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June 30, 2009

The Moment of Truth Series #17: Moving Into High Spiritual Gears

Hello everysoul!

Another quite interesting compilation for your review and networking - if you are inspired to do so. You'll find some interesting "nuggets" if you dig it a bit, especially starting from "MANY new fascinating crop formations" in the Worthy of Your Attention section below...

Also in case you didn't notice it yet in my last compilation, I've put online a poll to try to clarify what form ERN subscribers prefer concerning the material I prepare and network through these compilations.

Here is what these poll's questions are:

Here is my take on the Earth Rainbow Network compilations

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I would prefer a short email format with just some highlights and I'll check the rest on the site.

I would also appreciate being able to go self-post my comments on specific items in them.

They are too large and I seldom have time to review them.

I find the Meditation Focuses particularly inspiring and often join in on Sundays.

I seldom review the Meditation Focuses or join in.

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Consider your one-minute participation to this poll as a token gesture of appreciation for the hundreds of hours I put in every year to prepare this stuff for you. It will be much appreciated!

As for the title I came up with for this compilation - Moving Into High Spiritual Gears - it alludes to the proper inner attitude while reading some of the stuff into this compilation, meaning to always stay above emotionally of the ephemeral flow of news on the outer world, go inside to transmute the energies it conveys so as to make all unwanted scenarios outlined harmless and just see that what's best for the highest good of all will actually manifest. That's the kind of power we have when we are focused at soul level as the invincible, immortal being we each are. That's also why we are here now and what we've been trained all along to accomplish ;-)

For the next 2 months, expect much less material from me as I'll be outdoor enjoying our short summer here in Northern Quebec.

I hope you'll be able as well to enjoy some good time in nature, wherever you happen to be... :-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"To me it is more than a newsletter, it is an on-line newspaper. It has such depth and research that I could never be exposed to in other places. Sure there are many web sites working on this focus or that, many build too much emotion for me to want to indulge in. Your newsletter presents so many viewpoints, that I just love it!! I would not wish too much change, or chopping it in to tiny bits... for it is such an appropriate view of the many changes we are moving through. Each compilation may even be viewed as a record of history in the making! Back issues may be an excellent review of that period of time. So much is happening all the time. Thank you for an extraordinary newsletter of the likes that is nowhere on the web!!!"

- Carolyn Thompson (divinesynergy@live.com) - NOTE from Jean: You'll find several other such comments under the poll results at http://poll.pollcode.com/AtvZ_result?v

"What we want is not to be normal but to be true. What we want is not only to fight against the old system but to create a new system. What we want is the full liberation of love and sexuality from fear. What we want is to strengthen our will in the conscious decision to serve peace - outside and inside. We won't be able to handle the challenges which we will face with only our own power. What we want is to cooperate with the greater forces of life. What we want is to experience the original form of humans living together: Community. We want these words to become a reality by building concrete life models. The world has come to a point where it is not enough anymore to point out the change that needs to happen... We must be that change. To be this change we follow three guidelines in our daily life: Truth - Mutual support - Responsible participation in the community and in the world. All of this will only succeed in the long term with a base of humanely functioning, grounded community. We cannot realise the highest goals if we are not able to found functioning communities which can survive. Ecological humanism needs new social structures. A new culture arises by reconnecting with the eternal laws of love and community. There are definitely many ways to reach this goal but there is only one key to open the gate: Rediscovering trust."

- Taken from the Manifesto for the Movement for a Free Earth

"There comes a time in the life of a caterpillar when it must morph into a butterfly. Aborting this morphing would result in the death of the caterpillar. Anyone who is paying attention is aware that humanity on this planet is faced with an evolutionary mandate. This mandate is not optional. We all are currently participating in a planetary bifurcation point. Our civilization will either breakthrough or breakdown in this process."

- Taken from The Freedom to Evolve: The Psychology of Denial - The Psychology of Evolution

"Grace will lead you home..."

- Sabine Lichtenfels -- Much more in “Geistig” and Ethical Foundation for GRACE below and in http://www.the-grace-foundation.org

"Love is the higher expression of Light, and it gets progressively more powerful as you move up the dimensions, and in the ultimate Love is all there is. All of you are capable of giving out immense love, and it shows in your levels of compassion and kindness to others. As a Spark of God you cannot be without love, and as you evolve will find that you are able to express it as a selfless act. Love for an individual soul is fine but is more on an emotional level, whereas Unconditional Love knows no boundaries, has no preferences and is shared with all. Man has found it extremely difficult to move towards such levels, especially whilst living within the cycle of duality with its pull towards the lower vibrations. The horrors of the world are presented to you on a daily basis, and with the Illuminati controlling and editing your news it is not balanced by reporting the “good news”. This is a deliberate ploy to keep you in a fearful state, and deny you the opportunity to know that there is much good work taking place. Light workers all over the world are working quietly away to bring more Light to Earth, and together they project their vision for a new world free from the influences of the dark forces. This is the best way to hasten the time when changes shall bring that vision more into your reality. You have the power to change your world from your present one, which has resulted from the intent of the dark forces to keep you under their control. Speak and act from the heart centre and your words and thoughts will be of the highest quality. See only the best in others, and know that you are all brothers and sisters at a soul level."

- Salusa - Taken from his latest message below


1. Iran: Non-Violence 101
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3. Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder
4. Life-threatening disease is the price we pay for cheap meat
5. Kurt Sonnenfeld : Exclusive interview -- 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public
6. CIA Crucified Captive In Abu Ghraib Prison
7. Made of Lies
8. Auto-ban: German town goes car-free
9. “Geistig” and Ethical Foundation for GRACE
10. Message from Matthew
11. Message from SaLuSa


Forwarded by Lou BOGNON (lou@loubognon.com)

Deepak Chopra: Michael Jackson -- June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson will be remembered, most likely, as a shattered icon, a pop genius who wound up a mutant of fame. That's not who I will remember, however. His mixture of mystery, isolation, indulgence, overwhelming global fame, and personal loneliness was intimately known to me. For twenty years I observed every aspect, and as easy as it was to love Michael -- and to want to protect him -- his sudden death yesterday seemed almost fated.

Two days previously he had called me in an upbeat, excited mood. The voice message said, "I've got some really good news to share with you." He was writing a song about the environment, and he wanted me to help informally with the lyrics, as we had done several times before. When I tried to return his call, however, the number was disconnected. (Terminally spooked by his treatment in the press, he changed his phone number often.) So I never got to talk to him, and the music demo he sent me lies on my bedside table as a poignant symbol of an unfinished life.

When we first met, around 1988, I was struck by the combination of charisma and woundedness that surrounded Michael. He would be swarmed by crowds at an airport, perform an exhausting show for three hours, and then sit backstage afterward, as we did one night in Bucharest, drinking bottled water, glancing over some Sufi poetry as I walked into the room, and wanting to meditate.

That person, whom I considered (at the risk of ridicule) very pure, still survived -- he was reading the poems of Rabindranath Tagore when we talked the last time, two weeks ago. Michael exemplified the paradox of many famous performers, being essentially shy, an introvert who would come to my house and spend most of the evening sitting by himself in a corner with his small children. I never saw less than a loving father when they were together (and wonder now, as anyone close to him would, what will happen to them in the aftermath).

Michael's reluctance to grow up was another part of the paradox. My children adored him, and in return he responded in a childlike way. He declared often, as former child stars do, that he was robbed of his childhood. Considering the monstrously exaggerated value our society places on celebrity, which was showered on Michael without stint, the public was callous to his very real personal pain. It became another tawdry piece of the tabloid Jacko, pictured as a weird changeling and as something far more sinister.

It's not my place to comment on the troubles Michael fell heir to from the past and then amplified by his misguided choices in life. He was surrounded by enablers, including a shameful plethora of M.D.s in Los Angeles and elsewhere who supplied him with prescription drugs. As many times as he would candidly confess that he had a problem, the conversation always ended with a deflection and denial. As I write this paragraph, the reports of drug abuse are spreading across the cable news channels. The instant I heard of his death this afternoon, I had a sinking feeling that prescription drugs would play a key part.

The closest we ever became, perhaps, was when Michael needed a book to sell primarily as a concert souvenir. It would contain pictures for his fans but there would also be a text consisting of short fables. I sat with him for hours while he dreamily wove Aesop-like tales about animals, mixed with words about music and his love of all things musical. This project became Dancing the Dream after I pulled the text together for him, acting strictly as a friend. It was this time together that convinced me of the modus vivendi Michael had devised for himself: to counter the tidal wave of stress that accompanies mega-stardom, he built a private retreat in a fantasy world where pink clouds veiled inner anguish and Peter Pan was a hero, not a pathology.

This compromise with reality gradually became unsustainable. He went to strange lengths to preserve it. Unbounded privilege became another toxic force in his undoing. What began as idiosyncrasy, shyness, and vulnerability was ravaged by obsessions over health, paranoia over security, and an isolation that grew more and more unhealthy. When Michael passed me the music for that last song, the one sitting by my bedside waiting for the right words, the procedure for getting the CD to me rivaled a CIA covert operation in its secrecy.

My memory of Michael Jackson will be as complex and confused as anyone's. His closest friends will close ranks and try to do everything in their power to insure that the good lives after him. Will we be successful in rescuing him after so many years of media distortion? No one can say. I only wanted to put some details on the record in his behalf. My son Gotham traveled with Michael as a roadie on his "Dangerous" tour when he was seventeen. Will it matter that Michael behaved with discipline and impeccable manners around my son? (It sends a shiver to recall something he told Gotham: "I don't want to go out like Marlon Brando. I want to go out like Elvis." Both icons were obsessions of this icon.)

His children's nanny and surrogate mother, Grace Rwaramba , is like another daughter to me. I introduced her to Michael when she was eighteen, a beautiful, heartwarming girl from Rwanda who is now grown up. She kept an eye on him for me and would call me whenever he was down or running too close to the edge. How heartbreaking for Grace that no one's protective instincts and genuine love could avert this tragic day. An hour ago she was sobbing on the telephone from London. As a result, I couldn't help but write this brief remembrance in sadness. But when the shock subsides and a thousand public voices recount Michael's brilliant, joyous, embattled, enigmatic, bizarre trajectory, I hope the word "joyous" is the one that will rise from the ashes and shine as he once did. 

*** Bless passionate, beloved Michael Jackson. He will be with us again! We are One. Bless us all.


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We are the world
One of Michael Jackson's most inspiring songs . . . feel it in your soul!

RIP - Michael Jackson Tribute (1958-2009)
Thousands of other tributes HERE (nearly 7000 within 48 hours of his death with 3200 more added in the next few days!)

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett the Latest Celebrity Victims of Big Pharma (June 26, 2009)
That Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died in the last 48 hours is shocking news to many, but it's not nearly as surprising as the fact that they were both killed by Big Pharma's toxic drugs.Michael Jackson, we now know, died from an injection of Demerol given by his doctor -- a man who is now the subject of an LAPD manhunt. There is little question that the injection of Demerol -- a potent pharmaceutical -- caused Jackson's death. Chalk it up to yet another tragic loss of a hugely inspiring artist who has become a victim of the pharmaceutical industry and overzealous medical doctors.Demerol, by the way, is a highly-potent opioid drug that's also highly addictive. And yet it's being prescribed (and injected) by doctors with the full support of the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and the conventional medical community. It is nothing less than amazing that mild drugs like marijuana remain outlawed while potentially deadly painkiller drugs like Demerol are openly injected into people by doctors.Farrah Fawcett's death was far less sudden than Jackson's, but no less innocent. She was killed by chemotherapy -- a toxic cocktail of chemicals pushed onto patients by oncologists who deceptively call it "treatment."Against the advice of many in the natural health community, Fawcett gave in to her doctors and agreed to be poisoned as a treatment for anal cancer. But what she didn't know is that one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is more cancer! And after subjecting her body to more chemotherapy, it wasn't long before Fawcett was diagnosed with liver cancer. (Chemotherapy causes terrible harm to the liver, heart, kidneys and brain...)Before long, her suppressed immune system and ongoing poison treatments overcame her body's natural healing ability, and she died (as yet another victim of chemotherapy). Her doctors, of course, claim she "died of cancer." Clever huh? CLIP


Creating Models for a Future without War Invitation for the Summer University 2009 in Tamera (4 min 49 s)
15th International Summer University "Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future Without War" in Tamera, next July 29th to August 7th 2009 - More through http://summeruniversity.tamera.org/su09/ and http://www.tamera.org/ - Magnificent initiative!!! - A Must see! Check also Be the Change! Opening Speech of the 14th international Summer University 2008 in Tamera.

Patch Adams about Tamera (April 23, 2009) Moving, enlightening, speaking from his heart. Powerful!
Patch Adams (Gesundheit Institute) at the end of the Easter Conference 2009 in Tamera

Peace Research Village Association
The vision of the Peace Research Village Association is to support a positive global transition through the development of research centres and sustainable models of community in crisis areas - places where both Internationals and those indigenous to the area research truthful co-existence.

Children comments for Live Earth in 2007

Don't Let It All Unravel

The Global Coherence Initiative
Worth exploring and supporting! Start HERE and watch the Global Coherence Initiative Movie - This beautiful, four-minute presentation clearly explains the essence and purpose of the Global Coherence Initiative and the Global Coherence Monitoring System.

MANY new fascinating crop formations
http://cropcircleconnector.com/2009/milkhill3/milkhill2009c.html (Possible explanation HERE in his it is suggested that our Sun will emit a series of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) toward Earth in the near future, perhaps on the full Moon of July 7, 2009 - and some comments HERE)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2009/westkennett/westkennett2009.html (Possible explanation)
http://cropcircleconnector.com/2009/roughhill/roughhill2009.html (Possible explanation HERE)
Some explanations HERE on the last one above including: "Similar to the jellyfish CC of May 29th, Roundway Hill 10th of May, the dragonfly of Yatesbury June 3rd, and the Phoenix of June the 12th, this CC seems to suggest solar activity and associated effect on the Earth's magnetosphere. Each crop circle seems to suggest the sun and the shape of the magnetosphere. After the jellyfish of May 29th, the sun became more active after a relative period of quiet (absence of sunspots, flares, Coronal mass ejections). On the 31st of May the sun started to emit low level flares up until June 3rd. It was during this time that a French plane fell out of the sky in a location known to be affected by a magnetic anomaly in the earth's magnetic field. After the dragonfly of Yatesbury June 4th, flares occurred again on June 6, and June 22, all having a substantial effect on the earth's magnetosphere both at the time of the flares and for a few days after (as solar radiation can take up to 4 days to reach the Earth, depending on class/type of flare/ejection). Each circle seems to have pre-empted solar activity and it's impact on the Earth's magnetic field. Everyone's interpretation of the CC is personal and unique, but for myself I am convinced that the makers of the CC have knowledge of future solar activity and how that activity may effect the Earth." CHECK also this important article which mentions that "One day after a Mayan Sunstone crop picture in 2004, they showed us how a major solar storm would impact on Earth in December of 2012."... New ones (after June 27) posted HERE

Solar Cycles and Earth's Weakening Magnetic Field (March 27, 2009) PENDING GLOBAL CATASTROPHE!
HERE where it is stated: "Some Russian scientists say that these same changes taking place now within our solar system and planet were occurring when the dinosaurs became extinct — a time that marked a gigantic shift in the earth's climate and weather patterns, and perhaps a pole shift, as well. Our planet hasn't flipped its Magnetic Poles in 780,000 years and may be long overdue. Scientists from the Russian National Academy of Science in Siberia have come to the conclusion that we have moved into an area of space that is different and has a much higher energy level. The Russians are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that have never been seen before. The Russians have looked at the leading edge of our sun's heliosphere and they have observed glowing, plasma energy. The Russian National Academy of Sciences doesn't give us a time-line, but the change from what was known and accepted to the way it is now represents a 1000 percent increase. And the Russians say that this change in the Sun is changing how the planets function and what kind of life they could support. They even report — but don't explain — that the DNA spiral itself is altering. They feel that the continued expansion of the heliosphere will eventually take us into a new level of energy, that there will probably be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy out of itself, and that this increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System."

Note from Jean: THERE YOU HAVE IT! A scientific description of the coming shift into a higher dimension... The picture of what is set to happen in 2012 seems very plausible IMHO and it should get our top attention in the remaining years to prepare for what's in store, which includes cleaning up our spiritual slate from all hubris and getting on with God's program (the Plan) for ascension into the next dimension... Interestingly, during my last Sunday meditation the word Resurrection suddenly popped into my mind along with a sudden wave of insights as to its true meaning in the context of what's now brewing up... meaning that what is set to happen - for those souls ready to make the jump into the new dimensional reality - is that our whole being will experience a true remembrance/awareness resurrection as we will soul-shift into our new reality as Light beings. The Remembrance Code given in the current Meditation focus -- "Let us imagine ourselves for a moment floating in the vastness of outer space, gazing down on this exquisite Being and feeling its perfect beauty, while sensing the deep currents of Love that flows in from all universal directions, the way Father/Mother God looks at the marvelous result of aeons of patient labor, with such an infinitely profound Love that tears can but well up at the sight of so much Magnificence and Grace Incarnate.... and then let us think and feel - deeply, passionately and truly - "I love God"... "I am God"... "I am Love"... repeating this Remembrance Code until our full access to the Godnet is activated." -- is a powerful key to shift into this new and yet utterly ancient Reality... I'm constantly in awe at the perfection of the step-by-step interlocking "instructions" I've been receiving over the past couple years every time I tune in to write down each new Meditation Focus summary statement, each leading to ever higher perspective and preparedness level in this amazing collective soul experiment we are engaged into.

Meteorologists campaign to classify unique 'Asperatus' clouds seen across the world (June 2, 2009)
Whipped into fantastical shapes, these clouds hang over the darkening landscape like the harbingers of a mighty storm. But despite their stunning and frequent appearances, the formations have yet to be officially recognised with a name. They have been seen all over Britain in different forms - from Snowdonia to the Scottish Highlands - and in other parts of the world such as New Zealand, but usually break up without producing a storm. CLIP - The mysterious appearance of these new, bizarre clouds is perhaps related to the cosmic changes mentioned in the preceding article...

