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October 21, 2009

The Shift of Ages Series #6: Everything Reaching a Feverish Pitch

Hello everysoul!

In this new compilation, you'll find 35 pages dedicated to a special Global Ecocide Feature and 46 pages of fresh news, updates, including 4 in-depth articles on the global swine flu scam, plus several articles showing that the US Dollar's dominance is in its death throes - and a whole lot of other stuff as usual - with the whole compilation reaching a staggering 152 pages (over 58,000 words) of reading material which I compiled for you over the past several days...

I know this is insanely dense, but so is the world we live in and the information deluge one can access through the Web.

Since I've already included many comments below, I'll let you dive immediately in it. Oh! and if you do enjoy some of the stuff I network, think about sharing the "fun" with others ;-)

With Love and kindness, as always

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Yesterday (Monday, Oct 19), I went kayaking alone on the Saguenay River here - one last time before winter sets in - and had a truly wonderful time taking in the majestic beauty of nature and enjoying the meditative calm of a moment of bliss on this large body of salty water. I took several good pictures and will probably add some of them to the other 42 photos already in my Best Of series for 2009 that I'll soon post on the Web for your enjoyment. One highlight for me was to realize how absolutely everything that was around me, including the 5 trillion cells of my own body, were in perpetual motion as is every single speck of matter and energy in all dimensions of this infinitely vast universe. Thinking of how it must have felt - theoretically - before the Big Bang spasm from Creator Source when there was absolutely no movement and no thing made me realize even more deeply how we all are a sea of energy in movement and an intrinsic part of All that IS... Hard to properly express this bliss-stilling feeling with mere words, but if you ever went "there" in your meditations, you surely get what it means... It sure puts back into proper perspective the sheer insignificance, in the grand scheme of things, of what all 6.5 billions of us are experiencing right now on this still magnificent living planet... Yet when in time we will look back in the akashic records at this moment in the eternal continuum where so MUCH hangs in the balance with unimaginably profound repercussions for millions of years to come, I'm sure it will all hold a very special place in our collective heart - FOR GOING COLLECTIVE - remembering/reactivating our Oneness - is exactly where we are going/ascending...

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"Thank you for creating so much positive energy in a time where it is so much needed. I'm organizing a conference called "Inspired Action, changing the world from the inside out" at the Findhorn Foundation, part of a spiritual community in Scotland. You are very welcome to join in!"

- Message left by Margo van Greta in the ERN guestbook - Details at http://www.findhorn.org/inspiredaction

"Today, flu viruses are used like biological weapons to exterminate burgeoning populations. Disease controllers, covertly operating on behalf of the ruling elite, bioengineer mutants and apply multi-disciplinary pseudo-science to quash the accelerating Spiritual Renaissance."

- Leonard G. Horowitz -- Taken from Medical Madness Behind Flu Pandemics

"We will either learn to put aside sectarian differences, to recognize all life as one life, to cooperate in sharing earth's bounty, and yield control to a higher power-or we will find ourselves embroiled in ever-more destructive conflicts that will leave the planet in ruins and avail only the meanest form of existence for the few, if any, who survive."

- Thomas Greco -- Taken from The End of Money and the Future of Civilization below

"Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity's mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of a freely thinking mankind as a single entity. The new state of the biosphere that we are approaching without noticing it is the Noosphere."

- Vladimir Vernadsky, The Biosphere - taken from http://www.noosphereforum.org


1. The demise of the dollar
2. The End of Money and the Future of Civilization
3. The Real reason Behind the Fed Secrecy
4. The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.
5. What GM didn't tell you about their electric car
6. The Other Ticking Clock in Iran


Millions to Rally Against Poverty This Weekend (Oct 16) NOTE: That's on top of the 4200+ cities around the world where people will hold 350 rallies - Much more below and at http://www.350.org - MILLIONS OF US ARE GOING TO ROCK THE GOVERNMENT/CORPORATE BOAT THIS WEEKEND!
Well over 100 million people around the world are expected to "stand up" this weekend to call governments to action on poverty, hunger, and gender inequalities -- a set of global issues that most Americans say they would like their government to fund much more than it has. What's the Story? Last year, some 116 million people worldwide took part in the weekend-long events to "Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!" That set a new Guinness World Record for largest mobilization of human beings in recorded history. Organizers are aiming to break that record this year. Participants are calling on their governments to take concrete steps to achieve the so-called Millennium Development Goals, a set of eight targets to cut extreme poverty and hunger in half, reduce HIV/AIDS and child and maternal mortality, get children into school, and ensure women's equality in society, all while protecting the environment. World leaders agreed at a summit in 2000 to commit the funding and implement the programs necessary to achieve the goals by 2015."With just six years left until the deadline ... 'Stand Up' will be a stark reminder that citizens will not accept excuses for governments breaking promises to the world's poorest and most vulnerable citizens," said Salil Shetty, Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign, in a statement this week. CLIP Note from Jean: There has been precious few articles in the Western media prior to this event and none whatsoever to report what actually happened... - Visit http://standagainstpoverty.org/ for more details. Check also Stand Up and Freeze Against Poverty - Flash Mob Freeze AND World biggest Freeze Flash Mob in Paris - it has an arresting effect! Many more such collective stunts through http://improveverywhere.com/ - like The No Pants! Subway Ride

UN's well-intentioned Millennium Development Goals go unmet (16.10.2009)
With its Millennium Development Goals, the UN aims to halve poverty by the year 2015. As funds are diverted due to the global finance crisis, it's clear that will remain nothing more than a good intention. -- According to the United Nations, anyone who lives on less than $1.25 a day lives in extreme poverty. The good news is, the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, D.C calculated that the number of people under the poverty level worldwide has dropped by 0.6 percent this year, compared to last year. But it doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that beating hunger continues to be a major struggle. "We know that we won't achieve the UN Millennium Goals, especially not cutting the number of starving people by half," said Baerbel Dieckmann, president of the Germany-based aid organization Welthungerhilfe While the international community's promise may have been well intended in 2000, it has not yet fulfilled its promises to halve the number of people in poverty, reduce mother and child mortality and provide universal primary school education. Despite a few encouraging examples here and there, the overall outlook is gloomy. Resources that could have gone toward alleviating poverty have been diverted to corporate the victims of the finance crisis. The international relief organization Oxfam estimates that, as a consequence of the global financial crises, an additional 100 people per minute are slipping under the poverty line each day. (...) Sachs is one of the brains behind the plan, and stresses that we have the technical possibility to make those changes. "We already have a global framework," said Sachs. "We have the treaties which are actually our laws, we have promises that we've made. We don't have to keep agonizing, we actually have to implement and what we need is our leadership saying 'We will honor what we've said we would do.'" This could be achieved funneling only 0.7 of a percent of the world's gross national product (GNP) towards the Millennium Development Goals - a proposal that's been on the table for the past 30 years already. It's a question of political will, even in times of economic crisis, said Sachs. Currently Germany contributes around 0.28 percent of its GNP to the Millennium Goals, but plans to increase that to 0.7 percent by 2015, together with other EU member countries.

You Can End Poverty - Make sure to watch this short video!

Imagine Rainbow
Highly recommended... especially their just released book which embodies... "The creative spirit of the present with its wealth of images, ideas and fields of experience; portraits of initiatives and innovators with their meaningful and diverse projects. Snapshots of a developed yet ever-growing fleece."... with it focus on the rainbow... "A timeless unifying symbol in the fables, myths, religions and visions of mankind, in science, art, dreamtime and in our everyday lives." and the Rainbow Project... "Worldwide projects with Umbul Umbul Flags in the colours of the rainbow; the red thread representing the unity in the diversity of cultures. NOTE from Jean: I received in the mail a complimentary copy of this amazing book - akin to the Whole Earth Catalog but for most everything related to the Rainbow around the world - and was quickly mesmerized by the wealth of initiatives, ideas and pictures it offers - such as this section on Alberto Ruz Buenfil. A real treat for the heart and soul, especially if you are just as fond of the energy of the rainbow as this book's mastermind and long-time ERN subscriber Thomas Bertschi from Switzerland and his friends are. A DVD with several short movies is also included in the book.

UFO tracks Iranian missiles (6 Oct 2009)
A UFO streaks through the sky in this astonishing video of the Iranians test firing a controversial missile. The mystery object zooms unseen through Iran's airspace — before splitting a cloud in two as the film focuses in on the soaring rocket. A UFO expert today described the unknown craft — which appears to be tracking the weapon — as "phenomenal". CLIP

'1000ft-long UFOs were NOT Chinese lanterns!' (15 October 2009) (with a video)
A Lancashire man claims to have seen 1,000ft UFOs in the skies above Preston being followed by planes and helicopters. (...) "There must have been other people who saw them because they were huge. If you go off the size of a plane, say 60 feet wide. These must have been at least 1,000 feet – that's how big they were."It doesn't look big on there (the phone camera screen) but you can't even see the planes on there – that's how big these are to them. You can't come out with 'they're Chinese lanterns.'"The sighting is the latest in a long list of unexplained reports in Lancashire – particularly Preston. CLIP

Strange Ring Cloud over Moscow
Video captured on Oct. 7th, 2009, the west of the capital of Russia. In the skies over Moscow visible cloud of unusual shape. Check also Fallstreak holes / hole punch clouds for dozens of pictures of a similar nature, the oldest ones going back to 2004. Then check Hole punch clouds forming - Giant HOLE in the SKY- TAMPA - Hole punch clouds - COULD THESE HOLES BE MADE BY CLOAKED UFO MOTHER SHIPS GENTLY LETTING US KNOW THEY ARE HERE?... That's what a medium was told recently... that we should watch for such increasingly more frequent subtle signs of their presence in our skies as a preparation for the Big Event...

Shape-shifting UFO

ALEX COLLIER at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009
Alex talked in depth and with passion about the problems and challenges that we all face looking towards the future from 2009 - and introduces an intriguing new concept: mentoring in co-operation with our ET allies. Recommended by Barbara Tomczyk (barbarat33@gmail.com) who wrote: "Andromedans would not have asked Alex to come into the public spotlight once more were this not important." Also recommended by Huguette Demers (huguette.demers@tlb.sympatico.ca) who wrote: "Alex Collier has not been speaking publicly for years now. I think it is nice that he did recently. He is a contactee, a very serious and wise one. The reason I thought about you is that he is mentioning that Moranee, his contact from space, has said that the coming vaccine will change the DNA of the people receiving it, and I don't think he meant a change that would be welcome. I take that opinion very seriously."

UFOs Orbs Over West Virginia Power Plant
Probably a computer generated CGI clip - yet it is fascinating!

U.F.O. During Moldova TV News, Eastern Europe, 2008. AWESOME!! (MUST SEE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se0AfvfNXb0
Check at 1:20 into this TV newsclip!

Alien Hole Found In Russia

Small alien skeleton found

2012 Isn't the End of the World, Mayans Insist (October 11, 2009)
Despite doomsayers, Mayans say 2012 isn't the end of the world as we know it -- Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly "running out" on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world. Or is it? Definitely not, the Mayan Indian elder insists. "I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff." It can only get worse for him. Next month Hollywood's "2012" opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House. At Cornell University, Ann Martin, who runs the "Curious? Ask an Astronomer" Web site, says people are scared. "It's too bad that we're getting e-mails from fourth-graders who are saying that they're too young to die," Martin said. "We had a mother of two young children who was afraid she wouldn't live to see them grow up." Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas. A significant time period for the Mayas does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012, including one that happens roughly only once every 25,800 years. But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials such as one on the History Channel which mixes "predictions" from Nostradamus and the Mayas and asks: "Is 2012 the year the cosmic clock finally winds down to zero days, zero hope?" It may sound all too much like other doomsday scenarios of recent decades - the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Jupiter Effect or "Planet X." But this one has some grains of archaeological basis. One of them is Monument Six. CLIP - Note: The highest counter in the Mayan calendar is the alautun, which is an interval of 63 million years. Those who state the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 have not researched the Mayan system carefully. 2012 may be the equivalent of the year 10,000 in the Mayan calendar, which is significant, yet it may end up being but another Y2K. For more, click HERE.

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy- Part 1 (Part 2 - parts 3 to 10 accessible through the list of related videos)
Prof. José Arguelles, co-discoverer of the Law of Time, author of The Mayan Factor and Time and the Technosphere, among many other works, gives a long presentation during Dr. Chet Snow's Crop Circle Conference on the Prophecy regarding the phase change due at the end of the year 2012 that will take us into the upcoming Psychozooic Era.

Jose Arguelles at the Day Out of Time. Byron Bay, Australia (3 décembre 2008 - 1:22:04)
Jose plays his flute first and starts talking at 10:40 into this video


You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades
Acapella and hand rhythms--makes you smile : )

Observing Earth: Amazing Views From Above

Microscopic images reveal insects in extreme close-up (20 Oct 2009)
A set of stunning pictures have been released which reveal a stunning microscopic world of algae, lobster eggs and soap film. See 20 dazzling pictures through Nikon Small World competition: photographs through the microscope

Flying with Hawks
Scott Mason, who uses hawks to detect thermal currents to fly his paraglider through the skies of Nepal, "parahawking". He flies with Egyptian vultures, training them to find warm updrafts.

128' reloaded - Dangerous Organ III - Mighty Pipes

Once upon a time a guy asked a girl "will you marry me?" The girl said,"No!" And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank whole bottles of wine, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, travelled more, had many lovers, didn't save money, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theatre, never watched sports, never wore fricken lacy lingerie that went up her bum, had high self-esteem, never cried or yelled and felt and looked fabulous all the time.


Note de Jean: Si vous habitez au Québec, vous êtes bienvenu-e de venir assister au lancement le 21 novembre prochain à l'écovillage la Cité écologique à Ham Nord du premier Répertoire des éco-communautés du Québec, suivi d'une conférence en anglais sur la création d'éco-communauté donnée par Diana Leafe Christian auteure de Vivre autrement et ancienne rédactrice en chef de la revue américaine Community Magazine - Voir tous les détails au http://www.ecocommunautes-qc.org/ - J'y serai!



1. A Reality Check From the Brink of Extinction
2. Indicators of Ecological Crisis
3. Message from SaLuSa - 19 October 2009
4. Message from Matthew - October 19, 2009
5. The WorldShift 2012 Declaration

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NOTE from Jean: One of the most radical ideas I've seen lately: quickly doing away with our suicidal dependence on oil - through whatever means! - and pulling the plug on industrial capitalism, decried by Derrick Jensen (http://www.derrickjensen.org), amongst others, as the prime force that is killing the planet right now. It might seem rather extreme to most but when you cut through the chase to get to the bottom of this global self-destruction of our sole life support system - our living planet - and when you consider how preciously little has been accomplished so far to turn the tide of destruction, one understands why some would go as far as advocating what is suggested below... Industrial capitalism is definitely like a huge cancer eating out what's left of vital planetary resources to feed the bottomless greed of a relatively small group of people seemingly oblivious to the sheer consequences of their plush lifestyle and reckless pursuit of ever more wealth. As for cancer, we have two main options: you remove it forcefully and take whatever bitter pills are necessary to prevent its return, or you shift entirely away from fear and tap the infinitely healing power of LOVE to remedy at the source - at soul level - what's wrong in us and gradually nurture global Life and our global innate immune system back to complete health and harmonious balance. One option is akin to going to war against much of what our fear-based (fear of scarcity, fear of the other, fear of fear) civilization stands for – and it can definitely get nasty. The other one is more like making peace with oneself, Letting Love Flow through every thought, word and action so as to be utterly harmless and benevolent to all, and standing in our Highest Truth with the inner resilience of the willow bending wisely with the storm knowing it is much more likely to survive it unharmed than the mighty stiff oak priding itself of being the strongest tree around...

From: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/20091019_a_reality_check_from_the_brink_of_extinction/

A Reality Check From the Brink of Extinction

By Chris Hedges - Oct 18, 2009

We can join Bill McKibben on Oct. 24 in nationwide protests over rising carbon emissions. We can cut our consumption of fossil fuels. We can use less water. We can banish plastic bags. We can install compact fluorescent light bulbs. We can compost in our backyard. But unless we dismantle the corporate state, all those actions will be just as ineffective as the Ghost Dance shirts donned by native American warriors to protect themselves from the bullets of white soldiers at Wounded Knee.

“If we all wait for the great, glorious revolution there won’t be anything left,” author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen told me when I interviewed him in a phone call to his home in California. “If all we do is reform work, this culture will grind away. This work is necessary, but not sufficient. We need to use whatever means are necessary to stop this culture from killing the planet. We need to target and take down the industrial infrastructure that is systematically dismembering the planet. Industrial civilization is functionally incompatible with life on the planet, and is murdering the planet. We need to do whatever is necessary to stop this.”

The oil and natural gas industry, the coal industry, arms and weapons manufacturers, industrial farms, deforestation industries, the automotive industry and chemical plants will not willingly accept their own extinction. They are indifferent to the looming human catastrophe. We will not significantly reduce carbon emissions by drying our laundry in the backyard and naively trusting the power elite. The corporations will continue to cannibalize the planet for the sake of money. They must be halted by organized and militant forms of resistance. The crisis of global heating is a social problem. It requires a social response.

The United States, after rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, went on to increase its carbon emissions by 20 percent from 1990 levels. The European Union countries during the same period reduced their emissions by 2 percent. But the recent climate negotiations in Bangkok, designed to lead to a deal in Copenhagen in December, have scuttled even the tepid response of Kyoto. Kyoto is dead. The EU, like the United States, will no longer abide by binding targets for emission reductions. Countries will unilaterally decide how much to cut. They will submit their plans to international monitoring. And while Kyoto put the burden of responsibility on the industrialized nations that created the climate crisis, the new plan treats all countries the same. It is a huge step backward.

“All of the so-called solutions to global warming take industrial capitalism as a given,” said Jensen, who wrote “Endgame” and “The Culture of Make Believe.” “The natural world is supposed to conform to industrial capitalism. This is insane. It is out of touch with physical reality. What’s real is real. Any social system—it does not matter if we are talking about industrial capitalism or an indigenous Tolowa people—their way of life, is dependent upon a real, physical world. Without a real, physical world you don’t have anything. When you separate yourself from the real world you start to hallucinate. You believe the machines are more real than real life. How many machines are within 10 feet of you and how many wild animals are within a hundred yards? How many machines do you have a daily relationship with? We have forgotten what is real.”

The latest studies show polar ice caps are melting at a record rate and that within a decade the Arctic will be an open sea during summers. This does not give us much time. White ice and snow reflect 80 percent of sunlight back to space, while dark water reflects only 20 percent, absorbing a much larger heat load. Scientists warn that the loss of the ice will dramatically change winds and sea currents around the world. And the rapidly melting permafrost is unleashing methane chimneys from the ocean floor along the Russian coastline. Methane is a greenhouse gas 25 times more toxic than carbon dioxide, and some scientists have speculated that the release of huge quantities of methane into the atmosphere could asphyxiate the human species. The rising sea levels, which will swallow countries such as Bangladesh and the Marshall Islands and turn cities like New Orleans into a new Atlantis, will combine with severe droughts, horrific storms and flooding to eventually dislocate over a billion people. The effects will be suffering, disease and death on a scale unseen in human history.

We can save groves of trees, protect endangered species and clean up rivers, all of which is good, but to leave the corporations unchallenged would mean our efforts would be wasted. These personal adjustments and environmental crusades can too easily become a badge of moral purity, an excuse for inaction. They can absolve us from the harder task of confronting the power of corporations. 

The damage to the environment by human households is minuscule next to the damage done by corporations. Municipalities and individuals use 10 percent of the nation’s water while the other 90 percent is consumed by agriculture and industry. Individual consumption of energy accounts for about a quarter of all energy consumption; the other 75 percent is consumed by corporations. Municipal waste accounts for only 3 percent of total waste production in the United States. We can, and should, live more simply, but it will not be enough if we do not radically transform the economic structure of the industrial world.

“If your food comes from the grocery store and your water from a tap you will defend to the death the system that brings these to you because your life depends on it,” said Jensen, who is holding workshops around the country called Deep Green Resistance [click here and here] to build a militant resistance movement. “If your food comes from a land base and if your water comes from a river you will defend to the death these systems. In any abusive system, whether we are talking about an abusive man against his partner or the larger abusive system, you force your victims to become dependent upon you. We believe that industrial capitalism is more important than life.”

Those who run our corporate state have fought environmental regulation as tenaciously as they have fought financial regulation. They are responsible for our personal impoverishment as well as the impoverishment of our ecosystem. We remain addicted, courtesy of the oil, gas and automobile industries and a corporate-controlled government, to fossil fuels. Species are vanishing. Fish stocks are depleted. The great human migration from coastlines and deserts has begun. And as temperatures continue to rise, huge parts of the globe will become uninhabitable. NASA climate scientist James Hansen has demonstrated that any concentration of carbon dioxide greater than 350 parts per million in the atmosphere is not compatible with maintenance of the biosphere on the “planet on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted.” He has determined that the world must stop burning coal by 2030—and the industrialized world well before that—if we are to have any hope of ever getting the planet back down below that 350 number. Coal supplies half of our electricity in the United States.

“We need to separate ourselves from the corporate government that is killing the planet,” Jensen said. “We need to get really serious. We are talking about life on the planet. We need to shut down the oil infrastructure. I don’t care, and the trees don’t care, if we do this through lawsuits, mass boycotts or sabotage. I asked Dahr Jamail how long a bridge would last in Iraq that was not defended. He said probably six to 12 hours. We need to make the economic system, which is the engine for so much destruction, unmanageable. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has been able to reduce Nigerian oil output by 20 percent. We need to stop the oil economy.” 

The reason the ecosystem is dying is not because we still have a dryer in our basement. It is because corporations look at everything, from human beings to the natural environment, as exploitable commodities. It is because consumption is the engine of corporate profits. We have allowed the corporate state to sell the environmental crisis as a matter of personal choice when actually there is a need for profound social and economic reform. We are left powerless.

Alexander Herzen, speaking a century ago to a group of Russian anarchists working to topple the czar, reminded his followers that they were not there to rescue the system. 

“We think we are the doctors,” Herzen said. “We are the disease.”


Related initiatives, websites and articles:

UN CLIMATE SUMMIT: Countdown to Copenhagen
It’s the most important wake up call of this century. And it’s just weeks away. Join the David Suzuki Foundation and millions of people around the world calling on world leaders to sign an ambitious, fair and binding agreement at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December. Global action on climate change is vital for the health of our economy, our communities and our future. Recommended by Marie Bélec Steurer-Henry (maadestp@globetrotter.net) who suggests to use Suzuki's letter model to wrote to your own national leaders to call them to task - urgently - on this issue. Politicians do respond to public pressure when they get lots of it. Everyone's future is on the line here. It's time to get involved!!

24 OCTOBER 2009 - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTION - This is going to be hyper HUGE!!
On October 24, join people all over the world to take a stand for a safe climate future. Read the Invitation...

Read some of the statements by their 350 prominent messengers

Make sure to read Understanding 350 at http://www.350.org/understanding-350 such as...
If we're already past 350, are we all doomed?
No. We're like the patient that goes to the doctor and learns he's overweight, or his cholesterol is too high. He doesn't die immediately—but until he changes his lifestyle and gets back down to the safe zone, he's at more risk for heart attack or stroke. The planet is in its danger zone because we've poured too much carbon into the atmosphere, and we're starting to see signs of real trouble: melting ice caps, rapidly spreading drought. We need to scramble back as quickly as we can to safety.
How do we create the political change to steer towards 350?
We need an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions fast, and 2009 might be our best shot.The United Nations is working on a global climate treaty, which is supposed to be completed in December of 2009 at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. But the current plans for the treaty are much too weak to get us back to safety. This treaty needs to put a high enough price on carbon that we stop using so much. It also needs to ensure poor countries a fair chance to develop.This year, we can create a grassroots movement connected by the web and active all over the world.We can hold our decision-makers accountable to producing a treaty that is strong, equitable, and grounded in the latest science. On 24 October, we're holding a Global Day of Climate Action to do just this. If this global movement succeeds, we can get the world on track to get back to 350 and back to climate safety. It won't be easy, that's why we need all the help we can get. CLip

Why 350 is the most important number on the planet (26 September 2009)
Carbon target is key to winning hearts and minds (...) We've been running a huge campaign – it's blown up into the first real grassroots global political protest about global warming – called 350.org. The number comes from new science that followed the shocking melt of Arctic ice in the summer of 2007. Researchers became convinced that climate change was happening faster than they had previously expected, and that they had enough data to put a real number on it. That number was 350, as in parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere. Above that level, in the powerful (and peer-reviewed) words of Nasa scientist James Hansen, we can't have a planet "similar to the one on which civilisation developed or to which life on earth is adapted". So we took that number and ran with it – not with a slogan, not with a motto, but with a number. We're building toward a giant day of global action on 24 October, that will see thousands of events from every corner of the Earth, as far-flung a political protest as the planet has ever seen. And as far as I know, there's never been a big political campaign built around a scientific data point. But it's worked, and for a few reasons – a few reasons that help us think about how science might become integrated a bit more easily into the work of artists of various kinds. First, it sets a clear target, which is useful in a world of confusing and shifting political messages. When the world's leaders come to Copehagen in December, too many journalists will be watching to see if they produce "an agreement". Of course they'll produce an agreement – but an agreement is not what we need. We need a solution which in this case is defined not by political fiat but by science. The negotiation isn't really China versus the EU versus the US, it's all of us versus physics and chemistry. And since physics and chemistry really refuse to negotiate, we better meet their bottom line, which appears to be 350 parts per million. It's a way to make sure our leaders are dealing with the actual situation, not their particular political fortunes. (...) They're arguably the most important numbers on earth, the boundary condition for our continued existence here. They are tough and radical, those digits – we're already past them, at 390 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere, and rising by 2% annually: that's why the Arctic is melting, why Australia is burning, why the world is changing in front of our eyes. To meet their challenge we'd need a very quick end to fossil fuel burning on this planet, and then we'd need real cooperation from the planet's oceans and forests, which can slowly suck up the excess carbon. The challenges are immense – the call for 350 goes far beyond what most of our leaders want to hear, because the economic and political change will be impossible to disguise as business as usual. CLIP

From: Ben Wikler - Avaaz.org (avaaz@avaaz.org): "Last month, from events in hundreds of cities, we flooded world leaders' phone lines with the Global Climate Wake-Up Call. This Saturday is the next global day of action on climate change--a worldwide wave of extraordinary events that will show leaders the accelerating breadth, power, and clarity of the global climate movement. On Saturday, thanks to more than a year of organizing by our friends at 350.org and others, citizens have assembled more than 4000 extraordinary climate actions across nearly every country, from the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to the summit of Mount Everest. Now, by joining actions in our own communities, we can supercharge the day and make the climate movement impossible to ignore. Click below to see the events map and find an event nearby: http://www.avaaz.org/en/350_map - The 350 day of action is named for 350 parts per million, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere that scientists say would be the safe for the climate. (At the moment, we're at 387 parts per million and climbing fast.) Already, thanks to organizing around the world, 89 countries have now committed in principle to setting 350ppm as a worldwide goal -- and the number has become a kind of shorthand for the fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty that we are all working for. On October 24th, at each event -- at rallies and parties and deep-sea dives -- we'll take a photo centered around the number 350. The photos from around the world will be handed over to waiting reporters, broadcast to the world’s media on giant screens in New York’s Times Square, and delivered directly to hundreds of world leaders and politicians in the coming weeks. Gathering to pose for a 350 photograph might seem like a small action --- but when it's being done thousands of times in thousands of cities, it grows in force, showing global leaders a snapshot of the massive, vibrant groundswell of worldwide citizens demanding solutions on climate change. Let's make this huge. Find a local event and sign up to attend: http://www.avaaz.org/en/350_map - In less than 50 days, our governments will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to negotiate a new global treaty to prevent a climate catastrophe. At the moment, the negotiations are stalling, and a fair ambitious and binding treaty looks a long way off. But it is precisely at times like these when people power, with hundreds of thousands of us working together, can make the difference."

Heroes of the Environment 2009 (30 persons featured including Cameron Diaz)
From saving wild mountain rivers in China to measuring the Arctic's icy expanse, from protecting the lush forests of Africa to conducting a feisty online debate, our green heroes are informed by this simple notion: We can all make a difference!

Shifting the world to 100 percent clean, renewable energy as early as 2030 -- here are the numbers (Oct 19)
Most of the technology needed to shift the world from fossil fuel to clean, renewable energy already exists. Implementing that technology requires overcoming obstacles in planning and politics, but doing so could result in a 30 percent decrease in global power demand, say Stanford civil and environmental engineering Professor Mark Z. Jacobson and University of California-Davis researcher Mark Delucchi. To make clear the extent of those hurdles – and how they could be overcome – they have written an article that is the cover story in the November issue of Scientific American. In it, they present new research mapping out and evaluating a quantitative plan for powering the entire world on wind, water and solar energy, including an assessment of the materials needed and costs. And it will ultimately be cheaper than sticking with fossil fuel or going nuclear, they say. The key is turning to wind, water and solar energy to generate electrical power – making a massive commitment to them – and eliminating combustion as a way to generate power for vehicles as well as for normal electricity use. The problem lies in the use of fossil fuels and biomass combustion, which are notoriously inefficient at producing usable energy. For example, when gasoline is used to power a vehicle, at least 80 percent of the energy produced is wasted as heat. With vehicles that run on electricity, it's the opposite. Roughly 80 percent of the energy supplied to the vehicle is converted into motion, with only 20 percent lost as heat. Other combustion devices can similarly be replaced with electricity or with hydrogen produced by electricity. CLIP

Fertile Ground
Fertile Ground (http://fertileground1.ning.com/) is an activist group based out of Bellingham, Washington. It was founded in 2008 on the principles of Deep Green Resistance, and argues that industrial civilization is destroying the Earth. Broadly classified as an anarcho-primitivist group, Fertile Ground argues that many of our social problems are inextricably linked to environmental destruction and aligns itself with people alleviating and resisting abuse and domination around the world. Its tagline is "Restoring Earth, Resisting Domination, Rewilding Humans." Fertile Ground approaches the environmental movement through its embedded position within the dominant culture. It seeks to help accelerate the collapse of industrial civilization and aid in indigenous resistance movements to reclaim the land[1].The mission statement of Fertile Ground states, "We understand that the current patterns of abuse and domination are destructive and need to be interrupted and transformed if we are to achieve our goals. Thus, we actively create a culture of resistance to those who rule by force and intimidation."Fertile Ground is currently designing a correspondence class curriculum to prepare activists and individuals to approach the environmental movement as leaders with a grounding in principles of deep ecology.



From: http://fertileground1.ning.com/page/indicators-of-ecological

Indicators of Ecological Crisis

"The problem that confronts us is that every living system in the biosphere is in decline, and the rate of decline is accelerating. There isn't one peer-reviewed scientific article in the past twenty years that's been published that contradicts that statement. Living systems are coral reefs, they're our climate stability, forest cover, the oceans themselves, aquifers, water, the conditions of the soil, biodiversity--they go on and on as they get more specific, but the fact is there isn't one living system that is stable or is improving, and those living systems provide the basis for all life."

