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November 5, 2009

Turning Tide of History #29: Medical Quackery And Other Misguided Shenanigans

Hello everysoul!

There are so many comments from me interspersed in this compilation - the most ever certainly - that I will simply encourage you to dig this one and discover the amazing amount of information and views it contains.

Till next time, have a great day!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S.  J'ai diffusé le 2 novembre une compilation de 30 pages que je recommande à votre attention...

La transe porcine collective

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"Dear Jean, I want to thank you for keeping me informed for the last 10 years. Each week, I wait patiently for your updates and I read every word. I have learned so much from you that the media, national news and local news has kept from the public airwaves. You are part of the enlightenment I have been able to share with all of my loved ones. Thank you so much for your heart of gold."
- Cathy ( -- There is another email from Cathy below and my reply...

"Hi Jean, a deep thank-you for your soul. I think it is worth mentioning that Australia has just come out of the flu season. For a time the city where I live, Melbourne, had a very high infection rate of swine flu. In fact myself (a severe asthmatic) and my family all contracted swine flu as did many of my colleagues and certainly the students of the college where I work. Certainly swine flu like any other flu is not pleasant but it is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. It is interesting that although there was a noted high infection rate, only about 12 people died because of related complications such as pneumonia, heart conditions etc and despite the high infection rate no more people died then is usually the case here in a flu season. So I guess I just wanted to pass on the message that catching swine flu itself is nothing to fear. As one, Rob."

- Message left in the ERN guestbook on 2009-10-28 by Rob Vincs (

"VAERS is a passive reporting system, so the number of people believed to be hurt by vaccines is vastly underreported. According to Dr. David Kessler, former head of the FDA, "only about 1 percent of serious events-adverse drug reactions-are reported." This is confirmed by the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, which receives unsolicited personal stories of vaccine damage every day. The families telling these dreadful stories rarely file official reports. Of course, these stories do not constitute "proof" of vaccine damage-at least no more than a child's cry after skinning his knee is "proof" of pain. However, patterns of adverse vaccine reactions are easily observed when unrelated families consistently report similar stories of healthy children prior to their shots, and hospitalized children after their shots. These patterns tell a larger story. A medical industry that errs on the side of denial rather than concern is backward and criminally negligent."

- Taken from Parents Shouldn't Have to Play Russian Roulette With Their Children

"The silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with the vaccine manufacturers. GSK secret contract binds Government to SILENCE!"

- Taken from HERE

"A report sent to the UN General Assembly by Dr Nawal Majeed Al-Sammarai, Iraq's Minister of Women's Affairs since 2006, stated that in September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 babies born, 24% of which died within their first week of life. Worse yet, fully 75% of the babies born that month were deformed. This compares to August 2002, six months before the US invasion, when 530 live births were reported with only six dying in the first week, and only one deformity. Clearly something terrible is happening in Fallujah, and many doctors suspect it's the depleted uranium dust that is permeating the city. But the real impact of the first heavy use of depleted uranium weaponry in populous urban environments (DU was used widely especially in 2003 in Baghdad, Samara, Mosul and other big Iraqi cities), will come over the years, as the toxic legacy of this latest American war crime begins to show up in rising numbers of cancers, birth defects and other genetic disorders in Iraq and Afghanistan."

- Taken from Depleted Uranium Weapons: The Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all it's powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really EVERYWHERE... It is WITHIN EACH OF US."
- Black Elk - Sent by Zackoree Harrison ( who wrote: "Just read the intro to your Meditation Focus, it reminded me of this quote."

"Our moment has come! Thanks to your compilations, we are able to get an advanced peek at the glorious transformation and transfiguration that is about to take place. I believe we are in for quite a series of massive changes... Your work has been so important to lessen the impact of the shock waves that such will produce in those who are shut down to change, and to inspire others to rally for change. THERE IS AS YET NO REGULAR MAJOR NEWS OUTLET WHICH REPRODUCES THE BALANCED INFORMATION THAT YOU TRANSMIT.   I believe your work will gradually lessen in the years ahead however. I also believe that only work of lasting spiritual significance will survive the cleansing in information, and I was told this morning that my own work would serve a purpose-indeed will be promoted by the incoming forces for change-in the upcoming lesson-learning. I regularly question if it will not already be outdated the moment benevolent beings begin to spread their own messages. Apparently from what I am told, it won't be, and they will make it a purpose to point out existing works by established earth lightworkers who have contributed to the awakening now about to reach unprecedented levels. I have quietly waited for this moment all my recent life. What a joy we will witness. From darkness into Light."

- Pierre Cloutier ( NOTE from Jean: Pierre has just written a fascinating self-help book about spiritual healing. The result of his many years of experience as a spiritual healer and professional chiropractor, it will offer invaluable information and guidance to those who are in the New Consciousness movement and anyone ready to reach true health and greater spiritual balance.

"Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass decloakings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously. New developments recently have made this possible. When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. We cannot make the Galactic presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is safe from any threat of danger, including world leaders, news media, and military officials. Many in the news media are prepared with specials already crafted that they will launch which will explain what mass decloakings means. When Ted Kennedy passed, there were several video tributes ready to go. This will be the case for mass decloakings. It will not be a surprise for the news media. KOS has talked to news media all over the world. Those news media who are penciled in for removal, already know they are leaving. Motherships, as you have already seen in China and Moscow film footage, will decloak in over 120 countries all at once. This will happen in different time zones, in day and at night. It will happen for millions of people at once. There will be film footage shot in all of these countries. This will go out over the internet as it is happening. YouTube and Servers will be supported by our technology during this time. Not only will there be Motherships in a large number of places, but millions of smaller ships will fill the skies in a shock and awe experience. ALL of these will have their lights on. Some will show in their Higher Dimensional forms as Light Ships and some will show up as metal discs. Some will show as a display of lights. There is an elaborate plan in place for this. Almost everyone who sees the mass decloakings, anywhere on Earth will be completely filled with universal love. It will be so moving that no one will miss the meaning. No one will be questioning if this is Our Family. Children especially, will be interested in knowing what is going on. They will help the older crowd assimilate the news. Everyone will instinctively be aware that this is something they have waited for a very long time."

- Lord Ashtar -- Taken from Ashtar has a Special Message: Declaokings are Seconds Away -- NOTE from Jean: For a stunning speech revealing MUCH about what the world secret government - under Majestic 12 - hides from us all watch this VIDEO  (More below on this). Meanwhile in the US, the campaign continues to condition people to be afraid of ETs, if and when they show themselves up, as exemplified by ABC's new show 'V' that premiered on November 3, 2009 - See their Upfront Trailer

"You have the ability to make a positive difference in the world. This has been a roller-coaster time of miracles and challenges. It seems as though these extreme experiences are being used to wake Humanity up at warp speed. No matter how hard people may try, their I AM Presence is not allowing them to push the snooze button in order to go back to sleep. It is time for people everywhere to remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this auspicious moment. Important changes are taking place, and in spite of outer-world appearances, we are beginning to see evidence of people in every walk of life reaching out to make a positive difference."

- Patricia Diane Cota-Robles -- Taken from Take Charge of Your Life (2 November, 2009)


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Without Vaccine, Australia Shrugs Off Swine Flu.

By David M. Burd - October 27, 2009

With no vaccine available for H1N1 flu, Australia recently ended its 2009 "Flu Season" (their Winter in our Summer), with 186 flu-associated fatalities of 36,991 Aussies confirmed having H1N1.
The Australia 2009 stats for regular 'seasonal flu' are not final yet, but their Health Dept literature cites annual flu-associated mortality historically has been between 2,500 and 3,000  in spite of universal  vaccination programs for regular flu long being established.  A logical review of these results strongly suggests next year Australia should initiate a "flu vaccination holiday," promote vitamin D supplements, long known to be effective for preventing Wintertime flu disease, and then compare the outcomes.  
Pertinently, experts have also stated that H1N1 was probably already in Australia for their 2008 flu season, but not tested for (which is the nature of the testing world; a great percentage of "flu" cases being presumptive, never tested).  In light of Australia clearly showing the pussycat nature of H1N1, can somebody explain why America's media willfully ignores the news from Australia?  However, despite the derelict media, I would think U.S. Health Generals would certainly be up on Flu news from Down Under, and certainly from Canada right next door.
Canadian front page news on flu vaccinations has transfixed Canada health authorities, prompting official suspension of regular flu vaccination programs until further notice.  This comes from a sweeping study of Canada by research Doctors Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre of Disease Control and Gaston De Serres of Laval University in Quebec concluding Canadians receiving flu vaccinations have twice the risk of coming down with the flu, compared to those who do not take the shot.

In a bizarre five-hour worldwide teleconference held by the World Health Organization October 4 on the Skowronski/De Serres Study, U.S. doctors offered the opinion that the Canadian doctors' flu vaccination study was certainly wrong and must have used flawed study parameters, though the U.S. doctors admittedly could not identify anything specific.  To paraphrase the U.S. attitude: 'Damn the vaccination studies, flu speed ahead!'
In view of all this, America wakes up Sunday, Oct. 25 to headlines of President Obama proclaiming Saturday that H1N1 Flu is now under a National Health Emergency.  Perhaps, Obama's rhetoric is no coincidence as it is well known most Americans have been rejecting their invitations to show up for their shots.  And maybe, American mothers and fathers realize there are indeed catastrophic risks associated with vaccinations, particularly since CDC says their kids should be marched in for shots, regardless of CDC admitting the shots contain full amounts of mercury preservative.  And, I am not making this up: CDC astonishingly insists that the mercury in vaccines brings no risk whatsoever to kids.
Three related conclusions come to mind:
(1) My hat is off to the public, thinking for themselves.  Huraah!!
(2) Obama's health advisor Harry Varmus, NIAID chief Tony Fauci, HHS Secretary Sebelius, CDC Director Thomas Frieden, CDC Commander Anne Schuchat are so zealously dedicated to Herd Control of Americans they willfully ignore the honest, financially independent, most available information on Planet Earth: Australia's just ended Flu Season, and the study in Canada by Doctors Skowronski and De Serres (and other studies that reinforce their conclusion). U.S. health officials promoting unwarranted epidemic fears and manipulation of H1N1 flu deserve permanent mail room duty on the international space station - at best.
(3) President Obama illustrates perfectly the medically-ignorant political animal, craving to be seen as a Medical Hero in the national spotlight, while willfully ignoring abundant proof of brain damage and other permanent disabilities to millions of children by vaccines' mercury and other toxic ingredients cavalierly injected in such as the H1N1 vaccine.


Swine Flu Government Data Scam - Government using fraud to generated flu hysteria (10 min)
What if the government is lying about the number of Swine Flu cases to bolster its case for mandatory vaccination of school children and government employees? It appears they're cooking the books in a massive way and are actively obstructing the news media's attempts to get the real numbers. For example, in Alaska only 1% of all people reported as having Swine Flu actually had the disease when actually tested for it. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has this data, but flat out won't release it. Employees are being told they have to receive the Swine Flu vaccine or lose their jobs. Schools are giving children the vaccine against their parents wishes. Now it's been revealed that the federal government is withholding data that shows a large percentage of people who have been reported as having the Swine Flu did not in fact have it.

Brasscheck TV:  Vaccination reality check
First, they sold us a war - based on fraud.Then, the economy collapsed - thanks to government tolerance for widespread financial fraud. Now, these same people want you to roll up your sleeve and take an injection of something they have so little faith in they've already granted themselves legal immunity if - and when - it goes horribly wrong. Swine flu hysteria is more government/media/industry fraud. The so-called "science" behind vaccination is total garbage. More and more, doctors are willing to stand up and tell the truth. The people pushing this the hardest are the same criminals who brought you the Iraq War and the meltdown of the US economy through financial fraud. Just say "no" to being railroaded into allowing a dodgy set of chemicals, metals, and live viruses injected into your blood stream by venal idiots who have so little confidence in what they're doing they won't participate without getting total legal immunity in advance. If you or a loved one are crippled by this vaccine, you will shoulder the burden yourself. The pharmaceutical companies and the government have exempted themselves from all liability. Make sure you
read the warning at the end of this video...

Artificial scarcity and the anatomy of the 2009 swine flu pandemic - WILL OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
This video exposes how the corporate health industry met at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and expressed concern that Americans are refusing the unpopular H1N1 swine flu vaccines. This video also documents the strong case that the media is hyping an artificial scarcity of the vaccine to trick concerned parents into lining up like cattle for the flu shot.

Swine Flu Epidemic Dropping off (2 November 2009)
Amid all the disastrous swine flu news, here is a different point of view to consider: "I would like to point out that S. and myself published on the effective technology of Washing hands about 3 years back. We also predicted the failure of all the "approved" technologies. Now! I have good news. The Flu epidemic is OVER folks. It will be a memory before the vaccinations get a chance to work. Within the next 3 weeks the epidemic will be reduced to a mere 15% fraction of its current level. It has already spiked over and is rapidly dropping off. You can get the facts by Google (Key Words: Flu, Map). Once the spike drops it is over folks. The Vaccine wagon has sailed into ineffective status. CLIP

Swine Flu, Dr. Peter Beter Reporting In 1976, Rockefeller, 2009 Obama, Depopulation (Oct 31, 2009)
Dr. Peter Beter in 1976 reported on the Swine Flu scare that hit the United States during the Ford Administration. The video mirrors the similarities of the Swine Flu panic in the Ford and Obama Administrations. According to Beter, the Rockefeller Cartel was the culprit behind the Swine Flu panic, and said it was a test run to see how fast hordes of people could be killed. That the Swine Flu in 1976 was being used as a cover to hide covert operations involving chemical poisons and biological viruses. THIS VIDEO REALLY HITS HARD AND SHOULD OPEN EYES BECAUSE OF THE EERIE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE 1976 SWINE FLU SWINDLE AND THE ONE GOING ON RIGHT NOW...

Ingredients in the Swine Flu H1N1 Vaccine; Resources, Risks and Dangers (October 29, 2009)
A trusted friend of mine who happens to work for a chiropractor sent me an email that disturbed me and piqued my interest into researching vaccines. In the email she stated that her employer wrote and asked for the list of ingredients in the H1N1 vaccine and received a list that was surprising to say the least.


In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:

- aluminum hydroxide
- aluminum phosphate
- ammonium sulfate
- amphotericin B
- animal tissues: (pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf (bovine) serum
- betapropiolactone
- fetal bovine serum
- formaldehyde
- formalin
- gelatin
- glycerol
- human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
- hydrolyzed gelatin
- MSG (monosodium glutamate)
- Neomycin
- Neomycin sulfate
- Phenol red indicator
- Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
- potassium diphosphate and monophosphate
- Polymyxin B
- Polysorbate 20 and 80
- Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
- Residual MRC5 proteins
- Sorbitol sucrose
- Thimerosal (mercury)
- tri(n)butylphospate
- VERO cells (a continuous line of monkey kidney cells washed sheep red blood cells)
CLIP - Much MUCH more THERE!    Some of the potential health consequences of having those products in your bloodstream are listed HERE under Toxins in Seasonal Flu and Other Vaccines

BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) subtitled in English
TERESA FORCADES, doctor in Public Health, reflects on the history, and gives scientific data, of A type flu and lists all the irregularities related to this subject. She explains the consequences of the declaration of a PANDEMIC, the political consequences from this declaration and makes a proposal to keep calm. She calls for an urgent activation of all legal mechanism and the participation of all citizens in this matter.

Councillor Adrian Hicks - The Interview - LEAKED!!!!  --- IMPORTANT VIDEOS!!! REALLY!!!
The interview proposes challenging questions about what Councillor Hicks actually saw the day he claimed he saw a female humanoid character close to a well-known army base set in the heart of Hampshire, England. Visit his website at for more details. But make sure to watch his speech Judgement & Democracy  - - targeted at government and army personnel of countries such as England, America and the rest of the globe - in which he reveals MUCH about the ultra-secret Majestic 12 group and its attitude towards disclosure about the ET presence. A new video will be released on the 20th of  December 2009

I KNOW WHAT I SAW (includes a trailer)
I KNOW WHAT I SAW, a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director, James Fox assembled the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C.: Air Force Generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries tell stories that, as Governor Fife Symington from Arizona stated, "will challenge your reality". Their accounts reveal a behind-the-scenes U.S. operation whose policy is to confiscate and hoard substantiating evidence from close encounters to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers. I KNOW WHAT I SAW exposes reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level. Fox has won the support of several key media, government and military personnel, and has made numerous television and radio appearances CLIP - A spokesperson for Exopolitics Canada said: "This explosive documentary by film maker James Fox masterfully confronts the government secrecy and silence that strangles open discussion of UFO sightings and their geo-political significance. Because of the compelling evidentiary nature of this expanding global phenomenon, we feel it is absolutely vital that this controversial film by Mr. Fox be brought to the attention of the Canadian public. To date no other film production has caught the attention of political and media leaders like this daring documentary by James Fox."This HD film was the centre of significant attention on the History Channel in mid-October (DVD available HERE) or you can download it HERE - it will be screened in Toronto Next Nov 22. Get details from

Bases 5 Part 2 Mind Control UFOs & Swine Flue (36 min 25 sec) ABSOLUTELY, AMAZINGLY REVEALING INTERVIEW MUST WATCH AND LEARN LOTS OF SECRETS (amazing ETs stuff, out-of-body travel, mind-control through electronic waves 'beaming' and drugs) THAT THE GOVERNMENTS DELIBERATELY HIDE FROM US
Our first attempt with Dr Rauni Kilde had vital sections deleted by hostile agencies. In this re-interview Rauni discusses a major UFO Conference in Moscow, with 3 high ranking US Military. She roundly condemns the Swine Flue racket as a fraud similar to the 1976. She is under constant harassment as was proven when major sections of the 1st interview were destroyed in London.

Dr Rauni Kilde on Swine Flu Conspiracy (6:52) THIS IS AN EXCERPT from the full interview above.
Former Ret Chief medical Officer for Finland condemns the Swine Flu scam and explores other related matters.

The Control Factor (2:3) - a reality check and talk with Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde

She says groups of up to 500 mind-controlled children are taken in underground bases in the US and programmed to kill people at a distance with their mind and if they don't succeed they are killed in front of the other kids. She also talks about the combined power of people to change things through the energy of Love - Part three is HERE and is really worth watching too. It is not possible to watch the first part because it has been disabled because the power That Be apparently don't want us to see it - same problem BTW with several other parts of her interviews on youtube. But I found that someone has posted HERE excerpts from this PART 1 and from the 2 other parts in an attempt to poke fun at her; nevertheless, one can listen to what she says - she really stretches the envelope of "normal" consensus reality but those who are familiar with what she discusses will recognize MANY THINGS and learn some more - and obviously she strongly advises against taking the Swine flu vaccine.

There is another 13 parts youtube series featuring this whole interview but again the first one has been disabled... but you can start with part 2... Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde - 2:13 - about mind control, electromagnetic warfare, doctors...
She speaks convincingly against the cell phone which she considers to be a weapon designed to kill through brain cancer especially the kids... and make everyone like zombies - which is exactly what it looks to me!
Incidentally, it will be possible to get all her video interviews on DVD through
Watch also the last (13th) part at

There is also another 7 part youtube series of her on MindControl that is also nearly all blocked. It seems just the first - - and last - - ones that can still be watched.

Rauni also says some very interesting things about Near Death Experience in
And she also has a very unique UFO story to tell:
To find out more about her check her Wikipedia entry and make sure to also review Project MKULTRA which describes early efforts at mind-control through this CIA secret program which certainly continues to this day.

Alex Collier speaks powerfully and engagingly at the Project Camelot AWAKE AND AWARE Conference in Los Angeles, 20 Sept 2009. We were delighted and privileged that Alex accepted our invitation to make a presentation at the conference, though for security reasons he asked us to withhold his name from the speakers' list until the conference had begun. Alex talked in depth and with passion about the problems and challenges that we all face looking towards the future from 2009 - and introduces an intriguing new concept: mentoring in co-operation with our ET allies. To watch the other presenters at the Project Camelot conference, 2009 go at
NOTE from Jean: At first I didn't feel I should be sharing those thoughts below in a compilation, but since it pertains to what Alex Collier talks about in this video above, here is what I wrote back last week to Kaia Nightingale ( [regarding a comment I made earlier that "global First Contact will be initiated only when we are ready - spiritually and psychologically - to ask for it"] who was asking me: "Well, I guess we could wait. But what if they are just hovering up there waiting for us? Is it a question of numbers of us, or finding a clear communication? (...) How bad does it have to get down here before we ask, or before we ask in sufficient numbers or in a way that they can hear?". AND MY REPLY WAS: "Like you I've been wondering sometimes what it will taken for our space family to consider our request as strong enough to move ahead and come down in full day light, uncloaked. Well I think that first the request has to come at soul level from a vast collectivity of souls to be receivable. We cannot possibly do this from our limited ego perspective which is just a puppet... so as to say. The puppet master in us has to come through first and take full control of what's going on, at least for a large enough number of people/souls. Then there is the matter of not spoiling the story line of our earthly life we have meticulously weaved for our current lifetime, through involving such a high-handed intervention from way above our current spiritual niche and which would throw a huge wrench in our self-awakening process, the emphasis here being on the word "self"... What "merit", through normally hard-won soul lessons, would there be for us if those souls who have a much fuller remembrance of their actual universal status were to come and take us by the hand to show us everything without any other effort on our part than simply striving to keep an open mind to take in all the new stuff they would tell us to stimulate our remembrance and bring us up to speed with them. Like someone seated by your side who would solve for you every jigsaw puzzle you'd try to master or give you the answer to every crossword puzzle question, that would be a really inefficient method to get us to learn the rope of spiritual mastery on our own, isn't it... It would defeat the whole purpose of incarnation in this wonderful stage of physical "reality"."

UFO Plunges Sicilian Town into Darkness

The Fourth Kind - Trailer [New Official HD]
The Fourth Kind' movie trailer. In 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document...until now.Structured unlike any film before it, The Fourth Kind is a provocative thriller set in modern-day Nome, Alaska, where-mysteriously since the 1960s-a disproportionate number of the population has been reported missing every year. Despite multiple FBI investigations of the region, the truth has never been discovered. Here in this remote region, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) began videotaping sessions with traumatized patients and unwittingly discovered some of the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.Using never-before-seen archival footage that is integrated into the film, The Fourth Kind exposes the terrified revelations of multiple witnesses. Their accounts of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details, the validity of which is investigated throughout the film. Release: November 6, 2009

'UFO cloud formation' filmed in Romania (26 Oct 2009)
A flying saucer-shaped cloud has been spotted in the skies above Romania - just weeks after a similarly striking formation appeared over Moscow. If viewed from a distance the disc cloud, which is outlined by a ring of sunlight, appears to resemble an alien craft. (...) "How come I have never seen clouds that look like that. Now we get two in a matter of weeks in different places," wrote one user of the video-sharing website Live Leak where the clip was first posted. Others speculated - with tongues firmly in cheeks - that the twin formations could herald an alien invasion. "Run the two videos and put them beside each other... It's very strange... are they here?" CLIP

UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle (20 Oct 2009)
A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire. The sergeant, who has not been named, was off-duty when he saw the figures standing in a field near Silbury Hill, and stopped his car to investigate. However, as he approached the 'men' - all over 6ft tall with blond hair -he heard "the sound of static electricity" and the trio ran away ''faster than any man he had ever seen''. CLIP

Two destroyed circles reborn
A new aspect of the crop circle phenomenon took place in the 2009 season: Two crop circles, that had been destroyed by the Avebury Manor farmer, rematerialized.  CLIP

If you want to watch 2012 Doomsday online

DAVID WILCOCK at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009 (2:27:34)

Gerald Celente On "Green Shoots" (October 20, 2009)
"There is no recovery. It's a cover-up. You only have to look at the facts."

One Dollar Bill Origamis
Won Park is the master of Origami.  He is also called the money folder, a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill. Bending, twisting, and folding, Won Park creates life-like shapes inspired by objects living and not, both in stunning detail. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper.

