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May 8, 2009

There is ALWAYS Hope Series #5: Time to Bliss!

Hello everysoul!

Another wild ride of eclectic information, with a significant focus on the swine flu mass media hysteria - or whatever you want to call it. Make sure to check the wonderful WORLD MARCH project below and the info on Wesak culminating in less than 24 hours. And if you love the current Meditation Focus #198: Achieving Soul Resonance & Being Home, you have one more chance this Sunday to get into collective ecstatic Bliss before a new one is issued in about a week from now - it will be about Preparing the Ground for Ascension and will be archived HERE.

All together now!...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The mandated, mass use of multiple vaccines has become big business in the last quarter century since the U.S. Congress passed a law in 1986 shielding vaccine makers and doctors from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths and the numbers of vaccines recommended by the federal health officials for American children multiplied from 23 doses of 7 vaccines to 48 doses of 14 vaccines from birth to age six. For older children and adults, there are several dozen more federally recommended or state mandated vaccinations."

- Barbara Loe Fisher -- Taken from Politics, Profits & Pandemic Fear Mongering below

"The Festival of Wesak is a Global Celebration of the work being done by the Ascended Master Teachers in Spiritual Worlds and by the New Group of World Servers in the physical realm on planet Earth. As we recall today, the Buddha taught that the individual Self, experienced as the egoistic personality, is an illusion, and that each of us is indissolubly united with the vast web of life that interpenetrates the physical and spiritual realms, extending throughout the space-time continuum, encompassing past, present and future. Much of the work that the New Group of World Servers must accomplish in this New Age is to bring the activities of human beings into harmony with the myriad beings of the mineral, plant and animal realms on planet Earth, restoring a balance to the environment and preserving the lives of countless species during this period of global climate change and transition. The New Group of World Servers strive to elevate human consciousness so that we will all recognize the existence of the many devas, elemental spirits and nature spirits active in the realms of nature, whose work equilibrates and optimizes the growth of all sentient beings on this garden planet. Over the last hundred years, countless meditators, lightworkers, spiritual seekers and aspirants have told stories of dreams and meditative visions they have experienced on the Full Moon of May. Over time, their stories have coalesced into a larger collective Story of Wesak, which has its foundation in the initial writings of Alice Bailey."

- Curtis Lang -- Taken from Wesak Full Moon in Taurus Festival - at the end of this compilation. This year, the Wesak occurs on May 9 at 12:01 am Eastern Daylight Time (one minute past midnight from May 8 to May 9), first thing Saturday morning. Check your local corresponding time HERE.

"When we combine the most credible sources of intuitive data with the stunning new discoveries in consciousness science, we can safely conclude that there is a purpose to the Universe, and we are not a random accident. Life is abundant, and it emanates from a "consciousness field" that creates matter, energy and Mind as we now know it. Everything — even physical matter we would not normally think of as alive — emanates from this living energy field. Life is built to evolve, and in fact it is inevitable that it will continue to do so. Evolution does not stop until we have all completely reunited with our true identity. The Universe is ultimately a compassionate, sentient, loving, singular consciousness — the One Infinite Creator — and we will all return home. In fact, since space, time and physical reality as we know it is ultimately a grand illusion, we have already returned. We never left in the first place. All we need to do is awaken to what IS, and we’re there. Nonetheless, within the illusion of space and time, our evolution will continue. If we reach a true awakening, we can step out of time and return home. And even if we stay in the illusion of space and time, we will continue evolving. The next major ‘quantum leap’ forward in space and time is happening as we speak. Once complete, this ‘quantum leap’ will make ‘miracles’ seem commonplace. Telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, psychic power and prophecy will be standard abilities that everyone possesses… effortlessly."

- David Wilcock -- Taken from The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat - a MUST READ is you need a shot of full-blast optimism! Recommended by Florence Chapgier (


1. White House official apologizes for low-flying Air Force One lookalike
3. Obama and Medvedev on Nukes
4. Obama Faces Israel's Angst
5. An invention that could change the internet for ever
7. Wesak Full Moon in Taurus Festival



This will REALLY cheer you up! It would be a shame not to laugh. Watch it till the end :-)

Grocery Store Wars
Hilarious remake of Star Wars - May the Farm be with you...

3 minutes of video on the horrors and lies of Monsanto
Trailer of a film by the National Film Board of Canada - Avec sous-titres français - Campagne de Greenpeace pour obtenir du gouvernement québécois une loi obligeant l'étiquetage des OGMs tel que promis en 2003. SVP allez signer cette pétition de Greenpeace.

The Beatles recording 'Get Back' in the studio... (7 MB file download)

Help protect African elephants
African elephants need grass to survive - grass that grows mainly during the wet seasons. And new research on elephants in Kenya's Samburu and Buffalo Springs national reserves is showing that a global warming-led decrease in the wet season is posing a grave threat to elephant reproduction. We must take heed of conservation biologists' research and address the problems of adequate nutrition before these magnificent creatures are even more endangered. Take action...

Crop Circle Reconstructions - Shows the amazing geometrical complexity of the crop formations

Many new crop formations have already arrived!
... including this beautiful LATEST ONE

UFO in Moscow

Argentina: A One Million-Signature Goal for UFO Disclosure

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
Here is an absurd WeeklyWorldNews story by Erik Van Datiken. “I knew it! Angels are real! OMG”. No, it’s a hoax. There is no such Geologist.

French document on mother ships with pictures
Note: There is an explanation on the amazing picture of a cigar-shaped mother ship (featured in this document above with smaller space crafts emerging) in What Really Happened to Apollo 13 "This mission is best remembered for the near disaster that befell it and the crew's enduring limp home, however it should also be remembered for anomalous phenomena it photographed before the oxygen tank explosion. These pictures included the red, cigar shaped object shown above. Apollo 13 also photographed NASA catalog number 13-60-8609, which appears to show an object over the lunar surface. Apollo 13 also photographed two other UFO on the return journey."
Check also
More than 4600 photos of UFOs dating from 1870 to 2007 at
Most of them are fuzzy low resolution pics yet some are pretty stunning and their sheer number is an overwhelming evidence of massive ET presence (You have to right click and save on your hard disk) The "Base PDF de 1990 a 1999" has some good ones.

Pentagon Attack Cab Driver Lloyde England's Virtual Confession - HOT admission!!!!
Cab driver Lloyde England admitted that the 9/11 operation was a "planned" event by the people with "all the money" and that he was involved. He tried shifting his position on the highway so it would make sense with the north side evidence proving the plane did not hit the light poles. But that is a proven deliberate lie since he had let it slip only minutes prior (without knowing he was being recorded) that he knew he was on the bridge, directly on the south side path. Yet when the camera started, he dogmatically maintained he was on the north side even when presented with photographs proving he was on the bridge. See the complete interviews with Lloyde here:

Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat By David Wilcock (4 / 28 / 09) MUST READ!
Is the Swine Flu a last-chance, desperate attempt on behalf of the NWO to avoid their imminent spiral into total defeat? Read on as we conclude this portion of our ground-breaking investigation!
The flying of an F-16 assisted Air Force One jet at a very low altitude over New York was so stupid, so ridiculous and so blatant that it must truly be seen as a very last-ditch move by the criminal cartel to avoid complete destruction. The story has gotten juicier while we’ve been writing this article. We now find out that in classic 9/11 style, the sternest warnings were issued to keep this absolutely secret from the public — at all costs: This excerpt, from the same CBS article pictured above, says a mouthful:
NEW YORK (CBS) — A furious President Barack Obama ordered an internal review of Monday’s low-flying photo op over the Statue of Liberty. CBS 2 HD has discovered the feds will have plenty to question.Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public. In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD, the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of "the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes" in and around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out."To say that it should not be made public knowing that it might scare people — it’s just confounding," Sen. Charles Schumer said. "It’s what gives Washington and government a bad name. It’s sheer stupidity. The flyover — apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background — had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized.It was a mistake. It will never happen again," President Obama said.The NYPD was so upset about the demand for secrecy that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly vowed never to follow such a directive again and he accused the feds of inciting fears of a 9/11 replay. Did it show any insensitivity to the psychic wounds New York City has after 9/11? Absolutely. No questions about it. It was quite insensitive." (...) Karma’s a biatch. And in this case it came back around very quickly. Obama’s administration knows the game, and knows how to play it very, very well.Just when the criminal cartel thought it had everything going their way — for just a brief moment — their pet news story is dashed on the rocks. Something Even Bigger happens — and it’s nothing short of a miracle.With this one event, it is now politically IMPOSSIBLE for the criminal cartel to block the legislation that will destroy them.In a stunning event no one could have seen coming, Senator Arlen Spector suddenly flipped his political affiliation from Republican to Democrat.In one fell swoop, Democrats suddenly gained a 60-seat majority in the Senate — thus finally earning the filibuster-proof majority that the criminal cartel has so bitterly fought to stop, such as by the protracted challenge of Al Franken’s victory in Minnesota. The headlines blazed with the story — the effect of this stunning switch is nothing short of ‘devastating’: Specter is one of an ever-increasing number of ‘insiders’ who are sick to death (pun intended) of the games and the fear-mongering. They are “Mad as Hell and Won’t Take It Anymore.” And they’re turning against the puppetmasters and organizing to bring them down. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THINGS ARE GOING TO BE FINE - This IS like watching a remarkable football game play out in real time, and I must admit it is frustrating just to take the time to put all the pieces together even in a minimal fashion… this has taken a lot longer than I first expected it would.Nonetheless, the point we should see here is that every move this criminal cabal — the Republican / Neocon / Skull and Bones / New World Order faction — has made to stave off their own imminent defeat is being smashed to pieces. Even better, their counter-moves are entertaining and stunning in how much more rapidly they speed up their own destruction. The public will not tolerate many more Chicken Little scenarios, and this fake flu ‘pandemic’ is no exception. It is entirely a creature of the media. Driving in your car is far more likely to hurt you than any flu ever would. CLIP

Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication (January 7, 2008)
BBC's killer documentary called "The Power of Nightmares". Top CIA officials openly admit, Al-qaeda is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time. The Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the Laws so they could go after "the bad guy of their choice" namely laws that had been set in place to protect us from mobs and "criminal organizations" such as the Mafia. They paid Jamal al Fadl, hundreds of thousands of dollars to back the U.S. Government's story of Al-qaeda, a "group" or criminal organization they could "legally" go after. This video documentary is off the hook. See Parts I and II here - also available HERE and you may download it from HERE - So please remember this is all a huge charade - a sick hoax really - when you hear any "authority" spewing out the catch-all dreaded word "Al-qaeda". No network would show this series in the US and no distributor would touch it in the US. As could be expected, this highly acclaimed series initially produced by BBC received criticism, but it was well documented and facts are ... well, facts. They have stood the test of time.

Malaysian Oil Palm Threatens Brazilian Amazon (May 6, 2009) Please TAKE action at the URL below
Malaysia's government owned and subsidized oil palm cooking oil and biofuel industry -- the scourge of Asia and the world's rainforests -- is continuing to expand, this time into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon
Malaysia's Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) will soon break ground on a joint venture with a Brazilian firm to establish 30,000-100,000 hectares (ha; 75,000 - 250,000 acres) of oil palm plantations in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Similar oil palm development continues to devastate Asia-Pacific's rainforests, and increasingly the world, with some thirty square miles of carbon and biodiversity rich habitat being cleared a day to provide cooking oil and transport biodiesel. Oil palm agrofuel is heralded as a climate change mitigation measure, yet the initial rainforest clearance leads to much more carbon release than its production and use avoids. Large scale biofuel production runs counter to urgently addressing climate change and threatens to cause more deforestation, hunger, human rights abuses, and degradation of soil and water. Global ecological sustainability and local well-being depend critically upon ending all industrial development in the world's remaining old forests -- including plantations, logging, mining and dams. The amount of primary and old growth forests that have been lost has already overshot the carrying capacity of Earth. Globally there are not enough old forests to maintain climatic and hydrological cycles, meet local forest dwellers' needs, and to maintain ecosystems and the biosphere in total. Local peoples must be assisted to fully protect, restore and benefit from intact, standing forests.

Astounding new Marine Lightwheel Sighting by US Navy Ship in the Arabian Gulf
(...) I have described the ‘Marine Lightwheel’ phenomenon in detail in previous articles, so will only briefly describe it here for those who haven’t read or heard of it, and since the excellent eyewitness accounts of the Milius’ crew provide a vivid description. Basically, it seems a nearly unbelievable sight to witness, according to those who’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced it. It is a rare phenomenon that can only be seen in waters rich in bioluminescent plankton-type organisms that are apparently agitated in a massive area of the water by an electromagnetically related planetary force that discharges in geometrically configured shapes as far as the eye can see, such as huge rimless rotating wheels, expanding and imploding concentric rings, and spinning spirals among others. The electromagnetic energy of a source open to speculation, causes the bioluminescent organisms to fluoresce with a light greenish blue glow, rapidly moving in the shapes of and revealing the vortically spinning energy systems agitating them to flouresce. The displays can “stretch to the horizon”, moving like “an underwater Disco light show” at speeds “close to the speed of sound”. All made visible by the agitated bioluminescent micro-organisms that fill the water where the, what would otherwise be invisible, seemingly electromagnetic, and wide ranging ‘energy discharges’ occur. There is another enigmatic, long reported, and until only recently called ‘mysterious’, phenomenon known as “Milky Seas”. The strange white glowing waters of ‘Milky Seas’ has been seen in some areas where Lightwheels have also been consistently reported, and these reports also go back many centuries. CLIP - More on this phenomenon in Marine Lightwheels: Crop Circles of the Sea?


Francis Lalanne face à Karl Zéro veut "renverser le Pouvoir qui nous opprime !" et dépolluer la république (17 avril 2009) Génial! Ça décoiffe!!!
Engagement citoyen exemplaire d'un artiste français très bien articulé qui en a ras-le-bol du statu quo gauche/droite sous la houlette des riches corporations et qui s'engage à défendre un nouveau projet de société. Ça VAUT la peine de l'écouter au complet. Un exemple pour le reste de la planète. Vive Lalanne! Voir le blogue de l'Alliance écologiste indépendante. Autres infos et commentaires via ce LIEN.

Film: Silence on vaccine - réalisé par Lina B. Moreco
À la suite de l’apparition d’effets secondaires chez certaines personnes, tels l’autisme ou la sclérose en plaques, doit-on remettre en question les politiques actuelles de vaccination à grande échelle? Alors que de nombreux spécialistes reconnus sonnent l’alarme, les autorités de santé publique et les compagnies pharmaceutiques continuent de faire la sourde oreille. Voir ce film en ligne...
Silence On Vaccine Part 1/5
Part 2/5 - Part 3/5 - Part 4/5 - Part 5/5
Voir aussi Le vaccin GARDASIL fait des victimes de Lina B. Moreco - dont le site web est - et FAIRE CONNAÎTRE!
There is info in English on this movie - Shots in the Dark - at
And a 2 min Trailer at
For more on Gardasil and other vaccine issues visit the National Vaccine Information Center at

Ces nouveaux poisons qui nous entourent - INFORMATIONS PERCUTANTES, VOIRE ANGOISSANTES
Voir ou revoir cette émission en intégralité au URL ci-dessus et un clip de 30 sec ICI
(diffusée le 05/01/2009 en France et le 30/04/09 sur TV5 au Québec)
Des particuliers brûlés par leurs fauteuils importés de Chine, des biberons toxiques, un tribunal qui ordonne le démontage d’une antenne relais au nom du principe de précaution… Notre environnement quotidien est-il en train de nous empoisonner à petit feu ? Consommateurs inquiets, scientifiques alarmistes, lobbying des industriels... Alors qu’il n’y a jamais eu autant d’autorités sanitaires chargées de nous protéger, Complément d’enquête sur ces nouvelles angoisses que suscite le progrès. De la Chine au Canada, de nos magasins aux laboratoires, de l’infiniment petit aux ondes invisibles, faut-il avoir peur de ces nouveaux produits qui ont envahi nos vies ?
- « Le supplice du fauteuil chinois » Ils ont acheté le fauteuil de leur rêve... Mais ils s’y sont brûlés la peau ! Des morts suspectes, plus de 530 blessés en France. En cause, des sachets toxiques dissimulés dans les coussins. Qui est responsable ? Conforama qui les a vendus ? L’usine chinoise qui les a fabriqués ? Ou les autorités qui n’ont pas donné l’alerte ?
« Les ondes de l’angoisse » Ils sont persuadés que les ondes des téléphones mobiles sont responsables de leur mauvaise santé. Que les opérateurs, les scientifiques, les pouvoirs publics leur cachent la vérité ! Les dangers supposés du portable sont-ils un scandale étouffé ? Que savons-nous vraiment de ces ondes omniprésentes ?
« Biberons empoisonnés » Pourquoi tant d’hommes stériles ? De cancers des testicules ? De malformations génitales ? Aujourd’hui, les scientifiques accusent, entre autres, le Bisphénol A, produit toxique invisible présent dans les biberons en plastique depuis 40 ans. Le Canada vient d’interdire ces biberons. Mais pas la France. Pourquoi ?
« Nano problemo ? » L’infiniment petit, c’est l’avenir ! Les nanoparticules de titane ou de carbone aux vertus miraculeuses se retrouvent dans les crèmes cosmétiques, les vêtements ou articles de sport. Mais aucune étiquette n’indique leur présence. Pourquoi ? Ces particules sont-elles inoffensives ?



1. Summary of Swine Flu Scare
2. It's Always 1918 At The CDC
3. The truth about swine flu
4. Politics, Profits & Pandemic Fear Mongering


Relates articles:

Swine flu is same strain in Canada and Mexico (May 6, 2009)
Canadian scientists who sequenced Canadian and Mexican samples of the swine flu virus say it is the same strain, even though the virus seems to cause more severe symptoms in Mexico. Scientists at Health Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg genetically sequenced and compared samples of the H1N1 flu virus from Nova Scotia, Ontario and Mexico. It's the first time the sequence has been completed on samples from Mexico and Canada, said officials during a news conference in Ottawa Wednesday. The results have ruled out a mutation to explain why the Mexican cases have been much more severe than elsewhere, said Dr. Frank Plummer, the chief science adviser of the national lab."Essentially, what it appears to suggest, is that there is nothing at the genetic level that differentiates this virus that we got from Mexico and those from Nova Scotia and Ontario, that explains apparent differences in disease severity between Mexico and Canada and the United States," said Plummer."That's one of the big questions that everybody's been asking, so part of the answer is that it's likely not the virus itself that is explaining the differential and severity of disease between Mexico and the rest of North America."One possibility being considered is that the Mexican victims may have had underlying medical conditions that made them more susceptible to the bug. Mexico has reported 42 deaths from swine flu, while two have been reported in the U.S., including one Mexican infant visiting family in Texas. Canada's cases have all been mild, with the exception of a young Alberta girl who came down with a severe case of the flu. CLIP

Seven - not 159 - swine flu deaths in Mexico (6 May 2009)
How many people have died from swine flu so far? If you believe what you read in the newspapers, you might think around 159 people have died in Mexico from the H1N1 virus. They haven’t – it’s just seven. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Mexico’s own health minister Jose Angel Cordova have confirmed the figure. The WHO’s Vivienne Allan, from its patient safety program, says: “Unfortunately that (150-plus deaths) is incorrect information and it does happen, but that’s not information that’s come from the World Health Organization. I repeat, the death toll is seven and they are all from Mexico.” [NOTE: That statement was made on April 29 - Only 6 media sources around the world have reported this so far!!!] (...) Unless you’re a drug company, you have to wonder why governments – and the media - are acting so irresponsibly. If you’re interested in a conspiracy theory, look no further than Indonesia and its health minister Siti Faldilah Supari who says she has not ruled out the possibility that the H1N1 virus is man-made.