- Paul Hawken, author and environmentalist

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

- Josiah Charles, English economist

1) Global warming

a) Climate models predict that the average temperature of the Earth could increase up to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100.
b) According to NASA, the Earth’s average surface temperature has increased by about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit (0.7 degrees Celsius) in the last 100 years.1 For some perspective, the last ice age occurred at five degrees Fahrenheit less than the current global temperature.
c) Levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have increased to 385 ppm2, a 100-ppm increase since the pre-industrial average.3
d) Gaseous methane has recently begun entering the atmosphere after escaping from melting permafrost in many Arctic regions. For comparison, methane is 20 times as effective as carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.4
e) In a recent conference of climate experts, it was shown that carbon levels are highly unlikely to be restricted to 650 ppm. This would translate to the mentioned increase of roughly 7 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius), enough to “bring extreme food and water shortages in vulnerable countries and cause floods that would displace hundreds of millions of people.” Other experts agree that “we’re at the very top end of the worst case [emissions] scenario.” Unfortunately, carbon levels of 350 ppm or lower are required to “preserve a planet similar to that on which… life on Earth is adapted.”5
f) “It is also important to note at the outset that even reducing emissions 80 percent by 2050 will not eliminate all serious risks and damages.”6

2) Species extinction

a) Nearly fifty percent of all species are disappearing,7 as well as 1 in 3 mammal species, 1 in 8 bird species,8 and 1 in 3 amphibian species being threatened with extinction. Just two years ago, only 1 in 4 mammal species were threatened with extinction.9
b) According to the World Resources Institute, more than 100 species go extinct every day.10 For the past 300 million years, excluding this century, approximately one species went extinct every four years. Today, scientists see one species going extinct every 15 minutes.11
c) Species extinction has increased to rates of 10 to 100 times greater than that of 30 years ago.12
d) Furthermore, current species extinction rates are thought by some experts to be grossly underestimated due to mathematical misdiagnosis.13
e) If nothing is done, one-half of all species will be gone by the end of the century.14

Increases in harmful practices by humans are causing obvious amounts of species extinction. Although we often can’t see the connection, human life is completely dependent on species diversification and its role in creating stable ecosystems, one of the basic foundations of human life. Beyond the moral problem of destroying thousands of different species of life, such practices can only endanger the human species in the near future.

3) Deforestation

a) “In the U.S., 95% of our old growth forests are gone.”
b) “70 countries in the world no longer have any intact or original forests.”15
c) More than 72 acres of rainforest are destroyed every minute (that’s 38 million acres per year).16
d) Every year, enough rainforest is cut down to cover the entire state of Florida.
e) Every hour, more than 1500 acres of land become desert.
f) More than 75% of the topsoil that existed worldwide when Europeans first colonized North America is now gone.
g) Over three hundred tons of topsoil are lost worldwide every minute (it takes an average of 400 years for a forest to create enough topsoil able to sustain crops).17
h) Forests are critical parts of many healthy ecosystems, as they prevent soil erosion and support healthy topsoil. Trees also act as huge carbon sinks, sequestering as much as 10% of the annual carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.18

Forests, who provide us with the majority of our breathable oxygen, are being decimated at unfathomable rates, causing further desertification, global warming, and weaker monocultures as “sustainable replacements”. Like all aerobic creatures, humans cannot survive without forests and the invaluable ‘oxygen’-‘carbon-dioxide’ exchange between us.

4) Persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic chemicals (PBTs)

a) Studies show that nearly every mother has dioxin, a known carcinogen, in her breast milk.19 Samples from mothers also show contaminants of over 350 chemicals from substances such as perfumes, suntan lotion, and pesticides.20
b) The percentage of girls under eight years old with swollen breasts or pubic hair has gone from 1 percent to over 6 percent in just the last eight years.21
c) Male sperm counts have dropped more than 30% in the past 60 years.22
d) To be specific, below are twelve of the most toxic chemicals that are present in large quantities due to the existence of industrial technology:23
i) PCBs (Poly-chlorinated biphenyls), which are carcinogens
ii) Dioxins, which are carcinogens
iii) Furans, which are carcinogens
iv) Aldrin, which is both a carcinogen and mutagen
v) Dieldrin, which is a carcinogen and linked to Parkinson’s disease
vi) DDT, which is a carcinogen and xenoestrogen (artificial estrogen)
vii) Endrin, which is toxic and adversely affects the nervous system
viii) Chlordane, which damages the nervous system, digestive system, and liver, as well as being highly toxic
ix) Hexachlorobenzene (HCB), which is a carcinogen
x) Mirex, which is a carcinogen
xi) Toxaphene, which harms the lungs, kidneys, and nervous system
xii) Heptachlor, which harms the liver and decreases fertility

Industrial processes are contaminating the bodies of nearly every individual in this culture, as well as many others. Although the levels of toxins found in the body are often deemed as acceptable, their presence is a clear sign of the unhealthy nature of this culture’s practices. We should not be surprised by the enormous increase in cancer rates in the United Sates when nearly every baby is receiving carcinogens from their mother’s breast milk. Ultimately, toxins produced from industrial processes could very well cause male and/or female infertility, preventing humans’ natural ability to create life.

5) Harm to oceanic life

a) Zooplankton (organisms forming the base of oceanic food chains) populations have plunged 70% in four decades.24
b) On a whole, coral reefs are dying.25
c) Oceanic dead zones found all over the world are increasing at alarming rates.26
d) Concerning oceanic pollution, corporations “dump on equivalent, at the smallest, 5,000,000 gallons per day of toxins…everything from benzene, acrylic nitrile, mercury, copper, you name it, they got it.”27
e) “In 1997, the US Academy of Sciences estimated the total input of marine litter into the oceans, worldwide, at approximately 6.4 million tons per year.”28

The oceans help sustain our atmosphere and provide a large portion of the world’s oxygen, caused by the functioning of the vast amount of ecosystems present in oceanic waterways. When the healthy functioning of these systems becomes threatened, as they have been, so does the very health of the biosphere.


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NOTE from Jean: OK now if you have indeed read those stats and do understand the overall picture they spell out, you probably think we are toast, and that whomever believed our governments, manned by generally venal and corrupted politicians eating in the hand of their Big Corporate Bosses, would be able to fix the mess we are in are plain and simply kidding themselves. And you are probably right. The name of the Big Game is still Big Profits and Total Dominance by the meanest, sleaziest, biggest pairs of balls on the board game... to put it graphically à la Jon Stewart. So what workable options are we left with? What are we to do?...

One tantalizing scenario would be for our space family (the benevolent ones of course) to come to our rescue and help lift us up a few notches on the civilization/dimensional ladder, and this is precisely what a mysterious soul from Sirius, who calls himself SaluSa, has recently told Mike Quinsey, his earthly channeler as you'll see below. Do I believe such a thing is possible? Absolutely!... Because it is obvious to me that we are not alone in this whole universe - which is teeming with Life in all dimensions - and that there has been a gradual acclimation program underway since we started playing with atom bombs, so as to get us to be cool and relax about the existence of intelligent life from outer space so we may one day graduate spiritually-wise to be a space-faring species serving the highest good of all. I know... it sounds utopian and dreamy, or foolish and self-delusionary, depending on your tolerance level for such bold statements. Or you may think it would be a major infringement on our collective free will - which is exactly the conundrum we would be faced with if we were in "their" shoes trying to prevent nearly 7 billions souls from self-immolation on the altar of corporate greed.

How do you go about introducing yourself without short-circuiting 7 billion souls' plan for a lifetime of learning experiences and - hopefully! - better evolutionary choices? And how do you deal with the religious fanatics of all stripes, not to mention the obstinate resistance of the elite bigwigs, armed with their secret, little greys' assisted weapon programs, who stand to lose control over their minions and empires? How do you cushion the psychological shock whole populations will experience when they realize that their long-standing belief systems and limited word-views are pulverized in the wake of your global showoff? How do you provide for counseling and psychological support to help Earthlings adjust to the New Reality of a zillion new experiential opportunities? How do you do all of this without enabling a relationship of utter dependency upon your advanced knowledge, technology and spiritual wisdom? Seems like "Mission Impossible" to me. But as things are going right now - downhill! - and considering the growth by leaps and bounds of spiritually awaking souls on Earth, many of whom came in with highly advanced skills accrued over time mostly "abroad", in other physical and dimensional "locations", such an "impossible" feat may be more and more achievable by the day now. Who are we to distrust the Infinite Goodness of Creator Source Who has made sure to provide for every possible contingency? Who are We anyway?...

Now I don't know for sure that what is alleged in Mike Quinsey's channeling is an actual truth and a reliable certainty. The one thing I know, as I recall what was conveyed to me - something I never shared with anyone before - when I received the initial Vision for the Immortal Child in 1986 is that global First Contact will be initiated only when we are ready - spiritually and psychologically - to ask for it and actually shift from our limited sense of self as Earth-bound physical beings to turn our attention towards the higher ground of cosmic awareness and galactic expansion as expressions of Light, Life and Love. We probably have a few more collective steps to make before we get there, but the feeling I get from the energetic stirrings Light-flashing through me is that we may be getting there sooner - MUCH SOONER! - than what we may still prefer to believe...

We shall see... (More on this below from Matthew...)

From: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/October%202009/salusa__19october2009.htm

Message from SaLuSa - 19 October 2009

It is a joy for us to see how many of you have made a positive response to the coming announcement about our existence. We do not really need much in the way of publicity to reach people. The presence of our craft and the many contacts made over the last 50 years, have ensured that we have a place in your minds. What it will achieve is official recognition, that will sweep away the cover-ups and false stories about us. Those of you that accept us have no difficulty in finding all of the proof that you need. However, many people have blindly followed the rejection of us by those who have no desire to move on, or welcome a new Age. Humans do get into fixed modes that make them feel comfortable, and they become very insular. Events can no longer wait for them to raise their consciousness levels, as certain changes must commence very shortly. Moving you into a new paradigm requires many changes, and it is essential that they start in accordance with the Divine Plan.

When the truth of our reasons for contacting you is known, it will offer a lifeline to those who see no future for Humanity. Suddenly your souls will be uplifted by the promise of a way out of the chaos deliberately put upon you. We are allowed to help you as your spiritually appointed mentors, and because the cycle of duality is coming to an end. You are not meant to see out this period by yourselves, and the plan has always allowed for guidance and direction so that you arrive at your true destination. Ascension is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. However, as simple as it sounds it has far reaching effects, and nothing will be quite the same again. It is a wonderful event that allows you to move into the beauty and peace of the higher dimensions. It comes as your right, and is an opportunity that will not come around again for thousands of years.

Start preparing in your minds for the changes that are inevitable once we can arrive openly amongst you. You will be kept informed of what is taking place, and with our assistance you can be sure that there will no area on Earth that is without contact. We can if necessary superimpose messages onto your television sets, without using your conventional means of doing so. Once our plans are widely known, there will be few if any that will object to the upliftment that will be taking place. To gain the return of your freedom will in its self be a major achievement. Big Brother may be breathing down your neck, but we will curtail their covert operations and plans for greater control over you. Knowing this we hope you will take a broader view of what is happening, and not allow concern or worry to enter your minds. Certainly do not react to the news that speaks of the need to introduce martial law, as fear is like a cancer and spreads quickly. Rise to the challenge and cover it with your Light, and you will be helping restrict its power to entrap people.

We expect you to come sailing through these coming months, and your faith in us will be justly rewarded by knowledge of the latest contacts that have been made. They will answer much that will arise in your minds as to why it has taken so long to happen. It has not been for the want of trying on our part, as we have contacted many leaders over many years without success. Our aim was to offer our technologies providing a finish was put to war, and instead peace was established. However, instead your government turned to the Space Beings you know as the Greys, and brokered a secret agreement to allow them bases on Earth in exchange for advanced technology. Many of your recent advances have come from this source, and for example you would not otherwise have had your chip or laser technology. Therefore what should have been directly for your immediate benefit through a peace agreement with us, was secretly used to gain world dominance over other countries.

In the Galactic Federation no civilization tries to set itself above another, indeed there is a policy of sharing so that all may benefit from each other for the good of all. This is a measure of how far any civilization may have progressed, and sadly yours is largely caught up in service to self. However, we find the influence of those who do care for others is gaining ground. There is an expanding consciousness that accepts that you are All One. It will not take much to bring the love out of other people, and when it is seen that all of your troubles come from policies that have set you apart, things will change.

You are not all equal viewed from a purely material point of view. That is not the individuals fault, but centuries of subjugating tribal countries to slavery. It is not without coincidence that they have been way behind the Western world for so long. The Illuminati have worked their plan for total world control for far longer than you might imagine. They have not had it all their own way, and Lightworkers also laid down plans to combat their ultimate attempt to enslave you all. The quiet resistance has concentrated on raising your consciousness, so that you could find the truth for yourselves and act accordingly. There have also been provisions made to bring abundance and change your lack of material wealth. It will mean that the schemes for fair sharing can be instigated, and no more shall any be too poor to provide for themselves and others.

It is not just the Galactic Federation that will appear on Earth, and as we have often mentioned, the Masters will also return to put right the false teachings that have passed as the word of God. At a much later stage your Inner Earth family will surface to also help you through Ascension. As you can see, the operation to lift up Mother Earth and all life forms will be attended by multitudes of Light Beings, who act out of love for you. They have always been near to you, but now is the right time for them to appear and renew their friendship with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share your anticipation in respect of what is to come very soon, that shall move you more into the Light of understanding. You are One Family in the eyes of the Creator, and none are given favor above others. It is you who do the choosing as to where your future lies, and as time passes by we expect many more to seek the path to ascend. Be of Love and Light, and live life as one who seeks to spread it wherever you go.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

Check also the October 16, 2009 message from SaLuSa : "Dear Ones, be prepared to think anew and leave your selves open to new ideas. Those who refuse to move on will be allowed their freedom of choice, but they will remain in the lower vibrations, which they cling to. There will be every opportunity for any soul that is seeking to find a way of satisfying their needs, and at the same time create a pathway to Ascension. There is nothing to be frightened of, as you will lose little and gain much more than you could imagine. Consider how you would like to jump ahead a thousand years by your present standards, and enjoy all of the benefits it would bring. That is realistically what you stand to gain, and not least of all upliftment to a state of full consciousness. The adventure is about to begin in earnest and you may pinch yourself to see if it is real. You are gradually leaving the illusion of gross physicality for a refined state of being. You are gravitating towards a more realistic dimension that will be more consistent with your higher vibration. It was never the plan that you should remain in the 3rd dimension forever, but take your place as Galactic Beings in the next stage in your evolution."

...and his October 14 message: "Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a new age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach. The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian times we regularly visited their civilizations. It is quite normal to do so when a civilization reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the higher dimensions."

-- All other messages received through Mike Quinsey at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm

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NOTE from Jean: In his latest message Matthew also confirmed what SaluSa has indicated above...

From: http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=113&z=2

Message from Matthew - October 19, 2009

With loving greetings, this is Matthew speaking on behalf of all souls at this station. You have been waiting a very, very long time—far longer than you are consciously aware—for the momentous occasion on your near horizon. For several years various messengers of the light have been telling you about the spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations surrounding you—soon you will hear this truth from persons in your world whom you trust and respect.

Members of the highest council that designed the master plan of Earth's Golden Age have been observing the pace of flux in the collective consciousness, and they have agreed that the day is nearing when the presence of your celestial brotherhood must become widely known. There are "open windows," universally speaking, that offer the leaps in consciousness and spiritual clarity that enable a civilization to ascend into a higher density. These windows have opened for Earth's peoples before, but they closed because the darkness that permeated the planet prevented the peoples from looking up at the stars instead of down at „feet of clay.‰ This is the time of another open window, and as ordained by the Supreme Being of this universe, Earth will fly through on her way into the higher densities where love, peace and harmony is the basis of life. In her love for all her resident souls, she wants them to go with her.

Measured progress is necessary to meet the energetic timeline of any open window, and much must be accomplished before this one closes around the end of your year 2012. Again, Earth's soaring through and onward to her destination in fifth density is assured˜it is up to individual souls to chart their own journey. The tenacious resistance of the dark minds among you has managed to keep a lid on the massive deception that has kept the peoples in bondage for millennia. The dark forces knows it has lost the war for global domination, but its battle continues for individuals who have not heeded their souls‚ intuitive messages to "see the light." The current strategy of the puppets of darkness is to stir up anger, confusion and divisiveness˜the antithesis of the spirit that can see and seize opportunities for benevolent change˜and even as tiny bits of pervasive corruption and depravity seep into headlines, a great deal still is operating to keep the masses deceived, suppressed and consciously asleep.

Because that is not in keeping with Earth's desire for her beloved souls, the master planning council in conjunction with spiritually evolved beings among you decided to reverse the order of two major parts of the plan. Originally it was thought that exposure of the dark ones‚ controlling hand in myriad worldly matters would arouse the sleepers and then there would be the revelation that newcomers from distant lands have come to help you clean up the mess your world is in. But awakening of the masses isn't happening as quickly as need be and time is of the essence, so it has been agreed to jolt the many sound sleepers with something that cannot miss getting everyone's attention—your governments acknowledging that other intelligent beings are in the universe.

According to information reaching us about the "unveiling," it will be understated rather than dramatic, such as a simultaneous fleet of spacecraft decloaking or a host of visitors landing. And there will not be an immediate outpouring of interaction with your brothers and sisters from faraway homelands˜their introduction will be unfolded, not suddenly thrust upon a world where skeptics and nonbelievers will not greet this news with the same enthusiasm as you. Wisdom dictates caution so that suspense and doubt will not turn into chaos and fear.

The dark ones know that once this long-denied truth no longer is deniable, it opens a virtual Pandora's box of their heinous activities throughout the ages. Thus, even as lightworkers are rejoicing that at long last the presence of other civilizations is publicly confirmed, the dark minds will be furiously churning out fear. As puppets of the off-planet dark forces, they know that the energy of fear puts a barrier between light and consciousness, and always the goal of that powerful force field of negativity has been to conquer souls by capturing their light. Their puppets will make every effort to convince the populace that the ETs are to be feared, they have come to conquer and enslave.

Your interconnectedness with all souls in this universe will help dispel the fear that non-illumined individuals succumb to. The light in your elation not only will touch all around you, but will radiate out into the universe and through the law of attraction, bring back "like" energy that can reach those who bought into the fear-filled falsehoods. The light can open their hearts and let them also welcome the visitors who have come to assist you rise out of third density, where darkness thrives. It is true that God told these others of His children to help you, but they are doing this eagerly and lovingly so all of you can awaken to your rightful place in our universal family.

CLIP - To read the rest, please go at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=113&z=2 - Topics included: Public acknowledgement soon of other civilizations; other truths will emerge later; “open window” for ascension; changes to come; physical death of those who refuse light; Golden Age government; moderate temperatures; emotions, bodies in higher densities; relationship of soul, fetus


Note from Jean: OK, now if all of this is too much for you and you'd prefer to consider a more down to earth approach to this whole issue of saving ourselves from ourselves, here is something that should be quite appealing to you...

A FABULOUS INITIATIVE THAT NEEDS OUR FULL SUPPORT AND INVOLVEMENT - Founded by Dr. Ervin Laszlo - see the many powerful endorsements it got so far! (Deepak Chopra's endorsement is included further below). WorldShift 2012 was officialy launched at The British Museum on 09/09/09

WorldShift 2012 draws inspiration from the new book WorldShift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics, and Higher Consciousness Work Together from the eminent Scientist-Philosopher Dr Ervin Laszlo, who developed integral systems theories and who writes about the Akashic Field that connects us all with each other and with the universe.

From: http://worldshift2012.org/content/the-worldshift-2012-declaration

The WorldShift 2012 Declaration

There is no doubt that we are now in a state of global emergency. This unprecedented worldwide crisis is a symptom of a much deeper problem - the current state of our consciousness: how we think about ourselves and our world. We have the urgent need, and now the opportunity, for a complete rethink: to reconsider our values and priorities, to understand our interconnectedness and to begin a new direction - living in harmony with nature and each other.

The Crisis And The Opportunity

Every person, community, and society in the world is already, or will soon be, affected by the crisis, through climate change, economic breakdown, ecosystem collapse, population pressure, food and water shortages, resource depletion, nuclear and other threats. If we continue on our present unsustainable path, by mid-century the Earth could become largely uninhabitable for human and countless other forms of life. However, total system-collapse could occur much sooner caused by eco-catastrophes or escalating wars triggered by religious, geopolitical or resource conflicts.

These threats are real. The underlying causes of the present global crisis have been building momentum for decades and could soon become irreversible. Estimates of when the point of no return will be reached have been reduced from the end of the century, to mid-century, to the next twenty years, and recently to the next five to ten years.

The window of opportunity for pulling out of the current crisis and breaking through to a peaceful and sustainable world may be no more than a few years from now. This timeline coincides with the many forecasts and prophecies that speak of the ending of the current cycle of human life on this planet, and the possible dawning of a new consciousness by the end of the year 2012.

Today, forward-thinking groups and individuals all over the world are addressing the many opportunities presented at this critical time. Designs for sustainable systems, structures and technologies are being developed and implemented in all sectors, at all levels and in every society. This global awakening is a hopeful sign of the vitality of the human spirit and our ability to respond to the dangers we now face with insight and creativity.

The totality of our current efforts does not yet match the scope, scale and urgency of the necessary transformation. But if we collaborate and act with vision, foresight and commitment we can lay the foundations of a global community that is both peaceful and sustainable. We may then ensure our survival and wellbeing, as well as that of future generations. While the window of time is still open, our top priority, as global citizens, is to accelerate our evolutionary shift to a planetary consciousness and, together, lay the foundations for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

An Urgent Call

We accordingly issue this urgent call to all the peoples of the world to deepen our awareness of both the dangers and the opportunities of the global crisis. We declare our firm commitment to work together to bring about a timely and positive WorldShift, for the survival and wellbeing of all the peoples of the human community and the flourishing of all life on Earth.

Sign The Declaration

Please electronically sign this declaration (only applicable if you are not already logged-in)... your name will be added to the current list of signatories.


The Decision Window

It has been said that our generation is the first in history that can decide whether it's the last in history. We need to add that our generation is also the first in history that can decide whether it will be the first generation of a new phase in history. We have reached a watershed in our social and cultural evolution. The sciences of systems tell us that when complex open systems, such as living organisms, and also ecologies and societies of organisms, approach a condition of critical instability, they face a moment of truth: they either transform, or break down. Humankind is approaching a critical instability - a moment of truth. We can continue without decisive change and face disaster, or we can wake up and begin to transform. The following two scenarios illustrate the nature of the choice before us.

The BAU (Business As Usual) Scenario

- There is no real change in the world in the way business is conducted, resources are exploited and energy is produced. This leads on the one hand to a worsening global economic crisis, and on the other to major climate change due to the accelerated warming of the Earth's atmosphere.

- In some regions global warming produces drought, in others devastating storms, and in many areas it leads to harvest failures. In coastal areas vast tracts of productive land are flooded, together with cities, towns and villages. Hundreds of millions are homeless and face starvation.

- Massive waves of destitute migrants flow from coastal regions and areas afflicted with lack of food and water, above all in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, toward inland regions where the basic resources of life are more assured. The migrants overload the human and natural resources of the receiving countries and create conflict with the local populations. International relief efforts provide emergency supplies for thousands, but are helpless when confronted with millions.

- In futile attempts to stem the tidal wave of destitute people India builds up its wall along the border with Bangladesh, the U.S. along the Mexican border, and both Italy and Spain build walls to protect their northern regions from their overrun southern regions.  

- The world's population fragments into states and populations intent on protecting themselves, and masses of desperate people facing imminent famine and disease. The conflicts create unsustainable stresses and strains in the structure of international relations. Social and economic integration groups and political alliances break apart. Relations break down between the U.S. and its southern neighbours, the European Union and the Mediterranean countries, and India and China and the hard-hit Southeast Asian states.

- Global military spending rises exponentially as governments attempt to protect their territories and re-establish a level of order. Strong-arm régimes come to power in the traditional hot-spots and local food- and water-wars erupt between states and populations pressed to the edge of physical survival.

- Terrorist groups, nuclear proliferators, narco-traffickers, and organized crime syndicates form alliances with unscrupulous entrepreneurs to sell arms, drugs, and essential goods at exorbitant prices. Governments target the terrorists and attack the countries suspected of harbouring them, but more terrorists take the place of those that are rounded up and killed or imprisoned.

- Hawks and armaments lobbies press for the use of powerful weapons to defend the territories and interests of the better-off states. Regional wars fought initially with conventional arms escalate into wars conducted with weapons of mass destruction.

- The world's interdependent and critically destabilized economic, financial and political system collapses. The environment, its productive processes and vital heat balance impaired, is no longer capable of providing food and water for more than a fraction of the surviving populations. Chaos and violence engulfs peoples and countries both rich and poor.

Here, however, is another scenario... Timely Transformation.

The TT (Timely Transformation) Scenario

- The experience of terrorism and war, together with rising poverty and the threats posed by a changing climate, trigger a widespread recognition that the time to change has come. In country after country, an initially small but soon rapidly growing nucleus of people pull together to confront the dangers of the global crisis and seize the opportunity it offers for change.

- The rise of popular movements for sustainability and peace leads to the election of political leaders who support economic cooperation and social solidarity projects. Forward-looking states monitor the dangerous trends and provide financing for the urgently needed economic, ecological, and humanitarian initiatives.

- Non-governmental organizations link up to undertake projects to revitalize regions ravaged by environmental degradation. Emergency funds are provided for countries and regions affliced by drought, violent storms, coastal flooding, and failures of the harvest.

- Military budgets are reduced and in some states eliminated, and the resulting "peace-dividends" are assigned to increase the production of staple foods, safe water, basic supplies of energy, and essential sanitation and health services for the needy disadvantaged populations.  

- Country after country shifts from fossil-fuel based energy-production to alternative fuels, reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and slowing the process of global warming. A globally networked renewable energy system comes on line, contributing to food production, providing energy for desalinizing and filtering sea-water, and helping to lift marginalized populations from the vicious cycles of poverty.

- Leading business companies join the classical pursuit of profit and growth with the quest for social and ecological responsibility. On the initiative of enlightened managers a voluntarily self-regulating social market economy is put in place, and the newly elected forward-looking political leaders give it full support.

- As the new energy system and the self-regulating social market economy begins to function, access to economic activity and technical and financial resources becomes available to all countries and economies. 

- Frustration, resentment, animosity and distrust give way to a spirit of cooperation, liberating the spirit and enhancing the creativity of a new generation of locally active and globally thinking people. 

- Humanity is on the way to a peaceful and sustainable, diverse yet cooperative planet-wide civilization.

As you can see, it is a simple choice to make between Business As Usual or Timely Transformation.
The transition may be difficult for some, but it will be far more difficult for all if we don't start the process very soon. Before we can do that we first have to collectively and consciously decide that this is what we actually want. Are you ready to take The WorldShift Challenge?

The WorldShift 2012 Challenge

The choice between these scenarios is not yet made. As of today, we are moving along the path of the BAU scenario, but more and more people are waking up and searching for ways to move to a scenario of timely transformation.

The question is: how much time is there for this shift? 

The window of time is finite: when conditions in a complex open system reach a critical point the system becomes chaotic, and it either transforms, or breaks down. The longer the transformation is delayed, the more difficult it becomes to carry it out.

To define the feasible decision-window we must take into account both the time by which individual trends reach a critical phase, and cross-impacts and feedbacks among the trends.

i. The unfolding of individual trends. Time estimates of when individual life-threatening trends would reach points of criticality have been reduced from the end of the century to mid-century, and for some trends to the next ten to twenty years.

For example, the sea level has been rising one and a half times faster than predicted in the IPCC's Third Assessment Report published in 2001. Forecasts published at the end of 2008 project global sea-level rise that is more than double the 0.59 meter rise forecast even by the Fourth Assessment Report.

Carbon dioxide emissions and global warming have likewise outpaced expectations. The rate of increase of CO2 emissions rose from 1.1 percent between 1990 and 1999 to over 3 percent between 2000 and 2004. Since 2000 the growth-rate of emission has been greater than in any of the scenarios used by the IPCC in both the Third and Fourth Assessment Reports.

The warming of the atmosphere progressed faster than expected as well. In the 1990s forecasts spoke of an overall warming of maximum 3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. Then the time-horizon for this level of increase was reduced to the middle of the century, and presently some experts predict that it could occur within a decade.

At the same time, the prediction for the maximum level of global warming rose from 3 to 6 degrees. The difference is not negligible. A three degree warming would cause serious disruption in human life and economic activity, while a six degree warming would make most of the planet unsuitable for food production and large-scale human habitation.

ii. Feedbacks and cross-impacts. Most predictions of points of criticality take only one trend into consideration-global warming and attendant climate change; water quality and availability; food production and self-reliance; urban viability, poverty, and population pressure; air quality and minimal health standards, or others. They fail to consider the possibility that a criticality in one trend could accelerate the unfolding of other trends toward a point of criticality.

There are multiple feedbacks and cross-impacts among the relevant trends, both in regard to the biosphere and conditions in the human world.

In the biosphere, all the trends that affect human life and wellbeing also impact on the cycles that maintain the planet's ecology within a humanly viable range. This is the case in regard to the global water and the global carbon cycle: the alteration of these cycles by any one trend affects the way the other trends unfold.

For example, an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global warming and that affects rainfall and the growth of forests. That, in turn, reduces the biosphere's carbon absorption capacity. Feedbacks are also conveyed by air and ocean currents. Warmer water in the oceans triggers hurricanes and other violent storms alters the course of major ocean currents, such as the Gulf and the Humbold. And that triggers further changes in the climate.

Feedbacks also obtain between ecological and societal trends. For example: The warming of the atmosphere produces prolonged drought in some areas and coastal flooding in others. Starving and homeless masses are impelled to migrate from the highly impacted areas to less hard-hit regions creating critical conditions in those regions as well.

A drop in the quality of the air in urban and industrial megacomplexes below the minimum required for health creates a breakdown in public health, with epidemics spreading to vast areas. A breakdown of the financial system would impact not only on banks and stock markets, but would interfere with industrial output and trade the world over, creating critical conditions first of all for the poorest countries and eonomies.

Cross-impacts among accelerating global trends reduces the feasible decision-window. The precise time for effecting meaningful change is not predictable with certainty, but due to feedback and cross-impacts among the trends, it's likely to be less than the forecasts of critical points for individual trends. 

The decision-window may close within ten years and possibly sooner - conceivably by the end of 2012, coinciding with the famous Mayan prophesies that predict if not the end, then the transformation, of our world.

We do have a choice. We can determine our own destiny and secure not just the future of humanity, but it's conscious evolution. By rising to The WorldShift Challenge, we ask you to commit to the positive transformational change required to co-create at least the foundations of a peaceful, just and sustainable world by the end of 2012.

Read and sign The WorldShift 2012 Declaration.

To find out more on this brilliant initiative, explore their website at http://worldshift2012.org and check their fast expanding WorldShift 2012 Alliance at http://worldshift2012.org/content/partners


From: http://worldshift2012.org/content/endorsement-by-deepak-chopra

Endorsement by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra (physician, spiritual leader, author, and ayurvedic expert) writes of Ervin Laszlo and the WorldShift 2012 movement...

"We are already living in two worlds. One world moves ahead by inertia from the past-like a massive luxury liner drifting at sea-while the other steps into the unknown-like a child entering the woods for the first time. On the front pages of newspapers and on the evening news, the first world gains the lion's share of attention. A new crisis deepens yesterday's crisis in Africa or the Middle East. A fresh humanitarian outrage taints a faraway society. One war replaces another. Despite the sameness of these events, they constitute the news of the world as far as the mass media shows it. Yet this world of inertia and non-change is deceptive. Beyond crisis-driven news, another world is rising. In this book Ervin Laszlo maps this new world and its promise-no one I know is more acutely attuned to it.

The first world is a solid wall that looks impregnable, yet behind it people no longer feel protected. They dream of a shift in consciousness, the revolution that needs only to be asked for and it will begin. Material events are but the outward display of consciousness. Paying attention only to the world of inertia and non-change is like dwelling in illusions. In the 1980s the annual May Day marches of massive Soviet armaments through Red Square didn't reveal that the Communist system was about to collapse. Armies, wars, ecological disaster, unbridled greed and corruption, skyscraper cities springing up like weeds, a deluge of pesticides and pollutants, streams of refugees without a homeland, tyranny spreading violence without check, pandemic disease: these are the fruits of consciousness, too, but a kind of consciousness that is stuck and unable to raise itself above its self-created problems.

