergency funding as a down payment on the $150 billion a year that is ultimately needed to help the 2.7 billion people in almost 50 countries who now face the threat of violence due to climate change. Canada's share would be about $80 million.

"No Canadian government has seemed to understand the enormity of the climate threat," said Joanna Kerr of Oxfam Canada. "We are not convinced by Mr. Harper's tepid emission goals."

Canada has lagged behind other western countries on its greenhouse gas reduction targets, say environmental groups as well as Oxfam, a development agency.

The government has pledged Canada will lower its emissions by one-fifth by 2020 from 2006 levels, not the 1990 levels that Oxfam and others say would be more substantive.

The Conservatives have said they will spend $2 billion over the next five years on clean carbon technology.

But as G8 leaders prepare for their summit, Oxfam says the world's poor are being crushed by the extreme symptoms of climate change — droughts, famine, and natural disasters among others — forcing them to migrate in large numbers in the face of failing food supplies and contaminated water.

The Oxfam report joins others, including past military assessments in the United States and Britain that predict that dramatically shifting climate conditions will be the main driver of wars and instability in decades to come.

While the effects of Asian cyclones and African famine are well know, Canada faces its own climate change threats in the form of a drought that is expected to hurt farmers in western provinces, said Oxfam Canada's Mark Fried.

"The drought on the Prairies is certainly going to bring it home to people when the prices of bread shoot through the sky," said Fried.

"We are not immune from the effects of climate change . . . the price of foodstuffs is going to continue to rise as crops fail around the world, due to increased droughts and flood."

The National Farmers Union called Monday on the government to enact provisions of the "AgriRecovery" framework because of a "looming crop and livestock disaster" due to current drought conditions.

"For many farm families, the determining factor for whether they will be able to continue farming will be the adequacy and the timeliness of your government's response," stated a letter from union president Stewart Wells to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

Oxfam wants progress on the environment at the G8 because it is the last major international meeting before the Copenhagen summit in December, when the countries of the world try to craft a climate change plan to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.

Canadian officials, briefing reporters in advance of Harper's arrival in Italy on Tuesday, had little to say about the connection between climate change, poverty and food security.

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is one of two cabinet ministers making the trip to Italy with Harper.

In a pre-summit statement, Harper stressed the need to expand free trade, across Europe as well as in the Caribbean, while reiterating the need to fight protectionism.

Graham Saul, of the Climate Action Network, said Canada's long-term trading goals would be threatened if it remains inactive on addressing climate change.

"We're three years into the Harper government and the made-in-Canada solution that was promised has not appeared at all. We haven't had a serious meaningful law or regulation in regards to industrial greenhouse gas emissions," said Saul.

"We're facing a real threat of falling out of alignment with our major trading partners in the industrialized world. That's the real trade threat."


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Oxfam predicts millions more victims of climate (APRIL 21, 2009)
LONDON – Hundreds of millions of people will become victims of climate change-related disasters over the next six years, Oxfam said Tuesday, urging governments to change the way they respond to such events. The British-based aid and development charity estimated the number of people affected by climatic disasters would rise by 54 per cent to 375 million people a year on average by 2015, based on data on similar disasters since 1980. In a new report, it warned that humanitarian aid spending and the way it was allocated was far from prepared to meet the challenge. "The response is often fickle -- too little, too late and not good enough," said Oxfam chief executive Barbara Stocking." The system can barely cope with the current levels of disasters and could be overwhelmed by a substantial increase in numbers of people affected. There must be a fundamental reform of the system." The report, "The Right to Survive", says governments can take action to mitigate the effect of climatic disasters, citing investment by Bangladesh in cyclone protection measures which has reduced the death toll from storms."While there has been a steady increase in climate-related events, it is poverty and political indifference that make a storm a disaster," Stocking said. Oxfam is also launching a new campaign urging rich countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020 to tackle the source of global warming. Oxfam analysed data from the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) at Louvain University in Belgium, which covered more than 6,500 climate-related disasters since 1980 and the numbers of people affected. It defines people "affected" by a disaster as those suffering physical injury or illness, those made homeless or who required immediate assistance.

Italy G8 summit key to global efforts on climate change

Background on 2 degrees threshold: "'Too late to avoid global warming,' say scientists"

Canada, Russia Considered Climate ‘Bad Boys’ Among G8 Nations

Make-or-break summit as G8 gamble on climate and economy,28124,25738096-36418,00.html

EU's Barroso seeks two degrees Celsius pact at G8



Climate change causes 315,000 deaths a year: Report


LONDON - Climate change kills about 315,000 people a year through hunger, sickness and weather disasters, and the annual death toll is expected to rise to half a million by 2030, a report said on Friday.

The study, commissioned by the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF), estimates that climate change seriously affects 325 million people every year, a number that will more than double in 20 years to 10 per cent of the world's population (now about 6.7 billion).

Economic losses due to global warming amount to over $125 billion annually — more than the flow of aid from rich to poor nations — and are expected to rise to $340 billion each year by 2030, according to the report.

"Climate change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time, causing suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide," Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general and GHF president, said in a statement.

"The first hit and worst affected are the world's poorest groups, and yet they have done least to cause the problem."

The report says developing countries bear more than nine-tenths of the human and economic burden of climate change, while the 50 poorest countries contribute less than 1 per cent of the carbon emissions that are heating up the planet.

Annan urged governments due to meet at UN talks in Copenhagen in December to agree on an effective, fair and binding global pact to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, the world's main mechanism for tackling global warming.

"Copenhagen needs to be the most ambitious international agreement ever negotiated," he wrote in an introduction to the report. "The alternative is mass starvation, mass migration and mass sickness."