Poverty, Tendency to Self-Medicate Help Drive Up Flu Deaths in Mexico (May 5, 2009)
(...) In Mexico, we are very unaccustomed to going to the hospital. Here, if someone has a cold or anything else, they buy something in the pharmacy, or they leave it be," Flores said. "This is why Mexicans are dying. Because we are very indecisive about going to a hospital until it's too late."Several theories have emerged as to why all but one of the confirmed deaths from swine flu have occurred in Mexico. Much of it is speculation -- that Mexico City's 7,300-foot elevation exacerbates respiratory illnesses, that there may be a slight variation between the viral strain prevalent in Mexico and swine flu elsewhere, that Mexico is further along in disease transmission and other countries will eventually see severe cases. But a critical factor, according to specialists here, is that flu victims have delayed checking into hospitals until their condition has deteriorated so much they cannot be saved. While medicines are plentiful and cheap at Mexican pharmacies, swine flu antiviral medication was often not available or prohibitively expensive. CLIP

The head of the World Health Organisation is warning that there is no room for complacency in the response to human cases of swine flu. (May 4, 2009)
Margaret Chan says the apparent decline in mortality rates does not mean the pandemic is coming to an end, warning that a second wave could strike later in the year "with a vengeance".The WHO says its laboratories have identified a total of 985 swine flu infections in 20 countries, including El Salvador and Colombia, and says there have been 25 confirmed deaths in Mexico. Ms Chan says no-one should lower their guard."If it's going to happen it would be the biggest of all outbreaks the world has faced in the 21st century," Dr Chan told Britain's Financial Times. "We hope the virus fizzles out, because if it doesn't we are heading for a big outbreak. I'm not predicting the pandemic will blow up, but if I miss it and we don't prepare, I fail. I'd rather over-prepare than not prepare." She says the end of the flu season in the northern hemisphere means any initial outbreak could be milder, but a second wave more lethal. Dr Chan says the WHO was basing its assessment on scientific risk and was not scare-mongering, defending its global pandemic alert assessment, which officials have said could soon be raised to the maximum level of six. She says increasing the alert level to six did not mean every country in the world would be affected but was a signal to health authorities to step up control and surveillance measures. Mexican President Felipe Calderon earlier said that the country had contained the epidemic that has killed 22 people and infected 568, while US health officials were "cautiously optimistic" the crisis was easing.

Where Will the Swine Flu Go Next? (April 27, 2009)
AS the swine flu threatens to become the next pandemic, the biggest questions are whether its transmission from human to human will be sustained and, if so, how virulent it might become. But even if this virus were to peter out soon, there is a strong possibility it would only go underground, quietly continuing to infect some people while becoming better adapted to humans, and then explode around the world.What happens next is chiefly up to the virus. But it is up to us to create a vaccine as quickly as possible. (...) The worst influenza pandemic, in 1918, killed 675,000 in the United States. And although no one has a reliable worldwide death toll, the lowest reasonable number is about 35 million, and some scientists believe it killed as many as 100 million — at a time when the world’s population was only a quarter of what it is today. The dead included not only the elderly and infants but also robust young adults.What’s important to keep in mind in assessing the threat of the current outbreak is that all four of the well-known pandemics seem to have come in waves. The 1918 virus surfaced by March and set in motion a spring and summer wave that hit some communities and skipped others. This first wave was extremely mild, more so even than ordinary influenza: of the 10,313 sailors in the British Grand Fleet who became ill, for example, only four died. But autumn brought a second, more lethal wave, which was followed by a less severe third wave in early 1919.The first wave in 1918 was relatively mild, many experts speculate, because the virus had not fully adapted to humans. And as it did adapt, it also became more lethal. However, there is very good evidence that people who were exposed during the first wave developed immunity — much as people get protection from a modern vaccine.A similar kind of immune-building process is the most likely explanation for why, in 1918, only 2 percent of those who contracted the flu died. Having been exposed to other influenza viruses, most people had built up some protection. People in isolated regions, including American Indian reservations and Alaskan Inuit villages, had much higher case mortality — presumably because they had less exposure to influenza viruses. The 1889 pandemic also had a well-defined first wave that was milder than succeeding waves. The 1957 and 1968 pandemics had waves, too, though they were less well defined.In all four instances, the gap between the time the virus was first recognized and a second, more dangerous wave swelled was about six months. It will take a minimum of four months to produce vaccine in any volume, possibly longer, and much longer than that to produce enough vaccine to protect most Americans. The race has begun.

Mexico revises down suspected swine flu deaths (2 May 2009)
Outbreak may be no worse than seasonal flu, says health minister, with deaths under investigation cut from 176 to 101 -- The swine flu outbreak in Mexico may be smaller than initially feared after the country's health minister yesterday revised down the suspected death toll from 176 to 101.There have been 908 tests on suspected cases in Mexico. Of them, 397 turned out to have the virus, health officials said. The Mexican health minister, José Ángel Córdova, said the results were broadly in line with the mortality rate of seasonal flu. But Córdova remained cautious about reading too much into the new figures. "This is a new epidemic, and we can't predict exactly" how it will develop, he said."We need more days to see how it behaves and whether there is really a sustained decline so we can conclude that it's going down," he said. "Apparently the rate of infection is not as widespread as we might have thought."There have been fewer reports of patients checking into hospital with severe flu symptoms, suggesting a decline in the infection rate.Despite this apparently positive news, the World Health Organisation (WHO) today raised its tally of confirmed human cases of swine flu to 615. Previously it said there were 365 confirmed cases. There have been 17 confirmed deaths worldwide. The WHO says 15 countries have reported laboratory-confirmed cases. CLIP

Company warned officials of flu 18 days before alert was issued (1 May 2009)
(...) Veratect, based in Kirkland, Wash., uses a technique known as "data mining" to automatically search tens of thousands of Web sites daily for early signs of looming medical problems or civil unrest anywhere in the world. Anything of interest is turned over to a team of 35 analysts to determine its significance and to post on the company's Web site. The company markets access to its Web site to government agencies, businesses and others and has tried unsuccessfully to sell its service to the CDC, the World Health Organization and the Department of Homeland Security. (...) On April 6, 18 days before the WHO issued its alert, Veratect reported on its Web site a strange outbreak of respiratory disease in La Gloria, Mexico, noting that local residents thought the outbreak was linked to contamination from pig breeding farms nearby.Hart said the information was available to the CDC and many state and local health authorities. The company's server showed an epidemiologist at the Pan American Health Organization, which is part of the World Health Organization, looked at the message about the La Gloria outbreak twice, on April 10 and 11, Hart said. Ten days after the warning was first issued, on April 16, Veratect reported the disease was possibly spreading in Mexico with an "unspecified number of atypical pneumonia cases" detected at a hospital in Oaxaca. Because of the heightened concern, an automated e-mail was sent to 10 people at the CDC to notify them the report was available. With the outbreak apparently spreading, Hart said the company's chief scientist, James Wilson, called people he knew at the CDC's Emergency Operations Center on April 20 to alert them to what was happening in Mexico. At that point, the CDC was focused on possible swine flu events in Texas and California, and a physician at the emergency operations center indicated the CDC was not aware of the spreading outbreak in Mexico, Hart said."We thought this deserved immediate attention and they started looking at it," Hart said. Four days later, the World Health Organization made its announcement. CLIP

Stop, Drop and Roll (May 01, 2009)
While some news outlets have been trying to put the H1N1 flu virus in perspective, others just can't resist a good panic story. They've been contacting New York University Sociology Professor Eric Klinenberg asking him to talk about the widespread panic in reaction to the flu. Only problem, there is no widespread panic. Klinenberg explains.

Putting Swine Flu in Perspective (4 Minute Video)
Congressman Ron Paul gives his thoughts on the swine flu issue.

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda
"Only one person died from the swine flu itself in this 1976 "epidemic," yet more than 30 died of the tainted flu vaccine promoted by the U.S. government. Two short commercials made in 1976 show the bizarre scare tactics used which were far out of proportion to the reality." More on this in Swine flu: Video of 1976 swine flu 'epidemic'

Mexico re-tests swine flu cases (April 28) ONLY 7 DEATHS CAUSED BY "SWINE FLU" ARE CONFIRMED!!!
In Mexico - where the outbreak began - experts are investigating the deaths of about 150 people from suspected swine flu. WHO has so far confirmed only seven deaths were caused by swine flu - but Mexican government officials say 20 deaths can be attributed to the virus. - AND YET... Mexico imposes swine flu measures (28 April 2009)

What Big Pharma and the CDC Forgot to Tell the Doctors -- Tamiflu was developed several years ago after lab tests showed it slowed the replication of viruses in the lab dish. Tests in humans showed it reduced the normal 5 to 7 day course of Flu by 1.5 to 2.5 days. It did not prevent, cure nor reduce the effects of Flu. At best it is a palliative or pain reliever to "treat the symptoms," but not cure to the disease.Most medical doctors mistakenly believe in the "anti-body" response of the immune system as the method by which the body fights viral infections. But not so. The body causes a fever above 101 degrees which stops the telomeres on the ends of the virus from allowing any viral replication.The fever is the human or mammalian body's primary generalized immune system response to any viral infection. Any palliative treatment which reduces the fever of flu infections will prolong the infection and may lead to irreparable damage or death, mostly from the resulting viral pneumonia. But the pneumonia was caused by lowering the fever and allowing uncontrolled viral replication in the lungs. Most cold and flu medications, including aspirin and Tamiflu are in this palliative class.In the last two years, doctors have been treating patients who have H5N1 Bird Flu. The results are that 50% or half of the treated patients die of viral pneumonia. Were the deaths caused by a "new" more virulent strain of Bird Flu or was it the "new" use of a new anti-viral called Tamiflu? A good doctor would know the difference.

TAMIFLU Manufacturing Predicted a 531% Sales Increase in 2009 (29-4-2009)
The following is from the Annual Report from 2008; on page 3 it shows predicted growth of 531%. What could they have done to know of this pending need in 2009. Page 3 is a interesting read... This definitely smells of pre-planning to me.

Swine Flu Virus: CDC Recommendations Questioned (May 1, 2009)
Swine flu virus questions. The CDC recommends Tamiflu for prevention and treatment of swine flu, as they did with the avian flu several years ago. Yet at the height of the avian flu scare, European researchers conducted a review of numerous studies of of anti-viral medications, which was then published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet on Jan. 19, 2006. According to this review of 51 randomized controlled trials, Tamiflu was useless against the avian flu and many other flus. Contrary to the CDC, their recommendation was not to use Tamiflu. What about now? Swine Flu: A Pandemic of Fear -- Intense media coverage of the swine flu has driven a pandemic wave of fear across our nation and world. Following the CDC's recommendations, people with a cough or a cold are staying home from work, some paralyzed by fear that they might die in the impending pandemic being predicted by newspapers and TV news programs around the world. Yet what or who is really behind the swine flu and this pandemic of fear? And why is the CDC recommending Tamiflu for prevention and treatment when it's use with avian and other flus has been found to be ineffective in numerous studies? And most important, what can we do about it?(...) And then there were the deaths not from the flu or drug resistant strains, but from the side effects of Tamiflu. According to a report in Australia's respected Sydney Morning Herald on March 1, 2007, there were 18 juvenile fatalities linked to side effects of Tamiflu in 17 months. And though the U.S. media largely failed to report it, Japan banned Tamiflu for teenagers that same month. According the the official Tamiflu website, "people with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior."Yet governments spent billions of dollars stockpiling Tamiflu even after all this information was reported. According to a Feb. 2, 2007 New York Times report, the U.S. government at the time was creating a $1.4 billion stockpile of Tamiflu, while admitting that "it is useful only when taken within the first 48 hours, and Tamiflu-resistant strains of the flu have already been found in Vietnam and in Egypt." That's $1.4 billion tax dollars being spent on a drug of questionable effectiveness. Other countries cumulatively also spent massive amounts on the drug.According to the pharmaceutical company which owns exclusive distribution rights to the drug, Roche Laboratories, Tamiflu's shelf life is 48 months, so all the medications stockpiled may eventually be useless. How many hundreds of millions of dollars will go to waste? How much more money will flow into the coffers of the major pharmaceuticals as a result of the current scare? And why are so few questioning the recommendation of Tamiflu to prevent and treat swine flu when conclusive studies have not been carried out? CLIP

What are the side effects of Tamiflu?
"Adverse drug reactions include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache - rarer reactions include hepatitis and liver disorder, rash, severe allergic reactions, and Stephen-Johnson Syndrome (often fatal detachment of skin)... other ADRs reported in post-marketing surveillance including: toxic epidermal necrolysis (skin falling off), irregular heartbeat, seizure, confusion, abnormal behavior, inability to walk, convulsion, loss of consciousness, hallucination, aggravation of diabetes, and haemorrhagic colitis (digestive disorders)." - From Wikipedia and FDA reports - Would it surprise anybody here to find out that one of the largest shareholders of Gilead Sciences is Donald Rumsfeld?

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
(...) Much Fear Mongering Being Promoted - I suspect you have likely been alarmed by the media's coverage of the swine flu scare. It has a noticeable subplot - preparing you for draconian measures to combat a future pandemic as well as forcing you to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations.On April 27, Time magazine published an article which discusses how dozens died and hundreds were injured from vaccines as a result of the 1976 swine flu fiasco, when the Ford administration attempted to use the infection of soldiers at Fort Dix as a pretext for a mass vaccination of the entire country. Despite acknowledging that the 1976 farce was an example of “how not to handle a flu outbreak”, the article still introduces the notion that officials “may soon have to consider whether to institute draconian measures to combat the disease”. Fear has become so widespread that Egypt has ordered the slaughter of the country's 300,000 pigs, even though no cases have been reported there. Fortunately some respectable journalists recognize this and are seeking to spread a voice of reason to the fear that is being promoted in the majority of the media (...) More People Died From the Swine Flu Vaccine than Swine Flu!It is very difficult to forecast a pandemic, and a rash response can be extremely damaging. To put things into perspective, malaria kills 3,000 people EVERY DAY, and it's considered "a health problem"... But of course, there are no fancy vaccines for malaria that can rake in billions of dollars in a short amount of time. One Australian news source, for example, states that even a mild swine flu epidemic could lead to the deaths of 1.4 million people and would reduce economic growth by nearly $5 trillion dollars.Give me a break, if this doesn't sound like the outlandish cries of the pandemic bird-flu I don't know what does. Do you remember when President Bush said two million Americans would die as a result of the bird flu?In 2005, in 2006, 2007, and again in 2008, those fears were exposed as little more than a cruel hoax, designed to instill fear, and line the pocketbooks of various individuals and industry. I became so convinced by the evidence AGAINST the possibility of a bird flu pandemic that I wrote a New York Times bestselling book, The Bird Flu Hoax, all about the massive fraud involved with the epidemic that never happened.. CLIP

Novartis to develop flu vaccine (April 27, 2009)
A Novartis spokesman said, 'We are in contact with the WHO on the development of a vaccine.' SWISS pharmaceutical giant Novartis on Monday said it had been contacted by the World Health Organisation to develop a vaccine against the deadly swine flu virus. 'We are in contact with the WHO on the development of a vaccine,' said a Novartis spokesman. CLIP

Swine flu fear catching fast in weak world economy (April 28, 2009)
Fears of flu pandemic threaten new storm for global economy just as clouds seem to be parting -- NEW YORK (AP) -- The swine flu outbreak is unleashing a side effect the global economy is in no condition to handle: fear.Travelers are canceling or delaying trips to Mexico, Cuba banned all flights to its neighbor and Argentina announced Tuesday a five-day ban on flights arriving from Mexico. China, Russia and South Korea have banned imports of some North American pork, despite assurances that the flu is not spread through meat. Investors just starting to regain their nerve have again caught the jitters.The threat of a pandemic comes just as the world economy is showing the barest glimmerings of what analysts say might be the light at the end of what remains a long, dark tunnel. And now this."This is just another negative shock when the economy can least afford another negative shock," said Jay Bryson, global economist at Wachovia Corp.So far, fear of the flu is at least as responsible for the economic disruption as the disease itself. CLIP

Swine flu outbreak. The truth is ugly. (28 Apr 2009)
Unless you live on Planet Zod (somewhere the other side of the galaxy), you will know there is growing international concern, amounting almost to panic, that we are facing a deadly worldwide pandemic of swine flu. The actual figures, as of today Apr. 27th, are: 1,614 cases and 103 deaths (not all confirmed as swine flu). After years of trying to will into existence a pandemic of avian flu, the media loonies have finally got what they wanted: something to scream and wring their hands about, trying to induce fear and despair in the population they seek to mind-control. There is nothing the media likes more than fear and panic. They try to create it, every day, in the news and on television. Living here in the USA, I laugh sometimes. If there is nothing to be scared of that day, they drag up past miseries, instead of saying "It's been a great day folks. Go home and sleep peacefully". In the hurricane season, if nothing is blowing in, they run stories of past hurricanes, over and over and over, just in case the population should relax and start to behave normally. That said, the media in the USA is almost totally censored by control from the owners. The population is told there are dangers and threats on every hand. They are NOT told that most of this hysteria is full-on lies and counterfeit stories. They are CERTAINLY not told that there are plenty of solutions to the dangers posed.What lies hidden, covered up by your leaders, can certainly cause trouble and even kill you. (...) I didn't believe the stories of deliberately manufactured AIDS disease: but I have no choice, as a scientist, except to grasp the fact that in this outbreak could have been caused when somebody deliberately released a contrived artificial virus into the population. I mean, maybe the Baxter story is just a ruse, a device, to deflect attention from the fact that the power elite are working on this program and have just ordered the release of this "mass extermination" agent. Not that I am saying that Baxter might be innocent; goofs of such magnitude are criminal, not merely a slip up. But this story already smacks of dirty, dark hidden layers upon layers, and I doubt very much that the Baxter plot is any more than the tip of a very nasty iceberg. Meanwhile, if there is a high-up conspiracy, President Obama doesn't seem to be in on it. On Apr. 16th Obama was received at Mexico's anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist, who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu. The president seems to have been closer to contact with the mutant virus than almost anyone else in the USA! CLIP