What is so admirable about WorldShift is that we are led directly to this diagnosis and then offered a solution that is also in consciousness. Ervin Laszlo joins a small group of deeply versed thinkers who grasp that all experience occurs in consciousness and nowhere else. This insight saves him from the trap of replacing one style of materialism with another. Those on the right who try to impose democracy on societies that have no basis for democracy in their traditions are hitting their heads against an invisible fact: what you aren't aware of, you can't change. Those on the left who promote globalism as new partnerships in trade and economics miss the point that the Americanization of the world-bringing rampant consumerism to traditional societies-can turn out to be destructive, not just to valuable folkways but to the planet. Only a shift in consciousness can save the world from impending perils that are also rooted in consciousness.

Fortunately, the second world-the world of timely change-is poised to save the first. People are beginning to confront the world-shaping trends that this book points out so succinctly:

The dispossessed of the earth are rising and won't be suppressed in their quest for prosperity. The planet's sustainable resources will be depleted unless human beings find a sustainable way of life in accord with Nature. Materialism has reached its historical apogee and will decline or self-destruct through accelerating degradation of the ecology.

As viewed from the first world, these are such overwhelming threats that the response of governments has been to look the other way or to make little more than symbolic gestures at reform. From the perspective of the second world, it's no surprise that governments are stymied, because the policies that despoiled the earth can't be expected to renew it, either by doing less or doing more.

Among his many utterly cogent points, Ervin Laszlo declares that we need a new way to be happy. For me, this is the deepest and most salient point. When an American housewife drives her car to the supermarket, purchases brightly packaged processed food, leaves a full garbage can out on the curb, and sprays a can of insecticide to kill the aphids in her rose garden, none of these actions seem destructive-she's simply doing the ordinary things we all do in our pursuit of happiness. But happiness based on waste, toxins, depletion of fossil fuels, and endless consumer goods-the paradise we have all chased since the end of World War II-can't be sustained. Still less can we sustain the massive military forces that serve to shut out 90 percent of humankind so that the privileged 10 percent can promote a worldview that over time will spell the end of their existence along with everyone else's.

When stated like that, the future seems dire. So it comes as a relief that this handbook for conscious change goes beyond superficial pessimism or optimism, offering instead a new way to be happy. Without a doubt the outmoded world of materialism is leading to greater unhappiness, through pollution, overpopulation, lack of nourishing food and water, and the loss of natural habitats: a sizable percentage of the world's population already experiences these deficits. Timely change through a shift in consciousness can bring about a new model of happiness based on the principles of higher consciousness. The Indian spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti, not one for blithe cheerfulness, used to say, with justice, that to live beyond the simple needs of a modest house, good food, a few well-fitted clothes, and other necessities was not to become more happy. Quite the opposite. To the extent that we look outward for happiness, the final result will be boredom, stagnation, and bitter disappointment.

WorldShift is about an outer world built on inner realization. Such a world is possible, as this book shows, and indeed is already being born in the hearts of millions of people. The front pages of newspapers and the evening news on CNN aren't reporting this shift, but scientist-philosophers like Ervin Laszlo have already laid a foundation upon which magnificent edifices may soon rise. Higher consciousness, which has been evolving through human beings for centuries, is seeding a garden of hope and promise."

Also recommended: 80 year old Barbara Marx Hubbard's inspiring endorsement http://worldshift2012.org/content/endorsement-by-barbara-marx-hubbard



1. Doctors Concerned FluMist Vaccine Could Spread Live H1N1 Virus
2. Mild Swine Flu & Over-Hyped Vaccine
3. Does the Vaccine Matter?
4. Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase

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Flu vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine
(15/10/2009) http://www.openureyes.org.nz/blog/?q=node/2280
Prepare to have your world rocked. What you're about to read here will leave you astonished, inspired and outraged all at the same time. You're about to be treated to some little-known information demonstrating why seasonal flu vaccines are utterly worthless and why their continued promotion is based entirely on fabricated studies and medical mythology. If the whole world knew what you're about to read here, the vaccine industry would collapse overnight. This information comes to you courtesy of a brilliant article published in The Atlantic (November 2009). The article, written by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer, isn't just brilliant; in my opinion it stands as the best article on flu vaccines that has ever been published in the popular press. Entitled Does the vaccine matter?, it presents some of the most eye-opening information you've probably ever read about the failure of flu vaccines. You can read the full article here: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200911/brownlee-h1n1 - Perhaps its impressive narrative shouldn't be too surprising, though, since writer Shannon Brownlee is also the celebrated author of a phenomenal book on modern medicine entitled Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sicker and Poorer. While I've never done this before, I'm going to summarize this article point by point (along with some comments) so that you get the full force of what's finally been put into print. This information is so important that I encourage you to share the following summary I've put together. Email it to family, friends and coworkers. Or post it on your blog or website.
(...) The entire flu vaccine industry is run like a cult, with dogma ruling over science. Anyone who asks tough, scientific questions is immediately branded a heretic. No one is allowed to question the status quo. (So much for "evidence-based medicine," huh?) As you can see from all this, the flu vaccine is pure quackery. Those who administer vaccines are, by inference, QUACKS. They claim to have scientific minds, and yet they are the most gullible of all: They will believe almost anything if it's published in a medical journal, even if it's complete quackery.Today, countless doctors, nurses and pharmacists across North America and around the world are pushing a medically worthless, scientifically-fabricated chemical injection that offers absolutely no benefit to public health... and yet they're convinced it's highly effective! It just goes to show you how easy it is to brainwash people in the field of conventional medicine. They've abandoned real science long ago, you know. Now the whole industry is just run on the momentum of dogmatic arrogance and the illusion of authority. From the CDC and FDA on down to the local pharmacist at the corner store, the American medical system is run by some seemingly smart people who have been brainwashed into become full-fledged members of the Cult of Pharmacology where vaccine mythology overrules real science. The vaccine industry is perhaps the greatest medical scam ever pulled off in the history of the world. Don't fall for it. CLIP - NOTE: Key excerpts from Does the Vaccine Matter? are included in item #3 below.

H1N1 Vaccine in Demand
Excellent TV propaganda to heighten the frenzy of vaccination across the US.

Swine Flu Death Toll Continues To Rise, Especially Among Children (10-18-09) MORE PROPAGANDA TO HEIGHTEN THE FEAR FACTOR AND DEMAND FOR VACCINATION...
With no signs of the H1N1 virus slowing down, the flu strain continues to hit children and teens in larger numbers than any other age group, and researchers are at a loss to explain why. According to The Associated Press, 11 children have died from H1N1 just in the past week, raising the total to 86 since the flu strain first hit. 43 of those deaths have occurred in the past two months alone. Furthering the problem is an increasingly high demand for the H1N1 vaccine and a supply that keeps coming up short. To stay updated on H1N1 activity and vaccine supply status, visit the Centers for Disease Control. CLIP

The Swine Flu & Vaccination Scam: A New World Order Creation
This playlist contains media news reports and informative videos on the swine flu/h1n1 virus deception created by the global elite to get every single person vaccinated. There is ample proof available to suggest that this virus was man-made and that flu vaccines are incredibly dangerous to the human body as it contains mercury and other toxic substances harmful to the nervous system. In addition, Baxter, which is a vaccine manufacturer was caught putting 2 types of bird flu in their vaccines. Why are you expected to take vaccines from companies that have been proven to contaminate their vaccines with dangerous substances? Most people are uninformed and are hypnotized by the mainstream media, which is OWNED by the pharmaceutical companies and big corporations. Is it any wonder why the mass media is persuading people and pushing the agenda to get people vaccinated when they are controlled by the same pharmaceutical companies and Big Brother government who actually profit from you going along with their plans. WAKE UP, GET INFORMED & TAKE ACTION!

Study: H1N1 vaccine too late to help most (October 20, 2009)
The H1N1 vaccine will arrive too late to help most Americans who will be infected during this flu season, according to a study conducted by scholars at Purdue University.The study also estimates that the virus - commonly referred to as the swine flu bug - will infect about 60 percent of the U.S. population, although only about 25 percent of Americans will fall ill. Published Oct. 15 in Eurosurveillance, a scientific journal devoted to epidemiology and the surveillance and control of communicable diseases, the study was conducted by professors Sherry Towers and Zhilan Feng of, respectively, Purdue's statistics and mathematics departments. "The model predicts that there will be a significant wave in autumn, with 63% of the population being infected, and that this wave will peak so early that the planned [U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] vaccination campaign will likely not have a large effect on the total number of people ultimately infected by the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus," the authors wrote in their study. The authors said that this is the week, through Oct. 24, during which the greatest number of people would be infected. The vaccination program has barely started in the U.S. "The model predicts that the peak wave of infection will occur near the end of October in week 42, with 8% of the population being infected during that week. By the end of 2009, the model predicts that a total of 63% of the population will have been infected," the authors wrote in a conclusion that ignored the effects of a CDC vaccination program. But even "when the model was modified to include the effect of the planned vaccination scheme," that adjustment yielded only "a relative reduction of about 6% in the total number of people infected" by the end of the year 2009. (...) She called some comments in the press "a lot of hysteria. In reality, the overwhelming majority of people getting sick are going to have a mild illness."

Patients not sold on H1N1 vaccine, doctor says (October 20, 2009)
A family doctor in Winnipeg wonders just how many people will decide to get the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available.Darcy Johnson said most of his patients are unsure about whether to get the swine flu shot or not. He has been conducting an informal survey of his patients about their intentions. The majority have either said they will not get it, or that they don't know. The main reason, he said, is "uncertainty as to side-effects and their personal risks and the fact that it's new." CLIP

Judge Halts Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Care Workers (October 16, 2009)
A judge on Friday morning halted enforcement of a New York State directive requiring that all health care workers be vaccinated for the seasonal flu and swine flu. The temporary restraining order by the judge, Thomas J. McNamara, an acting justice of the State Supreme Court in Albany, comes amid a growing debate about the flu vaccine. (...) Terence L. Kindlon, a lawyer for three nurses who sued the state, asserting that the order violated their civil rights, said the judge's ruling was a victory. New York was the only state in the country to mandate vaccinations for health care workers, he said.The nurses - Lorna Patterson, Kathryn Dupuis and Stephanie Goertz - work in the emergency room at Albany Medical Center, a regional trauma unit."These are not libertarians, they are not lefties, they are not right-wing lunatics," Mr. Kindlon said of his clients in a phone interview on Friday. "They are health care professionals, and they think the vaccination is not going to be good for them. They have no confidence that either the seasonal flu vaccine or H1N1 vaccine is going to do any good for them." CLIP

Serious Vaccine Reactions to Now Be Called 'Coincidence'? (20/10/2009)
Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1 "swine flu". But swine flu is mild for most people and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form. Millions of people around the world have recovered from swine flu, and millions more will get sick with fevers, body aches, nasal congestion, cough and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting and recover from it this year and next year without any complications. Nonetheless, wide-scale vaccination is being encouraged -- even though swine flu vaccines have been tested on only a few thousand healthy Americans for a few weeks. There is little or no information about how safe the vaccine is for pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children. If you or your child are injured from getting a flu swine flu shot, you are on your own. Congress has shielded the vaccine manufacturers and any person giving swine flu shots from lawsuits if people get hurt. There is no funded government vaccine injury compensation program for swine flu vaccine. Do NOT let a doctor or anyone else tell you that a serious health problem you or your child experiences after vaccination is a coincidence and allow more shots to be given until you know for sure. The most tragic cases of vaccine injury occur when vaccine reaction symptoms are dismissed as a 'coincidence" and more vaccines are given that result in more severe symptoms -- and sometimes end with permanent brain and immune system damage or death. But while Americans are still debating whether to roll up their sleeves for a swine flu shot, companies have already figured it out: vaccines are good for business.Drug companies have sold $1.5 billion worth of swine flu shots, in addition to the $1 billion for seasonal flu they booked earlier this year. These inoculations are part of a much wider and rapidly growing $20 billion global vaccine market. CLIP

Canadian H1N1 vaccine trials begin (October 20, 2009)
Health Canada is poised to approve the H1N1 vaccine as early as Wednesday as Canadian tests of the vaccine against the swine flu virus get underway. Worldwide trials of the H1N1 influenza A vaccine began in September, mostly on small groups of adults. Canadian vaccine trials started this week, and the results won't be available until next year. In the meantime, Canada's health regulator is relying on worldwide experience with producing flu vaccines and small European studies to approve the use of the vaccine in Canada. "We're able to draw on results from the clinical trials to inform and expedite our regulatory review," said Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada's chief public health officer. (...) The final picture of how the vaccine works won't be clear until well after Canada's largest immunization program is underway. -- AND WE ARE BEING ASKED TO TRUST THEM BLINDLY! ...

Toronto preparing H1N1 vaccination plan (October 20, 2009)
Toronto's top public health official said Monday the city is preparing a massive H1N1 immunization plan, even though the second wave of the virus may not be as bad as predicted. Dr. David McKeown, Toronto's medical officer of health, said there have been 45 reported cases of H1N1 in Toronto since the beginning of September. Nine people have been hospitalized, but nobody has died from the virus in Toronto. McKeown said he's encouraged by what he's seen in other countries. "What they saw was a flu season which was only a little worse than normal," he said. "In terms of the overall impact on the health of the population and our healthcare system, it has not been the really bad pandemic that we've all been planning for," McKeown said. Nevertheless, the city is preparing an "unprecedented" immunization plan, he said. (THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!) The city plans to open 10 clinics across the city to distribute the vaccine. The tentative start date for public H1N1 vaccine clinics is the first week of November, and the clinics are expected to stay open for six weeks. The city hopes close to a million people will receive the shot. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!...

Obama gets a flu shot, but not for swine flu (Oct 20, 2009)
President Obama received a seasonal flu shot Tuesday afternoon, a White House official said. A White House physician administered the shot while accompanying the president on a trip to New York, where he is attending fund-raisers for the Democratic Party and a House candidate. The first lady and Obama girls had received their seasonal flu vaccines previously. The seasonal flu shot does not vaccinate against the H1N1 swine flu virus, and Obama is not in one of the groups -- such as pregnant women, health-care workers and those under age 24 -- designated as high-priority for receiving the scarce H1N1 vaccine. YEAH! RIGHT! THEY HAVE MILLIONS OF DOSES ALREADY AND THE US PRESIDENT IS NOT ON THE PRIORITY LIST!! US CITIZENS SHOULD URGENTLY ASK THAT THE US PRESIDENT AND HIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION (TOP LEVELS) ALONG WITH ALL ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES FROM THE CONGRESS AND SENATE AND THEIR KIDS RECEIVE LIVE ON TV THE H1N1 VACCINE WITH THE ENTIRE ADJUVANT COCKTAIL IN IT - the same vaccine they are requesting everyone else to receive - AND THAT IT IS FULLY VERIFIED (with chemical analysis) BY AN INDEPENDENT, REPUTABLE SOURCE ON TV THAT THIS IS INDEED THE VACCINE THEY ARE RECEIVING. THEN AND ONLY THEN, PEOPLE SHOULD TRUST THAT AT LEAST THESE PEOPLE ARE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO RISK THEIR HEALTH - and perhaps even their life! - AND THEN JUMP OVER THE "CLIFF" WITH THEM...

Government to get special swine flu vaccine (18 Oct 09) !!!
Just a week after it emerged that the German armed forces was getting a different kind of A/H1N1 vaccine to the general population, Der Spiegel magazine reports that the government will also get special treatment. The general population will be offered the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, called Pandemrix, which contains a new booster element, or adjuvant, as well as a preservative containing mercury. Controversy has grown around the rapid licensing of the GSK vaccine – and a similar one being made by Novartis. Critics said not enough testing had been conducted before European licensing authorities rushed an approval. Chancellor Angela Merkel, her cabinet members and ministry civil servants as well as those working for other agencies will get Celvapan, produced by US firm Baxter, which does not have the adjuvant or the preservative, according to Der Spiegel. CLip

H1N1 vaccine: Protection or conspiracy theory? (21 October 2009)
JEDDAH: A wave of panic has settled over people in the past weeks following rumors that H1N1 vaccines destroy the immune system and reduce fertility rates by 80 percent.Parents are being advised not to allow their children to take the vaccine. Some, however, say that the rumors are just conspiracy theories lending weight to the claim that swine flu is manmade. One text message warned people against the H1N1 vaccination, which would be available next month. "But please, before you take it or give it to your children, watch Al-Jazeera tonight at 10 p.m. There will be a show about the vaccination and its side effects. Please inform your friends and relatives," it read. On Oct. 7, Ahmed Mansur, presenter of Al-Jazeera English's Bela Hodoud (Without Borders) program interviewed consumer health expert Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who spoke about the suspicious emergence of H1N1 and vaccinations. Horowitz further described the harmful side effects of H1N1 vaccinations as "pangenocide," and accused vaccine makers and famous investors of genocide. He also called on nations to suspend vaccination programs until an independent court examines evidence he and investigative journalist Sherri Kane have gathered. Lamia Al-Otaibi, a 39-year-old banker and mother of three, said that the concerns of her colleagues and friends over the safety of the vaccine are far greater than their fear of the disease itself."Everyone watched Dr. Horowitz on Al-Jazeera with interest. I received over 10 messages warning about the vaccine that day. Some women are even asking me for advice. The controversy is really alarming," said Al-Otaibi. CLIP

Germans want swine flu vaccines swapped (October 21, 2009)
THE GERMAN Medical Association (BAK) has advised against giving young children and pregnant women the new swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, containing an immune system-stimulating compound. Instead the BAK, the equivalent of the Irish Medical Organisation, has called for the federal government to hand over to high-risk groups another, standard vaccine - Celvapan - which was ordered for use on armed forces and state employees."It would be wise to swap - the federal government should use the normal vaccine and make its own doses available to those who should be using the better-tested vaccine," said Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery, vice-president of the German Medical Association."We know the effects of the various ingredients in adjuvant vaccines but not the combined effect. It's understandable that people are wary of getting jabs of drug cocktails." (...) Pandemrix has divided health professionals in Germany. Many leading paediatricians, virus experts and medical organisations are concerned about the "adjuvant" booster compound it contains and oppose its use in high-risk groups until more long-term data are collected."While Pandemrix contains no components that are completely unknown to us, the more components a vaccine has, the greater the chance of side effects," said Prof Lothar Wieler of the Institute for Microbiology and Animal (Epizootic) Diseases at Berlin's Free University."Thus I think young children would be better off with non-adjuvant vaccines."The EMA licensed Pandemrix in September in an expedited process of "rolling review". A GSK spokesperson confirmed yesterday that the company would monitor the effects of the vaccine in an ongoing clinical trial. YEAH! AND IN ADDITION THE WHOLE POPULATION WILL BE THEIR GUINEA PIGS! FANTASTIC!... (...) Germany's DAK opposes the vaccine's use in risk-groups saying that, since the risks of swine flu are lower than initially feared, it would be unwise to rely exclusively on new vaccines containing adjuvants if alternatives are available."If there was only a risk of mild side effects, one could ignore them in the face of the danger of a pandemic," said Dr Montgomery, DAK vice- president."But what we don't know from less-researched vaccines is the long-term damage that might only occur in one case in a million. CLIP

German Soldiers Get Additive Free Swine Flu Shot (October 13, 2009)
Troops get access to shot without mercury -- According to a report out of Germany, German soldiers have been given an additive-free swine flu shot that doesn’t contain mercury, squalene, or any of the other dangerous adjuvants associated with the vaccine, raising questions as to why this version of the shot has not been made available to the general population. An article that when translated is entitled, German soldiers gets non poisonous vaccine, explains how 250,000 German troops have been given a “friendly” vaccine made by Baxter that does not contain “controversial mercury-containing additives or preservatives”. It appears that there are two versions of the swine flu shot, one for those in the know and another for the general population who trust the government to shoot them up with dangerous toxins that have been linked to autism and other neurological disorders. Despite concerns about thimerosal and mercury, thimerosal is an ingredient of the swine flu vaccine which is currently being rolled out globally.“Some of the vaccine will be stored in multi-dose vials containing thimerosal, an antibacterial additive that contains mercury,” reported the Washington Post in an article about which groups will receive the swine flu vaccine first. Indeed, the swine flu vaccine contains no less than 25,000 per cent the amount of mercury considered safe. Mercury is classified by The Department of Defense as a hazardous material that could cause death if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, and the EPA is now limiting mercury emissions from factories because the toxin “can damage the brain and nervous system and is especially dangerous to fetuses and small children,” but according to the CDC it’s perfectly safe to inject into your child’s bloodstream. As we previously highlighted, many people are choosing to take the nasal spray version of the vaccine in the false assumption that it is safer than the injectable version. In reality, the nasal spray contains live H1N1 virus, which has led many doctors and health professionals to express concerns that it could spread the swine flu virus amongst those with weakened immune systems. CLIP

The Swine Flu Vaccine Contains 25,000 Times The Amount Of Mercury That Is Considered Safe
Fox News recently interviewed a doctor that not only warned that the swine flu vaccine contains squalene, but also warned that the swine flu vaccine contains 25,000 times the amount of mercury that is considered "safe". It is stunning that mainstream news outlets such as Fox News would let this kind of information on, but thank goodness that they are. Before you run out and get your whole family injected with this stuff, please take the time to hear what both sides are saying. Also, please share this video and the other articles on this site with as many people as you know. You just might save someone's life. Here is the video..... Doctor Admits Vaccine is more Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids

FDA Approved H1N1 Vaccines Contain Ingredients Known to Cause Cancer and Death
(...) The FDA has awarded H1N1 contracts to the following companies: MedImmune, LLC (1), CSL Limited (2), Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Limited (3), and Sanofi Pasteur (4). Their package inserts became public knowledge in recent weeks. All four vaccines list hypersensitivity to eggs as a contraindication (1) (2) (3) (4). This means that it is not advisable to administer any one of these products to a person suffering from a severe egg allergy or egg protein allergy. This contraindication may affect as many as 15 million people (based on a population of 300 million). (5). While parents are instructed not to feed their infant eggs until 1 year of age, these same infants will be exposed to eggs by way of their H1N1 vaccine and/or seasonal flu vaccine beginning at 6 months of age. (...) An overview of the remaining chemicals may prove to be further unsettling. Sanofi Pasteur's vaccine (4) also contains formaldehyde (25), which is a suspected carcinogen (cancer-causing), Triton X-100 (26), which is possibly a reproductive toxin, and thimerosal (27), which is mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells (alters DNA). MedImmune's vaccine (1) also contains monosodium glutamate (MSG), dibasic potassium phosphate (28), and monobasic potassium phosphate (29). Because so many people are sensitive to MSG, oriental restaurants have taken it upon themselves to serve and advertise food completely free of it! The other two ingredients, dibasic potassium phosphate and monobasic potassium phosphate may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled. They will also be present in CSL's vaccine (2). Potassium chloride (30), calcium chloride (31), and sodium chloride (32) are also listed as ingredients for CSL. All three are considered mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells. By far, the most disturbing ingredient of all is that which is found in both CSL (2) and Novartis' (3) vaccines - beta-propiolactone (33). It is a proven carcinogen by OSHA and is toxic to kidneys, lungs, liver, and digestive system. It is also corrosive to skin and eyes on contact. Then of course, there is the monobasic sodium phosphate (34) and sodium taurodeoxycholate (35) to contend with. Both are considered "slightly hazardous" in cases of contact with skin, eyes, ingestion, or inhalation.During the clinical trials conducted by the makers of said products (1) (2) (3) (4), it was noted that the following reactions occurred: headache, nasal congestion, cough, rhinorrhea, pharyngolaryngeal pain, reactogenicity event, diarrhea, back pain, upper respiratory tract infection, viral infection, lower respiratory tract infection, myalgia, and muscle spasm. Once the products were released onto the market, the following unsolicited adverse events occurred: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, transient thrombocytopenia, lymphadenopathy, anaphylactic shock, serum sickness, neuralgia, paresthesia, convulsions, encephalopathy, neuritis or neuropathy, transverse myelitis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, vasculitis with transient renal involvement, pruritis, uticaria, rash, influenza-like illness, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Epistaxis, and brachial neuritis. However, due to the unknown number of people reporting these events, it is not possible to determine whether or not these events occurred due to the vaccine administered. Don't be alarmed folks by all of this medical and chemical jargon. It is not known at this time whether or not these vaccines (1) (2) (3) (4) can cause carcinogenesis (cancer), mutagenesis (alter your DNA) or impairment of fertility because the studies have not been performed.This disclaimer may be found on all 4 vaccine package inserts in Section 13.1 titled "Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility."The only logical conclusion is that there must be a reason why they have not been able to conduct these studies. As far as the statistical probability of vaccine reactions are concerned, just who are we to question the Center for Disease Control?

Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law (October 09, 2009)
Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine neither the safety nor efficacy of the vaccines. "The suit will seek an injunction against the FDA from approving the vaccine," attorney Jim Turner told NaturalNews on Thursday evening's Natural News Talk Hour show. "And the core of the argument is that they have not done the proper safety and efficacy tests on the vaccine to allow it to be release at this time. "The suit seeks to not only nullify the FDA's unlawful "approval" of the four H1N1 influenza vaccines, but to also ask the court to issue an injunction that would halt any mandatory vaccination requirements. "The FDA is required by law to establish that a vaccine is safe and effective before it can be given to the public," said Turner. "We are arguing that they did not establish that the vaccine was effective, and did not establish that it was safe. They are trying to get it on the market by a waiver." The vaccine / adjuvant combination being referred to as the "swine flu vaccine" has apparently never been safety tested or approved by the FDA. In fact, in many cases the vaccine is being sent to clinics, pharmacies and other health establishments separately from the adjuvant chemical, leaving it up to each local vaccine retailer to properly mix the vaccine with the adjuvant, according to information provided by Turner. With hundreds of millions of Americans potentially being targeted with this vaccine, the potential for improper mixing, improper dosages, and human error is alarming.If the charges described in the lawsuit are true, it means the FDA has blatantly abandoned medical science and violated its own regulations in approving not only these four vaccines, but the potentially deadly adjuvant chemicals as well. To date, the FDA has produced absolutely no scientific evidence documenting safety tests for any of these swine flu vaccines. There are no published studies, no records of any clinical trials, and no publicly-available paper trail demonstrating that any safety testing was done whatsoever. There is no researcher who has publicly put their name on the record declaring the vaccines to be safe, and no FDA official has ever stated that scientifically-valid safety testing has ever been conducted on the vaccine / adjuvant combinations now being distributed across America.Normally, when a pharmaceutical achieves "FDA approved" status, there is a considerable paper trail of scientific scrutiny, peer review, clinical trials and other supporting evidence. To our knowledge, no such documents exist for the swine flu vaccines. The FDA's approval of these vaccines appears to be based entirely on a whim. CLIP

Drugmakers, Doctors Rake in Billions Battling H1N1 Flu (Oct. 14, 2009)http://abcnews.go.com/print?id=8820642
Swine Flu Is Bad for Victims, But Good for Businesses That Cater to Expanding Market -- Americans are still debating whether to roll up their sleeves for a swine flu shot, but companies have already figured it out: vaccines are good for business.Drug companies have sold $1.5 billion worth of swine flu shots, in addition to the $1 billion for seasonal flu they booked earlier this year. These inoculations are part of a much wider and rapidly growing $20 billion global vaccine market."The vaccine market is booming," says Bruce Carlson, spokesperson at market research firm Kalorama, which publishes an annual survey of the vaccine industry. "It's an enormous growth area for pharmaceuticals at a time when other areas are not doing so well," he says, noting that the pipeline for more traditional blockbuster drugs such as Lipitor and Nexium has thinned.As always with pandemic flus, taxpayers are footing the $1.5 billion check for the 250 million swine flu vaccines that the government has ordered so far and will be distributing free to doctors, pharmacies and schools. In addition, Congress has set aside more than $10 billion this year to research flu viruses, monitor H1N1's progress and educate the public about prevention.Drugmakers pocket most of the revenues from flu sales, with Sanofi-Pasteur, Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis cornering most of the market. CLIP

Open Letter To New York State Over Mandatory Vaccination (September 30, 2009)
As a group of healthcare workers, we are being mandated by a new New York state law to receive the seasonal flu vaccine and H1N1 vaccines. If we do not receive these vaccines by November 30th, that inaction is to be considered our resignation. We must sign a consent for the vaccines prior to their administration. The manufacturers have been granted immunity by the government; they cannot be sued for untoward effects. We do not want to receive these vaccines. Our educated studies of risks versus benefits conclude that the risks of the vaccine are greater than the possible benefits. All health care workers with direct patient care are mandated to receive the vaccine, so the coercion is real -- we cannot just go find a job "somewhere else." And the job market of 2009 does not offer opportunity in a different arena where we could still feed our families. We understand the fear that swine flu and influenza has generated. While our sources of information indicate that swine flu is not a pandemic, we know that the slanted research fed by the media offers results intended to frighten the public. We do not have the power to stop the fear that mass hype is able to generate. We hear the hype you are fed. We do not want to bring you harm, but we should not be forced into harm's way ourselves. Note: For more on mandatory flu vaccinations, click here. (Check this excellent perspective from Fred Burks!

The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009 (October 5, 2009)
(...) Are media w h o r e s, propagandizing on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and their w h o r e s in government, any less guilty of crippling and killing innocent people than the vaccine manufacturers themselves? Are they any less guilty than the Fort Detrick research team under Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger who went up to Alaska to retrieve DNA samples in 1997 in order to use it to map and REPLICATE the 1918 Spanish Flu virus, and THEN develop it into an even DEADLIER strain that eventually becomes part of the Swine flu vaccine cocktail?I don't think so.Every player and every cog in the Swine Flu Hysteria Propaganda Machine, are as guilty as the Illuminated Club of Rome planners who were behind this covert population reduction agenda. Having failed, apparently, to poison us sufficiently with chemtrails for the past 11 years, they now turn to direct poisoning via inoculations. The Satanic underpinning of this Death ritual is clear when you recognize that they FIRST want to poison those human groups most responsible for carrying on and continuing life itself: pregnant women, little children, and healthcare workers! Former Marine Drew Malone Raines, great grandnephew of Major General Smedley Butler, discovered in July of this year that a Navy ship headed out of San Diego in late April of 2009 for Phukette, Thailand, had an emergency crisis at sea and had to return to port. All 347 members of the ship's crew were inoculated with the Swine flu vaccine three days before departing on April 21, 2009. By May 1, 2009 (about two weeks), 341 crew members came down with flu symptoms and approximately 260 of them had what was described as "very serious" flu symptoms. Two people died. About 50 medical personnel from another Navy ship, were brought on board to attend to the medical emergency and the ship was returned to port where it was quarantined. The wife of one of those seamen who had gotten very ill and nearly died, had reported the story to a group of Navy wives who were regular listeners to Drew Raines, A Marine's Disquisition, internet radio show, and they, in turn, reported the story to Drew Raines. Subsequently, the wives of every seaman on that ship were visited by Navy Intelligence and other Navy brass and told to keep their mouths shut and say nothing of the episode to anyone as the incident was now classified and subject to "national security" classification.After broadcasting a radio show on September 26, 2009 discussing the April-May events aboard that ship, Drew Raines and guest Bob Chapman discovered that an internet disinformation campaign was launched to label the entire story of the ship's crew coming down with Swine Flu as a "hoax." Naturally, this infuriated Drew, as he was given in depth details of what had transpired on the ship by the wives of some of the men involved and who had nearly died due to the Swine Flu vaccination. In more than one instance, seamen were placed in ice baths or placed inside the ship's walk-in freezer in order to bring down fevers which were running as high as 106 degrees. (...) I can only HOPE that there are enough people in this country who still have a brain in their head and will GET INVOLVED in protesting and CONDEMING those who are promoting the Swine Flu hoax and worst of all, urging people to take the Swine flu vaccine. The Great Poisoning of America has begun. It will probably continue through November and maybe into December. MILLIONS of people will suffer IRREVERSIBLE damage as a result of being vaccinated with the Swine Flu vaccine and MANY THOUSANDS WILL DIE, some immediately, and some more slowly. How bad it will get depends entirely on how many people take the deadly vaccine. I can only HOPE enough people will wake up in time.