More tricks from him through this LINK - Check also Criss Angel Walks on Water and Chris Angel Slices his Body and Criss Angel Gets Hit By A Car - More tricks from him through this LINK

Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting Trailer WONDERFUL IMAGES!!
A short trailer for the new film. Available from Many other related videos available in the right-hand column

A New Light * A New Time * A New Day * A New Dawn -- Narration interwoven with music and singing on the legacy of time left to us by the ancient Maya. As ancient sky watchers and time keepers of the Earth, many believe the Maya reminded us of our Divine connection to the Universe and the importance of re-aligning with the natural cycles of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars... so we can remember again that we are and always have been autonomous sovereign beings co-evolving with the Earth. (...) Children of the sun, as we live here upon this land, remember we are one... Remember we are one. Child of the sun, you are being called to wakefulness, to your place in the new myth... and the time is now! A new harmonic of Light is being sounded on the earth... ringing in the frequencies of ecstasy, union and love. Awaken to the memory Of the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon. We can live in peace and harmony. With the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon (...) Children of the sun, let us make use of the gift of time bequeathed to us by the ancient Maya... let us carry Maya's wisdom in our hearts as we swim the seas of creation... on our journey into oneness with the Earth, the Universe and the Source of all things... as we continue on our journey HOME. CLIP

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has brutally seized control of his country's diamond fields and is using the profits from our precious wedding rings and jewelry to finance a vicious political militia. The group of countries that regulate the global diamond trade are right now meeting in Namibia to decide whether to suspend Mugabe and stop him selling his blood diamonds on the world market. We have just two days to persuade these countries to act - let's get a flood of signatures on a petition and deliver it directly to the meeting in Namibia. Sign at the link below and forward this email to anyone who doesn't want our gifts of love to finance hate:


California Considers Taxing Marijuana (Oct. 28, 2009)
The Golden State is searching for economic salvation in California Gold. Living up to its long track record of legislative firsts, California lawmakers are looking at legalizing and heavily taxing marijuana as they struggle to close a gaping budget hole.Radical, yes. But California isn't alone. Across the country, states are getting increasingly creative - and in some cases desperate - as they deal with unprecedented budget challenges. Tumbling sales and income tax receipts have left once-bursting state coffers badly depleted. And with many states legally bound to balance their budgets, the choices are never easy. Hawaii has declared regular "furlough Fridays" in its public schools, Delaware has grounded its state aircraft and closed museums and Virginia has shuttered its highway rest stops. States have already chopped their work forces by 2 per cent in the past year, throwing more than 100,000 teachers, health care workers, nursing home employees, cops and firefighters out of work. Many states have also slashed the pay of government employees, while raising various user fees and levies. Some school boards, for example, are charging high school students hundreds of dollars a year to park their cars on school grounds. (...) Nowhere is the situation more dire than in California, the most populous U.S. state. Since February, California has chopped $32-billion from spending, raised taxes by $12.5-billion and covered $6-billion more with accounting maneuvres to close a budget deficit that threatened the state with insolvency. Among the more extreme measures, the state recently began paroling hundreds of "low-risk" prison inmates. California still facing $38-billion in deficits over the next three fiscal years. And so hard times are giving the high times movement surprising new momentum in the left-leaning state. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he welcomes the debate about legalizing marijuana as the state struggles to avoid insolvency. A recent poll shows 56 per cent of Californians want pot legalized. A major push is on to put the issue to statewide referendum next year. And yesterday, state lawmakers held an initial hearing into a proposed law to end California's 96-year-old pot ban. CLIP

Mom Says Marijuana Helped Autistic Child (November 3, 2009)

LSD less dangerous than alcohol, says government's drug adviser  (October 29, 2009)
The Government's chief drug adviser has suggested that Ecstasy, LSD and cannabis are less dangerous than both alcohol and cigarettes. David Nutt, chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, attacked the decision to make cannabis a Class B drug. He accused the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who reclassified the drug, of "distorting and devaluing" scientific research. Professor Nutt said smoking cannabis created only a "relatively small risk" of psychotic illness, adding that all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, should be ranked by a "harm" index. He said that alcohol came fifth behind cocaine, heroin, barbiturates and methadone, while tobacco should rank ninth, ahead of cannabis, LSD and Ecstasy. His views are published today as a briefing paper for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King's College London. CLIP

Pfizer in court again, this time for Wyeth's menopause treatment Prempro (Oct 27th 2009)
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) sure is no stranger to finding itself in court. The pharmaceutical giant is constantly defending its practices and drugs, often ending up paying millions if not billions in damages -- even admitting to felony criminal charges. Pfizer has also inherited lawsuits with some of the companies it has purchased. It's recent $68 billion mega acquisition of Wyeth is no different. On Monday, a Philadelphia jury, which had earlier found a link between a woman's breast cancer and the hormone-replacement drug she was taking, also found that Wyeth hid and ignored evidence of the drug's potential cancer risk. The jury awarded Connie Barton an undisclosed amount of punitive-damages. Barton's case is one of 9,000 Prempro lawsuits across the country. About 1,500 are pending in Philadelphia alone, opening up the door to more potential liabilities for Pfizer, which just recently was ordered to pay a record $2.3 billion fine for illegally marketing painkiller Bextra, which is now off the market. (...) Once again, this case highlights the reasons for the public's longstanding distrust and mistrust of pharmaceutical companies. CLIP

New York City Parents Opting Out of Swine Flu Vaccine (October 28, 2009)
As people across the country clamor for the swine flu vaccine, fewer than half of New York City parents with children in elementary school have given permission for their children to receive the vaccine at school, reflecting some ambivalence about the need for the vaccine or concern about its effects. (...) Faced with doubts about the vaccine, health officials nationwide have sought to assure the public that it is safe and advisable. But because vaccine production has lagged, few have had trouble giving their small supplies away, and some school districts have had to postpone immunization sessions. In New York City, however, many parents appear to be passing on the vaccine. Besides questions about the vaccine itself, some may assume that if their children contracted swine flu in the spring, they were now immune, a belief supported by most flu experts. CLIP

Sasha & Malia Will Not Receive the Swine Flu Vaccine? (10/27/09)
According to White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, Obama's Daughters will not receive the vaccine based on their profile. Apparently, according to him, only children with an impaired immune system are supposed to take the vaccine. But, I don't think that is not what the media has been reporting at all. In fact, when my grandchildren went to get the "mist", the only thing the doctor asked about was any allergies. They are perfectly healthy kids.It gets stranger all the time, as this is supposed to be a level 6 pandemic, not a virus that only attacks susceptible children. CLIP

Dr Horowitz Rips Apart ABC's Dr Oz and Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud (28 Oct 2009) LOTS OF REVEALING FACTS!
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History - VERY COMPREHENSIVE!
Video interview of neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock - Blaylock treated patients who got Guillain Barre from the 1976 flu shots. He says that administering the H1N1 vaccine to pregnant women increases the risk of autism and schizophrenia in the child by 7 to 14 times and there's a risk of seizures, and neurodevelopmental brain damage, as well. He says that vaccine side effects sometimes don't show up for months.  -- TOPICS INCLUDED: Pregnant Women NOT at Special Risk from Swine Flu - Initial Studies Show H1N1 NOT Dangerous or Highly Contagious - Much Fear Mongering - Australian and New Zealand Experience Prove U.S. is Wrong - ICU Hospitalizations - Majority of Children Respond POORLY to Flu Vaccine - Flu Vaccine DOUBLES Risk of Getting H1N1 - Obese at Six Times Higher Risk from H1N1 Complications - H1N1 Vaccine is NOT Made the Same as Regular Flu Vaccine!! - Pregnant Women NOT at Increased Risk, Obese Women Are!! - Recent NEJM Study of the American Experience - Underlying Medical Conditions Underlying Medical Conditions Risk Factor for H1N1 Deaths - Pediatric Flu Deaths by Year Made WORSE by Flu Vaccine - Every Parent Needs to Know Other Vaccines INCREASE Risk of H1N1 - Risk of Serious Illness from the H1N1 Mutant Virus - What about the Danger to Pregnant Women? The American Experience - Smoking and Obesity Increase Risk of H1N! - Bacterial Pneumonia and Swine Flu - Pregnant Women Given Vaccine Have Babies with More Health Problems - How Many Cases are Really Swine Flu? - Actually LESS Flu Deaths this Year - What Do They Not Know About This Vaccine? - Vaccine Safety Testing Only Done for ONE Week
(...) It has always been a principle of medicine that one should not vaccinate pregnant women, except in extreme cases, because the risk to the baby is too high. Recently, we have seen two examples of violation of this policy. When the HPV vaccine Gardasil was first released the CDC and the manufacturer (Merck Pharmaceutical Company) recommended that it be given to pregnant women.Shortly after beginning this dangerous practice it was ordered halted because a number of women were losing their babies and babies were being born with major malformations. It is known that stimulating a woman's immune system during midterm and later term pregnancy significantly increases the risk that her baby will develop autism during childhood and schizophrenia sometime during the teenage years and afterward. Compelling scientific evidence also shows an increased risk of seizures in the baby and later as an adult. In fact, a number of neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems can occur in babies born to women immunologically stimulated during pregnancy. CLIP

'Poisoning attempt' charges filed against French H1N1 campaign (24 October, 2009)
In what is being seen as the first of many such actions to come, nine individuals have filed formal charges claiming that the H1N1 campaign is a deliberate attempt to poison the French population. These charges, which were filed yesterday, could not come at a more inopportune moment for the government and health specialists. The vaccination campaign got underway last Tuesday in a climate of national skepticism as to the vaccine's safety and efficiency, and this news will surely boost the morale of the increasing number of anti-vaccine lobbyists who are beginning to organize their resistance to any attempt to vaccinate the population against H1N1. CLIP

Press For Truth Covers Day 1 of H1N1 Vaccinations in Toronto (October 31, 2009)
Press for Truth reporter and director of the upcoming film United We Fall Bryan Law covers the first day of a mass vaccination program which has begun in Toronto Canada. Thousands of Canadians in the so called at risk group are being encouraged to line up right away. Bryan spoke with the concerned Canadians about why they were lining up to get the shot and it quickly became clear that the propaganda machine is kicking the fear state into overdrive. - 2 videos provided

Paterson Declares Swine Flu Emergency in NY (October 29, 2009)
Gov. David Paterson declared a state of emergency, saying a recent rise in swine flu cases has created a "disaster" and that certain provisions of state law needed to be set aside to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. The executive order Thursday means that far more health care professionals - including dentists, dental hygienists, podiatrists, pharmacists, midwives and physicians assistants - will be permitted to administer swine flu and seasonal flu vaccines with only brief training.
 (...) The order doesn't require vaccinations of health care workers or other adults without their consent and it doesn't require vaccinations of children without parental consent. CLIP

L.A. County free H1N1 vaccine clinics overwhelmed (28 October, 2009)
Immediately swamped by patients, they haven't been able to monitor whether those receiving the vaccines were at the top of the federal priority list. (...) Federal officials have distributed the vaccines to the states in proportion to population. They were expected to have supplied 40 million vaccines by this week, but manufacturing delays reduced the supply to 11 million, Fielding said. L.A. County officials were expecting a shipment of 94,000 vaccines this week, but it was unclear how much more will be shipped in coming weeks. Fielding cautioned that as vaccine supplies dwindle, clinic staff may vaccinate only those in the two groups considered at greatest risk: pregnant women and caregivers for children younger than 6 months old. Clinics that run out of vaccines will close early, he said, and new clinics may be canceled if vaccine shipments are delayed.

Japan Links Tamiflu to Sudden Deaths in Children
Tokyo : Japan's health ministry says it plans to reissue a warning of dangerous behavioral side effects linked to the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu. This comes amid reports that several children in Japan died after taking the medication. Governments around the world are stockpiling the medicine amid growing fears of a possible human pandemic of avian influenza. CLIP THE SAME TAMIFLU DOCTORS PRESCRIBE AT LARGE MAY BE CAUSING MANY OF THE DEATHS REPORTED. 40,000 contract serious virus in Ukraine, kills 30 (30 Oct 2009)
As the world enters the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic season, another possible virus emerges as 30 people in the Eastern European country of Ukraine have died from this latest flu. Each country is dealing with their own cases of the H1N1 Swine Flu and many have even taken the vaccination but is H1N1 the only flu out there? A viral infection in Ukraine has taken the lives of 30 people and at first it seemed like an ordinary flu but after a week the symptoms became worse. Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports 40,000 Ukrainians have contracted the disease and at least 100 are in the hospital. Tests are currently being conducted and all is known is that it is not the H1N1 Swine Flu. A large number of schools and childcare facilities are being shut down, especially in the city of Lvov.  CLIP

Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages (new book)
This is not just about childhood vaccinations. It shines a light on the 25 most common misconceptions about vaccines and addresses problems with vaccines in all age groups. Adults are faced with an increasing number of vaccine requirements and many have been severely injured by vaccination. Being older does not automatically make vaccination safe. You will discover information here to help international travelers, healthcare workers, nursing home workers & residents, adoptions, college students, those in the military...and more!

Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters (October 20, 2009)
(...) "[Lieutenant Fireman and former Auxiliary Police Officer, Paul Isaac Jr.] explained to me [Lavello] that, 'many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they're afraid for their jobs to admit it because the 'higher-ups' forbid discussion of this fact." Paul further elaborated that former CIA director Robert Woolsey, as the Fire Department's Anti-terrorism Consultant, is sending a gag order down the ranks. 'There were definitely bombs in those buildings,' he told me."  Isaac also addressed the FBI gag order in an article by Greg Syzmanski, saying "It's amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear or retaliation or losing their jobs." He mentions that the FBI gag order placed on law enforcement and fire department officials prevented them from openly talking about any inside knowledge of 9/11. Syzmansky praised Isaacs in a highly interesting article titled One-Man Investigative Team. CLIP

Obama Quietly Pulls Plug On SPP/NAU? (11-2-9)
Excerpt from just-updated (October 2009) Wikipedia article on North American Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) In August 2009, the SPP website was updated to say: "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP-"North American Union") is no longer an active initiative. There will not be any updates to this site. (...) The NDP has called this a "victory" which is "the result of the active and sustained efforts across the country, and across North America, of Canadian, Mexican and American activists from the labour movement, civil society, progressive legislators and all those concerned and committed to build a better quality of life in our Canada and throughout North America."

Homeless students: Increasingly, families taking shelter anywhere they can,0,7967162.story
Homelessness rises, redefining living conditions for schoolchildren...

Junk food as 'addictive as drugs'
Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin, scientists have found. A diet of burgers, chips, sausages and cake will programme your brain into craving even more foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, according to new research. Over the years these junk foods can become a substitute for happiness and will lead bingers to become addicted. Dr Paul Kenny, a neuroscientist, carried out the research which shows how dangerous high fat and high sugar foods can be to our health. "You lose control. It's the hallmark of addiction," he said. CLIP

Eat a Dog, Save the Earth (October 22, 2009),2933,569124,00.html
SUVs owners are often castigated by treehuggers for their Earth-unfriendly lifestyle. A new book argues that pets are just as bad. New Zealand authors Robert and Brenda Vale's book, "Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" is an exhaustive analysis of the environmental impact of common pets such as cats and dogs. The authors studied the carbon emissions created by pets, including the ingredients in their food and the land required to grow it. And the results don't bode well for Fido, who compares poorly to that SUV. (...) The authors aren't really arguing that we should eat our pets of course, merely that we need to think more about the ecological impact of the things we do on a daily basis, and how we choose to use land. "Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat," Vale told New Scientist magazine. So what's the "eco-pawprint" of your pet? German shepherds: 1.1 hectares, compared with 0.41ha for a large SUV Cats: 0.15ha (slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf). Hamsters: 0.014ha (two of them equate to a medium-sized plasma TV). Goldfish: 0.00034ha (an eco-finprint equal to two cellphones). For more information, read the full article on New Scientist.

Somali Man, '112', Weds Girl, 17
Hundreds of people have attended a wedding in central Somalia between a man who says he is 112 years old, and his teenage wife. Ahmed Muhamed Dore - who already has 13 children by five wives - said he would like to have more with his new wife, Safia Abdulleh, who is 17 years old. (...) Altogether, Mr Dore has 114 children and grandchildren. His oldest son is 80 years old and three of his wives have died. He says he hopes his new bride will give him more children. "It is a blessing to have someone you love to take care of you," he said.

No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells (29th October 2009)
Human eggs and sperm have been grown in the laboratory in research which could change the face of parenthood. It paves the way for a cure for infertility and could help those left sterile by cancer treatment to have children who are biologically their own. But it raises a number of moral and ethical concerns. These include the possibility of children being born through entirely artificial means, and men and women being sidelined from the process of making babies. CLIP

Asteroid explosion over Indonesia raises fears about Earth's defences (27 Oct 2009)
An asteroid that exploded in the Earth's atmosphere with the energy of three Hiroshima bombs this month has reignited fears about our planet's defences against space impacts. - On 8 October, the rock crashed into the atmosphere above South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The blast was heard by monitoring stations 10,000 miles away, according to a report by scientists at the University of Western Ontario. Scientists are concerned that it was not spotted by any telescopes, and that had it been larger it could have caused a disaster. The asteroid, estimated to have been around 10 metres (30ft) across, hit the atmosphere at an estimated 45,000 mph. The sudden deceleration caused it to heat up rapidly and explode with the force of 50,000 tons of TNT.Luckily, due to the height of the explosion - estimated at between 15 and 20 km (nine to 12 miles) above sea level - no damage was caused on the ground.However, if the object had been slightly larger - 20 to 30 metres (60 to 90ft) across - it could easily have caused extensive damage and loss of life, say researchers. Very few objects smaller than 100 meters (300ft) across have been spotted and catalogued by astronomers. Tim Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, warned that it was inevitable that minor asteroids would go unnoticed. He said: "If you want to find the smallest objects you have to build more, larger telescopes. "A survey that finds all of the 20-metre objects will cost probably multiple billions of dollars." The fireball was spotted by locals in Indonesia, and a YouTube video taken that day "appears to show a large dust cloud consistent with a bright, daylight fireball", according to the Ontario researchers. An asteroid or comet fragment around 60 meters across is believed to have been behind the Tunguska Event, a powerful explosion that took place over Russia in 1908. The blast has been estimated at equivalent to 10-15 million tons of TNT - enough to destroy a large city. The White House is to develop a policy on the space object impact threat by October next year.

SlipString Drive - String Theory, Gravity, and "Faster Than Light" Travel
EXCERPT FROM THIS BOOK SUMMARY: (...) It then enters the realm of practical "faster than light" travel by explaining how gravity waves work, and how they could be used to radically curve and "isolate" regions of spacetime from the rest of our universe. This could allow these isolated regions to move from one point in spacetime to another without actually passing through space! These regions can avoid all the problems described earlier, and their motion acts similarly to traveling through a wormhole. Illustrations assist you to understand how these regions are created and how they can effectively travel at incredible "faster than light" speeds without any ill-effects on the region's passengers. As with relativity, it is all about the point-of-view of the observer and the traveler, preserving physics as no matter actually passes through spacetime faster than light. This results in no alteration of the passage of time (or any paradoxes) even when travelling effectively "faster than light"! - (...) "Chapter 4 describes how a SlipString Drive (SSD) ship would appear to outside observers when traveling at "slower than light" speeds when only "gravitationally isolated" from surrounding space. Ships traveling in this manner could appear to defy the laws of physice, specifically the laws of inertia. However, a SlipString Drive ship continues to obey the laws of physics. The ship can maneuver in ways that appear impossible until we understand the physics behind that motion. Chapter 5 - Exploration Opportunities Using SlipString Drive -- "With a ship of this sort, intergalactic travel would no longer take so much time as to be impractical as it is today. Possibly we could travel from one solar system to the next in a matter of minutes. This way, we would be able to really explore our galaxy and our universe in person. We would no longer be limited to robotic probes and the Hubble Space Telescope, as wonderful and beautiful as the Hubble's images and findings are..." Chapter 5 describes what we could now accomplish with a SlipString Drive ship. Besides intergalactic travel, we could also protect the earth from comet collisions, and many other types threats to our planet. Eventually one of dozens of catastrophes could befall the earth, and this chapter discusses why and how humanity could avoid destruction from threats such as these. It also answers the questions: are there other beneficial, and even medical, uses of gravity waves? CLIP

URGENT ALERT - FILE YOUR COMMENT - for all US  citizens - NOW (November 1, 2009)
Stop the FCC from gutting the rights of communities and citizens to regulate wireless infrastructure buildout. Tell the FCC that fiber optic should be the choice for its National Broadband Plan for Our Future. Tell the FCC not to allow Broadband Over Powerlines (BPL). Tell your US Senators and Congressman that the FCC vote on Nov. 18th is yet another federal action that will hurt you as an individual citizen by lowering your property values. CLIP

New Research Demonstrating Increased Heart Rate from Wireless Radiation Exposure (Nov 2, 09)
Havas' 25-person study, which took place in Boulder and Golden, CO last October, is part of a 100-person study examining the heart's reactivity to microwave radiation emitted by common DECT cordless phones. This is the first time such striking effects from microwave radiation being emitted by wireless phones has been documented scientifically in a double blind study and it is important information for health practitioners to know. Patients today experiencing electrohypersensitivity symptoms are commonly put on drugs for other conditions with similar symptoms, instead of being taught how to create an electromagnetically clean environment to eliminate symptoms. Symptoms of electrohypersensitivity include headaches, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, heart irregularities and much more. (See EHS Quiz at Radiation emitted from DECT portable phones is the same microwave radiation as emitted by cell phones. Havas' new study will add to the growing interest in the health effects of cell phones, broadening the focus beyond cell phones' association with brain tumors to their effect on other systems, including the heart. In the image below, Subject B experienced an increase in heart rate on exposure to a nearby portable phone. The heart rate immediately returned to the baseline after the cordless phone was unplugged. - CHECK THIS STUNNING AND CONCLUSIVE GRAPHIC HERE - Havas' study on heart rate variability was blinded, which means that the volunteers did not know when the phone was on or off. Most of the volunteers did not respond to the exposure, but those who did respond experienced arrhythmia (irregular beats of the heart) and/or tachycardia (rapid heart rate). These symptoms were often accompanied by feelings of anxiety. Havas states, "While not everyone who is electrically sensitive responds in this manner, those who do will have difficulty being in environments where microwave radiation is present, which is virtually everywhere in our modern, wireless culture." She adds, "Cordless phones and cell phones as well as wireless computers and wi-fi networks generate this form of microwave radiation." Additional symptoms of EHS include headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, poor short-term memory, difficulty sleeping, skin problems, tinnitus, nausea, and dizziness. Many of these symptoms are subjective and difficult to measure. CLIP - CONCLUSION: CORDLESS (DECT) PHONES MUST BE AVOIDED JUST AS MUCH AS CELL PHONES... Voir aussi Si si, les portables ont un impact sur la santé

Health study links mobile phone use to four kinds of cancer  (Oct 25, 2009)
The research, which has taken 10 years and cost 20million, found that heavy mobile users suffered up to 50 per cent more tumours. Scientists now say there is a "significantly increased risk" of people developing three different kinds of brain tumour and one of the salivary gland. News of the findings, which are to be published within the next eight weeks, has led to calls for mobiles to carry health warnings.Alasdair Philips, of campaign group Powerwatch, said: "Mobile companies hide the figures on how much radiation they give off in the back of manuals."But modern phones give out 217 electromagnetic pulses every minute into your head. Primary school children should not have them, secondary school children should be encouraged to text rather than call, and males should not keep them in a pocket because they drastically affect fertility."The research has been done by the Interphone project, funded by the World Health Organisation and mobile phone companies.Previous studies have been inconclusive, but Interphone draws together the most recent research from 13 countries and involved interviewing 12,800 people. CLIP

EMF-Omega-News 24. October 2009

EMF-Omega-News 31. October 2009


NOTE from Jean: Long-time ERN subscriber Triaka Smith - whose excellent ideas have often been featured in these compilations - is offering us again his visionary input and offering his "campaign for a global umbrella-like CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY as legal framework to allow diverse systems to be tested and adopted or rejected by the people" in his dedicated efforts to put into constitutionally binding words a new consciousness that is organically arising from the cauldron of our multifaceted experiences, locally, globally and cosmically... which is why he calls it a "natural constitution."

From: Triaka Smith (
Subject: Re: GLOBAL SWINE FLU SCAM UPDATE: Governments Playing Russian Roulette With Our Lives
Date: 28 Oct 2009

Good work Jean !!!


"A political liberation movement from universal government bondage to universal Freewill in balance."

 "The same passion for principles of freedom that ignited the American and other revolutionary fires feeds the flames for worldwide transformation."


WHEREAS We Members of the Human Family hold these Truths to be self-evident, that the world is no better than how each person is treated constitutionally, that Individual Humans are endowed with certain Inherent, Intrinsic, Inborn, Ingrained, Instinctive, Intuitive and Inalienable Natural Rights of SOVEREIGN FREEWILL, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and

WHEREAS whenever any form of government fails to uphold these Natural Rights, it is the Right of the People to institute new mechanisms for Peaceful Relations,

BE IT RESOLVED that all earthly systems of governance which withhold these Individual Rights of SOVEREIGN FREEWILL shall be transformed to be in harmony with this Natural Law, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these Natural Rights of Individual SOVEREIGN FREEWILL shall be Empowered, Protected, Balanced and "SUPERPOSED" over all existing earthly governments as illustrated by the Cooperative Governance of the "World Cooperative" CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY

If you think the whole world should hear about this natural constitution, radio spot advertising is a good place to start if the money can be raised. Any thoughts?

"A better world is bound up in the progress and enlightenment of the individual."


Subject: GLOBAL SWINE FLU SCAM UPDATE: Governments Playing Russian Roulette With Our Lives
Date: 29 Oct 2009

Dear Jean,
Since we cannot trust our government or the FDA or the CDC or the media, I would like to ask you a question as I believe I will get an honest answer from you. My question is this:  My daughter who is 36, lives in Chicago, and is having her first child (my very first grand child) just got a "Thimerosal - Free" flu shot.  Does this mean that my grandchild is not in any danger ?