For La Gloria, the stench of blame is from pig factories (29 April 2009)
(...) Starting in February, one in six of the 3,000 residents reported health problems. The government initially dismissed the spike as a late-season rise in ordinary flu, but by April, health officials sealed off the town and sprayed chemicals to kill the flies that residents said were swarming about their homes. The business practices of Smithfield are a far cry from its origins, lovingly recounted in sepia-tinted prose on its corporate website. "The Luter family of Smithfield, Virginia, has been curing and selling hams since the turn of the century," it says. The reports of swarming flies, terrible smells and pictures of rotting pigs left scattered around the perimeter of its industrialised pig farms in Mexico are echoes of the concerns that have long been troubling environmental activisits, campaigning against Smithfield in all the countries in which it operates, not least in the US. Critics say that – even on top of any questions about the humane treatment of the pigs – the sheer quantities of manure that have to be disposed of when thousands, or tens of thousands, of animals are housed together make it impossible to run this business in a safe way. The manure is collected in a lake underneath the pig pens and then washed into giant pools or lagoons. It is eventually sprayed on nearby fields, but the lagoons have a habit of leaking or flooding. CLIP

Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms (April 29, 2009)
(...) Then, most revealingly, the aspect of the story which has been largely ignored by major media, they reported, ‘Residents believed the outbreak had been caused by contamination from pig breeding farms located in the area. They believed that the farms, operated by Granjas Carroll, polluted the atmosphere and local water bodies, which in turn led to the disease outbreak. According to residents, the company denied responsibility for the outbreak and attributed the cases to "flu." However, a municipal health official stated that preliminary investigations indicated that the disease vector was a type of fly that reproduces in pig waste and that the outbreak was linked to the pig farms.’4Since the dawn of American ‘agribusiness,’ a project initiated with funding by the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1950s to turn farming into a pure profit maximization business, US pig or hog production has been transformed into a highly efficient, mass production industrialized enterprise from birth to slaughter. Pigs are caged in what are called Factory Farms, industrial concentrations which are run with the efficiency of a Dachau or Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. They are all conceived by artificial insemination and once born, are regularly injected with antibiotics, not because of illnesses which abound in the hyper-crowded growing pens, but in order to make them grow and add weight faster. Turn around time to slaughter is a profit factor of highest priority. The entire operation is vertically integrated from conception to slaughter to transport distribution to supermarket. Granjas Carroll de Mexico (GCM) happens to be such a Factory Farm concentration facility for hogs. In 2008 they produced almost one million factory hogs, 950,000 according to their own statistics. GCM is a joint venture operation owned 50% by the world’s largest pig producing industrial company, Smithfield Foods of Virginia. The pigs are grown in a tiny rural area of Mexico, a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and primarily trucked across the border to supermarkets in the USA, under the Smithfields’ family of labels. Most American consumers have no idea where the meat was raised. CLIP

Flying Pigs and the WHO - Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms Part II (May 4, 2009) MUST READ!
(...) As the GRAIN study notes, because concentrated animal feeding operations tend to concentrate large numbers of animals close together, they are ideal breeding grounds for toxins and virulent pathogens. In 2003 Science magazine warned that swine flu was ‘on a new evolutionary ‘fast track’ due to the increasing size of factory farms and the widespread use of vaccines in these operations.’ It’s the same story with bird flu, where huge industrial CAFO Factory Farms with tens of thousands of chickens breed toxic waste galore. Smithfield Foods, the world’s biggest hog butcher and CAFO owner has an impressive track record of violations of health and safety including water safety laws. In the USA, the world’s largest pig CAFO is in Tar Heel, North Carolina. According to local reports the town could easily be renamed Pig Waste, N.C. given the scale of fecal waste and combined matter Smithfield Foods’ Tar Heel CAFO emits locally. As Jeff Tietz, in an analysis of the pig waste problem calculated, ‘the best estimates put Smithfield's total waste discharge at 26 million tons a year. That would fill four Yankee Stadiums. Even when divided among the many small pig production units that surround the company's slaughterhouses, that is not a containable amount.’ Tietz adds, ‘So prodigious is its fecal waste, however, that if the company treated its effluvia as big-city governments do -- even if it came marginally close to that standard -- it would lose money. So many of its contractors allow great volumes of waste to run out of their slope-floored barns and sit blithely in the open, untreated, where the elements break it down and gravity pulls it into groundwater and river systems. Although the company proclaims a culture of environmental responsibility, ostentatious pollution is a linchpin of Smithfield's business model.’ The problem, he and other critics of CAFO pollutants stress, is not just normal pig waste, but waste combined with staggering volumes of antibiotics and toxic chemicals used by Smithfield Foods and similar industrial CAFO operations to maximize ‘efficiency.’ Tietz notes, ‘A lot of pig shit is one thing; a lot of highly toxic pig shit is another. The excrement of Smithfield hogs is hardly even pig shit: On a continuum of pollutants, it is probably closer to radioactive waste than to organic manure. The reason it is so toxic is Smithfield's efficiency. The company produces 6 billion pounds of packaged pork each year. That's a remarkable achievement, a prolificacy unimagined only two decades ago, and the only way to do it is to raise pigs in astonishing, unprecedented concentrations.’ The degrees of concentration in the Smithfield Foods vertically integrated pig meat concentrations have little to do with traditional hog farming. In facilities now spread around the world, Smithfield's pigs live by the hundreds or thousands in warehouse-like barns, in rows of wall-to-wall pens. Sows are artificially inseminated and fed and delivered of their piglets in cages so small they cannot turn around. As Tietz notes, ‘Forty fully grown 250-pound male hogs often occupy a pen the size of a tiny apartment. They trample each other to death. There is no sunlight, straw, fresh air or earth. The floors are slatted to allow excrement to fall into a catchment pit under the pens, but many things besides excrement can wind up in the pits: afterbirths, piglets accidentally crushed by their mothers, old batteries, broken bottles of insecticide, antibiotic syringes, stillborn pigs -- anything small enough to fit through the foot-wide pipes that drain the pits. The pipes remain closed until enough sewage accumulates in the pits to create good expulsion pressure; then the pipes are opened and everything bursts out into a large holding pond.’ He continues on the toxic CAFO conditions: ‘They become susceptible to infection, and in such dense quarters microbes or parasites or fungi, once established in one pig, will rush sprite-like through the whole population. Accordingly, factory pigs are infused with a huge range of antibiotics and vaccines, and are doused with insecticides. Without these compounds -- oxytetracycline, draxxin, ceftiofur, tiamulin -- diseases would likely kill them. Thus factory-farm pigs remain in a state of dying until they're slaughtered. When a pig nearly ready to be slaughtered grows ill, workers sometimes shoot it up with as many drugs as necessary to get it to the slaughterhouse under its own power. As long as the pig remains ambulatory, it can be legally killed and sold as meat.’ CLIP

Pork's Dirty Secret: The nation's top hog producer is also one of America's worst polluters NOTE: Joseph Luter, the founder of Smithfield, is a walking megalomaniac monster, the worst environmental polluter and animal torturer this planet has ever known! Reading this may induce vomiting!
(...) Smithfield's expansion was unique in the history of the industry: Between 1990 and 2005, it grew by more than 1,000 percent. In 1997 it was the nation's seventh-largest pork producer; by 1999 it was the largest. Smithfield now kills one of every four pigs sold commercially in the United States. As Smithfield expanded, it consolidated its operations, clustering millions of fattening hogs around its slaughterhouses. Under Luter, the company was turning into a great pollution machine: Smithfield was suddenly producing unheard-of amounts of pig shit laced with drugs and chemicals. According to the EPA, Smithfield's largest farm-slaughterhouse operation -- in Tar Heel, North Carolina -- dumps more toxic waste into the nation's water each year than all but three other industrial facilities in America. (...) We climb to 2,000 feet and head toward the densest concentration of hogs in the world. The landscape at first is unsuspiciously pastoral -- fields planted in corn or soybeans or cotton, tree lines staking creeks, a few unincorporated villages of prefab houses. But then we arrive at the global locus of hog farming, and the countryside turns into an immense subdivision for pigs. Hog farms that contract with Smithfield differ slightly in dimension but otherwise look identical: parallel rows of six, eight or twelve one-story hog houses, some nearly the size of a football field, containing as many as 10,000 hogs, and backing onto a single large lagoon. From the air I see that the lagoons come in two shades of pink: dark or Pepto Bismol -- vile, freaky colors in the middle of green farmland.From the plane, Smithfield's farms replicate one another as far as I can see in every direction. Visibility is about four miles. I count the lagoons. There are 103. That works out to at least 50,000 hogs per square mile. You could fly for an hour, Dove says, and all you would see is corporate hog operations, with little towns of modular homes and a few family farms pinioned amid them.Studies have shown that lagoons emit hundreds of different volatile gases into the atmosphere, including ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. A single lagoon releases many millions of bacteria into the air per day, some resistant to human antibiotics. Hog farms in North Carolina also emit some 300 tons of nitrogen into the air every day as ammonia gas, much of which falls back to earth and deprives lakes and streams of oxygen, stimulating algal blooms and killing fish. (...) In addition to such impressive disasters, corporate hog farming contributes to another form of environmental havoc: Pfiesteria piscicida, a microbe that, in its toxic form, has killed a billion fish and injured dozens of people. Nutrient-rich waste like pig shit creates the ideal environment for Pfiesteria to bloom: The microbe eats fish attracted to algae nourished by the waste. Pfiesteria is invisible and odorless -- you know it by the trail of dead. The microbe degrades a fish's skin, laying bare tissue and blood cells; it then eats its way into the fish's body. After the 1995 spill, millions of fish developed large bleeding sores on their sides and quickly died. Fishermen found that at least one of Pfiesteria's toxins could take flight: Breathing the air above the bloom caused severe respiratory difficulty, headaches, blurry vision and logical impairment. Some fishermen forgot how to get home; laboratory workers exposed to Pfiesteria lost the ability to solve simple math problems and dial phones; they forgot their own names. It could take weeks or months for the brain and lungs to recover. CLIP

The Bush bio-weapon attack is failing; laws of nature are prevailing (04/30/2009)
The bio-weapon released in Mexico and Switzerland and other places by the Bush/Clinton crime gang is not going to lead to a pandemic, a senior bio-weapon researcher says. The researcher, who was part of the team that developed HIV in the 1950's to 60's says the Bush/Clinton Nazis have been trying to carry out a mass genocide via disease for 50 years but had failed. HIV, for example was supposed to depopulate Africa but it failed to do so because the dormant period was 28 years. The reason is the laws of evolution favor weaker versions of a disease so all the bio-weapons have been attenuating, that is getting weaker over time. For example, in the case of bird flu, sick birds cannot fly far so the viruses that let the birds fly the farthest spread further and faster. The same thing is already happening to the "swine flu" bio-weapon. There will be no pandemic despite the desperate efforts of the Bush/Clinton crime family to create panic. The virus was released in retaliation for dozens of arrests of senior Bush cronies, according to an NSA source.

Quarantine decision will be left to the locals (April 29, 2009)
Involuntary isolation an option if swine flu explodes into major epidemic -- Quarantine may seem the stuff of mediocre melodramas, but if the swine flu explodes into an epidemic, involuntary isolation could become a reality for more than a few unlucky Americans.So far the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the death of a 23-month-old child in Texas and 68 documented cases of swine flu in the United States, with at least seven people hospitalized. In New York, Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden announced that "many hundreds" of New York City schoolchildren are sick with suspected cases of swine flu. Across the country, in Los Angeles, the coroner's office is investigating two possible deaths. But states say they are ready to protect the public if the infection intensifies. CLIP

H1N1 Flu. A Tale of Evolution, Economics, Power Politics and International Law (May 4, 2009)
(...) "Viruses of the classical H1N1 lineage were virtually the exclusive cause of swine influenza (in the United States and Canada) from the time of their initial isolation in 1930 through 1998." The emergence of novel swine influenza viruses in North America. PMID: 12034486So why not tell the truth?Because what's really on the table is the profitability of large scale industrial animal husbandry, never mind international travel and other trade. Strategies for passive population reduction are also part of the play of course, but more as an opportunistic sidebar. Industrial animal husbandry includes hog and poultry barns as well as cattle feedlots. Large scale operations crowd 10's of thousands of animals together, pump them full of antibiotics, antivirals and vaccines to keep them alive, and force-feed them for slaughter to provide meat for our tables. The practice is defended as "efficient" and economically necessary. Unfortunately, such conditions virtually guarantee the creation of new, and often virulent, diseases. Far more reliably than laboratory petri dishes, industrial animal husbandry operations literally force microbes and viruses to mutate, thereby initiating and accelerating the evolutionary process and creating new diseases. These new diseases sometimes infect people. The role industrial agricultural practices play in creating human diseases has been known for decades - long enough to determine that current practices are dangerously unsustainable. CLIP

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz
Note: Dr. Horowitz has posted an Open Reply to Detractors Regarding OxySilver Promotions where he explains at length his reasons for promoting OxySilver whenever he can. Here is below the notice posted with his video above...
This unprecedented H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak implicates the Ango-American Vaccine Pipeline, says world leading consumer health protector, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Consider the skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc., precipitated by dozens of alleged flu deaths in Mexico. Then investigate the leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers manipulating, mutating, and distributing these viruses. The evidence compels you, for the benefit of public health and safety to seriously consider, even decree, a conspiracy to commit genocide, according to this Harvard trained expert in emerging diseases.Here, Dr. Horowitz urges an investigation of Dr. James S. Robertson, Englands leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative biodefense contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). These suspects helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that is allegedly spreading to the United States at the time of this posting. The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the company's new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts. Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its biosimulars through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavax's Vice President of Global Influenza Programs. Descriptions of this virus is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertsons circle of friends, Dr. Horowitz charges. No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then reverse engineers them to infect humans. The end product could only have ended up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. The CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Brights team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.

Dr. Len Horowitz Debunks Avian Flu Hysteria Campaign (October 11, 2005)

Grippe aviaire et Nouvel Ordre Mondial - La version française de cet article du Dr Horowitz...
(...) Si la grippe aviaire devient réellement une pandémie redoutable, ce sera à la suite d'une volonté politique délibérée. Par cet article, nous pouvons être mieux informés sur le prochain génocide "médicalement assisté" CLIP



Summary of Swine Flu Scare

Dr. Rima Recommends (Find out who Dr Rima is HERE) - May 3, 2009

4 Out of 4 GOOD Doctors Agree.....

Living in a Time of Wonder. I wonder how and why:

1. Deaths in Mexico have gone from 168 to 16. Now that is REAL healing! Where are the hundreds of deaths the MMD (media of mass deception) were originally reporting? Where are the thousands of deaths they predicted?

2. CDC said that we should expect to see more severe cases of the Swine Flu on April 26 despite the fact that NONE of the cases they have identified are at all severe.

"We are seeing more cases of swine flu, and we expect to see more cases of swine flu," said Richard Besser, Director of the CDC, at a White House briefing. "I would expect that over time we are going to see more severe disease in this country."

3. CDC prepared a "seed stock by April 24, just 10 days after the previously unknown disease was identified. Here's is what it takes to prepare a seed stock:

"Scientists first have to decide which flu strains to use in the vaccine-they typically pick three, based on predictions of how the virus will evolve by next year. (It's still unclear whether they'll include the swine flu in next year's seasonal flu vaccine.) They then inject the strains into chicken embryos, wait for them to multiply, and extract them several days later to create a so-called "seed stock." Pretty good work for 10 days, I shouldn't wonder!

4. CDC "justified" declaring a "Health Emergency" on April 27, just 13 days after the "novel" Swine Flu was first "discovered" in a rural town in Mexico.

5. Meriden Company would be able to produce a Swine Flu Virus in just six weeks on April 28. Here is what it takes to produce a vaccine AFTER the seed stock is produced: " inject the [viral] strains into chicken embryos, wait for them to multiply, and extract them several days later to create a so-called "seed stock." Then comes testing on lab animals, followed by any necessary adjustments to the stock. (Haste can have a price: During the swine flu outbreak of 1976, 500 people who got vaccinated developed a disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome, and 25 of them died.)

Once researchers have finalized the vaccine, they repeat the embryo injection process millions of times. So even if they finalize the vaccine in June, it will take at least until September to produce the first 50 million or so doses. Producing all 600 million doses-enough to give Americans the usual two shots-would take months longer.[Note that no testing in humans or other animals is involved in this schedule]

A new experimental method would grow the virus in individual cells instead of eggs. That process is a lot faster-it could shave weeks off the time it takes to create the seed stock-since cell cultures grow faster than eggs. But that method hasn't been approved yet by the FDA, and there are still doubts about its effectiveness." [Once again, using this vaccine at this stage would mean approving it in the absence of any animal or human testing]

6. WHO raised the alert level to Phase 5, the start of a
Pandemic, on April 29 with one alleged death and only 91 confirmed human cases of a mild, inconsequential flu, with one death. At the moment the Phase 5 start of the Pandemic was created, countries reporting laboratory-confirmed cases with no deaths are: Austria (1), Canada (13), Germany (3), Israel (2), New Zealand (3), Spain (4) and the U.K. (5)

7. WHO changed the name of the current "Pandemic" from "Swine Flu" to "H1N1Influenza" because the name "cause an unwarranted clampdown on pork trade" on April 30.

8. Hawaii's Governor, Linda Lingle, said that WHO was considering raising the alert status of the "Pandemic" to Level 6 on May 1 despite the lack of any meaningful threat.

Saving the Best for Last

I wonder at the total absurdity of the following article, printed without change (make sure to read the last sentence!):

9. Ohio health officials say two more cases of H1N1, formerly known as swine flu, have been confirmed in Ohio. That brings the state's total to three. The victims are 31 years old and 33 years old, both are men and both are from Franklin County, near Columbus. Health officials confirmed, last week, a nine year old boy from Elyria has H1N1.

Pennsylvania health officials say there are still no confirmed cases of swine flu in the commonwealth, although they are listing five Philadelphia-area cases as probable. All cases reported so far have been in Philadelphia or Montgomery County.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the outbreak continues to grow in the U.S. Officials gave an update Saturday afternoon and say they now have 160 confirmed cases of H1N1 in 21 states. MD/CDC Interim Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, said, "The point is that the majority of cases don't have direct contact with Mexico. They didn't travel to Mexico. It is much more likely that people are getting this particular infection now from somebody who has no...from somebody within their own communities."

The World Health Organization has confirmed more than 700 cases of H1N1 flu worldwide so far, in at least 15 countries. And now, Canada officials say pigs have been infected and are under quarantine. It's the first known case of pigs having the virus."




It's Always 1918 At The CDC

By William L. Anderson -- 5-3-9

Wherever one turns, whether it is on the broadcast news or the Internet, we are bombarded with Swine Flu stories. Government tells us not to "panic," while it simultaneously engages in activities meant to spread widespread fear.

Indeed, as Robert Higgs has written, the very basis of government rests upon cultivating human fear:

The people who have the effrontery to rule us, who call themselves our government, understand this basic fact of human nature (about fear). They exploit it, and they cultivate it. Whether they compose a warfare state or a welfare state, they depend on it to secure popular submission, compliance with official dictates, and, on some occasions, affirmative cooperation with the state's enterprises and adventures. Without popular fear, no government could endure more than twenty-four hours. David Hume taught that all government rests on public opinion, but that opinion, I maintain, is not the bedrock of government. Public opinion itself rests on something deeper: fear.