Phoenix crop circle may predict end of the world (15 June 2009)
Crop circle experts believe the latest pattern to be discovered, a phoenix rising from the flames in Wiltshire, may give a warning about the end of the world. The 400-foot design was discovered in a barley field in Yatesbury near Devizes and depicts the mythical phoenix reborn as it rises from the ashes. Investigators claim more formations are referencing the possibility of a cataclysmic event occurring on December 21, 2012, which coincides with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar. The Mayans believed civilisation exists within a series of earth cycles of 144,000 days each with the 13th expiring in December 2012, resulting in Armageddon. Crop circle enthusiast Karen Alexander, from Gosport, Hants, said: "The phoenix is a mythical creature which symbolises rebirth and a new era in many cultures across the world." Within the crop circle community many believe the designs are constantly referring to December 21 and its aftermath. "This could be interpreted as the human race or earth rising again after a monumental event." The patterns are becoming more intricate with every find and it is exciting to think how they are going to evolve by the time we get to 2012." Recent crop circles have included giant jelly-fish and one image discovered in Wiltshire in June which experts dubbed the most 'mind boggling' they had ever come across. The formation, measuring 150ft in diameter, is apparently a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.

Mysterious circles shock locals in Russia’s South - with TV report video (29 June, 2009)
Mysterious pictograms consisting of several circles have appeared on a wheat field in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar region. Was it someone’s joke or did aliens visit us? Sky watchers in southern Russia are trying to explain the appearance of geometrically perfect crop circles in a field. The mystery has attracted dozens of UFO experts in search of extraterrestrial life. From a bird’s eye view you can clearly see the perfect geometrical figures: giant circles and connecting lines drawn on a wheat field. Who or what caused them to appear overnight remains a mystery.

Tapping your cell phone
13 Investigates explains how your cell phone can be secretly hijacked and used against you - and how to protect yourself. (They fail to suggest to do away with your cell phone!)

Environmental idea contest from National Geographic (2206 so far!)

Twenty years ago
The Road to Iraq and Afghanistan (and maybe Iran and Pakistan) started with the invasion of Panama under the direction of George H.W. Bush, the father. The "surgical strike" designed to remove CIA partner Manual Noriega from office, killed an estimated 10,000 civilians. Deemed a "narco-terrorist," Noriega was the main banker for the cocaine trade. This involved him in Bush's Iran-Contra program, a triangular trade which involved selling arms to Iran (for a private profit), importing cocaine into the US (for a private profit) and delivering arms to the Contras (for a private profit.) After the invasion, billions of dollars were removed from the Panamanian banking system by federal mandate, just in time to help bail out the failed S & L industry which collapsed under the weight of corruption and "deregulation." You couldn't make up this stuff if you tried. This year is the 20th anniversary of the invasion. Who wants to bet it's not mentioned on so-called mainstream news?

ECSTATIC space officials at Nasa could be about to unveil one of their most stunning discoveries for 40 years ˜ new and amazingly clear footage of the first moon landing.The release of the new images next month could be one of the most talked about events of the summer.The television images the world has been used to seeing of the historic moment when Neil Armstrong descended down a ladder onto the moon‚s surface in 1969 is grainy, blurry and dark.The following scenes, in which the astronauts move around the lunar lander, are so murky it is difficult to make out exactly what is going on, causing conspiracy theorists to claim the entire Apollo 11 mission was an elaborate fraud. However, viewers have only ever seen such poor quality footage because the original analogue tapes containing the pictures beamed direct from the lunar surface were lost almost as soon as they were recorded.Instead, a poor quality copy made from a 16mm camera pointing at a heavily compressed image on a black and white TV screen has been the only record of the event.The Sunday Express can now reveal that the missing tapes containing the original high quality images have been found.If the visual data can be retrieved, Nasa is set to reveal them to the world as a key plank of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the landings next month. CLIP Check also Moon Landing

Vaccine Dangers and Vested Interests - By Jon Rappoport (18.04.2008)
Electric Datsun Makes Corvette Eat Dust


The Attack on the Liberty - 16 revealing pictures -- Is someone at a high level starting to take a much needed long, hard look at Israel's agendas?... THIS IS ON THE U.S. MILITARY WEBSITE!!
(...) Though the source of a Newsweek magazine article claiming that the Israelis deliberately attacked the Liberty, knowing who she was, Johnson allowed a 'mistaken identity' excuse to stand to avoid a confrontation with American Jewish leaders, the author of a new book about the Liberty argues. (...) Thirty-four Americans died and 171 were injured. in the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. (...) The USS Liberty was strafed by fighter jets, hit with napalm and torpedoed. Investigators would count 821 shell holes in the ship, some made with American munitions sold to the Israeli military. (...) The Liberty was a spy ship eavesdropping on all sides during the Six-Day War in 1967. (...) Remains of six crewmen are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, where a grave marker makes no reference to who attacked the ship. A new book on the attack claims that some thought was given to sinking the Liberty at sea rather than let the American public see the damage done to the ship by Israeli air and naval forces. Instead, the ship's battle scars were repaired and new pain was put on the ship before it sailed for the U.S. --- Check also this Book Review: The Attack on The Liberty: "By all accounts, the commander, officers and crew of the Liberty behaved heroically to save their ship and each other. But the same cannot be said of the U.S. government, including the Navy, which had sent the men into harm's way, stood back while the blood was still flowing, and then almost immediately went into damage control mode: That is, keep relations with Israel from being damaged. And so it has remained for 42 years now, with a succession of congresses and administrations refusing to hear the eyewitness testimonies of American Sailors, Marines and intelligence agents because their version of events runs contrary to the official version -- that Israel mistook the American ship for an Egyptian troop ship. Their story is that Israel knew exactly who and what it was attacking that day. And though testimony of crewmen actually interviewed by a Navy Court of Inquiry -- done in just one week -- pointed to that, the official conclusion said otherwise." THE MEDIA ARE NOT YET WAKING UP TO THIS IGNOMINIOUS ATTACK AGAINST THE USA BY ISRAEL 42 YEARS AGO - Google News has barely 19 results on June 28 on this story!... Check Deadly attack on USS Liberty gets new attention (Seattle Times) - Tail wagged dog in Liberty attack - Israel has never been punished for their crime against the crew of the USS Liberty: "At 2:00 pm Israeli jets began hitting the Liberty with rocket and cannon fire, the decks were then napalmed, and the ship was then hit with a torpedo from an Israeli attack boat. By the time the attack had ended, the Liberty had sustained over 800 rocket and cannon hits, 34 sailors were dead and 172 injured, even the Liberty's life boats had been shredded by Israeli machine gun fire (a war crime).Such a dastardly and deliberate attack should have brought down the full wrath of the U.S. military upon the murderous attackers. However, not only were there no retaliatory strikes ordered but the Johnson administration would not even allow nearby U.S. Navy forces to come to Liberty's aid and put a stop to the attack.Once the Liberty could establish radio contact, they hailed the Sixth Fleet for assistance. Twice F-4 Phantoms were launched from the USS Saratoga and the USS America and both times Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara ordered the planes to return. After the second recall, Rear Adm. William Geis called the Pentagon. During that phone call, President Johnson himself came on the line and ordered the planes to return. Years ago, Cdr. David Lewis (USS Liberty survivor) stated that Adm. Geis told him in confidence that President Johnson said: "I do not care if every man drowned and the ship sank, we will not embarrass an ally. (...) Despite these bombshell revelations delivered by highly respected senior military officers, Congress continues to ignore the facts of the Liberty attack as well as the pleas for an investigation. What is Congress afraid of?... Could it be the fact that AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) lines the pockets of many of our Senators and Congressmen? The Center for Responsive Politics reports that between the years of 1990-2004, pro-Israel groups gave $56.8 million in campaign contributions to U.S. politicians." CLIP

Liberty Incident Demands Answers (February 05, 2008)
In the past year, Congress has been busy defending the reputations of American service members. Republicans pushed for a resolution condemning the now famous "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?" ad. Democrats opened up a front against Rush Limbaugh after he asserted that some of those who criticize the Iraq war were actually "phony soldiers." Meaningless antics. If senators and representatives want to take up an issue that has insulted service members and their families, they can look at the Liberty, an American spy ship that was strafed, napalmed and torpedoed by Israeli air and naval forces on June 8, 1967, as it sailed in international waters [during the Six-Day War between Israel on one side and Egypt, Jordan and Syria on the other]. Thirty-four American men died in the incident; at least 173 were wounded. For 40 years politicians have dodged this issue by relying on the Naval Court of Inquiry report that concluded that it was all a mistake. But that report never held much water. It ignored most of the testimony of the survivors. The last drop turned to vapor more than five years ago when its legal adviser, retired Capt. Ward Boston, told me the court's work was a sham to cover up the truth. (...) Why investigate a 40-year-old incident? These Americans were serving their country, and they -- and their families -- deserve better than to be disregarded because their claims may embarrass a country with close connections to the U.S. or because its American supporters wield a lot of political clout. And if American deaths of 40 years ago can be ignored, does the same hold true for deaths today or tomorrow? You would think that at a time when politicians are so quick to defend the honor and integrity of living service members and veterans, some might decide it's time to ask some long overdue questions about those who did not come home. (...) Congress at long last needs to muster the courage and decency to demand answers to what really happened to those American sons. Until it does so, it only shames itself by posing as the defender of American troops against radio hosts and newspaper ads. CHECK also Attack on the Liberty: 'The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship

Israel threatens to shoot international activists (30 June 2009)
The postwar humanitarian crisis in Gaza takes a turn for the worse with the Israeli Navy intercepting a relief ship headed toward the coastal strip. A group of 21 activists sailing to Gaza said Tuesday that Israeli forces had threatened to gun down their boat unless they changed direction. "There is a patrol boat around us and we were told that if we did not turn back they would open fire," Reuters quoted Irish activist Derek Graham as saying. "We are continuing our course to Gaza," he added. The Free Gaza Movement activists had left the Cypriot port of Larnaca earlier on Monday to deliver three tons of medical supplies, some tool kits and copper wiring to Gaza. The activists onboard included an Irish Nobel peace laureate and a former US congresswoman. Tel Aviv has tightened a blockade on Gaza, which is home to some 1.5 million people, since the democratically elected government of Hamas took power of the strip two years ago. Israel's consistent blockades have cost Palestinians dearly with unemployment and poverty rates in the territory being amongst the highest in the world. According to the official statistics agency of the Palestinian Authority, a steady decline is to be expected in the economy of the West Bank and Gaza. With more than six months after Israel's three-week attack on the Gaza Strip, Palestinians are fighting to survive the acute shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Friday that Israel's full-scale offensive on Gaza has taken a heavy toll on the territory's agriculture sector and has heightened risks of food insecurity and undernourishment.

New Tel Aviv bar bans IDF soldiers in uniform, settlement products (21/06/2009)
A new vegan bar opened last week in Tel Aviv that bans Israel Defense Forces soldiers in uniform and boycotts products made in West Bank settlements. The Rogatka - "slingshot" - bar was opened by an "anarchist collective" who once ran the Salon Mazal bar; it is located on Yitzhak Sadeh street in central Tel Aviv. The new ideologically-devoted bar will not seek to make a profit, and the founders say they hope it will bring together left-wing activists, environmentalists, and other fellow travelers, under the banner of cheap drinks and fair trade products. The bar's ban on soldiers in uniform and the carrying of weapons, along with its boycott on products made in the settlements, derive from what employees see as the connection between all forms of oppression, from the slaughter of animals to sexism to occupation. "We can't hold views against discrimination and oppression, while at the same time support the infrastructure that exploits human beings and other animals," said Adi Vinter, one of the bar's founders. "We wanted to show it's possible and even worthwhile to live differently," Vinter added.

UN probe into Gaza conflict (June 29, 2009)
GAZA CITY, GAZA - In a tearful and gruesome testimony, Salah Al-Samouni spoke of the two days of Israeli helicopter attacks in the Zaytoun area of Gaza that claimed 29 members of his family on Jan. 5 and 6. "They hit us, they hit us with Apaches," Mr. Samouni told United Nations war crimes investigators in Gaza City on Sunday. "I found my 2-year-old daughter, she was dead.... Why?" Six months after Israel's winter military offensive that left over 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead (10 soldiers and three civilians), the UN is holding unprecedented public hearings in Gaza City and Geneva this week into allegations that war crimes were carried out during the conflict. Led by South African judge Richard Goldstone, himself of Jewish descent, the fact-finding mission has a mandate to investigate all suspected violations of international law, including those carried out by Hamas and other Palestinian militants throughout the conflict. A 15-member UN team came to Gaza earlier this month to speak with victims and survey the destruction. Despite the mission's scope, however, serious doubts exist about its ability to yield prosecutions or produce a sense of justice for either side. Israel's refusal to cooperate with the mission, and the fact that it is not a party to the International Criminal Court (ICC), make it unlikely Israeli officials will end up on trial, human rights groups say. (...) The UN requested permission to hold hearings in southern Israel for victims of Palestinian rocket fire, but the Israeli government refused to host the team – or even allow it to travel through Israel into Gaza or the West Bank. Mr. Steinberg says Israel's government decided the investigation is so political in its leanings that allowing the fact-finders into southern Israeli towns like Sderot and Ashkelon – both regular targets of Palestinian rocket fire – would do nothing to either repair the image of bias or influence the ultimate findings of the mission. "The general consensus was that there is so much bias and built-in animosity towards Israel with this investigation that allowing them into Sderot simply wouldn't change anything," Steinberg says. Others say Israel's blanket refusal to work with the UN team or even acknowledge Israeli crimes may have taken place is fodder for those who accuse its officials of enjoying years of impunity. "The track record of Israeli impunity, it's been a longstanding problem," says Amnesty International's chief researcher for Israel and the Palestinian territories, Donatella Rovera."The chances of the victim to get justice by going through Israeli avenues is next to nil; it's quite scandalous. Israel could do the right thing, if it wanted, and prosecute people – or at least engage in the process." CLIP

Gaza: Under Israeli blockade, a boom in smuggled motorbikes (06.30.09)
GAZA CITY, GAZA – Five months after Israel’s 22-day war in the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians are still struggling to rebuild their lives. The facades of homes are riddled with bullet holes, schools have gaping holes in the walls from rocket strikes, and bombed government offices remain piles of rubble.Yet one aspect of life in Gaza was quick to return to business as usual: the vast network of underground smuggling tunnels which provide a lifeline to the 1.5 million people in the war-torn territory.Despite Israel’s heavy air attacks, hundreds of tunnels continue to operate and thousands of dollars worth of food, clothes, machinery, and weapons arrive each day from Egypt. They are also bringing a new ride to Gaza’s streets: motorbikes.When extremist Islamist group Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2007, Israel sealed the borders and imposed a blockade. The legitimate economy collapsed and unemployment soared.Only the most basic supplies can now enter, so new cars and supplies of alternators, transmissions, rims, or fuel pumps has steadily dwindled. This has made motorbikes – smuggled hundreds at a time through the largest tunnels running between Egypt and Rafah – a hot commodity on the streets.They are a welcome cheaper alternative for families in crippling times, but a menace to the already traffic-clogged bumpy roads. CLIP

House Passes Historic Waxman-Markey Clean Energy Bill
The House of Representatives passed the landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act, sponsored by Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Edward J. Markey, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.This landmark bill will revitalize our economy by creating millions of new jobs, increase our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and preserve our planet by reducing the pollution that causes global warming.“Today we have taken decisive and historic action to promote America’s energy security and to create millions of clean energy jobs that will drive our economic recovery and long-term growth,” said Chairman Waxman. “After more than three decades of being held hostage to the influence of foreign energy suppliers, this legislation at long last begins to break our addiction to imported foreign oil and put us on a path to true energy security.” “Today the House has passed the most important energy and environment bill in our nation’s history,” said Chairman Markey. “Scientists say that global warming is a dangerous man-made problem. Today we are saying clean energy will be the American-made solution. This legislation will create jobs by the millions, save money by the billions and unleash investment in clean energy by the trillions.”The bill contains the following key provisions:Requires electric utilities to meet 20% of their electricity demand through renewable energy sources and energy efficiency by 2020.Invests $190 billion in new clean energy technologies and energy efficiency, including energy efficiency and renewable energy ($90 billion in new investments by 2025), carbon capture and sequestration ($60 billion), electric and other advanced technology vehicles ($20 billion), and basic scientific research and development ($20 billion).Mandates new energy-saving standards for buildings, appliances, and industry.Reduces carbon emissions from major U.S. sources by 17% by 2020 and over 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels. Complementary measures in the legislation, such as investments in preventing tropical deforestation, will achieve significant additional reductions in carbon emissions. Protects consumers from energy price increases. According to recent analyses from the Congressional Budget Office and the Environmental Protection Agency, the legislation will cost each household less than 50 cents per day in 2020 (not including energy efficiency savings).

In Close Vote, House Passes Climate Bill (June 27, 2009)
The House narrowly passed an ambitious climate bill yesterday that would establish national limits on greenhouse gases, create a complex trading system for emission permits and provide incentives to alter how individuals and corporations use energy. The bill passed 219 to 212 after a furious lobbying push by the White House and party leaders won over farm-state Democrats who had complained that it was too costly, and liberals who wondered if it was too watered down to work. Even after that effort, 44 Democrats voted against the legislation. The bill, if it became law, would lead to vast changes in the ways energy is made, sold and used in the United States -- putting new costs over time on electricity from fossil fuels and directing new billions to "clean" power from sources such as the wind and the sun.It would require U.S. emissions to decline 17 percent by 2020. To make that happen, the bill would create an economy that trades in greenhouse gases. Polluters would be required to buy "credits" to cover their emissions; Midwestern farmers, among others, could sell "offsets" for things they didn't emit; and Wall Street could turn those commodities into a new market. (...) Obama had made the bill one of his two major domestic priorities, along with health-care reform. And this week he stepped in, lobbying some undecided lawmakers, playing down the costs to consumers and promoting the measure as a "jobs bill" that would create opportunities in the renewable-energy and energy-efficiency sectors. One of the bill's co-sponsors, Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), said: "The American people wanted change in our energy and climate policy. And this is the change that the people are overwhelmingly asking for." He called it "the most important energy and environment bill in the history of our country." The drive to regulate greenhouse gases now moves to the Senate, where passing climate legislation could prove more difficult. CLIP

White House Weighs Order on Detention (June 27, 2009)
Obama administration officials ... are crafting language for an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely, according to three senior government officials with knowledge of White House deliberations. Such an order would embrace claims by former president George W. Bush that certain people can be detained without trial for long periods under the laws of war. In a May speech, President Obama broached the need for a system of long-term detention and suggested that it would include congressional and judicial oversight. "We must recognize that these detention policies cannot be unbounded. They can't be based simply on what I or the executive branch decide alone," he said. A senior Republican [Congressional] staff member said that senators have yet to see "a comprehensive, detailed policy" on long-term detention from the administration. "They can do it without congressional backing, but I think there would be very strong concerns," the staff member said, adding that "Congress could cut off funding" for any detention system established in the United States. Concerns are growing among Obama's advisers that Congress may try to assert too much control over the process. "Legislation could kill Obama's plans," said one government official involved. The official said an executive order could be the best option for the president at this juncture. Under one White House draft that was being discussed this month, according to administration officials, detainees would be imprisoned at a military facility on U.S. soil, but their ongoing detention would be subject to annual presidential review. Note: Again the Obama administration is following in the footsteps of the Bush administration, despite prior promises not to do so. For more on threats to civil liberties from reliable sources, click here.