Thank you,



Dear Cathy

From what I understand the fact that there was no thimerosal - whose mercury can trigger autism in some genetically predisposed children - is indeed a good thing. However, you need to find out too if, as in Canada, the thimerosal-free vaccine was also free from squalene which may cause long term health problems like arthritis amongst other things - some associate this adjuvant with the Gulf War Syndrome.

Assuming that your daughter is indeed still pregnant and is therefore part of a high risk group - because in pregnant women the immune system is naturally less effective so that their bodies don't reject their baby during the pregnancy, but then kicks in high gear for several weeks right after the birth, something which could create an extreme immune reaction if the mother gets infected with the H1N1 virus after giving birth, which could thus make her lungs fill with liquid, in which case she would literally drown in her flu-triggered secretions unless she is quickly put on a ventilator - and there is no certainty this assistance will even suffice to maintain her alive  as observed in some cases! - then I'd say, that it could not have done her much harm to take this vaccine on a risk-assessment basis -- meaning that in the calculus of whether she is more at risk of dying or being injured from potential complications related to the vaccine than from her potential extreme immune reaction if she gets this flu, then at the best on my understanding it appears her choice was acceptable... provided that there was no squalene. of course. But since it takes up to 2 weeks for full immunity (in theory) to build up in her body, she needs to remain cautious for now and should pray that this virus don't mutate into a more virulent (deadly) form, in which case the vaccine may no longer provide protection depending on the type of mutation that would occur.

Anyway since she already got the vaccine, it is too late now to argue against it as anti-vaccine people would like to point that high doses of vitamin D and staying at home (quarantining herself) for several weeks after the birth and doing her utmost best to avoid infection at all costs (taking daily vitamin C - the Ester C kind as all other vitamin C forms are not assimilated well by the body, thoroughly cleaning her hands whenever she touches anything touched by anyone else, sleeping as much as possible to be well rested, eating raw garlic - which apparently kills viruses - check the results of this google search for more on this and I also recommend you to read 12 Flu Prevention Tips at ) whenever something feels not OK in her throat, would have been enough to ward off this highly contagious but so far not virulent virus, except for people in the high risk group.

I hope this helps you relax a bit regarding your future grand child's health following this vaccine, with the caveat that I'm not an expert and cannot possibly know what ultimate consequence any of the other potentially toxic components of this vaccine could have with his/her long-time health once born. Your main focus from this point on should perhaps be to - if your daughter is willing to listen to you on this - send to her attention (without being too pushy so as to not provoke a leave-me-alone-with-all-your-fears reaction) well researched, non dogmatic and generally balanced information as to the many potential long term potential health consequences (ranging from asthma to all kinds of allergies to autism and to many other debilitating health conditions) of having kids being inoculated with over 55 vaccines by the age of 6 (in the US as I've read HERE), not to mention an immune system fatigue that gradually sets in with all those over-stimulating vaccines and which can lead to many other repercussions. I would especially recommend her to watch Shots in the Dark which you can order through - A noter: la version intégrale française de ce film percutant (52 minutes) est disponible au - écouter particulièrement à partir de 12 min dans le film pour y trouver les révélations cruciales sur le fait que l'industrie pharmaceutique refuse de rendre public le fait que le mercure présent sous la forme de thimerosal dans les vaccins peut causer de graves problèmes neurologiques et se refuse à faire les tests nécessaires pour en démontrer la prétendue innocuité

Of course regarding all the other wild claims that this wolf-crying vaccine campaign is part of an eugenic program and that nano RFID devices are part of this vaccine, etc., etc., your guess and discernment is as good as mine as to the validity of those claims.

Best regards


PS Note: Lina B Moreco ( who produced the documentary Shots in the Dark mentioned above just sent me this which is about a French in-depth TV report - using many German TV  inputs - on the pharmaceutical interests and deep control of many politicians behind the whole H1N1 scare pandemic which happens at a very opportune moment for all politicians around the world as it helps divert everyone's attention away from other issues they want to hide from the public's attention...

ENFIN UNE ENQUêTE SéRIEUSE ET EN PROFONDEUR vient d'être TéLéDIFFUSéE SUR LA CHANE ARTE concernant le H1N1. Résumé : Depuis que la grippe A a été déclarée pandémie mondiale par l'OMS, les gouvernements du monde entier se sont lancés dans des achats massifs de médicaments et de vaccins. La dépense est-elle en rapport avec la menace réelle ? Wolfgang Becker-Bser, ancien directeur du service chargé de la circulation des médicaments à l'Office pour la santé de la République fédérale d'Allemagne, soulève la question des intérêts commerciaux en jeu. Si des critiques s'inquiètent de l'efficacité du Tamiflu et des vaccins, d'autres s'interrogent sur leur nocivité. Plus généralement, certains estiment que le virus H1N1 vient à point nommé pour les hommes politiques de tous les continents. Si vous n'avez pas le temps de regarder tout le reportage, au moins écouter la partie III et IV
TITRE : UN VIRUS QUI FAIT DéBAT Sur Dailymotion - en 4 parties

Voir aussi viaébat&search_type=&aq=f

Vaccination H1N1 : méfiance des infirmières (19 octobre 2009)
Notre devoir d'infirmières est d'informer correctement la population, pour que chacun prenne sa décision en toute connaissance de cause, par un consentement libre et éclairé, et non par une campagne de publicité et des discours alarmistes -- Le syndicat des infirmières SNPI CFE-CGC estime qu'une vaccination massive contre un virus grippal relativement bénin, présente des risques, du fait d'un vaccin développé trop rapidement, et d'un adjuvant susceptible de déclencher des maladies auto-immunes. Nous invitons la population à se vacciner contre la grippe saisonnière : ce vaccin (réalisé dans des conditions normales) sera disponible dès la quatrième semaine de septembre. Cela permettra de réaliser rapidement un diagnostic différentiel en cas de syndrome grippal. Par contre, chacun doit bien mesurer le rapport bénéfice/risques du vaccin H1N1 : d'un cté une semaine de grippe, de l'autre une probabilité, faible mais définitive, d'avoir une maladie neurologique (Syndrome Guillain-Barré) ou auto-immune. Comme nos collègues infirmières de Grande Bretagne et de Hong Kong, nous craignons que le remède risque d'être pire que le mal, et nous pensons qu'il faut savoir "raison garder". (...) Problèmes de l'adjuvant du vaccin H1N1 -- Un adjuvant est une substance chimique qui est utilisée pour rendre le vaccin plus efficace et qui peut permettre d'utiliser une dose d'antigènes plus faible. La question est de savoir l'impact que pourrait avoir un nouvel adjuvant sur les maladies auto-immunes qui sont justement causées par un dérèglement du système immunitaire. Un adjuvant, le AS03 utilisé pour le vaccin préparé par GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), permet d'utiliser de très faibles doses d'antigène, multipliant ainsi le nombre de doses possibles Le vaccin H1N1 contient 10 fois moins d'antigène (pour accélérer la production, vu les quantités à produire rapidement) grce à la présence de l'adjuvant AS03, un amplificateur d'effet qui consiste en un mélange de squalène et de polysorbate. Un tel adjuvant n'a jamais été utilisé auparavant dans un vaccin commercialisé à large échelle, et peut donc déclencher des réactions immunitaires excessives et augmenter la probabilité et la fréquence d'effets secondaires rares, mais graves et dangereux, tels que le syndrome de Guillain-Barré. (...)  Notre expérience et nos connaissances des adjuvants amplificateurs de la réponse immunitaire sont très faibles, et chaque firme pharmaceutique utilise ses propres mélanges, dont elle détient les brevets.  Le passage des essais cliniques à l'administration systématique est une phase particulièrement sensible dans l'utilisation des médicaments. S'il a des effets secondaires inattendus, ceux-ci peuvent affecter un nombre très important de personnes avant qu'on puisse faire marche arrière. La vaccination immédiate de dizaines de millions de personnes par un vaccin peu testé est inquiétante : c'est une expérimentation grandeur nature.  CLIP

The amazing deceptive control of governments by huge pharma cartels and lobbies is thoroughly exposed!

Moreover, according to a mainstream Le Monde Newspaper article mentioned by Alex Jones who wrote on Oct 28, 2009 in Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe: French revolt as less than ten Austrians show up at clinics in major citySte - The mass rejection of the H1N1 flu shot continues in Europe, prompted by fears over the vaccine's safety, with extremely low percentages of people saying they intend to take it. In France, a poll published in the Dimanche Ouest-France newspaper and reported on by the country's biggest newspaper Le Monde, reveals that just 17% of the population now intend to get vaccinated. A rough translation of the article reads: According to a poll published Sunday in West-France, only 17% of the French will consider getting vaccinated against influenza H1N1. In Mid-September, 55% of respondents said they would get vaccinated. Nearly one in two surveyed is clearly opposed to the vaccine. The evolution of these figures can be explained by the reduction of anxiety felt over the virus. A month ago, 32% of respondents said they were "worried", that figure has dropped to 16%. The figures come in the wake of efforts on behalf of nine individuals who have filed formal charges in the French courts claiming that the H1N1 mass vaccination campaign is a deliberate attempt to poison the French population. The drop in numbers willing to take the vaccine mirrors that in Germany where just 13% now say they are willing to take the shot, down from 51% in July. Meanwhile, state media in Austria reports that yesterday, on the first day the H1N1 vaccine became available, less than ten people attended vaccine centers in the country's fourth largest city, Salzburg. "The organisational situation is the same as if you invite people to a party and you don't know whether to make three or 5,000 sandwiches." Norbert Muss, the head doctor of the regional health insurance association commented. The Flu Case website reports that a poll to be published later this week in Luxembourg indicates that 77% of the country has no intention of getting the vaccine, while 15 % are undecided. In addition, the site suggests that radio reports out of Poland have revealed only 3% of the population of Krakw, one of the countries largest cities, plan on taking the vaccination. Mass rejection of the vaccine has been reported throughout Europe, with large portions of Danes, Finns, Spanish, Belgians and Dutch and British people also saying they do not intend to take the shot. The number of refusniks is set to increase following reports late last week of severe side effects and even deaths in Sweden and Bulgaria that may have been linked with the vaccine. Significant refusal of the vaccine is also rife among populations of the U.S., Canada and China.

This article was recommended by Nattanya H Andersen ( who wrote: "They get it over there.... I also noted that the French are indeed being bombarded with the same sort of crapola they've been using here in the media.... but the people are still saying "Non, merci, ce n'est pas pour moi".... no thanks, not for me...."

Meanwhile in Canada...

Overwhelming demand for H1N1 vaccine sees thousands line up at Toronto clinics
TORONTO - The overwhelming demand experienced across Canada for the H1N1 vaccine spilled over onto Toronto streets Thursday as thousands turned up at clinics seeking protection from the swine flu.

And it is the same media-stirred panic here in Quebec and across the United States... as the media/governmental propaganda reaches a feverish pitch that reminds the non-stop media brainwashing at the time of the 9-11 pseudo terrorist attack on America...


Flu rage sweeping the country (OCTOBER 31, 2009)
Ordinarily laid-back Canadians are losing their cool when they spot a drippy nose or Kleenex -- Call it flu rage.Across the country, otherwise mild-mannered Canadians are admonishing strangers for sneezing, losing their cool with queue-jumpers at vaccination clinics, writing angry letters to government and media, even lashing out at friends whose H1N1 opinions differ from their own. An Edmonton woman says she was berated on a city bus this week by a fellow passenger who suspected she had H1N1 flu. CLIP


From: Maria Nieuwenhuysen (
Subject: Not seeing any change in consciousness
Date: 29 Oct 2009

Dear Jean,
With amazement I have been reading the latest channelings on They are all mentioning the huge changes in consciousness and the call for more honesty. I am also very astonished about all the surveys that show that people do not want to be vaccinated against swine flu.
I live in the Netherlands, Europe and I was shocked when they announced on TV that there probably would be millions of deaths and they would certainly not have enough vaccines for everybody. So only the most important people would get the vaccines. They've already divided the different groups according to their  "importance"! They were also paying extra attention to very weak people. They too would be vaccinated if there was enough vaccines left! I was so angry from this message. Dividing the people according to their importance! Ouch! But nobody reacted!
This strategy worked and all my friends and brothers, sisters and cousins - except 2 !!!!- felt privileged to get their vaccinations. They go to their g.p.'s with happy faces! They are getting their shots. It makes them feel like VIPS! My friends are educated people and are living well! All people above 60 and people with medical problems got a booklet in the mail with 3 tickets: 2 for swine flu vaccinations and 1 for the normal flu. I tried to warn my family that they were being lied to about the severity of the flu and had no information about the side effects of the vaccines, but they apparently think my ideas are too extreme for them to consider.
I am working for a party who is fighting to save our ecosystem and for animal rights. We are working to get seats in community councils, parliament and the European parliament. Our prime minister is blocking us where ever he can. He is lying and cheating about how is working to stop the destruction of our ecosystem, but he is still giving subsidies to encourage people to eat more meat!  And now he is even trying to become president of Europe. My family thinks he is a great man. I so wished that they would just see what he is doing, but they don't want to.
We still do not have news channels on t.v. or newspapers that give us other news. There is only one virologist who is interviewed on TV and he is working for a university and for a pharmaceutical company that is testing and approving the vaccines. Yes, he is also advisor to the WHO! We have 1 teenager who died from the flu. It has been a headline for 3 days! There is no mention of people experiencing side effects  from the vaccines!
I regret that I am not seeing a change in consciousness, but maybe it is different in other countries.
Maria Nieuwenhuysen


Dear Maria

Thank you very much for offering us this important perspective.

I have now included your email in my next compilation along with a couple other feedbacks.

I know how frustrating it feels when you are unable to reach loved ones who prefer to stick their heads in the sand when their own reassuring vision of "reality" is threatened by information that contradicts all they are being told by the media and what the current dominating social consensus (the dominant paradigm which can be compared to a collective trance perpetuating a deep, all-pervading illusion, especially when you oppose dogmatic ideas that cannot be questioned unless you are ready to be symbolically banished as a social misfit by most everyone stuck in their trance-like perception of "reality") - and new perspectives that often are way beyond what they are ready to believe. It usually takes a lot of time for the kind of non-conformist information I network to gradually percolate through the many subconscious filters created by years of falsified/distorted/made up "information" subtly broadcast by the elite-controlled corporate/governmental media and which has been implanted in most everyone's mind so the Elite may better control the population through this manufactured Matrix.

But despite whatever "evidence" appear to show right now, I'd venture to say that their global matrix is fast crumbling because more and more people are coming out from their deep trance-like illusion (the consumerist, money and scarcity consciousness driven, do-as-you-are-being-told-and-never-dare-question-the-authorities' mindset), in great part because of the groundswell of spiritual awakening now taking place and bursting open the gates of soul clarity and intuitive resonance as to what is true and what is not. Greater soul awareness leads to better discernment and a more consistent willingness to overcome years of subservient behavior and be the change we want to see in the world, to paraphrase the now famous exhortation from Gandhi.

In Europe, where the infamous GMO "frankenfoods" promoted by Monsanto & Co has been massively rejected -- contrary to North America where the sleek and well financed lobbying efforts of the GMO proponents have managed to totally corrupt all governments and subvert all regulatory agencies (like the FDA), just like what the pharmaceutical industry has now achieved to trick to governments into spending billions to buy their vaccines -- most people (see Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe) appear to manage to not fall so far under the terror spell of the mass hysteria media campaigns hyping up the statistically insignificant number of deaths related to the laboratory-created H1N1 virus - see A/H1N1 was reassorted in a lab below - and so far resist valiantly to the manipulative efforts to scare people into submitting themselves to this potentially lethal and highly toxic vaccine - especially the one with the squalene adjuvant (whose long term effects have never been seriously tested) and with the autism-triggering thimerosal preservative in it. Sadly the same cannot be said of the population in North America now lining up by the thousands to get the toxic slew jab in the vain hope to avoid being infected with this highly contagious but not terribly virulent (deadly) virus when compared to the 250,000 to 500,000 annual death toll of the more conventional forms of flu, over which the "authorities" make no fuss at all. People have been duped real hard here (in Canada, as in the U.S.) and the years of suffering these poor victims could end up enduring because of the "adverse effects" of this vaccine will never be recognized as being linked to this vaccine, studied, or financially compensated because all the vaccine companies are off the hook as to their legal responsibilities thanks to their cunning lobbying efforts. Thanks to all the palms they have greased through their generous donations to finance the re-election of their political pals and accomplices, the pharmaceutical companies are immune from all prosecutions.

But again, I sincerely believe the political "shit" from all the repercussions of this dubious (at best) and certainly ill-considered vaccination campaign will soon hit the fan and people will be so fed up with all this corruption that it will all come to the full bright light of the day to be exposed for what it all is... and political heads will roll and perhaps even the pharmaceutical moguls won't be able to protect themselves this time with their billions from the karmic consequences of their acts.

Again thank you for your letter and for this opportunity to offer in response my take (at least on some aspects) on all of this.

Best regards



Related articles:

A/H1N1 was reassorted in a lab By Wayne Madsen (Sept 16, 2009)
(WMR) -- A virologist who has been researching the A/H1N1 virus has concluded after months of research that the "novel" influenza was re-assorted in a laboratory from eight genes consisting of avian, swine and human type influenza A virus. The scientist does not believe, based on intensive laboratory research of the A/H1N1 virus, that its sudden appearance in Mexico this past spring was a natural occurrence. (...) The natural rate of mutation for a complete gene mutation, according to the virologist, takes "thousand of years to be established." As far as the reassortant A/H1N1 virus is concerned, there is a fear that a human was used as a laboratory "guinea pig" to permit the exchange of genes between humans, pigs, and fowl. The reasoning is that an individual was infected by avian, human and swine virus simultaneously, and the viruses exchanged genes inside the individual's body, creating a new virus having mixed genes and then rapidly spreading to others. Herein lies the suspicions concerning the purposeful creation of A/H1N1 and its infection of a human host. (...) The consensus virologist community contends that the A/H1N1 virus has been in existence for over 20 years without ever being detected. WMR's virologist states that it is impossible for a virus existing for 20 years without being detected given the amount of virus medical surveillance that takes place around the world. The virologist has not detected any evidence of 1918 influenza RNA/DNA in A/H1N1. However, the 1918 flu, like A/H1N1, began in a first wave in the spring and came back with a vengeance in October. The 1918 flu killed an estimated 50 million people around the world. Although no genetic evidence of a link to 1918 flu has been discovered by the virologist, the same scientist who has conducted research into A/H1N1 and may have received DNA samples from the buried corpse of an Inuit woman in Fort Brevig, Alaska, who died of the pandemic in 1918 is also financially linked to an A/H1N1 vaccine firm. The virologist has asked an alarming question about A/H1N1,"How can you mix avian, human and pig virus at one time? The viruses must have come from Europe, America and Asia, without any detection?" The virologist adds, "The virus emerged suddenly in Mexico. I can't explain how. I wish I could. For me as a virologist, it's impossible . . . on the other hand, technology can create any kind of virus you want."

Is swine flu a bioterrorist virus? (April 27, 2009)
Already, the conspiracy theorists are claiming the swine flu virus spreading around the world was genetically engineered by bioterrorists. The truth is more prosaic: the virus is far more likely to be a product of our lust for bacon than of a hatred for humanity. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the new virus is a mixture of four different viruses: North American swine flu, North American avian flu, human H1N1 flu and a swine flu strain found in Asia and Europe. The claim of the conspiracy theorists is that this new combination could not have occurred naturally, but this is not true. Flu viruses consisting of a mixture of human, swine and bird strains have been found before. However, there is a sense in which the virus could be regarded as man-made. (...) It is not yet clear exactly when and how Mexican swine flu strain evolved, but it could certainly have happened without the help of genetic engineers. Despite this, the swine flu could still be regarded as man-made. There are now over 6 billion people on the planet, and each year we raise more than a billion pigs and perhaps as many as 70 billion chickens. The result is a paradise for influenza viruses. As New Scientist's flu correspondent Debora MacKenzie has reported over the years, the problem is not just the sheer number of potential hosts. The conditions in which animals are kept can favour the evolution of new and deadlier strains.  (...) The fact is that we still know so little about flu, and what makes it capable of spreading from human to human, means that deliberately engineering a virus of this kind would be a huge challenge. Yes, it's possible that this virus was created by a mistake at a research laboratory or a vaccine factory. But by far the most plausible explanation is that this monster is the long-predicted product of our farming system. AMONG THE COMMENTS THERE: "I'm not into conspiracy theories that aren't based on facts I can confirm. However, I do know that historically, governments have been responsible for literally hundreds of intentional attacks on populations using illnesses such as influenza. This has been going on for hundreds of years. You can verify this yourself online or through books at your local library.All one has to do is look for the usual suspects. The word on the street in Mexico, amongst ordinary everyday people not conspiracy theorists, is that the Mexican government did this because they knew the country was on the verge of collapse politically because of the financial crisis. They are now consolidating their power under the guise of fighting this bio-engineered virus."

The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009 (October 5, 2009)
(...) After broadcasting a radio show on September 26, 2009 discussing the April-May events aboard that ship, Drew Raines and guest Bob Chapman discovered that an internet disinformation campaign was launched to label the entire story of the ship's crew coming down with Swine Flu as a "hoax." Naturally, this infuriated Drew, as he was given in depth details of what had transpired on the ship by the wives of some of the men involved and who had nearly died due to the Swine Flu vaccination. In more than one instance, seamen were placed in ice baths or placed inside the ship's walk-in freezer in order to bring down fevers which were running as high as 106 degrees. I read a very capable article by Jim Kirwan a few days ago addressing this latest "hoax" disinformation effort, and how it paralleled so closely with the disinformation effort in the wake of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Cole, branding the entire account ~ a "hoax." Who else but the military could be behind these disinformation campaigns? I can only HOPE that enough parents are aware of the tremendous dangers which the BIO-ENGINEERED Swine flu vaccine presents to the health and longevity of their children, that they either obtain vaccination exemptions (available in every state) or pull their kids out of public school altogether and home school them. I can only HOPE that "health care workers" care more about the sanctity of their blood (and of their lives) than to sacrifice both in the interest of collecting a paycheck. I can only HOPE that there are enough people in this country who still have a brain in their head and will GET INVOLVED in protesting and CONDEMNING those who are promoting the Swine Flu hoax and worst of all, urging people to take the Swine flu vaccine. The Great Poisoning of America has begun. It will probably continue through November and maybe into December. MILLIONS of people will suffer IRREVERSIBLE damage as a result of being vaccinated with the Swine Flu vaccine and MANY THOUSANDS WILL DIE, some immediately, and some more slowly. How bad it will get depends entirely on how many people take the deadly vaccine. I can only HOPE enough people will wake up in time.