If one wishes to "test" Professor Higgs' proposition, one needs to look no further than the actions of the Centers for Disease Control, which claims to be in a constant state of readiness in order to protect us from the next pandemic. At the CDC, it always is 1918, and an outbreak of "Spanish Flu" or something like it is just around the corner.

A visit to the CDC's website shows that the CDC has placed the latest outbreak of Swine Flu front-and-center. News reports monitor the every word of the CDC "experts" who are bombarded with questions about whether or not this is the "Big One." My sense is that the "experts," the media, and everyone else in the Flu chain will be disappointed when this turns out to be another overblown "crisis" that governments have foisted upon us right-and-left.

One must remember that for many years, the CDC has been creating vast emergency "plans" that are supposed to swing into action the minute that a rumor is afloat that someone, somewhere, has the flu. Politicians and media figures also want a cut of the action and make sure that they keep the issue before us, telling us "what we need to know."

Actually, what we need to know is that government is the last thing we need in our faces if there is a real pandemic. That is because governments played a major role in creating the conditions that turned the "Spanish Flu" situation of 1918 into a world-wide tragedy that led to the death of millions. If government is to trot out its "war emergency" model as the way to "protect" us from the flu, perhaps we need to be reminded of how well that model works - in making sure lots of people become sick and die.

Most people don't remember 1918 as the year the flu pandemic began; they remember it as the year that World War I ended. This was the "War to End All Wars," or so it was called, when a more appropriate title might have been the "War to Permanently Expand the State." More than 10 million soldiers died on the battlefields of Europe and millions of civilians died deaths of starvation or were killed in the crossfire.

Since war is a tool of the state, we safely and honestly can say that the calamities of World War I were state-created. Unfortunately, people did not just die from bullets, artillery shells, bombs, and even starvation. Across the globe, the war resulted in vast swaths of malnourishment as crops were diverted from civilian populations to the huge armies strung across Europe. At the same time, once-productive croplands in Europe were reduced to moonscapes as the armies obliterated the land.

But governments were not satisfied with the sheer amount of physical and human destruction. Indeed, the government made things worse through lies, and nowhere was that more apparent that the lies told by state agents in order to "prevent panic" from the onrushing flu epidemic. As Wikipedia points out:

The Great Influenza was the source of much fear in citizens around the world. Further inflaming that fear was the fact that governments and health officials were downplaying the influenza. While the panic from World War I was dwindling, governments attempted to keep morale up by spreading lies and dismissing the influenza. On September 11, 1918, Washington officials reported that the Spanish Influenza had arrived in the city. The following day, roughly thirteen million men across the country lined up to register for the war draft, providing the influenza with an efficient way to spread. However, the influenza had little impact upon institutions and organizations. While medical scientists did rapidly attempt to discover a cure or vaccine, there were virtually no changes in the government or corporations. Additionally, the political and military events were fairly unaffected due to the impartiality of the disease, which affected both sides alike.

Exacerbating the crisis in this country was the crowding of American troops onto ships following the war's end, which was guaranteed to spread the sickness and help it spread when the soldiers reached the USA. On the home front, huge war bond rallies in large cities brought people into very close proximity with each other, allowing the flu to spread rapidly. On one end, the government helped to create the conditions that spread the flu; on the other hand, agents representing the state lied about those conditions.

By the war's end, Germany was near starvation (and many people did starve to death during the British blockade that lasted well into 1919), and about a half-million civilians succumbed to the sickness in that country. It is estimated that 16 million people in India died of the pandemic.

Yet, when it raises the prospect of a repeat of this very horror, governments engage in more lies. We forget that life expectancy in the United States was in the mid-50s for white males and less than 50 for black men. In countries elsewhere, and especially in Asia and Africa, life expectancy was much shorter. Medical care at that time was primitive compared to what we have today, even in poor countries, and it was not uncommon in that era for people to be exposed to epidemics that pretty much have disappeared today.

Even with those odds, the mortality rate during the 1918-1920 pandemic was estimated at between 2.5 and 5 percent. We can be assured today that not only would fewer people become sick, but even fewer people would die. In other words, even at its worst, the current outbreak of Swine Flu, while bad, is not going to turn into a pandemic no matter what CNN and the CDC try to tell us.

We supposedly live in an age of "enlightened" government, yet governments in 1918 allegedly were "enlightened," too, and that was at the height of the "Progressive Era." The real problem, however, was that those "enlightened" governments had created the very conditions that served as the tinderbox to ignite this pandemic.

If anything, governments today seek to restrict human freedom even more so than did governments of that era, as bad as they were. President Obama, like his predecessor, would have no problem grabbing "emergency" powers in order to fight this supposed onslaught of disease. Emergency plans hatched in the bowels of the CDC bureaucracy await implementation, which would release the inner dictator that resides in the hearts of thousands of bureaucrats across the country.

I doubt seriously that any plan by government can or will lessen the impact of this current "epidemic," if we can call it that. However, I also have no doubt that if emergency plans are kicked into place, it will be much easier for the government to call for further states of emergency, with the threshold becoming lower and lower. That we should fear much more than the Swine Flu.

William L. Anderson, PhD, teaches economics at Frostburg State University in Maryland, and is an adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He also is a consultant with American Economic Services.



From: Alice Jay - (
Date: 05 May 2009
Subject: The truth about swine flu

Evidence is emerging that traces swine flu to giant factory pig farms that are dirty, dangerous, and inhumane.

Dear friends,
No-one yet knows whether swine flu will become a global pandemic, but it is becoming clear where it came from – most likely a giant pig factory farm run by an American multinational corporation in Veracruz, Mexico.(1)

These factory farms are disgusting and dangerous, and they're rapidly multiplying. Thousands of pigs are brutally crammed into dirty warehouses and sprayed with a cocktail of drugs -- posing a health risk to more than just our food -- they and their manure lagoons create the perfect conditions to breed dangerous new viruses like swine flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) must investigate and develop regulations for these farms to protect global health.

Big agrobusiness will try to obstruct and scuttle any attempts at reform, so we need a massive outcry that health authorities can't ignore. Sign the petition below for investigation and regulation of factory farms and tell your friends and family and we will deliver it to the UN agencies. If we reach 200,000 signatures we will deliver it to the WHO in Geneva with a herd of cardboard pigs. For every 1000 petition signatures we will add a pig to the herd:

Last week the flu was all that we talked about -- Mexico has been nearly paralysed and across the world leaders halted air travel, banned pork imports and initiated drastic controls to mitigate the spreading virus. As the threat shows signs of subsiding the question becomes where it came from and how we stop another outbreak.

Smithfield Corporation, the largest pig producer in the world whose farm is being fingered as the source of the H1N1 outbreak, denies any connection between their pigs and the flu and big agrobusiness worldwide pays huge sums of money for research to argue that biosafety is ensured in industrial hog production. But the WHO has been saying for years that 'a new pandemic is inevitable'(2) and experts from the European Commission and the FAO have cautioned that the rapid move from small holdings to industrial pig production is in fact increasing the risk of development and transmission of disease epidemics. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that scientists still do not know the extent that infectious compounds produced in factory farms affect human health.(3)

Studies abound of the horrific conditions endured by pigs in concentrated large-scale operations, and the devastating economic impact on small farmer communities of bloated large-scale operations.(4) Smithfield itself has already been fined $12.6m and is currently under another federal investigation in the US for toxic environmental damage from pig excrement lakes.(5)

But even with all of this damaging evidence, a combination of increased global meat consumption and a powerful industry motivated by profit at the cost of human health, means that instead of being shut down - these sickening factory farm operations are propagating around the world and we are subsidising them (6). In the wake of this swine flu threat, let's hold industrial pig producers to account. Sign the petition for investigation and regulation:

If we resolve this global health crisis boldly by reassessing our food consumption and production, and urgently calling for an inquiry into the impact of factory farms on human health, we could put in place tough farm practice rules that will save the global population from future animal borne lethal pandemics.

in hope,

Alice, Pascal, Graziela, Paul, Brett, Ben, Ricken, Iain, Paula, Luis, Raj, Veronique, Milena, Margaret, Taren and the whole Avaaz team

(1) Biosurveillance report tracing the disease to the Smithfields farm:
Reports on the link between the Mexican factory farm and the flu:,0,1701782.story

(2) WHO pandemic information

(3) FAO, EC and CDC reports on the risks of industrial farming on public health
">FAO and CIWF and

(4) CIWF and PETA video reports of the disgusting conditions for animals in factory farms and the disease ridden manure swamps:

(5) Reports on Smithfield's animal welfare and environmental damage

(6) Reports on UK tax payers subsidising factory farms



Politics, Profits & Pandemic Fear Mongering

by Barbara Loe Fisher - Please go at the URL above to access all the links in this article.

Are you grabbing your face mask, stocking up on food and Tamiflu, locking your doors and keeping your TV tuned to the news to find out just how bad the "swine flu pandemic" really is going to get? While Americans are being scared to death, few are noticing how much of their tax money politicians are giving to drug companies and government health officials to grease the skids to create more experimental flu vaccines and drugs and more effective ways to quarantine or force their mass use whenever a "public health emergency" is declared in the future.

Call me cynical but not clueless. The bird's eye view I have had for the past 27 years at the National Vaccine Information Center has taught me one thing: the global alliance between Big Pharma and Big Public Health is a prescription for disaster that could extend far beyond a bout with the flu.

The international drama playing out right now before our eyes is an example of how citizens around the world can be easily manipulated by doctors and politicians engaging in fear mongering in the name of disease control to forward agendas that have more to do with ideology, power and corporate profits than health. When the U.S. Director of Homeland Security is the government official doing the talking rather than the U.S. Director of the Centers for Disease Control, put a copy of the U.S. Constitution in your pocket and take a look at federal and state legislation passed since September 11, 2001 to understand which civil rights you don't have anymore when government health officials declare a "public health emergency."

But before we take a look at the threat to civil liberties that pandemic fear mongering poses, let's take a look at how creation of a global human market for influenza vaccines works. It is a blueprint for Successful Marketing 101 (or perhaps it is all just a coincidence).

In 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an international call for all nations to do whatever it takes to increase public appetite and demand for annual influenza shots as the main strategy to prepare for an influenza pandemic. In April 2007, the WHO used money donated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to fund the creation of influenza vaccine manufacturing plants in Mexico and other countries one week after the FDA gave Sanofi Pasteur a license to produce an experimental bird flu (H5N1) vaccine. Sanofi Pasteur is just one of many drug companies the U.S. government has given millions of dollars to for the creation of bird flu vaccines.

On February 19, 2009, the FDA's Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) discussed whether to give approval for the testing of experimental bird flu vaccine on American infants. VRBPAC consumer member, also NVIC's Director of Patient Safety Vicky Debold,PhD, warned that testing of an experimental pandemic bird flu vaccine on infants in the absence of a real epidemic and without assurances that unapproved novel oil based (squalene) adjuvants (AS03, MF59) are safe, could pose unacceptable risks in terms of inducing severe immune dysfunction.

On February 27, 2009 it was confirmed that an influenza vaccine maker, Baxter International, had released a mixture of seasonal influenza viruses mixed with unlabeled live bird flu viruses to facilities in Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Slovenia. Baxter, which is waiting for a license to manufacturer bird flu vaccine, explained it was an "accident" and that no harm was done.

On April 23, 2009, the world heard the first news reports about a mysterious pig (H1N1) and bird (H5N1)and human hybrid influenza virus that was making people sick near a Mexican pig farm. By April 30, the WHO had issued a Phase 5 "Alert" warning that the world was facing an imminent pandemic influenza epidemic on the strength of several hundred cases of "swine" flu and less than 10 confirmed deaths.

The pandemic flu panic that has an especially strong grip on people living in Mexico and the U.S., thanks to the governments of both countries declaring a "public health emergency," has been a good thing for pharmaceutical companies in the pandemic flu business. Wall Street revealed that the pandemic scare sent stock prices soaring for drug companies making anti-viral drugs, rapid flu diagnosis tests and influenza vaccines. Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Novavax, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, BioCryst, and Vical are among the drug companies likely to benefit from the world pandemic panic.

In all the chaos that has Americans running to drug stores to buy face masks, closing schools to wipe desks down with rubbing alcohol and avoiding public transportation, there is action being taken behind the scenes by politicians and government health officials to prepare the way for implementation of future quarantine and mass vaccination of citizens with experimental vaccines and drugs that have by- passed normal FDA regulations for demonstrating purity and potency of pharmaceutical products. A "public health emergency" has become an excuse to grease the skids and rush to market experimental drugs and vaccines that are not subject to product liability in the civil courts.

The creation of this pharmaceutical company stockholder dream scenario and simultaneous erosion of civil liberties in the name of disease control began in earnest in 21st century America after the tragic events on September 11, 2001. In a time defined by shock, fear, anger and deep sadness, Congress reacted quickly and passed the Homeland Security Act while CDC officials pulled out model state legislation (Model State Emergency Health Powers Act) that gave sweeping new powers to public health officials to use the militia, if necessary, to quarantine citizens and force them to use experimental drugs and vaccines after the U.S. Secretary of Health declares a "public health emergency."

The stampede in 2001/2002 to re-write long standing public health laws in this country was fueled by reports that terrorists were in possession of weaponized smallpox and anthrax, a fear that was fostered by U.S. government officials and New York Times journalists reporting Iraq had secret stockpiles of weaponized smallpox and anthrax. This myth played a role in public support for the U.S.-Iraq War and persuaded Congress to pass Bioshield and pandemic influenza vaccine legislation that gave billions of dollars to vaccine manufacturers, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to create experimental bioeterrorism and pandemic flu vaccines while protecting drug companies and doctors from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths that will occur.

The mandated, mass use of multiple vaccines has become big business in the last quarter century since the U.S. Congress passed a law in 1986 shielding vaccine makers and doctors from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths and the numbers of vaccines recommended by the federal health officials for American children multiplied from 23 doses of 7 vaccines to 48 doses of 14 vaccines from birth to age six. For older children and adults, there are several dozen more federally recommended or state mandated vaccinations.

All of this liability protection and government vaccine mandating has been a boon for vaccine profit- making and public health agency empire building. In 1986, four drug companies made and sold vaccines in America and, by 2007, after corporate mergers and acquisitions there were six drug company giants making and selling vaccines in the U.S. Today, there are more drug companies seeking to enter the lucrative multi- billion dollar U.S. vaccine market as financial predictions for global profits from the worldwide vaccine business by 2010 have climbed to more than $20B.

A true global influenza pandemic that could take out projected millions of people is something all nations should prepare for using reasonable strategies to ensure the public health and safety. However, it is a matter of legitimate debate as to whether the primary strategy being urged by the WHO, pharmaceutical companies and government health agencies around the world - ramping up production and use of seasonal influenza vaccine and fast tracking the creation and human testing of influenza vaccines using novel but potentially risky adjuvants and cell substrates - is the way to effectively deal with public health or a future influenza pandemic.

Certainly, the loss of the human right to bodily integrity and informed consent to taking pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that may pose serious health risks is not justified in the name of controlling pandemic influenza or any other infectious disease outbreak. Politicians should not bow to additional pressure from vaccine manufacturers and public health officials to by-pass normal FDA standards in proving safety and efficacy of pandemic flu vaccines and their components for the purpose of rushing them to market in response to the pandemic panic that has been created. The swine flu debacle of 1976 should have taught Congress that lesson.

A rational perspective that reduces pandemic fear and includes common sense advice for staying healthy in every season is being offered by holistic health doctors, such as Joseph Mercola, D.O. and physician Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. The next time you turn on the TV or the radio or search the internet for the latest news on the flu pandemic, take a deep breath and consider all the natural ways to stay healthy and resist influenza or any illness : washing your hands; eating nutritious food; drinking plenty of water; getting enough exercise, rest and sunshine, and lowering stress - which includes not walking around filled with fear, anxiety and dread.


Related information - MUST READ!

Vaccination. Your health. Your family. Your choice.
An epidemic of chronic disease and disability is plaguing America. Our children are the most highly vaccinated children in the world and they are among the most chronically ill and disabled. Today, the Centers for Disease Control admits that 1 child in 6 in America is developmentally delayed. During the past quarter century, the number of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma and diabetes has more than tripled. During the past quarter century, the number of doses of vaccines that pediatricians give babies and children under age 6 has more than doubled. More than twice as many children have chronic brain and immune system dysfunction today than did in the 1970’s when half as many vaccines were given to children. In 1976, 796,000 children were learning disabled. Today 1 child in 6 is learning disabled. In 1979, there were 2 million asthmatic children. Today 1 child in 9 has asthma. In 1970, 1 child in 2,500 developed autism. Today 1 child in 150 develops autism. In 1970, 1 child in 1,750 was diabetic. Today 1 child in 450 becomes diabetic. Outstanding Question: Is the atypical manipulation of the immune system with more and more vaccines in early life setting some children up for chronic disease and disability? Is less better? In the 1970’s, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said children should get 23 doses of 7 vaccines by age 6. The first vaccinations were given at 2 months old. Today, the CDC and AAP tell doctors to give children 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6. The first vaccination is given at 12 hours old in the newborn nursery. At age 2 months, a baby can receive 8 vaccines on a single day. At age 15 to 18 months, a child can receive as many as 12 vaccines on a single day.

If You Vaccinate Your Child, Learn How to Recognize the Signs And Symptoms of Vaccine Reactions.

High Fever (over 103° F) “His temperature was 105 degrees. I had to put cool towels on him to bring the fever down.”
Skin (hives, rashes, swelling) “There was a big, hot swollen lump at the site of the shot that stayed for weeks.”
High Pitched Screaming “It was a pain cry, a shrill scream and lasted for hours and nothing would help.”
Collapse/Shock “She turned white with a blue tinge around her mouth and went completely limp.”
Excessive Sleepiness “He passed out and we couldn’t wake him to feed or do anything for over 12 hours.”
Convulsion “Her eyes twitched, her chin trembled, her body went rigid and then would shake.”
Brain Inflammation “He just laid in his crib with his eyes wide open then would arch his back and scream and go unconscious. Now he has seizures.”
Behavior Changes “She won’t sleep or eat. She throws herself down and screams for no reason. She was sweet and happy and is now out of control. She changed into a totally different child.
Mental/Physical Regression “My 18 month old son stopped talking and walking after those shots. He developed severe allergies, constant diarrhea, ear infections and was sick all the time.”
Other reported vaccine reactions include loss of muscle control, paralysis, regressive autism, asthma, arthritis, blood disorders, diabetes, Guillain Barre syndrome, sudden death.

Vaccine excipients or ingredients in trace or larger amounts depending on specific vaccine (partial list):
lab altered viruses and bacteria; aluminum; mercury; formaldehyde; phenoxyethanol; gluteraldehyde; sodium borate; sodiumchloride; sodium acetate; monosodium glutamate (MSG); hydrochloric acid;hydrogen peroxide; lactose; gelatin; yeast protein; egg albumin; bovine and human serum albumin; antibiotics; unidentified contaminants.

Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup - THEY KNOW AND YET THEY KEEP DESTROYING CHILDREN'S LIVES!
The federal officials and industry representatives had assembled secretly in June 2000 to discuss a disturbing new study that raised alarming questions about the safety of a host of common childhood vaccines administered to infants and young children. According to a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency's massive database containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines -- thimerosal -- appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. "I was actually stunned by what I saw," Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering number of earlier studies that indicate a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism. Since 1991, when the CDC and the FDA had recommended that three additional vaccines laced with the preservative be given to extremely young infants -- in one case, within hours of birth -- the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children.


Pakistani army flattening villages as it battles Taliban (May 4, 2009)
CHINGLAI, Pakistan — The Pakistani army's assault against Islamic militants in Buner, in northwest Pakistan, is flattening villages, killing civilians and sending thousands of farmers and villagers fleeing from their homes, residents escaping the fighting said Monday."We didn't see any Taliban; they are up in the mountains, yet the army flattens our villages," Zaroon Mohammad, 45, told McClatchy as he walked with about a dozen scrawny cattle and the male members of his family in the relative safety of Chinglai village in southern Buner. "Our house has been badly damaged. These cows are now our total possessions."Mohammad's and other residents' accounts of the fighting contradict those from the Pakistani military and suggest that the government of President Asif Ali Zardari is rapidly losing the support of those it had set out to protect.The heavy-handed tactics are ringing alarm bells in Washington, where the Obama administration is struggling to devise a strategy to halt the militants' advances. Officials Monday talked about the need to train the Pakistani military, which has long been fixated on fighting armored battles with India, in counterinsurgency warfare, but it may be too late for that. CLIP

Bad Trouble in Pakistan (5 May 2009)
(...) Recently, the Taliban made a military push into the northwest Pakistani region around the Swat Valley. According to a recent Reuters report:The (Pakistani) army deployed troops in Swat in October 2007 and used artillery and gunship helicopters to reassert control. But insecurity mounted after a civilian government came to power last year and tried to reach a negotiated settlement. A peace accord fell apart in May 2008. After that, hundreds - including soldiers, militants and civilians - died in battles. Militants unleashed a reign of terror, killing and beheading politicians, singers, soldiers and opponents. They banned female education and destroyed nearly 200 girls' schools.About 1,200 people were killed since late 2007 and 250,000 to 500,000 fled, leaving the militants in virtual control. Pakistan offered on February 16 to introduce Islamic law in the Swat valley and neighboring areas in a bid to take the steam out of the insurgency. The militants announced an indefinite cease-fire after the army said it was halting operations in the region. President Asif Ali Zardari signed a regulation imposing sharia in the area last month. But the Taliban refused to give up their guns and pushed into Buner and another district adjacent to Swat, intent on spreading their rule. The United States, already embroiled in a war against Taliban forces in Afghanistan, must now face the possibility that Pakistan could collapse under the mounting threat of Taliban forces there. Military and diplomatic advisers to President Obama, uncertain how best to proceed, now face one of the great nightmare scenarios of our time. "Recent militant gains in Pakistan," reported The New York Times on Monday, "have so alarmed the White House that the national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, described the situation as 'one of the very most serious problems we face.'"

Thousands flee Pakistan valley as truce crumbles (May 5, 2009)
MINGORA, Pakistan – Black-turbaned Taliban militants seized government buildings, laid mines and fought security forces Tuesday in the Swat Valley, as fear of a major operation led thousands to pack their belongings on their heads and backs, cram aboard buses and flee the northwestern region.The collapse of a 3-month-old truce with the Taliban means Pakistan will now have to fight to regain control of the Swat Valley, testing the ability of its stretched military and the resolve of civilian leaders who until recently were insisting the insurgents could be partners in peace. The government feared the refugee exodus could reach 500,000.The developments brought Islamabad's faltering campaign against militancy into sharp focus as President Asif Ali Zardari was preparing for talks Wednesday in Washington with President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on how best to counter an increasingly overlapping spectrum of extremist groups behind surging violence in the neighboring countries.The Obama administration hopes to build a strong and lasting regional alliance, linking success in Afghanistan with security in Pakistan. Toward that end, the administration is encouraging Pakistan to confront — not make peace with — the Taliban and other militants."These violent extremists need to be confronted head on," State Department spokesman Robert Wood said. "We will be supportive." CLIP

US Afghan Strikes Kill 100, 'Mostly Civilians' (May 6, 2009)
HERAT, Afghanistan (AFP) — Police in Afghanistan said Wednesday that US-led air strikes against insurgents had killed 100 people, most of them civilians, in one of the deadliest such attacks in nearly eight years. The US military opened an investigation into the operation overnight Monday into Tuesday in the remote western province of Farah, as Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered his government to probe reports of high civilian casualties. "During the aerial bombardment and ground operations, more than 100 people have died," western Afghanistan police spokesman Abdul Rauf Ahmadi told AFP, basing his information on reports from police, the Red Cross and locals. "Twenty-five to 30 of them are Taliban, including from Chechnya and Pakistan, and the rest are civilians including children, women and elderly people," he said. (...) Insurgents who attacked the security forces took shelter in civilian homes, accounting for at least some of the civilian casualties, he said."Dozens of people were killed, including women and children," ICRC spokeswoman Jessica Barry told AFP.One of the dead was a community volunteer for the Afghan Red Crescent Society, who was killed along with 13 members of his family, she said.Karzai said in a statement he would raise the issue with US President Barack Obama when he meets him in Washington later Wednesday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said meanwhile that the United States deeply regretted the loss of civilian life."We don't know all of the circumstances or causes. And there will be a joint investigation by your government and ours," she told a meeting with Karzai.In Kabul UN envoy Kai Eide said he was "seriously concerned" and was in close contact with the top US military commander in Afghanistan, General David McKiernan, as investigations proceeded.The killing of ordinary Afghans in the fight against extremists is a main source of tension between Karzai and the United States, on which fragile Afghanistan depends for security and aid. CLIP

Why Obama is Taking on Corporate Tax Have (MAY 04, 2009)
(...) Two reasons, both strategic. The President needs the cooperation of many big corporations if he's going to get universal health insurance enacted this year. Many of these companies would benefit from lower health costs but they're reluctant to take on Big Pharma, big health insurance companies, and major health providers, all of whom are dead set against a provision in the emerging health insurance proposal that would allow the public to opt for a government health plan. How does it help for him to take on corporate tax havens? Because the President needs as many bargaining chips with the rest of corporate America as possible. The proposed crackdown on foreign tax avoidance is one such chip. He might be willing to take it off the table if big corporations lend him active support on health insurance. The second reason has to do with revenues. Originally the White House had planned to pay for universal health insurance by limiting tax deductions for wealthier Americans. But the Democratic leadership nixed that source. The rich Americans who take the deductions, and the groups benefiting from the wealthy's tax-deductible expenditures on them, had enough political leverage to make it a non-starter. That means the White House has to find other sources of money.By some measures, $700 billion or more in U.S. corporate earnings is now sitting in overseas accounts. A portion of that might be made available to help pay for universal health insurance. The Administration figures it could raise over $100 billion over ten years by preventing companies from taking immediate deductions for overseas expenses while deferring tax payments on profits there, and claiming inflated credit against American taxes for foreign taxes paid. It could raise another $95 billion by making it harder for individuals to hide their income in offshore accounts, and harder for companies to shift income from one foreign subsidiary to another in search of the lowest-tax jurisdiction.The White House is preparing to release a more detailed budget blueprint later this week. That blueprint has to contain some credible ways to pay for universal health insurance. Otherwise the measure could become vulnerable to deficit hawks who, like vultures over road kill, continue to circle ominously.

Underground Bases and Tunnels - with pictures of some tunnel-boring machines!
NOTE from Jean: To me these machines look like this conventional Tunnel boring Machine...
The 'Black Budget' currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940's. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. (...) Well, they were using tunneling machines back in the mid-90s that could tunnel through a rock face at seven miles per day, that could cut through a rock face with high-energy impact lasers that could blow the nano-sized particles of rock so that there was no debris left, forming an obsidian-like core, and laying an inner core for unidirectional maglev trains that travel at Mach 2 to 2.8 underground between these very very powerful and organized cities. There's 132 under the United States, an average of 5.36 to 7.24 cubic miles in size at an average of 1.5 to 4.5 miles underground, built, by and large, most of them in areas away from geotectonic areas - but there's going to be lots of new geotectonic faults established when you have force 11, 12, 13, 14 earthquakes hit the Earth.Why are they rushing to do this? Because they know that catastrophe is coming. And where's this money coming from? It's not coming from our regular Black Op budget. It's coming from the illegal sale of drugs. In the United States there's at least, by conservative estimates, a quarter of a trillion to a half a trillion of illegal drugs just sold in the United States that goes directly into underground budgets, and 90-95% goes to the DUMBs [Deep Underground Military Bases]. (...) Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them. The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to the tunnel face, where it melts the rock. In the process of melting the rock the lithium loses some of its heat. It is then circulated back along the exterior of the tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled lithium then circulates back to the reactor where the whole cycle starts over. In this way the nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear powered, 2,000 degree Fahrenheit (1,100 Celsius) earthworm, boring its way deep underground. CLIP

PORTLAND, ME -- An FAA official in charge of air traffic control over the northeastern United States has confirmed an ongoing military operation in America’s skies. In an exclusive taped interview with freelance radio reporter S. T. Brendt, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) manager said he was told on as many as four occasions in March, 2001 to re-route commercial air traffic around military aircraft taking part in an undisclosed aerial operation over the northeastern seaboard.On her way to the interview location, Brendt observed six big jets laying brilliant white lines above a broken cloud layer. Instead of dissipating like normal condensation trails, these lingering plumes grew wider and wider, intersecting and merging.Speaking on condition of strict anonymity as intense Chemtrail activity continued overhead, this Deep Sky federal aviation source expressed concern over the classified nature of military operations repeatedly conducted at altitudes between 37,000 and 40,000 feet. While air traffic controllers normally ignore air traffic above 10,000 feet, the ATC manager said he was ordered to divert incoming European air traffic away from the military planes.When asked why, he said, I was told there was a military exercise in the area. Of course, they wouldn't give me any of the particulars. The initial FAA disclosure came on March 12, as mass aerial maneuvers saturated northeastern U.S. skies with Xs, circular patterns and parallel lines characteristic of Chemtrail activity reported by pilots, police officers and former military personnel across the United States.Brendt contacted the FAA official after counting more than 30 big jets spreading persistent plumes within 45 minutes. Lou Aubuchont confirmed Brendt's count, noting that during his stint in U.S. Navy intelligence he had never seen a military exercise of such magnitude.

We refuse to be ID card guinea pigs - THE "PANDORA BOX" ID CARD - This SHALL NOT pass!
The compulsory trial scheme for the airline industry is unfair, unmanageable and will make pilots' jobs even harder. The British Airline Pilots' Association represents more than 10,000 commercial pilots. Our members are overwhelmingly against the government's national ID card scheme trials for pilots and other airside workers, and we will resist the card with all legal means possible. Our members feel at home navigating the world, but a growing number are incensed at the stress and bureaucracy of having to navigate the UK's security system. CLIP

In this century, we believe we are witnessing the gradual, purposeful demise of the Earth's Natural System. There are those who will debunk/dis-info all that is written regarding the subject of this paper: ChemTrails. ChemTrails are only a vague description, in lay-terms, of a greater theater of toxic materials being released into the atmosphere/stratosphere, for a myriad of crude and toxic agendas.The author, Dr. R. Michael Castle, will attempt to put this Global debacle into a profile of events. Technical specificity of all the identified components would require at least a book in length, to recite them all. A short Bibliography follows, and links to various pertinent documents of unquestionable validity.First Rule of Understanding: There are very large, winner-take-all games orchestrated by the Global Interests of the World. We have investigated, researched and found substantial evidence of a multiplicity of Global operations designed to mitigate various and theoretical Global catastrophes, as defined by a late 1980's and 1990's International Panel of Conferees. (The value of who are they, what's the politics smell like and all that is not of the utmost importance in our attempt, herein, to describe what serious destruction they have caused and are causing to Humans and our Finite Environment. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: - 1 Many of the operations we have collectively found in our investigations of this debacle have remained a secret, classified and not for general populace information or knowledge. You must answer the question, Dear Reader as to why someone would possibly deploy these Geo-weapons. Just follow the money trails. We will yield all of our voluminous data, information and all references we have used in our validation of facts surrounding this Global atrocity. The recipients of this information must be interested enough in what we are trying to expose, the Human-health risks, the Environmental risks and the plain, simple "wrongness" that prevails. We must determine first if you are provoked to really care, because the research and development of this information for a Major Media whistle-blowing expose will require passion and dedication. Our research work has spanned almost five years of....watching and discovering, with disgust, the scenarios which follow. This is not a small task.....but the Mission is simple. Expose and Stop the Methodic Demolition of our Natural Earth and its inhabitants. CLIP More on thisi through

Climate chaos predicted by CO2 study (30 April 2009)
World will have exceeded 2050 safe carbon emissions limit by 2020, scientists say -- The world will overshoot its long-term target on greenhouse gas emissions within two decades. A study has found that the average global temperature will rise above the threshold that could cause dangerous climate change during that time.Scientists have calculated that the world has already produced about a third of the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that could be emitted between 2000 and 2050 and still keep within a 2C rise in global average temperatures.At the current rate at which CO2 is emitted globally – which is increasing by 3 per cent a year – countries will have exceeded their total limit of 1,000 billion tons within 20 years, which would be about 20 years earlier than planned under international obligations. "If we continue burning fossil fuels as we do, we will have exhausted the carbon budget in merely 20 years, and global warming will go well beyond 2C," said Malte Meinshausen of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, who led the study, published in Nature. CLIP

On Thin Ice (20 April 2009)
"'On Thin Ice' was perhaps the best NOW episode ever. It was the kind of environmental documentary that was so effective because it incorporated traditional methods of anthropology, local journalism, and both scientific and political analysis." This is one of the many comments sent in to the "NOW" web site about this week's special one-hour show "On Thin Ice," about a remarkable journey high in the Himalayas to investigate threats to global water and food supply. Watch the amazing show for yourself RIGHT NOW at: Seventy-five percent of the world's fresh water is stored in glaciers, but scientists predict climate change will cause some of the world's largest glaciers to completely melt by 2030. What effect will this have on our daily lives, especially our water and food supply? With global warming falling low on a national list of American concerns, it's time to take a deeper look at what could be a global calamity in the making. CLIP

Climate Change Hitting Entire Arctic Ecosystem, Says Report (April 28, 2009)
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme study tells of profound changes to sea ice and permafrost, among othersby John VidalExtensive climate change is now affecting every form of life in the Arctic, according to a major new assessment by international polar scientists. The Greenland ice sheet has continued to melt in the past four years with summer temperatures consistently above the long-term average since the mid 1990s. (AFP/Slim Allagui)In the past four years, air temperatures have increased, sea ice has declined sharply, surface waters in the Arctic ocean have warmed and permafrost is in some areas rapidly thawing.In addition, says the report released today at a Norwegian government seminar, plants and trees are growing more vigorously, snow cover is decreasing 1-2% a year and glaciers are shrinking.Scientists from Norway, Canada, Russia and the US contributed to the Arctic monitoring and assessment programme (Amap) study, which says new factors such as "black carbon" - soot - ozone and methane may now be contributing to global and arctic warming as much as carbon dioxide. CLIP

EMF-Omega-News 2. May 2009

Omega-News Collection 2. May 2009


From: Maya White Sparks (
Subject: Request
Date: 2 May 2009

Dear Jean,

While I mightily appreciate all the time and energy you put into revealing the destructive forces at work in our world today, I also need to know more about the good that is happening. What we put our attention on grows, so we must balance our knowledge of the destructive with knowledge of the constructive and keep our attention on manifesting better ways of living in this world. I was wondering if you could make more room in your compilations for the new ways of being that are emerging and ask people on your list to share what they are doing to make the world a better place. Also, could you ask folks to include their physical location i.e. what town and country they live in, when they share about their work/ways of being. I believe it is important for us to balance our global consciousness with local consciousness, too.

I live in the Winchester area, VA, USA. I am an interpath priestess of nature spirituality working with Spiral Grove, an interpath community of nature spirituality ( that organizes spiritual celebrations of the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days at various people's homes along the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. We have priestesses in Markdale, Ontario, Canada, too. We just completed our bi-annual cleanup of a local lake that we have adopted through the state's Adopt-a-Stream program. We are in the process of applying for nonprofit status. We hope to raise money and resources to create a self-sustaining model eco-community. Many of us believe what Sun Bear, the late Chippewa Medicine Man and prophet, taught: those who live in small, self-sustaining communities will have the greatest chance for survival during the coming earth changes. And whether the earth changes happen or not, living in such communities is good for the earth now.

Until we have land, we are doing our best to help each other despite being dispersed all over the region. We gather resources for those in need when they let our email coordinator know what is needed. We share heirloom seeds and seedlings for our organic gardens, and help each other in gardens and homes when we can. As elders in our community that have been dealing with health challenges, our household has been blessed to receive a lot of help.

Blessings and love to all in your manifestation of earth loving ways of being,

Maya White Sparks; 540-868-2664



White House official apologizes for low-flying Air Force One lookalike

April 28, 2009

UPDATES AT BOTTOM: Bloomberg ‘furious;’ White House official who approved ‘photo shoot’ apologizes. A number of buildings in the New York City area were evacuated Monday morning after a trio of low-flying planes flew near the Statue of Liberty.

“An Air Force One lookalike, the backup plane for the one regularly used by the president, flew low over Manhattan on Monday morning, accompanied by two F-16 fighters, so Air Force photographers could take pictures,” the New York Times reports. “But a lack of awareness about the flyover led to the evacuation of several buildings in Lower Manhattan and Jersey City, N.J., and perplexed officials at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and other authorities were inundated with calls from anxious ferry passengers, office workers and residents in the area.”

“It is pre-planned, pre-coordinated with everyone involved,” FAA spokesman Jim Peters said. “It’s a military flight over New York to take photos.”

Peters added, “We’ve gotten reports several buildings in Jersey City were evacuated.”

One eyewitness told the New York Times, “People came pouring out of the buildings, the American Express Building, all the buildings in the Financial District by the water. And even the construction guys over by 100 North End Avenue area, they all got out of their buildings. Nobody knew about it. Finally some guy showed up with a little megaphone to tell everyone it was a test, but the people were not happy. The people who were here 9/11 were not happy. New York City police were standing right there and they had no knowledge of it. The evacuations were spontaneous. Guys from the floor came out, and one guy I talked to was just shaking.”

One NYC television station received a number of phone calls from New York City residents “furious that local authorities hadn’t notified anyone about the fly-over.”

“According to many callers who flooded CBS 2 with their concerns, at about 10 a.m. the aircraft were seen flying at low altitudes over the Statue of Liberty and parts of lower Manhattan,” WCBS reports.

One sample follows: “We saw a low-flying 747 buzz the Southwest edge of Manhattan, at Battery Park City, with a fighter jet appearing to chase it on its left wing. At about Rector Street or so, it took a hard left and looked to be headed straight for Jersey City. It flew over J.C., turned south, and continued to climb over Newark. It left our sight, only to return on the same path a second time about five minutes later. It was confusing and panicked the office. We dialed 9-1-1 and considered whether to evacuate. We were told by 9-1-1 that it was ‘authorized’ to be there. We later learned, from your website, that it was part of a DOD ‘photo op.’ NotifyNYC advises it was ‘part of an approved federal activity.’ To conduct a ‘photo op,’ unwarned in advance to Lower Manhattan residents and workers, in that manner was completely irresponsible.”