Bernanke warns that meddling with Fed's monetary policy cause harm economy
Bernanke Threatening Economic Collapse if FED is Audited

New Fed powers not matched with accountability (June 25, 2009)
President Barack Obama's proposal for a regulatory overhaul of the financial industry vastly expands the reach of the Federal Reserve, yet fails to make policy-makers more accountable for their actions. Critics argue that the new legislation fundamentally misses the problems that led to the financial crisis. It was a lack of enforcement by supervisors, they say, not insufficient rules, that fostered a cowboy culture of rampant risk-taking on Wall Street. "Obama is letting the Fed and everyone else off the hook by saying that the problem was with the regulations and not the regulators," said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy Research in Washington. "If regulators know that even if they totally fail on the job, they will face no career consequences, then at some future point, when there is a choice between confronting the financial industry or just going along, the regulators will just go along," said Baker. Some feel uncomfortable with a broader role for the Fed primarily because of the Fed's closeness to the banking sector. The Fed is not technically a public entity. Each of the Fed's 12 branches are overseen by a nine-member board of directors, two-thirds of whom are elected by the bankers in the district. "The Federal Reserve has massive conflicts of interest that make it ill-suited for its present regulatory functions and certainly for an expanded regulatory reach," said Robert Auerbach, a professor of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. "The officials leading the Fed today preside over an organization that is run in substantial part by the bankers they regulate." Note: For empowering insight into the historic roots of the Federal Reserve's unaccountability, click here.

The History of the Financial Crisis
“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce... And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”- President James Garfield (he was assassinated within 4 months).

New Rolling Stone article: Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression

The Financial New World Order, Part 1 of 2 (24.06.2009)
As underscored at the April G20 meeting in London, plans are being fast-tracked to create a New World Order in finance with a global central bank and regional currencies if not a single currency.

How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue
Industrial Giant Becomes Top Recipient in Debt-Guarantee Program -- General Electric, the world's largest industrial company, has quietly become the biggest beneficiary of one of the government's key rescue programs for banks. At the same time, GE has avoided many of the restrictions facing other financial giants getting help from the government. The company did not initially qualify for the program, under which the government sought to unfreeze credit markets by guaranteeing debt sold by banking firms. But regulators soon loosened the eligibility requirements, in part because of behind-the-scenes appeals from GE.(...) Public records show that GE Capital, the company's massive financing arm, has issued nearly a quarter of the $340 billion in debt backed by the program, which is known as the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, or TLGP. (...) GE's ability to live in the best of both worlds -- capitalizing on the federal safety net while avoiding more rigorous regulation -- existed well before last year's crisis, because of its unusual corporate structure. CLIP

'If I didn't confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,' claims torture victim (June 25, 2009)
A British man spoke publicly for the first time yesterday to accuse MI5 officers of forcing him to confess to masterminding the July 7 bombings. Jamil Rahman claims UK security officers were behind his arrest in 2005 in Bangladesh. He says he was beaten repeatedly by local officials who also threatened to rape him and his wife. Mr Rahman, who is suing the Home Office, said a pair of MI5 officers who attended his torture and interrogation would leave the room while he was beaten. He claims when he told the pair he had been tortured they merely answered: 'They haven't done a very good job on you.' Mr Rahman told the BBC: 'They threatened my family. They go to me, "In the UK, gas leaks happen, if your family house had a gas leak and everyone got burnt, there's no problems, we can do that easily".' He says he eventually made a false confession of involvement in the July 7 bomb plots. The extraordinary allegations will add to pressure on UK ministers to come clean over the way Britain's intelligence agencies have been allowed to gather evidence around the world in the eight years since the September 11 attacks. Jamil Rahman, a former civil servant from south Wales, is a British citizen who moved to Bangladesh in 2005 and married a woman he met there. He returned to the UK last year. He said: 'It was all to do with the British. Jamil Rahman is one of a number of former detainees who accuse the British Government colluded in their torture abroad. His account echoes that of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed, who said he was tortured in Pakistan and Morocco with MI5's knowledge. The 30-year-old Ethiopian says he was beaten and deprived of sleep to try to make him confess to an Al Qaeda 'dirty bomb' plot, and his treatment is now the subject of an unprecedented police investigation into MI5's conduct.

State-Sponsored Terror in the Western World (April 18, 2008)
Most terrorist attacks in Europe, whether attributed to left-wing or right-wing activists or even Islamist fundamentalists, can be traced to actions by government-sponsored military or intelligence agencies.

New York drill for possible nuke war (06-14-2009) PLEASE, CONNECT THE DOTS...
US security authorities have conducted a semi-clandestine nuclear fallout drill in the City of New York in order to be prepared "for the worst." The NYC Police Department (NYPD) in unison with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) carried out a massive almost-covert anti-nuclear exercise codenamed 'New York, you have a problem' in order to gauge the metropolitan promptness in responding to such attacks. According to an AP report on Friday, hundreds of NYPD officers and FBI agents participated in the drill that involved the detection of a gamma-ray emitting device concealed in the heart of the urban area. The group was also accompanied by an elite corps of federal weapons specialists who, under a US attorney general mandate, found a simulated “nuclear device” and diffused it. Commenting on the nature of new threats on the City area including 'dirty bombs' and other unconventional explosive devices, head of FBI's New York office, Joseph Demarest, said, "It's something we're very concerned about." CLIP

National Level Exercise 2009
National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) is scheduled for July 27 through July 31, 2009. NLE 09 will be the first major exercise conducted by the United States government that will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery. (...) The full-scale exercise offers agencies and jurisdictions a way to test their plans and skills in a real-time, realistic environment and to gain the in-depth knowledge that only experience can provide. Participants will exercise prevention and information sharing functions that are critical to preventing terrorist attacks. Lessons learned from the exercise will provide valuable insights to guide future planning for securing the nation against terrorist attacks, disasters, and other emergencies. CLIP

Obama Integrates Security Councils, Adds New Offices - Computer, Pandemic Threats Addressed (May 27, 2009)
President Obama announced yesterday that he will merge the staffs of the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council to speed up and unify security policymaking inside the White House.The combined national security staff, about 240 people, will report to national security adviser James L. Jones.The White House also will add new offices for cybersecurity, for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, and for "resilience" -- a national security directorate aimed at preparedness and response for a domestic WMD attack, pandemic or natural catastrophe, officials said. CLIP

North Korea makes new waves of nuclear fear (29 Jun 2009)
North Korea, adamant to continue its controversial nuclear program, has raised fears by admitting to having an affordable and worrying way to make nuclear bombs.Federation of American Scientists (FAS) and other pundits warn the country could give hostile directions to its uranium enrichment programs, the Associated Press reported on Monday. It is argued that the country has immense resources of the uranium and that the enrichment centers could avoid radar detection. Earlier in the month, Pyongyang said it had started weaponizing plutonium and would begin a new program to enrich uranium. It is "significantly easier" to build a bomb from uranium than from plutonium, said Ivan Oelrich, the FAS vice president. The Washington-based think tank said of the North's nearly 26 million tons of natural uranium deposits, about 4 million tons were high-quality uranium ore. CLIP

Honduras president condemns 'plot'
Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, has called for "peaceful resistance" after the country's military forced him to leave the country. - "I think that this has been a plot by an elite whose only wish is to keep the country isolated and in total poverty."

Coup d'etat in Honduras Elicits International Condemnation
A Popular Consultation about putting a national constitutional referendum on the ballot for the November elections had been scheduled in Honduras for today, sparking tensions between the president and other branches of the government. The simple, non-binding poll that President Zelaya was sponsoring would have asked the Honduran people their opinion on adding a referendum question to the next election ballot in November. The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court had ruled to stop the poll from going forward during the past week. Last Wednesday, Gen. Romeo Vasquez refused to involve the army in conducting the poll and President Zelaya fired him. The next day, President Zelaya and supporters stormed the base where the ballots were being kept and removed them. The situation was tense, but it was expected that the consultation would be conducted today without major incident. However, at 5 AM today, elements of the Honduran military forced their way into Zelaya's residence and, after a struggle with the presidential security forces, kidnapped the president. They took him to a military base in Honduras and then flew with him to Costa Rica. The Honduran military plane which carried him to Costa Rica landed without prior permission. The military has also rounded up many of Zelaya's allies within the government; the whereabouts of Zelaya's cabinet members are unknown. (...) Leaders from all over the world, including President Obama, have condemned the coup. Acting Secretary of State for Western Hemispheric Affairs Tom Shannon called Zelaya, assuring him that the United States is not aiding the coup and does not support what is happening in Honduras. The Organization of American States held an emergency meeting this morning and has condemned the coup. The European Union and MERCOSUR also rejected this disruption of Constitutional order and called for a return to power of President Zelaya. (...) Today's events in Honduras are a stark reminder of the not-so-distant past in Central America, where military and business elites ran roughshod over democratic processes. However, the strong and immediate regional and international condemnation of today's coup, including by the United States government, sets a new precedent. Without international acceptance, it is unlikely that this coup will be successful. Right now the people of Honduras are at risk for a violent internal crackdown; arrest warrants have been issued for cabinet members and mayors who supported the referendum, news outlets are silenced, and a curfew has been issued. Some reports estimate as many as 20,000 people gathered in front of the presidential palace, attempting to block the new president from entering. The international community will need to be vigilant and stand with the people of Honduras at this critical juncture.

Obama denounces Honduras coup as 'not legal' (06/29/09)
Saying the U.S. does "not want to go back to a dark past," President Obama said Monday that the military ouster of President Manuel Zelaya was "not legal." Meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe in the Oval Office, Obama said the two leaders had discussed the coup and "all of us have great concerns." The president said the ouster should not be used as "a means of political transition," calling it a "terrible precedent" for the region. "We do not want to go back to a dark past," he said. "We always want to stand with democracy." Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that the U.S. believes the situation in Honduras "has evolved into a coup." CLIP

Zelaya, defying coup, plans return to Honduras (June 30, 2009)
TEGUCIGALPA - Defying a coup and bolstered by international support, ousted President Manuel Zelaya said he will return to Honduras on Thursday to serve out the rest of his term.He said he would be accompanied by the Argentine and Ecuadorean presidents, and the U.N. General Assembly and Organization of American States chiefs.But the interim government -- set up after the army bundled Zelaya out of the Central American country on Sunday -- said it would arrest him if he tried to re-enter Honduras.In the Honduran capital several thousand protestors took to the streets to rally against Zelaya, a leftist leader ousted in a dispute over presidential term limits.Zelaya told a news conference at the United Nations he intended only to complete his mandate, which ends in early 2010, and would not run for president ever again."I going back to Honduras on Thursday, I'm going to return as president," Zelaya told reporters after the U.N. General Assembly urged member states to recognize only his government.The coup in the impoverished coffee-producing country of 7 million -- the first in Central America since the Cold War -- has been greeted by a tide of condemnation, from U.S. President Barack Obama to Zelaya's leftist allies in Latin America, led by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.But the interim government set up with Roberto Micheletti, a veteran of Zelaya's Liberal Party, as caretaker president, said it would arrest Zelaya if he went back. Micheletti said he intends to stay on until November elections.Enrique Ortez, the interim government's foreign minister, told CNN's Spanish-language channel that Zelaya had charges pending against him for violating the constitution, drug trafficking and organized crime. "As soon as he enters he will be captured. We have the warrants ready so that he stays in jail in Honduras and is judged according to the country's laws," Ortez said. (...) Zelaya, a timber magnate who took office in 2006, had riled the armed forces, courts and Congress with his quest to change the constitution to let presidents seek re-election beyond a single four-year term. He upset conservative elites with his growing alliance with Chavez, a leftist firebrand in Latin America. (...) Micheletti, who has the backing of the country's powerful business and political elite, told Reuters most Hondurans supported the ouster, which he said had saved the country from swinging to a radical Chavez-style socialism. Zelaya has low support -- polls showed around 30 percent before his ouster -- as many Hondurans were uncomfortable with his tilt to the left in a country with a long conservative, pro-Washington position. (...) The U.N. General Assembly called on its 192 member states to recognize only Zelaya's government. In a resolution passed by consensus it condemned what it called a coup d'etat and demanded "the immediate and unconditional restoration of the legitimate and constitutional government" of Zelaya. Zelaya said he had only tried to improve the lot of his country's poor but had been treated harshly by the army and business interests. "No-one has put me on trial. No-one has called me to a court to defend myself, no-one has told me what the crime is," he told the assembly.

Round-world flight planned for solar-powered plane (26 June 2009)
A solar-powered plane its inventor hopes will lead to a non-stop round the world flight was unveiled today. Solar Impulse has the wingspan of a Jumbo Jet but the weight of a small car.Adventurer Bertrand Piccard who in 1999 co-piloted the first round-the-globe non-stop balloon flight said: "Yesterday it was a dream, today it is an aeroplane, tomorrow it will be an ambassador of renewable energies."The plane will have test flights over the next two years, and based on their results a new version will be constructed for the big event in 2012. The plane will fly day and night using almost 12,000 solar cells, rechargeable lithium batteries and four electric motors. It will not use an ounce of fuel. CLIP

World's largest refugee camp keeps growing
The bloody conflict in Somalia has created the world's largest refugee camp, with 500 hungry and exhausted refugees pouring into this wind-swept camp in neighboring Kenya every day, the U.N. refugee agency said Friday.

Planet's Largest, Most Powerful Laser Will Modernize Nukes (April 16, 2008)
What do you do with the world’s biggest, highest-intensity laser system? Well, for starters, you could blast the nuclei of hydrogen atoms and transform their mass into energy in a reaction that rivals the force and temperature of an exploding nuclear warhead. The lasers are at the heart of the National Ignition Facility, a government project in Livermore, Calif., that you may have seen some hot shots of on the Web this week.But these brilliant beams are currently undergoing live-fire testing before beginning operations next year, and Popular Mechanics got its hands on these exclusive images of the NIF chamber actually in use. The stadium-size building houses 192 lasers, each producing a 16-in.-wide beam. In less than 1 second, the beams are amplified 3 quadrillion times and then simultaneously focused on a hydrogen-filled ball the size of a BB. NIF’s main mission will be to verify computer models used to modernize U.S. nuclear weapons. Astronomers and fusion-energy researchers are also planning experiments. Here's how NIF's target chamber works: Sharpshooter: Tiny targets are placed at the tip of the holder (at right) and blasted by 192 lasers shooting through the round ports in the wall. Energy Burst: The blasted target generates 500 trillion watts—1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the United States. Shutter Speed: The conversion of matter to energy is recorded by multispectrum sensors, including an X-ray camera that takes pictures at 1 billion frames per second.

The Navy's New 100 KiloWatt Laser Weapons (June 12, 2009)
The Office of Naval Research has awarded Raytheon a year-long contract to develop the preliminary design of a 100 kilowatt experimental Free Electron Laser (FEL) for naval warships. A FEL uses superconducting electron accelerators to produce high-power laser beams that could target cruise missiles, airplanes or boats. CLIP

The 5 Most Powerful Telescopes, and 5 That Will Define the Future of Astronomy (January 23, 2009)
2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning a looking glass to the sky and shaking up humanity's view of the heavens. Then, puny telescopes could see moons, planets and the occasional celestial body. Today, huge lenses like those in the Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona and the Hubble Space Telescope in orbit probe the deepest reaches of the universe. Here are the five most powerful telescopes out today, and five more that will define the future of astronomy. CLIP Check also High-Tech Telescopes Yield New Galactic Photos: Gallery

US firm says handheld puke ray is ready to go (1st June 2009) BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE HUMANS!
A US industrial laser company says it has developed a functional puke-ray system, ideal for use by cops or military personnel wishing to take down their opponents without shooting them. The firm proposes to issue the "non lethal light fighting technology" in two form factors - light-sabre/torch and blaster-pistol. (...) "This life saving non-lethal weapon will help all branches of the military, law enforcement, correctional facilities, security, border patrol, piracy control, homeland security, airport security and much more," says Laser Energetics CEO Robert Battis. Battis says that his regurge-ray weapons are better than the well-known Taser electrojolt stungun as they have a longer effective range and aren't single-shot. If an embattled cop, soldier etc. misses the target at first he can simply swing the dazzle-beam onto his opponent's face and leave him slipping and stumbling helplessly in a self-generated chunky puddle. CLIP

Robot warriors will get a guide to ethics (May 18, 2009) -- Lethal robot warriors to be programmed for “ethical killing” - THE ROBOT WAR IS COMING!
Smart missiles, rolling robots, and flying drones currently controlled by humans, are being used on the battlefield more every day. But what happens when humans are taken out of the loop, and robots are left to make decisions, like who to kill or what to bomb, on their own? Ronald Arkin, a professor of computer science at Georgia Tech, is in the first stages of developing an "ethical governor," a package of software and hardware that tells robots when and what to fire. His book on the subject, "Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots," comes out this month. He argues not only can robots be programmed to behave more ethically on the battlefield, they may actually be able to respond better than human soldiers. CLIP

Nanotechnology: The New Threat to Food (March 12, 2008)
Hundreds of foods on the supermarket shelves now contain unlabelled nanotech-modified ingredients that have not been safety-tested for human consumption. Lobby your food authorities and choose organics! -- Following on from genetic engineering, nanotechnology represents the latest high technology attempt to infiltrate our food supply. Senior scientists have warned that nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, introduces serious new risks to human and environmental health. Yet in the absence of public debate, or oversight from regulators, unlabelled foods manufactured using nanotechnology have begun to appear on our supermarket shelves. (...) We must all get politically active on nanotechnology just as we did with genetic engineering. It is essential that we get moratoria enacted on the use of nanotechnology until we have regulatory systems in place to protect human and environmental health, and until we have genuine public involvement in decision making regarding nanotechnology’s introduction. We must also ensure our Governments put our hard-earned taxpayer dollars into support for the organic sector.Together, we can create a healthy food future that delivers to our community not corporate profits.