Vaccination Justification Is Collapsing (10-11-9)
Press Release:  BMJ Says Simple, Cheap Measures Keep Viruses at Bay - A study reported in the British Medical Journal reports that simple and low cost measures are highly effective for preventing the spread of viruses.  And antivirals are best only for those least in need of them, healthy adults.
The increasingly resisted H1N1 vaccines of still unproven efficacy and still untested safety must now compete with the proven efficacy and absolute safety of cheap, flexible, universally available handwashing, masks, and staying home. The study by the Acute Respiratory Infections Group at the Cochrane Collaboration in Rome published in the BMJ  now increases the risk of liability for any agency, state, location or person imposing vaccines since the vaccines have not been proven effective for stopping transmission of disease, have not been properly tested, do not comply with federal law, and risk disease, disability and death. Handwashing, masks and staying home are proven highly effective and have zero risk of harm. This definitive study calls into question all the draconian "preparedness" laws on the books in states across the country, put in under the guidance of Bush and Cheney, which eliminated traditional home quarantining and masks as well public health options while replacing them with unconstitutional mandatory vaccinations (with no requirement for testing), forced diagnostic tests, forced taking of bodily samples, forced unknown and untested treatments, forced unknown and untested chemical decontamination, forcing people into detention and imposing huge fines for those who failed to comply,  and tracking people and their vaccination histories with permanent RFID "bracelets."The intense fear engendered by the WHO about the virus is now easily answered by cheap, simple, safe measures which make the vaccine campaign unnecessary, in addition to it being high-cost, safety-questioned, efficacy-uncertain, increasingly-mandatory and internationally-resisted. CLIP

CDC: H1N1 spreading even as supply of vaccine grows (October 30, 2009)
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- As the new H1N1 flu virus keeps spreading, more vaccine is available to fight it, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.Forty-eight states are reporting widespread flu activity, two more than a week ago, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden said at the CDC's weekly briefing.There have been 114 pediatric deaths since April, when the H1N1 virus first emerged, with 19 reported to the CDC in the past week, he said. (...) Not every country is getting the same vaccine. The virus for the vaccine distributed in the United States is grown in chicken eggs. Some vaccine licensed in Europe has been manufactured using a new cell-based technology. Also, in some countries the vaccine has an added booster called an "adjuvant" to amplify the vaccine's ability to produce antibodies. Other countries, like the United States, are using non-adjuvanted vaccine. This makes a difference in how the vaccine works and how many doses may be necessary. CLIP

Swine Flu: Now Legal Immunity for Vaccine Makers (July 20, 2009)  IN CASE YOU MISSED THIS...
The US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has just signed a decree granting vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuits that result from any new "Swine Flu" vaccine. Moreover, the $7 billion US Government fast-track program to rush vaccines onto the market in time for the Autumn flu season is being done without even normal safety testing. Is there another agenda at work in the official WHO hysteria campaign to declare so-called H1N1 virus-which has yet to be rigorously scientifically isolated, characterized and photographed with an electron microscope-the scientifically accepted procedure-a global "pandemic" threat? The current official panic campaign over alleged Swine Flu danger is rapidly taking on the dimensions of a George Orwell science fiction novel. The document signed by Sebelius grants immunity to those making a swine flu vaccine, under the provisions of a 2006 law for public health emergencies. (...) The WHO's SAGE is also worth scrutiny. Its Chairman since 2005 has been the UK Director of Immunization at the British Department of Health, Dr David Salisbury. In the 1980's Salisbury reportedly drew major fire for backing a massive vaccination of children with a multiple MMR vaccine manufactured by the predecessor company of  GlaxoSmithKline. That vaccine was pulled off the market in Japan after significant numbers of children developed adverse reactions to the vaccine and the Japanese government was forced to pay significant compensation to the victims. In Sweden the MMR vaccine of GlaxoSmithKline was removed after scientists linked it to outbreaks of Crohn's disease. Apparently that had little impact on WHO SAGE chairman Salisbury . (...) The report adds, "Smith-Kline-French, the pharmaceutical company who became Smith-Kline-Beecham and were involved in UK manufacture at that time, were concerned about these safety issues and were reluctant to obtain a UK license for their Urabe-containing vaccines. As a result of their 'concern' that children might be seriously damaged by one of their products, they requested that the UK government indemnify them against possible legal action that might be taken as a result of 'losses' associated with the vaccine, which by then was known to carry significant risk to health. The UK government, advised by Professor Salisbury and representatives from the Department of Health, in it's enthusiasm to get a cheap MMR onto the market, agreed to this request." Today the same Dr Salisbury is advocating global proliferation of untested H1N1 vaccines, also manufactured by the same firm, now called GlaxoSmithKline. CLIP

For much more in-depth information on this whole scam and potential crime against humanity in the making, visit


Bob. Brooks ( left the following message in the ERN guestbook on 2009-11-03

Just word this a.m. from lawyer Ed Steele of Idaho, One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest, that a flu epidemic is in full swing there, ca 3000 deaths. A national emergency has been declared and international help has been invited. In Amerika we have had chemtrails and biological warfare in many forms, so now we are expecting the secret cabals to begin this horrible flu activity here. Many, if not most, of us don't want flu vaccinations, so it will remain to be seen what they will do to us, the protesters, now called "terrorists"!!, for not accepting this assault on our bodies. Thank you for the excellent info you provide.


Dear Bob Brooks

Thanks for your comment on this - and welcome on the ERN list on which you are now subscribed as requested and as confirmed by the automated email message you should have received by now.

Someone else had also emailed me this very disquieting post ("Reports of up to 3,000 deaths (unconfirmed) already are leaking out.") from long-time ERN subscriber Ed Steele. The following was also included...

Panic in Ukraine, Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities, Martial Law expected
Authorities in Kiev, Ukraine, deny spraying of "aerosolized medication" by aircraft over city. (...) Reports of helicopters and light airplanes spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil, and other cities throughout Ukraine are tonight flooding online forums and websites, hundreds of people have verified the reports with their own eye-witness accounts. On 30th October President Viktor Yushchenko ordered the Ministry of Defense to establish mobile military hospitals throughout Ukraine, to assist and provide "essential medications" to people with swine-flu. Yushchenko has also ordered medical personnel from the reserve defense forces to report for duty. An order from President Yushchenko is expected soon that will effectively place Ukraine under "martial law". "Due to the complex epidemiological situation in the western regions of Ukraine, where tens of thousands of people have become ill, thousands are in hospital, and dozens have died." Nine regions of Ukraine have declared a quarantine around the country and public events have been banned (including the elections). The Clergy have been ordered not to hold any Church or religious services on Sundays or to gather a congregation for any reason whatsoever. Police are also enforcing the compulsory wearing of protective face masks, any driver caught not wearing a mask faces harsh legal penalties. Earlier, health authorities in western Ukraine reported a "severe outbreak of UNIDENTIFIED Influenza, suspected by doctors to be a form of viral pneumonia". The disease has already claimed a number of lives in the region. In Lviv, schools have been closed and authorities are conducting emergency meetings to determine how to deal with the outbreak.


Swine Flu Fears Spread From Ukraine To Afghanistan (November 04, 2009)
Concerns over swine flu are sweeping countries from Ukraine to Afghanistan as governments scramble to deal with reported outbreaks of the disease. But it remains unclear how many of the reported flu cases are swine flu rather than ordinary flu. The symptoms of both diseases are easy to confuse and in many countries doctors still have only limited experience diagnosing the new H1N1 strain.Unmasking The Truth About H1N1Concerns in Ukraine have run particularly high amid a flu outbreak there. News agencies report some 70 people have died from flu infections, with western Lviv Province particularly hard hit. The Health Ministry said today that the number of flu patients in the country has risen to 450,000, although it has not been determined how many of those people are suffering from swine flu. Only two days ago, the ministry had said some 255,000 Ukrainians had registered with public health authorities as suffering from the flu, among them 83,000 children. CLIP

Ukraine Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Deaths! Belarus H1N1 Deaths Raise Concerns! (November 4, 2009)
It looks like hemorrhagic pneumonia plague is the correct description of this disease spreading in Ukraine. It sounds like the 1918 Spanish flu, well, at least the symptoms are the same! Henry L Niman reports: Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemorrhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 - 37.3 degrees, slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said.  The above comments are from an early story describing cases in Ukraine. The clustering of hemorrhagic cases raised concerns. The concern was increased by anecdotal reports citing a high frequency of such cases in Lviv. The recent WHO announcement that they were initially focusing of severe acute respiratory illness in Lviv also increased concerns. Hemorrhagic pneumonia was also observed in the 1918 pandemic and was thought to be linked to cytokine storm. Consequently, those with robust immune systems (previously health young adults) disproportionately died, which has also been seen in the current outbreak. However, the cases in Ukraine appear to be clustered, raising concerns that the virus has changed.  However, the change may be minor, since the current H1N1 has produced the above symptoms in current cases. More severe cases may be linked to a higher viral load, which could be linked to minor genetic changes, or simply due to concentration of virus in schools. In the US the spread of the virus has been linked to school openings, which lead to an explosion of cases and subsequent student deaths. However, now there are increases in fatalities in teachers and administrators, increasing concerns worldwide.

So it all looks terrifying indeed. Yet if one looks at the actual current status of the swine flu death toll there, it is not worst than elsewhere in the world...

Panic in Ukraine over swine flu (3 November 2009)
Officials in Ukraine have closed schools for three weeks, imposed travel restrictions and are limiting public events as the country battles to stop the spread of swine flu. More than 60 people are believed to have died of respiratory problems in the past week, and the measures are among the toughest to be implemented in Europe to tackle the virus.It's still not clear whether all the deaths were caused by swine flu, but the news has sparked panic, and people have started wearing masks across the country. Appeal for calm The Ukrainian health minister Vasyl Knyazevych has asked the media only to report the comments of medical experts following a series of misleading reports which fuelled public anxiety.On national television, he said Ukraine had the same problems as the rest of the world. He also called on fellow politicians to give people 'a week of silence,' and said there was no need for panic. However, his calls may already be too late. 255,000 cases of flu and acute respiratory problems have been registered among the 46m population. 15,000 have been hospitalised. The World Health Organisation says there is no evidence to suggest that Ukraine had a bad outbreak of swine flu, but it has agreed to send a team there to help the country cope.

And when you consider the global toll so far...

Global jump in swine flu deaths (30 October 2009)
The number of swine flu deaths reported worldwide has jumped by more than 700 in a week, latest World Health Organization figures reveal.More than 5,700 swine flu deaths were reported by 25 October, compared to nearly 5,000 the week before. The biggest rise was in the Americas where 4,175 deaths have been reported, up 636 from the week before. CLIP

...and compare it to the usual 250,000 to 500,000 annual death toll from the regular flu - which does not seem to bother anyone since it's mostly elder people (9 of of 10) who die usually because they already have health problems that the flu makes worse - you can then see that so far this swine flu outbreak that started last April, is over now in the Southern hemisphere and will soon peak here in the Northern hemisphere, has been hyped up considerably - to say the least! - as it amounts to just a tad over 1% of the highest figure for the annual death toll from the usual seasonal flu epidemics.

As for the real cause of the epidemic of fear in Ukraine it seems it has much more to do with the upcoming elections there as each candidate uses this situation to try to score political points (see article excerpt below) - the very same thing happened here in Canada last night BTW where a late night emergency debate was held - see Opposition parties fuel fake crisis over H1N1 which intelligently conclude with "The only thing this kind of cheap political posturing does is make people panic needlessly while achieving nothing. If opposition parties want to do something useful, why not inject a little common sense into this so-called crisis. How about reminding people that for the vast majority of the population, those who contract H1N1 will either not know they have it, will get mildly sick from it or may get slightly more ill but will recover in a week or less, like any other flu. How about reminding people that 2,000 to 8,000 people die every year from seasonal flu in Canada, including some who are otherwise healthy, and that so far fewer than 100 Canadians have died from H1N1 this year. It's tragic when anyone dies from influenza or from any other disease. But all public officials, including opposition parties, should be calling for calm, not inciting needless panic just to score a few political points. It really doesn't help anyone."

WHO 'assumes' Ukraine gripped by swine flu (November 3, 2009)
GENEVA - The World Health Organisation said Tuesday that it was valid to assume that most of the cases of influenza reportedly sweeping through Ukraine were caused by the pandemic A(H1N1) virus. Ukrainian authorities on Sunday launched an urgent appeal for help from world powers after it imposed drastic measures to tackle a sudden surge of flu-like illness in the country. More than 250,000 cases have been reported, according to official Ukrainian figures cited by the WHO. (...) Local analysts have suggested that rival Ukrainian leaders may be trying to exploit popular fears in campaigning ahead of January 17 presidential polls, as each candidate seeks to take the initiative in fighting the outbreak.

Meanwhile the WHO continues to do its best to get as many people vaccinated but their spokesman nevertheless had to admit that "The vast majority of people with flu recover fully at home. Deaths among children infected with H1N1 are rare. But the virus is hitting children harder than seasonal flu, which is most dangerous for people over the age of 65. At least 5,712 people worldwide have died from the swine flu virus, WHO said." and in South Korea authorities sent a mixed message: "South Korea raised its H1N1 alert status to the highest level. The virus has killed 42 people in the country. The mortality rate was "not so much different from seasonal flu," at 0.3 per cent, health ministry official Park Ha-jeong said, stressing there was "no need to fear or worry about the disease".

Excerpted from this article below

Get H1N1 shot, WHO urges risk groups (November 3, 2009)

Pregnant women, children and chronically ill shouldn't delay vaccination - People in the priority groups for the H1N1 vaccine in the northern hemisphere should receive the swine flu shot, the World Health Organization advised on Tuesday."Certainly, the fact that the vaccine isn't being used by those who would have access to it and who would be in priority risk groups is of concern, yes," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told reporters from the UN health agency's headquarters in Geneva. Priority groups for the vaccine include:Health workers. Pregnant women, particularly in the second half of pregnancy. Those with medical conditions such as asthma."We have seen many, many instances of people in high-risk groups, such as pregnant women, who have very severe disease or outcomes," Hartl said. "These outcomes could be, in all likelihood, avoided if one were to get vaccinated. "The vast majority of people with flu recover fully at home. Deaths among children infected with H1N1 are rare. But the virus is hitting children harder than seasonal flu, which is most dangerous for people over the age of 65. At least 5,712 people worldwide have died from the swine flu virus, WHO said. There are signs that influenza is becoming widespread across the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, which is entering the winter flu season, Hartl said. Investigating Ukraine's outbreak - In Ukraine, the number of deaths from a flu-like illness has climbed to 71 since the start of a flu outbreak last week in the western city of Ternopil, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said. Ukraine's ministry of health said the country has recorded more than 250,000 cases of flu-like illness, with 235 patients needing intensive care. At the request of Ukraine's government, the WHO has sent a team of nine experts to the East European country. They will investigate whether the same strain of H1N1 influenza A virus that caused the current global swine flu pandemic is to blame for Ukraine's flu outbreak. Ukraine lacks an H1N1 vaccination program, and the government has shut down parliament for a week and banned public gatherings as a precaution."By closing schools and cancelling mass gatherings in the early stages of an event ? you can slow down the transmission of the virus," Hartl told the Associated Press. "So far, there is only one confirmed death [from H1N1 in Ukraine]."Russia and Slovakia have also tightened their borders with Ukraine. Slovakia closed two of its five border crossings with Ukraine. Russia's health ministry said it would examine anyone crossing the border from Ukraine and quarantine anyone showing severe symptoms.Some Ukrainian health officials and medical experts have accused the government of exaggerating the outbreak ahead of January's presidential elections, given that the total number of flu deaths has dropped by 10 per cent compared with last year, the UNIAN news agency quoted Deputy Health Minister Vasily Lazorishinets as saying. Elsewhere on Tuesday, South Korea raised its H1N1 alert status to the highest level. The virus has killed 42 people in the country. The mortality rate was "not so much different from seasonal flu," at 0.3 per cent, health ministry official Park Ha-jeong said, stressing there was "no need to fear or worry about the disease".

So I'd say we should remain wary of all sources that try - each based on their own best intents - to hype this situation into something worst than it actually is, including sources like info war and prison planet which have a tendency to go to extremes in their conclusions just to make sure - like everyone else! - to get their point across in a convincing manner - not that I don't see like them some real Cabal-hatched conspiracies, but I feel  that to strike a more balanced perspective and allow people to use their own discernment is better than trying to forcefully pushes one's views upon others, especially when the underlying emotional tone is loaded with outrage, anger and other such low level vibratory waves which, once combined with the emotional whirlwind of fear generated by the mainstream media over this flu "pandemic" all adds up to stir the cauldron of humanity's collective consciousness in a MUCH counterproductive manner -- a real factor to consider as similar global outbursts of emotional outpouring were detected (as mentioned by Gregg Braden in his latest book - which I'm currently translating in French incidentally - and quoted in Collective Emotion) at the time of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers (see this revealing graphic provided in Gregg Braden's current newsletter) and during Lady Diana's funeral by GOES-8 and GOES-10 satellites in the form of significant surges of the order of up to 50 nanoteslas (measurement unit of the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth as explained HERE - more below in this).

As one can see through the Global Consciousness Project Real-time Dot chart at ... as of 3 pm this November 3...

... it has remained pretty much stuck in the red zone in the last 24 hours - and has been so for the several past days - as people worldwide let fear and panic overwhelm them because of this manufactured hysteria, as if everyone was getting caught up by a collective swine trance...

When you consider that their interpretation for these high red readings is - "Significantly large network variance. Suggests broadly shared coherence of thought and emotion. The index is less than 5%" - to me it is clear that the Cabal is succeeding in maintaining people in fear consciousness - which is exactly where they want everyone to be! - and out of range of the prevailing universal vibration of Love and Oneness in which no soul can be easily manipulated to surrender its innate sovereignty over to any kind of dark fear-bound force.

There is an interesting article which I recommend to your attention to better understand what is at stake... Here are some relevant excerpts:

Consciousness and Fear
"Once the fear of death is transcended, life becomes a transformed experience because that particular fear underlies all others. Few people know what it is to live without fear - but beyond fear lies joy, as the meaning and purpose of existence becomes transparent."  - David Hawkins - Power vs. Force
In his book 'Power vs. Force', David Hawkins calibrates people's emotions from levels 20 up to 1000; 20 being Shame which is perilously proximate to death. It's destructive to emotional and psychological health, and makes us prone to physical illness. At the other end of the scale at 700- 1000 is enlightenment. This is the level of the Great Ones such as Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.  It is the peak of the evolutionary consciousness in the human realm.
(...) "Fear runs much of the world, spurring on endless activity. Fear of enemies, of old age or death, of rejection, and a multitude of social fears are the basic motivators in most people's lives. From the viewpoint of this level, the world looks hazardous, full of traps and threats. Fear is the favored official tool for control by oppressive totalitarian agencies. The proliferation of fears is as limitless as the human imagination; once Fear is one's focus, the endless worrisome events of the world feed it. Fearful thinking can balloon into paranoia or generate neurotic defensive structures and, because it's contagious, become a dominant social trend."
- David Hawkins in Power vs. Force
(...) Human consciousness was dangling at below the 200 level (190) for many centuries before it suddenly rose up to its present level some time in the mid 1980s.  Hence Nostradamus's end of the world predictions may have been avoided (he made his predictions at a time when human consciousness was at below the 200 level).  For the world to stay at levels below 200 over a prolonged period of time would cause a great imbalance that would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of all humanity. The power of the few individuals at the top counterbalances the weakness of the masses. - 1 individual at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200 - 1 individual at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200 - 1 individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200... In other words, as a co-creator of the world, once you step out of the low vibratory level of fear and vibrate at the level of courage (and above), not only will you be transforming your own personal life into an incredible experience, you will also be helping to raise the consciousness of mankind, and will become a part in co-creating a less fearful world for everyone.

And to further explore this topic, I especially recommend this excellent document by the The Global Coherence Project for which I provide below 2 significant excerpts:

"People worldwide are experiencing mounting concerns about climate change, terrorism, fossil fuel dependency, food and product safety,and financial insecurity. The accelerating pace of change along with increasing levels of stress is contributing to a momentum of global incoherence and instability. Research at HeartMath laboratories has shown that stress feelings not only affect personal health and well-being, but they also radiate outward from the heart like radio waves and are detected by the nervous systems of others who are in our environment.Stressful events all over the world are repeatedly broadcast globally via television and the internet, creating and amplifying stress waves. When our nervous systems detect these stress waves, it can create a background feeling of unease. When we don't know how to manage the unease, our mental, emotional and physical systems can become overloaded and drained. Unresolved stress accumulates and depletes people's systems and creates incoherence in people's personal lives,workplaces, families, and in society. A positive side of this increased stress is that more people are naturally going to their hearts to take a deeper look at their own inner resources and to seek deeper connections with others. An increasing number of people are looking to their hearts for guidance to adjust to the pace of change, manage the stress, and make more peaceful adjustments with stressors they can't yet change. They are becoming more aware that there is a planetary shift taking place, which is about the opening of the heart in the individual and the collective consciousness. As a result, many people are feeling a desire to put out more genuine heartfelt care to each other and to a planet in need.
"It may be easy to conceive that life forms embedded in the earth's complex magnetic field are affected by modulations in the field, but it's far more reaching to suggest that the earth's field may be influenced or modulated by collective human emotions. HeartMath researchers theorize that when a large number of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling it can affect activity in the earth's magnetic field. When an event evokes stress responses, this could be viewed as a planetary incoherence (stress) wave. Conversely, a positive emotional wave could create a global coherence wave. This perspective is supported by research at HeartMath showing that emotions not only create coherence or incoherence in our own bodies, but also radiate outward like radio waves and are detected by the nervous systems of those around us. Additionally, scientists have seen evidence of a global effect when a large number of people create similar outgoing emotional waves. Research from the Global Consciousness Project, which utilizes a worldwide network of random number generators, provides compelling evidence that human consciousness and emotionality create a global field effect that can change the randomness of these electronic devices. The greatest change in the random-number generators occurred during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. More intriguing was that the random number generators were significantly affected four to five hours prior to the attacks, suggesting an unconscious worldwide collective intuition of the impending events. Furthermore, two space weather satellites monitoring the earth's geomagnetic field also displayed a significant spike at the time of the Sept. 11th attack and for a period thereafter, indicating the stress wave was detected in the geomagnetic field."

Obviously to me and to those who regularly participate in globally synchronized meditations - such as the weekly meditation focuses I prepare and network worldwide - this merely confirms what we have already experienced a number of times: that we are all connected together and with all Life on Earth and the Earth itself through the Love vibrations we generate at soul level and through our heart chakra; that we can have collectively a MOST POWERFUL positive influence, as guided from Source Within, towards facilitating the global awakening underway; that nothing from the dark can stop this; and that not only its leaves us with the most profoundly blissful sense of Oneness and solidly Love-grounded faith/inner visionary knowledge that all is moving in the right upward direction, but that it would be irresponsible and foolish to not give to this Love Service the importance and high priority it deserves in our lives right now - ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW!...

... Now, as for what Edgar Steele mentions in his blog comment, I checked the Huffington post he refers to...

Joseph , Man Suspected Of Making Threats Against White House, Leads Police On Chase In LA (08-14-09)
THE FIRST 2 COMMENTS POSTED THERE SAY: "Project Camelot and Bill Deagle reported another side of this story involving Joseph Moshe, a biological -scientist with a dual citizenship in Israel and Mossad training in biological warfare, hence his ability to withstand the tear gas attack. Moshe phoned Dr. Tru Ott's radio show and said that he had evidence that the vaccine company Baxter was making a bioweapon that would cause a plague when the vaccine was released. The day after Moshe phoned the radio show, a swat team surrounded his Volkswagen Beetle near the Federal building near the Israeli consulate which was apparently Moshes destination. The mainstream media spun a story that Moshe had threatened the White House with a bomb, that there were outstanding warrants against him and that he was depressed. No mention of that Moshe was a biological -scientist or the information he provided on Dr. True Otts radio show about the vaccine company Baxter.NBC LA reported on Aug 17 that Moshe was in jail but Dr. Deagle says that Moshe has been sent to Israel."  ---- "The would-be bomber, Joseph Moshe, called into the Dr True Ott Show on Republic Broadcasting and said he was a microbiologist who wanted to hand over evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 vaccines being produced by Baxter pharmaceutical. He claimed that that Baxter's lab in the Ukraine was in fact preparing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He maintained that the vaccine contained both adjuvants designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 global pandemic. That's it. He made no threat against Obama, nor said anything about bombs or any attack. The following day he was hauled out of his red VW beetle by a SWAT team and arrested. He was immediately extradited to Israel, where he has dual-citizenship, and hasn't been heard from since. All this talk portraying him as being a right-wing nutcase is disinformation designed to keep his disturbing comments from alarming the public."

... and this does indeed appear disturbing - HOWEVER after checking HERE the transcript of project Camelot with Bill Deagle, and searching if there was any mention of Moshe, I could find none... But when listening to the youtube video POSTED HERE it appears this story has some legs indeed. Moreover, if you take a couple minutes as I did to read this excellent citizen's inquiry in this whole affair - The Swine Flu Global Eugenics Program: The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe - then there may be indeed serious cause for concern there. The infamous Baxter company does have a lab in Ukraine and they may be up to some serious "mischiefs" with consequences that are not yet reported accurately the mainstream media. We will see..

As for Edger Steele's recommendation to stock and use Tamiflu at the earliest signs of flu infection - which may be a wise thing to do for adults (I frankly don't know though!), I would just add that after reading Japan Links Tamiflu to Sudden Deaths in Children I sure would not give this to any kid... For me, chewing raw garlic from my garden at the first sign of a scratchy throat has been enough to nip in the bud all cold and flu infections since I do this.

So again I thank you for your comment and for the opportunity it gave me to dig this a little bit

Have a great one!