Sickest swine flu cases in Canada, Mexico detailed (October 12th, 2009)
(AP) -- Rapidly worsening breathing problems in the sickest swine flu patients in Mexico and Canada present a scary worst-case scenario and could foreshadow what U.S. doctors face as winter flu season sets in, new reports suggest. In the global outbreak's first wave, many critically ill patients in both countries were obese, although their death rates weren't higher than others. Many in both countries also were younger than those typically hard hit by seasonal flu, as has been found in the United States. Patients studied worsened quickly after being admitted to hospitals. Most survived after intensive, lengthy treatment, although the death rate in Mexican patients studied - 41 percent - was much higher. (...) The Canadian study, led by Dr. Anand Kumar of the Health Sciences Center and St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, involved 168 critically ill patients treated at 38 hospitals between April and August. The 90-day death rate was 17 percent. The JAMA editorial noted that while treatment including antibiotics, antiviral drugs and mechanical breathing machines has advanced since the deadly 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic, many U.S. hospitals may lack adequate staffing levels to provide timely treatment if critical swine flu cases surge.Deaths that result from inadequate planning "will be especially tragic," the editorial said.

ICU beds and swine flu: the southern hemisphere experience (October 10, 2009) http://scienceblogs.com/effectmeasure/2009/10/icu_beds_and_swine_flu_the_sou.php
(...) We still don't have all the results but a paper published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine summarizes experience with critical care bed demand in Australia and New Zealand. The demand for critical care beds ("Intensive Care Units") is one of the nasty problms in an increasingly brittle health care delivery system in the US. (...) The ICU admission rate for Australia and New Zealand (combined population of roughly 25 million) was calculated as about 30 per million (I have rounded slightly because these are estimates). In the US, with a population of 300 million, this would amount to about 9000 ICU bed admissions for swine flu over a comparable 3 month period. (...) How does this compare with the US? According to Table 3 in this paper (subscription only, I'm afraid) in 1999 the US had 5.7 million adult ICU admissions/yr. (so this underestimates a bit because pediatric ICUs aren't included but it's likely we have fewer beds per population than before as well; it's the best data I could find). So that's roughly 1.3 ICU million admissions in a three month period. If swine flu contributes another 9000, that's not much added burden (maybe 1%) and even in terms of bed days it's only about 2% of the total bed days, although it will be very unevenly distributed, with some places hit hard and others barely touched. CLIP - YES YOU READ CORRECTLY. ADDITIONAL HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS OF SWINE FLU CASES MAY NOT BE HIGHER THAN A MERE 1% (in the US) - BASED ON WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE DURING THEIR FLU SEASON. THE WHOLE FUSS IS A TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT!... AND BIG, BIG MONEY FOR THE PHARMA CARTEL PRODUCING THE H1N1 VACCINES (at a global cost of $50 billions)...

Swine flu and kids: Heed warning signs, MDs say (October 12th, 2009)
(AP) -- Max Gomez was a bright-eyed 5-year-old happy to have just started kindergarten when he developed sniffles and a fever. His mother figured it was only a cold. Three days later, the Antioch, Tenn., boy was dead, apparently from swine flu. At least 76 American children have died from the new virus, and doctors are urging parents to watch for warning signs that the flu has become life-threatening. Ruth Gomez says Max developed dangerous symptoms - bluish fingers and extreme fatigue after seeming to get better - just one day before he died. She took him to the doctor, but it was too late."We were in shock," Gomez said softly, still trying to wrap her mind around her little boy's Aug. 31 death. "There are so many unanswered questions. What happened?" It's a question on other parents' minds, too: How can they protect their kids from swine flu until the vaccine is widely available? Swine flu has probably infected hundreds of thousands of youngsters nationwide, but deaths among children are rare. Health officials are keeping track of children's flu deaths, but they say it's impossible to count all flu cases. So they don't know what percentage of children's infections are fatal. Many experts say the H1N1 virus does not appear to be more dangerous than other flu strains, but kids have been catching it more easily than seasonal flu. Last week alone, there were 19 new reports of children who died, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the 76 swine flu fatalities since April compare with 68 pediatric deaths from seasonal flu since September 2008. CLIP

Most H1N1 patients with respiratory failure treated with oxygenating system survive illness (October 12th, 2009)
Despite the severity of disease and the intensity of treatment, most patients in Australia and New Zealand who experienced respiratory failure as a result of 2009 influenza A(H1N1) and were treated with a system that adds oxygen to the patient's blood survived the disease, according to a study to appear in the November 4 issue of JAMA. This study is being published early online because of its public health importance.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Shocking Vaccine Cover Up
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-Af0ar7gE4 (PART 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ysbUM5jk54 (PART 2)
Robert F. Kennedy gives an amazing speech about government cover ups and the harmful effects of toxins in vaccines. Part 1 of 2. Green Our Vaccines Rally

Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination - 14 Octobre 2009)
WASHINGTON, D.C. - A few weeks ago, Desiree Jennings was training for a half marathon. Now, she's struggling to walk, talk and even eat. According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Jennings, who has been working with the Washington Redskins as an ambassador in hopes of becoming a cheerleader since April, developed severe and possibly life-threatening side effects from getting a seasonal flu vaccine seven weeks ago at a Safeway in Reston. Twenty-five-year-old Jennings says she was healthy and active and was not in a high-risk group at the time of her shot. CLIP

"Get you shot or get on the bus..."

A Primer on 'Martial Law' (16 Sept. 09) (video)

Pittsburgh: Beta Test for a Police State by Kurt Nimmo (October 14, 2009)
The G-20 police response in Pittsburgh was a beta test. "We spent months getting ready for this and it was a lot of preparation, but we'll see the dividends of that for a long time to come," Public Safety Director Michael Huss told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.In other words, Pittsburgh is not going to stand-down now that the G-20 has departed. The "dividend" is that it will remain a militarized police state. (...) Pittsburgh is the poster child for the police state. In 2007, the cops rolled out a 20-ton armored truck with a blast-resistant body, armored rotating roof hatch and gunports in response to street crime and violence. The $250,000 armored vehicle was paid for with Homeland Security money. (...) In Pittsburgh during the G-20, there were no terrorists - unless you consider citizens opposed to globalism and the world government schemes of the banksters terrorists. No hostages were taken, no drug-running gang-bangers were shooting at the police. All around the country local law enforcement is looking to the feds to provide high-tech military hardware. San Francisco wants $125,000 for an armored vehicle and $200,000 for a mobile command vehicle. Sparks, Nevada wants $600,000 to purchase a "live fire" house its SWAT team can shoot up, and another $420,000 for a SWAT armored vehicle. Gary, Indiana wants $750,000 for a host of "modernization" upgrades to its police department, including "sub-automatic machine guns" and an armored vehicle. Ottawa, Illinois (population: 18,307) wants $60,000 to purchase, among other things, five "tactical entry rifles.""Why is our civilian law enforcement in an arms race, and who are they arming against? Why us of course. What use to be six to ten man SWAT teams are now platoon size of 25 if not more. The City Police, Sheriffs etc, are armed to the teeth and resemble SS units, this is a way to circumvent Posse Comitatus in the coming Martial Law," writes Open Dialogue Government. "They are not rounding up illegal aliens or criminal street gangs who reek havoc on our country. They are here for us." (...) The in-your-face "militarization of domestic law enforcement is now coupled with the military's own rapid development and deployment of 'non-lethal weapons' systems which inevitably, will be 'shared' with civilian police for 'crowd control.' As with data mining, DHS spy-satellite surveillance, blanket CCTV coverage of American cities, illegal FBI deployment of infiltrators and provocateurs, 'mission creep' by the Pentagon into civil affairs are signs that stronger measures to blunt the crisis may be in the offing," Tom Burghardt wrote in October, 2008.Add to the list the deployment of combat-hardened troops in the U.S. and numerous "exercises" for "emergency preparedness" and we have the finishing touches on a police state ready to be unleashed provided the appropriate staged terror attack or - more likely - during the coming unrest in response to the unraveling economy.Homeland security is officially defined by the National Strategy for Homeland Security as "a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America's vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur." It has superseded that mission.In fact, Homeland Security was never about al-Qaeda or external terrorist attacks. It was from day one about the American people, specifically those Americans outlined in the DHS report on "rightwing extremism" - advocates of the Second Amendment and those of us who are demanding a return to a constitutional republic and a drastically scaled back federal government.

First Swine Flu Vaccine Arriving in Cities (October 6, 2009)
Doctors, nurses and other health-care workers in Indiana and Tennessee will receive the first doses of swine flu vaccine Monday as the federal government launches the most ambitious vaccination campaign in U.S. history.Health-care providers and emergency workers at the Wishard Health Services and other hospitals in Indianapolis and at the Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center in Memphis will receive the Flu Mist nasal spray vaccine at events attended by local, state and federal health officials. The vaccinations mark the beginning of a nationwide campaign to inoculate at least half the U.S. population — and perhaps the entire country — against the new H1N1 virus that has caused the first influenza pandemic in 41 years.The federal government has spent $2 billion to purchase about 250 million doses of vaccine and has pledged to buy enough to immunize every American if there is enough demand. CLIP

Health Workers Protest Flu Vaccine Mandate (Oct. 4, 2009)
Health Professionals in New York, Some Private Hospitals Required to Get H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Shot or Risk Losing Their Jobs -- the first doses of the H1N1 vaccine are expected to be released this week. While that is bringing relief to some Americans, it's also helping to ignite a controversy for one group, as CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston reports. Outside New York 's capitol building, health care workers - shouting "Give me liberty!" - vowed to fight an unprecedented order from state health officials: a requirement for every health care worker to get seasonal and H1N1 flu shots or face the possibility of being fired. Physical therapist Carole Blueweiss is weighting that risk. "I'm healthy and I have a strong immune system and I don't want to feel like someone is telling me what to put into my body to protect me," Blueweiss said. But the state maintains the objective is to reduce the possibility of infecting patients. "Every flu season, in New York for example, we have about 160 outbreaks of flu inside healthcare institutions," said New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Richard Daines. In past years, when vaccination was voluntary, only 40 percent of the state's 925,000 health care workers get vaccinated. "That's kind of intolerable that patients should come to a hospital and not know that the healthcare workers are vaccinated," Daines said. But Carole Blueweiss - who plans to give her son the seasonal flu vaccine - doesn't trust the H1N1 vaccine for him or herself. In her 15 years as a physical therapist at a large New York hospital, she says she's never gotten a flu shot and never had the flu. "We are health care workers and we are not even given the credit or the respect to make the decision," Blueweiss said. "It's outrageous and it feels criminal and anti-American." While New York has the only state-wide mandate, a number of private and public hospitals are also requiring employees to take flu shots, including: the 273 facilities of the Hospital Corporation of America; Emory hospital in Atlanta; the University of Pennsylvania hospital; the University of Maryland hospital; and the Loyola University health system in Chicago. There is also a strong resistance from the general public. A new Harvard University poll shows only four in 10 adults intend to take the vaccine themselves. Only 6 in 10 plan to give it to their children.
(...) Dr. Lapook downplayed any side effects from the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot. He told us that it's a "no-brainer" for him and his family to get the vaccines. He's already gotten the seasonal vaccine and will receive the H1N1 when it is available. LaPook doesn't tell us if the vaccine he received contained 25 mcg. of mercury. It's an important question. The mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal was never tested or approved by the FDA. The controversy over vaccines and autism links this additive to neurological damage in our children. The trials on the H1N1 vaccine were conducted WITHOUT thimerosal, yet for most Americans lining up at Walgreen's and WalMart, the vaccines will contain mercury.
(...) Last Monday the three main reporters on ABC's morning show took the regular flu vaccine on air, but they all took the one that was "preservative free." They didn't bother to tell anyone the preservative they were avoiding was thimerosol which contains 49.7% mercury by weight. It was Diane Sawyer, Sam somebody and the blond guy. I have been looking to see if any of them are missing any work from having a reaction to it. Diane was off on Thursday but they didn't say why.
(...) Whether it be health care workers or American citizens, it is the CHOICE of a person, to get this vaccine or NOT. This vaccine was not tested properly and certainly not long enough. It contains mercury and squalene. Not ONE SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY, should have this vaccine FORCED on them. Period.

Study Proves Link Between Thimerosal and Autism Neurotoxicity (September 01, 2009)
In a study just published, a causal connection between Thimerosal, the preservative often used in vaccines, and the brain pathology found in patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), has been established. The study, A Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Impaired Oxidative-Reduction Activity, Degeneration, and Death in Human Neuronal and Fetal Cells Induced by Low-Level Exposure to Thimerosal and Other Metal Compounds was published in the June 2009 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Toxicology & Environmental Toxicology. In the study, it was found that the amounts of Thimerosal found in inoculations commonly given to infants in the 1990s and still in use today (though more limited) induced levels of cellular toxicity. This cellular damage was consistent with that found in studies of patients diagnosed with ASD. CLIP

Washington OKs mercury in swine flu vaccine (Sept 24, 2009)
OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state Health Department will allow more mercury than usual in some of the swine flu vaccine to make sure shots are available to pregnant women and children under age three. The department says mercury-free swine flu vaccine may not always be in stock, so it wants to give people the choice of using vaccine with the mercury preservative called thimerosal, which is believed to be safe. The Centers for Disease Control's Web site says the following about thimerosal: "There is no convincing scientific evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site. "However, in July 1999, the Public Health Service agencies, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers agreed that thimerosal should be reduced or eliminated in vaccines as a precautionary measure. Most vaccines for children under six are thimerosal-free." The suspension of the mercury limit announced Thursday lasts six months and applies only to the swine flu vaccine expected to become available in October. The temporary measure is needed because there could be a shortage of swine flu vaccine in the state when the first batches of the vaccine are released. KOMO News has learned that none of the single-dose vials of swine flu vaccine or seasonal flu vaccine, as well as the nasal sprays contain thimerosal. It's only the bigger vials - the ones that have multiple doses - that will have thimerosal. Under current law, those bigger vials would be prohibited, which is why Secretary of Health Mary Seleck suspended the law - to let them into the state."The virus is here. It's making a lot of people sick. We're already seeing absenteeism in schools. We know that the virus has some unfortunate health effects on some populations. So we really want to make the vaccine available," she said. Selecky points out that the H1N1 shot is voluntary. "And we'll make sure that those who are pregnant women and parents with children under the age of 3 get the information about what's available and what choices they can make," she said. Here is the priority list of recipients for swine flu shots once the vaccine arrives:- Anyone age 6 months to 24 years- Pregnant women- Healthcare workers- People under 50 with chronic illnesses.

Mums-To-Be In Swine Flu Jab Controversy (October 15, 2009)
Pregnant women in Britain are to get a form of swine flu vaccine that is not recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). -- The vaccine Pandemrix, which makes up the bulk of NHS supply, contains a chemical called an adjuvant that has never been tested on mums-to-be.According to the WHO Strategic Advisory Group, pregnant women should be given adjuvant-free formulations of the vaccine whenever possible.But the Department of Health's Director of Immunisations Professor David Salisbury said that even though the NHS has stocks of an alternative vaccine called Celvapan, it will not be prioritised for pregnant women (...) "The problem is that not enough pregnant women have had this adjuvant tested on them. So we are going to err on the side of caution and recommend pregnant women take the unadjuvanted vaccine instead." The controversy will do nothing to ease the concerns that pregnant women already have about vaccination. Natalie Lisbona, who is 30 weeks pregnant, said: "There are no tests on pregnant women, so what is it going to do to the foetus?" There doesn't seem to be clear evidence at the moment. They have rushed this vaccine through so quickly." - RECOMMENDED by Betty Martini (bettym19@mindspring.com) - http://www.dorway.com - who also included the following quote from Dr. Blaylock: "Previous studies of flu viruses found that the danger to the unborn is not from the virus, but from the cytokine immune reaction to the virus--that is the mother's immune reaction to the virus. What this means is that pregnant women who take this vaccine (especially since it is to be a two to three part vaccine) will have the same immune effects and may dramatically increase the mother's risk of having a child with autism or schizophrenia. This is accepted in the medial literature and have been done repeatedly in animals exposed to vaccine during pregnancy. We could see a real disaster with this vaccine program. Mothers should be warned. Remember, there is no evidence that the vaccine will protect anyone from the virus." Check also from the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, this clip with Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon discussing aspartame and pregnancy: http://www.soundandfury.tv/pages/blaylock.html - Get the entire movie from http://www.soundandfury.tv - Aspartame Documentary: After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, "Sweet Misery" will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution. The toxic long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a "hoax" by the sweetener industry and at least five other internet websites. The real footwork, however, unravels something less comforting than a mere "Hoax."

Vaccination Information Network

VACCINE INFORMATION - dozens of revealing articles!!

New book asserts mercury is underlying cause of neurological disorders plaguing mankind today
Migraine headaches, autism, Lou Gehrig's disease and many more ailments discussed in The Truth About Migraines to Multiple Sclerosis and More by first-time author Barbara J. TancrediSAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (MMD Newswire) September 30, 2009 -- In her book The Truth About Migraines to Multiple Sclerosis and More, author Barbara J. Tancredi asserts that mercury is causing a myriad of neurological diseases in the world today. Acknowledging a widespread belief that there are many other substances prevalent in society that pollute the environment and are toxic to humans, Tancredi posits that mercury is the most dangerous because it is "spewed by the tons into our air every year." Tancredi warns against the continued "injection" of the substance into the body through the use of vaccines, amalgam fillings and lightbulbs that contain mercury, as well as through the consumption of mercury-rich seafoods.Citing historical references, scientific research and personal experience, Tancredi aims to show that mercury's toxicity has been watered down in importance. She urges taking steps to "stop the madness for future generations," and discusses her views and the recommendations of other professionals on the best way to prevent further damage from mercury and ameliorate the damage already done."Mercury isn't new and neither are migraines and other neurological diseases," Tancredi said. "But as mercury's use increases, neurological diseases increase in the same manner. This book gives people with devastating neurological diseases, and those who want to prevent them, information they won't find anywhere else."

As the United States awaits the arrival of the H1N1 vaccine next week, growing skepticism over the overall safety and importance of vaccinations of all types is worrying health officials.A combination of factors has led a statistically significant number of people to forgo vaccination for their children, resulting in a return of the very diseases the vaccines had helped eliminate."I don't trust that the pharmaceutical industry is looking out for my child's best interest," said Eileen Karpfinger, a licensed chiropractor and co-founder of the Upaya Center for Wellbeing in Alameda, Calif. She says she does not plan to have her own infant daughter vaccinated against any disease. Karpfinger's distrust of vaccines is multi-fold, ranging from a belief that immunizations are weakening the immune systems of the general population, to an overall skepticism that the shots for diseases like H1N1 flu, measles or whooping cough have any effect whatsoever in preventing those diseases. "There is absolutely no way of knowing whether that shot is doing what is says it is doing," Karpfinger said. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, the number of people in the United States who share Karpfinger's misgivings about vaccines is on the rise. It finds that the number of parents who voluntarily opt out of vaccinating their children jumped from just 1.26 percent of the population in 1991 to 2.54 percent in 2004.While nationally, those figures are still quite low, localized trends in states like California -- where some counties now report kindergarten classes in which upward of 75 percent of the children have not received vaccinations -- are heralding the return of isolated outbreaks of diseases such as measles and whooping cough. Still, many in the anti-vaccine movement remain dead set against immunization programs. "If vaccines work, then those who have been vaccinated have nothing to fear," said Barbara Loe Fisher, the co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. Fisher's view is that government should promote immunization only "when the survival of the community is at stake." In other words, when it can be shown that death rates outpace birth rates. The H1N1 virus, for instance, would not rise to the standard to mandate government response, though diseases like Ebola and smallpox are a "different story." In particular, Fisher is not convinced that the H1N1 virus represents as serious a threat as federal health officials claim. "Does this particular strain of influenza warrant the amount of money we're spending and this campaign the government is waging?" she asked rhetorically. "Federal health officials are making a mistake. There's been an overreach. People don't appreciate being bullied. A lot of people are starting to stay away from doctors. There's a paradigm shift occurring." CLIP

The Flu Pandemic (November 29, 1992 - New York Times)
The existence of the influenza vaccine ... may give us a sense of false security when it comes to the possibility of a pandemic outbreak of influenza. In fact, the flu vaccine must be reformulated each year to keep pace with the newest variants of this fast-mutating virus. The recipe for making the flu vaccine is simple. Take the current year's variant of the influenza virus, throw it into a stew with a strain of virus that leads to rapid proliferation. Incorporate the fast-growing strain into its own genes and start replicating it. From there, it's an easy matter to take those plentiful viruses and attenuate them for a flu vaccine. But the scientists who must determine what virus will cause the next year's illness run a high chance of being wrong. Some observers have put the odds of success at no better than 50-50. Even when they are right, the vaccine lasts only as long as that year's strain. Experts thought they saw big-league trouble coming in February 1976, when a few cases of severe swine flu broke out among young military recruits in Fort Dix, N.J. One of them, Pvt. David Lewis, 19, died. Lewis and four others were shown to be infected with the same H1N1 influenza virus as was responsible for the 1918 pandemic. But the swine-flu pandemic never materialized. In retrospect, some critics now say 40 million Americans were vaccinated for nothing. In fact, the only real illness to result from the swine flu adventure was caused by the vaccine: about one thousand people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome, a serious paralytic disease that could be traced directly to an immunological response to the inoculation. Note: This article also discusses how new, intensified farming techniques for chickens, pigs, and ducks are the prime breeding ground for viruses which spread around the world. A powerful CBS 60 Minutes clip on the 1976 swine flu scare is available here. The intrepid 60 Minutes team shows how greed and blatant corruption led to the death of hundreds and paralysis of thousands as a direct result of the vaccine developed that year, while only one person died from the flu. For lots more, click here.

Sixty million years of evolution says vitamin D may save your life from swine flu (October 13 2009)
People still don't get it: Vitamin D is the "miracle nutrient" that activates your immune system to defend you against invading microorganisms -- including seasonal flu and swine flu. Two months ago, an important study was published by researchers at Oregon State University. This study reveals something startling: Vitamin D is so crucial to the functioning of your immune system that the ability of vitamin D to boost immune function and destroy invading microorganisms has been conserved in the genome for over 60 million years of evolution. As this press release from Oregon State University explains:The fact that this vitamin-D mediated immune response has been retained through millions of years of evolutionary selection, and is still found in species ranging from squirrel monkeys to baboons and humans, suggests that it must be critical to their survival, researchers say. (...) The research supporting vitamin D's ability to halt influenza is overwhelming. And yet the vaccine industry (and the doctors who push vaccines) don't want you to know about vitamin D. Why is that?It's because if people knew the truth about vitamin D, the vaccine industry would collapse. Who needs a vaccine if you're got a powered-up immune system to do the job automatically? Plus, your immune system is natural, while vaccines are completely unnatural injections of toxic chemicals that are increasingly being linked to not just autism, but seizures, brain damage and death.Why risk a vaccine when vitamin D is so remarkably safe?You'll need at least 4000 IU a day just to prevent deficiency, according to many nutrition experts. Some people I know take 8000 IU a day. I personally don't take any vitamin D but I get at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day near the equator (which is a unique geographical situation, I understand, that not everybody can replicate). Our national "health" officials (if you can call them that) are making a crucial mistake with the swine flu. Instead of ordering more vaccines, they should be recommending vitamin D supplements to the population. For less than the cost of the vaccines, we could provide vitamin D supplementation to every man, woman and child in America. We would not only end the swine flu pandemic, we would also see cancer rates plummet!Perhaps that's why our health authorities don't dare recommend vitamin D -- the financial impact on the cancer industry would just be too great. The vaccine makers would lose billions, and the cancer industry could lose tens of billions. Diabetes rates would fall, depression would fade away in many people, kidney function would improve and a long list of other diseases would be prevented or reversed following adequate vitamin D intake. CLIP

CAMPANAS POR LA GRIPE A -- Monja de Monserrat, Dra. en Salud Pública
TERESA FORCADES, doctora en Salut Pública, hace una reflexión sobre la historia de la GRIPE A, aportando datos científicos, y enumerando las irregularidades relacionadas con el tema. Explica las consecuencias de la declaracion de PANDEMIA, las implicaciones políticas que de ello se derivan y hace una propuesta para mantener la calma, así como un llamamiento urgente para activar los mecanismos legales y de participación ciudadana en relación a este tema. Recommended by Chris Iglesias (chrisigle@yahoo.com.ar - from Argentina) who wrote: "In this video a Catholic nun from Barcelona, Spain, who has a degree in Public Health, tells all the truth about swine flu, vaccination, political interests, etc. And she speaks in Spanish, of course. So it is absolutely perfect to convince Spanish speaking people who are mostly Catholic (even if they never go to church...) Nuns are not supposed to tell lies (although they do...), they are reliable... at least for 80% of Spanish speaking people. I think you might want to send this link as an additional email to our friends since some of them could use it to convince reluctant acquaintances as I did."

La Dra Rauni Kilde habla sobre la Conspiración de la Gripe Porcina (English with Spanish subtitles)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=185HKE2c5Gg (Same without subtitles)


From: http://www.infowars.com/doctors-concerned-flumist-vaccine-could-spread-live-h1n1-virus/

Doctors Concerned FluMist Vaccine Could Spread Live H1N1 Virus

Paul Joseph Watson - October 6, 2009

Doctors and hospitals are expressing concern that the FluMist vaccine could endanger people because it contains live H1N1 virus, unlike the injectable shot that contains antibodies. With no less than 60 per cent of the U.S. population immunodeficient in one way or another, could FluMist be a pandemic waiting to happen?

Hospitals in Colorado and elsewhere are shunning the FluMist H1N1 vaccine, a nasal spray that contains live swine flu virus, because of fears it could infect people with weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions.

"Several metro area hospitals said they won't be taking the FluMist because they don't want to endanger patients," reports TheDenverChannel.com.

Lois VanFleet, infection prevention specialist at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, expressed concern that doctors and nurses who inhaled the live virus could infect patients whose immune systems are compromised.

However, H1N1 FluMist is being rolled out nationwide from this week, including at "drive-through clinics" across the country where the nasal spray is administered while people sit in their cars with their window wide open (see top picture).

The live virus contained in the nasal spray is weakened but it can be transmitted from person to person for up to three weeks.

According to studies, "the odds of transmitting the virus after receiving the nasal spray are about 2.5 percent," with children the most susceptible.

The nasal spray is being rolled out on a mass scale before the widespread introduction of the injectable vaccine. Some fear that the nasal spray will contribute to a wider pandemic, which will then provide governments with the crisis they need to make the injectable vaccine mandatory.

"This would accelerate the move to a state of emergency, cripple the US health care system, and would result in the "need" to have military, eventually UN troops, take control," notes TheFluCase.com.

"Also, all public assemblies, including courts, would be prohibited, thereby satisfying a condition for the imposition of martial law, mass quarantines, and forced vaccinations for the rest of us."

According to the Mayo Clinic, the swine flu scandal of 1976, when more people died from the vaccine than the actual virus, was what caused the live virus to be removed from future vaccines. However, it is admitted that FluMist contains the live virus.

"It has been documented that the live viruses from the vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community) from recipient children for up to 21 days, and even longer from adults. Viral shedding also puts breastfeeding infants at risk if the mother has been given FluMist," writes Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the most outspoken physicians in the country on the hazards of vaccines and vaccination.

FluMist's own package insert reads as follows, "FluMist® recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days."

"The warning is specifically directed toward those living in the same household with an immunocompromised person, but the on-going release of live viruses throughout the community may be a significant risk to everyone who has a weak, or weakened, immune system," writes Tenpenny, pointing out that if one takes into account a plethora of health conditions that could be classified as contributing to immunodeficiency, as much as 60% of the entire population could be considered to be "chemically immunosuppressed."

"An ever greater concern about FluMist is the contents within the vaccine. Each 0.5ml of the formula contains 10 6.5-7.5 particles of live, attenuated influenza virus. That means that between 10 million and 100 million viral particles will be forcefully injected into the nostrils when administered. The viral strain was developed by serial passage through "specific pathogen-free primary chick kidney cells" and then grown in "specific pathogen-free eggs." That means that the culture media was free of pathogens that were specifically tested for, but not a culture that was necessarily "pathogen-free." The risk that the vaccine may contain contaminant avian retroviruses still remains," warns Tenpenny.

One of the pharmaceutical companies developing nasal spray vaccines is Baxter International, who were caught earlier this year releasing batches of vaccines from a lab in Austria that were contaminated live bird flu virus, otherwise known as H5N1.

The video below outlines further concerns regarding FluMist and the nasal spray vaccine in general.
Flu Mist a popular over the counter live flu vaccine has been found to contain two H5N1 DNA markers, these markers seem to have been sewn into the flu mist vaccine to ensure that H5N1 or another strain of Avian Flu goes pandemic.This is going to cause major problems before long, it is imperative that people are warned about flu mist. Links: http://www.fluscam.com - http://eugenicsanddepopulation.blogspot.com/

Ineffectiveness And Dangers Of Flu Shots By Stephen Lendman (10-5-9)
(...) Dr. Rima Laibow calls FluMist a "recipe for pandemic. (It) contains 3 live viruses. You shoot it up your nose and your immune system gets a chance to make antibodies to three live, weakened viruses while the manufacturer hopes against hope that one of these three actually causes a disease this year....Of course, if you are immune compromised or go near someone who is, you will get sick or infect them with the virus and they can get the flu."Laibow and others also warn that Flu Mist risks potential brain damage, making it an extremely hazardous drug. The nasal passage olfactory tract is a direct pathway to the brain. Ingesting viruses through it risks encephalitis, a viral-induced acute brain inflammation.British geneticist and bilphysicist Dr. Mae-Wan and biologist Joe Cummins add that:"Vaccines can be dangerous, especially live, attenuated viral vaccines or the new recombinant nucleic acid vaccines, that have the potential to generate virulent viruses by recombination and the recombinant nucleic acids could cause autoimmune diseases." CLIP


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Risks of FluMist Vaccine
(...) Hundreds of TV and print advertisements have been designed to persuade everyone into taking the FluMist plunge. The campaign will be the "most intense, direct-to-consumer marketing campaign ever waged for a vaccine," costing an estimated $25 million over the next 2.5 months. In addition, Wyeth, MedImmune's partner, plans a three-year, $100 million campaign to encourage use of the nasal flu vaccine among physicians. The television arm of the blitz campaign will focus on the "inconveniences" that your family, friends and co-workers will endure if you don't get the flu shot and subsequently contract the flu. Print advertisements and magazine articles apparently will use scare tactics-similar to those that were used while promoting the smallpox vaccine-which warned of the high possibility of a "bioterror attack using the flu virus." Apparently, the goal seems to center around frightening-or inducing enough guilt-that everyone would begin to demand the vaccine as soon as it is available. And at nearly $70 a dose, this will be a financial bonanza for MedImmune and Wyeth, who are expecting the vaccine to become the blockbuster new drug that will push MedImmune's revenues to more than $1billion/year. However, there are many reasons for caution. FluMist contains live (attenuated) influenza viruses that replicate in the nasopharynx of the vaccine recipient. The most common side effects include "cough, runny nose/nasal congestion, irritability, headaches, chills, muscle aches and fever "> 100° F." These symptoms are nearly identical to those the flu vaccine is designed to prevent. A cause for significant concern is the vaccine's most prevalent side effects: "runny nose" and "nasal congestion." It has been documented that the live viruses from the vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community) from recipient children for up to 21 days, and even longer from adults. Viral shedding also puts breastfeeding infants at risk if the mother has been given FluMist. In addition to shedding via nasal secretions, the virus can be dispersed through sneezing. What is the normal physiological response when an irritant enters the nasal passages? A sneeze…sometimes a big sneeze…sometimes several big sneezes. Therefore, the risk for shedding-and spreading-live viruses throughout a school, church, workplace, or store - especially one which is administering the vaccine.In the section of the FlumMist package insert labeled "PRECAUTIONS," the manufacturer states the following warning:"FluMist® recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days."
(...) The viruses suspected to be the most likely cause for the flu this season were negligibly different from the strains used in last year's flu vaccine. Therefore, the influenza vaccine produced for the 2003-2004 season is identical in composition to the one used last year. This marks only the second time that the same strains have been used during two consecutive flu seasons. Consider that antibodies from other viral vaccines-such as MMR, polio and chickenpox vaccines-last at least 3 years, and in some instances, up to 15 years. If the viruses used in the vaccine are the same as last year, why is this year's vaccine even necessary?
(...) One of the most troubling concerns over the injection of this "chemical soup" is the potential for the viruses to enter directly into the brain. At the top of the nasal passages is a paper-thin bone called the cribriform plate. The olfactory nerves pass through this bone and line the nasal passages, carrying messenger molecules to the brain that are identified as "smells" familiar to us. The olfactory tract has long been recognized as a direct pathway to the brain. Intranasal injection of certain viruses has resulted in a serious brain infection called encephalitis, presumably by direct infection of the olfactory neurons that carried the viruses to the brain. Time will tell whether the live viruses in FluMist will become linked to cases of encephalitis.The pharmaceutical companies do not necessarily always do a reasonable job of considering the "down side" when they are pushing new drugs or new vaccines. FluMist has the potential for causing the worst, most severe flu epidemic seen in years. Parents tell their young children not to put things up their noses because they might cause them harm. It would be wise to consider that advice for adults. With all the risks involved, one should be extremely cautious about what one allows to be sprayed in one's nose.