Food Inc: Michael Pollan and Friends Reveal the Food Industry's Darkest Secrets (June 25, 2009)
The new film Food Inc. is a shocking look at the health, human rights and the environmental nightmare that lands on our plate each meal. -- It turns out that figuring out the most simple thing -- like what's on your dinner plate, and where it came from -- is actually a pretty subversive act. That's what director Robert Kenner found out while spending six years putting together the amazing new documentary, Food Inc., which features prominent food writers Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation). Warning: Food Inc. is not for the faint of heart. While its focus is not on the gory images of slaughterhouse floors and filthy feedlots, what it does show about the journey of our food from "farm" to plate is not pretty. The story's main narrative chronicles the consolidation of our vast food industry into the hands of a few powerful corporations that have worked to limit the public's understanding of where its food comes from, what's in it and how safe it may be. But it's also a larger story about the people that have gotten in the way of the stampeding corporate herd -- like farmer Joel Salatin (also profiled in Pollan's Omnivore’s Dilemma), who has bravely bucked the trend to go corporate.There's also Barbara Kowalcyk, who becomes a tireless food-safety advocate after her 2 1/2-year-old son Kevin died from eating an E. coli-tainted hamburger. And there is the economically strapped Orozco family, which is faced with the difficult decision of whether to save money by buying cheap processed food and spend more later on medical bills, or spring for the more expensive, but healthier food options that stretch its immediate income. There are also the farmers who appear with their faces blacked out on screen for fear of Monsanto, or the communities ravaged by Type 2 diabetes, or the undocumented workers at processing plants who are recruited from their NAFTA-screwed homelands, illegally brought over the border to work dangerous jobs for peanuts, only to be humiliatingly sacrificed in immigration raids that only criminalize workers and never the employers.It's really the people that make this film so riveting. If you've read Pollan's or Schlosser's important works, then you already know a lot -- but the film is still eye-opening on so many levels. And sometimes, you really just have to see it to believe it. Both Pollan and Schlosser narrate the film, but it is the ordinary folks in the film that make you realize how critical these issues are to the future of food, health care, the environment and human rights in this country. If you care about what you eat, then you should see this film -- and if you do, you'll likely never walk through the supermarket in the same way again. And that's a damn good thing. AlterNet recently had the chance to talk with Kenner about whether our food is really safe to eat, why the food industry doesn't want us to know what we're eating, and how we can fight back. CLIP - Make sure to read Life-threatening disease is the price we pay for cheap meat below and H1N1:PORC INDUSTRIEL ET MAÏS OGM… NON MERCI! (in French)

The effect of animal fats on the human body
In the last 100 years, the North American and European diet has changed radically. The change can be summed up simply: calories from plant foods have been replaced by calories from animal fats. During the same period, rates of degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes has sky rocketed. Is there a connection? Here's some evidence there might be. While degenerative diseases have become common in the west, populations that have not yet adopted this "new and improved" diet are failing to get these diseases at anywhere near the same rate. Is eating animal fat - beef, chicken, milk, cheese etc. - really that big a deal? The video presents the science that the meat and dairy industries (and their paid agents in the US Department of Agriculture) would prefer you not learn.

CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID "Death Chips." Coming Soon to a Product Near You! (06-11-2009)
(...) As a result of this and other Pentagon-sponsored research, military operations from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond aim for "defined effects" through "kinetic" and "non-kinetic" means: leadership decapitation through preemptive strikes combined with psychological operations designed to pacify (terrorize) insurgent populations. This deadly combination of high- and low tech tactics is the dark heart of the Pentagon's Unconventional Warfare doctrine. (...) Long regarded as an urban myth, the military's deployment of juiced-up RFID technology along the AfPak border in the form of "tiny homing beacons to guide their drone strikes in Pakistan," has apparently moved out of the laboratory. "Most of these technologies are highly classified" Wired reveals, but there's enough information in the open literature to get a sense of what the government is pursuing: laser-based reflectors, super-strength RFID tags, and homing beacons so tiny, they can be woven into fabric or into paper. Some of the gadgets are already commercially available; if you're carrying around a phone or some other mobile gadget, you can be tracked--either through the GPS chip embedded in the gizmo, or by triangulating the cell signal. Defense contractor EWA Government Systems, Inc. makes a radio frequency-based "Bigfoot Remote Tagging System" that's the size of a couple of AA batteries. But the government has been working to make these terrorist tracking tags even smaller. CLIP

Japan unveils world's fastest train (19 June 2009)
With its 15-meter (49 feet)-long nose, the new E-5 is designed to reduce air resistance and noise when it runs through tunnels. Japan has unveiled a new 'bullet train' capable of running at a speed of 360 km/h (224 mph), which would make it the world's fastest train. CLIP

Mobile Phone Base Station Public Health Advisory
Vini Khurana has a professional interest in the health effects of mobile phone technology, namely mobile phone handsets and their base stations (also referred to as telecommunication masts or antennae). This Mobile Phone Base Station Public Health Advisory Webpage was launched on June 25, 2009. It follows and completes the Mobile Phone-Brain Tumour Public Health Advisory launched by Dr Khurana in March, 2008, that culminated in professional publications in Surgical Neurology and Science. Internationally, the mobile phone-brain tumour advisory was featured on prime television (Larry King Live, ABC's Lateline and 60 Minutes Australia) and in key newspapers (The Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, UK Independent, Hindustan Times, and The New York Times). The main finding of the meta-analysis: mobile phone usage for 10 or more years approximately doubles a user's chance of being diagnosed with a brain tumour such as a malignant glioma or an acoustic neuroma on the same side of the head as that preferred for mobile telephony. Accurate tracking of brain tumour incidence in the years to come may be a key means of determining the validity or otherwise of this main finding. The key goal of this Base Station Webpage is to raise Public awareness of the phenomenon of global immersion in low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phone masts and related source. CLIP

Mobile Phone-Brain Tumour Public Health Advisory
May 27, 2008: LARRY KING: "Doctor Khurana, you say that the danger of cell phones could have far broader health ramifications than asbestos and smoking. What do you base it on?" VINI KHURANA: "I base it on the fact, Larry, that at this point in time, there's just over three billion users of cell phones worldwide. So that's half of our world population, or almost half. We've reached saturation points. For example, in Australia, there are 22 million cell phones and 21 million people. And the concern is not just brain tumors, but other health effects associated or reported to be associated with cell phones, including behavioral disturbances, salivary gland tumors, male infertility and microwave sickness syndrome. So we're not just talking about tumors, and I was not just implying brain tumors, but there are other health effects. And with so many users and users starting at the age of three and up now, we should be concerned. And I stand by those comments."

EMF-Omega-News 27. June 2009


From: http://www.truthout.org/062109Y

Iran: Non-Violence 101

21 June 2009

by: Steve Weissman, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Peter Ackerman and Ramin Ahmadi called the revolution on January 4, 2006, in an article in the International Herald Tribune with the prophetic title "Iran's Future? Watch the Streets."

"Against all odds, nonviolent tactics such as protests and strikes have gradually become common in Iran's domestic political scene," they wrote. "Student activists have frequently resorted to strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations, and the violent response of the regime and repeated attacks of the paramilitaries have not succeeded in silencing them."

Iran's medical professionals, teachers, workers, bus drivers and women were also using non-violent tactics such as protests, industrial action, and hunger strikes in their fight for equal rights and civil liberties, the authors reported.

These "uncoordinated actions" had created "a grass-roots movement … waiting to be roused," urged Ackerman and Ahmadi. But, "its cadres so far lack a clear strategic vision and steady leadership."

Where would the Iranians find this vision and leadership?

"Nongovernmental organizations around the world should expand their efforts to assist Iranian civil society, women's groups, unions and journalists," the authors wrote. But, they left out a salient fact. In a chilling mix of Mahatma Gandhi and James Bond, Ackerman and Ahmadi themselves were already working with the United States Government to engineer regime change in Iran.

A Wall Street whiz kid who made his fortune in leveraged buy-outs, the billionaire Ackerman was chair of Freedom House, a hot-bed of neo-con support for American intervention just about everywhere. In this pursuit, he has promoted the use of non-violent civil disobedience in American-backed "color revolutions" from Serbia to the Ukraine, Georgia, and Venezuela, where it failed.

Ahmadi teaches medicine at Yale and co-founded the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, using initial grants of $1.6 million in 2004 from the U.S. Department of State, according to the New York Times. Washington reportedly continued its open-handed support in succeeding years, allowing the center to publicize the abuses of the Ayatollahs in English and Farsi.

Ahmadi and the center also ran regular workshops for Iranians on non- violent civil disobedience. These were in Dubai, across the straits from Iran. Some of the sessions operated under the name Iranian Center for Applied Nonviolence and included a session on popular revolts around the world, especially the "color revolutions."

According to the Times, at least two members of the Serbian youth movement Otpor participated, as did the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, which Peter Ackerman founded and chaired. The sessions taught the Iranian participants how to use Hushmail, an encrypted e-mail account, and Martus software to upload information about human rights abuses without leaving any trace on the originating computer.

"We were certain that we would have trouble once we went back to Tehran," said one of the Iranians. "This was like a James Bond camp for revolutionaries."

No one should question the value of non-violent civil disobedience for those who would bring down an unpopular government. Nor does the American training deny the very real grievances felt by the millions of Iranians who have taken to the streets – or by the lesser numbers of middle-class women who banged pots and pans as part of earlier CIA destabilization programs in Brazil and Chile. Even more important, no one should doubt the courage and commitment of anyone who would stand up against the Ayatollahs and their repressive state power.

But the presence of American involvement adds several dynamics of its own, which Ackerman and Ahmadi failed to explain to their Iranian trainees.

First, the Americans decide where to put their efforts – and when to stop them. Washington does not fund or provide training and technology for non-violent revolutions against regimes it backs, as in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or Columbia.

Second, the American meddling makes it easier for the Ayatollahs to build support within their own ranks and among a large majority of the population for whatever repressive measures they finally decide to take.

Third, the non-violent participants know nothing of other moves that the dark side of the American government might be making at the same time, whether staging acts of provocation or supporting terrorist activities by breakaway groups such as the Baluchi Jundallah. Nor do the vast majority of participants know that American Intelligence regularly uses training sessions of all kinds to recruit individual agents.

Fourth, the Iranian activists want to win. At least some in the America government might prefer to provoke a brutal defeat, a Tiananmen Square, to further isolate Iran and bring pressure within the Obama administration for a military response to the Iranian nuclear program.

Fifth, non-violent tactics and organizational discipline offer ways to win the support of soldiers and police officers, isolate would-be provocateurs, and avoid giving the government any easy excuse to bang heads and kill people. The same techniques also give the organizers ways to turn off the protest, as appears to have happened during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

One other dynamic has more lasting effects. During the Cold War, the CIA funded and manipulated a number of liberal and social democratic intellectuals, labor unions, civil society groups, and publications. The CIA-run Congress for Cultural Freedom and its vast network were perhaps the best known. When journalists at Ramparts and elsewhere exposed the CIA's hand, many of these individuals and groups became discredited for having allowed Cold Warriors and dirty tricksters to use them.

Washington's promotion of non-violent resistance in other countries is already casting suspicion on a number of activists and thinkers who, wittingly or not, have allowed themselves to become pawns in open and covert programs to "promote democracy." Non-violent activists everywhere need to draw a clear line against cooperating with governments of any stripe in this foreign meddling.

A veteran of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and the New Left monthly Ramparts, Steve Weissman lived for many years in London, working as a magazine writer and television producer. He now lives and works in France.



- If a "wall street whiz kid" and the CIA were behind it, you can bet it wasn't the good of the Iranian people they had in mind. It was oil. Repressive dictatorships around the world are holding hands with the US because it buys their products and they let them set up factories and drill their oil. If they won't play ball with major corporations then they are titled repressive regimes that have to be delivered, (with the help of the US Marines), our style of democracy. Which usually means we set up our own puppet dictatorship with just as phony elections but our dictator stays in power. So do our corporations. The US leaves such huge footprints where ever it goes. A blind man could see how they stomp around the globe with Wall Street pulling the strings.

- This quite the sticky conundrum. Non-violent protesting is an effective way for a population to effect the changes it desires, and training in it is all to the good. But hanging the CIA connection on it discredits it. Very clever, those neo-cons. As in all things tho, knowledge is power. Take the good and thumb your nose at the CIA would seem to be indicated here.

- When I saw the green armbands, head scarves, etc. I was reminded of the so-called Orange Revolution just passed, and concluded "CIA." Here you remind us of the Ramparts reportage and the lessons we learned then. Ahmadinejad was scoffed for accusing the CIA of setting a sniper to kill someone, in this case Neda. I tend to think he was wrong about the sniper, who was probably one of his own paid thugs- but he was probably right in pointing to CIA involvement at the level you describe here in training Iranian students. . . I recall that the US first encouraged and then stranded Hungarians in 1956 and Tibetans, whom we also trained and armed, in the early 60's .


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A Response to Steve Weissman's "Nonviolence 101" by Stephen Zunes
Steve Weissman's article 'Iran: Nonviolence 101' was profoundly inaccurate and misleading, particularly in regard to the role of Peter Ackerman and the organization he co-founded, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), for which I chair the committee of academic advisers. All of Weissman's arguments against US government involvement in training and related support for nonviolent resistance movements in Iran, which he put forward in his article, would be quite valid - if they were true. They are not, however. CLIP

EU threatens mass pullout of ambassadors from Tehran (29 June 2009)
European Union members are threatening the collective withdrawal of their ambassadors from Iran to secure the release of the British embassy employees being held by the authorities. EU diplomats said tonight all the envoys could be recalled "temporarily" in solidarity with staff from the British mission in Tehran who have been accused – entirely falsely, UK officials insist – of involvement in protests over the "stolen" presidential election.Five of the nine Iranians, who were arrested on Saturday, were freed today, but four others, understood to be the most senior, were still being questioned. None of them have been named. As the row with Britain continued, Iran's guardian council, the country's top legislative body, confirmed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's victory in the disputed poll after a partial recount, finally dashing hopes of a different outcome. CLIP

Why Iran hates Britain so much (29 June 2009)
(...) To some extent the decision by the Iranian regime to direct its anger against Britain is a consequence of President Barack Obama's impact on the international scene. During the Bush administration, when Washington regarded Iran as part of the "axis of evil" of rogue states, Tehran had no hesitation about denouncing Washington's attempts to undermine the Islamic revolution.But Mr Obama's arrival at the White House has signalled a new start in Washington's approach to Iran, with the American President offering to conduct face-to-face talks with Tehran if the regime agrees to "unclench its fist".Similarly, Mr Obama's Cairo speech earlier this month, in which he spoke of a new beginning between the US and Muslims around the world, has already made a deep impression on the Middle East. The result of Lebanon's general election, in which the moderate, pro-Western parties defeated the radical, Iran-backed Hizbollah Islamic group, has been attributed to the "Obama effect". Although the hardline conservatives who run Iran would be loath to admit it, Tehran is also starting to feel the pressure from the Obama administration, particularly over its nuclear programme. Soon Washington will seek to establish a dialogue with Iran to resolve the nuclear crisis, and the Iranian government is well aware that it will be far harder to say "no" to Mr Obama than it was to spurn Mr Bush.The removal of America as the focal point of Iran's anti-Western rhetoric makes Britain, which remains America's closest ally in Europe, a ready-made replacement. And whereas the hostility between Iran and the US only goes back three decades – to Khomeini's revolution, to be precise – the climate of mutual suspicion, recrimination and antipathy that exists between London and Tehran dates back centuries. CLIP

Facing the Crackdown in Tehran (30 June 2009)
An air of fear and uncertainty continues to grip the population of Tehran. State repression, propaganda, swirling rumors of violence and a murky political battle hold an anxious citizenry hostage. Were declarations of a second Iranian revolution premature? Are we witnessing an overthrow of a theocratic government, sparked by possible election theft and a subsequent popular protest movement? Will there be further protest? More violence? Will a new government be formed, bringing openness and international cooperation, or will the hardliners win and push Iran further into isolation and toward war? These are questions for later. Aamina, a young Iranian woman who continues to risk her safety to speak with Truthout, faces immediate concerns as she visits her family in Tehran during the city's post-election upheaval. Her name has been changed and identifying details are being withheld to try and keep her safe. "Lately we have seen the Basij [militia] blocking some streets at night, stopping cars, especially those with young male drivers for a search. This kind of stopping used to be very common for late night party people. They used to look for alcohol, or they used to arrest girls because of the way they were dressed up, but now they look for anything Green or anything that has a sign that you support the movement." The Basij militia and the Revolutionary Guard troops understand the current unrest as a direct threat to their survival. These forces, tasked with protecting the current regime from foreign armies and internal destabilization, have gained power under current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Their forces have administered countless beatings to protesters. A Basiji gunman is said to have been responsible for the shooting of Neda Agha-Soltan. Aamina was choked with fear as she approached one of these checkpoints. "[Saturday] I was out with some friends. We were passing one of these check-points. They did not stop us but if they would have, I would be in jail. My camera was with me, full of pictures from previous protests, and also a video of the Guards." The threat of jail or any interaction with the Basij militia could mean harassment, beating or even disappearance. Hundreds and possibly thousands of protesters, journalists, and others have been seized in the days following the June 12 voting. Some of the prisoners have allegedly been coerced into making televised confessions of anti-government conspiracy, according to Amnesty International and press reports. British freelance reporter Angus McDowall recently reported on the conditions inside the complicated Iranian detention system, describing the conditions as "torturous." CLIP

Further violent clashes erupt in Iran
Witnesses in Iran said police have clashed with up to 3,000 protesters near a mosque in north Tehran

Iran militia raids 'target homes'
Human Rights Watch has accused Iran's volunteer Basij militia of carrying out night-time raids, destroying property in private homes and beating civilians. The New York-based group says the raids are an attempt to stop the nightly rooftop chants against the government.