Conflicts of Interest Permeate the Vaccine Industry

ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute

Vaccine recommendations and other important healthcare decisions that affect our nation's children are frequently based on ulterior motives. Safety and protection are NOT always top priorities. Instead, authorities may be influenced by monetary considerations or the urge to manipulate undesirable study results. For example, in June of 2000, two separate yet highly significant events rocked the vaccine industry:

Event #1: Congress held a hearing to determine if "the entire process [of licensing and recommending vaccines] has been polluted and the public trust has been violated." Two years earlier, vaccine authorities had evidence that a new vaccine under consideration was dangerous, yet that didn't stop them from licensing and recommending it for every child in the USA. This vaccine was linked to numerous cases of a life-threatening intestinal blockage and baby deaths. After this vaccine was withdrawn from the market, Congress discovered that 60% of the FDA advisory committee members who voted to license this defective vaccine, and 50% of the CDC advisory committee members who voted to recommend it for every child in the country, had financial ties to the drug company that produced the vaccine or to two other companies developing their own potentially lucrative competing vaccines. For example, an FDA committee member who voted to license the defective vaccine had received more than $250,000 per year in research funds from the drug company that made the vaccine. A CDC committee member who voted to recommend the defective vaccine for every child was paid by the industry to travel around the country teaching doctors that vaccines are safe. In addition, he held a potentially lucrative patent on a similar vaccine under development! Despite this important Congressional exposé, no one at the FDA, CDC, or U.S. Department of Health and Human Services admitted a problem, and claimed that it's perfectly acceptable for committee members with obvious conflicts of interest to make healthcare recommendations for every child in this country-even when they stand to benefit financially from their own decisions!
Event #2: Just one week prior to the Congressional investigation into conflicts of interest within the vaccine industry, a top-secret meeting of high-level officials from the CDC, FDA, World Health Organization (WHO), and representatives from every major vaccine manufacturer, was held at the secluded Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia. They had gathered to discuss an alarming new study that confirmed a link between thimerosal (mercury) in childhood vaccines and neurological damage, including recent dramatic increases in autistic spectrum disorders. According to the lead researcher, "We have found statistically significant relationships between the exposures and outcomes." Since 1991, when the CDC and FDA started requiring babies to receive multiple doses of thimerosal-laced hepatitis B, Hib, and the already mandated diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis shots (via DPT and DTaP), cases of autism skyrocketed. Dr. Robert Chen, head of vaccine safety for the CDC, congratulated the group for their apparent success thus far at being able to keep the incriminating data out of "less responsible hands." Dr. John Clements, WHO vaccine advisor, was more blunt, declaring that perhaps the CDC study "should not have been done at all." Instead of warning the public and recalling the dangerous vaccines, this small group of federal health officials and vaccine industry executives spent the weekend calculating how to cover up the truth-and followed through on their plot over the next few years. First, the CDC's vast database on childhood vaccines was removed from public access so that unbiased researchers could not confirm the study results. Next, the incriminating data from the original study was reworked, and the new version was published in a peer-reviewed journal. However, this time "no consistent significant associations were found between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes." Finally, to complete the deception, the CDC would need additional "proof" that thimerosal-laced vaccines are safe. According to Dr. Gordon Douglas, the director of strategic planning at the National Institutes of Health (and former president of vaccinations for Merck, a major vaccine manufacturer), four new studies were currently taking place "to rule out the proposed link between autism and thimerosal."

These two events-the Congressional hearing on conflicts of interest within the vaccine licensing and recommendation process, and the secret Simpsonwood conference-confirm that U.S. health authorities have lost their ethical bearings and have NOT made our children's safety a top priority. Requiring vaccines for school entry when they may have been added to the childhood immunization schedule simply to line the pockets of powerful authorities is dangerous and corrupt. Withholding a child's education for refusing vaccines when crucial studies purporting to prove their safety are bogus, is both reprehensible and indefensible. Thus, every family must remain free to accept or reject vaccines.


Related articles:

Conflicts of Interest Seem to Outweigh Our Children's Interest
The science that says vaccines are not related to autism is based solely on large epidemiological, or statistical, studies. Problems with these studies include ties to organizations connected to the vaccine program. This type of influence makes it doubtful that conclusions unflattering to these organizations would be reached. Besides containing questionable interpretations of the data, the studies all selectively eliminated subjects that did not fit their pre-determined conclusions. These studies also frequently cite the findings of the Institute of Medicine (IOM)-which determined no causal link-and do so without mentioning that the IOM was commissioned by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to issue the report on "Vaccines and Autism." The studies also neglect to acknowledge that the Committee failed to allow published toxicological data to be presented, and that a significant portion of this research was not included in the IOM's final report. Conflict-free investigation is of paramount importance when considering the safety of vaccines. The CDC approves, mandates, promotes, and distributes vaccines, creating opportunity for conflicts of interest.

Denmark Didn't Hit the Mark
The "no causal link" study most frequently cited is from Denmark (1). Denmark banned thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, in 1992 after health authorities realized the excessive amount of mercury exposure occurring through the use of thimerosal-containing vaccines. Children from Denmark received only a third of the number of thimerosal-containing vaccines as children in the United States under a vaccine schedule that did not mirror that of the United States. The apples to oranges comparison is further muddied by the Denmark study criteria that changed mid-stream: in the years prior to the ban, the researchers only counted autistic inpatients, but in 1995, they started counting autistic outpatients as well. As outpatients exceeded inpatients by 13 to 1, one would expect a minimum increase in cases of autism by a factor of 13. This was not the case. In fact, reported rates of autism in Denmark appeared to be about 10% of the rates in the United States, yet this was never questioned. The most recent epidemiological study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (2). This study concluded that there were no neuropsychological outcomes associated with the use of thimerosal. There are issues with this study, as six of the authors, including the lead author, listed major conflicts of interest with vaccine manufacturers. Also, 3,648 children were initially selected.? For no apparent reason, 1,288 children were removed from the study. In addition, children weighing less than 5.5 pounds were also dropped. These children were not excused from receiving vaccines, so why were they excused from the study? And, wouldn't these children be at even greater risk from mercury exposure? In fact, all children with preexisting neurological disorders, including autism, were not allowed in the study. In the end only 30% of the original subjects remained. Yet this didn't stop over 700 news outlets from declaring, "another major study shows autism not caused by thimerosal." In addition, even though it was not stated in the conclusion, the researchers found significant statistical associations of thimerosal to problems with speech articulation and lower verbal IQ, behavior control, attention, phonic and motor tics and stuttering. These are all great concerns for any child suffering with these neurological injuries and parents who must pay for treatments and deal with the school performance fallout these outcomes present.

Study Says 1 Out of Every 91 Kids Has Autism Spectrum Disorder (October 06, 2009) NOTE from Jean: With the hundreds of millions of kids now being vaccinated worldwide with thimerosal-laced H1N1 vaccinal decoctions, it is worth considering the ultimate consequences of this foolish act of mass poisoning... Autism is a growing epidemic! Did you know that in there are 1.5 million Americans living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and that autism affects one in 150 children in the U.S. and almost one in 94 boys?
By now you've likely heard about the new Autism study out today in Pediatrics. It's a solid study that adds great value to the Autism landscape. To help clarify questions raised by the study, the American Academy of Pediatrics has put together a very comprehensive Q&A that is worth checking out.What's important to understand about this study is that it represents an evolving understanding of the entire field of Autism. Keep in mind that Autism is not just one condition but a spectrum of disorders. It can be very difficult to diagnose and the goal over the last few years has been to attempt to screen children as young as 18 months and intervene as early as possible with behavioral modalities. This is the type of condition where early identification and intervention does make a huge difference.So, has there been a true increase in Autism, as the study suggests? Maybe, may be not. Because of our better understanding of Autism and our better screening tests, we are certainly picking up more kids at younger ages. Whether this is a true increase in rate we don't know yet but we do know we are doing a better job in identifying kids who may have Autism, and that is very important. CLIP - AND AMONG THE MANY INTERESTING COMMENTS THERE: "STATS should SCARE parents!!! When are people going to wake up and see what is happening to our children!! I have a child with autism and let me tell you, if it were as easy as giving some extra attention to these children then nobody would mind getting the diagnoses. Do you have a clue what we as parents have to deal with when it comes to fighting for any help for our children? Do you think we are just so over diagnosing now that 15 years ago when it was 1 out of 10000 children that there is no way it has dramatically "really" gone up to 1 out of 91? Seriously??? We need to come together as a community and help our children. THIS IS REAL!!! It is bad enough parents have to figure out so much on their own when it comes to therapy, diets, SI and biomedical but, now we have to debate with the general public who are not going through what we are that it is real.... when you can walk one day in a parent's shoes that has a child with autism then and only then should you comment. - Jaxson's mom October 6, 2009"

Are Autism and Vaccines Linked?
Over the last decade, autism has gone from a rare and misunderstood condition to a disorder that may affect as many as 1.5 million Americans. Without a clear explanation in sight, parents and doctors have worked tirelessly to pinpoint the cause of autism, but the answer remains elusive. Are vaccines the missing link?

Thimerosal Law Changed For H1N1 Vaccine
Because of the lack of the H1N1 vaccine available to people across the state, the New York Health Department has decided to change a state law so more people can get vaccinated, quicker.  Since 2008 the New York State Department of Health has not allowed pregnant women and children under three to be given vaccines with Thimerosal in them. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative that keeps bacteria out of the vaccine. The ban was enacted so studies could be done on whether Thimerosal was linked to autism.No link has been found. Because the H1N1 vaccine can be made quicker with Thimersol in it, all injectable versions of the shot given out will contain Thimerosal.However, the department of health says close to 380,000 doses of the thimerosal-free vaccine is expected to be available in the state by late November.

Not Just Mercury
Another toxic metal, aluminum, is used as an additive in many childhood vaccines. This includes 250 micrograms in the Hepatitis B vaccine administered at birth. At two months of age, a child could be exposed to 1,250 micrograms of aluminum from vaccinations. If all of this aluminum simultaneously enters the blood, the level would be 25 times higher than what is documented to cause neurological damage in infants. This process is repeated again at 4, 6 and 12 months of age. Aluminum is especially dangerous for people with poor kidney function. Some infants have very limited kidney function. Aluminum in vaccines has now been linked to gulf war illness (8). If aluminum can cause injury to a healthy adult soldier, it isn't hard to imagine the potential damage to a newborn baby.

The Science Is There
For those who believe vaccines do correspond with the increase in autism, there is significant evidence. Mercury, unquestionably, is one of the earth's most potent neurotoxins. Although some claim that only minuscule amounts of mercury were added to vaccines and pose no danger, anyone who analyzes a multi-dose vaccine vial knows that the Hepatitis B vaccine, administered at birth for over ten years, contained 25,000 ppb (parts per billion) of mercury in the multi-dose vial. The multi-dose DTP and Haemophilus B vaccine vials, administered 4 times each in the 1990s to children at 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months of age, contained 50,000 ppb of mercury. According to the EPA, any liquid that contains more than 200 ppb of mercury is classified as hazardous waste based on toxicity characteristics (3). A rational person would not consider these to be small amounts.  CLIP

Australia Does Not Mandate Shots and Is Not Overtaken By Disease
In the United States, healthcare authorities, pediatricians, and school officials use coercive tactics to increase vaccination rates. Parents are intimidated and their children threatened with removal from school if vaccines are not "up to date." Other countries recommend fewer vaccines and do not require them for school entry. For example, in Australia medical intervention is not compulsory, free will is honored, yet epidemics do not occur. In fact, disease case and fatality rates are lower in many countries than in the United States. Many Americans would be shocked to learn that the U.S. has the greatest number of mandatory vaccines yet the 42nd worst infant mortality rate in the world. Outbreaks of common ailments are manageable without requiring vaccines for school entry.

Parents Shouldn't Have to Play Russian Roulette With Their Children
Vaccines pose serious risks. These hazards are acknowledged by vaccine manufacturers in their product inserts, documented in numerous studies, substantiated by the federal government's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and confirmed anecdotally by parents. For example, the MMR vaccine manufacturer concedes that diabetes, thrombocytopenia (a serious blood disorder), arthritis, encephalitis (brain inflammation), Guillain-Barré syndrome (paralysis), and death, have all been reported during clinical trials of its vaccine. Peer-reviewed studies link the haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine to epidemics of type 1 diabetes, the hepatitis B vaccine to autoimmune and neurological disorders, and the flu vaccine to paralytic ailments. These are just a few examples. Medical and scientific journals contain hundreds of other peer-reviewed studies linking vaccines to debilitating ailments. In addition, every year approximately 14,000 people file vaccine adverse reaction reports with the CDC. In just the past 26 months-as of August 2008-more than 8,500 young American females filed adverse reaction reports after receiving the new HPV vaccine. Nearly 600 of these cases were labeled "serious," requiring hospitalization, resulting in life-threatening disabilities, or death. VAERS is a passive reporting system, so the number of people believed to be hurt by vaccines is vastly underreported. According to Dr. David Kessler, former head of the FDA, "only about 1 percent of serious events-adverse drug reactions-are reported." This is confirmed by the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, which receives unsolicited personal stories of vaccine damage every day. The families telling these dreadful stories rarely file official reports. Of course, these stories do not constitute "proof" of vaccine damage-at least no more than a child's cry after skinning his knee is "proof" of pain. However, patterns of adverse vaccine reactions are easily observed when unrelated families consistently report similar stories of healthy children prior to their shots, and hospitalized children after their shots. These patterns tell a larger story. A medical industry that errs on the side of denial rather than concern is backward and criminally negligent. In an enlightened healthcare community, we would listen to the larger story with sincerity, and opt to protect additional children from harm. Pretending that serious reactions to vaccines are rare does not make it true, incapacitates our children, and degrades our society. Since reputed vaccine risk-to-benefit ratios are bogus, and pharmaceutical shots are considerably more unsafe than officially acknowledged, it is morally unconscionable to mandate vaccines for entry into an educational institution.

Unvaccinated Kids Can't Threaten Others' Health if Shots are Effective
When students contract disease, vaccine proponents are quick to blame the outbreaks on unvaccinated children. Yet, the official data tells a different story: a majority of cases occur in fully vaccinated populations. Dr. William Atkinson, senior epidemiologist with the CDC, admitted that "measles transmission has been clearly documented among vaccinated persons. In some large outbreaks?over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination." Similar problems with vaccine efficacy plague other vaccines as well. For example, in a 2003 outbreak of pertussis, 4 of every 5 people who contracted the disease were vaccinated against it. In 2006, there was a large outbreak of mumps in the United States; 92% of the cases were in people who were vaccinated against mumps. Such data provides evidence that herd immunity-the idea that when a proportion of people within a targeted population are immune to a disease, transmission rates are reduced-may not apply to vaccinated populations. Vaccination and immunity are not synonymous. Authorities claim that vaccines won't work for society unless a very high number of people in the targeted population-school children-take them. Apparently, unvaccinated children are a threat to the group. But this does not make sense. By this reasoning, the unvaccinated-who are being coerced into taking the shots-are somehow responsible for protecting the vaccinated. How ironic! If some students are vaccinated, that's their family's choice. If other students are unvaccinated, that's their family's informed decision as well. Vaccinated students take their chances hoping to avoid serious adverse reactions, while unvaccinated students risk contracting the disease. However, if vaccinated students contract the disease, the shot was ineffective, NOT the fault of unvaccinated students. Officials ignore their own ineffective vaccine, choosing instead to smear the unvaccinated. Outrage should be vented in the proper direction-at those who developed ineffective shots and falsely promoted a defective product. - NOTE from Jean: And don't you think that there is not much difference - aside from the astronomic profits the legal drug cartel makes - before the snake oil vendors of old time and today's pharmaceutical industry? Snake oil:  "...the most common usage of the phrase is as a derogatory term for compounds offered as medicines which implies that they are fake, fraudulent, quackish, or ineffective. The expression is also applied metaphorically to any product with exaggerated marketing, but questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit."

Vaccinations for better or for worse? (October 31, 2009)

There are some fundamental questions that should be asked of any proposed treatment including vaccines. Does it do what it claims it will do? What are the benefits? What are the risks? What are the alternatives? How has the proposed treatment been promoted to physicians and the public? Yet, as I have demonstrated in my last article entitled "Stop the Swine Whine," these questions have been largely ignored by H1N1 flu commentators, who have substituted propaganda, hysteria, and fear-mongering for legitimate information. It is under the backdrop of the H1N1 flu hysteria that the FDA has quietly approved another human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine for girls and for the first time, an HPV vaccine for boys. These vaccinations, according to the vaccine makers, will dramatically lower cervical cancer rates in women and genital warts in men. Or will they? As usual, the truth is much more complicated (...) So why promote a vaccine to a population of women that are already getting regular screening and will not likely get any mortality benefit? Should not the vaccine makers be promoting their vaccine exclusively to the high-risk population that is not likely to obtain routine screening? Of course, this logical approach would not pay back any research and development investment or put money into the corporate offices of these companies. Withheld from the public by the mainstream media have been an increasing number of physicians and scientists coming out against the vaccine and its supposed benefits. Recently, for example, "Columbia University professors Sheila M. and David J. Rothman published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Assn." blasting Merck, which produces the Gardasil HPV vaccine "for paying grants to medical organizations that are strong advocates for vaccination. 'Telling every mom she needs to get her daughters vaccinated to protect them from cancer is creating a market out of thin air,' David Rothman says. 'They're already protected' through regular Pap smears, he adds."  CLIP

NOTE: Check also Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years HARROWING STORY!! IF you can watch this to the end without feeling like crying - or actually crying! - you are made of stone... MORE related videos keep coming after the first one, like Parents Concerned About Gardasil Vaccine - AND IF YOU DIDN'T READ YET Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell make sure to read it! - 44 Gardasil-triggered deaths so far as acknowledged by the CDC and 15,037 girls who've experienced adverse effects serious enough to report them to their doctor. WATCH ALSO Gardasil - The Damage is Done: From A Best Friend's View if you need more convincing that this Gardasil vaccine (the costliest vaccine ever at $360.00 for the 3 required shots) is indeed lethally dangerous. This vaccine has been pushed since 2006 by the same World Heath Organization that has brought to us the soon infamous global A-H1N1 immunization campaign: "Last year WHO made available to countries policy and programme guidance notes and technical briefing notes on introducing HPV vaccines. The documents drive home the need to educate governments, health professionals and the public about both viruses and vaccines, and the importance of collaboration between reproductive health, immunization, child and adolescent health and cancer control programmes." taken from HERE

Natural Recovery Provides Advantages Over Artificial Immunity
Measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox usually confer permanent immunity; the child will rarely contract these ailments again. In contrast, vaccines provide temporary immunity; protection is incomplete, requiring booster doses. Vaccinated children are still susceptible to the disease. Studies also indicate that childhood diseases can have a favorable effect on the child's immune system. When children overcome illnesses on their own, their immune systems are stimulated: they build resistance to other diseases in later life. For example, several studies show that women are less likely to develop ovarian cancer if they have had mumps in childhood.

Some Vaccines Required for School Entry are Clearly Unnecessary
Our children have become captive instruments of the vaccine industry, accessible by mandate to satisfy other purposes. For example, children rarely develop hepatitis B. In the United States, less than 1% of all reported hepatitis B cases occur in persons less than 15 years of age. When the hepatitis B vaccine was initially introduced, 87% of pediatricians did NOT believe it was needed by their patients. Doctors knew that children rarely develop this disease. According to the hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer, children are targeted "because a vaccination strategy limited to high-risk individuals has failed." In other words, because high-risk groups-sexually promiscuous adults and IV drug users-are difficult to reach or have rejected this vaccine, authorities are targeting children. Authorities believe that by vaccinating children (a low-risk herd) they will protect unvaccinated adults (a high-risk herd). Since children are unlikely to contract hepatitis B, and studies show that vaccine efficacy declines after a few years, children are being subjected to all of the risks of the hepatitis B vaccine without the expected benefit.The chickenpox vaccine is another drug that should not have been mandated for all children. It was available since the 1970s but authorities were reluctant to license and promote it because the disease is rarely dangerous and confers lifelong immunity. The vaccine, however, contains a weakened form of the virus; once injected, it remains in the body indefinitely. Authorities were concerned that it could reawaken years after the vaccination and cause serious problems. In addition, the chickenpox vaccine was originally developed for children with leukemia or compromised immune systems, a small population at greater risk for complications from the disease. But vaccine manufacturers quickly sought a wider market for their potentially lucrative product. A study conducted by the CDC in 1985 determined that the vaccine was not necessary. However, in 1995 it was promoted as "cost-effective"-rather than essential-because moms and dads would not have to miss work and stay home (an average of 1 day) to care for their sick children. It was licensed shortly thereafter. Before the chickenpox vaccine was licensed, doctors would encourage parents to expose their children to the disease while they were young. Doctors recommended this course of action because they knew that chickenpox is relatively harmless when contracted prior to the teenage years (but more dangerous in adolescents and adults). However, after the vaccine was licensed, the CDC began warning parents about the dangers of chickenpox. Doctors stopped encouraging parents to expose their children to this disease. Instead, they were told to have their children vaccinated against chickenpox. These examples confirm that some vaccines required for school entry are NOT essential. School officials have become henchmen for the vaccine industry. Low-risk children are being force-vaccinated to protect high-risk adults or to increase the vaccine manufacturer's profits. Blackmailing families by threatening to withhold a child's education for refusing needless vaccines is a moral outrage.

Few People Utilize Exemptions
In 1991, the CDC concluded that outbreaks of disease can be avoided if 70% to 80% of children are vaccinated. A 1992 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed that vaccination rates of "80% or less" should be sufficient to protect against disease outbreaks. Most parents obediently follow their doctor's orders and vaccinate their children. In addition, schools rarely publicize legal exemptions to "mandatory" vaccines. Thus, only about 2% of families file waivers to recommended shots. This number could substantially increase without threatening herd immunity.



CDC and Swine Flu Deception: CBS News Reveals Numbers Greatly Exaggerated - AND MUCH MORE!

29 Oct 2009

"If you've been diagnosed 'probable' or 'presumed' 2009 H1N1 or swine flu in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation. "
  -- CBS News, 10/21/09

Dear friends,
President Obama has declared a national emergency for the swine flu, noting a "rapid increase in illness." A recent CNN article covering this critical topic goes on to quote CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden, "since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died."

Yet excellent investigative reporting by CBS News shows that the actual number of swine flu cases is being significantly exaggerated. The lead paragraph of this CBS article states, "If you've been diagnosed 'probable' or 'presumed' 2009 H1N1 or swine flu in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn't have the flu at all. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation."
The CBS report goes on to point out that the CDC strangely advised states to stop testing and to stop counting the number of swine flu cases last July. The CDC website explains that states are no longer differentiating between the regular flu and the swine flu, reporting instead all influenza and pneumonia-related hospitalizations and deaths in one count.

This alone could lead to a great exaggeration of reported swine flu cases, particularly as the CDC website states that every year in the U.S. on average 5 to 20% of the population gets the seasonal flu. This means between 15 and 60 million people come down with some version of the flu every year. Complications from the seasonal flu are claimed to kill about 36,000 people (100 per day on average), while more than 200,000 are hospitalized annually.
Why on Earth would the CDC decide to stop counting swine flu cases? The CBS website states, "The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there's an epidemic?"
The CDC website gives several puzzling reasons, including "there are too many cases of flu to test and confirm." Yet with millions of cases of cancer and heart disease every year, states have never been told to stop testing for these. If the swine flu is as dangerous and deadly as alleged, we would expect more testing and not a halt.

The CBS article further elaborates, "Some public health officials privately disagreed with the decision to stop testing and counting, telling CBS News that continued tracking of this new and possibly changing virus was important because H1N1 has a different epidemiology, affects younger people more than seasonal flu and has been shown to have a higher case fatality rate than other flu virus strains."

CBS reporters asked CDC to provide materials from states on lab-confirmed swine flu cases before the count stopped in July. CDC not only was initially unwilling to provide the information, they obstructed the investigation (watch CBS News clip on this). CBS then submitted a freedom of information request to HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) for this same information, but again received no response for two months. So the intrepid CBS team requested the information directly from all 50 states.

On receiving these statistics, CBS reporters were astounded to find that for cases labeled probable or presumed swine flu, further testing showed that "the vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors, such as travel to Mexico."
Many states found that only 1 - 2% of "probable" or "presumed" swine flu cases in fact were swine flu. It may be that because of all the hype and fear being spread by the media and government, people's heightened anxiety and fear of having the dreaded swine flu caused them to go to their doctor for a simple fever, headache, or runny nose, thus leading to a very large number of false assessments.
The numbers of swine flu cases thus appear to have been greatly exaggerated even before July. And as the CDC ordered states to stop counting in July, we have no way to make an accurate count now. Thus the numbers being used by the media and fed to people like President Obama have no reliable value and can be even further inflated, leading to even more fear and false claims of swine flu.

Consider also that with the CDC's claim of 100 deaths per day due to the regular flu, even if the figure of 1,000 deaths in the past six months due to swine flu were true, it is far less than the death toll of even one month of the seasonal flu.
One claim used to promote fear is that the flu season is just starting. The public will be in great danger when the season soon kicks into full gear. Yet the flu season in the southern hemisphere, which has seasons opposite to the north, is now over, and the swine flu did not wreak havoc as predicted.
A September Reuters News article states, "The U.S. government said an analysis of the epidemics in Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, and Uruguay showed that while H1N1 dominated the flu seasons there, it was only moderately severe. The pandemic did stress healthcare systems, but not for long."

Why would the CDC exaggerate the risk of this disease? According to the CDC website, "The federal government has purchased a total of 250 million doses of 2009 H1N1 vaccine." Remember that the U.S. population is about 300 million. The CDC has spent billions of our tax dollars to purchase these vaccines and obviously wants nearly everyone to get vaccinated. The drug companies have raked in billions of dollars in profits from this vaccine, even if a large portion of the vaccines is never used.
The government has also granted immunity from lawsuits to vaccine producers, so that those injured or killed by the vaccine may have no recourse for settlement. Maybe they learned from their mistakes with the 1976 swine flu scare, in which over 40 million Americans were vaccinated after government and media joined to pump fear out to the nation.

Only one person was confirmed dead from the actual swine flu in 1976, yet hundreds filed death claims and thousands filed claims for paralysis from the swine flu vaccine. The vaccine caused Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an acknowledged risk factor with the current vaccine. Don't miss the powerful CBS 60 Minutes video clip at this link showing blatant corruption and fear mongering in the 1976 swine flu scare.