Recipients Of The Swine Flu Vaccine Are Being Given CDC "Vaccination Record" Tracking Cards
Swine flu vaccinations began Monday in Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee, and recipients of the H1N1 vaccination are being given CDC "vaccination record" tracking cards to help keep a record of who has received the swine flu vaccine. This news is causing concern among privacy advocates who are worried that the U.S. government could use these CDC swine flu vaccination cards to track down those who have not had the vaccine if the government decides to make the swine flu vaccine mandatory. News about these swine flu vaccination cards was dropped in the middle of an AP story about the beginning of swine flu vaccinations in the United States. When this was discovered, many concerned citizens started asking questions about these swine flu vaccination cards. Fortunately there is a little bit more information out there about them. The following is from the CDC's official website: Recipients of the 2009 H1N1 vaccine will be provided with a hand-held card to serve as a record of vaccination and a source of information should a report to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) be needed. Vaccine recipients will be encouraged to bring the hand-held card at their next visit to their primary care provider so that vaccination information can be transcribed into the patient's permanent medical record. So there it is. Health authorities are going to have a record of exactly who has received the swine flu vaccine. But another disturbing aspect of the paragraph above is that it sounds like they are expecting adverse side effects. Why would that be? Well, as we have documented in other articles there are a lot of reasons, but one certainly is that all of the early batches of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are all of the nasal spray variety that contain live swine flu. In case you missed that, we are going to say that last part again. All of the early batches of the swine flu vaccine contain live swine flu. The product is called FluMist, and you have probably already seen video on the news of it being injected into the nasal passages of people getting the swine flu vaccine. According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, somewhere between 10 million and 100 million swine flu viral particles are forcefully injected into the nostrils when FluMist is administered to a patient. Are you ready to have millions upon millions of swine flu virus particles injected into your nasal passages? Don't you think that injecting live swine flu into the nasal passages of millions of Americans might just be a little dangerous? Meanwhile, ABC's Dr. Oz has been out rabidly promoting the swine flu vaccine all over national television, but now he has revealed that he is NOT going to give it to his own kids. It is this kind of blatant hypocrisy that is making people turn off the mainstream news. How can he recommend it to other people's kids and not inject his own kids with it? As they say, actions speak louder than words. Don't just make a blind decision about these vaccines. Do your own research on these vaccines and make the decision that is right for you and your family. These mainstream media idiots certainly are not going to shed a tear if something bad happens to you or your family.


The following is a transcript of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5wHP5zLcP4

From: http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/September-2009-(1)/Mild-Swine-Flu-Over-Hyped-Vaccine.aspx

Mild Swine Flu & Over-Hyped Vaccine


by Barbara Loe Fisher

Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1 "swine flu" and the need to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated. We are witnessing a roll-out of the largest, most expensive mass vaccination campaign in the history of our nation. A rollout that is bigger than even the polio vaccine campaigns of the 1950's.

How much do you know about the disease or vaccine risks so you can make an informed decision about whether to get flu shots for yourself or your children?

H1N1 "Swine Flu" Mild

First, the good news is that swine flu is mild for most people and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form. 2 By the end of September, there had been about 600 deaths in America including about 50 deaths in young children. Complications from infectious diseases like influenza are more common in people with heart, respiratory and other health problems and that is true for swine flu.

Limited Testing of Swine Flu Vaccines

Swine flu vaccines have been tested on only a few thousand healthy Americans for a few weeks. There is little or no information about how safe the vaccine is for pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children because only a handfull were part of the testing. Nobody will know how safe the vaccine really is until it is given to millions of Americans this year and next year.

Drive-By Flu Shots Risky

Swine flu vaccine is not just being given to children and adults in clinics and doctors offices but also in non-medical settings like pharmacies, stores, schools and even at drive-by kiosks. Getting vaccinated in a non-medical setting can be risky. Driving a car immediately after getting vaccinated, when you could suffer an unexpected a shock collapse reaction can be deadly.

No Compensation For Swine Flu Victims

If you or your child are injured from getting a flu swine flu shot, you are on your own. Because Congress shielded the vaccine manufacturers and any person giving swine flu shots from lawsuits if people get hurt. There is no funded government vaccine injury compensation program for swine flu vaccine.

Swine Flu Reactions: "It's a Coincidence"

But even if there was a funded vaccine injury compensation program - like the one that had to be created by the federal government in 1976 after that year's swine flu vaccine paralyzed about 500 Americans and killed 25, there is little chance you would be compensated if you or your child does become vaccine injured.

Federal health officials are already pre-emptively warning Americans that most of the deaths and cases of brain inflammation, seizures, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages and other serious health problems that develop after swine flu vaccination will be considered a "coincidence" and not related in any way to the flu shots just given.

Prevent Vaccine Injuries

This makes it even more important for Americans to become informed health care consumers. If you choose to get vaccinated and you or your child do suffer a health complication, insist that the health care worker who gave the shot immediately files a report with the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. If the person who gave the flu shot won't file a vaccine reaction report, you can file it yourself.

Do NOT let a doctor or anyone else tell you that a serious health problem you or your child experiences after vaccination is a coincidence and allow more shots to be given until you know for sure. The most tragic cases of vaccine injury occur when vaccine reaction symptoms are dismissed as a 'coincidence" and more vaccines are given that result in more severe symptoms and sometimes end with permanent brain and immune system damage or death.

Thimerosal in Multi-Dose Vials

Injectable flu shots in multi-dose vials contain the mercury preservative, thimerosal, and some come in single dose vials and do not contain mercury. If you get vaccinated, make sure you know what is in the vaccine you are getting because people can be very allergic to different components of vaccines. And some people can't get the live virus flu vaccine.

FOUR Flu Shots for Young Children?

Doctors are telling some children under 10 years old to get 3 to 4 flu shots this year - 2 shots for seasonal flu and one or two more for swine flu. We have never given young children 3 to 4 flu shots in a single year and there is no information about how safe it is to do that.

Government Spend Billions On H1N1 Vaccine Program

Swine flu shots are free for most Americans because the government has given $1 billion dollars to pharmaceutical companies to create the new swine flu vaccines and has given another $5 billion dollars to state and federal health agencies to promote and deliver the influenza vaccines to people. That is a lot of money. The push to get vaccinated is like nothing we have ever seen before.

Most People Recover From Swine Flu

The fact is: Millions of people around the world have recovered from swine flu and millions more will get sick with fevers, body aches, nasal congestion, cough and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting and recover from it this year and next year without any complications.

People who recover from influenza, including swine flu, get long lasting protection from the flu strain they recovered from. Actually, most people over 60 won't get swine flu this year because they recovered from influenza caused by a similar swine flu strain in the past and still have protective antibodies.

Just the Facts, Not the Hype

So, here are the facts:

- The new swine influenza is mild for most people even though a small number have developed complications and died.
- The swine flu vaccine has been tested for only a few weeks on a few thousand healthy children and adults, including very few pregnant women. We don't know how safe it really is for pregnant women or children and adults with chronic illness even though they are being specially targeted for vaccination by government health officials.
- There is very little information about how safe it is to give swine flu vaccine with other vaccines, including seasonal influenza vaccine.
- There is very little information about whether the swine flu shot will keep you from getting swine flu.

All Vaccines Come With Side Effects: Weigh Risks

All pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, come with side effects. The risk of having a vaccine reaction depends upon the vaccine you are getting; your personal and family medical history; whether you are sick or healthy at the time of vaccination; whether you are taking other medications; and whether you have reacted to vaccines before.

If you decide you or your children are going to get swine flu shots this year, you can learn more by visiting http://www.nvic.org.

If Your Child's School Has Vaccine Clinics

And if you have a child, whose school is going to be holding vaccine clinics and you do NOT want your child to get vaccinated in school, you can take the following actions:

Number One: Write a letter to the school principal stating you do not want your child vaccinated in school without your written consent.

Number Two: Ask to be notified in advance exactly when the in-school vaccine clinics will be held.

Support NVIC, Get Red "NO VACCINE FOR ME" Bracelets

Number Three: Support NVIC and raise awareness in your community by giving your child a red NO VACCINE FOR ME bracelet to wear to school. And wear one yourself.

Go to http://www.NVIC.org to donate and learn more about how to be prepared for the pandemic public health emergency that has been declared in your state. Learn about the public health laws that govern you. 14 Learn about how you can change them by becoming a citizen activist.

Health Workers Being Forced To Get H1N1 Vaccine

Right now, the government says that the swine flu vaccination program is voluntary. That nobody will be forced to get vaccinated. However, health care workers in New York and other states ARE being forced by law to get swine flu shots this year.

Will that be true for all of us next year?

Stand Up For Your Informed Consent Rights

Please join NVIC and become a grassroots vaccine safety and informed consent advocate in your community. Stand up for the human right to make informed, voluntary health care choices, including vaccine choices, today - so your children and grandchildren and all Americans will have that right tomorrow.

CLIP - Please go at http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/September-2009-(1)/Mild-Swine-Flu-Over-Hyped-Vaccine.aspx to access the referenced footnotes.

Forwarded by Kelley Elkins (elkins_delgado@yahoo.com) who wrote: "Here are excerpts from the article… I recommend a cup of coffee/tea.. Get comfortable and read this article… It could keep you healthier. May even save your life."


From: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200911/brownlee-h1n1

Does the Vaccine Matter?

The Atlantic, November 2009

Whether this season’s swine flu turns out to be deadly or mild, most experts agree that it’s only a matter of time before we’re hit by a truly devastating flu pandemic—one that might kill more people worldwide than have died of the plague and AIDS combined. In the U.S., the main lines of defense are pharmaceutical—vaccines and antiviral drugs to limit the spread of flu and prevent people from dying from it. Yet now some flu experts are challenging the medical orthodoxy and arguing that for those most in need of protection, flu shots and antiviral drugs may provide little to none. So where does that leave us if a bad pandemic strikes?

(...) in the view of several vaccine skeptics, this claim is suspicious on its face. Influenza causes only a small minority of all deaths in the U.S., even among senior citizens, and even after adding in the deaths to which flu might have contributed indirectly. When researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases included all deaths from illnesses that flu aggravates, like lung disease or chronic heart failure, they found that flu accounts for, at most, 10 percent of winter deaths among the elderly. So how could flu vaccine possibly reduce total deaths by half? Tom Jefferson, a physician based in Rome and the head of the Vaccines Field at the Cochrane Collaboration, a highly respected international network of researchers who appraise medical evidence, says: “For a vaccine to reduce mortality by 50 percent and up to 90 percent in some studies means it has to prevent deaths not just from influenza, but also from falls, fires, heart disease, strokes, and car accidents. That’s not a vaccine, that’s a miracle.”

(...) In 1989, only 15 percent of people over age 65 in the U.S. and Canada were vaccinated against flu. Today, more than 65 percent are immunized. Yet death rates among the elderly during flu season have increased rather than decreased.

(...) “Tom Jefferson (MD) has taken a lot of heat just for saying, ‘Here’s the evidence: it’s not very good,’” says Majumdar. “The reaction has been so dogmatic and even hysterical that you’d think he was advocating stealing babies.” Yet while other flu researchers may not like what Jefferson has to say, they cannot ignore the fact that he knows the flu-vaccine literature better than anyone else on the planet. He leads an international team of researchers who have combed through hundreds of flu-vaccine studies. The vast majority of the studies were deeply flawed, says Jefferson. “Rubbish is not a scientific term, but I think it’s the term that applies.” Only four studies were properly designed to pin down the effectiveness of flu vaccine, he says, and two of those showed that it might be effective in certain groups of patients, such as school-age children with no underlying health issues like asthma. The other two showed equivocal results or no benefit.

(...) The very people who most need protection from the flu also have immune systems that are least likely to respond to vaccine. Studies show that young, healthy people mount a glorious immune response to seasonal flu vaccine, and their response reduces their chances of getting the flu and may lessen the severity of symptoms if they do get it. But they aren’t the people who die from seasonal flu. By contrast, the elderly, particularly those over age 70, don’t have a good immune response to vaccine—and they’re the ones who account for most flu deaths. (Infants with severe disabilities, such as leukemia and congenital lung disease, and people who are immune-compromised—from AIDS, or diabetes, or cancer treatment—make up the rest. As of August 8, (2009), only 36 deaths from swine flu had been confirmed among children in the U.S., and the overwhelming majority of those children had multiple, severe health disorders.)

(...) “We have built huge, population-based policies on the flimsiest of scientific evidence. The most unethical thing to do is to carry on business as usual.”

(...) As with vaccines, the scientific evidence for Tamiflu and Relenza is thin at best. In its general-information section, the CDC’s Web site tells readers that antiviral drugs can “make you feel better faster.” True, but not by much. On average, Tamiflu (which accounts for 85 to 90 percent of the flu antiviral-drug market) cuts the duration of flu symptoms by 24hours in otherwise healthy people. In exchange for a slightly shorter bout of illness, as many as one in five people taking Tamiflu will experience nausea and vomiting. About one in five children will have neuropsychiatric side effects, possibly including anxiety and suicidal behavior. In Japan, where Tamiflu is liberally prescribed, the drug may have been responsible for 50 deaths from cardiopulmonary arrest, from 2001 to 2007, according to Rokuro Hama, the chair of the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance.
Such side effects might be worth risking if the antivirals prevented serious complications of flu, such as pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. Roche Laboratories, the company licensed to manufacture and market Tamiflu, says its drug does just that. In two September2006 press releases, the company announced, “Tamiflu significantly reduces the risk of death from influenza: New data shows treatment was associated with more than a two third reduction in deaths,” and “Children with influenza [are] 53 percent less likely to contract pneumonia when treated with Tamiflu.” Once again cohort studies (the same kind of potentially biased research that led to the conclusion that flu vaccine cuts mortality by 50 percent) are behind these claims. Tamiflu costs $10 a pill. It is possible that people who take it are more likely to be insured and affluent, or at least middle-class, than those who do not, and a large body of evidence shows that the well-off nearly always fare better than the poor when stricken with an infectious disease, including flu. In both 2003 and 2009, reviews of randomized placebo-controlled studies found that the study populations simply weren’t large enough to answer the question: Does Tamiflu prevent pneumonia? (Kelley--- Does it prevent any thing at all except poverty amongst the manufacturers)

(...) All of which leaves open the question of what people should do when faced with a decision about whether to get themselves and their families vaccinated. There is little immediate danger from getting a seasonal flu shot, aside from a sore arm and mild flu-like symptoms. The safety of the swine flu vaccine remains to be seen. In the absence of better evidence, vaccines and antivirals must be viewed as only partial and uncertain defenses against the flu. And they may be mere talismans. By being afraid to do the proper studies now, we may be condemning ourselves to using treatments based on illusion and faith rather than sound science.


From: http://www.prisonplanet.com/autism-explodes-as-childhood-vaccines-increase.html

Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase

Amount of children suffering from brain disorder doubles since last government survey in 2003

Paul Joseph Watson - October 5, 2009

Cases of autism amongst children have doubled since 2003 according to a government survey out today, highlighting once again the direct link between vaccines containing mercury and the brain disorder, as millions more parents give the green light for their kids to be injected with the thimerosal-containing H1N1 shot over the coming weeks.

“While research has suggested that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in American children was about 1 of every 150 children, a new government study estimates that the prevalence is more likely about 1 in every 91 children,” reports U.S. News & World Report.

“The study, which is published in the October issue of Pediatrics, estimated that 110 of every 10,000 U.S. youngsters will be diagnosed at some point in their lives with an autism spectrum disorder. That currently translates to about 673,000 American children with some form of autism, according to the study.”

Claims by the CDC and the Institute of Medicine, following a whitewash study that ignored previously verified evidence, that thimerosal, a mercury based preservative, has no causal relationship to skyrocketing cases of autism have been soundly rejected by top doctors and scientists ever since.

Epidemiologist Tom Verstraeten and Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado, both concluded that thimerosal was responsible for the dramatic rise in cases of autism but their findings were dismissed by the CDC.

Cases of autism in the U.S. have now increased by over 2700 per cent since 1991, which is when vaccines for children doubled, and the number of immunizations is only increasing. Just one in 2,500 children were diagnosed with autism before 1991, whereas one in 91 children now have the disease, up from one in 150 just six years ago.

A peer reviewed study by Dr. Mark Geier which appeared in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons showed that the IOM research was flawed because it was largely based on a Danish study by Anders Peter Hviid, which did not account for the fact that American children have a much higher mercury burden than children in Denmark.

“At the high levels (of thimerosal exposure), it is undeniable there is a causal relationship, and we have gone to high levels. Their studies, therefore are not relevant, I am not saying they are wrong, although there are many criticisms of it. It is just not relative to the US situation,” said Geier.

Geier’s study concludes that there is an increase of neurodevelopment disorders following the use of thimerosal containing vaccines.

Dr. Rashid Buttar, who has pioneered a new treatment for autistic children that removes mercury from their bodies, said the Institute of Medicine’s conclusion that mercury does not cause autism demonstrates the “complete absence of any desire to discover scientific truth at the supposed highest levels of medical academia.”

“When 31 children recover from a devastating disease by a simple transdermal treatment that detoxifies metals, then common sense dictates that perhaps metals are involved,” states Dr. Bob Nash the chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT) in regard to Dr. Buttar’s treatment.

“In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative,” writes Dawn Prate.

Mercury is classified by The Department of Defense as a hazardous material that could cause death if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, and the EPA is now limiting mercury emissions from factories because the toxin “can damage the brain and nervous system and is especially dangerous to fetuses and small children,” but according to the CDC it’s perfectly safe to inject into your child’s bloodstream.

Despite concerns about thimerosal and mercury, thimerosal is an ingredient of the swine flu vaccine which is currently being rolled out for children all over the country.

“Some of the vaccine will be stored in multi-dose vials containing thimerosal, an antibacterial additive that contains mercury,” reported the Washington Post in an article about which groups will receive the swine flu vaccine first.

Indeed, the swine flu vaccine contains no less than 25,000 per cent the amount of mercury considered safe.

Around 12,000 U.S. children were used as guinea pigs for the experimental swine flu vaccine also known to contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

Squalene “contributed to the cascade of reactions called “Gulf War syndrome. (GIs developed) arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade fever,” according to Micropaleontologist Dr. Viera Scheibner.

Pharmaceutical companies can be assured that they won’t face reprisals for the many thousands of injuries and deaths that will inevitably occur as a result of exposing millions to mercury and squalene during a mass vaccination program, because the government has already acted to provide them with blanket immunity from lawsuits.

“Vaccine makers and federal officials will be immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine, under a document signed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius,” reported the Associated Press in July.

Watch a CBS News report on the new autism survey below.

Study: Autism More Prevalent
A new study shows that more than 1 percent of children have Autism, more than previously reported. Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports.

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UN calls for new reserve currency (Oct 6, 2009)
The United Nations called on Tuesday for a new global reserve currency to end dollar supremacy which has allowed the United States the "privilege" of building a huge trade deficit."Important progress in managing imbalances can be made by reducing the reserve currency country's 'privilege' to run external deficits in order to provide international liquidity," UN undersecretary-general for economic and social affairs, Sha Zukang, said. Speaking at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Istanbul, he said: "It is timely to emphasise that such a system also creates a more equitable method of sharing the seigniorage derived from providing global liquidity." He said: "Greater use of a truly global reserve currency, such as the IMF's special drawing rights (SDRs), enables the seigniorage gained to be deployed for development purposes," he said. The SDRs are the asset used in IMF transactions and are based on a basket of four currencies -- the dollar, euro, yen and pound -- which is calculated daily. China had called in March for a new dominant world reserve currency instead of the dollar, in a system within the framework of the Washington-based IMF.

War, What Is it Good for? Iraq to Deal Oil in Euros (October 9, 2009)
Joining perhaps a larger shift away from dollar dominance. -- You may remember that among the million and one reasons why we may have "really" gone into Iraq was this one, embraced mostly by alleged conspiracy theorists and silly leftists who thought that the invasion might have something to do with oil and the dollar: UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- A U.N. panel on Monday approved Iraq's plan to receive oil-export payments in Europe's single currency after Baghdad decided to move the start date back a week.Members of the Security Council's Iraqi sanctions committee said the panel's chairman, Dutch Ambassador Peter van Walsum, would inform U.N. officials on Tuesday of the decision to allow Iraq to receive payments in euros, rather than dollars.Today, there is a lot of chatter about this: In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar. Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars.Nobody knows for sure that this is happening, but if it is, it's a profound change, and one that may have simply been put off by our little six year adventure in the middle east. Ian Welsh unpacks what this would mean for all of us over at C&L. Shorter Ian: for a lot of reasons, "it will hurt."

Iran to completely drop dollar from foreign exchange (17 Oct 2009)
Iran's Trade Promotion Organization has announced a near future plan to completely exclude the US dollar from the country's foreign revenues and reserves. Iran has recently asked Japan to replace the US dollar with the yen in oil deals it has with the Islamic Republic, Mehr News quoted the organization as saying on Friday.Since October 2007, Iran has received 85 percent of its oil revenues in currencies other than the US dollar and Tehran is determined to find a substitute for the US dollar for the rest of its 15 percent of oil revenues, the report added. Iran suggests other currencies such as the euro and the United Arab Emirates' dirham to replace the US dollar for oil revenues. The constant declining value of the dollar and persisting economic crisis in the US has forced many countries to drop the currency in favor of a more stable and valuable one. Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China, Venezuela, Sudan and Russia have taken steps to replace the US dollar in their foreign exchange reserves.

Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Cease as Reserve, Sumitomo Says (Oct. 15, 09)
(Bloomberg) -- The dollar may drop to 50 yen next year and eventually lose its role as the global reserve currency, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.'s chief strategist said, citing trading patterns and a likely double dip in the U.S. economy."The U.S. economy will deteriorate into 2011 as the effects of excess consumption and the financial bubble linger," said Daisuke Uno at Sumitomo Mitsui, a unit of Japan's third- biggest bank. "The dollar's fall won't stop until there's a change to the global currency system." The dollar last week dropped to the lowest in almost a year against the yen as record U.S. government borrowings and interest rates near zero sapped demand for the U.S. currency. The Dollar Index, which tracks the greenback against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners, has fallen 15 percent from its peak this year to as low as 75.211 today, the lowest since August 2008.The gauge is about five points away from its record low in March 2008, and the dollar is 2.5 percent away from a 14-year low against the yen. "We can no longer stop the big wave of dollar weakness," said Uno, who correctly predicted the dollar would fall under 100 yen and the Dow Jones Industrial Average would sink below 7,000 after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. last year. If the U.S. currency breaks through record levels, "there will be no downside limit, and even coordinated intervention won't work," he said. China, India, Brazil and Russia this year called for a replacement to the dollar as the main reserve currency. Hossein Ghazavi, Iran's deputy central bank chief, said on Sept. 13 the euro has overtaken the dollar as the main currency of Iran's foreign reserves. CLIP

How China is Torpedoing the U.S. Dollar...
The dollar's been struggling to retain its value - and now it's about to get worse thanks to China. This report shows you how China is undercutting the dollar and the two best ways for investors to turn this in their favor.

Dollar Reaches Breaking Point as Banks Shift Reserves (October 12, 2009)
Central banks flush with record reserves are increasingly snubbing dollars in favor of euros and yen, further pressuring the greenback after its biggest two- quarter rout in almost two decades. Policy makers boosted foreign currency holdings by $413 billion last quarter, the most since at least 2003, to $7.3 trillion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Nations reporting currency breakdowns put 63 percent of the new cash into euros and yen in April, May and June. That’s the highest percentage in any quarter with more than an $80 billion increase. World leaders are acting on threats to dump the dollar while the Obama administration shows a willingness to tolerate a weaker currency in an effort to boost exports and the economy as long as it doesn’t drive away the nation’s creditors. The diversification signals that the currency won’t rebound anytime soon after losing 10.3 percent on a trade-weighted basis the past six months, the biggest drop since 1991. “Global central banks are getting more serious about diversification, whereas in the past they used to just talk about it,” said Steven Englander, a former Federal Reserve researcher who is now the chief U.S. currency strategist at Barclays in New York. “It looks like they are really backing away from the dollar.” The dollar’s 37 percent share of new reserves fell from about a 63 percent average since 1999. America’s currency has been under siege as the Treasury sells a record amount of debt to finance a budget deficit that totaled $1.4 trillion in fiscal 2009 ended Sept. 30.

Gerald Celente: Christmas Crash - Get Ready for the Collapse to Come Very Quickly - with videos (September 23rd, 2009)
Gerald Celente joins Jeff Rense on the Jeff Rense Show, September 10, 2009 to discuss a host of topics including the economy and surviving economic and system collapse. Big Thanks to Rick Blaine for giving us a heads up on this one! Gerald Celente on what's coming:It's going to really be an ugly scene. We are really encouraging people now to take pro-active measures and prepare for the worst. Don't spend an extra dime. CLIP

California 'first failed US state'? (OCTOBER 18, 2009)
(...) California is the world's eighth-largest economy, but its unemployment rate is over 12 per cent - the highest in 70 years. Millions of people lost their homes when the housing bubble burst. Millions more have been thrust into poverty by the recession. In July, the state legislature haggled for weeks over how to close a $26bn budget gap. Instead of increasing taxes for corporations or the wealthy, the budget deal that emerged to be signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state's Republican governor, ordered deep spending cuts, laying off tens of thousands of state workers.Reduced funding for education, coupled with big tuition increases, sparked a student and faculty strike at California's public universities. Programmes for ex-prison inmates and parolees have been slashed. And the social safety net of healthcare and services for the poor, children and elderly - the least powerful and least vocal members of society - has been systematically shredded."The people that are going to be effected first and foremost will be the poor, those who are in great need," Williams says sadly. "They are not considered to be human beings." CLIP

The people vs Wall Street (15 October 2009)
Bear Stearns bankers on trial in first criminal case of the credit crunch -- Amidst the economic wreckage, after 7 million job losses and approaching 2 million home foreclosures in the US alone, with businesses and consumers around the world still struggling to get finance after the long credit crunch, Wall Street is finally on trial. A little piece of Wall Street, at least.In the first major case against bankers at the heart of the financial meltdown, a jury of 12 mainly working-class New Yorkers will decide the fate of the two Bear Stearns managers whose hedge funds imploded in 2007, signalling the start of the crisis. Ralph Cioffi, 53, and Matt Tannin, 48, pocketed millions of dollars in pay during the boom years, but the events of 2007 left their investors nursing losses of $1.6bn (£1bn) and ruined forever the reputation of Bear Stearns, one of the oldest investment banks on Wall Street. CLIP

JP Morgan staff in line for bumper bonuses after investment bank posts 'blowaway' profits of £2.25bn (14th October 2009)
U.S investment bank JP Morgan is set to reward its staff with huge bonuses after it announced 'blowaway' profits for the last quarter of the year.The bank posted profits of $3.6 billion (£2.25 billion), putting its employees on course for pay and bonus packages averaging around £300,000 this year. The profits were much stronger than expected with the bank's 4,000 London-based employees leading its recovery from the depths of the financial crisis. So far this year JP Morgan's investment banking staff have generated profits of almost $5 billion (£2.1 billion). The generous payouts will come as a shock to those who thought that the credit crunch had put paid to the era of bumper City bonuses. City bank Goldman Sachs is expected to confirm tomorrow that bonuses will smash all records in 2009, just a year after the Government rescued the financial system from oblivion. The Wall Street giant is on course to lavish £14billion on pay and bonuses on staff this year following a surge in profits between July and September, experts said. The expected payouts, far bigger than estimated earlier this year, have been fueled by a record rise in the stock market and a revival in huge mergers and takeover bids.Goldman's 5,500 UK workers are now set to pocket an average of almost £500,000 each for this year - the highest rewards in the firm's 140-year history.

Hunger Affects 1.02 Billion People Worldwide (Oct 14, 2009) CONTRAST THIS WITH THE NEWS ABOVE...
The global economic crisis has a devastating effect for the world’s undernourished. The sharp spike in hunger triggered by the global economic crisis has hit the poorest people in developing countries hardest, revealing a fragile world food system in urgent need of reform, according to a report released today by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP).This is an historic level for hunger worldwide. Nearly all the world’s hungry live in developing countries. In Asia and the Pacific, an estimated 642 million people are suffering from chronic hunger; in Sub-Saharan Africa 265 million; in Latin America and the Caribbean 53 million; in the Near East and North Africa 42 million; and in developed countries 15 million.Even before the recent crisis, the number of hungry people in the world had been increasing slowly but steadily for the past decade. Good progress were made in the 1980’s and early 1990’s in reducing chronic hunger. But between 1995 and 2006, as development assistance devoted to agriculture declined sharply, the number of hungry people increased in all regions except Latin America. The rise in the number of hungry people during both periods of low prices and economic prosperity, and the very sharp rise in period of price spikes and economic downturns shows the weakness of the global food security system.“World leaders have reacted forcefully to the financial and economic crisis and succeeded in mobilizing billion of dollars in a short time period. The same strong action is needed now to combat hunger and poverty. The rising number of hungry people in intolerable. We have the economic and technical means to make hunger disappear, what is missing is a stronger political will to eradicate hunger forever,” said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf. The new Nobel Peace prize laureate should meditate on the wise words of Mr. Diouf next time he is ready to commit billions of dollars on warfare and, by doing so, willing to waste our precious resources that could be used to solve such problems as world hunger.It is unacceptable in the 21st Century that almost one in six of the world’s population is now going hungry. Curiously, on the same day of the FAO’s report release, the Dow Jones index passed the bar of 10,000. It does indicate a rebound from Wall Street and the global financial market. However, it is a jobless recovery even in the United States. Main Street America is still struggling to make ends meet while the poor in Asia, Africa and Latin America are literally starving.The world food day is October 16. You can get involved and help the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Find out more by clicking here.