Iran uprising fizzles out as Mousavi backtracks (27 June 2009)
Ahmadinejad close to sealing election / Cleric says protesters should be executed -- A senior Iranian cleric yesterday called for protesters to be executed as "enemies of Allah", as authorities came one step closer to formally declaring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winner of the disputed election.The demand that demonstrators "must be shown no mercy" came as the main opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi took a more conciliatory attitude towards authorities by saying he will seek official approval for future demonstrations – a significantly more emollient stance than 24 hours earlier, when he vowed to "neutralise this evil conspiracy" against the public. In addition his website was attacked by hackers, and is now blank.The latest moves may signal the beginning of the end for the protests, which have swept Iran since the incumbent President Ahmadinejad claimed a landslide victory. The number of people attending marches has dwindled after demonstrators repeatedly came under attack from police and the Islamist Basiji militia, and almost 1,000 people were arrested. CLIP

The crowds have gone but Tehran has changed forever (27 June 2009)
The large crowds that we witnessed last week in Tehran may have subsided for now, but the uneasy calm is misleading. -- The Iranian regime – which increasingly implies Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a turbaned Shah with a medieval mindset – has not left itself much room to manoeuvre. Khamenei strongly supported President Ahmadinejad's bid for re-election, referred to his "victory" as a "divine blessing," and denounced allegations of fraud. Despite the popular outcry, Khamenei is unlikely to cede ground, believing that compromise projects weakness and could embolden the opposition and the population. The Guardian Council – an important governmental organ which Khamenei has at his disposal – insisted that allegations of election fraud by the opposition had proved groundless, despite "10 days of examination." In order to enforce Khamenei's edicts, the regime's shock troops will continue to have full authorisation to use force, and the more radical elements of the Basij militia – a kind of a cross between Hell's Angels and Al-Qa'ida – continue to do so with enthusiasm. What is significant, however, is that Khamenei's normally trusted servants have begun publicly expressing their misgivings. Ali Larijani, the powerful speaker of Parliament, declared that opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi should be given a chance to voice his views on state television. The popular mayor of Tehran, the former Revolutionary Guard commander and Ahmadinejad foe Mohammed Bagher Ghalibaf, has asked that people be allowed to protest peacefully. And though the conservative Iranian parliament was invited to attend a celebration for Ahmadinejad's victory, only 105 of 280 MPs showed up. This is not to mention the sense of outrage and injustice among the opposition, as well as wide swathes of Iranian society, which is unlikely to subside any time soon. On the contrary, the regime's indiscriminate use of violence – graphic videos show how women, the elderly, and even children have been targeted – has only further eroded people's respect for the government.The crackdown has moved the opposition into a new phase. Instead of mass rallies, it is now focusing on civil disobedience, including strikes among bazaar traders, laborers, and in key arteries of the Iranian economy like the petroleum industry.

And for some historical perspective, read Robert Fisk's World: The jury is out on the Iranian model of religion and politics

Iran's Coming Revolution: For Civil Rights Or Beyond?
Once the radical traditions of Iranian society are re-discovered and properly organized, the inevitable conclusion will be a democratic social system, directed towards meeting the needs of its people, not the profits of businessmen or Mullahs.

The Rooftops and Streets of Tehran (28 June 2009)
At 10pm families gather on rooftops in Iran's capital city to shout together, their voices echoing throughout the sprawling city's mostly empty streets. This ritual, reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian revolution which led to the overthrow of the US-backed dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, has become the "responsibility" of one young woman's family. This young woman Aamina [not her real name] has been risking her security to correspond with Truthout. Names and certain details are being withheld to protect her in light of the ongoing crackdown on journalists and activists in Iran. Aamina recently returned to Iran to be with her family. "There used to be more slogans like 'Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein'," Aamina said, in support of presidential challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi. But the slogans have evolved as the crisis has. Now they shout "Alaho Akbar [God is the greatest], down with the dictator and down with the liar." Aamina said that in the distance she even hears people shouting "down with [Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei," the Supreme Leader of Iran. This shift from protesting the official results of the June 12 election to protesting the restrictive system of governance in Iran is striking and significant. "Some of my neighbors use some radical slogans and last night they said that they do not care about the election anymore. They want this regime to change. They said that they made a mistake and they brought this regime with their 'Alaho Akbar' in 1979 and now they want to remove it with the same slogan," Aamina said. (...) Aamina made clear in her communications that the people of Iran who are defying the regime are hoping for support from the international community. "What this Freedom movement is demanding from the Global Community is to limit this new government in every single way … People want the Global Community to put a stop to the sale of systems that allows this government to limit the gathering of information," Aamina wrote, adding, "Another issue is the number of Political Prisoners who were mostly Journalists or reformist activists who are being tortured or whom we have no news from. There is a possibility of slaughter, and that is what we are scared of. There are many students that have been lost for weeks and there are no indications of where they are or what has happened to them."

'Blood everywhere' in fresh Iran crackdown (June 25, 2009)
There are reports of another brutal crackdown in Iran, with websites, internet bloggers and eyewitnesses all talking of a bloodbath in Tehran.The reports suggest thousands of police and pro-government militia have used firearms, clubs and teargas to suppress another opposition rally.There is even one account of a nine-year-old girl being shot.Iran's ongoing ban on all foreign media makes it impossible to verify many of the accounts but amateur videos posted last night on YouTube appear to show there were fierce clashes between supporters of Iran's opposition and the security forces. Hundreds of protesters had headed to Tehran's Baharestan Square for another street rally against Iran's presidential election result.The first reports of what went on there have been broadcast on CNN and Al Jazeera television.One eyewitness reported riot police beating people, "even police beating women". Internet accounts too give a chilling picture of the extent of the violence. It is impossible to verify every entry on the microblogging site Twitter. But some of the tweeters who have shown themselves to be reliable - including foreign reporters with good contacts in Tehran - have posted the following messages in the past 12 hours. "Lots of reports of heavy gunfire and clashes in Baharestan. One guy is calling it a massacre," one says."We heard the women are being beaten so badly they have to amputate their limbs," another says."We saw militia with axe chopping people like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher." 'Acts of terror' - And there was this: "The most disturbing are reports of a nine-year-old girl being shot @ Baharestan and the basij [militia] won't let people near her to help." The website of Iran's main opposition candidate, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, gives some weight to the other accounts. "Many people have been beaten and injured at the protests across Tehran today," the website says. "At Baharestan the police were waiting inside local mosques for the protesters to arrive. At this point many would consider the actions of the basij and police as acts of terror. "This is amazing that even in the year 2009 such primitive policing still exists." Much of the protesters' anger has been directed at Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who they describe as a dictator.But earlier in the day he too appeared in the media on a government-backed TV station to declare Iran would not bow to the opposition demands for a new election."I insist on enforcing the rule of law," the Ayatollah said. "We will only accept the law of the Islamic Republic. Surely our system and our people will not yield to pressure." And through all this, the man at the centre of the crisis, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has shown no hint of awareness or care about the protests against him. Iranian television showed him hosting a bilateral delegation from Belarus, smiling and chatting as if there had never been any election at all.

Obama: "Appalled And Outraged" At Iran Violence (June 23, 2009)
President Obama addressed the continued political dissension in Iran at a White House news conference Tuesday, saying the country and international community were "appalled and outraged" by the violence and threats against protesters. "I strongly condemn these unjust actions, and I join with the American people in mourning each and every innocent life that is lost," Mr. Obama said from the White House briefing room. The president also brushed aside criticism from Republicans in Congress that his response hasn't been tough enough, saying that "they've got their constitutional duties, and I'm sure they will carry them out in the way that they think is appropriate. I'm president of the United States, and I'll carry out my duties as I think are appropriate." Read the full text of President Obama's opening statement Mr. Obama said Iran's accusations against the U.S. and other Western governments of meddling in their internal affairs were "patently false" and called the claims part of a "tired strategy" of scapegoating other nations. "This is not about the United States and the West; this is about the people of Iran, and the future that they – and only they – will choose." Mr. Obama said the protesters had shown a "timeless dignity" in demonstrating against what they perceived as illegitimate election results. "Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history," he said. President Obama also mentioned the now-famous video showing the death of 26-year-old Neda Agha-Soltan, who has become an icon of Iran's opposition movement. "It's heartbreaking. And anybody who sees it knows that there is something fundamentally unjust about that."

U.S. grants support Iranian dissidents
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to fund groups that support Iranian dissidents, records and interviews show, continuing a program that became controversial when it was expanded by President Bush.The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which reports to the secretary of state, has for the last year been soliciting applications for $20 million in grants to "promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Iran," according to documents on the agency's website. CLIP


Date: 29 Jun 2009
From: "Paul Hilder - Avaaz.org" (avaaz@avaaz.org)
Subject: Iran - Break the Blackout

Dear friends,

The brutal crackdown on Iran’s streets is succeeding. Lethal shooting, beatings and mass arrests have driven millions off the streets, and a communications blackout is preventing them from communicating with each other and the world.1

Ruling clerics are in crisis talks -- many are criticising the crackdown and calling for reform.2

We urgently need to help Iranians get back on the internet to have their voices heard in Iran and the world. Secure and anonymous "proxy services" are helping people to bypass regime controls and get online -- but they're overloaded and running out of funds.3 A small donation of just $10 can provide bandwidth for hundreds of secure emails - if 10,000 of us donate in the next 72 hours, we can help break the blackout:


Proxy services provide people with a single link at which they can freely access the internet. The link is changed every time the regime blocks access to it. With 10,000 donors, we can scale up the proxy services massively -- providing more servers, bandwidth and advanced technical support.

The next two weeks are crucial. As Iran’s secret policemen cast their net far and wide, secure channels of communication are also critical to avoiding the crackdown. Scores have been killed and hundreds of human rights advocates, journalists, bloggers and peaceful protesters imprisoned. Although many more remain free, without safe ways to communicate they will face terrible risks.

After the crackdowns in Tibet and Burma, Avaaz members donated in our thousands to preserve the people’s basic human right to free communication and information. Overcoming censorship to make contact with each other and the world is crucial at these moments. Sharing information about the protests still flaring up around the provinces of Iran from Kurdish areas to the holy city of Qom, or uploading YouTube videos and first-hand reports of bravery and brutality to Iran’s million-plus weblogs and networks like Twitter, could make a huge difference.4 If the regime believe they can silence such reports, the crackdown will only worsen.

Legitimacy matters in Iran. From inspirational videos of million-strong marches to shocking evidence of militia violence, the truth will come out only if Iranians can communicate freely with each other.5 The clerical councils engaged in closed-door crisis talks are paying great attention to the voices being raised in their society. Let’s make sure Iran’s voices are not silenced – help break the blackout before it’s too late:


With hope and determination,

Paul, Ricken, Milena, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Brett, Iain, Rajeev and the whole Avaaz team

1. Updates on the crackdown:
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090625/ts_nm/us_iran_election_210<BR> http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2009/jun/25/iran-crisis

2. On the debate in the regime, Majlis Speaker Larijani criticises Guardian Council, IRIB, calls for open debate:
Conservative Tehran mayor Qalibaf calls for legalisation of rallies:
Assembly of Experts considers forcing a run-off election:

3. Many of our contacts in Iran are reporting that they have been using these services but that they are running out of bandwidth fast. Also see:

4. See for example:

5. Regardless of the actual result of the election, the importance of basic rights to assembly and open debate, which could also help shine a light on what occurred, has been emphasised in an open letter of support to the demonstrators. Its signatories include the anti-imperialist writer Noam Chomsky:



Forwarded by Janine Fafard (janineyoga@racsa.co.cr)

From: http://naturalnews.com/026503_pandemic_swine_flu_bioterrorism.html

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

June 25, 2009 -- by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

(NaturalNews) As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009

In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis. They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the "bird flu" virus and the "swine flu virus" in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.

Burgermeister's charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties. She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.

In her April charges, she noted that Baxter's lab in Austria, one of the supposedly most secure biosecurity labs in the world, did not adhere to the most basic and essential steps to keep 72 kilos of a pathogen classified as a bioweapon secure and separate from all other substances under stringent biosecurity level regulations, but it allowed it to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent from its facilities in Orth in the Donau.

In February, when a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested the material meant for candidate vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died. This incident was not followed up by any investigation from the WHO, EU, or Austrian health authorities. There was no investigation of the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus released.

In answer to parliamentary questions on May 20th, the Austrian Health Minister, Alois Stoger, revealed that the incident had been handled not as a biosecurity lapse, as it should have been, but as an offence against the veterinary code. A veterinary doctor was sent to the lab for a brief inspection.

Burgermeister's dossier reveals that the release of the virus was to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the UN and WHO to take over the United States in the event of pandemic. In addition, legislation requiring compliance with mandatory vaccinations would be put into force in the U.S. under conditions of pandemic declaration.

She charges that the entire "swine flu" pandemic business is premised on a massive lie that there is no natural virus out there that poses a threat to the population. She presents evidence leading to the belief that the bird flu and swine flu viruses have, in fact, been bioengineered in laboratories using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies, among others. This "swine flu" is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts.

WHO's claim that this "swine flu" is spreading and a pandemic must be declared ignores the fundamental causes. The viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, and WHO is overwhelmingly responsible for the pandemic in the first place. In addition, the symptoms of the supposed "swine flu" are indistinguishable from regular flu or from the common cold. The "swine flu" does not cause death anymore often than the regular flu causes death.

Burgermeister notes that the figures for deaths reported for the "swine flu" are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of "deaths" has been documented.

There is no pandemic potential unless mass vaccinations are carried out to weaponize the flu under the guise of protecting the population. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases that are specifically designed to cause death.

Reference is made to a licensed Novartis bird flu vaccine that killed 21 homeless people in Poland in the summer of 2008 and had as its "primary outcome measure" an "adverse events rate", thereby meeting the U.S. government's own definition of a bioweapon (a biological agent designed to cause an adverse events rate, i.e death or injury) with a delivery system (injection).

She alleges that the same complex of international pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies that have developed and released pandemic material have positioned themselves to profit from triggering the pandemic with contracts to supply vaccines. Media controlled by the group that is engineering the "swine flu" agenda is spreading misinformation to lull the people of the U.S. into taking the dangerous vaccine.

The people of the U.S. will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this unproven vaccine without their consent in accordance with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20, and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.

In the U.S. since 2008, Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations have implemented new and/or accelerated the implementation of laws and regulations designed to strip the citizens of the U.S. of their lawful constitutional rights to refuse an injection. These people have created or allowed provisions to remain in place that make it a criminal act to refuse to take an injection against pandemic viruses. They have imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring the citizens of the U.S. from claiming compensation from injury or death from the forced injections. This is in violation of the laws governing federal corruption and the abuse of office as well as of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through these actions, the named defendants have laid the groundwork for mass genocide.

Using the "swine flu" as a pretext, the defendants have preplanned the mass murder of the U.S. population by means of forced vaccination. They have installed an extensive network of FEMA concentration camps and identified mass grave sites, and they have been involved in devising and implementing a scheme to hand power over the U.S. to an international crime syndicate that uses the UN and WHO as a front for illegal racketeering influenced organized crime activities, in violation of the laws that govern treason.

She further charges that the complex of pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of a foreign-based dual purpose bioweapons program, financed by this international criminal syndicate and designed to implement mass murder to reduce the world's population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years. Their plan is to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights, and to force mass quarantine in FEMA camps. The houses, companies and farms and lands of those who are killed will be up for grabs by this syndicate.

By eliminating the population of North America, the international elite gain access to the region's natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands. And by eliminating the U.S. and its democratic constitution by subsuming it under a North American Union, the international crime group will have total control over North America.

Highlights from the complete dossier

The complete dossier of the June 10th action is a 69 page document presenting evidence to substantiate all charges. This includes:

Factual background that delineates time lines and facts that establish probable cause, UN and WHO definitions and roles, and history and incidents from the April, 2009 "swine flu" outbreak.

Evidence the "swine flu" vaccines are defined as bioweapons as delineates in government agencies and regulations classifying and restricting vaccines, and the fear of foreign countries that "swine flu" vaccines will be used for biological warfare.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" virus is an artificial (genetic) virus.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" was bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus of 1918 including quotes from Swine Flu 2009 is Weaponized 1918 Spanish Flu by A. True Ott, Ph.D., N.D., and a Science Magazine report from Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger et.al.

The genome sequence of the "swine flu"

Evidence of the deliberate release of the "swine flu" in Mexico

Evidence as to the involvement of President Obama that delineates his trip to Mexico which coincided with the recent "swine flu" outbreak and the death of several officials involved in his trip. Contention is made that the President was never tested for "swine flu" because he had been previously vaccinated.

Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria includes a statement from a Baxter official stating the accidentally distributed H5N1 in the Czech Republic was received from a WHO reference center. This includes delineation of evidence and allegations from Burgermeister's charges filed in April in Austria that are currently under investigation.

Evidence Baxter is an element in a covert bioweapons network

Evidence Baxter has deliberately contaminated vaccine material.

Evidence Novartis is using vaccines as bioweapons

Evidence as to WHO's role in the bioweapons program

Evidence as to WHO's manipulation of disease data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 in order to seize control of the USA.

Evidence as to the FDA's role in covering up the bioweapons program

Evidence as to Canada's National Microbiology Lab's role in the bioweapons program.

Evidence of the involvement of scientists working for the UK's NIBSC, and the CDC in engineering the "swine flu".

Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918 including belief of Dr. Jerry Tennant that the widespread use of aspirin during the winter that followed the end of World War I could have been a key factor contributing to the earlier pandemic by suppressing the immune system and lowering body temperatures, allowing the flu virus to multiply. Tamiflu and Relenza also lower body temperatures, and therefore can also be expected to contribute to the spread of a pandemic.

Evidence as to manipulation of the legal framework to allow mass murder with impunity.

Constitutional issues: the legality vs. illegality of jeopardizing the life, health and public good by mass vaccinations.

The issue of immunity and compensation as evidence of intent to commit a crime.

Evidence as to the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate.

Evidence of the existence of the "Illuminati".

Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in the engineering and release of the artificial "swine flu" virus.

Evidence that weaponized flu was discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens from May 14-17, 2009, as part of their agenda of genocide, including a list of attendees who, according to a statement once made by Pierre Trudeau, view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of humanity.

Media is keeping Americans clueless about the threat they are under

Jane Burgermeister is a dual Irish/Austrian who has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, and American Prospect. She is the European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website. She has written extensively about climate change, biotechnology, and the ecology.

In addition to the charges currently under investigation that she filed against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology in April, she has filed charges against WHO and Baxter among others concerning a case of exploding "swine flu" vials meant for a research lab on a busy IC train in Switzerland.

In her view, control of the media by the ruling elite has allowed the world crime syndicate to further its agenda unabated while the rest of the people remain in the dark about what is really going on. Her charges are an attempt to get around this media control and bring the truth to light.

Her greatest concern is that "in spite of the fact Baxter has been caught red handed nearly triggering pandemic, they are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma companies, with supplying the vaccine for pandemics." Baxter is hurrying to get this vaccine to market some time in July.