Numerous top MDs and health professionals have publicly stated that our health care system and even our politicians have been seriously corrupted by the vast wealth of the pharmaceutical industry. The major media, which receives billions of dollars in advertising money from drug companies, has barely reported on this.

Read what Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, has to say about drug company greed and influence at this link. Here's just one quote from her powerful writing:
"The pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself."
And here's a quote from an article by Dr. George Lundberg, the former editor-in-chief of the highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association:
"Efforts to control American medical costs date from at least 1932. With few exceptions, they have failed. The lure of economic incentives to provide unnecessary or unproven care ... drives many physicians to make the lucrative choice. Hospitals and especially academic medical centers are also motivated to profit from many expensive procedures. Eliminating ... waste could save $750 billion annually with no harm to patient outcomes."

The powerful pharmaceutical lobby has played a key role in causing U.S. health costs to be 50% higher than that of most other developed nations, yet as this MSNBC article states, "The United States is the only developed nation that does not have a comprehensive national health care plan, leaving about 50 million people without health insurance."

Now the drug companies are using their power and influence to get politicians and the media behind the lucrative, yet questionable swine flu vaccine. For lots more reliable information on strange manipulations involving the swine flu vaccine, click here. And see the box below for ideas on what you can do to further educate yourself and spread the word about the swine flu deception.
With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
What you can do:

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Freedom of Information: Stalled at CDC and D.C. Government (October 27, 2009)
In August 2009, CBS News made a simple request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for public documents, e-mails and other materials CDC used to communicate to states the decision to stop testing individual cases of Novel H1N1, or 'swine flu.' When the public affairs folks at CDC refused to produce the documents and quit responding to my queries altogether, I filed a formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request for the materials. Members of the news media are entitled to expedited access, which I requested, since this was for a pending news report and on an issue of public health and interest. The Obama administration made a commitment to a "new era of open government," as stated in a presidential memorandum on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). On March 19, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder issued new FOIA guidelines to "restore the public's ability to access information in a timely manner." Two months after my FOI request, the CDC has yet to produce any of these easily retrievable materials. Sadly, this is of little surprise. This has become standard operating procedure in Washington. Watch: A CBS News producer asks CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden for information on H1N1 testing, Sept. 19
Today, I received a letter from the CDC Freedom of Information office, which even by the normal baffling standards, borders on the absurd. The letter is to inform me that my request for "expedited" treatment of my FOI request has been denied because CDC has determined the request is "not a matter of widespread and exceptional media and public interest." First, it seems ill advised to allow the responding agency (which often doesn't want the info released) to determine whether an issue is of media and public interest and, therefore, subject to expedited treatment. Further, the CDC may be the only agency on the planet to argue that testing and counting of swine flu cases is "not of widespread and exceptional media and public interest." CLIP

Swine Flu Cases Overestimated? (Oct. 21, 2009)
CBS News Exclusive: Study Of State Results Finds H1N1 Not As Prevalent As Feared -- (CBS)  If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn't have flu at all. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation.  (...) While we waited for CDC to provide the data, which it eventually did, we asked all 50 states for their statistics on state lab-confirmed H1N1 prior to the halt of individual testing and counting in July. The results reveal a pattern that surprised a number of health care professionals we consulted. The vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors, such as travel to Mexico.



Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part Five

October 30, 2009 by: Evelyn Pringle, health freedom writer

(NaturalNews) This article is part five in a six-part series. Be sure to read part four at
(part 3 at
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and part 1 at )

In the video commentary titled, Mild Swine Flu & Over-Hyped Vaccine, on the website for the National Vaccine Information Center, the group's co-founder and president, Barbara Loe Fisher, reports:

"We are witnessing a roll-out of the largest, most expensive mass vaccination campaign in the history of our nation. A rollout that is bigger than even the polio vaccine campaigns of the 1950's."

"If you or your child are injured from getting a flu swine flu shot, you are on your own," Fisher warns.

"Because Congress shielded the vaccine manufacturers and any person giving swine flu shots from lawsuits if people get hurt," she says. "There is no funded government vaccine injury compensation program for swine flu vaccine."

"Doctors are telling some children under 10 years old to get 3 to 4 flu shots this year - 2 shots for seasonal flu and one or two more for swine flu," Fisher points out.

"We have never given young children 3 to 4 flu shots in a single year and there is no information about how safe it is to do that," she advises.

On October 18, 2009, the Wall Street Journal advised that: "Children ages six months to nine years who have never received a flu vaccine before are recommended to receive two doses of both the H1N1 and seasonal-flu vaccine about a month apart," citing Paul Offit, chief of infectious disease at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as the source, without letting readers know how rich he has become profiting off the vaccine industry.

Eight months ago, on February 16, 2009, "Age of Autism" published a report titled, "Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market," by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxil, for an investigation that found:

"Dr. Paul Offit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) took home a fortune of at least $29 million as part of a $182 million sale by CHOP of its worldwide royalty interest in the Merck Rotateq vaccine to Royalty Pharma in April of last year."

"Based on an analysis of current CHOP administrative policies, the amount of income distributed to Offit could be as high as $46 million," the report noted.

"In a Moody's report dated June 2008, CHOP reported net proceeds from the Rotateq transaction of $153 million, a deal basis that would put the value of Offit's 30% share at $45.9 million," the authors wrote.

"Unlike most other patented products, the market for mandated childhood vaccines is created not by consumer demand, but by the recommendation of an appointed body called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)," the AoA report states. "In a single vote, ACIP can create a commercial market for a new vaccine that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of months.

"For example, after ACIP approved the addition of Merck's (and Offit's) Rotateq vaccine to the childhood vaccination schedule, Merck's Rotateq revenue rose from zero in the beginning of 2006 to $655 million in fiscal year 2008," the authors explain.

"When one multiplies a price of close to $200 per three dose series of Rotateq by a mandated market of four million children per year, it's not hard to see the commercial value to Merck of favorable ACIP votes," the authors point out.

From 1998 to 2003, Offit served as a member of ACIP. As a member of the ACIP, Offit "voted to include the rotavirus vaccine in the Vaccines for Children program, which ultimately made his Rotateq product worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Merck," the National Autism Association reports.

Offit also holds a "$1.5 million dollar research chair at Children's Hospital, funded by Merck," according to a July 25, 2008 report by CBS News titled, "How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?"

Calling them "the most trusted voices in the defense of vaccine safety," CBS reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics, Every Child By Two, and pediatrician Dr Paul Offit, have something else in common - "strong financial ties to the industry whose products they promote and defend."

"The vaccine industry gives millions to the Academy of Pediatrics for conferences, grants, medical education classes and even helped build their headquarters," CBS found. Totals were secret, but documents cited by CBS reveal the following:

A $342,000 payment from Wyeth, maker of the pneumococcal vaccine - which makes $2 billion a year in sales.
$433,000 from Merck, the same year the academy endorsed Merck's Gardasil vaccine - which made $1.5 billion a year in sales.

Another top donor was Sanofi Aventis, maker of 17 vaccines and a new five-in-one combo shot added to the childhood vaccine schedule in June 2008, CBS said.

"Every Child By Two, a group that promotes early immunization for all children, admits the group takes money from the vaccine industry, too - but wouldn't tell us how much," CBS investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.

In April 2009, the AAP even filed a friend of the court brief (amicus) with the US Supreme Court in support of a petition for a writ of certiorari from vaccine makers Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline to overturn a unanimous ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court that decided a civil lawsuit filed by Marcelo and Carolyn Ferrari on behalf of their autistic son was not barred by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.

The Georgia decision noted that recognizing presumptive preemption would "have the perverse effect of granting complete tort immunity from design defect liability to an entire industry."

The Farrari family alleges that the vaccine makers could have manufactured safer childhood vaccines without the mercury-based, thimerosal, that caused their son's autism. The Georgia court's ruling would allow a jury to decide the case.

On September 9, 2009, the National Autism Association issued a press release with a headline: "Offit's Failure to Disclose Jeopardizes Swine Flu Vaccine Program," referring to his recent appearance on a segment of NBC's Dateline.

"As autumn approaches and millions of Americans consider taking an H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination, the integrity of all vaccine developers has been called into question by the financial relationship of a leading vaccine advocate and a pharmaceutical manufacturer," NAA advised.

"If people are to have confidence in the integrity of the Swine Flu vaccination program this fall then we need full disclosure of all financial relationships between proponents and manufacturers on every vaccine on the market," said Jim Moody, attorney for the NAA, in the press release.

"Who has an objective opinion about a company that has made them rich?" he said.

"Offit has zero credibility in matters of vaccine safety," says Wendy Fournier, president of the NAA. "Not only does he advance the absurd suggestion that children could safety get 100,000 vaccines at a time, he opposes any studies of the comparative health of unvaccinated children that could shed light on the extent and nature of vaccine-caused injuries, leading to their prevention."

Beyond Offit's financial conflicts, autism advocates are also dismayed about his credibility on speaking about autism in general, as he does not treat patients with autism.

"It's a mystery how such an inexperienced and financially conflicted man has become the go-to guy for information on autism," Ms Fournier says. "Here's a man with no real knowledge about autism that again and again appears in media coverage."

"Not only is he completely unqualified to address autism from a medical standpoint, his financial conflicts of interest disqualify him as a credible source for vaccine safety commentary as well," she points out.

Too many shots

"Today's immunization schedule now calls for kids to get 55 doses of vaccines by age 6," according to the CBS News report.

The four flu shots recommended this year will be in addition to all the other vaccines children receive in complying with the mandatory childhood vaccine schedule.

On the "Age of Autism" website, Mary Podlesak warns that the flu vaccines still contain mercury. "I was reading the package inserts for the H1N1 vaccines from Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur and CSL last night," she said. "All three state the vaccine contains 25mcg of mercury -- not 25mcg of thimerosal -- 25mcg of mercury."

"When I checked the package inserts for the seasonal flu vaccine, they read the same as the H1N1 description," Podlesak wrote.

The package insert states: "The 5-mL multidose vial formulation contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative, added as a preservative. Each 0.5-mL dose from the multidose vial contains 25 mcg mercury."

Smaller amounts of thimerosal also remain in some other vaccines, even those marketed as "preservative-free," according to Age of Autism.

The H1N1 vaccine insert also states: "Pregnancy Category C: Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Influenza A"

"(H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or AFLURIA. It is also not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed. "

Back on May 20, 2003, after a three year investigation of pediatric vaccine safety, initiated in the US House Committee on Government Reform, the "Mercury in Medicine Report," was placed in the Congressional record.

"Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines in likely related to the autism epidemic," the report concluded.

"This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding the lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharp rise of infant exposure to this known neurotoxin," the Committee advised.

"The FDA and the CDC failed in their duty to be vigilant as new vaccines containing thimerosal were approved and added to the immunization schedule," the report pointed out.

"At the same time that the incidence of autism was growing," the Committee said, "the number of childhood vaccines containing thimerosal was growing, increasing the amount of ethylmercury to which infants were exposed threefold."

Vaccine makers and conflicted public health officials are always claiming that studies show vaccines did not cause the autism epidemic. In a February 24, 2009 Huffington Post article, Robert F Kennedy, Jr, pointed out "that for sixty years the tobacco industry successfully defended a product that was killing one out of every five of its customers against thousands of legal actions brought by its victims and their families."

"Big tobacco prevailed for six decades," he said, "even without the help of supportive government agencies deliberately suppressing real science and research."

"In that sense vaccine victims must leap a much higher hurdle," he added.



Health Warning - 10 Facts about Swine Flu Vaccine: it cause neurological disorder and sometime paralysis

14 September 20, 2009

#1 - The vaccine production was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. Do you like to play guinea pig for Big Pharma? If so, line up for your swine flu vaccine this fall?

#2 - Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.

#3 - The swine flu vaccine could actually increase your risk of death from swine flu by altering (or suppressing) your immune system response. There is zero evidence that even seasonal flu shots offer any meaningful protection for people who take the jabs. Vaccines are the snake oil of modern medicine.

#4 - Doctors still don't know why the 1976 swine flu vaccines paralyzed so many people. And that means they really have no clue whether the upcoming vaccine might cause the same devastating side effects. (And they're not testing it, either?)

#5 - Even if the swine flu vaccine kills you, the drug companies aren't responsible. The U.S. government has granted drug companies complete immunity against vaccine product liability. Thanks to that blanket immunity, drug companies have no incentive to make safe vaccines, because they only get paid based on quantity, not safety (zero liability).

#6 - No swine flu vaccine works as well as vitamin D to protect you from influenza. That's an inconvenient scientific fact that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma hope the people never realize.

#7 - Even if the swine flu vaccine actually works, mathematically speaking if everyone else around you gets the vaccine, you don't need one! (Because it can't spread through the population you hang with.) So even if you believe in the vaccine, all you need to do is encourage your friends to go get vaccinated?

#8 - Drug companies are making billions of dollars from the production of swine flu vaccines. That money comes out of your pocket - even if you don't get the jab - because it's all paid by the taxpayers.

#9 - When people start dying in larger numbers from the swine flu, rest assured that many of them will be the very people who got the swine flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this away with their typical Big Pharma logic: "The number saved is far greater than the number lost." Of course, the number "saved" is entirely fictional? imaginary? and exists only in their own warped heads.

#10 - The swine flu vaccine centers that will crop up all over the world in the coming months aren't completely useless: They will provide an easy way to identify large groups of really stupid people. (Too bad there isn't some sort of blue dye that we could tag 'em with for future reference?)



Date: 1 Nov 2009
From: Elizabeth Kucinich (
Subject: Happy World Vegan Day!

Dear Friends,


Today is a day that the vegan community celebrates the vegan lifestyle and what means to our health, our world, our state of mind and most importantly, to the millions of animals who don't have to suffer a violent life and death in order to sustain us. - The ultimate personal expression for the capacity of peace and compassion in the world.

As many of you may already know, both my mother and my husband had Crohn's Disease which, independently, they have resolved through changing their diets. Over the coming weeks and months, I shall be working to promote the wonderful health benefits of a plant-based vegan diet.
This empowering vegan lifestyle choice can also prevent, manage and in some cases even cure some of the most debilitating ailments, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, ... and the list goes on!

Choosing a locally produced, organic vegan diet rich in whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables is the easiest and also the greatest single thing that any of us can do to truly transform our personal health, the health of our nations and our world, our politics and our capacity and expression of peace and compassion.

As many of you are already aware, there are environmental, social and compassionate reasons why an organic, vegan plant-based diet makes most sense.

Climate Change: The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) detail how the single largest contributing factor to climate change is animal farming! If we are serious about climate change then we will start thinking about what we eat. Disappointingly, last week the US Congress passed a law which contained a provision that disallows the EPA to research this!!!

Food Security: It takes around 36lbs of grain to produce 1lb of ground beef. Imagine how many more people could be fed, and also be healthier (!) if we chose to eat the grain rather than the meat ...

Environmental Pollution: Intensive animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change, causes great harm to ground water and air quality, and is highly water intensive.

Catalyze change in your life by signing up to join the January 21-day Vegan Kickstart here:

If you would like to find out more about a plant-based vegan diet, how to optimize your own health, reduce your medical costs and save billions of lives per year, here are some links:
Preventative Medicine and Nutrition:
The Cancer Project:

Delicious Recipes:

Please forward this email to your friends.

Much love,




From the November 2009 Scientific American Magazine

The Future of Climate Policy Could Be Found in Copenhagen

The U.S. can lead the world to a historic emissions agreement by committing to its own sweeping energy transformation

By The Editors   
In a few short weeks, world leaders will assemble in Copenhagen for the much anticipated United Nations Climate Change Conference. Their goal: to draft an agreement that will limit global warming, chiefly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As the 12-day meeting gets closer, the chorus from jaded pundits and politicians gets louder: "It can't be done."

Nonsense. The naysayers have two reasonable concerns. One: Countries will never agree on limits because they are out to protect their own interests, which differ. Two: Even if they reach an agreement, it will never hold because it will raise energy prices, which people will resist. Fortunately, both worries can be resolved.

The path to overcoming the diplomatic hurdle is daunting but clear. Leaders from China, Japan, the European Union and elsewhere have stated plainly that the U.S. must prove it will clean up its own backyard before they will agree to international limits. In June the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, also known as the Waxman-Markey bill. Originally a dictate to reduce fossil-fuel use, the bill was weakened as it was hammered out, so much so that some leading supporters claimed it no longer did enough. A bill that the Senate took up in September, introduced by John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, aimed to fix many of the problems.

But the important point is that Congress is finally acting. In his influential blog, policy expert Joseph Romm wrote: "The original Clean Air Act didn't do enough. And the 1987 Montréal protocol ? would not have saved the ozone layer. But [each of these measures] began a process and established a framework that ... could be strengthened over time." Commitment in Congress and President Barack Obama's personal attendance in Copenhagen may be enough to prompt nations to seek a meaningful agreement.

As politicians and diplomats begin to clear the first hurdle, scientists and engineers have been dismantling the second: the claim that an aggressive goal can never be achieved economically because developed countries will never cut back on their lavish existence and developing nations will never slow their rise in living standards. In fact, reducing emissions does not mean cutting lifestyles. It does not mean punitive strategies. Rather it means replacing fossil fuels with clean, sustainable energy sources.

This notion is not naive ideology; it is hard-headed pragmatism. As Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi show in their article "A Path to Sustainable Energy by 2030," starting on page 58, wind, water and solar resources could supply 100 percent of the world's energy by 2030. Step by step, the authors prove that more than enough sustainable energy exists, that the needed technologies are available now, and that they can produce power at the same or lower cost than traditional fossil and nuclear plants.

Wind power is already as cheap as coal power. Other renewables are not, but incremental improvements are steadily making them competitive. The key is to subsidize renewable sources, for a limited time, in a way that brings down their per-watt cost and hastens the day when they will be competitive on their own. Not all subsidies do that; in the U.S., a requirement that each state obtain a certain fraction of its energy from renewable sources, or a nationally mandated price for renewable power, could encourage builders to put up wind turbines in windless valleys and solar panels in sunless climes. A better approach would be a national renewable portfolio standard and state-by-state incentives to encourage renewables where they would be most productive, such as wind in North Dakota and solar in Arizona. An alternative is direct cash grants to boost installation of renewables, which the Department of Energy and other agencies have begun to make through the federal stimulus plan.

At the same time, the price of fossil fuels must be raised to account for their environmental damage. And existing subsidies for fossil energy should be eliminated. Some fossil-energy companies are shifting to renewables, but on the whole, the coal, natural gas and oil industries will not give up the government largesse meekly, so politicians will have to resist intense lobbying from them.

Now that the world has a plan to transform the global energy system economically, leaders in Copenhagen can commit to cutting emissions without diminishing their citizens' standard of living. The missing piece is leadership, which the U.S. can provide if Congress acts definitively.


Related articles:

Countdown to Copenhagen: Despite doubts about treaty, 2009 shaping up as pivotal year for renewable energy ( Oct 28, 2009)
Beginning with the Obama administration's $70 billion commitment to ramping up the U.S.'s reliance of wind, water and solar power (not to mention hybrid vehicles) in February through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and ending with December's international climate conference in Copenhagen, this year promises to be pivotal in the worldwide development and adoption of renewable energy sources. Pivotal in the sense that 2009 could go down as the moment the green revolution gained substantial footing thanks to a swelling of political and financial support or as a colossal missed opportunity due to power grabbing and misguided policy. Controversy has been swirling around the proposed Copenhagen conference climate-change treaty (pdf) intended to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece on Wednesday, Janet Albrechttsen, a columnist for The Australian, criticizes the treaty as being "convoluted." She cites an address given by England's Lord Christopher Monckton earlier this month at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn., in which he warned that the treaty's aim is to set up a transnational "government" with the power to directly intervene in the financial, economic, tax and environmental affairs of all the nations that sign the proposed Copenhagen treaty.Even if the Copenhagen conference and its proposed measures aren't being met with optimism, the movement toward increased use of sustainable energy and decreased reliance on fossil fuels are. In the November issue of Scientific American, researchers Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi lay out an ambitious plan to deliver all of the world's energy via wind, water and solar resources by 2030. In fact, the researchers argue in their article, if the planet were powered entirely by wind, water and solar resources, global power demand would drop by about one third (from 16.9 terawatts to 11.5 terawatts) because in most cases "electrification is a more efficient way to use energy."  CLIP

EU leaders agree climate aid deal (October 30, 2009)
London, England (CNN) -- The European Union has agreed a conditional deal on how to help developing nations combat the effects of climate change.Meeting in Brussels Friday, at the conclusion of a two-day European Union (EU) summit leaders agreed that it would cost ?100 billion ($148 billion) per year by 2020 to help developing nations adapt to climate change.The EU has pledged to give up to ?50 billion ($74 billion) of that figure in public funds to help developing nations fight climate change.Commenting on the deal at the summit's closing press conference, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosa said: "Today, the European Council has fully endorsed the figures put forward some weeks ago by the Commission that by 2020, developing countries will need around 100 billion euros a year to tackle climate change. We have a clear, ambitious, and unified EU message on climate finance."Despite the agreement it remains unclear exactly how much the EU will pay and how that will be broken down between individual member states. CLIP

Important Study on Climate Change and Livestock Emissions (October 27, 2009)
A study by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang of the World Bank looked at the relative importance of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gasses from oil, natural gas, and coal compared to the life cycle and supply chain emissions of domesticated animals raised for food. They conclude that greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the lifecycle and supply chain of animals raised for food account for 51% of annual emissions caused by humans and should be given higher priority in global efforts to fight climate change.



Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement?

U.N. plans for a new 'government' are scary.

OCTOBER 28, 2009


We can only hope that world leaders will do nothing more than enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride around the charming streets of Copenhagen come December. For if they actually manage to wring out an agreement based on the current draft text of the Copenhagen climate-change treaty, the world is in for some nasty surprises. Draft text, you say? If you haven't heard about it, that's because none of our otherwise talkative political leaders have bothered to tell us what the drafters have already cobbled together for leaders to consider. And neither have the media.

Enter Lord Christopher Monckton. The former adviser to Margaret Thatcher gave an address at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, earlier this month that made quite a splash. For the first time, the public heard about the 181 pages, dated Sept. 15, that comprise the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-a rough draft of what could be signed come December.

So far there have been more than a million hits on the YouTube post of his address. It deserves millions more because Lord Monckton warns that the aim of the Copenhagen draft treaty is to set up a transnational "government" on a scale the world has never before seen.

The "scheme for the new institutional arrangement under the Convention" that starts on page 18 contains the provision for a "government." The aim is to give a new as yet unnamed U.N. body the power to directly intervene in the financial, economic, tax and environmental affairs of all the nations that sign the Copenhagen treaty.

The reason for the power grab is clear enough: Clause after complicated clause of the draft treaty requires developed countries to pay an "adaptation debt" to developing countries to supposedly support climate change mitigation. Clause 33 on page 39 says that "by 2020 the scale of financial flows to support adaptation in developing countries must be [at least $67 billion] or [in the range of $70 billion to $140 billion per year]."

And how will developed countries be slugged to provide for this financial flow to the developing world? The draft text sets out various alternatives, including option seven on page 135, which provides for "a [global] levy of 2 per cent on international financial market [monetary] transactions to Annex I Parties." Annex 1 countries are industrialized countries, which include among others the U.S., Australia, Britain and Canada.

To be sure, countries that sign international treaties always cede powers to a U.N. body responsible for implementing treaty obligations. But the difference is that this treaty appears to have been subject to unusual attempts to conceal its convoluted contents. And apart from the difficulty of trying to decipher the U.N. verbiage, there are plenty of draft clauses described as "alternatives" and "options" that should raise the ire of free and democratic countries concerned about preserving their sovereignty.

Lord Monckton himself only became aware of the extraordinary powers to be vested in this new world government when a friend found an obscure U.N. Web site and searched through several layers of hyperlinks before discovering a document that isn't even called the draft "treaty." Instead, it's labelled a "Note by the Secretariat."

Interviewed by broadcaster Alan Jones on Sydney radio Monday, Lord Monckton said "this is the first time I've ever seen any transnational treaty referring to a new body to be set up under that treaty as a 'government.' But it's the powers that are going to be given to this entirely unelected government that are so frightening." He added: "The sheer ambition of this new world government is enormous right from the start-that's even before it starts accreting powers to itself in the way that these entities inevitably always do."

Critics have admonished Lord Monckton for his colorful language. He has certainly been vigorous. In his exposé of the draft Copenhagen treaty in St. Paul, he warned Americans that "in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your president will sign your freedom, your democracy and your prosperity away forever." Yet his critics fail to deal with the substance of what he says.

Ask yourself this question: Given that our political leaders spend hundreds of hours talking about climate change and the need for a global consensus in Copenhagen, why have none of them talked openly about the details of this draft climate-change treaty? After all, the final treaty will bind signatories for years to come. What exactly are they hiding? Thanks to Lord Monckton we now know something of their plans.

Janos Pasztor, director of the Secretary-General's Climate Change Support Team, told reporters in New York Monday that with the U.S. Congress yet to pass a climate-change bill, a global climate-change treaty is now an unlikely outcome in Copenhagen. Let's hope he is right. And thank you, America.