Newsday notes, “About 1,000 workers gathered along the Hudson River esplanade until a security officer with a bullhorn told them it was a planned exercise.”

“After the incident, New York City released an advisory that the flyover was ‘part of an approved federal activity,’” Reuters reports.

However, a city official revealed that the NYPD had been advised not to warn the public.

The Times reports, “Later on Monday morning, the Police Department acknowledged that it had been notified about the event but said it had been barred from alerting the public. ‘The flight of a VC-25 aircraft and F-16 fighters this morning was authorized by the F.A.A. for the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty with directives to local authorities not to disclose information about it but to direct any inquiries to the F.A.A. Air Traffic Security Coordinator,’ the Police Department said in a statement.”

A New York Post article claims, “The mayor’s office was told the jets would only buzz the Statue of Liberty once, and not fly over downtown three times, a source said.”

“Had we known, we would have pushed back,” the source said, according to the NYC tabloid.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said the maneuver wasn’t an emergency and was coordinated in advance with state and local officials. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates bridges, tunnels and airports in the area, said initially the agency had no knowledge of the low-flying plane, according to a spokesman. But several Port Authority executives, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to an ongoing investigation, said that the agency received a memo from the FAA, but not until sometime Monday morning.

“Information in this document shall not be released to the public or media,” the memo instructed. “Public affairs posture for this effort is passive.”

The memo specifically directed local agencies not to tell the public about the photo shoot, according to a government official. The memo detailed the nature of the event and the flight details, saying there would be a transport and fighter aircraft flying over New York Harbor.

Bloomberg ‘furious;’ White House spokesman asked if NYC residents are owed an apology

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is ‘furious’ over a Department of Defense low-altitude flyover of NYC in the area around Ground Zero this morning, calling it ‘ill-conceived’ and a ‘waste of taxpayers’ money,’” ABC News reports.

More from ABC News:

Bloomberg said he was so furious he wasn’t told about the photo op, that before he talked further to his own staff and agencies about the lack of notice to him, he wants “to calm down.”

“Poor judgment would have been a nice way to put it,” Bloomberg said of the government flyover.

“It scared a couple of million people,” one airport official said.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs didn’t have much to offer reporters this afternoon on what happened.

Chuck Todd, chief White House correspondent for NBC News, asked, “Do you guys feel you owe folks in New York City an apology for this incident having to do with the airplane that looks like Air Force One with two fighter jets? There seemed to be a lot of panic.”

“I would point you to FAA or Air Force,” Gibbs responded.

Todd shot back, “They pointed me to you guys.”

Gibbs said he would make some inquiries. “I have seen some news reports but I don’t know. I have no information on this other than what I saw on a website.”

“That’s why it’s odd that you guys don’t have a response,” Todd replied. “It’s the president’s aircraft or what looks like the president’s aircraft.”

Gibbs said, “I was working on other things. You might be surprised to know I don’t know of every move Air Force One or what happens to it. I will certainly talk to the military office.”

In a news conference Monday afternoon, New York’s Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer criticized the FAA, “There would be no danger from warning the public. Every danger from not warning the public.”

“It is absolutely outrageous and appalling to think that the FAA would plan such a photo shoot and not warn the public, knowing full well New Yorkers still have the vivid memory of 9/11 sketched in their minds,” Schumer added.

Early Monday evening, the director of the White House Military Office offered an apology.

“Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision,” said Louis Caldera, according to CNN. “While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it’s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption.”

The flight, reported Associated Press Monday night, was staged to update the Air Force One file photo with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Schumer expresses outrage

This video (the 2nd one) is from MSNBC’s News Live, broadcast Apr. 27, 2009.


Among the many comments posted there, a couple stand out:

"New York is continuing to be a frontline battleground for psych warfare. Living here, I’ve been feeling like a lab rat for the past decade. I walk past Ground Zero to work every day. That is difficult enough, to deal with, if you believe that no one has even provided a plausible explanation of how the towers collapsed and the 9-11 commission report was a load of public relations crap. The planes buzzing through the skyscrapers here, drove everyone to the windows and some people went running down stairs and out the building onto Vesey Street. It was especially loud on the south facing side of the building and scared the hell out of people who were here on 9-11-2001, some people were upset enough to leave and went home early. Those who stayed were too distracted to work. Everyone was very suspicious of government and mainstream press. People were openly asking about the weird ‘pile-on’ timing of recent events. The timing: torture photos release and threats of indictments at the end of last week, “pigflu” over the weekend and Monday - the planes. What the hell is this? some kind of a sick ‘message’ or ’sign’ ?"

“…kept secret from panicking public below on the streets of NY. It is absolutely outrageous and appalling to think…would plan….and not warn the public….” Hummm. Wasn’t it absolutely outrageous and appalling that the Government planned 9/11 and did not bother to warn the public because they needed the casualties? I don’t believe it for a minute that this was a mere photo shoot. Couldn’t this be done in photoshop? Seems to me like the Government has expertise in that area. More like it that they wanted to ram the memory of 9/11 home to the largest population of this country who were personally traumatized by it, in light of the recent public opinion calling for heads to roll about torture of detainees. This is Government’s way of using N.Y. to sway public opinion to the other side. By having these N.Y. officials come on the news bringing the citizens emotions and memories back into the public eye, they managed to remind the U.S. that the 9/11 attacks were committed by terrorists who deserved to be tortured and thus the illegal acts of those involved should be excused. When Obama returns to the teleprompter and tells the U.S. that the decision has been made not to prosecute, everyone will be OK with it and the Government can put the subject to bed.


Related comments and articles:

"This flyover in NYC for a photo shoot is all BS. They can use Photo Shop to get the pictures they want. Obama recently came out with the torture memos and pissed off some higher ups from the last administration and probably some top military and CIA officials. I believe this was done to warn Obama and to embarrass him because of his release of the torture memos. It also takes the media to another place so they get off the torture memos. They don't make these kind of stupid mistakes. There are some battles going on inside this government."

- Matthew Naus

Any AF People to Comment on Vertical Stabilizer (28 Apr 2009)
I am probably going to hate myself for even bringing this up... but I'm in the Air Force, so I tend to notice airplaney things. Did anyone notice in the still shots that the F-16 has a solid orange-red tail? I was ignoring this whole episode as bureaucratic buffoonery by my service until I saw that. To my knowledge (which is pretty extensive) the only aircraft we fly with vertical stabilizers painted solid orange-red are old planes that have been converted to serve as unmanned target drones for air-to-air combat training. Operational fighter and attack aircraft do not have brightly-painted vertical stabs of any color, except one-off temporary paint jobs for special events like air tattoos, and certainly not orange-red, which is used to loudly convey the message "Danger: Keep back! This plane has no human pilot!" That seems to be a clue...what do you think it means? It is possible that the fighter was unmanned or that both planes were remote controlled? Photo:

And if you like wild, undocumented claims check Mexican Drug Cartel Linked With al Qaeda Unleashes Pandemic and Obama’s Air Force One In Shootdown Scare Over New York City

“I work in 30 Hudson, which is the largest building in NJ and is right on the water facing the Statue of Liberty. I ran out of the building after a stampede of people began running out of the building as they saw the jumbo jet being followed by two fighter planes veer sharply towards our building and climb right over it. By the time I got outside, it was coming around for its THIRD pass, and I watched it level off below building height over the water and then once again veer sharply towards the building. Several hundred of us began to run away fearing for our lives before it climbed steeply and flew over our building. Whoever thought that this 'photo op' was a good idea should be removed from command...why couldn't this simply be done with Photo Shop? Hollywood can create an entire armageddon on film but the US military can't photo shop a plane by the Statue of Liberty?”

- David Frank -- Taken from White House Apologizes For NYC Military Fly-By

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic
Threatened Federal Sanctions Against NYPD, Secret Service, FBI & Mayor's Office If Secret Ever Got Out - Furious Obama Apologizes: "It Will Never Happen Again."

Did president approve buzzing New York? (April 30, 2009)
An Air Force officer who served in the Clinton White House and for two years carried the "nuclear football" briefcase of codes says it's almost certain that the "highest levels" of the Obama administration knew about and approved this week's stunt in which Air Force One buzzed New York City.Retired Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson served in Clinton's White House from 1996 to 1998 and was responsible for the president's "emergency satchel," the black bag of nuclear codes that accompanies the president at all times. (...) Patterson said the low-flying escapade over Manhattan clearly was not an oversight."The White House Military Office director is the Obama appointee – Caldera in this particular situation. So, he got the notification, he got the direction from somebody – I'm guessing Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff would probably be the person behind this."Does that mean the president also knew?"I'm guessing he probably did. Did Emanuel know about it? I guarantee you he did. It did not come from the Andrews folks. It came from on high," Patterson said.He said the stunt reveals the judgment level in the Obama White House. CLIP


Recommended by Adriana Auderset (

HERE IS A WONDERFUL INITIATIVE WE MUST ALL RALLY BEHIND. THE INFORMATION AT IS AVAILABLE IN 25 LANGUAGES. IT WILL CULMINATE NEXT OCT 2, 2009. Partial list of those who actively support this World March for Peace and NonViolence: - President Dra. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina) - Nestor Kirchner (54th President of Argentina) - Rigoberta Menchú Tum (Guatemala, Nobel Peace Prize in 1992) Mario Soares (Former Prime Minister of Portugal) - Amnesty International Switzerland - Switzerland - Danielle Mitterrand (France, Présidente de la Fondation France Libertés - Jimmy Carter (Former President of the United States - Mayors for Peace (Founded in 1982 with current membership from 2,777 cities in 134 countries and regions) - Bryan Adams (Canadian Rock Musician and Songwriter) - Abolition 2000 (A global network working for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons) - Art Garfunkel (from the Grammy-winning duo Simon & Garfunkel) - Michelle Bachelet (President of the Republic of Chile) - Yoko Ono (Well known peace activist ) - Andreas Vollenweider (Swiss musician) - Desmond Tutu (Archbishop and activist for peace and human rights, Nobel Peace Prize) - Dalai Lama (Spiritual leader of Tibet) - Mary Robinson (Former President of Ireland, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) - Viggo Mortensen (Theater and film actor) - Dr. Helen Caldicott (Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate) - Dennis Kucinich (US Presidential Candidate in 2004 and 2008) See all the 487 endorsements HERE

"The international community will decide at the NPT Review Conference in 2010 whether to eliminate nuclear weapons or let them spread uncontrolled across the globe. If they spread, they will be used. Thus, we, human beings, are deciding now whether to eliminate them or use them. I am sure you can see immediately that the only hope for world peace is the elimination of these weapons. This is a test we can and must pass. When we do, we can move on to cooperatively solving the many other problems we face."

- Tadatoshi Akiba Mayor of Hiroshima -- Taken from HERE - Visit Reaching Critical Will for more information on the Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference



The World March for Peace and Nonviolence was launched during the Symposium of the WorldCenter for Humanist Studies held at the Park of Study and Reflection in Punta de Vacas, Argentina, on November 15,2008.

The World March aims to generate consciousness of the dangerous global situation in which we are living, a situation marked by the heightened probability of nuclear conflict, a renewed arms race, and the violent military occupation of foreign territories.

The World March is a proposal for an unprecedented social mobilization, advanced by the Humanist Movement through one of its organizations, World Without Wars.

Since its initial proposal things have developed very quickly. In just a few months the World March has received the endorsement of thousands of people, pacifist and nonviolence groups, a variety of institutions, and renowned figures from the worlds of science, culture, and politics, who are sensitive to the urgency of the moment. It has also inspired an enormous diversity of initiatives in more than 100 countries, becoming a rapidly growing human phenomenon. (


Today we are experiencing a critical situation throughout the world, characterized by poverty across vast regions and confrontations between cultures. Violence and discrimination contaminate the daily life of broad sectors of the population. Armed conflicts plague many areas, and we now have a profound crisis in the international financial system.

Looming over all of these is the most pressing problem of all: the growing nuclear threat. We are in a moment of extreme complexity. Not only must we take into account the irresponsible interests of the nuclear powers and the madness of violent groups with their potential access to nuclear material, we must also consider the added risk of a nuclear accident that could unleash a devastating conflict.

This is not just the sum of a few isolated crises; rather, we are facing the global failure of a system whose methodology of action is violence and whose central value is money.


To avoid a future nuclear catastrophe we must surpass violence today, demanding:

- nuclear disarmament at a global level;

- the immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories;

- the progressive and proportional reduction of conventional weapons;

- the signing of non-aggression treaties between countries;

- the renunciation by governments of the use of war as a means to resolve conflicts. 

It’s urgent to create conciousness for peace and disarmament. But it is also necessary to awaken a consciousness of nonviolence that rejects not only physical violence, but all forms of violence: economic, racial, psychological, religious, sexual, etc. This new sensibility could take root and inspire the social structures, opening the way towards the future Universal Human Nation.

We demand our right to live in peace and liberty. We do not live in liberty when we live under the threat of violence.

The World March is a call to all people to unite efforts and take responsibility for changing the world, to overcome their personal violence, and to work in their immediate environments, and as far as their influence may reach.


The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is already inspiring various initiatives and activities, and these will multiply in the coming months. One will be the symbolic march of an international and intercultural team whose journey will pass through six continents. It will start on October 2, 2009 -- the International Day of Nonviolence -- in Wellington, New Zealand, and will culminate on January 2, 2010 at the foot of Mount Aconcagua in Punta de Vacas, Argentina. During this time, in hundreds of cities around the world, there will be marches, festivals, forums, conferences, and other events to create consciousness of the urgent need for Peace and Nonviolence. And throughout the world, the campaigns to gather endorsements for the March will multiply this signal beyond what is now imaginable.

For the first time in history an event of this magnitude is being set in motion through the initiative of the people. The true strength of the World March is born from the simple, conscious act of those who endorse this dignified cause and share it with others.



Also from


Malcolm Fraser, Gustav Nossal, Barry Jones, Peter Gration, John Sanderson and Tilman Ruff

April 8, 2009

THERE has never been a better time to achieve total nuclear disarmament; this is necessary, urgent and feasible. We are at the crossroads of a nuclear crisis. On the one hand, we are at an alarming tipping point on proliferation of nuclear weapons, with a growing risk of nuclear terrorism and use of still massively bloated arsenals of the worst weapons of terror. On the other, we have perhaps the best opportunity to abolish nuclear weapons.

For the first time, a US president has been elected with a commitment to nuclear weapons abolition, and President Barack Obama has outlined a substantive program to deliver on this, and shown early evidence that he is serious. He needs all the support and encouragement in the world. We do not know how long this opportunity will last. Unlike the last one, at the end of the Cold War, it must not be squandered. An increasingly resource- and climate-stressed world is an ever more dangerous place for nuclear weapons. We must not fail.

Like preventing rampant climate change, abolishing nuclear weapons is a paramount challenge for people and leaders the world over - a pre-condition for survival, sustainability and health for our planet and future generations. Both in the scale of the indiscriminate devastation they cause, and in their uniquely persistent, spreading, genetically damaging radioactive fallout, nuclear weapons are unlike any other weapons. They cannot be used for any legitimate military purpose. Any use, or threat of use, violates international humanitarian law. The notion that nuclear weapons can ensure anyone’s security is fundamentally flawed. Nuclear weapons most threaten those nations that possess them, or like Australia, those that claim protection from them, because they become the preferred targets for others’ nuclear weapons. Accepting that nuclear weapons can have a legitimate place, even if solely for “deterrence”, means being willing to accept the incineration of tens of millions of fellow humans and radioactive devastation of large areas, and is basically immoral.

As noted by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission headed by Dr Hans Blix: “So long as any state has nuclear weapons, others will want them. So long as any such weapons remain, there is a risk that they will one day be used, by design or accident. And any such use would be catastrophic.” The only sustainable approach is one standard - zero nuclear weapons - for all.

Recent scientific evidence from state-of-the-art climate models puts the case for urgent nuclear weapons abolition beyond dispute. Even a limited regional nuclear war involving 100 Hiroshima-sized bombs - just 0.03 per cent of the explosive power of the world’s current nuclear arsenal - would not only kill tens of millions from blast, fires and radiation, but would cause severe climatic consequences persisting for a decade or more. Cooling and darkening, with killing frosts and shortened growing seasons, rainfall decline, monsoon failure, and substantial increases in ultraviolet radiation, would combine to slash global food production. Globally, 1 billion people could starve. More would succumb from the disease epidemics and social and economic mayhem that would inevitably follow. Such a war could occur with the arsenals of India and Pakistan, or Israel. Preventing any use of nuclear weapons and urgently getting to zero are imperative for the security of every inhabitant of our planet.

The most effective, expeditious and practical way to achieve and sustain the abolition of nuclear weapons is to negotiate a comprehensive, irreversible, binding, verifiable treaty - a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) - bringing together all the necessary aspects of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Such a treaty approach has been the basis for all successes to date in eliminating whole classes of weapons, from dum-dum bullets to chemical and biological weapons, landmines and, most recently, cluster munitions.

Negotiations should begin without delay, and progress in good faith and without interruption until a successful conclusion is reached. It will be a long and complex process, and the sooner it can begin the better. We agree with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the model NWC developed by an international collaboration of lawyers, physicians and scientists is “a good point of departure” for achieving total nuclear disarmament.

Incremental steps can support a comprehensive treaty approach. They can achieve important ends, demonstrate good faith and generate political momentum. Important disarmament next steps have been repeatedly identified and are widely agreed. They remain valid but unfulfilled over the many years that disarmament has been stalled. The 13 practical steps agreed at the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference in 2000 should be upheld and implemented. They include all nuclear weapons states committing to the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals; entry into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; negotiations on a treaty to end production of fissile material; taking weapons off extremely hazardous high alert “launch on warning” status; and negotiating deep weapons reductions. But at the same time a comprehensive road map is needed - a vision of what the final jigsaw puzzle looks like, and a path to get there. Not only to fit the pieces together and fill the gaps, but to make unequivocal that abolition is the goal. Without the intellectual, moral and political weight of abolition as the credible and clear goal of the nuclear weapon states, and real movement on disarmament, the NPT is at risk of unravelling after next year’s five-yearly review conference of the treaty, and a cascade of actual and incipient nuclear weapons proliferation can be expected to follow.

Achieving a world free of nuclear weapons will require not only existing arsenals to be progressively taken off alert, dismantled and destroyed, but will require production of the fissile materials from which nuclear weapons can be built - separated plutonium and highly enriched uranium - to cease, and existing stocks to be eliminated or placed under secure international control.

The International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Kyoto last June and led with Japan is a welcome initiative with real potential. It could most usefully direct its efforts to building political momentum and coalitions to get disarmament moving, and promote a comprehensive framework for nuclear weapons abolition.