For more information:

Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

Charges filed with the 1st part translated into English http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/2009/04/13/case-about-bird-flu/

Baxter could have pandemic flu vaccine in July

Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic

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Timeline: World History of Viral Pandemics: 412BC to 2009

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic, Vaccines and Flu Shots

Pandemic Preparedness Audio Course Launched: How to Prepare for any Pandemic (with Dr. Sheldon Marks)


Related article:

Mass vaccination drill puts health officials to practice (April 29, 2009) http://www.ktuu.com/Global/story.asp?S=10276511&nav=menu510_2
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska health officials and the Anchorage School District teamed up Wednesday to prepare for a worst case scenario by practicing a mass dispensing of vaccines.The exercise comes as the World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert, which means it believes a global outbreak of the swine flu is imminent.No cases of swine flu have been reported in Alaska. Still, health officials say it is possible swine flu will reach our state, and they want to be ready in case it does.Over the past two weeks, 11 schools have participated in an exercise to distribute the chicken pox vaccine to students. CLIP



From: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-lifethreatening-disease-is-the-price-we-pay-for-cheap-meat-1677067.html

Life-threatening disease is the price we pay for cheap meat

Modern factory farms have created a 'perfect storm' environment for powerful viruses

by Johann Hari -- 1 May 2009

A swelling number of scientists believe swine flu has not happened by accident. No: they argue that this global pandemic – and all the deaths we are about to see – is the direct result of our demand for cheap meat. So is the way we produce our food really making us sick as a pig?

At first glance, this seems wrong. All through history, viruses have mutated, and sometimes they have taken nasty forms that scythe through the human population. This is an inescapable reality we just have to live with, like earthquakes and tsunamis. But the scientific evidence increasingly suggests that we have unwittingly invented an artificial way to accelerate the evolution of these deadly viruses – and pump them out across the world. They are called factory farms. They manufacture low-cost flesh, with a side-dish of viruses to go.

To understand how this might happen, you have to compare two farms. My grandparents had a pig farm in the Swiss mountains, with around 20 swine at any one time. What happened there if, in the bowels of one of their pigs, a virus mutated and took on a deadlier form? At every stage, the virus would meet stiff resistance from the pigs' immune systems. They were living in fresh air, on the diet they evolved with, and without stress – so they had a robust ability to fight back. If the virus did take hold, it would travel only as far as the sick hog could walk. So if the virus would then have around 20 other pigs to spread and mutate in – before it would hit the end of its own evolutionary path, and die off. If it was a really lucky, plucky virus, it might make it to market – where it would come up against more healthy pigs living in small herds. It had little opportunity to fan out across a large population of pigs or evolve a strain that could be transmitted to humans.

Now compare this to what happens when a virus evolves in a modern factory farm. In most swine farms today, 6,000 pigs are crammed snout-to-snout in tiny cages where they can barely move, and are fed for life on an artificial pulp, while living on top of cess-pools of their own stale faeces.

Instead of having just 20 pigs to experiment and evolve in, the virus now has a pool of thousands, constantly infecting and reinfecting each other. The virus can combine and recombine again and again. The ammonium from the waste they live above burns the pigs' respiratory tracts, making it easier yet for viruses to enter them. Better still, the pigs' immune systems are in free-fall. They are stressed, depressed, and permanently in panic, making them far easier to infect. There is no fresh air or sunlight to bolster their natural powers of resistance. They live in air thick with viral loads, and they are exposed every time they breathe in.

As Dr Michael Greger, director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, explains: "Put all this together, and you have a perfect storm environment for these super-strains. If you wanted to create global pandemics, you'd build as many of these factory farms as possible. That's why the development of swine flu isn't a surprise to those in the public health community. In 2003, the American Public Health Association – the oldest and largest in world – called for a moratorium of factory farming because they saw something like this would happen. It may take something as serious as a pandemic to make us realise the real cost of factory farming."

Many of the detailed studies of factory farms that have been emerging in the past few years reinforce this argument. Dr Ellen Silbergeld is Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. She tells me that her detailed, on-the-ground studies led her to conclude that there is "very much" a link from factory farms to the new, more powerful forms of flu we are experiencing. "Instead of a virus only having one spin of the roulette wheel, it has thousands and thousands of spins, for no extra cost. It drives the evolution of new diseases."

Until yesterday, we could only speculate about the origins of the current H1N1 virus killing human beings – but now we know more. The Centre for Computational Biology at Columbia University has studied the virus and now believes that it is not a new emergence of a triple human-swine-bird flu virus. It is a slight variant on a virus we have seen before. We can see its family tree – and its daddy was a virus that evolved in the artificial breeding ground of a vast factory farm in North Carolina.

Did this strain evolve, too, in the same circumstances? Already, the evidence is suggestive, although far from conclusive. We know that the city where this swine flu first emerged – Perote, Mexico – contains a massive industrial pig farm, and houses 950,000 pigs. Dr Silbergeld adds: "Factory farms are not biosecure at all. People are going in and out all the time. If you stand a few miles down-wind from a factory farm, you can pick up the pathogens easily. And manure from these farms isn't always disposed of."

It's no coincidence that we have seen a sudden surge of new viruses in the past decade at precisely the moment when factory farming has intensified so dramatically. For example, between 1994 and 2001, the number of American pigs that live and die in vast industrial farms in the US spiked from 10 per cent to 72 per cent. Swine flu had been stable since 1918 – and then suddenly, in this period, went super-charged.

How much harm will we do to ourselves in the name of cheap meat? We know that bird flu developed in the world's vast poultry farms. And we know that pumping animal feed full of antibiotics in factory farms has given us a new strain of MRSA. It's a simple, horrible process. The only way to keep animals alive in such conditions is to pump their feed full of antibiotics. But this has triggered an arms race with bacteria, which start evolving to beat the antibiotics – and emerge as in the end as pumped-up, super-charged bacteria invulnerable to our medical weapons. This system gave birth to a new kind of MRSA that now makes up 20 per cent of all human infections with the virus. Sir Liam Donaldson, the British government's Chief Medical Officer, warns: "Every inappropriate use in animals or agriculture [of antibiotics] is potentially a death warrant for a future patient."

Of course, agribusinesses is desperate to deny all this is happening: their bottom line depends on keeping this model on its shaky trotters. But once you factor in the cost of all these diseases and pandemics, cheap meat suddenly looks like an illusion.

We always knew that factory farms were a scar on humanity's conscience – but now we fear they are a scar on our health. If we carry on like this, bird flu and swine flu will be just the beginning of a century of viral outbreaks. As we witness a global pandemic washing across the world, we need to shut down these virus factories – before they shut down even more human lives.


Related campaign and article:

We stopped traffic in Geneva on May 27th as we descended on the World Health Organization (WHO) with a herd of cardboard pigs to deliver our petition! The 225 cardboard pigs represented the 225,000 Avaaz members that had signed the petition. We certainly got our message across -- our campaign delivery went out around the world on ABC news, EFE TV, the Wall Street Journal, France 24, Kuwait News Agency, and Intellasia - as well as many other major news outlets. Click the link to see the coverage.When we handed over our petition, it became apparent how important our campaigning was and how valid our concerns were. Initially, the World Health Organization's Food Safety and Zoonoses director, Dr. Jørgen Schlundt, told us that the WHO and the FAO had not found a link between the H1N1 virus and a factory farm and that the source was still under investigation. But he then admitted that scientists have seen more disease breeding and mutating between animals and humans with the massive increase in industrial meat production; he agreed that certain company's farming practices (Smithfields in this case) were dangerous; he warned that new operations propagating in developing countries could make 'mistakes' that could be seriously risky to human health; and most importantly he indicated that the political processes that determine the research and rules on factory farm biosafety are dominated by the industrial meat lobby. He made clear that strong global regulations are esse! ntial, but unless there is a huge deadly scare like BSE, scientists are unable to push through the laws needed to prevent animal borne pandemics.The message was clear - our public campaigning for investigation and regulation of factory farms is vital to ensure our food safety and counter the powerful meat industry. Our action showed the WHO that the world does not want to wait for another disaster - we want funding for scientists to investigate factory farms and we want preventive measures put in place that ensure public heath standards.

New H1N1 flu not going away: U.S. health agency (June 26, 2009) http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSTRE55P6VE20090626?pageNumber=2&virtualBrandChannel=0&sp=true
CHICAGO (Reuters) - More than 1 million people in the United States may have been infected with the new H1N1 swine flu, U.S. health officials said on Friday, and infections continue to rise. The new H1N1 influenza virus that has triggered a global pandemic is infecting people in the United States well beyond the normal period for influenza season, Dr. Anne Schuchat of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told reporters in a telephone briefing. "The key point is this new infectious disease is not going away," Schuchat said. "In the U.S., we're still experiencing a steady increase in the number of reported cases, with 6,000 new cases reported just this week." That represents the largest number of cases to be reported in a one-week span since the beginning of the outbreak in April. The World Health Organization is now reporting more than 67,000 confirmed cases of H1N1 flu and some 300 deaths worldwide.In the United States, there have been 27,717 laboratory-confirmed cases, including more than 3,000 hospitalizations and 127 deaths. "We are estimating about a million people in the U.S. or more have gotten this virus at a time of year when people really aren't continuing to get the seasonal influenza viruses," Schuchat said. "A big question that everybody really has is what kind of illness, hospitalization and deaths will we see when our winter flu season begins?" Schuchat said vaccine makers are developing H1N1 vaccine that will be tested in clinical trials over the summer. She said the CDC has not yet decided if it will recommend people get the new shots when flu season in arrives in North America in the fall. But Schuchat said the CDC is asking state and local health departments to draw up plans for how to handle distribution of the vaccines. "We want states to be ready to offer and administer this novel vaccine," she said, focusing especially on how to reach younger people, pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions like asthma and diabetes that put them at higher risk. At a three-day meeting in Atlanta of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which advises the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC researchers said one vaccination scenario could include as many as 600 million doses. That could place a heavy burden on cash-strapped health departments, which would likely have to distribute two doses of the new vaccine, which might be required for full immunity, in addition to the regular seasonal flu vaccination program. Schuchat said the CDC continues to watch for changes in the virus in the Southern Hemisphere, where flu season is now in full swing. CLIP


From: http://www.voltairenet.org/article160636.html

Kurt Sonnenfeld : Exclusive interview -- 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent one month filming 29 tapes: "What I saw at certain moments and in certain places ... is very disturbing!" He never handed them over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina, where he wrote "El Perseguido" (the persecuted). His recently-published book tells the story of his unending nightmare and drives another nail into the coffin of the government’s account of the 9/11 events. Below is an exclusive interview by The Voltaire Network.

CLIP - To read the missing part, go at http://www.voltairenet.org/article160636.html

Voltaire Network: You have suggested that you observed things at Ground Zero that did not tally with the official account. Did you do or say anything to arouse suspicion in this respect?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: In that same telephone call I said that I would “go public”, not only with my suspicions about the events surrounding September 11, 2001, but about several contracts I had worked on in the past.

Voltaire Network: What are your suspicions based on?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: There were many things, in hindsight, that were disturbing at Ground Zero. It was odd to me that I was dispatched to go to New York even before the second plane hit the South Tower, while the media was still reporting only that a “small plane” had collided with the North Tower — far too small of a catastrophe at that point to involve FEMA . FEMA was mobilized within minutes, whereas it took ten days for it to deploy to New Orleans to respond to Hurricane Katrina, even with abundant advance warning! It was odd to me that all cameras were so fiercely prohibited within the secured perimeter of Ground Zero, that the entire area was declared a crime scene and yet the “evidence” within that crime scene was so rapidly removed and destroyed. And then it was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks!

We are asked to believe that all four of the “indestructible” black boxes of the two jets that struck the twin towers were never found because they were completely vaporized, yet I have footage of the rubber wheels of the landing gear nearly undamaged, as well as the seats, parts of the fuselage and a jet turbine that were absolutely not vaporized. This being said, I do find it rather odd that such objects could have survived fairly intact the type of destruction that turned most of the Twin Towers into thin dust. And I definitely harbor some doubts about the authenticity of the “jet” turbine, far too small to have come from one of the Boeings!

What happened with Building 7 is incredibly suspicious. I have video that shows how curiously small the rubble pile was, and how the buildings to either side were untouched by Building Seven when it collapsed. It had not been hit by an airplane; it had suffered only minor injuries when the Twin Towers collapsed, and there were only small fires on a couple of floors. There’s no way that building could have imploded the way it did without controlled demolition. Yet the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the 911 Commission.

Voltaire Network: Reportedly, the underground levels of WTC7 contained sensitive and undoubtedly compromising archival material. Did you come across any of it?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: The Secret Service, the Department of Defense, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Office of Emergency Management’s “Crisis Center” occupied huge amounts of space there, spanning several floors of the building. Other federal agencies had offices there as well. After September 11, it was discovered that concealed within Building Seven was the largest clandestine domestic station of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Washington DC, a base of operations from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions.

There was no underground parking level at Seven World Trade Center. And there was no underground vault. Instead, the federal agencies at Building Seven stored their vehicles, documents and evidence in the building of their associates across the street. Beneath the plaza level of US Customs House (Building 6) was a large underground garage, separated off from the rest of the complex’s underground area and guarded under tight security. This was where the various government services parked their bomb-proofed cars and armored limousines, counterfeit taxi cabs and telephone company trucks used for undercover surveillance and covert operations, specialized vans and other vehicles. Also within that secured parking area was access to the sub-level vault of Building 6.

When the North Tower fell, the US Customs House (Building 6) was crushed and totally incinerated. Much of the underground levels beneath it were also destroyed. But there were voids. And it was into one of those voids, recently uncovered, that I descended with a special Task Force to investigate. It was there we found the security antechamber to the vault, badly damaged. At the far end of the security office was the wide steel door to the vault, a combination code keypad in the cinderblock wall beside it. But the wall was cracked and partially crumbled, and the door was sprung partially open. So we checked inside with our flashlights. Except for several rows of empty shelves, there was nothing in the vault but dust and debris. It had been emptied. Why was it empty? And when could it have been emptied?

Voltaire Network: Is this what set alarm bells ringing for you?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: Yes, but not immediately. With so much chaos, it was difficult to think. It was only after digesting everything that the “alarm bells” went off.

Building Six was evacuated within twelve minutes after the first airplane struck the North Tower. The streets were immediately clogged with fire trucks, police cars and blocked traffic, and the vault was large enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents. And after the towers fell and destroyed most of the parking level, a mission to recover the contents of the vault would have been impossible. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack.

I’ve described all of this extensively in my book, and it’s apparent that things of importance were taken out of harm’s way before the attacks. For example, the CIA didn’t seem too concerned about their losses. After the existence of their clandestine office in Building Seven was discovered, an agency spokesman told the newspapers that a special team had been dispatched to scour the rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports, though there were millions, if not billions of pages floating in the streets. Nevertheless, the spokesman was confident. “There shouldn’t be too much paper around,” he said.

The bizarre hollowed-out vestiges of The US Customs House (Building Six)

And Customs at first claimed that everything was destroyed. That the heat was so intense that everything in the evidence safe had been baked to ash. But some months later, they announced that they had broken up a huge Colombian narco-trafficking and money-laundering ring after miraculously recovering crucial evidence from the safe, including surveillance photos and heat-sensitive cassette tapes of monitored calls. And when they moved in to their new building at 1 Penn Plaza in Manhattan, they proudly hung on the lobby wall their Commissioner’s Citation Plaque and their big round US Customs Service ensign, also miraculously recovered, in pristine condition, from their crushed and cremated former office building at the World Trade Center.
Voltaire Network: You weren’t alone on the Ground Zero assignment. Did the others notice the same anomalies? Do you know whether they have they also been harassed?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: Actually there were a few people on two different excursions that I know about. Some of us even discussed it afterwards. They know who they are and I hope that they will come forward, but I’m sure they have strong apprehensions as to what will happen to them if they do. I will leave it to them to decide, but there is strength in numbers.

Voltaire Network: With the publication of your book, you have become a "whistleblower" – yet another step on which there is no going back! There must be many people with inside knowledge about what really happened or did not happen on that fateful day. Yet, hardly any have stepped up to the plate and certainly no one who was directly involved in an official capacity. This is what makes your case so compelling. Judging from your ordeal, it is not difficult to imagine what is holding such people back.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: Actually, there are several other very smart and credible people blowing whistles, too. And they are being discredited and ignored. Some are being harassed and persecuted, as I am.

People are gripped by fear. Everybody knows that if you question US authority you will have problems in some way or another. At minimum you will be discredited and dehumanized. Most likely you’ll find yourself indicted for something completely unrelated, like tax evasion — or something even worse, as in my case. Look at what happened to Secret Service whistle-blower Abraham Bolden, for example, or to chess master Bobby Fischer after he showed his disdain for the US. There are countless other examples. In the past I asked friends and associates to speak out for me to counter all the lies being planted in the media, and all of them were terrified as to the ramifications to themselves and their families.

Voltaire Network: To what degree would your discoveries at Ground Zero expose the government’s involvement in those events? Are you familiar with the investigations that have been carried out by numerous scientists and qualified professionals which not only corroborate your own findings but, in some instances, far exceed them? Do you regard such people as "conspiracy nuts"?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: At the highest levels in Washington, DC, someone knew what was going to happen. They wanted a war so badly that they at least let it happen and most likely even helped it happen.
Sometimes it seems to me that the “nuts” are those who hold to what they’ve been told with an almost religious fervor despite all of the evidence to the contrary — the ones who won’t even consider that there was a conspiracy. There are so many anomalies to the “official” investigation that you can’t blame it on oversight or incompetence. I am familiar with the scientists and qualified professionals to whom you refer, and their findings are convincing, credible, and presented according to scientific protocol — in stark contrast to the findings of the “official” investigation. In addition, numerous intelligence agents and government officials have now come forward with their very informed opinions that the 911 Commission was a farce at best or a cover-up at worst. My experience at Ground Zero is but one more piece of the puzzle.

Voltaire Network: Those events are nearly 8 years behind us. Do you consider that uncovering the truth about 9/11 continues to be an important objective? Why?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: It is of absolute importance. And it will be equally as important in 10 years, or even 50 years if the truth still has not been exposed. It is an important objective because, at this point in history, many people are too credulous to whatever “authority” tells them and too willing to follow. People in a state of shock seek guidance. People who are afraid are manipulable. And being able to manipulate the masses results in unimaginable benefits to a lot of very rich and very powerful people. War is incredibly expensive, but the money has to go somewhere. War is very profitable for the very few. And somehow their sons always end up in Washington DC, making the decisions and writing the budgets, while the sons of the poor and the poorly-connected always end up on the enemy lines, taking their orders and fighting their battles. The enormous black-budget of the US Department of Defense represents an unlimited money machine for the military-industrial complex, figuring in the multi-trillions of dollars, and it will continue to be so until the masses wake up, recuperate their skepticism and demand accountability. Wars (and false pretexts for war) will not cease until the people realize the true motive of war and stop believing “official” explanations.