Ms. Albrechtsen is a columnist for the Australian.


Related videos and articles:

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty? (16 October 2009)
On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul (1:35:33) Full conference
He is a Global Warming Denier

Survey Says: Americans Not Worried About Global Warming (OCTOBER 22, 2009)
A new poll out today on Americans' attitudes about climate change presents sobering findings for those that favor aggressive action to curb U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases. The survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press finds a sharp decline over the past year in the percentage of Americans who see solid evidence that global temperatures are rising. According to the survey, conducted between Sept. 30 and Oct. 4 among 1,500 adults reached on cell phones and landlines, fewer respondents also see global warming as a very serious problem; 35% say that today, down from 44% in April 2008. The survey also points to a decline in the proportion of Americans who say global temperatures are rising as a result of human activity. Just 36% say that currently, down from 47% last year. Not everything in the poll is bad news for those that favor capping U.S. emissions. According to the survey, a majority (56%) of Americans think the United States should join other countries in setting standards to address global climate change, while 32% say that the United States should set its own standards. And half of Americans favor setting limits on carbon emissions and making companies pay for their emissions, even if this may lead to higher energy prices. On the other hand, more than half (55%) say they haven't heard about so-called "cap and trade" legislation being considered in Congress. (Then again, Sen. John Kerry says he doesn't know what "cap and trade" means, either.)  The poll's findings come just days before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is scheduled to hold hearings on legislation that calls for cutting U.S. emissions 20 percent beneath 2005 levels by 2020. They also coincide with the release of a new Government Accountability Office study that says most federal, state and local officials have not yet taken steps to adapt to the impacts of global warming that America can expect. Not surprisingly, opponents and supporters of carbon caps have very different takes on the poll's findings. "Perhaps the most interesting finding in this poll, aside from the precipitous drop in the number of Independents who believe global warming is a problem, is that the more Americans learn about cap-and-trade, the more they oppose cap-and-trade," says Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.), a longtime skeptic of climate-change warnings. Daniel Weiss at the left-leaning Center for American Progress, says the findings point to the effectiveness of "right-wing media personalities" in "distorting science while the mainstream media remains trapped in its 'he said, she said' narrative" about the science. Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center, says he's a little surprised by the decline in the percentage of respondents who see solid evidence of global warming. On the other hand, Mr. Kohut said, "we have since the onset of the recession seen people giving lower priority to environmental issues" in polls. Overall, Mr. Kohut says the disposition of most Americans appears to be "to want to do something" about climate change, "but it's not as sharp as it would be in a different economic climate."

Is Global Warming a Hoax? Check These Links

Global Warming Hoax
Refuting the Myth of Man-made Global Warming - Arguments based on science, news, and common sense. This site is non-partisan and non-religious based. In fact we fight the new faith based religion of global warming.

Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change"Global warming" is not a global crisis

Scientists Rebut Claim That Man Causes Climate Change (October 12, 2009)
As the world focused on President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a small group of determined scientists gathered in a Senate office building to present evidence backing their claim that climate change is caused not by man but by nature, and that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but the hope for a greener planet. CLIP -picture caption: Fred Singer, founder and chairman of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, holds up a book "Climate Change Reconsidered" that contains hundreds of scientific studies that dispute global warming and CO2 as a pollutant that causes global warming.

YET according to this Wikipedia entry: "Singer has been a consultant to various major corporations, including GE, Ford, GM, Exxon, Shell, Sun Oil, Lockheed Martin and IBM. A 2007 Newsweek cover story on climate change denial reported that: "In April 1998 a dozen people from the denial machine - including the Marshall Institute, Fred Singer's group and Exxon - met at the American Petroleum Institute's Washington headquarters. They proposed a $5 million campaign, according to a leaked eight-page memo, to convince the public that the science of global warming is riddled with controversy and uncertainty." The plan was reportedly aimed at "raising questions about and undercutting the 'prevailing scientific wisdom'" on climate change. According to Newsweek, the plan was leaked to the press and therefore was never implemented."


NOTE FROM JEAN: On Oct 21 I received an email from an ERN subscriber who was saying that he became convinced that  ""Man-Made Global Warming" (MMGW) (sometimes referred to as "Anthropocentric Global Warming" AGW) is a political propaganda construct rather than a solid scientific representation of truth" and he challenged what he considered to be my support for the Man-Made Global Warming view in my compilations. So we had a most interesting email discussion on this topic, him trying to bring me in the camp of what I consider to be the Global Warming deniers, and me trying to show to him that when you dig to find if the scientists who oppose the large worldwide consensus that we ought to do something about this growing problem are totally independent from any oil industry influence, you generally find that ExxonMobil and the like are indeed behind those discrediting efforts - for obvious reasons since they make a living out of selling us their fossil fuels.  At first he didn't want me to include our discussion in a compilation but then he finally agreed when I told him he could put together a compilation of the material he feels demonstrates his view and that he would have the last word. However, when I saw that he was basing some of his criticism of Al Gore on material posted at I became naturally curious to see what I could find on the Web about who is actually supporting this Science and Public Policy group. So I wrote back to him with the following comment:

Looking at who is behind this Science and Public Policy Institute it is clear to me it is a Republican effort to counter the scenario depicted by Al Gore's movie and since you cannot find anything there but material and viewpoints supporting their opposing perspective, it is hardly an objective source and therefore a dubious reference at best. I'm sure the Sierra Club or Greenpeace would quickly shred to pieces most if not all their contradictory "evidence"... If you give a look at you will see that their only goal seems to be to "Campaign to undermine scientific consensus on climate change"... You can also read there : "Former Boston Globe reporter Ross Gelbspan (who in 1997 wrote the book, The Heat is On, which details industry efforts to discredit climate change science), is reported to have said that the "conclusions that greenhouse gases are causing the planet to heat up are the result of the "most rigorously peer-reviewed scientific collaboration in history". He continues, "The contradictory statements of a tiny handful of discredited scientists, funded by big coal and big oil, represent a deliberate -- and extremely reckless -- campaign of deception and disinformation."

You can also read that "SPPI's Chief Scientific Advisor, Willie Soon, has clear corporate connections with the energy industry. In 2003, He authored a study alongside Sallie Baliunas and three others, which dismissed concerns regarding climate change. The study, called Reconstructing Climatic and Environmental Changes of the Past 1,000 Years: A Reappraisal, was published in the British scientific journal, Energy and Environment. According to a report in the Seattle Post Intelligencer[24], The research was underwritten by the American Petroleum Institute, the trade association of the world's largest oil companies. They also reported that 'two of the five authors are scientists who have been linked to the coal industry and have received support from the ExxonMobil Foundation', whilst a further two of the authors are affiliated with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and are 'senior scientists' with Washington-based organization the George C Marshall Institute, which received support from ExxonMobil Corp. It is also worth noting that the Marshall Institute's President is William O'Keefe, a former executive of the American Petroleum Institute and President of 'the Global Climate Coalition, a now-defunct organization created by oil and coal interests to lobby against U.S. participation in climate treaties, such as the Kyoto Protocol'. ... which is precisely the point I was making in an earlier email about the financing by Exxon of fake "scientific" research and opposing viewpoints.

So at this point I received an angry reply stating that I had revenged on my word to leave him the last word - which is true but I could not in good conscience let such a dubious source remain unexposed - and he told me he no longer agreed to have our full discussion networked. So of course I do respect his request and will not publish his emails. Yet I can certainly excerpt some of my comments just to let you know what I  found and what my view is on this whole debate... In case you are interested...

Since I know that other subscribers on this list share similar misgivings about the notion that the 93 millions tons of C02 emitted daily in the atmosphere by human activities are a main contributing factor in the rapid - relatively speaking - increase of mean temperatures worldwide - the natural sun cycle being of course another key source of variations, perhaps some of my perspective on this will be useful... Not that I wish though to engage into any further debate with anyone on this. As much as I love debating, extreme time constraints absolutely prevent me to further discuss this matter beyond what i share below with you.


Now as to the controversy surrounding the human origin of global warming, it is true I network almost only stuff that supports this theory and avoid delving into supporting those who disbelieve it...

There are many reasons for it. First, basic common sense to me is that polluting the atmosphere as we have done and continue doing at an alarming rate is plain and simple NOT GOOD and I don't care to discuss the uncertainty in some people's mind that it could be some kind of elite conspiracy and ploy to impose their agenda. I seriously doubt it because it flies in the face of the fact that the powerful oil and coal lobbies have had their way quite a bit thank you under Bush/Cheney - not to mention the huge financing of corrupt scientists to create false science as part of their propaganda campaign to protect their bottom line.

With the kind of money the Exxons on this world have to buy the phoney science they want - as does the cell phone industry and so many other ones - like Monsanto for the GMOs etc - it is easy for them to create the kind of controversy that, in most part, feeds the doubts of people who see an elite conspiracy behind the global warming consensus - supported by MOST reputable scientists like David Suzuki and 100's of others who have no interest nor desire to support any kind of cabal ploy.

On the other hand, I fail to see - based on my common sense argument that such huge pollution is BAD for the environment - why I would oppose the efforts of anyone - big corporations like British Petroleum that now sees part of its future profits in solar energy and politicians of any stripe who see the green retooling of their country's economy as a way to jump-start an economic revival while doing some good for the environment - who is pushing the wheels of change towards shifting away from our dependency on a finite resource like oil. On that respect only, I find the arguments of the nay-sayers as rather regressive and against the flow of change.

Of course, I would like to see emerging some highly decentralized, totally local, sources of energy - ideally free zero point energy - as opposed to the current model of profit oriented centralized means of energy production by monopolistic cartels (governmental or private), and I think the people who now oppose the paradigm of man-induced global warming should instead invest their time, attention, creativity and energies towards pushing for such a more human-centered and not-for-profit model of future energy development. Access to non-polluting forms of energy (again zero point energy from the Void or other free sources of energy) should eventually become a sort of basic human right - like access to free un-polluted and safe water, food and shelter - and be universally free for everyone on Earth.

Finally, it is also very clear to me that the main source of global warming on Earth is our sun and that all the C02 and methane we foolishly add to the atmosphere mix are merely a fraction of the total global warming equation - a potent one albeit because if the sun starts pumping out more heat as is likely to occur in the next few years as it reaches it climax in its 11 year cycle, then we will really incur the consequences of our runaway economic "progress". Also another concern is all the soot currently blocking - especially in Asia - the sun's rays from overheating the planet. Once removed, if we stop emitting so much of it through coal burning and forest fires for land clearing purposes, it would allow for a much quicker warming of the atmosphere and that would be a highly disagreeable unintended consequence of global efforts to curtail pollution. Which does not mean we should not try urgently to reduce our global environmental footprint, but we must be aware that we ain't seen the end of the consequences of what we have done. The acidification of the oceans now absorbing way too much C02 for their own good will likely trigger a cycle of massive marine life dying - with all calcium-based form of life losing their protective shell due to the extreme acidity - which in turn will diminish the ability of all ecosystems to mitigate the imbalances we have created.

Frankly, I tend to look at those who stick their head in the sand and refuse to support the efforts to reduce our global impact on the biosphere as flat Earth believers - please don't take it personally - who are in deep denial and prefer to continue to let our planetary home to burn while they enjoy their contradictory stance against all the global warming evidence presented to them and their deep suspicion about the motives of those, like Al Gore, who do their utmost best to awaken the sleepers so we may see what's happening and take appropriate actions.

Since I know that others on this list have been likewise fooled in having significant doubts about the whole human-induced global warming roller-coaster, because there is always contradictory stuff - some of it well written with seemingly cogent arguments - circulating on the Web and they fall for it in their unrelenting refusal to accept that anything good can come out of big governments in the pocket of filthy rich Bilderberg Cabal elements, which do exist indeed, I've decided to include your letter and this reply in my next compilation, hoping it is OK with you... This way, subscribers will be able to make up their own mind based on our respective arguments and perspectives. I wish to mention though that I will not want to further debate this matter with others because of the limited time I have and because I feel my stance is now clear enough on this.


Aside from the obvious facts that BIG SCAMS do indeed abound, I'm far from convinced, despite what you allege, that the man-made global warming theory is purely the result of a well planned deception. And frankly, I'm not that much interested to explore a maze of conspiracy theories purporting that this is all another shenanigan to impose a new world order under the guise of Orwellian restrictions, new carbon taxes and a high-jacking of national sovereignties to transfer more powers to the UN so as to ultimately create an elite-controlled world government - which, in a nutshell, in the main running underlying motivation purported in this whole conspiracy theory. Even if it was the case, I see as inevitable the taking over, perversion and manipulation by the elite controllers - the Power That Be as some call them - of noble environmental aims, pushed initially by the hippies and first environmentalists, in their (the PTB) unrelenting drive to use whatever means at their disposal to reach their goals. What can you do? They will always do that as it is part of their scheming nature.

From my perspective, and with the very dim level of consciousness at the basis of most human motivations up to now - profit for oneself being a prime force - I can accept, for instance, that the whole Kyoto treaty deal cap-and-trade scheme initially pushed by Al Gore, was based on this lowest of human motivations to drive the changes towards lower C02 emissions. There is no point in trying to preach the gospel of selfless environmentalism to people - especially in the corporate world - who seem to give value and pay attention only to their own bottom line - forget about the 7th generation and their own kids. To me, and that's why I don't wish to dig up dirt on the MMGW theory, as long as it helps move things and everyone towards the direction of an actual reduction of pollution of all types, then I can go along with it.

And besides, I have not seen any cogent argument yet from the opponents to the MMGW camp to explain why past CO2 levels as shown in ice cores drilled up from to 100,000 years old ice in Antarctica have coincided with the overall mean temperature evolution over time, thus indicating its higher levels to be a key driver of higher world temperatures - and the current levels are way off all ancient historical scales! I know that some allege that CO2 level rises in trapped bubbled of air in ice cores did follow and not precede higher global temperatures and that therefore it is not higher C02 levels that drove global warming, but this argument has been put to rest with the explanation of the lag between the time compressed snow turns into ice and the onset of C02 triggered climate changes. Read The lag between temperature and CO2. (Gore's got it right.) and you'll understand.

Now regarding the scenario you project - that with the current dominating mind-set it will have to become much worst and everything our fossil fuel driven civilization depends upon will have to disintegrate before something new can arise - it is realistic insofar as it posits that we will remain ensconsed into our delusory sense of separation and have no significant overall spiritual awakening out of our ego driven, purely selfish level of consciousness. My sense on this is that the exponential curve of spiritual awakening is fast catching up - despite the apparent lack of strong evidence to the rational mind - and will soon allow a significant portion of humanity to prime the pump for a truly selfless-driven wave of changes that will help us to shift out of our current ecosuicidal path into a transition period that will hopefully enable us to assist - instead of resist - the healing of the fractured web of Life on Earth and eventually transform this planet back into the original pristine Eden it was.

Fostering that kind of deep spiritual awakening has been the key driving force throughout my whole life and I trust - for reasons that are beyond the grasp of rational mind - that it will all manifest as divinely planned - "divinely" in the sense that as intricately embedded fragments of the Universal Being we all stem from, we, as One with All That Is, are at the origin of this so-called "Divine Plan". If you have followed the Meditation Focuses over the past 3 years and actually delved deep into the realm of co-creative manifestation those collective blissful soul communions enable, then you "understand" what I'm talking about here.
So to conclude, if the elite-concocted dark plan you allege exists to use the MMGW theory as a ploy to implement their world domination plan is for real, then so be it as I see this as a mere stepping-stone in the right lowering of C02 direction during a short transitory period while global spiritual awareness catches up to (thanks to its exponential growth curve) and overcomes globally the skin-encapsulated ego mind-set. Just as in aikido, one needs to use the energy projected by one's adversary to one's own advantage and ultimately prevail through remaining standing while the adversary falls on his face...



In case you'd like to take come action towards helping to prevent runaway global warming, here is something you can do:

No to Copenhagen 'Carbon Logging'

Fully Protects and Restores Old Forests as a Global Climatic Imperative

By ClimateArk Climate Change Portal - November 5, 2009

Copenhagen climate talks must not provide 'Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation' (REDD) carbon market funds for old, natural forest logging, or for conversion of natural or semi-natural forests and other ecosystems to plantations. Ending deforestation and degradation of old and relatively ecologically intact primary and old growth forest ecosystems, and the ecological restoration of late-successional old growth forests, are keystone responses to maintaining global climate, biodiversity, water and ecosystems.


Indications are that UN Copenhagen climate talks will allow selective logging and plantation establishment in primary and old-growth forests as a means to "fight" climate change. In draft texts, European and African negotiators have removed safeguards against the conversion of natural forests to forest plantations, and language ensuring first time industrial logging of primary rainforests are excluded from carbon finance has still not been included. This despite the fact no single international ecological policy initiative would protect global climate (and biodiversity and ecosystems) more effectively than protecting and restoring old forests wherever possible. 

Old forest logging must end -- to maintain climatic stability and achieve global ecological sustainability. This requires a rejection of the myth of "Sustainable Forest Management" in old forests, acknowledging that fully-intact, natural old forests both remove and store long-term, far more carbon than natural forests that are selectively logged or replaced by plantations.  Timber industry propaganda -- claiming logging ancient forests somehow saves them -- has been greatly aided by large NGOs like Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace, who continuously greenwash unknown amounts of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) "certification" of old forest logging as desirable and even sustainable.





Gore's Dual Role in Spotlight: Advocate and Investor

November 3, 2009

Former Vice President Al Gore thought he had spotted a winner last year when a small California firm sought financing for an energy-saving technology from the venture capital firm where Mr. Gore is a partner.

The company, Silver Spring Networks, produces hardware and software to make the electricity grid more efficient. It came to Mr. Gore's firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of Silicon Valley's top venture capital providers, looking for $75 million to expand its partnerships with utilities seeking to install millions of so-called smart meters in homes and businesses, The New York Times's John M. Broder writes.

Mr. Gore and his partners decided to back the company, and in gratitude Silver Spring retained him and John Doerr, another Kleiner Perkins partner, as unpaid corporate advisers.

The deal appeared to pay off in a big way last week, when the Energy Department announced $3.4 billion in smart grid grants. Of the total, more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Spring has contracts. Kleiner Perkins and its partners, including Mr. Gore, could recoup their investment many times over in coming years.

Silver Spring Networks is a foot soldier in the global green energy revolution Mr. Gore hopes to lead. Few people have been as vocal about the urgency of global warming and the need to reinvent the way the world produces and consumes energy. And few have put as much money behind their advocacy as Mr. Gore and are as well positioned to profit from this green transformation, if and when it comes.

Critics, mostly on the political right and among global warming skeptics, say Mr. Gore is poised to become the world's first "carbon billionaire," profiting from government policies he supports that would direct billions of dollars to the business ventures he has invested in.

Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, asserted at a hearing this year that Mr. Gore stood to benefit personally from the energy and climate policies he was urging Congress to adopt.

Mr. Gore says that he is simply putting his money where his mouth is.

"Do you think there is something wrong with being active in business in this country?" Mr. Gore said. "I am proud of it. I am proud of it."

In an e-mail message this week, he said his investment activities were consistent with his public advocacy over decades.

"I have advocated policies to promote renewable energy and accelerate reductions in global warming pollution for decades, including all of the time I was in public service," Mr. Gore wrote. "As a private citizen, I have continued to advocate the same policies. Even though the vast majority of my business career has been in areas that do not involve renewable energy or global warming pollution reductions, I absolutely believe in investing in ways that are consistent with my values and beliefs. I encourage others to invest in the same way."

Mr. Gore has invested a significant portion of the tens of millions of dollars he has earned since leaving government in 2001 in a broad array of environmentally friendly energy and technology business ventures, like carbon trading markets, solar cells and waterless urinals.

He has also given away millions more to finance the nonprofit he founded, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and to another group, the Climate Project, which trains people to present the slide show that was the basis of his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." Royalties from his new book on climate change, "Our Choice," printed on 100 percent recycled paper, will go to the alliance, an aide said.

Other public figures, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who have vocally supported government financing of energy-saving technologies, have investments in alternative energy ventures. Some scientists and policy advocates also promote energy policies that personally enrich them.

As a private citizen, Mr. Gore does not have to disclose his income or assets, as he did in his years in Congress and the White House. When he left government in early 2001, he listed assets of less than $2 million, including homes in suburban Washington and in Tennessee.

Since then, his net worth has skyrocketed, helped by timely investments in Apple and Google, profits from books and his movie, and scores of speeches for which he can be paid more than $100,000, although he often speaks at no charge.

He is a founder of Generation Investment Management, based in London and run by David Blood, a former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (the firm was quickly dubbed Blood and Gore). Mr. Gore earns a partner's salary at Kleiner Perkins. He has substantial personal finances invested at both firms, officials of the companies said.

He also serves as an adviser to high-profile technology companies including Apple and Google, relationships that have paid him handsome dividends over the last eight years.

Mr. Gore's spokeswoman would not give a figure for his current net worth, but the scale of his wealth is evident in a single investment of $35 million in Capricorn Investment Group, a private equity fund started by his friend Jeffrey Skoll, the first president of eBay.

Ion Yadigaroglu, a co-founder of Capricorn, said that Mr. Gore does not sit on the fund's investment committee, but obviously agrees with the partners' strategy of putting long-term money into promising ventures in energy, technology and health care around the globe.

"Aspirationally," said Mr. Yadigaroglu, who holds a doctorate from Stanford in astrophysics, "we're trying to make more money than others doing the same thing and do it in a way that is superior in ethics and impacts."

Mr. Gore has said he invested in partnerships and funds that try to identify and support companies that are advancing cutting-edge green technologies and are paving the way toward a low-carbon economy.

He has a stake in the world's pre-eminent carbon credit trading market and in an array of companies in bio-fuels, sustainable fish farming, electric vehicles and solar power.

Capricorn holds a major stake in Falcon Waterfree Technologies, the world's leading maker of waterless urinals. Generation has holdings in Ausra, a solar energy company based in California, and Camco, a British firm that develops carbon dioxide emissions reduction projects. Kleiner Perkins has a green ventures fund with nearly $1 billion invested in renewable energy and efficiency concerns.

Mr. Gore also has substantial interests in technology, media and biotechnology ventures that have no direct tie to his environmental advocacy, an aide said.

Mr. Gore is not a lobbyist, and he has never asked Congress or the administration for an earmark or policy decision that would directly benefit one of his investments. But he has been a tireless advocate for policies that would move the country away from the use of coal and oil, and he has begun a $300 million campaign to end the use of fossil fuels in electricity production in 10 years.

But Marc Morano, a climate change skeptic who until recently was a top aide to Senator James M. Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, said that what he saw as Mr. Gore's alarmism and occasional exaggerations distorted the debate and also served his personal financial interests.

Mr. Gore has testified numerous times in support of legislation to address climate change and to revamp the nation's energy policies.

He appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in April to support an energy and climate change bill that was intended to reduce global warming emissions through a cap-and-trade program for major polluting industries.

Mr. Gore, who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his climate advocacy, is generally received on Capitol Hill as something of an oracle, at least by Democrats.

But at the hearing in April, he was challenged by Ms. Blackburn, who echoed some of the criticism of Mr. Gore that has swirled in conservative blogs and radio talk shows. She noted that Mr. Gore is a partner at Kleiner Perkins, which has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in firms that could benefit from any legislation that limits carbon dioxide emissions.

"I believe that the transition to a green economy is good for our economy and good for all of us, and I have invested in it," Mr. Gore said, adding that he had put "every penny" he has made from his investments into the Alliance for Climate Protection.
"And, Congresswoman," he added, "if you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you don't know me."

NOTE from Jean: Al Gore was on John Stewart's show this Wednesday night - to promote his new book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis - and had some very good things to say in response to John's really tough comments and questions.


THIS DESERVES DEEP PONDERING. Getting our act - feelings, thoughts, words and deeds - in greater balance would contribute greatly to world harmony, true peace and love in action.

From: Harold W. Becker (
Subject: Embracing the Divine Masculine
Date: 15 Oct 2009

Dear Friends,

Life is a beautiful interplay of imagination and manifestation.  Known in other ways as feeling and thought, feminine and masculine, yin yang, each requires and adds to the other.  In an amazing dance that allows us to create and recreate our world, these energies continuously merge into each other to form a union that brings wholeness to our expression.  Inspiration held with determination is what creates our physical experience and when this process is conscious and balanced, great manifestations result that benefit all.

Identified simply as our feminine and masculine aspects, these forces combine to make up our innate creative potential. Although often exemplified by our gender, we must take care not to confuse this strictly with being male or female.  Both of these potent energies are a natural part of each of us and provide the very mechanism for our ability to exist.  They are our right and left brain functioning as one, with love and logic in perfect harmony.

For millennia, cultures have held a fundamental focus and tendency towards the masculine aspect having dominion, where physical manifestation is at the cost of suppressing our intuitive, holistic, and imaginative, feminine energy.  This ongoing and increasing imbalance has formed a great rift from our once splendid ability to create with wisdom, universal vision and magnificence.