Australia should prepare for a world free of nuclear weapons by “walking the talk”. We should reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our own security policies, as we call on nuclear weapon states to do. To ensure that we are part of the solution and not the problem also means that the international safeguards on which we depend to ensure that our uranium does not now or in the future contribute to proliferation, need substantial strengthening and universal application. Our reliance on the “extended nuclear deterrence” provided by the US should be reviewed so that Australian facilities and personnel could not contribute to possible use of nuclear weapons, and we anticipate and promote by our actions a world freed from nuclear weapons. Canada championed the treaty banning landmines, or Ottawa Treaty; Norway led the way on the cluster munitions with the Oslo Convention. Why should the Nuclear Weapons Convention the world needs and deserves not be championed and led by Australia and become known as the Canberra (or Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane) Convention?

Malcolm Fraser (former prime minister), Sir Gustav Nossal (research scientist), Dr Barry Jones (former Labor government minister), General Peter Gration (former Defence Force chief), Lieutenant-General John Sanderson (former chief of the army and former governor of South Australia) and Assistant Professor Tilman Ruff (national president of the Medical Association for Prevention of War Australia).


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Securing Our Survival (SOS) - The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention
A Nuclear Weapons Convention would provide for the elimination of nuclear weapons in much the same way comparable treaties have banned land mines and chemical and biological weapons, prohibiting the development, production, testing, deployment, stockpiling, transfer, threat, or use of nuclear weapons.Download the summary here (pdf). Download the full document (pdf). Check their PowerPoint Presentations

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Obama and Medvedev on Nukes

Alice Slater | April 7, 2009

Editor: John Feffer - Foreign Policy In Focus -

Committing the United States and Russia “to achieving a nuclear free world,” Presidents Obama and Medvedev issued a joint statement breathtaking in its positive tone. It marks an astonishing shift from the hostile policies of the Bush and Clinton administrations and offers new hope to a world weary of the endless nuclear arms race. Their statement concludes:

We, the leaders of Russia and the United States, are ready to move beyond Cold War mentalities and chart a fresh start in relations between our two countries… Now it is time to get down to business and translate our warm words into actual achievements of benefit to Russia, the United States, and all those around the world interested in peace and prosperity.

There are 25,000 nuclear weapons on the planet, all but 1,000 of them in the United States and Russia. Obama and Medvedev agreed to immediately pursue verifiable reductions in their massive nuclear arsenals, and instructed their negotiators to have a plan by this July for replacing the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), due to expire in December. A treaty signed by Bush and Putin in 2002 called for reductions to between 1,700 and 2,200 warheads by 2012, but under Bush’s insistence made no provision for verification. If START expires in December without a follow-up treaty, there would be no legally binding system for verification. Obama and Medvedev qualified their commitment to a nuclear-weapons-free world by describing it as a long-term goal, requiring “a new emphasis on arms control and conflict resolution measures, and their full implementation by all concerned nations.”

The two leaders affirmed the importance of the Six-Party Talks and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and, in a marked shift of rhetoric for the United States, recognized that under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) “Iran has the right to a civilian nuclear program,” while still needing “to restore confidence in its exclusively peaceful nature.” They pledged to work together to combat terrorism and cooperate on “stabilization, reconstruction and development” in Afghanistan.

Nuclear Energy

The major portion of their statement deals with nonproliferation measures including the need “to secure nuclear weapons and materials, while promoting the safe use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.” Since every nuclear reactor is a potential bomb factory, achieving the safe use of nuclear energy is probably the one part of their proposal that is least likely to succeed. Attempts to control the fuel cycle and the production of bomb-making materials, while spreading the “benefits” of nuclear power, are doomed to fail. Consider all the countries that developed nuclear weapons through their civilian nuclear programs: North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel, and Libya (which recently gave up its nuclear weapons program).

More promising was their statement to implement the G-8’s St. Petersburg Global Energy Security Principles, “including improving energy efficiency and the development of clean energy technologies.” But with Obama repeatedly calling for “clean coal” technology, it remains to be seen whether that commitment will provide any real benefit.

Missile Defense as Spoiler

The positive Obama-Medvedev agenda for a new U.S.-Russian relationship was marked by several caveats and possible pitfalls where the parties agreed to disagree. Most significant was their acknowledgement that “differences remain over the purposes of missile defense assets in Europe.” It would be tragic if cooperation once again failed because of the hegemonic U.S. drive to dominate and control the earth from space. In a sense, we have now come full circle to the time of the Reagan-Gorbachev 1996 summit in Reykjavik, when negotiations for the total abolition of nuclear weapons collapsed because Reagan wouldn’t give up U.S. plans for a Strategic Defense Initiative to dominate space.

Clinton similarly rejected opportunities to take up Putin’s proposal to cut our nuclear arsenals to 1,000 warheads. After Russia’s ratification of START II and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 2000, Putin called for new talks to reduce long-range missiles from 3,500 to 1,500 or even 1,000, upping the ante from the planned levels of 2,500 warheads. This forward-looking proposal was accompanied by Putin’s stern caveat that all Russian offers would be off the table if the United States proceeded to build a National Missile Defense (NMD) in violation of the ABM Treaty. Astoundingly, U.S. diplomatic “talking points” leaked by Russia to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists revealed that Clinton was urging Russia it had nothing to fear from NMD as long as Russia kept 2,500 weapons at launch-on-warning, hair-trigger alert. Rejecting Putin’s offer to cut to 1,000 warheads, the United States assured Russia that with 2,500 warheads it could overcome a NMD shield and deliver an “annihilating counterattack!” If the Clinton administration had instead embraced Putin’s plan, the United States and Russia would have been able to call all nuclear weapons states to the table — even those with arsenals in the hundreds or fewer — to negotiate a treaty to ban the bomb.

Bush unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, pursuing U.S. plans “to dominate and control the military use of space, to protect U.S. interests and investments,” as set forth in the U.S. Space Command’s Vision 2020 mission statement and the Rumsfeld Commission Report of 2000. Current schemes to plant missile and radar bases in Poland and the Czech Republic could well derail real progress for nuclear abolition once again. The recent fall of the Czech government, partially in response to massive public opinion and demonstrations against the Czech radar base, should give Obama pause.

Meanwhile, Russia and the United States aren’t talking about a reduction to 1,000 warheads but have instead compromised at 1,500 warheads. Russia is unwilling to discuss lower cuts without also dealing with missile defense.

Looking at NATO

Finally, the two presidents called for the revitalization of the NATO-Russia Council, the strengthening of European security, and U.S. participation at a Conference on Afghanistan convened by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an alliance organized by Russia and China. One of the major sticking points in the U.S.-Russian relationship, NATO has expanded right up to Russia’s borders and even invited former Soviet Republics Ukraine and Georgia to join the rusty Cold War alliance. In a public statement issued only three days after the Obama-Medvedev declaration, Mikhail Gorbachev reminded the world that the United States, together with Western Germany and other western nations, had promised after Germany’s reunification in 1990 that “NATO would not move a centimeter to the east.” The West’s failure to honor this promise led to deteriorating relations with Russia.

As NATO completed its 60th anniversary meeting in Strasbourg, tens of thousands of peace protesters called for its dismantlement. It will take an enormous grassroots effort to make good on the Obama-Medvedev vision for a nuclear-weapons-free world, and to help them reach their goal to “translate our warm words into actual achievements of benefit to Russia the United States, and all those around the world interested in peace and prosperity.”

Alice Slater is a Foreign Policy In Focus contributor, the New York director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and a founder of Abolition 2000, a global network working for the elimination of nuclear weapons.




Obama Faces Israel's Angst

Steve Weissman, 5 May 2009

"Could the Taliban get the bomb before Iran does?" read the headline in my favorite Israeli newspaper, Haaretz. The columnist, Bradley Burston, was joining Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in thinking the unthinkable, that the Taliban in Pakistan might soon have their hands on what the country's former President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto called his Islamic Bomb.

Burston noted that the Pakistani Taliban had made no threats against Israel and would have no delivery system with which to reach Israel. But he is nonetheless preparing his bomb shelter, primarily because his far-right compatriots are using the Taliban threat as "one of the best reasons yet" to bomb Iran. As evidence, he quoted Yaakov Katz, a backer of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's coalition government. "If we take this action," said Katz "the US is likely to act the same way against the rising terror threat in Islamabad, Pakistan."

Such cataclysmic thinking sounds pathological, I know. But, even more than the previous Israeli government of Ehud Olmert, the Netanyahu coalition and its neocon allies in Washington are trying to push the Obama administration toward supporting a military strike against Iran. More prudent voices, from Israeli President Shimon Peres to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, warn that such military action would be a disaster for Israel, the United States and the world. It would only postpone - but not stop - the Iranians from pursuing the capability to build nuclear weapons. It would encourage other countries in the region to create nuclear capabilities of their own. And it would wreck President Obama's effort to build bridges to Iran, Pakistan, and other Islamic countries.

This unmistakable reality faces the policy conference of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which started Sunday in Washington, DC. How will the delegates respond? AIPAC proclaims itself to be "America's Pro-Israel Lobby," and few, if any, at the conference will criticize in public the direction in which Netanyahu is trying to push Obama.

To dramatize the point, AIPAC will send thousands of attendees to lobby their representatives in Congress to co-sponsor the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act and "to speak out forcefully ... about the urgency of dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat." The act would authorize state and local governments to divest from companies investing in Iran's petroleum and natural gas sector. It would also protect fund managers against potential lawsuits for divesting from such companies. Rep. Barney Frank introduced the act in early March, and the House Financial Services Committee, which he chairs, unanimously approved it by voice vote. In 2007, the House of Representatives passed a similar act by a vote of 408 to 406 and will likely support this year's version with the same pro-Israeli enthusiasm.

The Senate seems less certain, having failed even to consider the 2007 act, which was introduced by the then-senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

In itself, the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act is small potatoes, since Washington already has the legal authority, if it wants, to either stop or penalize most American and foreign business activity with Iran. The real dangers come in the campaign to support the sanctions. Much as in the buildup to the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq, AIPAC and other proponents argue that tough sanctions against Iran will only reinforce President Obama's diplomatic efforts. But the campaign rhetoric encourages Americans to believe that Iran's nuclear program poses "an existential threat" to Israel that could, if unchecked, justify Tel Aviv in launching a pre-emptive military strike.

The truth is far less dramatic. Any country with centrifuges to enrich uranium can, in time, produce highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons. This is why the Obama administration and its European allies will work to convince Iran to keep its nuclear program within the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and under the watchful eye of the International Atomic Energy Commission. The IAEA cannot stop a country from diverting uranium, centrifuges or spent fuel rods to produce weapons-grade uranium or reprocessed plutonium. But IAEA inspectors would quickly know if a country does and warn the world about it.

With some glaring exceptions that the IAEA is still pushing Tehran to explain, the Iranians have shown a willingness to play by the IAEA rules. Israel has not, refusing to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty and keeping the IAEA from regularly monitoring the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona. Israel also has nuclear weapons and the missiles, airplanes and submarines to deliver them. The Iranians do not and would take years to match the Israeli nuclear arsenal, should they want to. As of November 2007, they did not, according to the US National Intelligence Estimate.

From its point of view, Israel faces at worst the same nuclear standoff that the United States faced with the Soviet Union. More likely, the Israelis will continue to have the first-strike nuclear capability to demolish Iran without having to fear a nuclear counterattack. Neither scenario poses "an existential threat" to Israel. Neither justifies a pre-emptive strike. And continuing to threaten one only encourages the Iranians to believe that they do, in fact, need nuclear weapons of their own.

A veteran of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and the New Left monthly Ramparts, Steve Weissman lived for many years in London, working as a magazine writer and television producer. He now lives and works in France.


Some of the comments posted there:

What interests is the U.S. serving in its unquestioning support of every Israeli whim? The U.S. stand should be more tempered for the sake of both countries. Isreal has not contributed anything positive to the world community; instead its governments have carried on without regard to any of the conventions one would expect from a civilized democratic state, claiming that it is entitled at any cost to defend itself. Although it has the most advanced armaments available in the region, this state goes beyond the decree that one should seek an 'eye for an eye.' There seems to be no end nor control over its wrath if an eye is even raised against it. This constant fear is not the soundbasis for a healthy nation.

Israel is going to have to learn how to get along with its neighbors or else Israel is doomed. But it will probably take a real shooting war with someone who can fight back to get the message to Israel (as opposed to the barely armed Palestinians in Gaza who have no Army, Navy, Air Force, no tanks, planes, guided missiles, cluster bombs, phosphorous, and who are behind barbed wire in the world's biggest prison--one and a half million human beings!) Right now, Israel continues to deprive the Palestinians of building materials to rebuild all the destruction inflicted upon it in January; Israel refuses to let money into Gaza, refuses to allow them to receive food supplies, toilet paper, soap, and even enough WATER for their daily needs. As time goes by, it gets more and more difficult to feel any sympathy at all for Israel. And by the way, the World Jewish Congress declared WAR on Germany in 1933 after Hitler came to power and fired all the Jewish government officials because they were Communists, not because they were Jewish. This is something omitted in today's rhetoric.

Israel is our and the wests' place holder for mid east oil. France built their nuclear facilities and Sweden supplied the uranium.

It would appear from the majority of the above comments that Israel has done itself about as much good as the Republican party. Both are now seen for what they are: racist, violent, impervious to logic and reason, greedy, religiously intolerant and without a shred of humanity or morality.

It's time the nuclear powers started VERY serious efforts to eliminate these weapons. So long as they are in the hands of ANY country, the world is in danger. As for Israel, the other nuclear powers should impose total sanctions until it at least joins the NPT. Its easy to imagine a situation in which some other nuclear power felt it was necessary to strike Israel pre-emptively. Current Isreali discussions about pre-emptive strikes don't make this less likely.

Iran is the Israeli government's new tactic: "Gee, we'd like to settle with the Palestinians, but first we have to remove the threat of Iran." Both ideas in that sentence are wrong. Israel will do everything it can to avoid a fair settlement with the Palestinians. (What's a fair settlement? Everybody knows that - two states, pre-'67 borders, equal access to resources (water, etc.), some recognition of right to return (token repatriation, $$ for others.) To avoid even discussing a fair settlement, Israel changes the subject. But Israel's got the strongest army and air force and only nuclear arsenal in the region. Iran is no threat whatsoever to Israel.



An invention that could change the internet for ever

Revolutionary new web software could put giants such as Google in the shade when it comes out later this month. Andrew Johnson reports

3 May 2009

The biggest internet revolution for a generation will be unveiled this month with the launch of software that will understand questions and give specific, tailored answers in a way that the web has never managed before.

The new system, Wolfram Alpha, showcased at Harvard University in the US last week, takes the first step towards what many consider to be the internet's Holy Grail – a global store of information that understands and responds to ordinary language in the same way a person does.

Although the system is still new, it has already produced massive interest and excitement among technology pundits and internet watchers.

Computer experts believe the new search engine will be an evolutionary leap in the development of the internet. Nova Spivack, an internet and computer expert, said that Wolfram Alpha could prove just as important as Google. "It is really impressive and significant," he wrote. "In fact it may be as important for the web (and the world) as Google, but for a different purpose.

Tom Simpson, of the blog, said: "What are the wider implications exactly? A new paradigm for using computers and the web? Probably. Emerging artificial intelligence and a step towards a self-organising internet? Possibly... I think this could be big."

Wolfram Alpha will not only give a straight answer to questions such as "how high is Mount Everest?", but it will also produce a neat page of related information – all properly sourced – such as geographical location and nearby towns, and other mountains, complete with graphs and charts.

The real innovation, however, is in its ability to work things out "on the fly", according to its British inventor, Dr Stephen Wolfram. If you ask it to compare the height of Mount Everest to the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, it will tell you. Or ask what the weather was like in London on the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, it will cross-check and provide the answer. Ask it about D sharp major, it will play the scale. Type in "10 flips for four heads" and it will guess that you need to know the probability of coin-tossing. If you want to know when the next solar eclipse over Chicago is, or the exact current location of the International Space Station, it can work it out.

Dr Wolfram, an award-winning physicist who is based in America, added that the information is "curated", meaning it is assessed first by experts. This means that the weaknesses of sites such as Wikipedia, where doubts are cast on the information because anyone can contribute, are taken out. It is based on his best-selling Mathematica software, a standard tool for scientists, engineers and academics for crunching complex maths.

"I've wanted to make the knowledge we've accumulated in our civilisation computable," he said last week. "I was not sure it was possible. I'm a little surprised it worked out so well."

Dr Wolfram, 49, who was educated at Eton and had completed his PhD in particle physics by the time he was 20, added that the launch of Wolfram Alpha later this month would be just the beginning of the project.

"It will understand what you are talking about," he said. "We are just at the beginning. I think we've got a reasonable start on 90 per cent of the shelves in a typical reference library."

The engine, which will be free to use, works by drawing on the knowledge on the internet, as well as private databases. Dr Wolfram said he expected that about 1,000 people would be needed to keep its databases updated with the latest discoveries and information.

He also added that he would not go down the road of storing information on ordinary people, although he was aware that others might use the technology to do so.

Wolfram Alpha has been designed with professionals and academics in mind, so its grasp of popular culture is, at the moment, comparatively poor. The term "50 Cent" caused "absolute horror" in tests, for example, because it confused a discussion on currency with the American rap artist. For this reason alone it is unlikely to provide an immediate threat to Google, which is working on a similar type of search engine, a version of which it launched last week.

"We have a certain amount of popular culture information," Dr Wolfram said. "In some senses popular culture information is much more shallowly computable, so we can find out who's related to who and how tall people are. I fully expect we will have lots of popular culture information. There are linguistic horrors because if you put in books and music a lot of the names clash with other concepts."

He added that to help with that Wolfram Alpha would be using Wikipedia's popularity index to decide what users were likely to be interested in.

With Google now one of the world's top brands, worth $100bn, Wolfram Alpha has the potential to become one of the biggest names on the planet.

Dr Wolfram, however, did not rule out working with Google in the future, as well as Wikipedia. "We're working to partner with all possible organisations that make sense," he said. "Search, narrative, news are complementary to what we have. Hopefully there will be some great synergies."

What the experts say

"For those of us tired of hundreds of pages of results that do not really have a lot to do with what we are trying to find out, Wolfram Alpha may be what we have been waiting for."

Michael W Jones,

"If it is not gobbled up by one of the industry superpowers, his company may well grow to become one of them in a small number of years, with most of us setting our default browser to be Wolfram Alpha."

Doug Lenat,

"It's like plugging into an electric brain."

Matt Marshall,

"This is like a Holy Grail... the ability to look inside data sources that can't easily be crawled and provide answers from them."

Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of

Worldwide network: A brief history of the internet

1969 The internet is created by the US Department of Defense with the networking of computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute.

1979 The British Post Office uses the technology to create the first international computer networks.

1980 Bill Gates's deal to put a Microsoft Operating System on IBM's computers paves the way for almost universal computer ownership.

1984 Apple launches the first successful 'modern' computer interface using graphics to represent files and folders, drop-down menus and, crucially, mouse control.

1989 Tim Berners-Lee creates the world wide web – using browsers, pages and links to make communication on the internet simple.