The study warns that the true human impact of global warming is likely to be far more severe than it predicts, because it uses conservative UN scenarios. New scientific evidence points to greater and more rapid climate change.

The report calls for a particular focus on the 500 million people it identifies as extremely vulnerable because they live in poor countries most prone to droughts, floods, storms, sea-level rise and creeping deserts.

Africa is the region most at risk from climate change, home to 15 of the 20 most vulnerable countries, the report says. Other areas also facing the highest level of threat include South Asia and small island developing states.

To avoid the worst outcomes, the report says efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change must be scaled up 100 times in developing countries. International funds pledged for this purpose amount to only $400 million, compared with an average estimated cost of $32 billion annually, it notes.

"Funding from rich countries to help the poor and vulnerable adapt to climate change is not even 1 per cent of what is needed," said Barbara Stocking, chief executive of Oxfam in Britain and a GHF board member.

"This glaring injustice must be addressed at Copenhagen in December."



Water Stress, Ocean Levels to Unleash 'Climate Exodus'

June 10, 2009 by Agence France Presse

BONN, Germany - Tens of millions of people will be displaced by climate change in coming years, posing social, political and security problems of an unprecedented dimension, a new study said on Wednesday.

"Unless aggressive measures are taken to halt global warming, the consequences for human migration and displacement could reach a scope and scale that vastly exceed anything that has occurred before," its authors warned.

"Climate change is already contributing to migration and displacement.

"All major estimates project that the trend will rise to tens of millions of migrants in coming years. Within the next few decades, the consequences of climate change for human security efforts could be devastating."

The report, "In Search of Shelter," was compiled by specialists from Columbia University in New York and the United Nations University, and from a non-governmental organisation, CARE International.

It was presented to journalists on the sidelines of the UN climate talks in Bonn, a staging post to an envisioned new global pact for tackling global warming and its impacts.

The study swung the spotlight on several regions that, according to projections, will be badly hit by rising sea levels, flood or drought.

Rather than a migration from poor countries to rich ones, the exodus is most likely to unfold within poor nations, with a movement mainly from the countryside to cities, thus further burdening urban infrastructure, it said.

In central Mexico, where tens of millions of people live, rainfall in some areas could decline by up to 50 percent by 2080, "rendering many livelihoods unviable and dramatically raising the risk of chronic hunger," the report said.

South Asia faces both short- and long-term threats.

Warming will accelerate melting from Himalayan glaciers in springtime, thus heightening the probability of flooding. But glacier shrinkage will eventually affect the flow of major rivers that wind down from the Himalayan foothills.

"This has a lot of consequences for agricultural production in one of the world's most populous regions," said Charles Ehrhart, climate-change coordinator at CARE.

The Ganges Delta, small island states and other low-lying areas, meanwhile, are in peril from rising sea levels.

If ocean levels rise by two metres (seven feet), "9.4 million people would be completely flooded out" in Bangladesh alone, said Ehrhart.

A two-metre (seven-feet) rise is seen by most climate scientists as being at the top end of predictions for what could happen this century.

In 2007, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) predicted sea levels will rise by up to 59 centimeters (23 inches) before 2100 due the expansion of warmer waters.

But this figure does not factor in a partial melting of massive ice sheets in western Antarctica and Greenland, a scenario now identified by more recent research.

The new report urged policymakers to develop tools to identify regions and populations at risk of being displaced by climate change.

And they said funds mustered to help cope with climate change under the future global treaty must also be directed at poor migrants.

The new pact, designed to run from 2012, would chiefly slash emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation that are warming Earth's atmosphere, affecting weather patterns.

The report admits that the definition of a climate migrant is complex, as poverty, a run of bad harvests or civil strife are usually the immediate, and thus most visible, triggers for displacement.

Estimates of the likely numbers range from 25 to 50 million people by 2010, while the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has pitched a figure of 200 million by 2050.

The term "climate refugee" is shunned by UN organisations, as "refugee" is a term with legal connotations under the 1851 Geneva Convention.


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Permafrost Melting a Growing Climate Threat: Study (July 1, 2009)
SINGAPORE - The amount of carbon locked away in frozen soils in the far Northern Hemisphere is double previous estimates and rapid melting could accelerate global warming, a study released on Wednesday says. Large areas of northern Russia, Canada, Nordic countries and the U.S. state of Alaska have deep layers of frozen soil near the surface called permafrost. Global warming has already triggered rapid melting of the permafrost in some areas, releasing powerful greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane.As the world gets warmer, more of these gases are predicted to be released and could trigger a tipping point in which huge amounts of the gases flood the atmosphere, rapidly driving up temperatures, scientists say."Massive amounts of carbon stored in frozen soils at high latitudes are increasingly vulnerable to exposure to the atmosphere," said Pep Canadell, executive director of the Global Carbon Project at Australia's state-funded Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. "The research shows that the amount of carbon stored in soils surrounding the North Pole has been hugely underestimated." The study is published in the latest issue of Global Biogeochemical Cycle. Canadell said a four-year study of the latest research on permafrost, data from new drilling projects as well as the release of previously unpublished data from the Russian Academy of Sciences had led to a rethink of carbon levels. "Projections show that almost all near-surface permafrost will disappear by the end of this century exposing large carbon stores to decomposition and release of greenhouse gases," he said in a statement.He said if only 10 per cent of the permafrost melted, this could lead to the release of an additional 80 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere. This would equate to about 0.7 degrees Celsius of global warming.According to the U.N. Climate Panel, average temperatures have already risen by about 0.7 deg C since the late nineteenth century and are forecast to rise another 1.8 to 4 deg C by 2100, Scientists say a rapidly warming planet will trigger more intense storms and droughts, rising seas and melting ice caps. CLIP


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