Thus we find many men using their will to make things materialize regardless of cost to the whole, while subordinating their feminine equal into roles that ignore and trivialize the nurturing and imaginative aspects so vital to life.  Likewise, many women deny their ability to fully realize their creations in manifest form and perpetuate the dilemma of subservience to male domination.

In recent times, we have born witness to a re-awakening of the feminine energy.  For many females, this has been a necessary reclaiming of their "goddess" energy or divine feminine, which in reality is their embracing the fullness of both aspects essential to manifest, including the masculine will. In men, however, we often find confusion and frustration as this loving energy begins to percolate throughout their existence.  They are beginning to feel once again, and yet with so few examples as to what this means, there is a tendency to remain in the only perspective they have known for so long.

Life always seeks balance. With an increasing awareness of cause and effect, we are quickly seeing that what happens in one part of the world instantly affects the whole just as our thoughts and feelings work together in our personal experience.  We are coming to realize that it is up to each of us to embrace our true creative potential and ensure that we balance the feminine with the masculine.  Nowhere is this more evident than with the men who have been constantly using their unbridled will without regard to consequences.

It is time for the divine masculine to emerge through love.  What does this mean? It is a wakeup call for each to embody their highest potential of masculine energy.  Rather than perpetuating an imbalanced approach to creation that ultimately leads to destruction and chaos, it is our distinct opportunity to embrace and express our integrity, honesty, dignity and compassion.  It is allowing the rising feminine energy to blend with our masculine to make enlightened and loving choices.  By consciously acknowledging and incorporating our imagination, intuition and feelings, with courage, strength, and an open heart, we birth a new world where love, wisdom and power are always in balance.

Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker
President and Founder
The Love Foundation, Inc.
"Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally"


Forwarded by Mark Graffis (

Food will never be so cheap again

Biofuel refineries in the US have set fresh records for grain use every month since May. Almost a third of the US corn harvest will be diverted into ethanol for motors this year, or 12pc of the global crop.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - 25 Oct 2009
The world's grain stocks have dropped from four to 2.6 months cover since
2000, despite two bumper harvests in North America. China's inventories are at a 30-year low. Asian rice stocks are near danger level.
Yet farm commodities have largely missed out on Bernanke's reflation rally in metals, oil, and everything else. Dylan Grice from Société Générale sees "bargain basement" prices.
Wheat has crashed 70pc from early 2008. Corn has halved. The "Ags" have mostly drifted sideways over the last six months. This divergence within the commodity family is untenable, given the bio-ethanol linkage to oil.
For investors wishing to rotate out of overstretched rallies - Wall Street's Transport index and the Russell 2000 broke down last week - this is a rare chance to buy cheap into a story that will dominate the rest of our lives.
Barack Obama has not reversed the Bush policy on biofuels, despite food riots in a string of poor countries last year and calls for a moratorium. The subsidy of 45 cents per gallon remains.
The motive is strategic. America is weaning itself off imported energy at breakneck speed. It will not again be held hostage by oil demagogues, or humiliated by states that cannot feed themselves. Those Beijing students who laughed at US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner may not enjoy the last laugh. The US is the agricultural superpower. Foes will discover why that matters.
The world population is adding "another Britain" every year. This will continue until mid-century. By then we will have an extra 2.4bn mouths to feed.
China and Southeast Asia are switching to animal-protein diets as they grow wealthy, as the Koreans did before them. It takes roughly 3-5kgs of animal feed from grains to produce 1kg of meat.
A report by Standard Chartered, The End of Cheap Food, said North Africa and the Middle East have already hit the buffers. The region imports 71pc of its rice and 58pc of its corn. It lacks water to boost output. The population is growing fast. It will have to import, and cross fingers.
The UN says global farm yields must rise 77pc, which means redoubling Norman Borlaug's "green revolution". It will not be easy. China's trend growth in crops yields has slipped from 3.1pc a year in the early 1960s to 0.9pc over the last decade
"We've all heard the stark anecdotes: precious topsoil weakened by over-farming, dust clouds darkening the Asian skies, parched land becoming desert and rivers running dry," said Mr Grice.
Since 2000, China has lost nearly 1,400 square miles each year to desert. Urban sprawl is paving over fertile land in the East. Water supply from Himalayan glaciers is ebbing. The Yellow River has been reduced to "an agonising trickle". It no longer reaches the sea for 200 days a year.
Farmers are draining the aquifers. Environmentalist Ma Jun says in China's Water Crisis that they are drilling as deep as 1,000 metres into non-replenishable reserves. The grain region of the Hai River Basin relies on groundwater for 70pc of irrigation.
China's water troubles are not unique. North India lives off Himalayan snows as well. Nor can we take fertiliser supply for granted any longer since "peak phosphates" threatens.
One can be Malthusian about this. Grizzled commodity guru Jim Rogers certainly is. "The world is going to have a period when we cannot get food at any price, in some parts." He advises youth to opt for a farm degree rather than an MBA, if they want to make serious money.
Mr Grice remains an optimist, believing that human ingenuity will rescue us. You can trade the "Ag" rally by investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs), but this amounts to speculation on food. There are ancient taboos against this practice.
Or you can invest in the bio-tech, fertiliser, and land services companies that will both make money and help to solve the problem. Monsanto, Syngenta, and Potash are popular, but trade at high price to book values. Golden Agri-Resources, Yara, Agrium, and Bunge are at better multiples.
Kingsmill Bond at Moscow's Troika Dialog suggests the Baltic company Trigon Agri as a way to play the catch-up story in the Eurasian steppe. He likes sunflower processor Kernel, grain group Razgulay, and fertiliser firm Uralkali.
Strictly speaking, the world has enough land to feed everybody. The Soviet Union farmed 240m hectares in Khrushchev's era. The same territory now farms 207m hectares. Troika says crop yields could be doubled in Russia, and tripled in the Ukraine using modern know-how. Africa's farms could come alive with land registers, allowing villagers to use property as collateral for credit.
None of this can be done with a flick of the fingers. What seems certain is that the terms of trade between country and city will revert to the norms of the Middle Ages. Landowners will be barons again.


Recommended by Kelley Elkins (


The Pentagon's Dirty Bombers: Depleted Uranium in the USA


The Nuclear Regulator Commission is considering an application by the US Army for a permit to have depleted uranium at its Pohakuloa Training Area, a vast stretch of flat land in what's called the "saddle" between the sacred mountains of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on Hawaii's Big Island, and at the Schofield Barracks on the island of Oahu. In fact, what the Army is asking for is a permit to leave in place the DU left over from years of test firing of M101 mortar "spotting rounds," that each contained close to half a pound of depleted uranium (DU). The Army, which originally denied that any DU weapons had been used at either location, now says that as many as 2000 rounds of M101 DU mortars might have been fired at Pohakuloa alone.

But that's only a small part of the story.

The Army is actually seeking a master permit from the NRC to cover all the sites where it has fired DU weapons, including penetrator shells that, unlike the M101, are designed to hit targets and burn on impact, turning the DU in the warhead into a fine dust of uranium oxide. Hearings on this proposal were held in Hawaii on Aug. 26 and 27.

Uranium particles, whether pure uranium or in an oxidized form, are alpha emitters, and can be highly carcinogenic and mutagenic if ingested or inhaled, since they can lodge in one part of the body-the kidney or lung or gonad, for example-and then irradiate surrounding cells with large, destructive alpha particles (actually helium atoms), until some gene is compromised and a cell become malignant.

Among the sites identified by the NRC as being contaminated with DU are:

Ft. Hood, TX

Ft. Benning, GA

Ft. Campbell, KY

Ft. Knox, KY

Ft. Lewis, WA

Ft. Riley, KS

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

Ft. Dix, NJ

Makua Military Reservation, HI

Other locations identified as having DU weapons contamination are:

China Lake Air Warfare Center, CA

Eglin AFB, Florida,

Nellis AFB, NV

Davis-Monthan AFB

Kirtland AFB, NM

White Sands Missile Range, NM

Ethan Allen Firing Range, VT

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

An application for a 99-year permit to test DU weapons at the NM Inst. Of Mining and Technology claimed that that site's test area was "so contaminated with DU?as to preclude any other use"!

DU weapons have also been used by the Navy at Vieques Island off Puerto Rico (the Navy claimed it was a "mistake."

The Pentagon continues a long history of claiming that DU--which is the uranium that is left after the fissionable isotope U-235 is removed to make nuclear fuel and bombs--is not dangerous, although this official stance is belied by the warnings it has given to its troops (though not to civilians in battle zones), to stay well clear of tanks and other equipment destroyed by US tanks, which used DU weapons as the ordnance of choice in both the Gulf War and the current Iraq War. During both wars, DU ammunition was used by Army and Marine tanks, by the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the A-10 ground support jet, the Marine Harrier jet, and specially equipped F16 fighter jets. The Navy also switched from DU ammunition to tungsten ammunition in its Phalanx anti-missile ship defense system because of health and environmental concerns with the DU ammo.

In both wars, a high percentage of troops have returned with many physical ailments--auto-immune problems, cancers, and later, birth defects in offspring--which have been referred to as Gulf War and now Iraq War Syndrome. As many as a quarter of returning vets from the Gulf War have reported strange illnesses and cancers and the numbers are rising for Iraq War vets. As well, statistics from the National Institutes of Health show that counties hosting bases and test facilities where DU has been uses also show high cancer rates. This is certainly true for Hawaii's Big Island, which has the highest cancer rates for the Hawaiian archepelago. Meanwhile, the lung cancer rate for the Ft. Knox area is 105-127 per 100,000 for the 2001-2005 period, high by state and national standards. The rate is among the highest in the state of Washington for Pierce County, where Ft. Lewis is located.

The Pentagon denies that it uses depleted uranium in bombs, missiles and cruise missile warheads, but military personnel have reported their use in all three delivery systems, and reports exist of DU bunker-buster bombs, DU-tipped penetrator warheads on Tomahawk cruise missiles and on some air-to-ground missiles.

It's a good bet that all US munitions containing DU have been widely tested at various US military bases and testing grounds.

The bottom line is that at the same time that US government is continuing to warn about the danger of terrorists acquiring the materials to make a "dirty" bomb that could spread radioactive material in the US, the US military has for years been doing exactly that, and continues to do so, with no intention to clean up its messes, many of which are allowing depleted uranium to percolate into ground water or flow down streams to more populated areas.

Of course, it could have been worse. The M101 mortar that litters Pohakuloa was actually designed as a range-finder for the Davy Crocket mortar, which back in the late 1950s and the 1960s, and up until 1971 was designed to allow infantry troops to fire a small "tactical" nuclear mortar shell at targets just one to two miles distant. Some 700 of these "little nukes", that had a power of "just" several kilotons or less, were made and actually made their way into the arsenals of troops in Europe and elsewhere during the Cold War. Fortunately there are no reports of any of them having been fired off at any of the military's firing ranges--especially given that their radiation effect radius was larger than their firing range, meaning that launching one was an automatic suicide mission.

Then again, the Pentagon doesn't exactly have a sterling record about telling the truth where nuclear weapons and DU weapons are concerned. (You start to notice as you look into this stuff that with uranium weapons, the military's attitude towards troop safety is not a whole lot better than its attitude towards the people at the downrange end of the line.)
Nor is the NRC to be relied on to protect the American public. As an administrative judge wrote in a ruling on a case involving DU contamination at Jefferson Proving Ground in Indiana, the NRC exhibited a "more than casual attitude with regard to decommissioning of sites on which radioactive materials remain as a potential threat to public health and safety and to the environment."

In another case, involving cleanup of the ShieldAlloy Metallurgical Corp.'s site in Newfield, NJ, where DU weapons were made, a judge said, "at the very least, the (NRC) staff has countenanced?a situation that will leave the citizens in the area surrounding the activity site in doubt for close to two decades regarding what measures will ultimately be taken for their protection."


Related videos and articles:
The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children (53:02)
An award winning documentary film produced for German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn. The film exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations. It opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq.

Outrageous Thought of the Day: Nuclear Hypocrisy (10/20/2009)
How absurd is it that we have the government on the one hand pulling back from using a hollowed out mountain in Nevada to store nuclear waste because of a remote fear (legitimate I grant) that hundreds or thousands of years hence, some earthquake or other catastrophe might cause the stored waste to leak into the water table, while on the other hand we have this same government deliberately taking some of the most dangerous waste--the actual uranium from the used fuel rods--and putting it into bombs, shells and bullets to be splattered and burned all across the landscape? And I should note that it's not just remote places like Iraq and Kuwait and Afghanistan that are being contaminated with super toxic and radioactive uranium dust--nor am I just talking about the stuff that gets picked up in the wind and carried around the globe, or the stuff that gets inhaled by our troops and carried home internally, bad enough as that is. The truth is that depleted uranium weapons are being exploded and burned right here in the USA in training operations. Who needs terrorists with dirty bombs!
(...) The simple truth is that our own government, besides committing an ongoing atrocity in the Middle East, is also doing Osama Bin Laden's job for him, poisoning our own country with uranium oxide.Our Nobel Peace Prize president should take note. President John F. Kennedy, whatever his faults, reportedly moved to halt open air testing of nuclear weapons after looking at the rain falling outside the window of the Oval Office and asking a science advisor whether it was delivering nuclear fallout to the rose garden where his two kids played (he was told that it was). Maybe President Obama should consider that the rain today is delivering uranium dust to his wife's and daughters' garden in the back yard of the White House. At least he should take a look at pictures of the horribly deformed babies being born to mothers in Iraq (and of the lucky babies that are stillborn), thanks to the radioactive warfare that the US military has been employing against both that country and Afghanistan--his "necessary" war. There is another irony here too. The US is expressing concern about Iran enriching uranium, and possibly creating a nuclear bomb, which in the unlikely event that it were ever used, might spread some radioactivity around parts of the Middle east, yet it is the US which already has spread close to 2000 tons of uranium dust all over Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 18 years--far more radioactive material than any small Iranian bomb could release.

Depleted Uranium Weapons: The Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke (10/19/2009)
The horrors of the US Agent Orange defoliation campaign in Vietnam, about which I wrote on Oct. 15, could ultimately be dwarfed by the horrors caused by the depleted uranium weapons which the US began using in the 1991 Gulf War (300 tons), and which it has used much more extensively--and in more urban, populated areas--in the Iraq War and the now intensifying Afghanistan War. (...) The big danger with DU is not as a pure metal, but after it has exploded and burned, when the particles of uranium oxide, which are just as radioactive as the pure isotopes, can be inhaled or ingested. Even the smallest particle of uranium in the body is both deadly poisonous as a chemical, and over time can cause cancer-particularly in the lungs, but also the kidneys, testes and ovaries.There are reports of a dramatic increase in the incidence of deformed babies being born in the city of Fallujah, where DU weapons were in wide use during the November 2004 assault on that city by US Marines. The British TV station SKY UK, in a report last month that has received no mention in any mainstream American news organization, found a marked increase in birth defects at local hospitals. Birth defects have also been high for years in the Basra area in the south of Iraq, where DU was used not just during America's 2003 "shock and awe" attack on Iraq, but also in the 1991 Gulf War.Deformed baby born in post-US Invasion Iraq: DU's legacy? Further, a report sent to the UN General Assembly by Dr Nawal Majeed Al-Sammarai, Iraq's Minister of Women's Affairs since 2006, stated that in September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 babies born, 24% of which died within their first week of life. Worse yet, fully 75% of the babies born that month were deformed. This compares to August 2002, six months before the US invasion, when 530 live births were reported with only six dying in the first week, and only one deformity. Clearly something terrible is happening in Fallujah, and many doctors suspect it's the depleted uranium dust that is permeating the city. But the real impact of the first heavy use of depleted uranium weaponry in populous urban environments (DU was used widely especially in 2003 in Baghdad, Samara, Mosul and other big Iraqi cities), will come over the years, as the toxic legacy of this latest American war crime begins to show up in rising numbers of cancers, birth defects and other genetic disorders in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, as in the case of Agent Orange in Vietnam, the toxic effects of this latest battlefield use of toxic materials by the US military will also be felt for years to come by the men and women who were sent over to fight America's latest wars. As with Agent Orange, the Pentagon and the Veterans Affairs Department have been assiduously denying the problem, and have been just as assiduously denying claims by veterans of the Gulf War and the two current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who claim their cancers and other diseases have anything to do with their exposure to DU. The record on Agent Orange should lead us to be suspicious of the government's claims.The deformed and dead babies in Iraq should make us demand a cleanup of Iraq and Afghanistan, medical aid for the victims, and a ban on all depleted uranium weapons.

Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukaemias. These deformities are now well documented, for example in television documentaries on SKY UK on September 1 2009, and on SKY UK June 2008. (...) Doctors in Fallujah have specifically pointed out that not only are they witnessing unprecedented numbers of birth defects but premature births have also considerably increased after 2003. But what is more alarming is that doctors in Fallujah have said, "a significant number of babies that do survive begin to develop severe disabilities at a later stage". CLIP - More through this LINK

Agent Orange in Vietnam: Ignoring the Crimes Before Our Eyes (10/15/2009)
On Oct. 13, the New York Times ran a news story headlined "Door Opens to Health Claims Tied to Agent Orange," which was sure to be good news to many American veterans of the Indochina War. It reported that 38 years after the Pentagon ceased spreading the deadly dioxin-laced herbicide/defoliant over much of South Vietnam, it was acknowledging what veterans have long claimed: in addition to 13 ailments already traced to exposure to the chemical, it was also responsible for three more dread diseases-Parkinson's, ischemic heart disease and hairy-cell leukemia.Under a new policy adopted by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, the VA will now start providing free care to any of the 2.1 million Vietnam-era veterans who can show that they might have contracted any of those new diseases by their exposure to Agent Orange. This is another belated step forward in the bitter decades-long struggle by Vietnam War veterans to get the Defense Department and the VA to own up to the American government's responsibility for poisoning them and causing permanent damage to them and often to their children and grandchildren. Dioxin, one of the most poisonous substances known to man, is known to cause many serious systemic diseases, autoimmune illnesses, cancers and birth defects. (This story is also a warning about the general Pentagon and government approach to other hazards caused by its battlefield use of toxins-most significantly the increasingly common use of depleted uranium projectiles in bombs, shells and bullets-an approach which features lack of concern about health effects on troops and civilians, denial of information to troops, and denial of care to eventual victims.) Missing from the Times article, written by military affairs reporter James Dao, which did include mention of the obstructionist role the government has played through this whole sorry saga, was a single mention of the far larger number of victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam-the people on whose heads and lands the toxic chemical was actually dropped, or of the adamant refusal by the US government to accept any responsibility for what it did to them. According to the article, the VA estimates that there may be as many as 200,000 US veterans who are suffering from Agent Orange-related illnesses. But according to a court case brought on behalf of Vietnamese victims, which was dismissed by a US Federal District Judge who, incredibly, ruled that there was "no basis for the claims," there are at least three million Vietnamese, and possibly as many as 4.8 million, who are suffering the same Agent Orange-related illnesses as American veterans and their children. It is estimated that as many as 800,000 Vietnamese in the country's south currently suffer from chronic health problems due to Agent Orange exposure, either to themselves, or to a parent or grandparent. Most of these victims, some of whom are retarded, and others of whom cannot walk or have no use of their arms, need constant care.Veterans for Peace, an organization whose membership includes a large number of Vietnam War veterans, has issued a call for the US to provide funds for health care, education, vocational education, chronic care, home care and equipment to clean up hotspots of dioxin in Vietnam-a call which Congress and the White House have consistently ignored. Tests have found dioxin levels around the sites of the three main former US bases in what was South Vietnam to be 300-400 times recognized safe levels. The US dumped huge amounts of Agent Orange for miles in the heavily populated areas around those bases to kill off jungle cover that Vietnamese fighters could use to approach the bases, but it was never cleaned up when the US pulled out. CLIP


Forwarded by Mark Graffis (

Report: Palestinians denied water

Israel is denying Palestinians access to even the basic minimum of clean, safe water, Amnesty International says.

In a report, the human rights group says Israeli water restrictions discriminate against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

It says that in Gaza, Israel's blockade has pushed the already ailing water and sewage system to "crisis point".

Israel says the report is flawed and the Palestinians get more water than was agreed under the 1990s peace deal.

'Basic need'

In the 112-page report, Amnesty says that on average Palestinian daily water consumption reaches 70 litres a day, compared with 300 litres for the Israelis.

" Israel must end its discriminatory policies, immediately lift all the restrictions it imposes on Palestinians' access to water "
Donatella Rovera Amnesty International

It says that some Palestinians barely get 20 litres a day - the minimum recommended even in humanitarian emergencies.

While Israeli settlers in the West Bank enjoy lush gardens and swimming pools, Amnesty describes a series of Israeli measures it says are discriminating against Palestinians:

Israel has "entirely appropriated the Palestinians' share of the Jordan river" and uses 80% of a key shared aquifer
West Bank Palestinians are not allowed to drill wells without Israeli permits, which are "often impossible" to obtain
Rainwater harvesting cisterns are "often destroyed by the Israeli army"
Israeli soldiers confiscated a water tanker from villagers who were trying to remain in land Israel had declared a "closed military area"
An unnamed Israeli soldier says rooftop Palestinian household water tanks are "good for target practice"
Much of the land cut off by the West Bank barrier is land with good access to a major aquifer
Israeli military operations have damaged Palestinian water infrastructure, including $6m worth during the Cast Lead operation in Gaza last winter
The Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza has "exacerbated what was already a dire situation" by denying many building materials needed for water and sewage projects.

The report also noted that the Palestinian water authorities have been criticised for bad management, quoting one audit that described the sector as in "total chaos".

"Water is a basic need and a right, but for many Palestinians obtaining even poor-quality, subsistence-level quantities of water has become a luxury that they can barely afford," Amnesty's Donatella Rovera said.

"Israel must end its discriminatory policies, immediately lift all the restrictions it imposes on Palestinians' access to water."

'Fair share'

Ms Rovera also urged Israel to "take responsibility for addressing the problems it created by allowing Palestinians a fair share of the shared water resources".

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said "the idea that we're taking water away from someone else is simply preposterous".

He argued that Israeli fresh water use per capita had gone down since 1967 due to efficiency and new technologies, while the Palestinians' use had increased and more than a third of their water was wasted.

If there were allegations of military wrongdoing, those would be investigated, he said.

He also rejected the claim that Israel was preventing Palestinians from drilling for water, saying Israel had approved 82 such projects but the Palestinians had only implemented 26 of them.
"They have received billions of dollars in international aid over the last decade and a half, why have they not invested that in their own water infrastructure?" he asked.

The report also criticised the Oslo Accords, which the Palestinians agreed to in 1993.

It said that under them, the Palestinians gained the responsibility for managing an "insufficient" water supply and maintaining "long neglected" water infrastructure.
Also, the deal left the Palestinians paying Israel for half of the domestic water used in the West Bank, despite the fact it is extracted from the shared aquifer.

Mr Regev said Israel provides the Palestinians with more water than it was required to under the accord.


Related article:

Goldstone Challenges Obama on Israeli War Crimes (October 23, 2009)
Richard Goldstone, author of the UN report accusing Israel of serious war crimes and crimes against humanity during its assault on Gaza, has openly challenged the Obama administration to justify its claims that his findings are flawed and biased.  ISRAELI ASSAULT "DESIGNED TO TERRORIZE" - The UN fact-finding mission headed by Goldstone concluded that the Israeli assault on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip was "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity both to work and to provide for itself, and to force upon it an ever increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability." Israel's criminal use of white phosphorus on civilian areas was blatant and obvious to television viewers around the world. The Israeli government is particularly worried because the Goldstone report concluded that the Israeli military, headed by Ehud Barak, committed serious war crimes that constitute a "grave breach" of the Geneva Conventions: From the facts gathered, the Mission found that the following grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention were committed by the Israeli armed forces in Gaza: wilful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, and extensive destruction of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly. As grave breaches these acts give rise to individual criminal responsibility. The Mission notes that the use of human shields also constitutes a war crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The Goldstone fact-finding report is extremely important because it puts every law-abiding government on notice that they are obliged under international law to consider the leadership of the Israeli government and military as criminal.  This means that people like Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak should be arrested as soon as they arrive in any country that upholds international law.  In the same way that Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland, the Israeli political and military leaders should be arrested and held for a war crimes trial.  This is what international law demands.  If these individuals were to be arrested and interrogated we would also find the truth about who carried out the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.


Typed from the Star newspaper in South Africa and sent by Lou BOGNON (

Funny Words

* Honk if you love Peace and Quiet.
* A day without sunshine is like, night.
* On the other hand, you have different fingers.
* 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
* I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
* Remember, half the people you know are below average.
* He who laughs last thinks slowest.
* The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
* I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
* Support bacteria. They are the only culture some people have.
* Monday is an awful way to spend a seventh of your week.
* A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory.
* Always try to be modest, and be proud of it!
* How do you tell you are out of invisible ink?
* If everything is going well you have obviously overlooked something.
* When everything is coming your way you are in the wrong lane.
* Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.
* Eagles may soar but weasels do not get sucked into jet engines.
* I couldn't repair your brakes so I make your horn louder.
* Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.
* Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak.


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