1996 Google begins as a research project at Stanford University. The company is formally founded two years later by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

2009 Dr Stephen Wolfram launches Wolfram Alpha.




April 14, 2009

I'm not much for conspiracy theories. I often worried about being accused of spreading such during the many instances over the past several years in which I wrote about the lack of attention to cybersecurity within our online infrastructure.

I actually feel like something of a failure in that all my warnings are proving to have been not strong enough.

In the past couple of weeks, stories have emerged about online security breaches that should make the hair on the back of anyone's neck stand straight up.

The first was about a particularly insidious worm called "Conficker," which experts say has infected as many as 20 million computers worldwide. What they can't tell us is exactly what Conficker is programmed to do.

They were able to figure out that it was programmed to "phone home" and download new instructions on April Fools Day, but never figured out what those instructions were.

The good news is that cyber security experts don't think Conficker is programmed to cause damage to the systems it infects.

The bad news is that they're fairly sure it's designed to engage in a massive systemic theft of financial information.

Conficker is particularly pernicious because it evolves, and can thus mask itself from anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

In a recent "60 Minutes" segment, it was reported that a tremendous amount of this cybercrime is being committed by Russian teenagers, who instead of being treated like criminals, are hailed at home as heroes.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that both the Russian and Chinese governments have successfully infiltrated the computer network that controls our nation's power grid.

According to the report, security experts detected the breach after the fact and have since determined that the hackers left behind programs designed to disrupt the power grid on command.

They say this was likely not an attempt to actually cause damage, but rather to provide both of these superpowers with the ability to crash the grid in time of war.

All of these security holes exist because of one thing: Microsoft Windows

The proprietary code flaws in Windows that create these security holes have been known for at least a decade, but still, almost every business, every government agency, every branch of the military, and the vast majority of individual Americans, continue to use this phenomenally inferior operating system for their day-to-day work.

Malware can be spread through any operating system, but with few exceptions it only functions in Windows. Don't believe me? Go to the Norton Security Center and tell me how many viruses, worms, or other types of malware function on other operating systems.

So why isn't coming up with a solution as simple as identifying the problem? The U.S. Navy uses Windows to run systems on nuclear carriers and subs, for crying out loud!

Regular readers know I'm a Mac guy.

Linux still lags in terms of ease of use, but it's getting better, and is now a viable alternative to Windows.

And now, Google is talking about developing a full-blown version of its Android operating system.

What has to happen before we just accept that Microsoft will never feel motivated to create a safe operating system and take the steps necessary to ensure the security of our online infrastructure?


Related articles:

Conficker virus begins to attack PCs: experts (Apr 24, 2009)
BOSTON (Reuters) - A malicious software program known as Conficker that many feared would wreak havoc on April 1 is slowly being activated, weeks after being dismissed as a false alarm, security experts said. Conficker, also known as Downadup or Kido, is quietly turning thousands of personal computers into servers of e-mail spam and installing spyware, they said. The worm started spreading late last year, infecting millions of computers and turning them into "slaves" that respond to commands sent from a remote server that effectively controls an army of computers known as a botnet. Its unidentified creators started using those machines for criminal purposes in recent weeks by loading more malicious software onto a small percentage of computers under their control (...) This is probably one of the most sophisticated botnets on the planet. The guys behind this are very professional. They absolutely know what they are doing," said Paul Ferguson, a senior researcher with Trend Micro Inc, the world's third-largest security software maker. He said Conficker's authors likely installed a spam engine and another malicious software program on tens of thousands of computers since April 7. CLIP

Conficker infected critical hospital equipment, expert says (April 23, 2009) FISHY COINCIDENCE!!
SAN FRANCISCO--The Conficker worm infected several hundred machines and critical medical equipment in an undisclosed number of U.S. hospitals recently, a security expert said on Thursday in a panel at the RSA security conference."It was not widespread, but it raises the awareness of what we would do if there were millions" of computers infected at hospitals or in critical infrastructure locations, Marcus Sachs told CNET News after the session. Sachs is the director of the SANS Internet Storm Center and a former White House cybersecurity official.It is unclear how the devices, which control things like heart monitors and MRI machines, and the PCs got infected, he said. The computers are older machines running Windows NT and Windows 2000 in a local area network that was not supposed to have access to the Internet, however, the network was connected to one that has direct Internet access and so they were infected, he said.Conficker spreads via networked computers as well as through removable storage devices and a hole in Windows that Microsoft patched in October, but these machines were too old to be patched, according to Sachs. CLIP

Conficker worm dabbling with mischief (April 28, 2009)
(...) "These are well-funded organized cyber-criminals in Eastern Europe. They want to steal people's money out of their pockets without being noticed. This same criminal operation is very business savvy." Hackers are increasingly hiding viruses in bogus computer security software to trick people into installing treacherous programs on machines, Microsoft warned earlier this month.Rogue security software referred to as "scareware" pretends to check computers for viruses, and then claims to find dangerous infections that the program will fix for a fee."The rogue software lures them into paying for protection that, unknown to them, is actually malware offering little or no real protection, and is often designed to steal personal information," Microsoft said. Hackers have been capitalizing on hype and fear surrounding Conficker to trick people into loading scareware onto computers. CLIP

Conficker adds new weapon: spam (April 28, 2009)
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The giant Conficker computer worm, once feared as an out-of-control Internet doomsday machine, seems to have settled — for now — on trying to make money in very predictable ways.Researchers from Cisco Systems Inc. say some of the up to 12 million personal computers infected by Conficker are being used to send about 10,000 to 20,000 spam e-mails a day per computer, far less than they actually are capable of.Lower volumes help evade detection.Earlier this month, some Conficker-infected machines started selling fake antivirus software, using annoying pop-up ads to warn of infections that only the criminals can clean up for a fee, but of course never do.Cisco's chief security researcher, Patrick Peterson, says researchers are convinced "this is the two-pronged method (the criminals) are going to use to make a fortune" off the infected machines.

Conficker, also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido, is a computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system that was first detected in November 2008.[1] The worm uses a combination of advanced malware techniques which has made it difficult to counter, and has since spread rapidly into what is now believed to be the largest computer worm infection since the 2003 (...) Conficker Impact in Europe -- Intramar, the French Navy computer network, was infected with Conficker on 15 January 2009. The network was subsequently quarantined, forcing aircraft at several airbases to be grounded because their flight plans could not be downloaded. The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence reported that some of its major systems and desktops were infected. The worm has spread across administrative offices, NavyStar/N* desktops aboard various Royal Navy warships and Royal Navy submarines, and hospitals across the city of Sheffield reported infection of over 800 computers. On 2 February 2009, the Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany reported that about one hundred of their computers were infected. A memo from the British Director of Parliamentary ICT informed the users of the House of Commons on 24 March 2009 that it had been infected with the worm. The memo, which was subsequently leaked, called for users to avoid connecting any unauthorized equipment to the network. Although almost all of the advanced malware techniques used by Conficker have seen past use or are well-known to researchers, the worm's combined use of so many has made it unusually difficult to eradicate. The worm's unknown authors are also believed to be tracking anti-malware efforts from network operators and law enforcement and have regularly released new variants to close the worm's own vulnerabilities.

Cyber attack; Economic Terrorism; Conficker/Downadup (15 March 2009)
My reasoning for equating the Conficker/Downadup Trojan to a coming possible cyber attack and economic terrorism is due to the fact, the Conficker/Downadup Trojan as of yet doesn't seem to have a purpose, other than spreading itself and morphing into something nastier. And yes it is nasty if you get it. I've spent the better part of 2 days working on the removal of Conficker from a box belonging to a friend of a friend. I'm still not sure if its completely gone, by all indications it is, but time will tell. - Removal tools are provided there!



Wesak Full Moon in Taurus Festival - Newsletter

May 8, 2009

by Curtis Lang

Now is the Time to Receive Spiritual "Marching Orders" for the Next Year

This year the Full Moon in Scorpio, which coincides with the global festival of Wesak, celebrating the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha, occurs on May 9 at 12:01 am Eastern Daylight Time (one minute past midnight - Check your local corresponding time HERE.), first thing Saturday morning.

The Festival of Wesak is a Global Celebration of the work being done by the Ascended Master Teachers in Spiritual Worlds and by the New Group of World Servers in the physical realm on planet Earth.

When the moon is full, the Sun will be at 19° Taurus and the Moon will be at 19° Scorpio. For a complete overview of the cosmic weather forecast at the time of Wesak, read Esoteric Astrologer Malvin Artley’s comprehensive article on Wesak 2009 at SatyaCenter.

In the East, Wesak is a yearly Festival commemorating the birth of Gautama Buddha, his spiritual enlightenment, and his transcendent journey beyond the manifested universe.

On Wesak, millions of Buddhists in thousands of temples across the world from Tokyo in the East to San Francisco in the West gather and pay homage to an Indian Prince who renounced the pleasures of his royal household to seek enlightenment for the purpose of ending human suffering, and to bring peace and happiness to mankind.

Buddha Shakyamuni, the Supremely Enlightened One, was born in 623 B.C. on a May full-moon day, during the month the Hindus call Wesak. The young Prince was named Siddhartha or “the one who has brought about all good”.

As a young man, after excelling in every aspect of his royal education, Siddhartha left his family palace, including his wife and young son, to live the ascetic life of a renunciant. On the 35’th anniversary of his birth, on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Wesak, while in meditation, seated under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India, the seeker Siddhartha became the Buddha, the Fully Enlightened One.

For many years the Buddha traveled around Northern India preaching His message of compassion and Loving-Kindness for all beings. Buddha taught that the individual Self, experienced as the egoistic personality, is an illusion, and that each of us is indissolubly united with the vast web of life that interpenetrates the physical and spiritual realms, extending throughout the space-time continuum, encompassing past, present and future.

Thus, when we help another being we help ourselves. When we harm another being, we harm ourselves. This is the philosophical and spiritual foundation for the practice of compassion and selfless service that defines Buddhist spirituality.

True to this vision of compassionate Unity Consciousness, many of Buddha’s disciples seek to achieve nirvana (or enlightenment, or liberation) by attaining the rank of Bodhisattva. Bodhi means "awakening" or "enlightenment," and sattva means "sentient being." Sattva also has etymological roots that mean "intention," implying the intention to enlighten other beings. Thus the word bodhisattva signifies a spiritually enlightened being whose primary intention is to enlighten other beings.

One becomes a Bodhisattva after arousing the “mind of enlightenment” by taking a vow to attain supreme enlightenment for the sake of all beings. The Bodhisattva vows never to obtain nirvana for him or herself alone but to transcend this Universe only when all sentient beings have been liberated from the delusion of individual existence and attained Unity Consciousness.

Many versions of the Bodhisattva vow exist. Here is one: “The passions of delusion are inexhaustible. I vow to extinguish them all at once. The number of beings is endless. I vow to help save them all. The Truth cannot be told. I vow to tell it. The Way which cannot be followed is unattainable. I vow to attain it.”

This beautiful vow contains the seed of all Buddha’s wisdom teachings, which he spread throughout Northern India during his lifetime.

To read more about Buddhist wisdom teachings, from the point of view of a Westerner, read two articles written by Curtis entitled “The Illusion of the Separate Self” and “The Watcher”.

After decades of unremitting work, having firmly established the Buddhist path upon the Earth, on the Wesak Full Moon, forty-five years after his enlightenment, lying between two beautiful sala trees, in front of a large group of his followers, Buddha left his body and transcended phenomenal existence completely.

Today, devout Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Passing at the Wesak Festival by gathering before dawn to raise the Buddhist Flag and sing hymns in praise of the “Three Jewels” of Buddhism – the Buddha, the Dharma (Teachings), and the Sangha (Spiritual Community). Devotees bring simple offerings of flowers, candles and incense sticks to lay at the feet of their great teacher. These offerings remind us that just as the beautiful flowers wither away after a short time, just as the candles and incense soon burn out, life is subject to decay and destruction.

For this reason it is important to cultivate spiritual practice now and every day in our lives. Spiritual practice alone leads to the flowering of enlightenment. It is important to light the candle of devotion within our hearts and spark the light of wisdom within our minds, by deep meditation grounded in gratitude for our many blessings. It is important to exercise our will and send our sincere prayers for spiritual advancement spiraling to the heavens like coils of smoke from sticks of incense on an altar.

Preparation is needed for each of us to participate in this profound moment of global spiritual practice. This is a time for each one of us to perform the necessary purifications and spiritual practices to achieve our very best consciousness and to relate to others and to our world with all the dignity, careful consideration and diplomatic integrity that we would expect from our world leaders at their very best moments.

Over the last one hundred years, the Celebration of Wesak has become a World Festival of Spirituality, transcending the Buddhist community, and is now a major celebration for Lightworkers everywhere.

The 20th century Theosophist, clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and esoteric astrologer Alice Bailey discussed the new global tradition of the Wesak Full Moon Festival in her booklet, “The Wesak Festival: A Technique of Spiritual Contact”.

“As one studies the world situation today, it becomes apparent that the secret of synthesis has been lost. Humanity is divided – one section against another section; the East versus the West; one race against another race; one nation against another nation,” Alice Bailey explains. “Men need to get back to the ancient knowledge that our planet is intended to demonstrate the essential unity of humanity, and that the energy which should manifest is that of integration and coherence. When this is truly realized our present world problems will adjust themselves, and the basic world rhythm will be re-established and stabilized.”

“Unfortunately, as yet, the race as a whole is not group conscious, and therefore average humanity cannot be trusted to work, think and plan for the group,” Bailey continues. “Men are as yet too selfish. In this fact, there is, however, no cause for discouragement, because to those who have a wide world vision it is also become definitely apparent that group consciousness and group responsibility are already something more than simply a lovely vision.

Brotherhood and the recognition of its obligations are beginning to permeate the consciousness of men everywhere. This is due to the increasing activity of the Hierarchy of Light, to the services rendered down the ages by the Guides of the race, and today by Christ and his Church. They are beginning to demonstrate to man the true meaning of brotherhood, and men are beginning to grasp and realize their responsibilities. There is innate in mankind a responsiveness to that supreme ideal, and men are now reacting to a deep-seated need for synthesis.”

That synthesis is a recognition of the Unity behind the apparent dualities of reality. The Sanskrit word for that mysterious Unity is 'Satya' or 'Truth'.

Recently, our spiritual teachers, Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji Patak, were asked whether the Hindu mystery school teachings of our lineage, which is a kundalini maha yoga lineage extending back in time thousands of years to Lord Ram, were appropriate for Buddhists or Christians to follow.

Truth is One, our Teachers explained, but the paths to Truth are many and varied. “There is One Energy that manifests as different Deities,” Dileepji continued. “We humans create differentiated religions, but at the subtle level the energy is One and the same and there is no conflict.”

Individuals on the spiritual path have mental and emotional expectations and images concerning the nature and form of spiritual experience and the Deities and other Beings of Light they will encounter in the spiritual world.

These expectations condition their spiritual experience. Thus, a Christian who attains enlightenment has an experience of walking with Jesus Christ. A Hindu who attains enlightenment has an experience of light exploding from the crown chakra, and a vision of the Union of Shiva and Shakti, and the Buddhist who attains liberation enters the Void.

Although these energies are somewhat different, the fundamental Truth of spiritual experience as Unity consciousness transcends the culturally conditioned forms and categories of that experience. In every case, the individual who attains the spiritual goal will find they share common ground with other enlightened beings and spiritual seekers of all denominations and lineages.

“The time has now come when the West should understand the true significance of this event (Wesak),” Alice Bailey revealed. “As men understand and avail themselves of the opportunity offered at the Festival, they place themselves in line with a particular spiritual force. They become vitalized by it, and spiritually stimulated, and are consequently rendered available for service.”

The true spiritual significance of Wesak is this. In the spiritual world, there is a Hierarchy of Ascended Master Guides and Teachers whose elevated consciousness constitutes a kind of collective hive-mind dedicated to the enlightenment of human beings and the acceleration of humanity’s spiritual evolution.

This Hierarchy honors all the various Wisdom Schools of the East and the West, and recognizes the validity of all true religious teachings of every lineage.

Each and every human soul currently embodied on planet Earth is blessed by the special attention of one, and usually more, Ascended Master Guides and Teachers with whom the individual souls have developed a special affinity through countless rounds of reincarnation.

These enlightened teachers work ceaselessly to help human beings to remove the obstacles separating them from Unity Consciousness: pride, ignorance, anger, lust, greed, jealousy, sloth, envy and gluttony. The Ascended Teachers work ceaselessly to help human beings liberate themselves from the bondage of karmic attachments accrued through millennia of incarnations. These Teachers stand ever ready to respond to sincere requests for help, guidance, grace and assistance from spiritual seekers everywhere.

In addition, these Teachers help to co-ordinate the work of various churches, ashrams, sanghas, mosques, and other gatherings of spiritual seekers and Lightworkers worldwide by sending energy streams infused with Wisdom and Love to the leaders and members of these organizations, designed to provide these groups with the specific vibrations they require to obtain their spiritual goals.

In addition, the Spiritual Teachers reach out in every possible way to human beings on the spiritual path, seeking to prepare them for the important work that only embodied souls can do to alleviate human suffering and promote spiritual progress on Earth.

For those who have become conscious of their Guides and Teachers, the Enlightened Ones send a continuous energetic stream of intellectual inspiration, loving wisdom, compassion and will forces designed to strengthen the spiritual seeker, guide them toward golden opportunities to be of maximum service in the world, and unite them with like-minded souls from various walks of life with whom they can share the life of Spirit in a more conscious way.

Thus the Ascended Master Teachers seek to help the individual find and affiliate with a sympathetic group of spiritual aspirants, so that the individual may enjoy the enhanced energy levels available only in group spiritual practice.

The Ascended Master Teachers also seek to join the individual with spiritual teachers appropriate to each individual’s soul development, personality, cultural conditioning and karmic needs.

Finally, the Ascended Master Teachers seek to embrace the individual in the New Group of World Servers comprising all those spiritual aspirants worldwide from every lineage and religion who share a common vision of humanity’s essential Unity and of the essential Truth of Unity.

The Festival of Wesak is a Global Celebration of the work being done by the Ascended Master Teachers in Spiritual Worlds and by the New Group of World Servers in the physical realm on planet Earth.

As we recall today, the Buddha taught that the individual Self, experienced as the egoistic personality, is an illusion, and that each of us is indissolubly united with the vast web of life that interpenetrates the physical and spiritual realms, extending throughout the space-time continuum, encompassing past, present and future.

Much of the work that the New Group of World Servers must accomplish in this New Age is to bring the activities of human beings into harmony with the myriad beings of the mineral, plant and animal realms on planet Earth, restoring a balance to the environment and preserving the lives of countless species during this period of global climate change and transition. The New Group of World Servers strive to elevate human consciousness so that we will all recognize the existence of the many devas, elemental spirits and nature spirits active in the realms of nature, whose work equilibrates and optimizes the growth of all sentient beings on this garden planet.

Over the last hundred years, countless meditators, lightworkers, spiritual seekers and aspirants have told stories of dreams and meditative visions they have experienced on the Full Moon of May. Over time, their stories have coalesced into a larger collective Story of Wesak, which has its foundation in the initial writings of Alice Bailey.

This is a summary of that Story.

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