As US and Other Wealthy Nations Slash Aid, UN Warns of “Silent Tsunami of Hunger” in Global Food Crisis (video and transcript)
The UN World Food Program is calling the current global food crisis “a silent tsunami of hunger.” This week the WFP warned that more than 40 million people will have their food rations reduced or eliminated because of drastic aid cuts. We speak with award-winning Indian journalist, writer and activist Devinder Sharma. [includes rush transcript]

How to Feed the World in 2050
The prospects for agriculture - In the first half of this century, as the world’s population grows to around 9 billion, global demand for food, feed and fibre will nearly double while, increasingly, crops may also be used for bioenergy and other industrial purposes. New and traditional demand for agricultural produce will thus put growing pressure on already scarce agricultural resources. And while agriculture will be forced to compete for land and water with sprawling urban settlements, it will also be required to serve on other major fronts: adapting to and contributing to the mitigation of climate change, helping preserve natural habitats, protecting endangered species and maintaining a high level of biodiversity. As though this were not challenging enough, in most regions fewer people will be living in rural areas and even fewer will be farmers. They will need new technologies to grow more from less land, with fewer hands. CLIP The High-Level Expert Forum on How to Feed the World in 2050 examined policy options that governments should consider adopting to ensure that the world population can be fed when it nears its peak of nearly 9.2 billion people in the middle of this century.

2050: A third more mouths to feed (23 September 2009)
Rome - Producing 70 percent more food for an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050 while at the same time combating poverty and hunger, using scarce natural resources more efficiently and adapting to climate change are the main challenges world agriculture will face in the coming decades, according to an FAO discussion paper published today. (...) Global projections show that in addition to projected investments in agriculture, further significant investment will be needed to enhance access to food, otherwise some 370 million people could still be hungry in 2050, almost 5 percent of the developing countries' population.According to the latest UN projections, world population will rise from 6.8 billion today to 9.1 billion in 2050 - a third more mouths to feed than there are today. Nearly all of the population growth will occur in developing countries. Sub-Saharan Africa's population is expected to grow the fastest (up 108 percent, 910 million people), and East and South East Asia's the slowest (up 11 percent, 228 million).Around 70 percent of the world population will live in cities or urban areas by 2050, up from 49 percent today. Food demandThe demand for food is expected to continue to grow as a result both of population growth and rising incomes. Demand for cereals (for food and animal feed) is projected to reach some 3 billion tonnes by 2050. Annual cereal production will have to grow by almost a billion tonnes (2.1 billion tonnes today), and meat production by over 200 million tonnes to reach a total of 470 million tonnes in 2050, 72 percent of which will be consumed in developing countries, up from the 58 percent today.The production of biofuels could also increase the demand for agricultural commodities, depending on energy prices and government policies. CLIP

Obama's War
As President Obama approaches a decision point on Afghanistan strategy and whether to increase troop levels, a 24-minute rough cut of the first act of Obama's War.

'Irresponsible' to Commit More Troops to Afghanistan: Kerry
"It would be entirely irresponsible for the president of the United States to commit more troops to this country (Afghanistan), when we don't even have an election finished and know who the president is and what kind of government we're working in, with," Democratic Senator John Kerry told CNN in an interview.

Armed riots threatened as Karzai scorns election inquiry
HAMID KARZAI, the Afghan president, has threatened to ignore the findings of an investigation into widespread fraud that made it appear he had won an election victory over his rival in August.

Report: US upgrading military bases in Afghanistan (18 Oct 2009 22)
While Washington is weighing its options on sending more troops to Afghanistan, the US army is spending billions of dollars on upgrading its bases in the war-torn country. The Washington Post said on Sunday that the US military has wanted to spend 1.3 billion dollars on more than one-hundred military projects across Afghanistan. Based on the report, 30 million dollars of the money will be spent on the main US base located near the northern Afghan city of Bagram. The move is aimed at ensuring that Afghanistan's infrastructure can support US and NATO forces for years to come. The US military has already spent roughly 2.7 billion dollars on construction in the last three years. This comes as Washington says it closed its 2009 fiscal year with a record 1.4 trillion dollar budget deficit. The report comes as US President Barack Obama is weighing a request for the deployment of an additional 40,000 troops in Afghanistan.

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains (October 8, 2009)
American soldiers serving in Afghanistan are depressed and deeply disillusioned, according to the chaplains of two US battalions that have spent nine months on the front line in the war against the Taleban. Many feel that they are risking their lives - and that colleagues have died - for a futile mission and an Afghan population that does nothing to help them, the chaplains told The Times in their makeshift chapel on this fortress-like base in a dusty, brown valley southwest of Kabul."The many soldiers who come to see us have a sense of futility and anger about being here. They are really in a state of depression and despair and just want to get back to their families," said Captain Jeff Masengale, of the 10th Mountain Division's 2-87 Infantry Battalion."They feel they are risking their lives for progress that's hard to discern," said Captain Sam Rico, of the Division's 4-25 Field Artillery Battalion. "They are tired, strained, confused and just want to get through." The chaplains said that they were speaking out because the men could not. CLIP

UK army 'providing' Taliban with air transport (17 Oct 2009) !!!
The British army has been relocating Taliban insurgents from southern Afghanistan to the north by providing transportation means, diplomats say. The diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said insurgents are being airlifted from the southern province of Helmand to the north amid increasing violence in the northern parts of the country. The aircraft used for the transfer have been identified as British Chinook helicopters. (...) American forces have also invigorated the insurgency in the war-ravaged country by outfitting the Taliban with Russian-made weaponry used during the 1979-89 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which was fought against by the Afghan Mujahedeen, the diplomats said. The US forces are assumed to have gathered the armaments during a campaign to "collect weapons from irresponsible people," after the 2001 invasion. Diplomats said Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar, a Pashtun who has received his higher education in the UK, was still operating under the British guidance. The Interior Ministry is accused of enabling the provision of arms and ammunition for the north-based militants by the Pashtun police force. Earlier in the week, Afghan President Hamid Karzai was quoted by the BBC Persian as having ordered an investigation into reports of 'unknown' army helicopters carrying gunmen to the north. (...) Afghanistan is currently witnessing the highest level of violence since the invasion, despite the presence of more than 100,000 foreign troops.

The Wrong House - Ask Awal Khan About Obama's Prize (October 13, 2009)
Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving someone the literature prize because you hope he writes some good books.He doesn’t even have to be an aspiring writer. To say Obama aspires to peace is to ignore his escalation of the occupation of Afghanistan. It may be a joke, but the Norwegians have told more morbid ones: Roosevelt in 1906 and Kissinger in 1973 both had records far more blood-soaked than anything Obama has had time for.But he has had time to make an impact on people such as Awal Khan, who might want to weigh in on Obama’s prize.Khan was serving as an artillery commander in the Afghan National Army away from his home in the eastern province of Khost on April 8, when U.S. forces came knocking. In a case of “wrong house,” they killed his 17-year-old daughter, Nadia, and his 15-year-old son, Aimal. They also killed his wife, a schoolteacher who taught villagers for free. They killed his brother and wounded another daughter.After she thought the dust had cleared, Khan’s cousin’s wife walked outside. She was nine-months pregnant. She took five shots to the stomach. Her fetus died, but she lived. She might have some thoughts on Obama as a man who “created a new climate,” as the Nobel committee claimed. U.S. military spokesman Colonel Greg Julian said the slaughtered family had no connection to U.S. enemies. “It was an unfortunate set of circumstances,” he said.A grieving Khan told Agence France-Press, “The (international) coalition has to stop this cruelty and brutal action.”Khan is not likely to get his wish from Obama. Even in his announcement that he would accept the prize, Obama resorted hawk talk: “I am the Commander-in-Chief of a country that's … working … to confront a ruthless adversary that directly threatens the American people and our allies.”That is audacity. At its greatest, the threat to the American people from the Taliban is indirect. And whatever the risk in pulling out, it’s something we have to live with. To say that it’s worth thousands of dead civilians to possibly reduce an indirect risk to Americans makes sense only in the twisted nationalistic calculus in which an American life is worth many foreign lives. A peace prize should go only to someone who believes in the following math: 1 human life = 1 human life. CLIP

The battle for Waziristan (18 Oct, 2009)
Though military operations are launched unannounced to catch the enemy off guard, the case of Operation Rah-i-Nijaat has been altogether different.While at the time of writing troop movement and reports emanating from Peshawar indicated that the operation had begun in South Waziristan, since June there have been regular indications that the army was ready to start hostilities against the Taliban in the area.This strategy may have been initiated to give ample time to the civilian population of Waziristan to leave for safer places and convert the area into a battlefield where the security forces could unleash their arsenal without causing too much collateral damage. (...) In view of the operation that appears to have begun, the army placed two divisions consisting of 27,000 soldiers to take on an estimated 10,000 hard-core Taliban militants. The army has spent weeks cutting off militants’ escape routes and softening up targets in the region, using limited intelligence-led ground and air strikes. (...) One of the fallouts of military operations is the plight of the internally displaced. In Waziristan it is estimated that tens of thousands of persons will be displaced due to the conflict. The IDPs would have to be given shelter and food in safer areas in Tank, Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan. The experience of handling a large number of internal refugees from Malakand division during Rah-i-Raast should come in handy in the care of those displaced by the Waziristan operation.Weather conditions could play a part in hampering free movement. In the Mehsud area snowfall commences at the end of November. Logistic support to troops would then be restricted. Such weather conditions could be advantageous to the militants, who have intimate knowledge of the terrain and unfrequented routes. The battle for Waziristan has been characterised as the ‘mother of all battles’. The battle will take place over a formidable terrain covering 2,420 square kilometres. It will take a huge human toll. With the start of the operation the Taliban will try to ignite fires elsewhere in Pakistan as they already appear to be doing. More suicide attacks can be expected in large cities like Peshawar, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. The epicentre of the Taliban and the Uzbek militants lies in South Waziristan. Thus for these militants it is a battle for existence.

Taliban vow to defeat army in Pakistan offensive (18 Oct, 2009)
DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — Pakistani troops and the Taliban fought fierce battles Sunday in a militant sanctuary near the Afghan border, with both sides claiming early victories in an army campaign that could shape the future of the country's battle against extremism.A Taliban spokesman vowed the Islamist militants would fight to "our last drop of blood" to defend their stronghold of South Waziristan, predicting the army would fail in its latest attempt to gain control over it.The army said 60 militants and six soldiers had been killed since the offensive began Saturday in the mountainous, remote region that the army has tried and failed to wrest from near-total insurgent control three times since 2004.The Taliban claimed to have inflicted "heavy casualties" and pushed advancing soldiers back into their bases. It was not possible to independently verify the claims because the army is blocking access to the battlefield and surrounding towns.Victory for the government in South Waziristan's tribal badlands would eliminate a safe haven for the Taliban militants blamed for surging terrorist attacks and the al-Qaida operatives they shelter there. It would also send a signal to other insurgent groups in the nuclear-armed country of the military's will and ability to fight them.Defeat would give the militants a propaganda victory, add to pressures on the country's shaky civilian government and alarm Pakistan's Western allies, which want to see it successfully crack down on militancy that is both fueling and feeding off the insurgency in neighboring Afghanistan. CLIP

Israel loses UN vote on Gaza 'war crimes' (17 October 2009)
Obama's U.S. still fully backing the Israeli oppressors and blatant war criminals
The Goldstone r eport calling for inquiry into invasion approved despite US opposition -- The Goldstone report calling for a war crimes investigation into Israel's military offensive in Gaza last winter easily cleared its first UN hurdle yesterday despite intense lobbying by Israel and the US.The 25-6 vote at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva brings one step closer - at least in theory - the possibility that Israel could face International Criminal Court proceedings if it does not launch its own independent investigation into its conduct of the war. The decision, which was described as "unjust" and "one-sided" by Israel yesterday, refers the report of the council's fact-finding mission headed by the former South African Supreme Court judge Richard Goldstone to the UN General Assembly for further consideration. Opponents included the US and Italy, while Britain and France, which had been expected to register formal abstentions, instead called in vain for a delay in the decision and did not participate in the vote at all. Both countries had been under intense pressure from Israel and the US to oppose the resolution. CLIP

Obama joins Netanyahu in shielding Israel from war crimes charges (19 October 2009)
The United Nations Human Rights Council has endorsed a report into Israel’s 22-day assault on Gaza in December and January, accusing Israel of war crimes. Israel’s premier, Binyamin Netanyahu, predictably denounced the report as biased against Israel and unjust and insisted that he would not allow any Israeli officials to face trial for war crimes. The Obama administration echoed Israel, calling the report unbalanced, and said that its adoption would damage the possibility of resuming talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The talks are a necessary fig leaf for bringing the Arab regimes on side against Iran. The report by South African Judge Richard Goldstone said the war was “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity both to work and to provide for itself and to force upon it an ever-increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability.”It recommended that the UN Security Council demand that Israel conduct an investigation into the military’s conduct, and that it refer the findings to the International Criminal Court (ICC) if it fails to do so within six months. Some 1,400 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians, including 400 women and children were killed, at least 5,000 people injured, and 21,000 homes destroyed, as well as much of the vital infrastructure. On the Israeli side only 13 people died, several as a result of “friendly fire.” Goldstone also called on countries that are signatories to the 1949 Geneva Conventions to use their “universal jurisdiction” to search for and prosecute those responsible for war crimes. With help from the White House, Netanyahu mounted an international campaign of bullying and intimidation to oppose the report, get the vote deferred until March and ensure that the Security Council—dominated by the US and the European powers that hold the power of veto—does not refer the case to the ICC. CLip

After the bombing, drug addiction strikes Gaza (14 October 2009)
Under siege and grappling with joblessness, factional violence and the aftermath of war, Gazans are turning to pills as they seek to escape reality. Donald Macintyre speaks to a mental health group struggling to help addicts. Abu Ahmed lived through last winter's Gaza war in a daze. Though the district where he lives was invaded by Israeli ground forces and came under heavy fire, including the use of white phosphorus shells, he felt little fear. For by then, the 45-year-old unemployed father of 10 was popping tablets of the painkiller Tramadol to feed an ever more dangerous habit."Of course you care about the children but [with the drugs] you forget about yourself," he explains. "You feel less frightened."Manufacturers warn the maximum daily dose of the synthetic opioid should be no more 300mg per day; Abu Ahmed was taking as much as 800mg - in the grip of an addiction which has rapidly spread throughout Gaza over the last two years. As the population struggles to cope with Israel closing their home to the outside world, the sometimes violent power struggles between Fatah and Hamas, and then the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, the Tramadol pills - smuggled in through tunnels from Egypt - have provided a welcome escape from reality.Mental health professionals say there has been a rise in the drug's usage in Gaza since the war. The Hamas authorities have tried to crack down on it, but the drug's severe withdrawal symptoms means it is a seriously hard habit to break. Hasan Shaban Zeyada, a senior psychologist at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) is convinced that many of the psychological problems underlying the addiction are "the consequence of living in this situation: the siege, internal division and the war". (...) Operation Cast Lead has been over for nine months, but the return to a state of siege, with unemployment at a record 45 per cent, has left a sense of "helplessness and powerlessness" among residents, compounded by the fact that there is no guarantee the war will not be repeated.For women, the sense that they exist only to serve their children and husbands makes them especially vulnerable to depression - and use of medication like valium and xanax. For men, the feelings of powerlessness and loss of masculinity are all too often caused by an inability to protect their children in war or provide for them in relative peace. "For a father who cannot fulfil the basic needs of his children it is not easy, especially in a society like Palestinian society," says Mr Zeyada.Many young people, he adds, are also vulnerable. "They don't have hope, they cannot do anything for the future. They are disappointed, depressed, helpless and powerless. They can't find a job, they can't plan for the future, or [afford to] get married." CLIP

Why Palestinians have lost faith in Obama (15 October 2009)
For a man who is sometimes seen as the Palestinian politician that the Israelis and the Americans like best, Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad was in a strikingly robust mood during a two-hour press conference in Ramallah yesterday. While too polite to criticise the Obama administration, he nevertheless had a clear message in the wake of the failure by the US to persuade the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu to grant a freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank as a precursor to serious negotiations.He suggested that the Palestinian leadership no longer had much interest in a "process for the sake of a process" and he questioned what Mr Netanyahu's "equivocal" endorsement of a Palestinian state really meant.Mr Fayyad had been much struck by a report from the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, arguing that the 60 per cent of the West Bank controlled by Israel and designated as Area C under the Oslo accords, including the Jordan Valley, should not be handed over in any peace deal. If the Israeli establishment was envisaging a "Mickey Mouse state" along these lines, he said, then "it looks like it would not come close to what we have in mind." CLIP

Russia: We'll Nuke 'Aggressors' First (October 14, 2009)
Russia is weighing changes to its military doctrine that would allow for a "preventive" nuclear strike against its enemies - even those armed only with conventional weapons. The news comes just as American diplomats are trying to get Russia to cut down its nuclear stockpile, and put the squeeze on Iran's suspect nuclear program.In an interview published today in Izvestia, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Kremlin's security council, said the new doctrine offers "different options to allow the use of nuclear weapons, depending on a certain situation and intentions of a would-be enemy. In critical national security situations, one should also not exclude a preventive nuclear strike against the aggressor."What's more, Patrushev said, Russia is revising the rules for the employment of nukes to repel conventionally armed attackers, "not only in large-scale, but also in a regional and even a local war."Gulp. If I were in Georgia - or in any other country Russia considers part of its sphere of influence - that formulation would make me pretty anxious.The Russian Federation is considering the "first strike" option as part of a larger overhaul of military doctrine. The new doctrine, which is supposed to be presented to President Dmitry Medvedev later this year, is supposed to provide "flexible and timely" responses to national security threats.The United States and Russia may prepping to negotiate a new strategic arms reduction treaty after President Obama declared a "reset" in relations between Moscow and Russia. But Patrushev, apparently, didn't get the memo. In the interview, he takes a swipe at the United States and NATO, saying that the alliance "continues to press for the admission of new members to NATO, the military activities of the bloc are intensifying, and U.S. strategic forces are conducting intensive exercises to improve the management of strategic nuclear weapons."In other words, Moscow is holding to a hard line, precisely at a time when Washington is trying to play nice. The administration wants the Kremlin's help - to pressure Iran, to revive the arms-control process - but the bear still needs to brandish nukes.

And Gog says to Magog: How about a little Armageddon at Megiddo? (Oct 14, 2009)
Talk about a biblical reference. Greenpeace and World March activists staged a "die-in" to protest nuclear weapons at Mount Megiddo on Wednesday. Full Megiddo, according to Judeo-Christian sources, will be the place where good and evil slug it out at the end of days. The term Armageddon is derived from the place name. The protest came just days after US President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in part for declaring his intentions to rid the world of nuclear weapons.According to Greenpeace, there are 23,000 nuclear warheads in the world, and just 500 detonated at once would cause an Ice Age for 10 years.During the "die-in," activists displayed a banner measuring eight meters by three meters which read "Disarmament or Armageddon." Sharon Dolev, peace and disarmament campaigner for Greenpeace Tel Aviv, warned of the extreme danger of nuclear weapons, but also of the simplicity of their removal."The biggest threat to all of us is also the easiest to abolish. It is time that we all understand. The bomb represents the biggest threat. It is the opposite of security and therefore it is time our leaders stop playing with numbers and set a date to begin universal negotiations leading to a step-by-step mutual disarmament," he said in a statement."The arrival of the World March for Peace and Non-violence to Israel reminds us that the struggle for a safe, peaceful world free of nuclear weapons, is a universal one," he said.

The Beast (October 15, 2009)
"The Beast rises from its hidden depths of other world origins to first enslave and then devour its unsuspecting worshippers"Although this is a great intro for a sci-fi movie, unfortunately its real. Based in Belgium the "BEAST" - Biometric Encryption and Satellite Tracking - is very well-funded and in total "ready" mode for the day when everyone left alive will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast as admission into the New World Order! In the last 24 hours as I write this on 10/15/09, verification has come in from an Asian source that indicates "The bioweapon at the tip of the needle with the nanotech device is located there. It is part of the super-cray computer system located in central Europe". 'The Lucifer Strain'; as I am calling the genetically modified vaccines that are being forced on the public through a psychological operation that would make the greatest tyrants in history jealous has a more sinister side than most can embrace. Ten years ago I proposed that the ideal killing machine would be a genetically modified and altered vaccine that would be forced on the worlds population to 'HELP' them. I stated for the record that the US military would be intentionally destroyed by its enemies and traitors within our own Government. I suggested that through enough obscuring of disclosure that a binary bio-weapon would be designed that would be initially injected into the soldier with the final injection being the 'finishing touch' through administering a secondary injection. CLIP

China's Unmanned, Knock-Off Air Force (October 15, 2009)
America's robotic air force gets all the attention - especially with U.S. drones continuing to blast suspected militants in Pakistan. But China is developing its own fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. High-flying spy drones, unmanned attackers, and handheld mini-bots are in Beijing's arsenal.DefPro has a rundown of China's UAV programs. Many of them appear to be knock-offs of U.S. drones. The Xianglong ("Sour Dragon") is shaped like the American Global Hawk, and is supposed to fly almost as high: 60,000 feet. The Yilong looks awfully like one of those Predators the U.S. is now flying over Pakistan."China's copycat tradition goes back to the 1960s," Defense News notes. "Recovered U.S. AQM-34N Firebee drones lost over China and North Vietnam led to the production of the WZ-5 Chang Hong, which ironically may have seen service during China's 1979 invasion of Vietnam."Not all of the Chinese drone projects are rip-offs, however. As DefPro observes…The "Dark Sword" is an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) concept which was displayed as a model at the 2006 Zhuhai air show. It is obviously designed for high manoeuvrability at supersonic speeds, having a flat, triangular shape with an additional large wing area and swing canards…At the Zhuhai air show, a staff member called the aircraft the "future of Chinese unmanned combat aviation", emphasising its projected ability to evade enemy radar and to engage in air-to-air combat.

Israel names Russians helping Iran build nuclear bomb (October 4, 2009) http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article6860161.ece

Iran conflict could send oil to high: Raymond James (Oct 5, 2009)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices may surge to a record if conflict over Iran's uranium enrichment leads the oil producer to slash exports or block the Strait of Hormuz, Raymond James analysts said in a Monday research note.The note says that the risks of a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities are rising, which could potentially cut off the OPEC nation's 2-million-barrels-a-day of exports.It could also lead to a blockage of 20 percent of global oil supplies which are transported through the Gulf's Strait of Hormuz, the note said.While the threat of a disruption due to the standoff between the West and Tehran over its nuclear program has pushed up oil prices from time to time over recent years, oil markets have remained calm amid rising tensions during the past month."With oil (prices) now around $70 a barrel we would argue that the market isn't factoring in the risks," said Pavel Molchanov, one of the report's authors, in a telephone interview. "Catalysts for higher oil prices could include more saber-rattling, or Iran reverting back to a more confrontational stance."Iran has touted its uranium enrichment as a peaceful program for internal energy markets, while rejecting Western charges that it seeks to build nuclear weapons.Officials from Iran and six world powers met last week, and Western officials said Iran took a conciliatory tone, agreeing "in principle" to Western demands it ship its enriched uranium outside the country for reprocessing.But Raymond James analysts see a greater than 50 percent chance of military strikes against Iran over the next year, a scenario they say would prompt Iran to cut off oil exports and potentially block the strait."The market is aware of this, but seems to be factoring in extremely low probability it will happen," Molchanov said. CLIP

Hardin - APF Spokesperson In Emotional News Conference (October 2, 2009)
American Police Force spokesperson Becky Shay holds a press conference to discuss the controversies that arisen around the deal between American Police Force and the Two River Authority. A sobbing spokeswoman for the secretive company occupying the Hardin jail welcomed an investigation by Montana's attorney general Friday and expressed concerns for her own safety amid rumors about her company. Becky Shay, in a 45-minute, wide-ranging press conference during which she occasionally broke into tears, said the California-based American Police Force welcomed an information request made Thursday by Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock. Meanwhile, an attorney involved in the project cut ties with APF Friday and a second company, once named as a subcontractor, denied any involvement. Shay said she hadn't been formally served papers by the attorney general, who said he is concerned that APF might be violating the Montana Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act. APF has reached a multimillion-dollar agreement with Hardin's economic development arm, Two Rivers Authority, to run the empty Hardin jail, built two years ago to house inmates under contract. She said she had read of Bullock's request in the news media. (...) Specifically, Shay mentioned Internet radio personality Alex Jones, of Austin, Texas. Jones, of infowars.com, was in Hardin on Thursday reporting on APF. Government and corporate takeovers of society are hot topics on Infowars. Jones indicated the Hardin situation was an example of the possibility of government or corporate takeover of a rural area. Jones said Hardin's story involved a convicted felon, Hilton, landing in the middle of nowhere and taking over a large jail capable of serving a city of several hundred thousand people. The facility, empty since it was constructed roughly two years ago, has room for more than 464 beds. Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Friday dismissed the notion of any secretive government scheme. CLIP

APF Changes Name, Logo & Website To “Diffuse Tension” (October 5, 2009)
In response to growing criticism and suspicion, American Police Force has changed its name, changed its logo and altered several areas of its website in an attempt to “diffuse tension” surrounding the private paramilitary organization that wants to take over law enforcement duties while bossing a $27 million dollar detention facility in Hardin, Montana. Following threats of legal action on behalf of the government of Serbia against APF for using a near copy of the Serbian Coat of Arms, on Sunday the logo was changed although it still remains a double-headed eagle, which is widely accepted as signifying imperial power, not something many would be comfortable with for an organization that wants to provide law enforcement.In addition, the company has changed its name from American Police Force to American Private Police Force. CLIP

The missing: Each year, 275,000 Britons disappear (11 October 2009)
The number of people vanishing is at record levels, with the recession a key factor. Many soon return, but who helps the agonised families of those who stay away? -- Odd place, Britain. Every day, 13 million CCTV cameras track our movements. We're PIN-numbered, databased, credit-rated, nannied, Neighbourhood Watched, Facebooked, emailed and GPS-ed. You wouldn't think any of us could slip away unnoticed. But we do, in ever-increasing quantities. An Independent on Sunday investigation has established that the numbers of Britons who disappear each year is now at record levels. Missing People, the charity that helps both the disappeared and those left behind, told us that 250,000 missing persons reports each year – more than 30,000 higher than any previous total – is "probably an underestimate"; others put the total nearer 275,000. This, the equivalent of the entire population of Plymouth being spirited away, means that, across the country, one person goes missing every two minutes. The vast majority are swiftly found, or return of their own volition, but many don't. Some disappear for decades, and sources, including some inside the police, say the number of people in Britain who have been missing from family, friends and usual haunts for more than a year is at least 16,000 and could be as many as 20,000. Among them are people like Melanie Hall, last seen in a Bathclub nightclub in 1996, whose parents had to endure 13 years of waiting and wondering before her remains were found, a week ago, beside the M5. She had been murdered. Nor does death always bring closure. At any one time, there are an estimated 1,000 unidentified bodies lying in the country's mortuaries and hospitals. Many have been there for years – unknown, unclaimed citizens. CLIP

Zimbabwe unity pact teeters on the brink of collapse (17 October 2009)
Zimbabwe's troubled power-sharing government is facing its most serious crisis after the Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, declared a "temporary withdrawal" in response to the arrest of one of his main allies."It is our right to disengage from a dishonest and unreliable partner," he told reporters in Harare. "Whilst being in government, we shall forthwith disengage from Zanu-PF and in particular from cabinet and the council of ministers until such time as confidence and respect are restored amongst us."The stalemate could stall all government business including attempts to reform the constitution. Mr Tsvangirai said that if the crisis intensified further, it could be resolved only by holding fresh elections under the supervision of the United Nations and the Southern African Development Community. CLIP

Darfur: A deadly new chapter (17 October 2009)
Africa's most feared rebel army arrives in region, threatening to reignite the conflict -- The Lord's Resistance Army, one of the most feared guerrilla groups in Africa, has moved into Darfur, one of the continent's most troubled regions, intelligence sources in Sudan say.The unexpected move by the LRA comes just as the war-weary west of Sudan recedes from world headlines and after the UN mission there had tentatively declared the fighting to be over. The possible arrival of a messianic cult notorious for rape, civilian massacres and the enslavement of child soldiers threatens that fragile peace. The LRA has been terrorising the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo for 18 months but the bulk of its forces have now crossed into southern Darfur, a senior official in the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) told The Independent."We have confirmed that the LRA are there and they have clashed with the local population," said Major-General Kuol Deim Kuol. He said the LRA had moved into the area to stock up on weapons and supplies and accused the Sudanese government in Khartoum of sponsoring the group. The south has long accused Khartoum of funding militias to destabilise the region but the UN and Sudan experts are both taking the latest reports seriously.The rebels, led by the self-styled prophet Joseph Kony, have waged a campaign of terror in central Africa for two decades. When The Independent visited the dense jungle on the border area between DRC and Sudan last year, refugees who had fled from LRA attacks spoke of bodies strewn over the forest floor, people burned to death in their huts, women raped and children marched into the bush in gangs.The group's arrival in Darfur comes at a critical juncture and threatens to undermine efforts to build on an end to major clashes in the region.The Sudan analyst John Ashworth said: "Having people like the LRA there could exacerbate the conflict. If they are a proxy of Khartoum, they could be used in Darfur in the same way as the Janjaweed. This could be mutually beneficial to both groups." CLIP

Asia trembles as 'Ring of Fire' sees new deadly quakes

Russian volcano's eruptions intensifying (Oct 5, 2009) http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2009/10/05/Russian-volcanos-eruptions-intensifying/UPI-53481254759237/

Volcanic activity and earthquakes hit Caribbean islands (Oct 5, 2009)
Volcano on Montserrat begins to shoot ash as 4.5 magnitude quake rattles St Maarten

Energy crisis is postponed as new gas rescues the world (October 11, 2009)
Advances in technology for extracting [natural] gas from shale and methane beds have quickened dramatically, altering the global balance of energy faster than almost anybody expected. Tony Hayward, BP's chief executive, said proven natural gas reserves around the world have risen to 1.2 trillion barrels of oil equivalent, enough for 60 years' supply – and rising fast. "There has been a revolution in the gas fields of North America. Reserve estimates are rising sharply as technology unlocks unconventional resources," he said. The breakthrough has been to combine 3-D seismic imaging with new technologies to free "tight gas" by smashing rocks, known as hydro-fracturing or "fracking" in the trade. The US is leading the charge. Texas A&M University said US methods could increase global gas reserves by nine times to 16,000 TCF (trillion cubic feet). Shale gas is undoubtedly messy. Millions of gallons of water mixed with sand, hydrochloric acid and toxic chemicals are blasted at rocks. This is supposed to happen below the water basins but accidents have been common. Pennsylvania's [environmental authorities] have shut down a Cabot Oil & Gas operation after 8,000 gallons of chemicals spilled into a stream. The claims of BP ... are so extraordinary that we may need to rewrite the geo-strategy textbooks for the next half century. Note: For more on the risks associated with fracking, click here. For lots more from reliable sources on new energy developments, click here.