Voltaire Network: What is referred to as the 9/11 Truth Movement, has been asking for a new, independent investigation into those events. Do you think that the Obama Administration holds out some hope in this respect?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: I really hope so, but I’m skeptical. Why would the leadership of any established government willingly undertake any action that would result in a serious compromise to their authority? They will prefer to maintain the status quo and leave the things the way they are. The conductor of the train has been changed, but has the train changed its course? I doubt it. The push has to come from the public, not only domestically, but internationally, like your group is doing.

Voltaire Network: A number of human rights and activist groups are supporting your plight, not least Peace Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. How have the Argentinean people in general responded to your situation?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: With an incredible outpouring of support. The military dictatorship is still fresh in the collective memory of most of the people here, along with the knowledge that the dictatorship (along with the other South American dictatorships at the time) was backed by the CIA, directed at the time by George Bush Senior. They remember well the torture centers, the secret prisons, the thousands of people “disappeared” for their opinions, the living in daily fear. They know that the United States today will do the same thing if they consider it beneficial, that they will invade a country to achieve their political and economic interests and then manipulate the media with fabricated “causus belli” to justify their conquests.


Voltaire Network: As we said, deciding to write this book and to go public was a huge step. What pushed you to do it?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: To save my family. And to let the world know that things are not what they seem.

Voltaire Network: Last but not least: what will you do with your tapes?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: I am convinced that my tapes reveal many more anomalies than I am capable of recognizing given my limited qualifications. I will therefore cooperate in any way that I can with serious and reliable experts in a common endeavour to expose the truth.

Voltaire Network: Thank you very much !


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American Airlines Exposes Bush's Big Lie: Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 911! (June 22, 2009) http://existentialistcowboy.blogspot.com:80/2009/06/american-airlines-exposes-bushs-big-lie.html
American Airlines itself is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 911. These flights are critical to the the government's crumbling cover up! Without those flights, Bush and his murderous co-conspirators will have to revise the big lie. They will have to concoct yet another cover story from the ground up! A cover up is on the brink of collapse when those guilty of capital crimes and high treason either turn on one another or are forced to revise the lie!Already several demonstrable lies (many referenced in previous EC articles; see links below) are probable cause to begin a Federal Grand Jury investigation of George W. Bush's role in 911. Bush should be compelled by subpoena and Federal Marshals to testify under oath before an independent Federal Grand Jury. The AA revelations demand it! WikiScanner discovered that American Airlines changed their Wikipedia entry to state that Flights 11 and 77 never flew on 9/11. CLIP

Metro Crash--9/11 Connection
"Among those killed in yesterday's Red Line train crash was a retired general who headed the D.C. National Guard and gave the order to scramble jets over the city during the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001."


From: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14133

CIA Crucified Captive In Abu Ghraib Prison

By Sherwood Ross

The Central Intelligence Agency crucified a prisoner in Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, according to a report published in The New Yorker magazine.

"A forensic examiner found that he (the prisoner) had essentially been crucified; he died from asphyxiation after having been hung by his arms, in a hood, and suffering broken ribs," the magazine's Jane Mayer writes in the magazine's June 22nd issue. "Military pathologists classified the case a homicide." The date of the murder was not given.

"No criminal charges have ever been brought against any C.I.A. officer involved in the torture program, despite the fact that at least three prisoners interrogated by agency personnel died as a result of mistreatment," Mayer notes.

An earlier report, by John Hendren in The Los Angeles Times, indicated other torture killings. And Human Rights First says nearly 100 detainees have died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hendren reported that one Manadel Jamadi died "of blunt-force injuries" complicated by "compromised respiration" at Abu Ghraib prison "while he was with Navy SEALs and other special operations troops." Another victim, Abdul Jaleel, died while gagged and shackled to a cell door with his hands over his head." Yet another prisoner, Maj. Gen. Abid Mowhosh, former commander of Iraq's air defenses, "died of asphyxiation due to smothering and chest compression" in Qaim, Iraq.

"There is no question that U.S. interrogations have resulted in deaths," says Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU. "High-ranking officials who knew about the torture and sat on their hands and those who created and endorsed these policies must be held accountable. America must stop putting its head in the sand and deal with the torture scandal." At least scores of detainees in U.S. custody have died and homicide is suspected. As far back as May, 2004, the Pentagon conceded at least 37 deaths of prisoners in its custody in Iraq and Afghanistan had prompted investigations.

Nathaniel Raymond, of Physicians for Human Rights, told The New Yorker, "We still don't know how many detainees were in the black sites, or who they were. We don't fully know the White House's role, or the C.I.A.'s role. We need a full accounting, especially as it relates to health professionals."

Recently released Justice memos, he noted, contain numerous references to CIA medical personnel participating in coercive interrogation sessions. "They were the designers, the legitimizers, and the implementers," Raymond said. "This is arguably the single greatest medical-ethics scandal in American history. We need answers."

The ACLU obtained its information from the Pentagon through a Freedom of Information suit. Documents received included 44 autopsies and death reports as well as a summary of autopsy reports of people seized in Iraq and Afghanistan. An ACLU statement noted, "This covers just a fraction of the total number of Iraqis and Afghanis who have died while in U.S. custody."

Torture by the CIA has been facilitated by the Agency's ability to hide prisoners in "black sites" kept secret from the Red Cross, to hold prisoners off the books, and to detain them for years without bringing charges or providing them with lawyers.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, denounced the Obama administration for considering "prevention detention," The New Yorker's Mayer wrote. Roth said this tactic "mimics the Bush Administration's abusive approach."

From all indications, CIA Director Panetta has no intention of bringing to justice CIA officials involved in the systematic torture of prisoners. Panetta told Mayer, "I'm going to give people the benefit of the doubt. If they do the job that they‚re paid to do, I can't ask for a hell of a lot more."

Such sentiments differ markedly from those Panetta wrote in an article published last year in the January Washington Monthly: "We either believe in the dignity of the individual, the rule of law, and the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, or we don't. There is no middle ground."

One way to discern who really runs a country is to look to see which individuals, if any, are above the law. In the Obama administration, like its predecessors, they include the employees of the CIA. Crucifixions they execute in the Middle East differ from those reported in the New Testament in at least one important respect: Jesus Christ had a trial.

28 June 2009

(Sherwood Ross formerly reported for major dailies and wire services. To contact him or contribute to his Anti-War News Service: (sherwoodr1@yahoo.com)


From: http://www.truthout.org/063009R?n

Made of Lies

30 June 2009

It began more than six years ago with a lie, followed by another lie, and another lie, and then two more, ten more, a hundred, a thousand, an avalanche of lies from heads of state and hatchet men and well-fed media types more interested in getting the interview than in getting the facts.

It began with lies like this:

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

- Dick Cheney, Vice President Speech to VFW National Convention 8/26/2002

... and this:

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

- Condoleezza Rice, US National Security Adviser CNN Late Edition 9/8/2002

... and this:

"We know for a fact that there are weapons there."

- Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary Press Briefing 1/9/2003

... and this:

"We know that Saddam Hussein is determined to keep his weapons of mass destruction, is determined to make more."

- Colin Powell, Secretary of State Remarks to the UN Security Council 2/5/2003

... and this:

"We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

- Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense ABC Interview 3/30/2003

It began with George W. Bush standing before both houses of Congress and an international television audience for his January 2003 State of the Union address and stating that Iraq was in possession of 26,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin, 500 tons - which is one million pounds - of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent, 30,000 missiles to deliver the stuff, mobile biological weapons labs, al-Qaeda connections and uranium from Niger for use in a robust nuclear weapons program.

Lies. All lies. 4,321 American soldiers have died in Iraq because of those lies, 101 during this year, including Sgt. Timothy A. David of Michigan, who was killed on June 28 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. Four more soldiers were killed in Iraq on Tuesday in the midst of the withdrawal. Tens of thousands of American soldiers have been shredded and maimed because of those lies. Nobody knows how many innocent Iraqis have been killed and wounded because, to this day, we don't do body counts. Estimates range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to perhaps more than a million, depending on who you ask, all because of those lies.

Now, more than six years later, a new president and a new policy has brought about one of the most dramatic and determinative days Iraq has seen since the initial invasion and occupation. "Six years and three months after the March 2003 invasion," reported The Washington Post on Tuesday, "the United States has withdrawn its remaining combat troops from Iraq's cities, the US commander here said, and is turning over security to Iraqi police and soldiers. While more than 130,000 U.S. troops remain in the country, patrols by heavily armed soldiers in hulking vehicles have largely disappeared from Baghdad, Mosul and Iraq's other urban centers. Iraqis danced in the streets and set off fireworks overnight in impromptu celebrations of a pivotal moment in their nation's troubled history. The government staged a military parade to mark the new national holiday of 'National Sovereignty Day,' and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made a triumphant, nationally televised address."

Triumph comes in strange packages these days. The reality of the situation in Iraq has been best described by Robert Dreyfuss in a Nation article titled "Little to Celebrate in Iraq." Dreyfuss writes:

As we pull back, we're leaving Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in charge. Increasingly, Maliki is taking on the trappings of a dictator. He's established a network of security agencies that report directly to him. He's built a countrywide patronage system to bribe and pay off tribal allies, in anticipation of 2010 elections. He's shown no compunction against using the army, the police and the secret agencies he controls to eliminate rivals. He's used divide-and-conquer tactics to outflank the Sunni-led sahwa movement, known as the Awakening or the Sons of Iraq, driving some of them back into armed resistance and others into sullen resentment or fear for their lives.

And Maliki, despite his protestations that he is a born-again "nationalist," has close ties to Iran. With Iran now revealed as a fundamentalist-run, naked military dictatorship, I expect Iran to act ruthlessly vis-a-vis Iraq, and if he wants to stay in power Maliki will pretty much have to go along.

A prominent Sunni activist from northern Iraq told me Tuesday that anyone who thinks about opposing Maliki in Iraq has to fear for his or her life. The fact remains that despite the resurgence of secular nationalism in Iraq, as evidenced by the results of provincial elections last February, Maliki sits atop a conspiratorial little party called Al Dawa, a fundamentalist Islamist grouping, and he is reliant on a small, secretive clique that surrounds him. During the February election, in order to appeal to Iraqi voters, Maliki posed as a nationalist of sorts, but in fact he is dependent on two outside powers. First, he's dependent on the United States, for despite his bravado about the US withdrawal from Iraq's cities, Maliki desperately needs American backing to remain in power, to build up his armed forces. And second, Maliki is dependent on the good will of Iran, which could topple him instantly if he crossed Tehran.

While Iraq's Shia population celebrated in the streets and Iraq's Sunni population crouched in fear, another group got right to business. "The long-awaited auction of licenses to develop Iraq's huge oil reserves began Tuesday amid unusual contentiousness," reported The New York Times on Tuesday, "as multinationals demanded far more revenue from every barrel of increased production than the authorities were willing to allow. Scores of Chinese, Russian, American and British oil executives, representing eight of the world's top 10 non-state oil companies, gathered in a hotel meeting room in the Green Zone. They listened closely on headphones to translations as bids for six oil fields and two natural gas fields were read out and then rushed into consultations."

The more things change, the more they stay the same in an Iraq torn to pieces, covered in blood, and made of lies.



From: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/autoban-german-town-goes-carfree-1720021.html

Auto-ban: German town goes car-free

Vauban hopes to forge a model community without that great staple of modern life – the car. Now the sound of birdsong has replaced the roar of traffic and children can play in the street

By Tony Paterson -- 26 June 2009

The Germans may have given the world the Audi and the autobahn, but they have banished everything with four wheels and an engine from the streets of Vauban – a model brave new world of a community in the country's south-west, next to the borders with Switzerland and France.

In Vauban, a suburb of the university town of Freiburg, luxuriant beds of brilliant flowers replace what would normally be parking outside its neat, middle- class homes. Instead of the roar of traffic, the residents listen to birdsong, children playing and the occasional jingle of a bicycle bell.

"If you want to have a car here, you have to pay about ¤20,000 for a space in one of our garages on the outskirts of the district," says Andreas Delleske one of the founders and now a promoter of the Vauban project, "but about 57 per cent of the residents sold a car to enjoy the privilege of living here." As a result, most residents travel by bike or use the ultra-efficient tram service that connects the suburb with the centre of Freiburg, 15 minutes away. If they want a car to go on holiday or to shift things, they hire one or join one of the town's car-sharing schemes.

Because it has no cars, Vauban's planners have almost completely dispensed with the idea of metalled roads. Its streets and pathways are cobbled or gritted and vehicles are allowed in only for a matter of minutes to unload essential goods. Being virtually car-free is only the start of what has been hailed as one of Europe's most successful experiments in green living and one which is viewed increasingly as a blueprint for a future and perhaps essential way of living in an age of climate change.

Vauban is a southern suburb of Freiburg and home to 5,300 people. Its elegant, weather-boarded, four-storey homes are painted in subtle tones of blue, yellow and red or left as natural wood. They have wide balconies and large French windows that look out on to quiet, park-like gardens. The overall impression is of being stuck in a never-ending IKEA advertisement.

But if the district's surface texture is eminently middle class, an eco-revolution is bubbling beneath the surface. The windows of all the homes are triple-glazed. An intricate ventilation system fitted with heat exchangers ensures that apartments are kept constantly topped-up with fresh air at room temperature, even when the windows are shut. Most homes are powered by solar panels and smart co-generator engines that run on wood chips which provide domestic heating and electricity for lighting and appliances. One of the consequences is that most of Vauban's homes generate a surplus of electricity and sell what they don't need to the power companies that run the national and regional electricity grids.

With their 35cm thick walls, the homes are so well insulated that the temperature inside is directly affected by the number of people in each apartment. "If it gets too cold in the winter, you have the choice of turning up the heating or inviting a couple of friends round to dinner," Delleske says. He is immensely proud of the fact that his 90sqm, four-roomed "Passive house," which is almost environmentally perfect, costs a mere ¤114 a year to heat. "Most people pay that kind of money for heating each month," he says. The "Passive house" has even managed to dispense with drains for the toilets and showers. The waste is reduced to compost in special biological toilets and shower and washing-up water is filtered and used to water the garden.

Word about the Vauban experiment is spreading. Each day, six or seven busloads of visitors roll up – parking on the outskirts, needless to say – to witness the suburb's environmentally friendly living. At the entrance, they are greeted by slogan in big letters that reads: "We are creating the world we want."

Yet the suburb's origins were very remote from such idealistic themes. It started life in 1937 as the Leo Schlageter army barracks, a collection of three-storey stone buildings to house Adolf Hitler's expanding Wehrmacht army. It was named after a German hero from the First World War who was executed by the French in 1923. At the end of the Second World War, the barracks were requisitioned by the French army and renamed Quartier Vauban, after a noted 17th century military architect. After Germany's re-unification, the French withdrew and the district was handed over to the city of Freiburg in 1994, to be promptly occupied by squatters.

Soon after, a group of ecologically minded and mostly middle-class people became interested in the quarter. Many had taken part in the anti-nuclear movement as students in the 1970s and 1980s. They set up the Forum Vauban, which began negotiating with the city government.

Vauban's founders explain that much of the eco-friendly technology that has gone into the complex was conceived and developed around Freiburg as an alternative to nuclear power. The upshot was the formation of a series of loosely structured housing associations which commissioned architects to design new and ecologically sustainable homes on the site. Most of the old Nazi-era barrack buildings were torn down and more than 60 architects were engaged to reconstruct Vauban. Its three- to five-storey buildings contain apartments of varying sizes and 80 per cent are privately owned. A four-bedroom unit costs about ¤250,000.

The project is a reminder of the strength of Germany's green movement. Freiburg's city government is run by a coalition of conservatives and Green Party councillors and the Greens hold the most seats. During the European elections, the Green Party won up to 60 per cent of the poll in Vauban's constituencies.

The district also bucks Germany's reputation for having one of the world's lowest birth rates: nearly 30 per cent of its inhabitants are aged under 18. Ute and Frank Lits moved to Vauban five years ago. Their children, aged six and 10, can walk out the front door of their four-bedroom apartment into a communal garden equipped with a playground and a wood-fired pizza oven. "We wanted to buy our own home and we liked the eco-friendly principles of the place," Mrs Lits said. "But the main reason is that Vauban is prefect for children. They enjoy the kind of freedom that it would be difficult to find in a normal town apartment." The couple owns a car, but neither mind having to park it in a communal garage eight minutes' walk from their home.

If Vauban's brave new world suffers from anything, it is its own peculiar brand of middle-class monoculturalism. Sitting outside a former Nazi barrack building that now functions as an organic restaurant selling ricotta-filled ravioli and ostrich meat, its is difficult to spot anyone who is non-European, old or poor.

Wolfgang Konradi, a youth worker who spent years working in less sophisticated urban areas before coming to Vauban, says the district's teenagers behave like normal people of their age. "The problem is mainly the parents, they go around expecting their offspring to be perfect citizens, but that's just not realistic," he laments. Ina, his wife, said that since having their son, she had learned to appreciate the advantages that Vauban offered for children. But she added: "It's very nice here, but a bit like living under a bell jar. I certainly wouldn't want to live here forever."


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Car-free towns are impossible without railways (26 June 2009)
Vauban is what doctors speaking of disease in an improbable patient – TB in a wealthy European, say – sometimes refer to as an end-of-spectrum case. It shows what is unlikely, but possible – modern living minus the automobile – and it is thus at the other end of the spectrum from Los Angeles, where social existence is entirely predicated on having four wheels. Does it prove we can live without the car? Yes and No. It shows it can be done in a tightly-knit, specifically urban community, where personal motor transport can be in effect "designed out", especially if there is a solid constituency of citizens with a strong commitment to environmental values, as has always been the case in Germany. On a wider scale, actually doing without motor vehicles is much more problematic, especially in the countryside. For most rural communities in Britain, for example, the car is an absolute essential, not least as so many of them are hard if not impossible to reach by public transport. It is arguable that no greater environmental damage was done to the fabric of life in this country after the War than by the slashing of the national railway network recommended by Richard Beeching, the portly, self-satisfied industrialist whose 1963 report led to the closure of thousands of rural stations and hundreds of branch lines, leaving myriad British villages and small towns ultimately car-dependent.