Study charts links between mobile phones, tumors (13 Oct 2009)
High-quality studies often show potential cancer link -- Industry-funded studies most likely to show no link -- WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Studies on whether mobile phones can cause cancer, especially brain tumors, vary widely in quality and there may be some bias in those showing the least risk, researchers reported on Tuesday. So far it is difficult to demonstrate any link, although the best studies do suggest some association between mobile phone use and cancer, the team led by Dr. Seung-Kwon Myung of South Korea's National Cancer Center found. Myung and colleagues at Ewha Womans University and Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul and the University of California, Berkeley, examined 23 published studies of more than 37,000 people in what is called a meta-analysis. They found results often depended on who conducted the study and how well they controlled for bias and other errors."We found a large discrepancy in the association between mobile phone use and tumor risk by research group, which is confounded with the methodological quality of the research," they wrote in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The use of mobile and cordless phones has exploded in the past 10 years to an estimated 4.6 billion subscribers worldwide, according to the U.N. International Telecommunication Union. CLIP

Most Vegetables and Fruits Have 'Unacceptable' Levels of Pesticides (October 13 2009)
According to the European Pesticide Residues Committee, apples, peas, and grapes are sometimes covered in crop spray that is above the maximum levels allowed under EU law. The findings come from tests of more than 4,000 samples of food and drink.The levels of pesticides varied considerably, with imported fruit and vegetables tending to have higher levels. One in seven beans in a pod and one in five yams all had pesticides above the allowed level. One in 70 apples and pears had illegal levels of pesticides.All of the vegetables and fruits supplied to schools contained pesticides within allowed levels, though nearly all the apples and every one of the bananas had some form of pesticide in them. Many of the pieces of fruit had more than one pesticide. CLIP

Could the Large Hadron Collider be held back by its own future? (13 Oct 2009)
The much-delayed and maligned Large Hadron Collider has been hit by its most outlandish claim to date - it is being sabotaged by its own future. -- Forget the far-fetched belief that it will create a black hole, two distinguished physicists have gone even further claiming nature itself is stopping the troubled £4.4billion project from getting off the ground.In a theory reminiscent of the time travelling film Back to the Future, the theoretical physicists Holger Nielsen, from Denmark, and Masao Ninomiya, from Japan, have concluded that its discoveries could be so "abhorrent to nature" that they are coming back to stop their own creation.They have outlined their thoughts in a series of papers with titles like "Test of Effect From Future in Large Hadron Collider: a Proposal" and "Search for Future Influence From LHC." The pair's hypothesis centres around the Higgs Boson, a mysterious tiny particle and building block of life that it is hoped the LHC will discover. They have come up with a theory that it will "ripple backward through time" and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather. "It must be our prediction that all Higgs producing machines shall have bad luck," Dr. Nielsen said. He said that his theories may even provide a "model for God" who "rather hates Higgs particles, and attempts to avoid them". The world's biggest and most complex experiment to date, the LHC has taken 10,000 researchers more than 15 years to build. Eventually it is hoped that by firing particles around a 17-mile underground tunnel near Geneva, it can recreate conditions that existed fractions of a second after the Big Bang. At the same scientists hope to locate a mysterious particle known as the Higgs Boson or God Particle which gives everything its mass. But the whole project has been beset by controversy and technical failures.First scientists claimed it would create a black hole that would devour the world and then in September 2008 circuits in one of the magnets overheated causing damage and leading to a helium leak. Now just as it is about to be switched on again, the theoretical physicists have thrown time travel into the mix.

First-time Internet users find boost in brain function after just 1 week
You can teach an old dog new tricks, say UCLA scientists who found that middle-aged and older adults with little Internet experience were able to trigger key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning after just one week of surfing the Web. The findings, presented Oct. 19 at the 2009 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, suggest that Internet training can stimulate neural activation patterns and could potentially enhance brain function and cognition in older adults. CLIP

EMF-Omega-News 3. October 2009

EMF-Omega-News 10. October 2009

EMF-Omega-News 17. October 2009


From: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/the-demise-of-the-dollar-1798175.html

The demise of the dollar

In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading

By Robert Fisk - 6 October 2009

In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning - along with China, Russia, Japan and France - to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars.

The plans, confirmed to The Independent by both Gulf Arab and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong, may help to explain the sudden rise in gold prices, but it also augurs an extraordinary transition from dollar markets within nine years.

The Americans, who are aware the meetings have taken place - although they have not discovered the details - are sure to fight this international cabal which will include hitherto loyal allies Japan and the Gulf Arabs. Against the background to these currency meetings, Sun Bigan, China's former special envoy to the Middle East, has warned there is a risk of deepening divisions between China and the US over influence and oil in the Middle East. "Bilateral quarrels and clashes are unavoidable," he told the Asia and Africa Review. "We cannot lower vigilance against hostility in the Middle East over energy interests and security."

This sounds like a dangerous prediction of a future economic war between the US and China over Middle East oil - yet again turning the region's conflicts into a battle for great power supremacy. China uses more oil incrementally than the US because its growth is less energy efficient. The transitional currency in the move away from dollars, according to Chinese banking sources, may well be gold. An indication of the huge amounts involved can be gained from the wealth of Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar who together hold an estimated $2.1 trillion in dollar reserves.

The decline of American economic power linked to the current global recession was implicitly acknowledged by the World Bank president Robert Zoellick. "One of the legacies of this crisis may be a recognition of changed economic power relations," he said in Istanbul ahead of meetings this week of the IMF and World Bank. But it is China's extraordinary new financial power - along with past anger among oil-producing and oil-consuming nations at America's power to interfere in the international financial system - which has prompted the latest discussions involving the Gulf states.

Brazil has shown interest in collaborating in non-dollar oil payments, along with India. Indeed, China appears to be the most enthusiastic of all the financial powers involved, not least because of its enormous trade with the Middle East.

China imports 60 per cent of its oil, much of it from the Middle East and Russia. The Chinese have oil production concessions in Iraq - blocked by the US until this year - and since 2008 have held an $8bn agreement with Iran to develop refining capacity and gas resources. China has oil deals in Sudan (where it has substituted for US interests) and has been negotiating for oil concessions with Libya, where all such contracts are joint ventures.

Furthermore, Chinese exports to the region now account for no fewer than 10 per cent of the imports of every country in the Middle East, including a huge range of products from cars to weapon systems, food, clothes, even dolls. In a clear sign of China's growing financial muscle, the president of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, yesterday pleaded with Beijing to let the yuan appreciate against a sliding dollar and, by extension, loosen China's reliance on US monetary policy, to help rebalance the world economy and ease upward pressure on the euro.

Ever since the Bretton Woods agreements - the accords after the Second World War which bequeathed the architecture for the modern international financial system - America's trading partners have been left to cope with the impact of Washington's control and, in more recent years, the hegemony of the dollar as the dominant global reserve currency.

The Chinese believe, for example, that the Americans persuaded Britain to stay out of the euro in order to prevent an earlier move away from the dollar. But Chinese banking sources say their discussions have gone too far to be blocked now. "The Russians will eventually bring in the rouble to the basket of currencies," a prominent Hong Kong broker told The Independent. "The Brits are stuck in the middle and will come into the euro. They have no choice because they won't be able to use the US dollar."

Chinese financial sources believe President Barack Obama is too busy fixing the US economy to concentrate on the extraordinary implications of the transition from the dollar in nine years' time. The current deadline for the currency transition is 2018.

The US discussed the trend briefly at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh; the Chinese Central Bank governor and other officials have been worrying aloud about the dollar for years. Their problem is that much of their national wealth is tied up in dollar assets.

"These plans will change the face of international financial transactions," one Chinese banker said. "America and Britain must be very worried. You will know how worried by the thunder of denials this news will generate."

Iran announced late last month that its foreign currency reserves would henceforth be held in euros rather than dollars. Bankers remember, of course, what happened to the last Middle East oil producer to sell its oil in euros rather than dollars. A few months after Saddam Hussein trumpeted his decision, the Americans and British invaded Iraq.


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This radical proposal is a reflection of a changing economic world


THIS IS WORTH READING TO THE END. AT FIRST IT SEEMS TO BE ONLY ABOUT DESCRIBING THE "PROBLEM" BUT THEN IT QUICKLY TURNS TO PROPOSING SOME REALLY SOUND SOLUTIONS (as proposed by Thomas Greco in his book) THAT ARE ALREADY BEING IMPLEMENTED WORLDWIDE - and there is even an excellent spiritual aspect to this approach! Check also Thomas Greco's website and blogs: http://reinventingmoney.com - Blog-Beyond Money: http://beyondmoney.net
Blog-Tom's News and Views: http://tomazgreco.wordpress.com

From: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=14163

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

Economics / Fiat Currency

Oct 12, 2009

By: Richard C Cook

It's too late for anyone to pretend that the U.S. government, whether under President Barack Obama or anyone else, can divert our nation from long-term economic decline. The U.S. is increasingly in a state of political, economic, and moral paralysis, caught as it were between the "rock" of protracted recession and the "hard place" of terminal government debt.

Even if the stock market can be shored up by more government borrowing for "stimulus" spending, it's a temporary reprieve, because nothing can bring back the consumer purchasing power that was lost when the banks stopped pumping money into the economy through out-of-control mortgage lending. We simply no longer have the job base for people to earn the income they need to live.

The underlying cause of the crisis is in fact the debt-based monetary system, whereby the U.S. ruling class long ago sold out our nation and its people to the international banking cartel of which the Rockefeller and Morgan interests have been the chief representatives for over a century. It was lending on a previously unheard of scale for overpriced assets to people and businesses unable to repay that created the bubbles that burst in 2008, not only in the housing market but also in such areas as commercial real estate, equities, commodities, and derivatives. It was an explosion that reverberated throughout the world.

The Obama administration's response to the crisis has been to print Treasury bonds both for the financial system bailouts and the sputtering Keynesian stimulus that so far has gone substantially into military infrastructure. This bond bubble is what I have referred to as "Obama's Last Picture Show." http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12512

Government debt is fundamentally inflationary. For a generation, the U.S. dollar has been inflating at an increasing rate, with the economy being kept in a growth posture by selling our debt instruments abroad or allowing foreigners holding dollars to purchase property and other assets on our own soil. The website EconomyinCrisis.org reports that in 2007, the most recent year for which data are available, "foreign entities spent $267.8 billion to acquire or establish U.S. businesses." http://www.economyincrisis.org/articles/show/2801

Foreigners are spending their dollars as fast as possible, because they are now plummeting in value. It's increasingly clear that sooner rather than later, the dollar will be dumped by foreign purchasers of bonds, particularly China, and possibly even the oil-producing nations.

These nations know full well that bonds denominated in dollars can never be completely repaid, even if the bonds can be rolled over into fresh debt. It's this dynamic that is dragging the U.S. economy to the cliff, because real economic growth stopped long ago when our manufacturing jobs were exported. This is because most of the growth since Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980 has been only on paper through financial bubbles. This included the dot.com bubble of the Clinton years that blew up in 2000-2001.

Now, after the Treasury bond bubble of 2009, there is nothing left in America to inflate. With so many jobs gone, the American family home was the last thing of value we owned.

So the air is going out of the tires. Americans who are struggling to work for a living are passive spectators as their jobs, savings, health insurance, pensions, and homes continue to erode in value or even disappear. Last Sunday the Washington Post reported a massive crisis in state and local government pensions. Reporter David Cho wrote, "The financial crisis has blown a hole in the rosy forecasts of pension funds that cover teachers, police officers and other government employees, casting into doubt as never before whether these public systems will be able to keep their promises to future generations of retirees."

So what, if anything, can be done about it?

Well, the first thing an intelligent physician does is diagnose the disease. Thomas Greco, in his new book The End of Money and the Future of Civilization (Chelsea Green: 2009) , outlines the increasingly familiar story of how things got so bad, and he tells it as well as anyone has ever done. His style is precise and sometimes academic. Behind it, though, is a passion for truth and the type of rock-solid integrity that refuses to sugar-coat a very bitter pill.

More than that, Greco writes about how to change what has gone wrong. His credentials as an engineer, college professor, author, and consultant are impeccable. His book is among the most important written in this decade. It is truly a book that can alter the world and, if taken seriously, give large numbers of people a practical way to survive the gathering catastrophe.

But unlike most commentators, what Greco offers is not another phony prescription for what the financiers and government should do for us, whether through "restarting" lending or another round of stimulus spending. Rather it's what we should do for ourselves, and could do much better, if we understood what to do and if big banking and big government just got out of the way.

As I said, at the root is the monetary system, whose failure cannot be understood without a history lesson. So Greco writes about the struggle between banking and democracy that took place in the 1790s when the ink on our new national constitution was barely dry.

It was Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury, who compromised the new nation, through what he admitted was "corruption," by giving the wealthy speculators in Revolutionary War bonds the benefit of federally-sponsored redemption and then by establishing the First Bank of the United States. This early drift toward elitist rule was opposed by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others who figured in the creation of what later became the Democratic Party.

Greco writes: "While Jefferson favored a stronger union than that which emerged under the Articles of Confederation, he was vehemently opposed to the reconstruction of monarchic government on the American continent." Hamilton had said frankly that the British monarchy was the best system of government known to man. Part of the monarchic system was the Bank of England, which Hamilton copied when setting up the First Bank.

But Jefferson, who repudiated Hamilton's elitist platform, was elected president in what was then called "The Revolution of 1800." Congress refused to renew the Bank's charter by a single vote when it was up for renewal in 1811.

But the Second Bank of the United States was chartered in 1816 due to the government debt left behind from the War of 1812 against Great Britain. Thus was set up what became known as the "Bank War."

It was President Andrew Jackson who dethroned the bankers from power by pulling government funds out of the Second Bank in 1833. Greco writes that in Jackson's view: "The 'Bank War' was a contest for rulership-would the United States be governed by the people through their elected president and representatives, or by an unelected financial elite through their central bank instrument?"

The modern takeover began in earnest during the Civil War when Congress passed the National Banking Acts in 1863-64 which mandated use of government bonds as bank lending reserves, thereby creating a direct linkage between bank profits and the debt the government was starting to load on the shoulders of taxpayers.

The nation's fate was sealed with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The deal was that the bankers would control the currency, and thereby the nation's economy, while the government would be provided with an unlimited amount of inflated dollars to fight its wars.

The bookkeeper's trick of creating money out of thin air, charging interest for its use, then forcing it down the throats of weaker nations by threat of violence, is what has allowed the Anglo-American empire, since the founding of the Bank of England in 1696, gradually to conquer the world. Though President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, he saw what that action meant. Greco cites Wilson as writing: "There has come about an extraordinary and very sinister concentration in the control of business in the country….The great monopoly in this country is the monopoly of big credits."

Among other ill effects, the system has ruined the value of the currency. The inflation caused by large issues of bank-created loans is seized upon by the government which goes along because inflation reduces the cost of its deficits. Investors buy Treasury bonds denominated in Federal Reserve Notes then watch their value evaporate over time. In fact Federal Reserve Notes have lost over 95 percent of their value since they were first introduced.

Moreover, it's additional inflation caused by bank-generated interest that drives up the costs of goods and services, forcing everyone in the economy to try to defend themselves by raising their prices to the max. Greco spells this out too, which almost every economist in the world, with the exception perhaps of Australia's James Cumes, overlooks.

Bank interest has other tragic effects. It was high interest rates, for instance, that destroyed the Idaho potato industry. A farmer from that region told me at a conference a few years ago that when interest rates skyrocketed in the early 1980s, he asked the president of one of the Federal Reserve Banks why they did it. The answer was they were "ordered" to raise interest rates by the international banking system.

Make no mistake, it's the banking system, facilitated by the Fed, not unwary borrowers, who brought on the collapse of 2008.

Now, in 2009, the bankers, mainly those in the U.S., have so shattered the world economy by debt mounted on debt that there may be no reprieve except the creation of a slave society based on rule by the rich over the masses of whatever peons should happen to survive the downturn and its tragic effects on employment, health, the food and water supply, and even our ability to cope with climate change.

The political establishment, expressing itself in pronouncements by organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, see a future, not of economic democracy or increased financial pluralism, but consolidation of world currencies into a small number overseen at the top by the world's financial oligarchy. Citing the writings of Benn Steil, the CFR's Director of International Economics, Greco writes: "The ostensible plan is to reduce global exchange media to three-one each for Europe, the Americas, and Asia. One might reasonably suppose that at a later stage, those three would be combined into one currency also under the control of the global banking elite."

Greco concludes: "The New World Order is upon us."

With ample justification, he even goes apocalyptic, citing The Book of Revelation in demonstrating the import on a spiritual plane of the elitist takeover: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Revelation 13: 16-17)

But is it really the end, or is there a new world waiting to be born? Greco thinks so. He speaks of the end of an era when unlimited economic growth fed by massive influxes of debt-based money is no longer sustainable. He writes: "That our global civilization cannot continue on its current path seems evident….But I think our collective consciousness is beginning to change. We are becoming aware of limits and are reaching that part of our evolutionary program that says, 'Stop!'"

Part of the awareness of how to stop must focus on the institutions responsible for the crisis. Greco praises Ron Paul for calling out the Federal Reserve in the 2008 presidential campaign. He cites a statement Paul made to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in a 2004 hearing where Paul told Greenspan that the power of the Fed "challenges the whole concept of freedom and liberty and sound money." Thus Paul and other monetary reformers, though largely ignored by the mainstream media and political establishment, have made it clear that change must start with what really lies at the bottom of elite control: how money is made and who makes it.

Unfortunately, few progressive economists, including Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, and Robert Reich comprehend the monetary causes of today's disasters. Instead of demanding reforms that would make money the proper servant of a sustainable economy, most call for more stimulus spending; i.e., more government debt, along with "reform" of a financial system that is corrupt down to its very DNA.

So do we really need the bankers' fake currency, today backed by nothing but a federal deficit of $12 trillion and growing by the day?

Greco says we don't, and this is what his book about. But it's not about doing without the necessities of life, or heading for the hills with a gun and backpack. Nor is it about important efforts at macro-level monetary reform like those of the American Monetary Institute, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, or advocates for a basic income guarantee. Rather it's about individuals, groups, and communities taking control of the monetary system at the grassroots level and creating an entirely new basis for trade than bank-owed debt.

Greco writes about "a new paradigm approach to the exchange function." The solution, he says, "is to provide interest-free credit to producers within the process of mutual credit clearing. That is the process of offsetting purchases against sales within an association of merchants, manufacturers, and workers. It will eventually include everyone who buys and sells, or makes and receives disbursements of any kind."

Greco is one of the world's leading experts in describing alternative or complementary currencies. These are self-regulating systems that facilitate "reciprocal exchange," not using government legal tender but which are still allowed under the currency laws so long as taxes are not evaded.

Greco discusses the large and growing worldwide "LETS" movement-Local Exchange Trading Systems, like the Ithaca HOURS system in Ithaca, New York. He describes the Swiss WIR Bank, the longest-running credit clearing system in the world, with over 70,000 members. He writes about the national and international barter exchanges that involve over 400,000 businesses trading at an annual level of $10 billion.

Greco also describes the world-famous Mondragon Cooperatives from the Basque region of Northern Spain. Started by a Roman Catholic priest in 1941, the Mondragon system, he says, is "the hub of what is probably the most successful and progressive social cooperative economy in modern history."

He also tells the inspiring story of the Argentine trading clubs-the trueques-which, when used with "provincial bonds" issued by regional governments, rescued that country during the 2001 economic collapse brought on by the collusion between the Argentine government and the International Monetary Fund.

Credit clearing is not new. Greco traces it to the medieval European fairs. These exchanges are like banking clearing houses. The world's largest is the automated clearing house-ACH-operated by the Federal Reserve.

But as Greco points out: "The clearing process need not be restricted to banks; it can be applied directly to transactions between buyers and sellers of goods and services. The LETS systems that have proliferated in communities around the world use the credit clearing process, as do commercial trade exchanges. Credit clearing systems are, in essence, clearing houses-but their members are businesses and individuals instead of banks."

Alternative currency and trading systems, says Greco, are the wave of the future. Even though most only mount up to partial local successes, they show what can be done. Greco likens these efforts to the Wright Brothers' first flight that covered 120 feet. They show, he says, that the potential exists for local, regional, then national and international money-free exchanges that eventually could be joined by a single web-based trading platform. This could eventually get rid of the corruption of debt-money altogether.

Chapter 16 of the book is about "A Regional Economic Development Plan Based on Credit Clearing" that shows the potential. Greco writes, "The credit clearing exchange is the key element that enables a community to develop a sustainable economy under local control and to maintain a high standard of living and quality of life."

This would be a real revolution. What can governments do to help? Perhaps only by removing, as Greco recommends, the privileged position of bank debt-money as legal tender. Instead, let bank money compete with market-based alternative currencies and credit exchanges, if it can.

Greco's book is a how-to-do-it manual that updates and expands on his previous books, Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis, New Money for Healthy Communities, and Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender. Greco also operates a website that offers advice and support to worthwhile community initiatives. Click Here

My own view is that no one should wait to see who takes the lead in creating the monetary and credit-clearing systems of the future. The time is now. There is no more reason to delay. If the people of the world do not join together in this kind of action, they can likely kiss their economic future and perhaps their livelihoods good-bye. The controllers of the world, those with the big money, the ones who run the banking systems, who own the global corporations, and who finance politicians like Obama, the Bushes, and the Clintons, are now poised in their blindness to extinguish the light of democracy on the planet for good.

Greco is implying that the power of the elite is not only dated but illusory. Thus the way to proceed is not just to oppose them. If they are opposed, they'll do what they always do, which is to roll out the SWAT teams, the military in the streets, the tear gas, the sound cannon, the concentration camps, the Patriot Acts, the torture chambers, because that is all they know, and it's what they do best.

The money monopoly translates into a monopoly on violence on an ascending scale. We know that the U.S. sells more weapons abroad than any other nation, and we know that it is war above all that makes the bankers rich.

So let them have their weapons and wars. With all due respect to those brave enough to protest, it's time for people simply to walk away and set up their own economic and monetary systems as a prelude to a rebirth of humanity as ethical beings in sustainable communities of choice.

The keys, says Greco, are simple: "Promote the establishment of private complementary exchange systems-and use them. Buy from your friends and neighbors wherever possible. Contribute your time, energy, and money to whatever moves things in the right direction."

Greco also recommends that the unit of exchange for alternative currencies be based on the value of commodities-not necessarily gold or silver, which bankers and governments manipulate, but those commodities readily available within a trading system. State and local governments should do everything possible to protect, encourage, nourish, and participate in these systems.

The irony is that what may appear on the surface to be technical changes in how the exchange of goods and services takes place can have such profound effects. The answer is that systems of exchange reflect entirely different perceptions of the world. Bank-money exchange reflects and creates a system of elite control and human slavery. Reciprocal credit exchange reflects and creates a democratic system on a level monetary playing field.

The difference points to the fact that such reform is, above all, a spiritual endeavor. Thomas Greco has devoted decades to this quest and is one of its foremost visionaries. In an Epilogue he writes: "We will either learn to put aside sectarian differences, to recognize all life as one life, to cooperate in sharing earth's bounty, and yield control to a higher power-or we will find ourselves embroiled in ever-more destructive conflicts that will leave the planet in ruins and avail only the meanest form of existence for the few, if any, who survive."

It's a vision we can all strive to embrace.

By Richard C. Cook

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S Treasury analyst who also worked in the Carter White House and for NASA and writes on public policy issues. His new book is We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform (Tendril Press 2009). His website is http://www.richardccook.com He is a member of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and has been an adviser to Congressman Dennis Kucinich and the American Monetary Institute http://www.monetary.org


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"The Last Picture Show": Obama's Fiscal Year 2010 Budgetby Richard C. Cook (March 2, 2009)
(...) President Obama's 2010 budget has attracted a lot of attention. $1.75 trillion? That's not federal spending. That's new federal debt!A good measure of fiscal policy is federal government tax revenues. Revenues for 2010 are projected at $2.19 trillion, off 13 percent from a year ago, due to the recession. With the huge bank bailouts and Obama's $787 billion economic recovery program, 2010 expenditures are estimated at $3.94 trillion, an increase of 33 percent over 2008.Then there's the interest taxpayers must pay on the national debt, which will likely reach $600 billion in 2010. Of course almost 100 percent of all new federal debt is financed by foreigners, mainly China .But don't worry, the recovery program will succeed, and the economy will start growing again. THE GOVERNMENT PROMISES! Obama's budget forecasts such a strong upsurge in economic activity by the end of 2009 that the net for the year will be GDP growth of 1 percent. (Yes, that's what it says.) (...) according to University of Massachusetts economist Thomas Ferguson, who spoke at last weekend's Eastern Economic Conference national conference in New York , the Bush/Obama bank bailouts alone will cause a permanent addition of interest payments on the national debt of $100 billion a year forever. That means every American will pay, during the course of his or her lifetime, over $20,000 to rescue the banks from their bad loans. To put that number in perspective, it equates to 2-1/2 years of tuition at a state university that instead will be paid to the government of China or a similar foreign investor.Yes, America , that is what your elected government just decided you will do.Another is that the U.S. has had virtually no real economic growth since the early 1970s, because since then we've lived in a bubble economy. Look it up. Most of our industrial output has been flat or has declined. Whole industries, such as steel, are shadows of their former greatness. The automobile industry is on life support. We've imported huge amounts of foreign capital by selling them our real estate and businesses. As stated on the Economy in Crisis website: "The United States now no longer controls many of its domestic industries. Over the last 10 years alone foreigners have spent $1.2 trillion to acquire more than 8,000 key US companies. Already as of 2002, foreigners owned fully 20 percent of American manufacturing. In many high-tech and defense-related industries, the proportion is far higher. Such US industries as mining, cement, publishing, engine and power transmission equipment, rubber and plastics, and sound recording and motion pictures are now largely foreign owned. Even in industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, electronics, metal industries, and coal and petroleum industries, foreign ownership has recently become very high." CLIP

The Economic Recovery is an Illusion (October 3, 2009)
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Warns of Future Crises -- War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and Debt is Recovery In light of the ever-present and unyieldingly persistent exclamations of 'an end' to the recession, a 'solution' to the crisis, and a 'recovery' of the economy; we must remember that we are being told this by the very same people and institutions which told us, in years past, that there was 'nothing to worry about,' that 'the fundamentals are fine,' and that there was 'no danger' of an economic crisis. Why do we continue to believe the same people that have, in both statements and choices, been nothing but wrong? Who should we believe and turn to for more accurate information and analysis? Perhaps a useful source would be those at the epicenter of the crisis, in the heart of the shadowy world of central banking, at the global banking regulator, and the "most prestigious financial institution in the world," which accurately predicted the crisis thus far: The Bank for International Settlements (BIS). This would be a good place to start. The economic crisis is anything but over, the "solutions" have been akin to putting a band-aid on an amputated arm. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank to the world's central banks, has warned and continues to warn against such misplaced hopes.
(...) In September of 2009, the BIS reported that, "The global market for derivatives rebounded to $426 trillion in the second quarter as risk appetite returned, but the system remains unstable and prone to crises." The BIS quarterly report said that derivatives rose 16% "mostly due to a surge in futures and options contracts on three-month interest rates." The Chief Economist of the BIS warned that the derivatives market poses "major systemic risks" in the international financial sector, and that, "The danger is that regulators will again fail to see that big institutions have taken far more exposure than they can handle in shock conditions." The economist added that, "The use of derivatives by hedge funds and the like can create large, hidden exposures."[8] The day after the report by the BIS was published, the former Chief Economist of the BIS, William White, warned that, "The world has not tackled the problems at the heart of the economic downturn and is likely to slip back into recession," and he further "warned that government actions to help the economy in the short run may be sowing the seeds for future crises." He was quoted as warning of entering a double-dip recession.
(...) At the same time, governments spent money loosely, specifically the United States, paying for multi-trillion dollar wars and defense budgets, printing money out of thin air, courtesy of the global central banking system. All the money that was produced, in turn, produced debt. By 2007, the total debt - domestic, commercial and consumer debt - of the United States stood at a shocking $51 trillion.[17] As if this debt burden was not enough, considering it would be impossible to ever pay back, the past two years has seen the most expansive and rapid debt expansion ever seen in world history - in the form of stimulus and bailout packages around the world. In July of 2009, it was reported that, "U.S. taxpayers may be on the hook for as much as $23.7 trillion to bolster the economy and bail out financial companies, said Neil Barofsky, special inspector general for the Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program." - Bilderberg Plan in Action?
(...) Estulin further reported, "that some leading European bankers faced with the specter of their own financial mortality are extremely concerned, calling this high wire act 'unsustainable,' and saying that US budget and trade deficits could result in the demise of the dollar." One Bilderberger said that, "the banks themselves don't know the answer to when (the bottom will be hit)." Everyone appeared to agree, "that the level of capital needed for the American banks may be considerably higher than the US government suggested through their recent stress tests." Further, "someone from the IMF pointed out that its own study on historical recessions suggests that the US is only a third of the way through this current one; therefore economies expecting to recover with resurgence in demand from the US will have a long wait." One attendee stated that, "Equity losses in 2008 were worse than those of 1929," and that, "The next phase of the economic decline will also be worse than the '30s, mostly because the US economy carries about $20 trillion of excess debt. Until that debt is eliminated, the idea of a healthy boom is a mirage."[19] Could the general perception of an economy in recovery be the manifestation of the Bilderberg plan in action? Well, to provide insight into attempting to answer that question, we must review who some of the key participants at the conference were.
(...) Naturally, all of these key players to wield enough influence to alter public opinion and perception of the economic crisis. They also have the most to gain from it. However, whatever image they construct, it remains just that; an image. The illusion will tear apart soon enough, and the world will come to realize that the crisis we have gone through thus far is merely the introductory chapter to the economic crisis as it will be written in history books. CLIP

Abandoning the USS Dollar (October 14, 2009)
Robert Fisk's article in The Independent on October 6, "The Demise of the Dollar," has created many shock waves in the currency markets. Fisk reported that major Arab nations are secretly planning to dump the current petrodollar scheme in favor of pricing oil in a basket of currencies. Included in this basket will be the yen, yuan, euro, a new, pan-Arab currency, and gold bullion. Co-conspirators include Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, China, France, and the formerly compliant Japanese. This validated my July prediction that the Persian Gulf states will eventually accept yuan in exchange for oil. (...) While many of the governments involved have denied oil plan, it fits in with the alternative currency initiatives already announced. In addition, the Gulf Cooperation Council's move toward monetary union is far from unique. Just two years ago, former Mexican President Vincente Fox mentioned on Larry King Live that he had discussed a single currency for the Americas with President Bush, but this was part of a "very long term" plan. In April 2008, the 10 ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) met to discuss "monetary integration" and cooperation with regional non-members China, South Korea and Japan. Even the Bank for International Settlements called for eliminating national currencies and forming regional currency blocs "based on the dollar, euro and renminbi or yen" in 2006. It makes sense that nations would collaborate to form currency life rafts to survive the eventual sinking of the U.S. dollar, now listing badly to starboard. CLIP

What the demise of the dollar means for you (October 13, 09)
For several months you have read the warnings issued by economists and columnists, including this writer, concerning the devaluing of the dollar and its ultimate demise. But what, exactly, does this mean for you, the citizen? (...) We are going to see a major change in our way of life. What does this mean for you? Here it is in as simple of terms as I can possibly make it:

1. Inflation will skyrocket. If you are in the market for new clothing, expect the price for common, ordinary garments to quadruple overnight. Food, even the basic staples, will become so expensive that the largest percentage of what we spend out of our paychecks will be used just to stay alive. The poorest among us will have trouble merely surviving.

2. Paper money will be basically worthless. That means those dollars we use to purchase goods and services will have absolutely no real value any longer. The dollar, at that point, will have been so thoroughly devalued that it will be worth only the paper its printed on. Unless you have invested heavily in gold and other precious medals, you will be big trouble.

3. Gold and precious medals, which have intrinsic value of their own, will become vastly important. At present, the price of gold has skyrocketed to over $1000 per ounce. This means that a gold coin that at one time carried a value of $20 will now be worth over $1000. Those who have bought these gold coins and bricks as a hedge against inflation will be in a good position to weather the coming storm. Those who have not will be at the mercy of the coming economic storm where goods and services will quadruple in costs and where their paper money will be basically worthless.

4. Starvation will become common. Homelessness will overwhelm American society. Businesses will go under. Joblessness will sweep over the nation, setting us on a course to either match or outmatch the unemployment numbers of the Great Depression.Barack Obama has hastened the demise of the dollar with his economic policy. The course he has charted through the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury has sent the value of the dollar plummeting faster than a millstone dropped into a pond. The oil barons overseas, sensing that the dollar is quickly becoming irrelevant, are talking seriously about dropping the dollar as the standard currency on the world market. CLIP

Foreclosures: 'Worst three months of all time' (October 15, 2009)
Despite signs of broader economic recovery, number of foreclosure filings hit a record high in the third quarter - a sign the plague is still spreading. -- NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Despite concerted government-led and lender-supported efforts to prevent foreclosures, the number of filings hit a record high in the third quarter, according to a report issued Thursday."They were the worst three months of all time," said Rick Sharga, spokesman for RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed homes. During that time, 937,840 homes received a foreclosure letter -- whether a default notice, auction notice or bank repossession, the RealtyTrac report said. That means one in every 136 U.S. homes were in foreclosure, which is a 5% increase from the second quarter and a 23% jump over the third quarter of 2008. CLIP


From: http://pragcap.com/must-read-the-real-reason-behind-the-fed-secrecy


1 OCTOBER 2009

For decades we have let a central bank control the value of our money with their boom/bust money printing policies. What do we have to show for it? A massively profitable banking industry, a record setting wealth gap and a struggling middle class and lower class U.S. consumer. If the last 18 months aren't a sign that the Fed policy of the last 25 years is massively flawed then I don't what is.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

- Thomas Jefferson

This comes from the desk of Ron Paul:

Last week I was very pleased that the Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207. The bill has 295 cosponsors and there is also strong support for the companion bill in the Senate. This hearing was a major step forward in getting the bill passed.

I was pleased that the hearing was well-attended, especially considering that it was held on a Friday at nine o'clock in the morning! I have been talking about the immense, unchecked power of the Federal Reserve for many years, while the attention of Congress was always on other things. It was gratifying to see my colleagues asking probing questions and demonstrating genuine concern about this important issue as well.

The witness testifying in favor of HR 1207 made some very strong points, which was no surprise considering the bill is simply common sense. It was also no surprise that the witness testifying against the bill had no good arguments as to why a full audit should not be conducted promptly. He attempted to make the case that the fed is already sufficiently accountable to Congress and that the current auditing policy is adequate. The fact is that the Fed comes to Congress and talks about only what it wants to talk about, and the GAO audits only what the current laws allow to be audited. The really important things however, are off limits. There are no convincing arguments that it is in the best interests of the American people for anything the Fed does to be off limits.

It has been argued that full disclosure of details of funding facilities like TALF and PDCF that enabled massive bailouts of Wall Street would damage the financial position of those firms and destabilize the economy. In other words, if the American people knew how rotten the books were at those banks and how terribly they messed up, they would never willingly invest in them, and they would fail. Failure is not an option for friends of the Fed. Therefore, the funds must be stolen from the people in the dark of night. This is not how a free country works. This is not how free markets work. That is crony corporatism and instead of being a force for economic stabilization, it totally undermines it.

If the Fed gave its actual arguments against a full audit, they would not have mentioned anything about political independence or economic stability. Instead they would admit they don't want to be audited because they enjoy their current situation too much. Under the guise of currency control, they are able to help out powerful allies on Wall Street, in exchange for lucrative jobs or who-knows-what favors later on. An audit would expose the Fed as a massive fraud perpetrated on this country, enriching a privileged few bankers at the top of our economic food chain, and leaving the rest of us with massively devalued dollars which we are forced to use by law. An audit would make people realize that, while Bernie Madoff defrauded a lot of investors for a lot of money, the Fed has defrauded every one of us by destroying the value of our money. An honest and full accounting of how the money system really works in this country would mean there is not much of a chance the American people would stand for it anymore. (Emphasis added).


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SHOCKER: Fed set to print $1.45 TRILLION by LARRY EDELSON on SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 http://blogs.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/real-wealth/shocker-fed-set-to-print-145-trillion/
It's starting to look like the Fed's going to need a skyscraper-full of new printing presses … In a statement released yesterday, the Federal Reserve said, "To provide support to mortgage lending and housing markets, and to improve overall conditions in private credit markets, the Federal Reserve will purchase a total of $1.25 trillion of agency mortgage-backed securities and up to $200 billion of agency debt."That's a total of $1.45 trillion! Where's the Fed going to get the money? Simple: They'll have to PRINT it - create it out of thin air!Plus, even former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is beginning to panic about the dollar's decline, warning that total U.S. private and public debt - now at 84% of GDP and still soaring - is "very dangerous" and threatens both long-term Treasuries and the dollar. Thank you, Mr. Greenspan! I couldn't have said it better myself! This is precisely what I've been warning you about: Bernanke's secret war on the dollar. One of the greatest explosions in the supply of unbacked paper dollars in history.The really bad news? Bernanke's inflationary chickens are just BEGINNING to hatch. History shows us that it takes months - sometimes years - for the full impact of an explosion in the money supply to be felt.That means you can look forward to many more months of a collapsing dollar … and many more months of evaporating buying power.I'm FED UP with Washington's callous war on the dollar- and on Tuesday, October 6, I'm going to help you DO something about it!The good news is, if you make the right moves beginning immediately, you still have time to shore up your financial defenses. You can shield yourself, your family, your savings and your investments from disaster as this great dollar decline slashes the value of your money.

(...) Right off the bat, I'll give you my shocking update on this great global war on the value of the dollar …Why the REAL national debt is more than EIGHT TIMES GREATER than Washington claims: Why the full weight of our debt addiction is beginning to hammer the dollar NOW … and why our leaders have no choice but to slash the dollar's value in sheer self-defense.Why the world's governments, central banks, financial institutions and super-rich investors are fed up with Washington … why increasing numbers don't want to touch the dollar with a ten-foot pole … and what they're doing to protect themselves at YOUR expense. What the news media isn't telling you about Bernanke and the dollar: And how global plans to stop using the U.S. dollar as a safe haven or for international trade will impact your buying power and standard of living. What's the next shoe to drop in this great global war on the dollar? Could the G-20 be secretly scheming right now behind closed doors to accelerate the dollar's plunge? (My answer is admittedly outrageous and has tremendous implications for your financial security!) Critical steps you should be taking right now to protect yourself from this great dollar disaster: PLUS, the three investments that are most likely to preserve your wealth as the greenback continues to plunge in value worldwide. SEVEN often-overlooked investments that are the most profitable way I know to harness this massive, long-term dollar decline: I'll show you what to buy … where to buy it … and when! CLIP

AMONG THE MANY COMMENTS POSTED THERE, TWO STROKE ME PARTICULARLY: Mike Nuyen 09.25.09 at 11:36 amDear Larry, While you are shouting "The Fed is set to print over 1 trillion dollars" (implying that INFLATION is inevitable, consequently gold prices will be sky rocketting), I would like to draw your attention to a completely different school of thought whereby "the U.S Government is getting all the money it needs by borrowing, NOT PRINTING. It does it at the U.S Treasury Department auctions. That's where they sell U.S Government bonds, nots and T-Bills." (quoted from Nick Guarino's report "Gold is About to Crash"). Mr. Guarino presented a chart entitled "Annual US Money Supply Growth - SGS M-3 Continuation" to indicate that the total US money supply is SHRINKING fast because bad loans are defaulting, They are destroying money, and that creates DEFLATION" .The implication is a full strength DEPRESSION for many years to come, During that period, gold is the worst investment one could make .This reasoning is 180 degrees different from yours, and it is cause of concern for me and others who have heavily invested in gold following your advice . Is there any validity in Mr. Guarino's line of reasoning ? Please provide your input .(...)

AS MANY PEOPLE COMMENTING WERE ONLY INTERESTED - WITH LOTS OF FEARFUL UNDERTOW - INTO HOW THEY CAN BEST PROTECT THEIR WEALTH, HERE COMES A VERY WISE MAN, DAVID, WITH A SUPERBLY ENLIGHTENING PERSPECTIVE TO OFFER: "Wow, in a free market economy a LOT of different views explode on the scene. We act as if this is OUR money. What if we all took the view that what we have is to be used for God and others?Reduce the lifestyle. Budget, live frugally, save, invest prudently, and give to others. We get into panic mode when it involves our personal wealth. Is hoarding gold the right way to go? Are you going to be able to take that gold to the grocery store and buy bread with it? No, but if you learn to bake your own bread you will be ready.Look at the last 200 years of financial history in the U.S. The world was going to end in the 30's with the depresssion and then the 40's with the Germans. And then the Cold War, and then …….It took a lot of Christians to vote in the current President and Legislatures. Israel demanded a King and look what they got? Seems Americans are no different. When you went through a financial collapse (to whomever is reading this) did it not change your perspective? Made you more grateful for what you did have? Maybe as a country we need to go through another one to get our perspective correct and back to the polls to once again become that 'shining light on the hill'... Another view." David

How Well Has The Federal Reserve Performed for America? (SEPTEMBER 27, 2009)
How well has the Federal Reserve performed for America? Mainstream pundits, of course, say that Bernanke has saved the world . . . . but they said the same thing about Greenspan. So let's look at the actual historical record to determine how well the Fed has done.Initially, Milton Friedman and Ben Bernanke have both said that the Federal Reserve caused (or at least failed to cure) the Great Depression through its poor monetary policy.Many also blame the Fed for blowing an unsustainable bubble between 2001-2007 through artificially low interest rates. If this sounds too much like an Austrian economics perspective, that may be true. But remember that Hayek won the Nobel prize in 1974 partly for arguing that artificially low interest rates lead to the misallocation of capital and to bubbles, which in turn lead to busts.Moreover, one of the Fed's main justification has been that it can provide a "counter-cyclical" balance. In other words, during boom times it can put on the brakes ("take the punch bowl away right as the party gets started"), and during busts it can get things moving again. But as economist Jane D'Arista has shown, the Fed has failed miserably at that task: CLIP



From: http://www.progressive.org/wx081209b.html">ttp://www.progressive.org/wx081209b.html

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

By Matthew Rothschild, August 12, 2009

The Pentagon has approached Congress to grant the Secretary of Defense the authority to post almost 400,000 military personnel throughout the United States in times of emergency or a major disaster.

This request has already occasioned a dispute with the nation’s governors. And it raises the prospect of U.S. military personnel patrolling the streets of the United States, in conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

In June, the U.S. Northern Command distributed a “Congressional Fact Sheet” entitled “Legislative Proposal for Activation of Federal Reserve Forces for Disasters.” That proposal would amend current law, thereby “authorizing the Secretary of Defense to order any unit or member of the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and the Marine Corps Reserve, to active duty for a major disaster or emergency.”

Taken together, these reserve units would amount to “more than 379,000 military personnel in thousands of communities across the United States,” explained

Paul Stockton, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and America’s Security Affairs, in a letter to the National Governors Association, dated July 20.

The governors were not happy about this proposal, since they want to maintain control of their own National Guard forces, as well as military personnel acting in a domestic capacity in their states.

“We are concerned that the legislative proposal you discuss in your letter would invite confusion on critical command and control issues,” Governor James H. Douglas of Vermont and Governor Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, the president and vice president of the governors’ association, wrote in a letter back to Stockton on August 7. The governors asserted that they “must have tactical control over all . . . active duty and reserve military forces engaged in domestic operations within the governor’s state or territory.”

According to Pentagon public affairs officer Lt. Col. Almarah K. Belk, Stockton has not responded formally to the governors but understands their concerns.

“There is a rub there,” she said. “If the Secretary calls up the reserve personnel to provide support in a state and retains command and control of those forces, the governors are concerned about if I have command and control of the Guard, how do we ensure unity of effort and everyone is communicating and not running over each other.”

Belk said Stockton is addressing this problem. “That is exactly what Dr. Stockton is working out right now with the governors and DHS and the National Guard,” she said. “He’s bringing all the stakeholders together.”

Belk said the legislative change is necessary in the aftermath of a “catastrophic natural disaster, not beyond that,” and she referred to Katrina, among other events.

But NorthCom’s Congressional fact sheet refers not just to a “major disaster” but also to “emergencies.” And it says, “Those terms are defined in section 5122 of title 42, U.S. Code.”

That section gives the President the sole discretion to designate an event as an “emergency” or a “major disaster.” Both are “in the determination of the President” alone.

That section also defines “major disaster” by citing plenty of specifics: “hurricane, tornado, storm, high water, wind-driven water, tidal wave, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, mudslide, snowstorm, or drought,” as well as “fire, flood, or explosion.”

But the definition of “emergency” is vague: “Emergency means any occasion or instance for which, in the determination of the President, Federal assistance is needed to supplement State and local efforts and capabilities to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in any part of the United States.”

Currently, the President can call up the Reserves only in an emergency involving “a use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction” or “a terrorist attack or threatened terrorist attack in the United States that results, or could result, in significant loss of life or property,” according to Title 10, Chapter 1209, Section 12304, of the U.S. Code. In fact, Section 12304 explicitly prohibits the President from calling up the Reserves for any other “natural or manmade disaster, accident, or catastrophe.”

So the new proposed legislation would greatly expand the President’s power to call up the Reserves in a disaster or an emergency and would extend that power to the Secretary of Defense. (There are other circumstances, such as repelling invasions or rebellions or enforcing federal authority, where the President already has the authority to call up the Reserves.)

The ACLU is alarmed by the proposed legislation. Mike German, the ACLU’s national security policy counsel, expressed amazement “that the military would propose such a broad set of authorities and potentially undermine a 100-year-old prohibition against the military in domestic law enforcement with no public debate and seemingly little understanding of the threat to democracy.”

At the moment, says Pentagon spokesperson Belk, the legislation does not have a sponsor in the House or the Senate.

For more information on NorthCom, see Matthew Rothschild’s “What Is NorthCom Up To?” which ran on the cover of The Progressive’s February issue.


Re: The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

This is what they're talking about..


This proposal would amend chapter 1209 of title 10, United States Code, by inserting a new section authorizing the Secretary of Defense to order any unit or member of the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and the Marine Corps Reserve, to active duty for a major disaster or emergency, as those terms are defined in section 5122 of title 42, U.S. Code, for a continuous period of not more than 120 days.

GA Congressman: Obama Could Use Pandemic To Declare Martial Law (August 13, 2009)
Georgia Congressman Paul Broun warned attendees of a town hall event Tuesday that the Obama administration was planning to use a pandemic or a natural disaster to implement martial law in the United States.Speaking at the North Georgia Technical College auditorium, Broun said that the “socialistic elite,” as well as Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, were planning to exploit a crisis to create a favorable climate for their stalling political agenda. “They’re trying to develop an environment where they can take over,” he said. “We’ve seen that historically.” Broun’s warning arrives on the back of a letter sent by The National Governors Association to the Pentagon last week, which condemns the military’s plans to usurp domestic control of National Guard and federal forces deployed in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.In December 2008 it was announced that at least 20,000 more active duty soldiers will be placed inside the United States under Northcom to “help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe.” “Domestic emergency deployment may be “just the first example of a series of expansions in presidential and military authority,” or even an increase in domestic surveillance, warned Anna Christensen of the ACLU’s National Security Project. And Cato Vice President Gene Healy warned of “a creeping militarization” of homeland security.”The contention that the troops will merely help “recovery efforts” after a major catastrophe is contradicted by the fact that Northcom itself, in a September 8 Army Times article, said the first wave of the deployment, which was put in place on October 1st at Fort Stewart and at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, would be aimed at tackling “civil unrest and crowd control”.Read the rest of this entry

What do they need 400k for?







Is This America? (September 25, 2009)
Why Did the Military Detain This Protester in Pittsburgh? It is illegal, under the Posse Comitatus Act, for the military to do this.

G20 cops dressed in camo ’snatch’ protester (September 25th, 2009)
G20 security officials took responsibility Friday afternoon for a video that seemed to depict US troops 'kidnapping' a protester. The military was not involved in the incident, but G20 security did acknowledge that "law enforcement officers from a multi-agency tactical response team" had detained a protester they said was believed to be vandalizing a store.Video posted at YouTube shows onlookers calling out "what the fuck" and "what the fuck is wrong with you?" as people in camo uniforms haul a protester along by his collar, shove him into the back seat of a car, and rapidly drive off.(...) The police reaction to the protests has been marked by what antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan calls "profound overkill." "I have been to dozens of protests, large and small, since my son was killed in Iraq, but I have never seen anything like today," Sheehan writes. "There were easily two cops/soldiers for every one of us protesters or maybe even 3 to 1."Sheehan also witnessed the National Guard troops working with the local police and comments, "Seeing the National Guard troops, fresh from Iraq, broke my heart the hardest. I also talked to dozens of them, none had ever heard of posse commitatus, and asked them if my son, their brother, died in Iraq so they could steal the rights of his mother. Most of them wouldn't even look at me." These videos are from YouTube, posted September 25, 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8CNa_viKg0 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exl2LqO7tCU


From: http://www.thedailycrux.com/content/2601/Technology

What GM didn't tell you about their electric car

August 17, 2009

[Early last] week, Government Motors dropped a public relations bomb when new chief Fritz Henderson announced that the forthcoming Chevy Volt would get an astonishing 230 miles per gallon (that's 98 kilometers per liter, for our metric-system friends).

For those of you not yet familiar, the Volt is a plug-in hybrid car. The car runs primarily on electric power, with batteries charged overnight by simply plugging the car into an electrical outlet like a cell phone. Its gasoline engine is used only to charge the battery and supplement the power when the batteries run low. Due in late 2010 at the earliest, GM is pinning the company's hopes in large part on the new technology and the associated PR bump of having the most fuel-efficient car offered by a mainstream company.

So, how about that 230 mpg claim? We'll stop short of calling it a fabrication and instead chalk it up to a classic apples-to-oranges comparison. After all, the Volt will be powered more by coal than by oil. You see, the mileage claim is based in part on the idea that the average driver puts less than 40 miles per day on their car, and that because the Volt is plugged in overnight, it has enough juice to make it back and forth to work having barely sipped a drop of gasoline. But hop on the highway for a 230-mile ride to visit a client or take a vacation, and you're likely to use quite a bit more gas than your window sticker would have you think. Probably by an order of magnitude.

United States EPA mileage guidelines are based on a bunch of hypothetical "typical" driving patterns. And the makers of conventional and plug-in hybrid cars are lobbying hard to change those patterns to reflect well on the broad range of possible outcomes these funky two-mode drive trains could have, with their on-again-off-again relationship with the gas tank. And the GM announcement of 230 mpg is based on some unpublished, unverified agreement the carmaker claims to have reached with its government sibling, the EPA, on how to judge the car's performance in the "City."

However, if GM's claims prove true that operating the car off the electric grid costs about 1/3rd of what it costs on gasoline at today's prices, it won't matter what formula the EPA uses. There are sure to be many more PR moments between now and when Volts are a common sight on the road, including years of arguments about the environmental impact of moving the burden of powering a car from oil to a predominantly coal-powered electrical grid. But more electric cars are coming, one way or another, and the impact will be major on the economy and the environment.

GM is by no means the only car company working on a mostly electric or all-electric vehicle.

In our inaugural issue of Casey's Extraordinary Technology, we covered the Fisker Karma, a high-end sports car plug-in that is part of a class of flashy racers based on similar technologies, including the Ronn Scorpion and Tesla Roadster. On the more affordable front, virtually every major car company from Nissan to Ford has announced plans to add or expand their electric line-up. And many of them will have the jump on GM in timing, so it remains to be seen how much the Volt will actually help GM in the long run. But for now, it makes for some good headlines - even if they don't make a lot of sense on closer examination.

And the race is only beginning. Car companies are in a scramble to buy and build the components that will power tomorrow's cars. They are building so furiously that the cars are often announced before all the parts have even been invented. Tesla Motors notoriously sold out their entire first year's volume of cars well before developing a transmission able to withstand the incredible torque these electric motors can put out, and delayed the initial shipments by months as a result. And according to recent statements from GM, some parts of the Volt are not yet fully baked, and there is a risk they won't all be complete by the currently scheduled launch date.

Despite GM's struggles to bring the Volt to market, there's no doubt that technology is changing the automotive industry forever and that mpg will soon be a wholly inadequate metric on which to judge the efficiency of a car. You can expect GM's inflated claims to be reduced when the Volt finally hits showroom floors in a few years. But you can also expect shockwaves to run through the industry and the economy as virtually every component of the car, shy of the seats, is rethought over the next decade. Fortunes will be made and lost in a way that has not been seen in the automotive industry in half a century or more.


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Rumors, credible rumors, are beginning to circulate in the car industry and the automotive press, that Chrysler may not make it another year primarily due to its falling sales and growing financial losses at partner Fiat. Chrysler sold a 62,197 cars in September down 42% from the same month last year. The figure was down from 93,222 in August when traffic to dealers was pushed up by the "cash for clunkers" program. Chrysler's problems may only be beginning and, if so, Fiat, the "managing partner" among Chrysler's owners may not be able to keep the American company intact. CLIP

Taxpayers face heavy losses on auto bailout (9/9/2009)
WASHINGTON (AP) - Taxpayers face losses on a significant portion of the $81 billion in government aid provided to the auto industry, an oversight panel said in a report to be released Wednesday.The Congressional Oversight Panel did not provide an estimate of the projected loss in its latest monthly report on the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. But it said most of the $23 billion initially provided to General Motors. and Chrysler late last year is unlikely to be repaid. CLIP


From: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2009/10/02/the_other_ticking_clock_in_iran

The Other Ticking Clock in Iran

Forget about Iran's nukes for the moment. The real crisis is its drive for advanced surface-to-air missiles.


The recent revelations about Iran's nuclear program -- centering on an enrichment facility buried in a mountain near the holy city of Qom -- have almost certainly intensified the sense of urgency among policymakers in Jerusalem. Even though the news has triggered a new round of high-stakes diplomacy (including an unusual bilateral meeting between Americans and Iranians), you can bet that Israeli military planning for an attack on the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities has moved into overdrive. Yet there's another ticking clock the Israelis are worried about that hasn't been in the headlines quite so much.

For years now, Tehran has been working hard to acquire sophisticated Russian antiaircraft missiles that would make it far tougher for Israeli planes to stage a successful attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. One Israeli lawmaker, Zeev Elkin, even warned last week that delivering the missiles could even speed up the timing of an Israeli air raid. "I hope Moscow understands that the deliveries will at least speed up such events, if not trigger them," Elkin told the Russian daily Kommersant. Experts estimate that a working Iranian nuclear weapon is still probably at least a year away, depending on a host of contingencies. But the Russian missiles, which just might ensure that Iran's nuclear installations can be protected from attack, could be delivered at any time. So it's easy to understand why, right now, Israeli minds seem to be focused on the more urgent of these two ticking clocks.

The system in question is the S-300 -- actually something of a catchall term because the name covers several systems of varying ages and levels of effectiveness. The S-300 is essentially the Russian equivalent of the American Patriot: quick-reaction missiles designed to defend large areas of airspace against incoming airplanes and ballistic missiles. Although the S-300 has never been tested under combat conditions, military experts have a high opinion of its capabilities -- especially those of the more recent variants like the PMU-2 Favorit (known in the West as the SA-20B), which can track 100 targets while engaging up to 12. It can hit targets as far as 120 miles away. "It's a high-technology weapon," said Siemon Wezeman of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which tracks arms shipments around the world. "It has an impact which is not restricted to just two or three square kilometers. It's a major thing."

Russia apparently first offered the Iranians the chance to buy S-300s in 2005, but then pulled back on the deal due to diplomatic controversies surrounding Iran's nuclear programs. In 2007, Tehran signed a contract to buy several S-300 batteries -- or so at least it would seem. Confusion about the actual state of the deal has swirled ever since. Anatoly Isaikin, director of Russia's state arms export company, confirmed in September of last year that the two countries were negotiating a sale. In April of this year Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari visited Moscow to push things along and declared, "There are no problems with this contract." Yet so far none of the system appears to have been delivered to the Iranians.

The Israelis don't seem reassured. For months they've been lobbying Moscow to hold off on delivering the missiles. Israel's Russian-speaking foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, visited the Kremlin in June, and the missile deal figured large in his discussions with Russian officials. President Shimon Peres turned up in Russia in August to drive home the point. In September, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also set off for talks with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. First item on the agenda: S-300s. (Netanyahu at first told the press he was headed somewhere else, but the cover story soon fell through, igniting considerable controversy back at home.)

Why are the Israelis so worked up? Simple. Just consider the air raid -- dubbed "Operation Orchard" -- staged by Israel on a suspected nuclear facility in Syria in September 2007. (U.S. and Israeli officials contend that the Syrian installation was built with help from the North Koreans.) The Syrian air defenses consisted largely of the same missiles the Iranians have now -- Russian-made Tor M1s (known by NATO as SA-15s). But they didn't leave a scratch on the attackers. The Israelis successfully befuddled the Syrian radars and didn't lose a single plane; the Syrian target was completely wiped out. The raid has been described as a "dress rehearsal" for a possible attack on Iranian sites.

The whole affair might have worked out rather differently had the Syrians been equipped with S-300s -- and the Israelis know it. The Russians boast that, in stark contrast to the Patriot, the S-300 actually hits warheads rather than missile bodies. (It is well remembered in the missile business that most Iraqi Scuds that were intercepted by Patriots during the first Gulf War made it to their targets anyway.) The Russians also claim that the powerful radars of their latest generation of air-defense missiles can even cope with stealth aircraft. "It's long range; it's high altitude; it's fast," said John Pike, founder of defense industry Web site GlobalSecurity.org. "At minimum the S-300 would force the Israelis to take extensive countermeasures, like using aircraft with jammers, aircraft with anti-radiation missiles, drones with decoys -- this whole three-ring circus that you would need to get past it."

Small wonder that many observers think Israel would go to considerable lengths to prevent a shipment of the high-tech missiles. Earlier this year an Israeli hand was immediately suspected in the peculiar case of the Arctic Sea, the cargo ship that was mysteriously hijacked in the Baltic Sea this summer and then disappeared from view for several weeks until the Russian Navy finally caught up with it off the coast of Cape Verde. Rumor had it that the ship, which had made a stop in the Russian port of Kaliningrad before setting out on its voyage, was carrying S-300 parts (perhaps illicitly obtained by organized criminals) to Iran. Perhaps the Mossad was behind the hijacking?

We'll probably never know what really happened. The hijackers were taken into custody by the Russians and have since been held incommunicado. But the idea of Israeli involvement seems unlikely for many reasons (not least the sloppiness with which the hijacking was carried out). As Wezeman of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute points out, you don't really own the S-300 if you only have a few scavenged parts -- the whole weapon comprises a big package, including truck-mounted launchers and bulky radar units. Plus, he notes, the equipment is essentially useless without the necessary technical support and multiyear maintenance contracts, which will only come with a legally delivered system.

Some of the most intriguing maneuverings surrounding Iran's effort to beef up its air defenses are taking place in the public arena. Russian officials -- all the way up to President Medvedev himself -- have publicly stressed that Moscow is within its rights to sell S-300s to Tehran, arguing that the Iranians are entitled to any defensive systems they wish to own (and that this doesn't violate the U.N. embargo on supplying Iran with nuclear-related technology). Yet the fact that the Kremlin feels compelled to make the case suggests that the lobbying is having some effect. And not only from the Israelis. Some experts think the Barack Obama administration's cancellation of ballistic missile defense plans in Eastern Europe might have involved a countermove by Russia to back off from delivering S-300s to Tehran. Could that, perhaps, be connected with the recent news from Saudi Arabia? It turns out that the Saudis have been offering the Russians a better price for the sale of the S-300 to them instead of to the Iranians (whose nuclear aspirations are only slightly less disturbing to Riyadh than to Tel Aviv).

But the Russians have to be careful. The Chinese have apparently offered to sell the Iranians their own version of the S-300, a cheaper knockoff of the Russian original. Moscow doesn't want to lose its present favored position as the cheap weapons supplier to Iran, one of the few big arms markets left where Russia is an undisputed leader. Weapons sales are big business for Moscow tycoons. (Just to make things even more interesting, the company that makes the S-300 is run by ex-KGB man Viktor Ivanov, a major ally of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.)

Still, it's safe to assume that some skulduggery has already been taking place out of the public eye. The Israelis (and the Americans) must be keeping a close eye on every Russian cargo airplane that enters Iranian airspace, not to mention ships traveling between the two countries across the Caspian Sea. And given the tensions, it's easy to imagine that Israeli special forces are already hunkered down in the desert outside Natanz and Arak, keeping a close eye on everything that's happening in the surrounding countryside and getting ready to switch on their laser pointers when the time is ripe -- as they apparently did in the run-up to the 2007 raid in Syria. This story is far from over.


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Jundullah claims responsibility for terror attack (18 Oct 2009) POKING THE HORNET'S NEST!
Jundullah has accepted responsibility for the deadly attack that rocked a security gathering in southeast Iran, killing 35 people and wounding another 28. The Jundullah terror ring, which is led by Abdolmalik Rigi, has claimed responsibility for the attack that targeted a unity gathering between Sunni and Shia tribal leaders in the borderline Pishin region, near the city of Sarbaz. Several top regional security officials such as provincial commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) including Brigadier Nour-Ali Shoushtari and Brigadier Rajab-Ali Mohammadzadeh were also killed in the explosion. The explosion, which occurred at 08:00 local time (4:30), also claimed the lives of a group of tribal leaders and well known local figures of both the Shia and Sunni communities. The IRGC has condemned the attack as a gross act if “global arrogance” and a “horrific crime against humanity, carried out as revenge against the people who were working together to ensure the security of the region.” Jundullah is a Pakistan-based terrorist group closely affiliated with the notorious al-Qaeda organization. The terror ring has carried out countless bombings and other violent attacks in Iran. Some of the attacks for which it has claimed responsibility are the killings of at least 16 Iranian police officers in a 2008 attack, nine Iranian security guards in 2005, and another 11 in a 2007 bombing. A 2007 Sunday Telegraph report revealed that the CIA created Jundullah to achieve 'regime change in Iran', and said the US intelligence agency was trying to destabilize Iran by 'supplying arms-length support' and 'money and weapons' to the group. Another report posted by ABC also revealed that the US officials had ordered Jundullah to 'stage deadly guerrilla raids inside the Islamic Republic, kidnap Iranian officials and execute them on camera', all as part of a 'programmatic objective to overthrow the Iranian government'. In a recent interview with Press TV, Rigi's brother Abdulhamid also confirmed that the Jundullah leader had established links with the US agents. His brother said that in just one of his meetings with the US operatives, Rigi had received $100,000 to fuel sectarianism in Iran.

US denies involvement in Iran suicide attack ( 18 Oct 2009)
Amid accusations of having played a role in a deadly suicide bombing in southeast Iran, the United States moves to deny any involvement in the terrorist attack. "We condemn this act of terrorism and mourn the loss of innocent lives," State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said in a statement. "Reports of alleged US involvement are completely false." A suicide bomber blew himself up on Sunday at a unity meeting between Sunni and Shia tribal leaders in the borderline City of Pishin, near the Town of Sarbaz, in the borderline Province of Sistan-Baluchistan. The Jundullah terrorist group, led by Abdolmalek Rigi, claimed responsibility for the attack that killed several top regional security officials such as the provincial commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), including Brigadier Nour-Ali Shoushtari and Brigadier Rajab-Ali Mohammadzadeh. The explosion also claimed the lives of a group of tribal leaders and well-known local figures of both Shia and Sunni communities. The US reaction followed Sunday's remarks by Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani who accused Washington of playing a role in the attack by invading and occupying Afghanistan, while Iran's armed forces blamed Britain. "The regretful terrorist attack in Sistan-Baluchistan was the result of US action," Larijani said on Sunday.

Iran Blames U.S., Britain for Deadly Attack Against Revolutionary Guards (10/18/09)
(...) The IRGC said in a statement that foreign elements backed by the United States are to blame for the deadly attack. Iran's state television quoted "informed sources" as saying that Britain was directly involved in the attack. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani also said that the United States was implicated, adding that the attack has "burned" the hand of U.S. President Barack Obama. (...) Emadedin Mazari, the editor in chief of the "Sobhe Zahedan" weekly, finds Jundollah's claim credible. The group has been behind a series of deadly attacks in Sistan-Baluchistan. Iran has in the past accused the United States and Britain of supporting the group to create instability in the country. (...) The IRGC said in a statement that the attack is in line with the "evil" strategy of foreigners to create discord between Shi'a and Sunnis. Mazari says the attack will have political, social, and economic consequences for the region, which is among the most deprived in Iran. CLIP

Iranian Commander Vows to Cut Hands of Aggressors
"We will give a fully decisive, crushing and destructive response to anyone who poses a threat to the existence, independence and freedom of the ruling system and our values," Commander of IRGC Air Force General Hossein Salami said, reiterating that Iran's response to any aggression would make enemies regret their actions.


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