More info on Vauban through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vauban_(Freiburg) and http://www.livablestreets.com/streetswiki/vauban-freiburg-germany


From: http://www.tamera.org/fileadmin/PDF/GRACE_Brochure_en.pdf

“Geistig” and Ethical Foundation for GRACE

A wave of violence is rolling over the Earth. The inferno is coming closer and the islands of peace and affluence are becoming smaller by the day. Many of those who today are living on these islands of affluence close their eyes to reality until they, too, are caught in the wave of violence. It is the violence of a life that they had always excluded and suppressed and that, as a result of being suppressed, is now showing itself from its cruel side, in the form of wars in the world, murder in the neighbourhoods, dams bursting and natural catastrophes. Suppressed life can be found behind the break-up of marriages, mental illnesses, alcoholism, the lack of meaning and purpose in life and the growing suicide rates. Until we wake up.

Suddenly, you are looking through the contorted mirror of human history and you see that it has separated from its roots. Everywhere, you recognise the same basic pattern of fear, pain, anger, and powerlessness, and the resulting wars. You see a collective wave of hatred and revenge that is raging through the villages and the cities.

It is not life that is cruel, but life becomes cruel when it is suppressed and oppressed. It consists of suppressed life that chooses revenge in order to survive. Here we have no use for moral appeals. You only have to imagine your child being killed in front of your own eyes. Would not the first reaction, after the pain, be revenge?

We find a similar pattern behind all ideologies, all religions and all political maneuvering. We have all become perpetrators and victims of an inhumane culture. This avalanche is rushing like a tsunami over peoples, minorities, villages and families. Behind all this insanity, which is imprinting endless experiences of pain into the history of both victims and perpetrators, behind this inferno of a dying era, you will find the same hunger - the hunger for life, love, trust and a feeling of home. You will also find a hunger for recognition and for being seen and understood! This hunger is independent of any culture. It is simply there in every human being, as sure as s/he has remained a human being.

The GRACE movement is carried by a humane power which is formulated by Sabine Lichtenfels in the following way in her book GRACE:

GRACE reminds us of the fact that behind the terrible dimension of the inferno there is a different truth and a different reality that are waiting to be called forth. GRACE reminds you of the sacredness of life at every moment.

GRACE reminds me that I am in the service of a higher cause – for a new peace on Earth, for a new era, for solidarity with all inhabitants of this planet.

Those who are working in the name of GRACE do not accuse or denounce anything or anyone. They are not here to force new ideologies onto people. Instead, they have come in the service of openness, perception and support.

Those who work in the name of GRACE do not stir up human and political conflicts; instead, they create new possibilities for solutions.

Wherever I go, I first get rid of my prejudices. I am not here with preconceived ideas about who the other person is or is not. Instead, I am trying to find our common ground.

I keep imagining that the other person, who may be facing me as my enemy, could also be me. I could be a Palestinian woman or a young Israeli soldier. I could also be a victim of the holocaust, starving, tormented, tortured and betrayed. Or else I could be the perpetrator, who cruelly torments his victim with a closed heart. I could be the mother, who abandons her child out of despair or the banker, who sees the numbers on the stock market, but not the human suffering that they are connected with. Behind all these roles of alienation, I am seeking the core of the human being.

I let myself be touched and I try to touch. I go to every place, whenever possible, with an open heart.

In the state of GRACE, I do not judge, but neither do I make any false compromises. I have the courage to speak the truth. GRACE reminds you that the healing of our planet can only succeed if humanity succeeds in reconnecting with the true foundation of life and love, of trust and truth. Humanity will succeed in this only if we ourselves succeed in it.


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Creating Models for a Future without War Invitation for the Summer University 2009 in Tamera (4 min 49 s)
15th International Summer University "Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future Without War" in Tamera, next July 29th to August 7th 2009 - More through http://summeruniversity.tamera.org/su09/
- Magnificent initiative!!! - A Must see

Refusing to be Enemies
(...) Tamera people live as a community with deep inner commitment. They believe that the human race was meant to live in communities, and not as lonely individuals. The structure of the nuclear family - father, mother, child and dog - is perceived by them as a structure that is difficult to trust. Rightly so. The number of betrayals in marriage is beyond estimation, the percentage of divorce in the world is growing higher and higher, and also most of the people who remain married do not live in happiness and wealth like they were promised in the fairy tales. Something here is wrong. Something is not quite working right. Tamera offers a different social structure. A structure that they are building, examining, and improving on themselves for over twenty years, while they continuously study from literary research (the academic side is very strong with them) and also from direct experience. And when they say 'direct experience', they mean it. A meaningful part of their lifestyle is the practice of 'free love'. This familiar concept immediately connects, for us, to the hippies of the sixties, but the members of Tamera community have taken it to a much deeper level. If you ask them what it's about, they will tell you that free love is love that is free from the slavery of fear. Much of what we call 'love' in the world is held on patterns of fear. Fear of abandonment, fear of what people will say, fear of what our partner will think, fear of God - all kinds of fear that feed what we are used to seeing as love. Therefore, the relationships between men and women in our world aren't really love relationships, but are based on patterns of fear and control. Actually, an invisible war, a war which crosses lines and countries, exists between men and women here on earth. According to reports by the United Nations, tens of millions of women have been murdered, in the last decade, by men, in different types of violence: rape and murder in wars (Bosnia, Rwanda, etc), murder of babies by their parents, especially in the Far East, because of being born female; and also murder for 'romantic' reasons. It is an actual holocaust, according to the numbers, a holocaust that puts to death half of humanity. Therefore in Tamera, they view the issue of love and the relationship between the sexes as a subject connected closely to peace action. It is impossible to make real peace in the world until there is peace between men and women. In their opinion, this is the issue that needs to be presented on the agenda of peace making, and to examine with courage and depth, the different paradigms of human life. CLIP

News in the SolarVillage
During the first four months of this year, the SolarVillage project group focused on the development of a solid and humane foundation, where trust among the coworkers can continuously go deeper, and increasingly reliable and professional working structures of communication and cohabitation can emerge. Our next step is the construction of this “test-field” in the current “Valley Village” along the lines of the “African Village” designed by Jürgen Kleinwächter. Our short-term goal is to set up the “Solar Power Village” technology. This technology creates synergy, is relatively simple to build, and thus represents a valuable and integral part of the overall solar system both ecologically and economically. Our plan is to try it out in practice and improve it in the daily life of the SolarVillage Project Group. This approach follows the basic idea of the SolarVillage concept, that a group of about fifty people will live an experimental life with the new technical components. The core element of the "Solar Power Village", the Energy Power Greenhouse with the hot-oil kitchen, will be combined with a Scheffler reflector, parabolic mirror cookers SK14, and solar ovens - all components of the solar summer kitchen. CLIP


From: http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=103&z=2

Message from Matthew

June 24, 2009

Obama administration activities; Illuminati complex power base, hierarchy; space family; conversation with reptilian fleet commander

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about happenings in your world from our vantage point. Whenever anything of significance occurs in any nation, all eyes turn to the United States to see the reaction of that country’s government. There is similar interest internationally in the US administration’s domestic initiatives that will have far-reaching effects, and   let us start with the common interest in those activities.

Now then, while Illuminati control of mainstream media has cracked, it has not disintegrated sufficiently so that information they do not want you to know is reported; nor is the full truth given of situations they would like to keep completely quiet but cannot. And you can be certain that nothing is reported that reflects the concerns of lightworkers who are distressed because President Obama has entrusted vital responsibilities to persons known to be affiliated with Illuminati power bases and some of his decisions appear to be strengthening rather than weakening those bases. Certainly the highly evolved soul that Obama is does not need our defense, and that is not what we are doing by explaining what he is dealing with. Our purpose in speaking of this is to state that not only is an individual’s balance disturbed by the energy of distress—or discontentment, disappointment, disillusionment, anger—but also that energy goes forth and adds to the negativity Earth has to transmute into light. Thus, far better than feeling negative emotions about what Obama appears to be doing is staying positively focused on the world as you want it to be.

So then, what is he dealing with? In short, the incremental dismantling of the Illuminati worldwide network. As background on this pernicious “umbrella group,” only the topmost members know the full extent of its infiltration into governments, banking, commerce, religions, education, media, science, entertainment—all bodies that most impact life in your world. Below those few peak individuals are the ones who control the many aspects of the global network. Each has general knowledge about the others but no detailed information about any operations except what he or she is in charge of. The farther down the hierarchy a member is, the more secrecy enshrouds the reasons for the Illuminati’s very existence; and at the bottom are the many thousands who simply follow instructions without a glimmer of understanding what real purpose they are serving, somewhat like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle dumped out of the box—no piece is aware of the interconnectedness of all the pieces, much less suspect that altogether they form a whole picture.  In the case of the Illuminati, that picture is sinister indeed.

After assuming office, President Obama was briefed on information he had no way of knowing prior to that time, and to continue our analogy, each of the briefers had only a few puzzle pieces. Furthermore, Obama was faced with a dire global economic situation that purportedly started with “toxic” mortgages in the United States, and he needed a knowledgeable, experienced team who could take immediate steps to prevent worldwide collapse. The enormity of the Illuminati’s economic network is known in fullness only by the peak of that group, but by connecting puzzle pieces, Obama has become aware of that entanglement and the fortunes hidden in off-shore banks, but the total picture puzzle that will show how that money has been used to manipulate and dominate the world’s peoples has yet to be put together.

As difficult as it is to imagine the extent of organizational complexity that is the Illuminati’s base of power and influence, it is even more difficult to totally eliminate it. Discovery and legal means to rid the world of that insidious control are underway, and until all is in readiness, it would be foolhardy to make public those efforts. Thus neither the Illuminati nor the Obama camp want their respective activities to become public knowledge, and the “transparency” he promised in good faith must for a while longer be “behind-closed-doors” instead.  As the light continues steadily intensifying and truths no longer can be hidden or denied, you will see the results of his wise course that in this moment seems to belie many of his campaign promises.

Now then, to address some specific questions. When will we see the change he promised? It is in process beneath the temporary appearance of “business as usual” as he takes cautious steps to untangle the strands of the Illuminati’s global web so major changes can be instituted.

Is Obama leading the nation into socialism, and if so, was this always his intention? Attaching “socialism” to his leadership is a strategy to create anxiety, distress and dissension among the citizens. When labels are applied to any government, movement, group, or philosophy, the labelers’ intent is to undermine its genuine value because that conflicts with their ideas or motives. Witness the effectiveness of “conspiracy theorist” applied to anyone who questioned the official reports about the assassination of US President Kennedy or who was responsible for “9/11.”

Why is the US president expanding the power of the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve banking system? In time you shall see “all that glitters is not gold”—that is, it will indeed be gold, but no longer will it be their gold! Some may be under the impression that the Fed is being strengthened by direction of the topmost Illuminati, but they are panicking because they know their financial systems and vast fortunes are flowing out of their control. As we stated in previous messages, the Federal Reserve will be eliminated along with all the other devious and deceptive measures that have enabled the Illuminati to manipulate economies and commerce worldwide for centuries.

What will the US do about the threat North Korea poses? You also ask about Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East. Situations are not identical in those regions, but the outcome will be the same. For a while longer, saber rattling will continue and so will oppression, suffering, deaths and black-ops activities; however, you shall see Obama pursuing the path of negotiation, and in conjunction with the increasingly high vibrations of Earth’s pathway, peaceful resolution eventually will emerge out of current animosity, defiance and bellicose mentality.

About the little known “migration assistance” to Palestinians, a humanitarian effort to relocate some of them to the United States. Obama is making a strong statement to the Zionists that no longer can they via their lobbyists persuade Congress to consistently vote to give Israel billions of dollars annually to continue its 60-year oppression of Palestinians under the guise of Israel’s “right to exist.” The Zionists, who are among the most powerful and vicious of the Illuminati, care nothing at all about the Israeli people or Jews living anywhere, but they scream “anti-Semitism” whenever anyone tries to disclose their history, which includes involvement in the Holocaust. Eventually that and other facts about the Zionist movement’s ruthlessness will come forth.

With sightings of spacecraft increasing, it is natural that prominent in many minds are questions about the civilizations surrounding your planet. The reply to When will they land? is the same as we have given before: When safety is assured for them and for all of you. How can we be certain all of the aliens who come are friendly? The light grid around Earth permits entry by light beings only; even if dark entities wanted to enter, they cannot approach the brilliance of that grid. Will the human-looking ETs already on Earth keep that appearance after they identify themselves or will they shift into their original bodies? If there was no change at all in their appearance, it is not very likely that you would believe they are from a different civilization simply on the basis of that claim; therefore we think they will choose to introduce themselves as they are in their homelands. Part of soul growth is accepting differences in peoples’ physical appearances as naturally as you do the differences in flowers and animals. And you may be quite surprised to learn that in other lifetimes, you looked just like some of the helpful visitors because they are your ancestors.

There is the misconception that all Illuminati are reptilians, and that is not so. Just as humans can be “good” or “bad,” most simply speaking, so can reptilians, and within the Illuminati are “bad” of both species. Also, just as there are many different human civilizations in the universe, there are many different reptilian civilizations, and those in one world don’t necessarily know about by their counterparts in other worlds. The primary difference between the human and reptilian species is DNA-related—speaking only generally, reptilians’ intelligence and physical strength are superior to most humans and their emotional spectrum and spiritual clarity are less developed.

Mother, please copy Horiss’ conversation with you that is in one of the books. I believe readers will enjoy learning about one of the civilizations that has been assisting Earth directly from one of its representatives.

CLIP - To read this part, please go at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=103&z=2

Thank you, Mother. That makes this message unusually long and precludes addressing more issues, but being enlightened about some of your brothers and sisters who have been helping you create Earth’s Golden Age is very important, especially as the day of meeting is not all that far away, and so is clearing away the perception that all reptilians are fearsome folks.

In closing this message, we reply to What can we as individuals do at this time to make the greatest difference? Remain steadfast in your light; focus on what you want, not what you don’t want; forgive self and others; be kind; keep your mind and heart open; heed messages from your soul; do not judge or wish punishment on those who harm others. We could enumerate the many other ways of godliness, but simply living the Golden Rule with unconditional love is BEing the greatest difference in your world!

Suzanne Ward


Recommended by Aurea (ashtara22@gmail.com)

From: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/June%202009/salusa__29june2009.htm

Message from SaLuSa -- June 29, 2009

We keep reminding you that everything is fine, yet there are some Dear Ones who cannot see beyond their day to day problems. They also become despondent when they view the world, and see nothing but discord around them, and we fully understand their position. What we also see are many Dear Souls who have found a purpose in their life, and carry the hopes for others. They have realized they are part of the Human Race, and that each one is in its own way responsible for all others. What you do individually affects the mass consciousness, and we are pleased to say that with the increasing numbers of enlightened Ones it is being carried into the higher vibrations. That is helping break the hold the dark forces have had upon you, and attracting even more Light to Earth.

Love is the higher expression of Light, and it gets progressively more powerful as you move up the dimensions, and in the ultimate Love is all there is. All of you are capable of giving out immense love, and it shows in your levels of compassion and kindness to others. As a Spark of God you cannot be without love, and as you evolve will find that you are able to express it as a selfless act. Love for an individual soul is fine but is more on an emotional level, whereas Unconditional Love knows no boundaries, has no preferences and is shared with all. Man has found it extremely difficult to move towards such levels, especially whilst living within the cycle of duality with its pull towards the lower vibrations.

The horrors of the world are presented to you on a daily basis, and with the Illuminati controlling and editing your news it is not balanced by reporting the “good news”. This is a deliberate ploy to keep you in a fearful state, and deny you the opportunity to know that there is much good work taking place. Light workers all over the world are working quietly away to bring more Light to Earth, and together they project their vision for a new world free from the influences of the dark forces. This is the best way to hasten the time when changes shall bring that vision more into your reality. You have the power to change your world from your present one, which has resulted from the intent of the dark forces to keep you under their control.

Speak and act from the heart centre and your words and thoughts will be of the highest quality. See only the best in others, and know that you are all brothers and sisters at a soul level. Some of them are carrying a great burden from their travels in duality, having lost their true identity to the overwhelming darkness of the lower astral levels. An act or word of kindness will often trigger a response, that draws the Light from them and awakens their desire to lift themselves up again. If you can do that you will have carried out a great service for them.

It is finding the time in your life for other people that is a challenge. If you all contributed even in a small way to the upliftment of Man, it would help speed up the transition to the higher state of being. Prayer for others can be an outlet for those with physical difficulties that cannot get out and around. Your thoughts in any shape or form carry the energy that has the potential to enable its manifestation. It is therefore important to keep out those that are negative, particularly if they are directed at another soul. You only have to consider the power contained in thoughts of hatred to realize how potent they can be. The challenge to uplift them comes hard whilst you are still on Earth, but you will be pleased to learn that it becomes easier as you rise up.

So many of you are experiencing difficulties in your lives that the Abundance Programs would help. I want to tell you that in the near future poverty will be eradicated from Earth, and the wealth mainly secreted away by the Illuminati will be reclaimed and redistributed for the good of all. Financial Institutions will be re-modeled to cater for a new society that has set greed and corruption aside. Profit is not in itself a dirty word as some think, but is something that has been abused in the past. It should be seen as a necessity in business enabling it to pay its way, but it is to be earnt and not a means to accumulate untold wealth. There will in fact be many changes until you reach a stage where money has no place in a society that is founded upon sharing.

It saddens our hearts to see so many people in need in so many deprived countries, and this goes against your God given sovereignty that has all but been taken away from you. That will be restored and you shall claim your inheritance, once the old attitudes and outlooks have changed to ones that are in line with the Laws of the Universe. Love is the key to everything, and when you can all put the needs of others first, everyone will have more than enough. It is a simple maxim that Man finds so hard to implement at this time.

Great responsibility lies with President Obama to trigger a number of changes, that will lead to major ones that provide real answers to your mounting problems. He has our full backing and is as you might say “our man” and he has as intended emerged at the right time to carry you beyond the plans of the Illuminati. What has taken centuries to bring you to your present position cannot be undone overnight, but with the right moves an entirely new approach can be introduced. We know that many of you need to see some evidence of them, and if you carefully note the implications of what is happening now you may see some encouraging signs. Many channels have told you right from the outset what was going to happen, and it only requires a little more patience to see that Humanity is being guided into a new direction.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speaking for the Galactic Federation I cannot sufficiently emphasize that the end times will bring Ascension, regardless of what takes place in the meantime. Therefore cast your sights on what is to be, and not what is now and that way you will be doing a great service to your fellow man. Ascension is much bigger than merely giving a way out for Man on Earth. The Light is growing exponentially and is creating changes of a solar nature that is affecting your whole system. It is a massive process involving many planets and millions of souls that extends throughout your Universe. It is carried out with great love at the Creator’s request, and cannot therefore fail in any circumstances.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey


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